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Disease In general, callosity is the pathology of the foot joints, in which the baby's leg is simply not able to stand in a level position. The foot thus "leaves" inside, the heel rises, and in the most severe cases the sole looks up. Thus, the normal state of the bones and muscles of the sole is grossly deformed, and the mobility of the ankle joint is reduced to none.

This disease in newborn children is divided into two types: congenital and acquired. The first can be diagnosed even before the baby is born, with the help of ultrasound. The cause of deformation may be a mechanical factor, when the walls of the uterus are pressed against the legs of the child during the period of gestation. Also congenital clubfoot can be transmitted "by heredity" or manifested as a result of fetal development pathologies( deficiency of nerve fibers, abnormal course of pregnancy, etc.)

Acquired disease is determined in the child much later, in 2-3 years. It arises from the development of bones or the nervous system, inflammatory processes, incorrectly fused legs as a result of a fracture, rickets, burns or injuries, and even incorrectly picked up shoes. In 3 years, the clubfoot is much more difficult to heal than a mild congenital deformity, and it is necessary to treat it, since this disease entails many unpleasant consequences.


is dangerous Dr. Komarovsky recommends in no case to start treatment of clubfoot in children either up to a year, or after a year. This ailment does not pass by the child by itself and with age other disorders in the development of the musculoskeletal system can be added to it - scoliosis, flat feet, change in gait. The launched form and at all is capable to cause such consequences, as atrophy of the big groups of muscles, a subluxation of bones of feet, deformation of work of knee joints, much coarsening of a skin on those sites on which the kid constantly leans at walking.

This means that you can not neglect treatment in any case, and the first thing you need to do with older children is to change your shoes to orthopedic-correct shoes.

The choice of shoes

For the prevention of the smallest children need to limit the time of wearing shoes. Shoes are necessary for the kid only for walks and in a kindergarten - the rest of the time the child should walk barefoot, so that boots, sandals and sneakers have no effect on the formation of the foot.

Video "Method of clubfoot treatment"

All parents should know that the products that are sold in children's shops under the "orthopedic" marker are just standard anatomical shoes. Special medical products for a child of 3-4 years old are made only at specialized enterprises, and are not sold in shopping centers, besides, a healthy baby, orthopedic footwear does not need anything.


Valgus foot in children. Treatment and massage of feet for flat-valgus deformation. Orthopedic shoes. Tips Komarovsky

We motivate a child from childhood to perform light gymnastics in the morning.

The above exercises must be performed in a complex manner. First you together with the kid will make them, and when the baby grows up, it will be able to carry out medical movements.

At 6 months old woman becomes a full-fledged person who already knows how to express her feelings, starts to crawl, learns to concentrate, learns relatives and people close to him. Watching the crumbs in this period is a pleasure!

How and in what quantity should the baby gain weight? What to do if the crumb eats sluggish and treasured grams in any not added are told here.

It is very difficult for newborns to get involved in the normal rhythm of their parents' lives. Breasts confuse day and night, fathers and mother do not allow to sleep. How to enter the baby in a normal rhythm of life read here www.o-my-baby.ru /razvitie/son/ rebenok-putaet-den-i-noch.htm.

Pleasant and useful gymnastics

Along with massage and special exercises , therapeutic gymnastics helps to eliminate pathology. There is a whole gymnastic complex of exercises for those already able to stand children.

Baths with a corrugated surface - good leg training.

The easiest and most enjoyable exercise is jumping and walking on a small corrugated rug spread on the bottom of the bathtub. Exercise perfectly strengthens the feet of the baby, without creating unnecessary strain on the still fragile bone joints of the child. It is necessary to hold a gymnastic complex several times a day. Recommendations on what better exercises to use for treatment of valgus feet at your kid should be given to a pediatric orthopedist.

Also it is necessary to visit all physiotherapeutic procedures prescribed by the doctor and not to engage in self-treatment of the baby.


"A few months ago, my baby, who was then 10 months old, was diagnosed with a" valgus deformation of the foot. "We prescribed a massage, ozocerite and amplipulse baths, shoes were written to wear.5 months already struggling with the problem. There are shifts for the better. Massage in combination with physiotherapy gives a very good effect! Do not neglect these methods of treatment! »

The correct footwear in treatment is very important

To a child who has an incorrect foot placement, it is absolutely necessary for to wear a special, individually selected orthopedic footwear. The peculiarity of the latter is the presence of rigid side fixators of feet and heels, insteps, individually selected functional insoles, a small wide heel. Parents themselves should not choose such shoes - this should be done by a knowledgeable specialist. He is obliged to talk about the duration of wearing corrective shoes( you can not always wear it - you can atrophy muscles).Even a healthy baby, doctors recommend wearing orthopedic shoes, starting with the first steps.

Walking or not walking barefoot?

A well-known pediatrician EO Komarovsky speaks in favor of walking at home with valgus feet barefoot: "This has a positive effect not only as a hardening procedure, but also as a help in forming the foot," he says. Only the surfaces on which the child walks should not be smooth and absolutely even. The practice of walking barefoot or in thin socks is used in performing exercises of therapeutic gymnastics.

Walking barefoot is an important aspect that parents should not miss.

Elina supports Yevgeny Olegovich:

"When diagnosed as a" flat-valgus stop ", the orthopedist prescribed to walk in special shoes, tightly fixing the ankle joint, but we refused to walk in such shoes because the daughter was uncomfortable and began to be capricious only in one formthese shoes. We did not have a search for weight and, in addition, we trained a lot with her and walked barefoot with the support. So we decided: orthopedic shoes - not for us. Now there are significant improvements, but I believe that the difficult question of whether it is possible to do without rigid shoes or not, should be decided individually for each child in a dialogue with an orthopedist. "

Prevent the emergence and development of the disease

How can you avoid the appearance of the acquired flat-valgus foot in the child? Prophylaxis of the defect is reduced to the following measures:

  • not to put the baby on the legs before 7-8 months;
  • conduct daily hardening;
  • do muscle strengthening and ligament gymnastics;
  • to conduct preventive massage;


Footwear and flat feet - School of Doctor Komarovsky

Absolutely all newborn children have flat feet. Shoes are not to blame for the flat foot of your child. And who is to blame and what to do, Dr. Komarovsky knows.

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Flat feet in children

What is children's flat feet? Which kids are at risk for this ailment? And at what age can he be identified by an experienced doctor? Answers to these important questions should be known to all parents who care about their children's health. .
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Children's shoes and flat feet - Dr. Komarovsky's school

Flat feet frighten many parents. In the program, Dr. Komarovsky will tell the singer Natalia Pugacheva about what it is - flat feet, what factors lead to it and how to prevent it. Particular attention is paid to the recommendations for the purchase of shoes.
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Flat-footed ychildren

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Flat feet in children: treatment without surgery

Flat feet in children, treatment without surgery. A conversation with a doctor by a pediatric orthopedic surgeon. Studio Trufit TV.Read more at http://trufit.org
In an interview participate:
Executive Director of Trufit in Russia Dobrovolskaya O.D.
Children's surgeon, orthopedic traumatologist, candidate of medical sciences Lola V.V.Topic: Flattening in children: treatment without surgery.

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