How to cure a heel spur

How to cure the heel spur of the house

Heel spur

The heel spine

Before considering the numerous methods of treating the heel spur at home, try to understand what a plantar fasciitis is, why it arises and how it manifests itself. After all, the first thing you need to diagnose the disease, and then only after confirmation of the diagnosis, begin his treatment.

What is plantar fasciitis and how it manifests

Heel spur, or plantar fasciitis is a disease of the plantar fascia. It is accompanied by the growth of the calcaneus and the formation of a kind of spur on it. A person suffering from this disease feels discomfort in this case, and when walking and exercising on the heel, it experiences very strong pain.

Pain is one of the main symptoms of plantar fasciitis, which in no case can be ignored, waiting until painful feelings become intolerable. Immediately it is worth contacting the doctor for diagnosis and the appointment of an effective treatment.

One of the characteristic features of the disease is the so-called starting pain. They arise at the first steps after a long rest, gradually decrease slightly. Patients can observe starting pains after sleeping, after a long standing or sitting, during the first steps.

All treatments for

There are several basic ways to treat a calcaneal spur. All of them have a fundamentally different impact, differ in their effectiveness. That is why, in order to achieve the desired effect, it is worthwhile to carry out complex treatment, including each of the methods presented.

The first is a medical method of treatment. It is aimed at reducing pain, removing inflammation. Patients take painkillers and anti-inflammatory drugs inwards.

Tablets for treatment of calcaneal spurs

Tablets for the treatment of the heel spur

In addition to such medications, topical preparations - ointments and gels - can also be used. They are rubbed directly into the zone of the heel. All ointments and gels are divided into two groups, depending on the active ingredients. More safe are drugs from the category of NSAIDs. But if they are ineffective, doctors prescribe hormonal drugs that are more effective, for example, diprospan, hydrocortisone. With them, you need to take extra care, because long-term use can cause side effects.



Injections in the heel are also made. They are highly effective, help to quickly and effectively remove the pain, because the medicine comes directly to the epicenter of inflammation, affecting the focus. Injection very quickly heal the heel, relieve inflammation - this will require a couple of procedures.

Injection into the heel

The second method is physiotherapy. This includes magnetotherapy, electrophoresis. This method of treatment is highly effective, therefore it is widely used in medical practice. But physiotherapy alone can not produce the desired effect, so it should be carried out in conjunction with other methods of treatment.

Treatment of spurs on the heels with the help of physiotherapy

Treatment of spurs on the heels with the help of physiotherapy

The third method of combating the spur on the heel is the removal of the loads. For this, a person must independently control his activity, avoid unnecessary strain on the heel. In addition, it is worth taking care that the shoes worn by the patient are comfortable. It is important to use special orthopedic insoles, which will help remove excess load from the heel.

Orthopedic insoles

Orthopedic insoles

Folk methods of treatment

Many people can resort to the help of folk methods of treatment of plantar fasciitis in order not to contact the doctor. As to its effectiveness, in this case there is no unanimous opinion, because there are a huge number of recipes, and due to the individuality of each organism, the same prescription may differ in different efficacies. But still there are the most common methods that are the answer to the question: how to heal the heel spur of the house. Let's consider some of them.

Before proceeding to the treatment methods, we should note that initially it is necessary to try to reduce the load on the foot. If the patient has to walk a lot, then if possible, the activity should be limited, and shoes should be equipped with special insoles. For women, heels on shoes should be a rare phenomenon. If the heel is still there, it should be low. If a person suffers from excessive weight, then you need to lose extra pounds, reducing the load on your legs, in particular, on the heel.

Let's move on to treatment. The first thing is foot baths. This will require salt, soda. Dissolve these components in hot water, do foot baths for 10 minutes. Water should be as hot as possible. After a ten-minute procedure on the heel area, draw an iodine grid. So the edema and inflammation is removed, and the pain sensations decrease. It is also possible to make the baths simply in a concentrated salt solution. There are a lot of foot bath prescriptions. Some people practice contrasting baths. First of all, the heels are cooled with ice, then the legs are lowered into hot water. Such procedures also help to slow the process of inflammation.

Foot baths

Compresses are very widely used. Their recipes are also very many, so consider a few of them. For example, a compress made of a mixture of mustard, red pepper and propolis. Proportions: one tablespoon of mustard, three spoons of pepper and 50 grams.propolis. This mixture is applied to a sick heel, a warm toe is put on top. This compress can be left overnight. He will relieve the inflammation. It will also significantly decrease or disappear completely painful sensations.

Another recipe based on ammonia. Surprisingly, those who tried to carry out such procedures argue that even with the advanced stage of the disease, after five such procedures, relief is noticeable. So, in this case, you need to lubricate the heel with a baby cream, attach to it a piece of cloth or a napkin, moistened in ammonia. Next, you need to wear a warm sock. The compress is done mostly at night.

If you talk about ointment, then it can also be cooked at home. For a basis the children's cream undertakes. It adds birch tar, honey and chili. All components are well mixed. The resulting cream is rubbed into the heel.

Lard and raw potatoes also help. They need to be applied every day at night, keeping in turn. For example, the first day a heap of fat is applied to the heel, it is wound up with a bandage. A sock is worn over the top. On the second day before going to bed the same procedure is repeated, but instead of fat, raw potatoes are taken.

Often people take different tinctures inward. For example, one of the most effective is a rose hip tincture cooked on its root, or tincture from a saber. As for the effective fight against inflammation, the latter is more effective. If we talk about the duration of treatment, it will take about 20 days to feel a significant relief.

There are still a huge number of treatments that you can practice at home. But still, to exclude a doctor's visit is not worth it, because as soon as a qualified doctor can correctly diagnose, prescribe the right treatment. If there is a desire to prepare the medicine and ointments yourself, then it is necessary to inform the doctor about this( that preference in this case is given to folk methods).

Drug treatment at home

But home can be treated not only by means prepared independently. You can use the aforementioned ointments and gels. For the procedure of their application should be given about half an hour several times a day. The first thing to do is to make hot foot baths to steam out the skin and increase the effectiveness of treatment. Next, you should rub the ointment into the heel very carefully, giving this procedure a sufficient amount of time. The course of treatment with ointments is up to 2 weeks, while you can be treated independently at home, carrying out these procedures several times a day at any convenient time.

It should be noted that to achieve the best result will help complex treatment, combining home-made ointments, medicines, baths and physiotherapy. In any case, do not make any decisions yourself. Before you take any steps, you should always consult a doctor.

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Methods of treatment of the heel spur - your home doctor

Heel spike

If, having risen in the morning from bed, you felt a strong pain in the heel, most likely, you have a plantar fasciitis or, as people say, heel spur, which is characterized by the growth of bone tissue in the form of a spine. Pain causes pressure of the bone build-up on inflamed soft tissues.

Causes and symptoms of calcaneal spur

  • Overload and, respectively, trauma to the foot. Wearing uncomfortable shoes or shoes with stilettos. Prolonged loads with flat feet.
  • Gout and chronic inflammatory diseases. The deposition of salts around the tendons and joints due to impaired metabolism. Any inflammatory disease affects the tendons, which are more likely to be injured.
  • Reactive arthritis and inflammation caused by infection. Infectious diseases such as gonorrhea or chlamydia can persist in a latent form for a long time. Because of them, reactive inflammation of the heels develops. Pain also occurs when lying down, and not just while walking.

An important symptom of the calcaneal spur is the burning pain that appears when walking and exercising on the heel. The pain depends on the stage of the disease. Initially, it only appears in the morning, especially when trying to take the first steps after awakening. If you do not treat the disease, then the pain can become permanent. Some people who did not treat the heel spur in time, get a chance to move on crutches, in order to ease the burden on the aching leg.

How to treat a heel spur?

To heal the heel spur, you need to establish the cause of the disease. A conservative treatment consists in the elimination of the inflammatory process and includes:

  • Physiotherapy procedures.
  • Therapeutic massage and gymnastics.
  • Wearing orthopedic insoles
  • Treatment of calcaneal spur by ultrasound - this method is currently considered one of the most effective, but it has a number of contraindications: pregnancy and neurological diseases.
  • If conservative treatment has not produced a result, drug blockade is carried out with strong anti-inflammatory drugs.

Folk remedies will help in healing the calcaneal spur

Compression from the medical bile

The first time the pain in the heel compress is reduced from a mixture of: medical bile( 40 g), vodka( 20 g), shampoo( 10 ml).In hot water, steam up a sick leg. Apply a compress to the painful place for 50 - 60 minutes. Top with socks. You can do two procedures in one day.

Baths from pharmacy magnesia

In the pharmacy you need to buy 6 bags of magnesia. Dilute them in 1 liter of water. The resulting solution is heated to 50 - 60 degrees. In this solution, soak sick legs for 10 - 15 minutes. After the bath, you need to make a compress of tincture of valerian. Wear socks and sleep in them, since this procedure should be done before bed. Repeat the application of the compress for 10 times.

Very simple but effective remedy of red pepper

Sprinkle a bit of ground red pepper in your socks and so walk all day. Relief occurs after the first day, and after 10 - 14 days of pain cease altogether. Patients with a calcaneal spur need to replenish the supply of calcium in the body. You need to eat more cottage cheese, cheese, and drink milk. Paradoxically, but because of a lack of calcium in the human body, its salts are deposited on the bones. Other folk remedies that will help get rid of the spur on the heels.

In case of ineffective treatment of the heel spur by home remedies, it is necessary to consult an orthopedist. He will establish an accurate diagnosis not only with the help of a palpation, but will also direct to an X-ray and, if necessary, will conduct additional methods of examination: biochemical and general blood tests, etc.

How to cure a spur on the heel?

Heel spur causes a lot of suffering to a person, accompanying his every step with severe pain. To cure a spur on the heel of it is possible to use folk remedies, resorting to traditional medicine or surgically, if the disease does not yield to conservative methods of treatment.

What is the calcaneal spur

Specialists call the calcaneal spur a bone growth that was formed at the attachment point of the tendons in the area of ​​the plantar surface of the calcaneus calcaneus. The pain syndrome is caused by the pressure of the spur on the modified and inflamed soft tissues surrounding the bones of the foot. And the intensity of pain is not related to the size of the spur.

The disease manifests itself as a severe pain when walking. At the beginning of the illness, pain occurs in the morning, as soon as a person steps onto the floor. During the day, the intensity of pain decreases when a person "diverges", but by the evening, when the legs are tired of the loads, the pain returns. Over time, the pain becomes persistent. This leads to loss of ability to work, to poor overall health, to sleep disorders.

The causes of the heel spine

  • are those who suffer from spine diseases, arthritis, arthrosis, polyarthritis
  • athletes with constant excessive load of the feet

The disease can occur due to an incorrect distribution of loads on the foot. As a result - inflammation of the tendons, inflammation of the upper layer of the bone, detachment of the tendon. Also heel spur occurs when there is a metabolic disorder, with varicose veins with circulatory disorders, with poor patency of the vessels, with heel and foot injuries.

Conservative treatment of the calcaneal spur

The clinical picture of the calcaneal spur is caused not by the presence of a build-up on the bone but by the progressive changes in soft tissues and the developing inflammatory processes: inflammation of the mucous bags of the foot joints, manifestations of periostitis and plantar fasciitis.

First of all, conservative treatment is aimed at eliminating the inflammatory process. The orthopedist appoints non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs, gels, ointments, used place and also have anti-inflammatory and resorptive action. Physiotherapeutic procedures, for example, phonophoresis( introduction of preparations through the surface of the skin with the help of ultrasound) with hydrocortisone, cold therapy( cryotherapy) are well recommended.

A positive effect results in a single injection of diprospan directly into the calcaneal spur area.

An important aspect in the treatment of the heel spur is to reduce the load on the heel. Based on the clinical picture, the doctor appoints specialized orthopedic insoles with support for the inner and longitudinal arches of the foot and with a recess and soft lining under the heel. If the pain is not too strong and the patient feels well, they can recommend wearing a heel with a hole in the center. Special insole can be purchased in orthopedic salons. You can also wear specialized orthopedic shoes with a hole in the heel. If the spur is not located on the sole but behind the calcaneus, then the shoe provides a deepening in the back. Sometimes it is advisable in such cases to wear shoes without a back.

The patient is also prescribed warm foot baths with sea salt or soda, foot massage, exercise therapy. These measures are aimed at improving blood circulation in the tissues of the legs, in particular, the feet.

After the inflammatory process enters the stage of remission, the patient is prescribed an ultrasound stop and is recommended to undergo a course of shock wave therapy. This method is aimed at destroying the build-up by means of devices generating vibration of a given frequency. The procedures are carried out together with anesthetic blockades.

Surgical treatment of heel spurs

This method is considered as an extreme measure. Surgical intervention involves the removal of the heel spur or dissection of the attachment site of the plantar aponeurosis, as well as incision of the short muscles of the foot.

Treating the calcaneal spur with the help of folk remedies

This method of getting rid of the heel spur is quite long.

- wearing orthopedic insoles and shoes;

- surgical intervention.

Than to treat spurs on the heels, suggests and traditional medicine. So, it is possible to carry out various grinding with herbs and make compresses, warm-ups, use magnetic insoles and periodically tap foot on the floor.

Treatment of calcaneal spurs can be performed with warm baths consisting of various medicinal herbs( plantain, burdock, coltsfoot, onion, garlic, marshwort, white acacia).The aqueous solution, in which soap is added, can also contain salt and soda.

Treatment of calcaneal spurs folk methods involves the imposition on the painful area of ​​any heat. Relief comes from the use of a heating pad and a sand or salt heated in the oven, which are pre-packed in a tissue bag.

Traditional medicine recipes offer treatment for calcaneal spurs using simple and affordable means. A good effect can be achieved by using a compress with a slurry of raw potatoes and horseradish. Getting rid of a pathological neoplasm is also possible with the riding of a pouch into which buckwheat or any other cereal is poured.

Folk healers are also advised to walk with foil from tea, which is tied to the heels. A good medicine for spurs is dog hair. It must be put in socks. Apply to the heels of salted cucumbers or honey-greased cabbage leaf. At night, you can make a pack of grated black radish on a fine grater. Treating heel spurs with recipes of traditional healers is possible and with the help of ground red pepper. You should walk with him, pouring it into your toe.

In the presence of pain in the area of ​​the heel, it is necessary, first of all, to consult a specialist. Unpleasant sensations can be caused, in addition to spurs, rheumatoid arthritis, Bechterew's disease or Reiter's syndrome.

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Treatment with folk remedies of the heel spur

The disease with the appearance of a spur on the heel of our great-grandfathers knew for a long time and therefore accumulated a huge amount of folk remedies and methods of treatment. The most effective ones are given below.

Garlic. We pass about two hundred grams of garlic through a meat grinder. Adding 1 table.a spoonful of honey, leave a wandering mixture of days for 5 in a dark place. It is necessary to make this mixture compresses for the whole night. Then wash off in the morning.

calcaneal spur symptoms of

Milk. Lit of home milk warmed up to 70 degrees, add three tablespoons of soda and salt, We must lower the heel in this hot milk and how much patience is enough to hold, Repeat all until then, until your milk does not cool down. Reviews are very good!

Sunflower. Take the white flesh of the sunflower and pour vodka. After 10 days, the medicated mixture is ready. Treat with compresses at night.

Grass of Mokritsa. Scientifically called Zvezdchatka average. Usual weed, which has medicinal properties. It grows in humid places almost everywhere. Rip off the fresh grass, mash and put in a sock. Change the Morning in the morning and evening.

Asterisk. The usual ointment.which is easy to find in every pharmacy. Spread the heel overnight and bandage. So simple! This is the first thing we did to a relative. After 2 nights it became much easier for him.

Chicken egg. Whisk the yolk with acetic essence( one teaspoonful).The yolk will become like a cream.when it thickens. Keep the resulting ointment better closed in the refrigerator and apply on the heel 4-5 times during the day.dressing on top of a sock.

Onions. Middle head of onions cut in half, drip into the middle of the halves by drop of tar and attach to the sore spot.

calcaneal spur folk remedies

Laundry soap. This recipe was suggested by friends. So it is checked! We take the usual laundry soap. Only not white.which in recent times is increasingly possible to see on the shelves.but brown. Thoroughly grind it and melt it in a water bath. It becomes like jelly and has not cooled down yet.superimpose on a dense tissue and apply to the heel spur. From above it is better to bandage, wrap up cellophane and warm socks to dress necessarily. All this is desirable to do at night.

Iodine. Bottle 5 ml of iodine.add a tablespoon of salt and honey. Mix, add to the fabric, apply to the spur on the heel, then cellophane and socks for the night.

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Effective treatment of the heel spur by the method of UHT

Treating the calcaneal spur with the help of shock wave therapy( UVT) is a rather young method, but it has already gained popularity due to its effectiveness and safety. So, according to Western clinics, the successful result of treatment with this method exceeds 85%, while UHT has practically no contraindications and side effects.

Shockwave therapy has been used since 1990, and during this time has proved itself as one of the most effective ways to treat various diseases of the musculoskeletal system, and in particular, a disease such as heel spurs. This therapy is primarily directedto reduce pain and stimulate the regeneration of damaged tissues. In this procedure, special equipment is used that generates shock waves, which, in turn, are focused in a special manipulator into sound ones. The nature of the sound wave in its properties is very similar to the shock wave, it is from here that the name of the method, shock wave therapy, has gone.

The procedure itself occurs as follows: directly on the affected area( on a skin lubricated with a special gel), a small manipulator applicator is installed at the desired angle, which transmits the pulses of sound waves through soft tissues to a depth of 3 cm.

Sound waves range from 16 to25 hertz, so the human ear can not catch them, but they have healing properties. The fact that they easily pass through soft tissues( internal organs, muscles) and fluid( blood, lymph, etc.), without damaging them, and affect only the affected areas, which represent a harder, scar tissue. A feature of healthy cells is that they have an elastic membrane, and inflamed cells, on the other hand, have a tight, "rigid" membrane. Thus, if various deposits of salts, calcifications or ossifits appear on the path of shock sound waves, they simply "break up" into smaller particles, which subsequently dissolve and leave the body.

It is worth noting that UVT has not only a point effect on the affected areas, without affecting healthy tissue, but also has auxiliary healing properties on the body. So, in the zone of the waves influence metabolic processes improve, there is a significant stimulation of the blood flow, especially in the capillaries, which contributes to the faster resorption of calcium salts, fibrosis areas and stimulates the restoration of tissues, which, in turn, contributes to a speedy recovery of the patient.

So, to the advantages of UHT can be attributed the following:

• good patient tolerance;

• reduction in the severity of pain and improvement of blood circulation from the first session;

• almost no side effects and contraindications;

• outpatient treatment( no need to go to hospital);

• non-invasive method( without surgical intervention);

• a high percentage of recovery, compared with other methods of treating the heel spurs( more than 90%).

Treating the calcaneal spur with the help of UHT consists, as a rule, of 5-7 sessions of 20-30 minutes, which are best performed with interruptions for 3-4 days. If the pain in the heel is exacerbated, the procedures are postponed until the pain subsides.

One of the main advantages of UVT in the treatment of the calcaneal spur - this method, in fact, is an alternative to the operation.

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Which doctor heals the heel spur?

went to the surgeon - he said: "Why did you come to me? \".Went to the traumatologist - he sent for a picture. We did it - he looked and said: "There is no fracture - it's not for me \".And to whom? Who can cure this spur and how?

is more correctly called not "heel spur", but plantar ligamentosis. This disease is associated with a shortening of the plantar ligament and ossification at the site of its attachment to the calcaneus. Pain in the heel region does not arise because the osteophyte presses the heel on the skin, but because of the tension of the plantar ligament. In the treatment it is especially important to remove its shortening. In general, in essence, "calcaneal spur" requires a comprehensive approach, which includes: medication, acupuncture, orthopedic correction.

Just as a runny nose runs for 14 days, and not healed in 2 weeks, which is the same, as well as the heel spurs. No matter how we are treated, the pain in the presence of the spur will disappear only when a callus is formed around this squirrel.

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  • Hot foot baths with salt. You can use both sea and salt. For a liter of water, take 2-3 tbsp.l.salt. The water should be hot enough that the legs "tolerated".The duration of the procedure is 40 minutes. After the bath, dry your feet with a towel and put on warm socks. There are contraindications to people with high blood pressure, suffering from cardiovascular diseases, varicose veins, pregnant women.
  • Grated raw potatoes. Apply a juicy mass to the sore spot for 1,5 - 2 hours. If you go to work, then the potato circle can be fixed with adhesive plaster or a dense toe.
  • Grated black radish. It is used in the same way as grated potatoes. Radish should be crushed with the peel.
  • Hot potatoes. Cook a full pot of small potatoes, with it you can cook potato peelings. Transfer the finished potatoes into a basin, cool a bit and knead it with your feet, warm up the sore spot. Then rinse your feet with warm water, apply an iodine net on the spur area, put on warm socks.
  • Cabbage leaf with honey. The procedure should be done overnight. On one side of the juicy cabbage leaf, apply honey. Wrap the heel with a sheet, wrap the leg with food wrapped on top and put on socks. In the morning, rinse your feet with warm water.
  • Tincture of lilac flowers. Dry or fresh lilac flowers pour vodka in the proportion 1:10.Let it brew in a tightly closed container. Strain. Take tincture of 40-50 drops with a small amount of water several times a day. Rub the ingredients into the affected area.

Never forget about a full rest and your health in general. This will help to avoid many diseases, including heel spurs. Do not skimp on comfortable shoes. Careful attitude to yourself is simply priceless.

Help! !!How to cure a heel spur! !!


Recipe one-operation. In no other way is she treated

Nick M.



There are many ways to treat the calcaneal spur with various folk remedies. Some people, having tried, without results, many methods of treatment, find a solution for themselves. Even in very serious cases, when a patient becomes aware of a very large amount of spurs when involuntary hospitalization, traditional medicine can help, even if modern or traditional treatment, for example, with ultrasound, does not give any effect. There is a very simple and old, proven method of treating spurs with the help of heated alcohol. The therapeutic procedure is that the legs are lowered for 15-20 minutes into heated alcohol. Poured into a bowl, preferably a frying pan, alcohol on low heat heated, observing all precautions, since alcohol is very easily ignited. After completing the procedure, you do not need to wipe the feet from alcohol. After treatment with this method, pain from the calcaneal spur completely disappear. Treatment spurs for just 3 nights A wonderful folk remedy, miraculously helping with a calcaneal spur, can cure a person for 3 nights. After treatment, there are severe pains that persecuted a person for several months or years, forcing to literally walk on tiptoes due to the inability to step on their heels. Well-known folk remedy is passed from mouth to mouth and allows to fully live many people, for whom the calcaneal spur was a huge problem. Therapeutic composition is prepared as follows. You need to take 40 grams of bile animal( not birds), 20 grams of vodka and a small amount of shampoo. For example, pork bile is mixed with the rest of the ingredients. The resulting mass in the form of a compress for the whole night is applied to the steamed heels. From above necessarily put on socks. Already after the first procedure, a person is greatly relieved. Pain on walking sharply decreases. After three days, or rather, of the night, such procedures of pain from heel spurs pass completely and forever. Many people, thus getting rid of the disease, completely forget what pains in the heels. An excellent remedy for heel spurs - May nettle Such a folk remedy, like nettles, will help get rid of the pain that persecuted a person for a very long time, even if they were caused by heel spurs the size of more than a centimeter. The person in this case experiences the strongest pain at loading on heels, not allowing to move without a thick layer of foam rubber in footwear, or without the help of crutches. A person "with the experience" of the disease can try a lot of means of treatment, until he finds an effective way to get rid of the disease. This may be the treatment of May Nettle. Namely, collected in the last month of spring, the nettle is passed through a meat grinder, the resulting gruel is put on a burdock leaf and in this form the compress is applied to the sore spot, fixed with a bandage. The procedure is done at night, but many patients say that you can continue to wear a compress and during the day. The result starts to be felt after about two weeks of regular procedures. With the subsequent treatment of pain, tormented for many years, begin to pass, a person regains activity and mobility of a healthy person. Such a recipe from May Nettle( at this time the plant has the greatest healing properties) can help with arthritis. Get rid of spurs with iris and petrolatum Perfectly helps with pain from the heel spurs folk remedy with the root of the iris flower. To make it, dig out the root of the plant, about 250 grams you need to wash, then pass through a meat grinder. The resulting mass is poured with the same amount of alcohol, the vial is closed and placed for 2 weeks in a place where sunlight does not reach. After 14 days, the infusion is ready for use. Folded 4 times cheesecloth or bandage is moistened in infusion and applied to the heel for the whole night.http:


knock the heel on the threshold 12 you pass through the threshold.ancient recipe

olesya 80

Spur treated and at home. It is necessary to steam out the heel every day in the salt + soda. While soaking, cut with scissors what is possible. At night, apply a compress of salicylic ointment, only on the spur, that would not hit the skin) And so for 3 days can be removed. To cut it is necessary gradually.


Only surgically.

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