Gout on legs treatment

The use of folk remedies in the treatment of gout on the legs

Leg gout is a painful inflammation of the joints, a specific form of arthritis that affects the feet.

Occurs due to metabolic disorders due to genetic predisposition or against another disease( diabetes, obesity, etc.).It is expressed in the fact that the blood raises the content of uric acid, the surplus of which precipitates in the form of crystals in the joints, being a source of severe pain.

Manifestation is an attack that begins suddenly. The joint becomes inflamed, swells and turns red. The temperature may rise. After drug treatment for 5-7 days, the condition is normalized until the next attack.

The longer the disease lasts, the more often the disease manifests, leading to the destruction of the entire body.

Is it possible to cope with this disease? What methods to cure and forget about it? For this purpose, it is worth considering the treatment with folk remedies.

Treatment of gout with folk remedies

treatment of gout with folk methods

Unequivocally, there is no such pill or herb after which the metabolism will be restored. After all, metabolism, its violation, is the cause of the disease, so the treatment of gout is a matter requiring a systematic approach.

Only medical methods of treatment will not lead to complete recovery. Here it is necessary to add both the means and methods of traditional medicine, take into account other diseases, the interrelation of the drugs used. And for this, it is necessary to make a plan for your cure, including a set of different ways of healing from the rich arsenal of traditional medicine. Use, observe and analyze, modify or add.

Ways, methods and folk remedies in the fight against gout:

  • nutrition;
  • cleansing of joints;
  • bath procedures;
  • herbal medicine( natural remedies);
  • massage;
  • apitherapy;
  • medical gymnastics;
  • treatment with water.

Nutrition for gout

Let's start with the fact that intemperance is caused by intemperance in food and drink, namely excessive consumption of alcohol and foods rich in purines. This meat and meat products, fish and seafood, legumes. And uric acid, the excess of which is the cause of gout, is the product of the breakdown of purines( nucleic acids).

Therefore, for a patient, the treatment of gout with folk methods begins with a change in diet.

During an attack, meat, game, meat by-products( liver, kidneys), sausages, mushrooms, legumes, seafood and fish, some vegetables( radish, sorrel, cauliflower, tomatoes) are excluded from the diet. In between the seizures, their consumption should be limited. This applies to alcohol.

cherry is useful for gout

It is necessary to include cherries, grapes and other berries of dark red and blue color, fish oil or flaxseed oil( sources of Omega-3 fatty acids), various vegetable oils( sources of vitamin E) in your diet.

With gout, it is important to observe a certain drinking regimen. Water contributes to the excretion of uric acid. You need to drink plain water, alkaline mineral water, berry, fruit, vegetable juice. Juices are best prepared by yourself, without sugar.

The amount of liquid is not limited to increase, but not less than 1.5 liters.

Cleansing of joints

Gout is the deposition of slag( salts) in the joints on the legs. One of the methods of treatment from traditional medicine is the cleansing of the joints. Infusion of laurel leaf infusion is used.

The infusion is prepared in the evening.5 grams of a sheet pour two glasses of water, boil for 5 minutes, pour into a thermos and leave until the morning. In the morning, squeeze and take only small sips during the day, stretching the procedure for 12 hours. And so repeat on days 2 and 3.Take a break for 7 days and again take the infusion according to the scheme.

Clean up during the year with a period of 1 quarter.

Before starting the procedure for cleaning the joints of the legs, it is necessary to clean the intestines, since the use of infusion can cause allergy. The food during the infusion should be vegetarian.

A popular means of cleansing is a weekly steam bath or sauna. Bath treatments help to remove toxins from the body. Moreover, this procedure is useful and enjoyable in all respects.

Natural remedies

celery in the treatment of gout

People use the gifts of nature for their own needs. So, for the treatment of gout, various herbal remedies are used: herbs, berries, fruits, vegetables. They help reduce the concentration of uric acid and reduce inflammation and pain. Use plants and for disease prevention. From herbal raw materials are prepared medicines, use the active ingredients of medicinal herbs. The methods of treatment by means of natural remedies can work miracles.

Herbal remedies can be divided into those that help remove uric acid, and those that relieve inflammation and reduce pain.

Celery salts, strawberry and cowberry leaves, cherry and grapes, birch leaves, oats

Celery seeds are a traditional and affordable remedy for all types of arthritis, but they are especially effective in treating gout. Helps to get rid of excess uric acid.

Dosage: 2 grams of dry celery seeds pour one glass of water and boil for 10 minutes. Decoction drink up to three times a day. Celery celery include in your diet. They can also be bought in supermarkets, and grown in their own country.

Neumyvakin in the book "Endoecology of Health" gives such a recipe with the use of celery for the treatment of arthritis and, in particular, gout. Celery root - 4 kg, garlic - 100 g, horseradish - 400 g, 4 lemon through a meat grinder, put in a 3-liter jar and leave for 10 days in the dark. Press the liquid through the gauze, add 500 g of honey. Take 1 tbsp.spoon 10-15 minutes before meals 2-3 times a day.

Drink infusion of strawberry leaves or cowberry, brewed like tea, 1 glass 2 times a day for 2-3 months. If possible, in the growing season there are berries per 1 glass a day( not less).

1 glass of oat grains boil in 1 liter of water until the volume is reduced by half. Squeeze, add 2 cups of milk, boil, take 1 glass 3 times a day. Extremely useful decoction for the whole organism!

During the day, eat 1.5 kg of grapes, washed down with alkaline water. Treatment lasts at least five days.

Relieve the inflammation and pain of willow white, ginger, turmeric.

White willow bark is rich in salicitates. Used as a vegetable anesthetic and anti-inflammatory drug since the time of Hippocrates. Dosage: 2 teaspoon crushed bark pour 1 cup boiling water. Insist 20 minutes. Take 3 times a day.

Ginger is a spice with anti-inflammatory properties. Dosage: 1-2 teaspoons of grated fresh ginger root with a glass of boiling water. Drink 3 times a day.

Curcumin is a constituent substance of another spice, turmeric. Very actively relieves inflammation and pain associated with it. Include it in your diet.

Apitherapy, or treatment with bites of bees

Apitherapy for gout

Remarkable folk remedies for gout are products of beekeeping and bee stings, or rather, poison that gets under your skin during a bite. This poison relieves pain.

This method can be used if there is no allergy to bees.

Therapeutic gymnastics

Gout on the legs and medical gymnastics are compatible. Here are the most effective exercises:

lying, arms and legs straight.

  1. Rotation. Rotate the foot in a circle clockwise and counterclockwise. The direction is the thumb that circles.
  2. Repulsion. Pull the largest toe of the foot away from you and bend to yourself.
  3. Breeding. The legs are divorced to the width of the shoulders. Breed and thumb your fingers to the sides, trying to lay them on the surface.
  4. Compression. Squeeze and unclench your toes, stretching and squeezing the sole of the foot.

As you know, there is no life without movement. Therefore, to limit oneself only to therapeutic gymnastics is not worth it.

Method of water treatment

treatment of gout with water

A simple and effective method developed by Dr. Sebastian Kneipp in the late 19th century, brilliant in its availability in use.

Kneipp believed that the cause of any disease is the stagnation of blood, namely, the speed of circulation, which is reduced due to clogging by foreign elements, slags.

If you restore the proper blood circulation and select from the blood spoiled juices and harmful elements that interfere with the formation of clean blood and spoiling the healthy, you can be healed completely. And since water has softening, isolating and strengthening properties, it means that it can cure all incurable diseases.

To heal gout of legs, you can use wraps or baths, using haygrass or a broth of oat straw. A small amount( 3-5 handfuls) of hay drizzle is scalded with boiling water, cover the vessel and the whole mixture is allowed to cool down to a pleasant warmth, after which a foot bath is taken.

At the moment, hydrotherapy can be attributed to folk remedies, as more and more people use Kneipp techniques for their health.

Psychological factor

Currently both representatives of official medicine and folk healers understand and tell the patient that without a mood for recovery, without the desire to be healthy, no one means, no method will help cure the disease.

Therefore, before you start treatment, believe that you are worthy to be healthy.

Do not give low mobility, exhausting pain and inflammation with gout to change your lifestyle. Start treatment now.


How to treat gout( gouty arthritis) on the legs

Gouty arthritis is known for many centuries. It occurs mainly in people who eat a lot of fatty foods and alcohol, with hereditary predisposition, as well as in men and women, hitting the joints and connective tissues of the fingers and toes, wrists, puscles, and occasionally the elbows and knee joints. The joints of the big toes are most prone to gout.

Description and causes of development of

Gout is a disease associated with a metabolic disorder and an increase in blood levels of uric acid. In healthy people, this acid is excreted from the body by the kidneys, in those suffering from gout, it lingers in the body. There is a deposit of uric acid in the joints in the form of sodium monounrate( a poorly soluble white powder).The very process of deposition causes inflammation and an acute painful gouty attack.

If gout attacks can not be treated, limb damage may occur, joint mobility may be restricted, white nodules filled with salt deposits( tofusi) may form under the skin. Nodules can appear in the area of ​​the joints damaged by gout or behind the auricles.

How to treat gout

How to treat gout on the legs

Symptoms of the disease

The first signs indicating the presence of the disease are:

  • acute pain syndrome( especially at night), accompanied by burning and pulsation in the joint;
  • edema;
  • redness of the skin above the affected joint( from red to purple and purple hues);
  • local temperature increase;
  • chills.

At the onset of the disease, seizures occur with prolonged interruptions, however, as arthritis moves to a chronic condition, the joint is increasingly destroyed, and the breaks between exacerbations become shorter.

Sample gout on the legs

Sample gout on the legs

Diagnosis of arthritic arthritis on the legs

At the first signs indicating the presence of the disease, it is necessary to consult an arthrologist or rheumatologist. If the disease is started, an experienced doctor will diagnose after a visual inspection. However, without additional research is indispensable. First of all, this is the direction of the x-ray image of the feet and brushes, which will reveal gouty areas, as well as a biochemical blood test. And the level of uric acid should be assessed not only at the time of attack, but also in breaks between exacerbations. The reason for this - uric acid, which at the time of the attack is concentrated in the affected area, while the level of its content in the blood drops slightly.

Diagnosis of gout with X-rays

Diagnosis of gout with rengen

The test that most accurately confirms gout is arthrocentesis( synovial fluid analysis) of the joint. In this study, the presence of deposits of uric acid salts is detected. If there is a tumor or redness, this type of diagnosis is not used.

Treatment of gout on the legs

The type of treatment prescribed depends on the degree of gouty arthritis, but, nevertheless, the approach should be comprehensive, and the patient must treat the treatment with all responsibility, without throwing it between periods of exacerbation.

- Medical treatment means prescribing pain medications( voltaren, nimulide, ibuprofen, etc.), non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs( colchicine, indomethacin and others) and medications that suppress the formation of uric acid( purinol or allopurinol) by the doctor. In addition, the treatment is prescribed anti-gouty drug - colchicine.

At the moment, there are many medications for treating gout

At the moment there are many medications for the treatment of gout

- Locally on the diseased site, you can put an alcohol-containing compress or cryotherapy( with ice) to reduce inflammation and pain syndrome.

- A sick gout is obliged to follow a diet, drink more liquid and exclude from the diet alcohol and fatty foods. If the diet is not adhered to, the level of uric acid in the body will be reduced, which can lead to urolithiasis and worsening of the affected joints.

When gout is important to follow a diet

- Physiotherapy has a positive effect on the limbs affected by gouty arthritis. In the period between bouts are shown: ultrasound, mud therapy, phonophoresis with hydrocortisone. During the seizures, procedures such as UV and pulse currents are prescribed.

- Plasmapheresis has a positive effect on the course of treatment. To do this, the patient is sampled a portion of blood, which is separated by a special unit into plasma and shaped elements, which are returned to the patient, and the plasma is disposed of. Plazmarez allows you to reduce the level of uric acid in the blood, to remove the inflammatory process.

The process of Plasmapheresis in a patient

The process of plasmapheresis in a patient

- Surgical intervention becomes feasible for large lesions of tissues and joints, with large tofuys. This type of surgical intervention is prescribed only on the condition that drug treatment does not bring a positive result.

Surgical intervention

Treatment of leg gout with folk remedies

- Compression of fish( fillet should be applied to a sore spot, wrapped in film, insulated and left overnight), applied for 10 days.

Compress of fish for the treatment of gout

Compression of fish for the treatment of gout

- Trituration with activated charcoal( 1/2 cup activated charcoal grind into powder and mix with a small amount of water and 1 tablespoon flaxseed) spend the night until complete recovery.

- Ointment from butter and alcohol( butter must be melted and mixed in equal parts with alcohol, the mixture ignited until completely burned alcohol) is applied to the diseased areas until the pain syndrome disappears.

- Iodine and aspirin solution( 10 ml of iodine mixed with 5 tablets of acetylsalicylic acid to a monotonous mass) is used as a rub, after which wear socks or gloves.

- Baths with iodine( three drops of water will be needed: 9 drops of iodine, 3 teaspoons of baking soda) help reduce uric acid deposits.

Baths with iodine - an extremely effective tool for gout

- Herbal medicine( herbs are used for baths and for oral administration, for example, chamomile, linden and string) positively affects the general condition of the patient and allows to speed up the healing process.


- Ointment from sea salt( 0.5 kg of salt is poured with boiling water and put on fire until the moisture evaporates completely, then add 200 g of Vaseline, mix and apply as a compress for the night, warmed with cloth from above).

- For the treatment of gout, lard is used, rubbing the pieces into the periarticular areas or tied for the night.

Treatment of gout with bacon

- Onion broth( 2-3 uncleaned bulbs are poured with water and boiled until softened) take 3 times a day 3 times a day half the glass before eating for 10-15 days.


How to treat gout with legs: advice of doctors

Gout or "aristocrat disease" disease, the main cause of which is a metabolic disorder and the deposition of uric acid salts in the joints.

Development of gout

This disease usually develops in individuals who have a hereditary predisposition to it. It is interesting that a potential patient may not even guess about such heredity.

For example, if his parents eat correctly, do not abuse alcoholic beverages and lead a healthy lifestyle, then their pathological condition may not manifest themselves throughout life and exist in a latent form.

This person will provoke gout in the event that he leads a wrong way of life.

Typical gout is characterized by the presence of:

  • obesity( in most cases),
  • alcohol abuse
  • or "purine food": meat soups, meat, fish-salted food, smoked products, by-products( kidneys, liver), beans, chocolate, beans, grape wine.

Abuse of these products leads to an increase in the formation of uric acid in the blood, which forms poorly soluble salts of sodium urate. When the uric acid content of the blood reaches a critical level, its salts precipitate in the form of microcrystals in the joint cavity, forming there as the so-called "depot".

Symptoms of gout

For the first attacks of gouty arthritis on the legs, short-term is almost always characteristic. The attack usually begins suddenly, most often in the night.

In most cases, only the joint of the big toe is involved in the inflammatory process. Less often can be inflamed thumbs on the hands, ankles, knee, elbow joints, calcaneal tendons, very rarely - wrist joints. External signs of gout on the legs illustrate the figure.

Pain is of extreme intensity, the patient literally "climbs on the wall".The affected joint turns red, swells, the skin over it becomes crimson, bright red and becomes hot to the touch. Unbearable pain occurs even with a slight touch to the affected joint.

After three or four days, such a gouty attack passes by itself. However, after a certain period of time the pain again resumes. Moreover, if the initial periods between attacks are quite large( up to eight months), then in the future everything changes radically. The duration of attacks increases, the intervals between them are reduced. Below we will consider how to treat and, in the end, cure this disease.

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The main directions of treatment

In acute attacks of gout on the legs, the patient is provided with complete rest. The diseased limb is given an elevated position, pads under it. When the inflammation is pronounced, the ice is applied to the joint, after the subsiding of the painful sensations - the warming compress.

Effective gout therapy on the legs involves not only eliminating the signs of arthritis, but also the main causes of its occurrence.

To eliminate the increased content of urate salts in the blood,

  • steroid hormones are used;
  • non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs;
  • preparations that enhance the excretion of urate salts from the body, drugs that inhibit the synthesis of uric acid;
  • recipes of traditional medicine;
  • diet.


Gout on legs: symptoms, causes, treatment, diet for gout

Gout is a disease that occurs as a result of impaired metabolism of purines that participate in the process of creating DNA.As a result, the blood levels of uric acid increase( hyperureukemia).Uric acid begins to be deposited in the tissues of the musculoskeletal system and in internal organs. Due to this, there is a restriction in the movements, and acute attacks of pain occur.

Causes of gout

Strikes gout predominantly men!

  • The use of certain medicines: aspirin, diuretic diuretics, cyclosporins.
  • Presence of conditions and diseases in the form of diabetes mellitus, coronary heart disease, obesity, blood diseases, organ transplantation, psoriasis, chronic renal failure, metabolic syndrome, lead poisoning. Exacerbations of gout cause trauma and surgical intervention.
  • People who eat foods with a high content of purine bases are at risk of developing the disease. The use of fatty varieties of meat, seafood, carbonated and alcoholic beverages in no small degree contribute to the accumulation of purines in the body.
  • Strikes gout predominantly in men between the ages of thirty and fifty, but recently women are also at risk, most often in menopause.
  • A significant role in the occurrence of gout is heredity. If the right lifestyle and healthy diet are observed, the disease can be preserved in a latent, latent form, but in case of adverse effects, its development begins.

There are two forms of gout: primary and secondary .The primary form arises independently as a result of the accumulation of purines. Secondary - as a consequence of other diseases and taking medications.

Symptoms of gout

Gout manifests itself in seven different stages. Each of these stages has its own symptoms:

In total there are seven stages of gout development

Acute gout. The most frequent attacks of acute gout occur at night. The main symptoms: weakness in the arms and legs, trembling, arthralgia, headaches, subfebrile condition. The joint of the metatarsal phalanx of the thumb on the leg swells, the skin of the finger assumes a bluish-red color, becomes shiny and firm. In the joint of the toe, there is a sharp pain. The finger loses its motor ability. The body temperature rises to thirty-eight degrees. The onset of pain and seizures continues for three to ten days. Then comes the period of calm from one month to two years. At this time gout on the legs may not manifest itself.

Subacute gout. Mainly manifested as a monoarthritis - a disease of one joint. Most often there is gout on the toes. Pain is expressed in a weak form. Basically, gout on the big toe is localized.

Rheumatoid gout. The defeat of various joints and the appearance of painful attacks, lasting for hours or days. Often there is gout of the knee, expressed by a constant aching pain.

Pseudophlegmonous gout. Expressed in mono-displays of arthritis. The attack is susceptible to any joint and surrounding tissues. The body temperature reaches thirty-eight degrees. In addition, there is inflammation of the patient joint, fever, leukocytosis.

Gout by type of allergic infectious polyarthritis. Quite a rare form of gout. Manifestations are similar to manifestations of polyarthritis, but the pain does not have a clear location and arises in different joints. And the inflammation manifests very quickly and have a bright crimson color.

Malosymptomatic gout stage. With such a manifestation the joint becomes inflamed, but the pain syndrome is almost not felt. Often the manifestation of gout begins with an inflammation of the bones on the legs.

Arthritic gout. With arthritic gout form, pain concentrates in the tendons, especially often the pain covers the calcaneal tendon. It becomes denser and increases in size. In the absence of treatment, chronic polyarthritis develops with gouty manifestations. With arterial shape, the joints and muscles of the legs deform. The pain syndrome is initially manifested by attacks, then goes into a chronic form.

Symptoms of chronic gout form are tofusi - visible solid nodes in the joints. They appear after five years of the disease. Gouty attacks can be associated with kidney disease. This greatly increases the pressure and a severe headache occurs. The contrast between the healthy tissue and the tissue affected by the disease is particularly clear.

Gout treatment

Tofusi - visible solid nodes in the joints

Drug treatment for gout on the legs is to stop the pain syndrome and restore the purine metabolism. In case of an acute attack of gout, the patient must comply with bed rest and complete rest. The patient's leg should be placed on a hill and ice is applied, after the pain is reduced, a warming compress is applied. When treating seizures, non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs are used. The drug and the recommended dose is prescribed by a doctor.

To reduce the level of uric acid, antidotal drugs( sulphinperazone, alopurinol, uralite and others) are used. How to treat gout on the legs should decide the doctor. The drug is chosen by a doctor and is used for many years.

When tofusov emerges surgical treatment to remove them. This is due to the fact that the tofus formed can not dissolve during drug treatment and severely limit the motor ability of the joints.

As applications for physiotherapy, applications from a dimexide solution are used. They relieve pain in acute attacks and have an anti-inflammatory effect. In the absence of pronounced attacks, applications of ozocerite, paraffin, and therapeutic mud are used. This greatly improves the function of patients with joints and reduces the number of urates. Good results are obtained by the intake of mineral-alkaline waters, mud therapy, balneotherapy.

In combination with physiotherapy and medical products, phytotherapy is also used. A wonderful effect gives the use inside of infusions of cowberry or black currant and blueberries.

Diet for gout

Of no small importance is nutrition for gout legs. When treating any form of gout on the legs, strict adherence to the diet is necessary. From the daily diet should be excluded products with a high content of purines.

Products requiring exception: lungs, liver, brains, kidneys, young meat and chicken meat, fish and meat broths, alcoholic and carbonated drinks.

Restricted products: fish, crustaceans, caviar, cauliflower, radish, mushrooms, asparagus, beans, spinach, sorrel, eggplant.

The intake of calories in the body should be provided by consumption of carbohydrates. You can eat small amounts of cereals and flour dishes, eggs, beef, lamb, lean fish. At the same time meat and fish are used in boiled form, no more than three times a week in the amount of two hundred and fifty grams per serving. To maintain the vitamin balance is recommended reception of broths from lemon, dogrose, apples, black currant.

With gout, you can without any restrictions eat milk and grain products, vegetables, fruits and berries, nuts, melons, watermelons, spices.

In addition to adherence to the diet, drinking is necessary. Gout requires an abundance of alkaline drink. To do this, a variety of berry and fruit compotes or mineral water with a high content of alkali.

With timely detection of the disease and timely on-going comprehensive treatment, gout is treated quite successfully. The main thing with the slightest symptoms of gout is to consult a qualified specialist who knows how to cure gout on his legs correctly, and exactly follow the recommendations for taking medications and changing the diet.

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On the legs of gout: symptoms and treatment

Often appears on the legs of gout, which is associated with a metabolic disorder, when salts of uric acid are deposited inside the joint. It was first described by Hippocrates, calling it a "trap for the foot."He was convinced - the causes of growths are excessive love for food and alcohol. And this is in a sense true - the main predisposing factor can be called a wrong way of life.

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This disease - a huge number of popular names, one of which is "Disease of Kings".After all, once it was afflicted by exceptionally rich people, and even today there is an amazing regularity - people with high incomes are more likely to suffer from gout. And during wars and in difficult conditions of cases of disease it practically is not observed.

Causes of gout on the legs

The reason that a person has arthritic gout is a persistent elevated uric acid level in the blood, resulting from the gradual crystallization and deposition of small elements of urate.

Their appearance may be caused by insufficiently good kidney function. Even healthy kidneys can not cope with their tasks. The sources of problems in this case are the following factors:

  • nature of the supply. The menu of the patient is dominated by meat products, fish, vegetable fats, high-calorie meals;
  • provoking circumstances. These include excessive physical work, hypothermia, or, on the contrary, overheating of the limbs;
  • heredity. In the presence of this illness, the likelihood of its occurrence increases many times with one of the relatives;
  • is overweight. One of the most common difficulties of modern people, which causes not only gout itself, but also many accompanying exacerbations;
  • alcohol abuse. Alcohol makes it difficult to remove salts from the kidneys.

Symptoms of gout on the legs

- is the classic beginning of a serious illness, subsequently enveloping connective tissues, organs and systems.

Fits of pathology are short-lived - last from 2 days to 1 week and re-emergence can occur only after a few years. They are usually taken by surprise:

  • there are severe pressing flashes of pain;
  • feels hot flushes in the joint;
  • formed by swelling;
  • touching the problem area causes intense pain;
  • possible fever.

Complications of

Gout causes a variety of complications, the strongest of which are nodules, or tofusi. This is nothing more than the deposition of crystals that get stuck in the joint and periarticular tissues. The immune system of the body reacts to such a violation by the accumulation of leukocytes and inflammation - thus developing gouty arthritis.

Unattractive looks gout on his legs - photo is this confirmation. Joints are deformed and with increased mechanical stress, the soft tissues surrounding them are ruptured. Another complication is the occurrence of urolithiasis. Urata stones are the main cause of acute and chronic kidney failure, sometimes leading to death.

And to other violations leads gout on the legs - the symptoms are varied. For example, forms the so-called gouty kidney - because of the deposition of salts in the glomeruli and tubules of the body, many of its functions are violated. And changes in the kidneys can trigger an increase in blood pressure. Often there are even more serious ailments - ischemia, metabolic syndrome and osteoporosis.


Various effects cause a gout on the legs: how to treat it, interests many. But first of all, if there is a predisposition to the disease and to avoid relapses, permanent preventive measures are required. They consist of periodic monitoring of the level of uric acid. And also it is necessary to follow the recommendations of doctors:

  • adhere to the principles that improve the quality of life;
  • is rational to eat;
  • wear comfortable shoes without too high heels, at home walking barefoot, and at night spend foot massage and baths;
  • to abandon bad habits;
  • to reduce weight in order to reduce the burden on the legs;
  • avoid stretching, micro-injury, dislocations;
  • drink medicinal decoctions of mint, yarrow, rose hips.

Diagnosis and treatment

It is difficult to recognize gout on the legs - treatment is only performed after thorough diagnosis. The disease is prescribed as a diagnosis, based on a visual examination, a biochemical examination for the content of uric acid, a general blood test for the presence of neutrophils and urine - oxalates and protein.

However, the main test that distinguishes this pathology from others, remains arthrocentesis - sucking of the articular fluid with special devices and its study. In addition, for the appointment appoint and X-ray - it most clearly allows you to detect tofus formation and determine the stage of damage to bone tissue.

Very dangerous and unpredictable gout occurs on the leg - the treatment must be prescribed by the doctor and the independent choice of medication is by no means allowed. Often, therapy is primarily associated with a change in lifestyle and largely depends on the stage of pathology.

Among the main ways to get rid of pain specialists are:

  • diet. It should be low-protein, with the use of dairy-vegetative food. And unloading days - curd, compote, kefir, dairy, vegetable or fruit. But boiled meat, fish, chicken are allowed in small quantities up to 3 times a week. The picture in the table shows the allowed and prohibited products. In addition, there are methods and drugs that help to alleviate the situation:
  • relief of an acute attack. This is done with the help of anti-inflammatory drugs - Colchicine, Diclofenac, Indomethacin, Ibuprofen, Naproxen and Cetpolac;
  • medication course of treatment. Leg gout is treated with such drugs as Allopurinol, Koltsikhin, Anturan, Ketazon, which relieve inflammation and painful sensations;
  • folk methods. There are used both internal and external means - decoctions, infusions, tinctures, lotions, compresses;
  • physiotherapy. Recommended rodonovye, hydrogen sulfide baths, balneotherapy, mud applications, ultrasound, electrophoresis. And also therapeutic gymnastics is needed, which helps to keep the motor activity.

Thigh gum occurs more often due to the incorrect lifestyle of , it is often the beginning of serious disorders that can cause both pyelonephritis and death. Therefore, when the first symptoms of the disease appear, it is important not to consult a specialist. This will help to avoid painful sensations and recover in the shortest possible time.


How to treat gout with leg - medicamentous and folk methods

Simultaneously, it is necessary to treat both gout attacks and the disease itself. To reduce the elevated concentration of urate salts in the blood, specialists prescribe to patients such pharmacological agents:

  • NSAIDs are non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs.
  • Drugs that suppress the synthesis of uric acid.
  • Drugs that promote the removal of biological fluid in conjunction with urine.
  • Analgesics.
  • Medications that affect the metabolic processes in the body.

We relieve an attack of the disease

In acute gouty attack non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs are used that successfully stop the pain syndrome and reduce the severity of inflammation. Effective NSAID preparations are Ibuprofen, Nimulide, Voltaren and the like.

Well proven in the treatment of gout Colchicine - a new generation of medicine, instantly affecting the problem. It is taken orally and within an hour the symptoms of the disease recede and the patient's condition is normalized.

Such steroid hormones as Diprospan and Kenalog are injected directly into the joint cavity, in order to achieve maximum effect. Orally taking these drugs is not recommended, since they have very adverse effects on the organs of the gastrointestinal tract and cause numerous side effects.

Drugs intended to relieve a gout attack are applied in short courses - for 5-7 days.

Treatment of pathology

To get rid of gout, you need to eliminate the main reason for its appearance - the formation of crystals of uric acid. It is important to take measures to reduce the concentration of this substance and activate the processes of its removal from the body. A fairly effective drug that is able to reduce the level of urate salts in the blood is Allopurinol .He is appointed for systematic treatment and taken for several months. In parallel, together with Allopurinol, pharmacological agents should be used that will accelerate the process of excretion of uric acid in the urine. With this task, the preparations Etamid, Urodan, Sulfinpyrazone are good.

When treatment will give an effect and the frequency of attacks of the disease will decrease, it is necessary to apply physiotherapeutic procedures that will help to consolidate the positive result achieved. For gout patients are prescribed electrophoresis, magnetotherapy and UHF .

The role of nutrition in the therapy of the disease

Medication in the treatment of gout will be powerless, if not to rule out the main reason for the increase in the level of uric acid. To do this, you need to radically change the diet and normalize food. How to treat gout with a diet, can tell any experienced doctor. Adhering to proper nutrition, it is possible to prevent the development of pathology even without the use of pharmacological agents. A healthy and balanced diet has a beneficial effect on metabolic processes in the body and the functioning of the kidneys. Exclusion from the diet of products containing a high percentage of purines, significantly reduces the risk of increasing the concentration of uric acid. Consumption of useful and natural food rich in vitamins and minerals, saturates the body with energy, strengthens immunity and helps get rid of many ailments. Therefore, it is very important in the treatment of gout or the propensity to develop it to adhere to a special diet, which is an integral part of complex therapy.

Treatment of gout with folk remedies

You can get rid of gouty arthritis using the proven prescriptions of folk healers. Unconventional treatment of gout is considered very effective in combination with diet. compresses based on rock salt and bee honey are an effective remedy for painful bouts of ailment. These substances are combined in equal proportions, spread on a piece of gauze or bandage and applied to the affected joint. The procedure can be performed daily until the signs of gout completely disappear. Instead of honey and salt, red clay is often used, making compresses on the same principle.

Tinctures and decoctions of are also widely used as therapeutic agents for gout. With the development of this rheumatic disease it is useful to drink decoctions of cowberry, strawberry, peppermint and dogrose.

Before deciding how to treat gout on the leg, it is important to pass the diagnosis and consult a specialist. Gouty arthritis can be accompanied by serious complications and to properly adjust the therapy it is necessary to rely on the results of the survey. Do not self-medicate!


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