Gonarthrosis 2 degrees of knee joint treatment reviews

Gonarthrosis( arthrosis of the knee joint) 2nd degree

With knee pain, the doctor is consulted when difficulties arise when walking. And this is most likely arthrosis 2 degrees. The first did not cause special troubles - a slight fatigue and discomfort in the joint. With arthrosis of the 2nd degree, a person often loses his ability to work, but there is still the possibility of self-service. This disease occurs so often that it has its name "Gonarthrosis".In translation from the Greek gonato - the knee, artrosy - the joint, the ending os - speaks of the dystrophic origin of the disease.

What contributes to the development of arthrosis

The knee joint experiences the greatest loads, therefore it wears out earlier than others.

The causes of gonarthrosis are different:

  • age after 50 years;
  • female sex;
  • previous joint diseases( inflammatory, endocrine);
  • injury.

To a greater extent this disease affects obese women after 50 years. It is not uncommon for knee joint arthrosis in athletes. Lacerations of ligaments, tendons, intraarticular fractures, often cause anatomical changes and impaired blood circulation in the organ.

With arthrosis, not only cartilage is destroyed, but also bones, tendons, ligaments, which make up the joint. The cartilage loses elasticity, strength and is gradually erased, exposing unprotected bone surfaces.

Symptoms for arthrosis of the knee joint are the same as in other localizations:

  • pain;
  • "crunch" when moving;
  • limitation of mobility in the joint.

The inability to move freely aggravates the patient's condition.


Pain in the knee joint with arthrosis of the second degree occurs with any movement, but it subsides in a supine position. It is especially difficult to take the first steps after waking up or staying in a stationary state for a long time. This is the so-called "starting pain".

Due to constant friction, the bone surfaces of the joint become denser, forming osteophytes, which further aggravate morbidity during movements. There are night pains, lameness progresses.

Restriction of mobility in the joint

Not only pain and overgrown osteophytes prevent bending and unbending the knee. The muscles of the thigh and lower leg, protecting the leg from painful movements, are in constant tension, which is expressed by the pain and fatigue of the limb.

Another reason is synovitis. To dystrophic phenomena is added inflammation. The fluid accumulates in the joint, it is enlarged in size and painful to the touch. Movement limbs are even more limited. The inability to unbend the joint forces the person to walk slowly, on the knees bent at the knees. The slightest roughness on the road becomes a serious obstacle. Moving without support becomes more difficult.

Treatment of gonarthrosis

Every person suffering from arthrosis of the knee joint must remember that the treatment will help if it is received continuously, despite the improvement of well-being. The order of medication, physiotherapy and physical exercises will be determined by the doctor.

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LFK for arthrosis of the knee joint

Gonarthrosis( arthrosis of the knee joint) of the 2nd degree is treated with conservative and surgical methods.

Conservative methods include:

  • medication;
  • physiotherapy;
  • therapeutic exercise;
  • relieving the load from the knee joint.

Drug therapy begins with the appointment of chondroprotectors, drugs that slow down the destruction of cartilage and contribute to its recovery. Anesthetic effect after their use is retained for half a year. Chondroprotectors are not effective in single or non-regular administration. They are assigned courses for 3-6 months, which are repeated periodically.

Chondroitin sulfate( contained in the preparations Chondroitin, Structum) and glucosamine, which is a part of Elbon and Don, have this effect. A number of preparations contain both these substances: Teraflex, Arthra. They have no complications and very rarely cause side effects.

Pain Relief

Paracetamol( Panadol, Denol, Efferalgan) is used as an anesthetic for arthrosis. A more pronounced effect is possessed by NSAIDs( non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs).But they have a big drawback - they irritate the gastric mucosa and adversely affect the cardiovascular system.

NSAIDs are indispensable for gonarthrosis

The last few years have created drugs with minor side effects. Arkoxia, Celebrex, Movalis and Nimesulide are prescribed to patients with concomitant diseases of the stomach and elderly people.

Synovitis, due to inflammation and severe pain, can interfere with medical treatment. In this case, arthrosis of the knee joint is initially performed intra-articular injections of corticosteroids( kenalog, hydrocortisone), which have a strong anti-inflammatory effect. Then, physiotherapy and exercise therapy are performed.

Hyaluronic acid effectively acts as a natural lubricant. This natural substance not only permanently removes pain, but also significantly increases mobility in the joint. Mortars, Cinoceros, Fermotron containing hyaluronic acid are injected into the joint cavity.

The last years is produced by Gialgel, containing not only hyaluronic acid, but also chondroitin sulfate. It is applied to the skin, has a large penetrating ability, reduces pain and swelling of the joint, delays the destruction of cartilage.

Fastum Gel
For arthrosis, anti-inflammatory ointments

are used. For local treatment, warming ointments, Menovazine, Gevkamen are used. They are indicated for arthrosis of the knee joint with no signs of inflammation. If the joint is edematous, hot to the touch and movements are sharply painful, it is better to use anti-inflammatory ointments( Dolgit, Fastum-gel or Voltaren).

Physiotherapy and exercise therapy

Physical exercises should be a constant treatment companion for any degree of arthrosis. Gymnastics prevents the development of contractures, preserve muscle tone. Movement is the prevention of any arthrosis.

Physiotherapy methods quickly reduce pain, inflammation and increase the amount of motion in the knee joint. Magneto-laser and UHF-therapy, phonophoresis with hydrocortisone, massage, baths are applied. All procedures have indications, contraindications and are prescribed by a doctor.

Knee braces are used to fix the knee joint and rigid functional orthoses. To reduce the load on the joint, it is recommended to use a walking stick or crutches.

Surgical treatment of

In case of pronounced violation of knee function, inefficiency of conservative treatment and complete destruction of cartilage, surgical methods are shown:

  • Endoprosthetics - replacement of damaged joint by artificial joint.
  • Osteotomy - removal of bone deformities or restoration of the limb axis.
  • Arthroscopic manipulation is carried out by optical instruments injected through skin punctures in the knee. With the help of this low-traumatic method, fragments of the destroyed cartilage are removed from the joint cavity, medications are introduced.

Knee osteoarthritis is a common disease prone to progression and resulting in disability and disability. Complex therapeutic measures, carried out continuously, allow for a long time to delay the destruction of the cartilaginous tissue of the joint and reduce the severity of the symptoms.


Knee joint gonarthrosis of the 2nd degree: characteristic signs of the disease

Under gonarthrosis, also called arthrosis of the knee joint, it means the damage to the cartilage and bony growths appearing along the edge of the joint, as well as xytotic irritation of the joint tissue.

Knee joint gonarthrosis is one of the degenerative-dystrophic joint diseases. This disease has 3 degrees of severity, the most common is gonarthrosis of the knee joint of the 2nd degree, because only at this stage people begin to pay attention to this disease and practice treatment, practically ignoring the first degree.

It should be noted that arthrosis in general is a scourge of modern society, this disease was formerly characteristic only of middle-aged and elderly people. Now, arthrosis is not just young, they just do not have age limits, appearing even among young people as a result of injuries.

The risk group for this disease is overweight people, professional athletes and people with varicose veins of the legs experiencing serious physical exertion.

Causes of development of

The main cause of the disease is a mechanical factor. There is microtraumatization of articular cartilage, as a result of which begins its degeneration. As a consequence, the load on some parts of the joint surface increases, and further - its destruction. It was also found that with this disease there are changes in metabolism in cartilage tissue. The essence of these changes is a decrease in the saturation of chondroitin sulfate, which is a specific component of cartilage and nowhere else in the body is found.

In general, you can identify such causes of the disease:

  • intra-systemic fractures of the bones that form the knee joint;
  • arthrosis, which was caused by Paget's disease;
  • malignant and benign bone tumors;
  • rheumatoid arthritis and ankylosing spondylitis.

Degrees of severity of the disease

When developing gonarthrosis passes several stages of the disease( degrees of severity):

Gonarthrosis 1 degree is the initial stage of the disease, which is often ignored by patients. She periodically has pain( usually after exercise), sometimes the knee swells up, the deformity of the joint is insignificant and invisible.

Gonarthrosis of the knee joint of the second degree is a logical continuation and development of the disease. At this stage, the symptoms intensify, the intensity and duration of pain in the joint increases, and a crunch in the joint and bending difficulties may also appear. Deformation takes a pronounced character.

Gonarthrosis of the third degree is the most severe stage of the disease. It is characterized by pains that occur not only during movement, but also in those moments when the joint is in a state of rest, there is a reaction to changing weather conditions. The gait is greatly disturbed, the mobility of the joint is limited.

Also distinguish primary gonarthrosis( arising initially) and secondary gonarthrosis( occurs against the background of other diseases of the knee joint).

Characteristic signs of gonarthrosis

It is very important to notice the onset of the disease in time. As we have already said, people usually skip the signs of the disease and notice it only when it says "pripeklo."Treatment in this case will be more prolonged and difficult.

In general, the main symptoms of the disease are pain and limitation of mobility in the joint, as well as gait disturbance. Gonarthrosis develops gradually and time passes between the first and second severity severely.

A very characteristic sign of gonarthrosis, which distinguishes this disease from other diseases of the knee joint, is that the pain appears after a state of rest, and then gradually subsides( when a person "diverges").But by the end of the day the pain returns - this is due to the increased load on the affected joint.

Another characteristic feature of this disease is the appearance of osteophytes( marginal bone growths).Soft cartilage tissues constantly rub against osteophytes, which leads to inflammation of the joint membrane - synovitis, which manifests itself with redness, swelling and an increase in local temperature. Also, when you move or feel the joint, you can feel a crunch.


Diagnosis of the disease consists in interviewing the patient's complaints, checking the volume of movement in the joint and examining the joint itself. Naturally, according to such information, only preliminary conclusions are made, and the main ones are instrumental methods of diagnostics. In the case of gonarthrosis, this is primarily the radiography of the joints. Depending on the overall picture of the disease, the stage of the disease is determined. Also recently, in the diagnosis of gonarthrosis, arthroscopy and ultrasound are often used.

Is it possible to treat gonarthrosis at home?

Now complex treatment of arthrosis is applied, in other words - treatment is not limited to just one method. In this case, treatment of gonarthrosis does not differ from the treatment of other osteoarthrosis of other location. With this disease, it is recommended to limit the load on the joint. But we must not forget that the practice of physiotherapy in this disease is mandatory, since movements in the joint make it possible to preserve its mobility, to provide improved nutrition of the joint elements. The complex of exercises is formed by the physician of exercise therapy or a methodologist in therapeutic physical culture. The main condition for choosing exercises is the fact, you can not load the knee, but you need to ensure its maximum mobility. That's why most exercises are done sitting or lying down. Also swimming and swimming in the pool will be very useful - water allows you to remove the load from the joint.

Almost always doctors recommend performing self-massage of the leg and thigh muscles, as well as the area of ​​the knee joint. This improves the blood supply of the joint, allows you to maintain your leg muscles in good condition.

In addition, anti-inflammatory drugs and analgesics are prescribed to relieve the pain syndrome. You can also use various analgesic and irritating ointments. Venotonics, vasos-regulating drugs will also be useful - they will improve the blood supply of the joint. And since the main problem is the state of cartilage, chondroprotectors are appointed for a long time, which are intended to improve his condition.

It often happens that people try to use folk remedies for gonarthrosis of the knee joint of the 2nd degree. Such treatment, in principle, is permissible, but only with the permission and approval of the attending physician, since much of what is printed in newspapers under the guise of "folk remedies" is in fact just a profanation.

Surgical treatment

Often, conservative therapies are useless or simply do not bring the desired result with a neglected form of the disease.

In such cases, a small surgical intervention( with relative preservation of the motor function of the joint) is possible - arthroscopy. In this case, the joint is washed, the damaged parts of the menisci and cartilage are removed, osteophytes are removed. This operation at low traumatism makes it possible to restore or improve the function of the joint for 2-3 years.

For more serious conditions, more serious operations can be assigned. In the overwhelming majority of cases, they give very good results and make it possible to keep the mobility of the joint for a fairly long time.

But the most common and effective method of a neglected form of gonarthrosis, which allows a person to fully return to active life, is knee arthroplasty.


How can I treat arthrosis of the knee joint

Osteoarthritis of the knee joint is the first in the frequency of diseases with arthrosis and arthritis. Patients most often complain of the inefficiency of long-term treatment. In despair, they begin to think about endoprosthetics, treating it as the last remaining option. How to treat arthrosis of the knee joint, without resorting to an extreme radical method - we'll talk about this in this article.

Droppers with arthrosis of joints

The miracle cure for arthrosis of the knee joint is not present: it is treated in a complex way

Complex treatment of arthrosis of the knee joint

Why it is impossible to abandon the conservative treatment of

Surgical operation only at first glance seems to be such a simple way:

The implantation of artificial joint will still require the use of medications that prevent inflammationand the rejection of an alien object detected by the scouts of the immune system .

This means:

  • After the operation, it may be necessary to artificially reduce the immunity of the patient, so that the implanted joint is adopted
  • The endoprosthesis will have to be developed for a long time, which means that rehabilitation with the whole set of exercises on special equipment and simulators

is needed. These arguments are not generally directed against the operation( sometimesit is the only way out), but against premature abandonment of conservative, softer methods of treatment.

Is it possible to cure gonarthrosis?

There is no specific medicine or panacea for arthrosis of the knee joint.

To cure the disease in the first stages, it is possible if many methods of treatment are used to cure :

  • Medical treatment:
    • IM and / or injection( intramuscular and intravenous injections and droppers)
    • intraarticular injections
    • chondroprotectors
    • external ointments
    • compresses
  • Surgical treatment
  • Manual therapy
  • Physiotherapy
  • Physiotherapy
  • Sanatorium treatment
  • Proper nutrition

Video: Nature of arthrosis with the example of the knee joint

Medicatione gonarthrosis

NSAID preparations

Anesthetizing injections in gonarthrosis

For analgesia in gonarthrosis, NSAIDs

are used. The scheme of treatment of arthrosis in the acute stage is conservative, and has not changed since "grandmother" times: only medical preparations used to suppress the inflammatory reaction of pain suppression change.

They are called anti-inflammatory .Medication pain relief is performed with the help of the following non-steroid preparations:

  • diclofenac
  • indomethacin
  • tsellebex
  • piroxicam
  • ketoprofen, etc.

Patient must spare his joint during this period, trying not to load it. To unload the knee, you can put a tight bandage on it for several days.

The use of NSAIDs brings apparent relief, but they can not stop the process of cartilage destruction, and even vice versa, lead to dehydration of the cartilage, and thus accelerate the degenerative process.

The second detrimental effect of NSAIDs is that all preparations of this group have many contraindications:

  • in the first place - irritation of intestinal mucosa and stomach
  • long-term treatment of pain with NSAIDs is possible only with gastrointestinal tract protectors, for example, omeprazole

It is erroneous to assume that ifUse injections instead of tablets, NSAIDs become intestine and stomach harmless.

Intra-articular injections of

You can restore gonarthrosis

Do not inject with corticosteroids more than once every two weeks

In the chronic phase with frequent exacerbations often resort to:

  • Injections of corticosteroids: hydrocortisone, celeston, diprospan
  • Introduction of hyaluronic acid in the joint
  • Oxygenotherapy( introduction of oxygen into the diseased joint)
  1. When prescribing medication with corticosteroids, the physician should remember:
    • These hormonal drugs are effective for swelling of the joint caused by the accumulation of synovial fluid
    • . Without the symptoms of synovitis, their appointment is unreasonable.
    • Unreasonably frequent intake of corticosteroids can cause considerable harm, for example, enhance bone resorption.
    • injecting with corticosteroids more often than once every two weeks:
      Too frequent intraarticular injections can injure the joint, anddamage the ligaments and muscles
    • Prodrugs should not be administered for prophylactic purposes.
  2. Hyaluronic acid very favorably affects the joint surface by creating a protective film on it:
    • Hyaluronic acid preparations are prescribed for synovial fluid deficiency and play the role of lubricant
    • Injections with acid also increaseelasticity of the joint and its elasticity
    • Virtually no contraindications
    • Treatment is conducted by courses:
      Three to four injections with an interval of one or two weeksand repetition in half a year
    • For injections used:
      Ostenil, synviscus, duralan, etc. drugs
    • Despite the high cost of the drug, its use is justified, as with proper therapy it avoids the operation of
    • . The preparation of Hiastat of domestic production is cheaper than imported ones by 30%.


    It is not necessary to apply hyaluronic injections for exacerbation of inflammatory processes and synovitis, as they under such conditions are destroyed and are useless. Effective such drugs during the remission of

  3. Oxygenotherapy is prescribed with the objectives:
    • To improve the metabolism in the joint
    • To extend the remission period of
    • The essence of it is to inject ozone irradiated with laser beam
    • Four injections with an interval between them in two days
    • The method is effective in earlystages


Chondroprotectors are designed to restore cartilaginous tissues of the joint, replacing the deficiency of glucosamine and chondroitin sulfate

Patients often complain about the high cost and neEffectiveness of these funds. Why is this happening?

  • The first reason is incorrect advertising, in which "effective and quick elimination of pain" is promised.

Chondroprotectors are not an anesthetic, this is a protection for the cartilage

  • The second is the use of the drug at the stage when the cartilage itself is completely destroyed, that is, there is nothing to protect and repair anymore.

In the third stage, the use of chondroprotectors is absolutely useless.

  • Another reason is spontaneity and episodic treatment:

The patient went through one course, and then not completely or sometimes skipping the drug - and waiting for the result immediately. Meanwhile, treatment with chondroprotectors should be conducted cyclically, intermittently, and not for one year.

Even more useless are the ointment-chondroprotectors, which are primarily used by the patient with deforming arthrosis of the late stage of

. Due to unfair advertising of companies producing similar ointments, there is a wrong attitude towards these good drugs, really capable of slowing the degenerative process in the joints.

The following chondroprotective agents are used in the treatment:

  • Alflutop
  • Structum
  • Chondroitin
  • Dona
  • Elbona, etc.
Ointments for the treatment of arthrosis
Import chondroprotectors

Ointments of irritating and warming action for arthrosis

To anesthetize with arthrosis apply not only injections but also external preparations -

  • Ointments of irritating and warming action :
    Menovazine, Capsoicin, Nicoflex
  • With synovitis, it is necessary to lubricate the knee with ointments containing NSAIDs :
    Butadione and indomethacin ointment, Fastum gel, Voltaren

However, the effect of ointments is much less effective than injectionsOnly a small fraction of the drug penetrates to the joints.

Compresses for the knee joint

For arthrosis compressions it is recommended to use in such cases:

  • For edema and fluid accumulation( synovitis)
  • For joint mobilization( improvement of mobility)

Compresses from dimexide, bischofite, medical bile are used for pain relief, inflammation and edema

Dimexide and bischofite - chemical preparations, bile - natural

Compresses are more effective than warming and anti-inflammatory ointments, thanks to the best penetrating properties of

Bile can not be

Droppers with arthrosis of joints

Compresses are good for swelling and joint mobilization

Surgical treatment

  1. Knee joint decompression
    It is achieved by:
    • by the expansion of the synovium, which often forms folds around the joint in which pus accumulates
    • with osteotomy - bone excision with joint repositioning( traumaticmethod)
    • arthrodesis - artificial joint wedging( flexion and extension functions are lost, but pain is removed)
  2. VostaKnee joint :
    • Arthroscopy - minimally invasive surgery to remove diseased sections of the meniscus and cartilage
    • Arthroplasty - replacing part of the cartilage with a graft from own tissues or artificial material
  3. Endoprosthetics:
    Replacement of the knee joint is artificial when the joint function is completely lost and restored by other meansit is impossible

Manual therapy in the treatment of gonarthrosis

Manual therapy is a very effective way of joint development in the first-secondth stage of gonarthrosis, especially in combination with compresses, intraarticular injections and techniques of chondroprotectors

However, to cure a knee that has been suffering for more than one year can not be achieved in one session:

  • The first session is aimed at revealing the degree of immobility of the joint and partially releasing it
  • .within three to four weeks, chondroprotectors are taken, compresses are made from dimexid and massage
  • After that - a repeated session of manual therapy with knee stretching and its correction( that the jointin the unlocked and became in place, it can be judged by a specific click)
  • The next two sessions fix the result of
  • At the end of the course it is useful to make two intra-articular injections of ostenil
  • Twice a year you need to repeat the reception of chondroprotectors

Video: Manual therapy with gonarthrosis

Physiotherapy with gonarthrosis

the following physiotherapy is applied to the treatment of gonarthrosis:

  • laser
  • magnetic
  • shock wave
  • EDM-stimulation
  • thermal and cryogenic, etc.

LaseRotherapy with arthrosis of the knee joint well anesthetizes and stimulates healing.

In addition to this, the laser:

  • Accelerates metabolism and intracellular metabolism
  • Increases joint mobility
  • Accelerates cartilage tissue regeneration
  • Improves blood circulation and lowers blood viscosity
  • Softens calcium deposits
  • Relieves muscular tension


Gymnastics is a wonderful way to prevent gonarthrosis at any stage of it. In many cases, exercise therapy can avoid surgery. However, the load on the affected joint should not be large: the static exercises

should become the predominant one. How to treat arthrosis of the knee with gymnastics and nutrition - in the following articles.

Video: Treatment of gonarthrosis



Customer feedback - Tatyana 56 years

I went to the East clinic with exacerbation of arthrosis and osteochondrosis. The knees, spine, small joints ached. Weakness. Several years ago I went to China, underwent medical treatment there according to Chinese traditional methods. I was helped a lot and there were no exacerbations for many years. It was pleasantly surprised that the East Clinic provides such opportunities in Moscow. I took a course at Dr. Kim Leonid Sergeevich. A doctor of exceptionally high professional level. After the second session pains left. And after the fourth I felt another energy, I gained strength, digestion and sleep became normal. Although only a few days ago before the treatment it was painful to squeeze his hand into a fist. Leonid Sergeevich is a wonderful person who treats in a literal and figurative sense with warm hands and with his big kind heart. Dr. Zhen, according to the recommendations of which, I took Chinese herbal balls, re-diagnosed after treatment and confirmed significant positive changes in the body. And to communicate with Dr. Zhen was helped by an interpreter Angelina. A caring and attentive participant in the whole process of customer service, which will not leave unattended and help any visitor. At the reception are nice girls, business, collected, attentive, very clear and friendly. Excellent organization, exceptional professionalism and decency in everything. A huge thanks to all and best wishes. I wish you all health, happiness, and long years of successful and necessary work for people. Dear Angelina, I ask you to translate these comments to Dr. Zhen, thank you in advance, Tatyana

All reviews of

And yet, how to treat arthrosis of the knee joint?

If you are already here, then, most likely, have already tried to treat arthrosis. They took medicines, went to physiotherapy, did massages. Received a temporary effect or did not receive it at all. And the side effects were getting "full", right? And now, on the horizon, an operation to replace the joint looms. Of course, in the last stage there is no other way out. In your power to prevent such a situation and start fighting with arthrosis by the rules.

What is the difference and similarity between the Chinese concept of the disease?

From the point of view of traditional Chinese medicine, arthrosis of the knee joint is a suffering of the whole organism. The most common cause of arthrosis is the hormonal failure of the internal organs. As a rule, everything starts with the kidneys. Kidneys are an organism filter. Their task - the filtration of blood, the liberation of blood from salts. If the kidneys do not cope with their function, the blood is not cleared, the salts remain. To protect yourself from getting blood and salt in the brain, the body "stores" salt in the joints( arthrosis) and the spine( osteochondrosis).

When the process has gone far, arthritis joins. Then the vessels are narrowed, too, so as not to let salt. All this leads to poor blood supply to the muscles, the load on the skeleton - the spine, joints, intervertebral discs - is increasing. Next, the liver, gall bladder, pancreas joins. Joints lose flexibility, muscles atrophy. Further the organism "wears out," and the disease progresses.

For the treatment of arthrosis of the knee joint, the "East Clinic" uses:

  • Handmade - massage and manual therapy, video.

    First, the muscles are warmed up with a massage. Usually work on biologically active points. The doctor finds painful areas and performs certain movements, deeply working the muscles, restoring the correct position of the joint. Thanks to this work, the volume of movements is restored, pains are passed, deformations disappear. Of course, the first sessions are rather painful. However, as pain recovers, pain disappears, and the opportunity to live fully without pain returns.

  • Needles from the "bouquet" of diseases - acupuncture, video.

    The needles are inserted into special points depending on the condition. Each of the more than 400 biologically active points is associated with an organ, so a diagnostic procedure is performed before the procedure to determine which points are needed for work. Thanks to acupuncture, the balance of energy is restored, inflammation goes away, the nutrition of tissues and metabolism improves, the immunity increases. And also - accompanying diseases go away, sleep and mood improve.

  • Cigars for pain and spasms - moxotherapy.

    Warming certain points with a carbon cigar - moxa - gives a quick result. The effect, like during acupuncture, appears not only at the site of exposure. Moxa warming speeds up blood flow and metabolism. After the sessions you move more freely and without pain, you feel more alert and active.

  • Point laser - laserotheropuncture.

    This is a combination of low intensity laser effect and acupuncture effect. This combination helps to repair the damaged cartilage, start the process of self-healing, remove swelling, pain and inflammation. And all this is comfortable, without pain. Therefore, the laser can be used by those who are not suitable for other methods. The effect is visible after the first treatment sessions.

  • Homeopathic injections from arthrosis - homeosyniatry.

    Traditionally, Heel injections are used for this method. These are complex preparations from herbs, minerals, animal substances and much more. In some preparations - dozens of components. The doctor selects a scheme and a combination of drugs. With deforming arthrosis of the knee joint, homeostasis is one of the most effective methods.

And, of course, every patient with arthrosis receives nutritional recommendations and a set of physical exercises. For joints, movement is life in the literal sense.

Why is complex treatment at East Klinik more profitable and effective?

For arthrosis to stay with you in the past, we offer a complex of medical procedures. This saves you time, money and accelerates recovery. Treatment of arthrosis of the knee joint is faster when combined with massage, manual therapy, acupuncture with laser, moxotherapy, homeostasis. These procedures are included in the course of treatment sessions, a combination of them selected by a doctor.

For one visit to the clinic you can go through two or more procedures, and at a one-time payment get a nice bonus - 10% discount. The cost of one treatment session depends on the set of procedures.

The speed of cure by the methods of Chinese traditional medicine depends on the life potential of a person, his internal energy, however in 80 percent of cases at the 2 nd stage one complex course of treatment is enough.

Why do we get an improvement from the first course of treatment of 80-85% of patients?

  • We follow the qualifications of specialists.

    Our doctors have an in-depth knowledge of diagnostics, neurology, therapy, homeopathy and have an impeccable technique for performing the procedures. So you can choose the right combination of procedures, remove the drug load on the body, eliminate symptoms and eliminate the cause of the disease. The work experience of our doctors is from 10 to 43 years, including in well-known clinics in China and Russia. And they continue to improve medical skill. You are in the reliable hands of true professionals.

  • We take your condition into account.

    Before you appoint a treatment, you are carefully examined and the traditional oriental( for example, examination, pulse diagnosis) and conventional, Western methods( MRI, ultrasound, analyzes).If you have already been examined in other clinics, grab the results with you. The doctor makes a personal scheme of treatment and rehabilitation so that arthrosis does not bother you more.

  • We give truthful information in your language.

    The doctor does not try to scare. His task is to find out what is wrong, and to choose the most effective treatment. Therefore, in consultation, he will ask you in detail about the symptoms, treatment and its result, concomitant diseases, lifestyle and eating habits. The doctor clearly explains what he will do and why. And if you have any questions, you can always contact him and ask them.

Perhaps you are still in doubt. You have a choice - to wait, when operation is necessary, to suffer pains and restrictions. Or, treat arthrosis of the knee with safe and proven methods now. Call +7( 495) 221-87-32 and make an appointment.


Help please, my knees ache, gonarthrosis of 2 degrees, I am 38 years old. What do you think about Artromega?

LADIES with a dog

why would not SIE tell a rheumatologist?

Andrey Enyutin

is another hat.if you are with such a misfortune you are 38 years old looking for pardon gonorrhea and chlamydia for a start and read on Google Reiter syndrome.and then we can continue.

ewgeny gasnikov

In general, if you think from the perspective of Tibetan medicine, the problems of the joints, especially the knee, are the problems of the kidneys( the root cause of this disease).There is deformation and destruction of cartilaginous tissues of the joints. As prevention, you should completely get rid of aluminum dishes, both for cooking and for reheating food( ions of aluminum are more active than calcium ions and ** knock them out of the cartilage-this is how the cartilage tissue is destroyed).
A. for treatment, in this case, the most suitable drug, which is neither in the drugstore and anywhere else you will not find;it should be prepared by yourself. This drug-emulsion: restores cartilaginous tissue,
synovial fluid and the integrity of the joint and tendinous bags.
Go to My World and leave a message, tell you how to cook and use.

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