How to treat flat feet at home

Treatment of flatfoot: basic methods

Treatment of flat feet is an actual problem, since the deformation of the feet in the form of a decrease in the height and damping properties of their arches is a very common and, moreover, very uneasy pathology of the musculoskeletal system.

The static flatfoot, which accounts for more than eight cases out of every ten, can irreversibly change the relative position of the foot bones( and there are almost three dozen here) and the natural biomechanics of the distribution of body weight to the lower limbs when walking.

If you do not perform flatfoot treatment, which gives yourself a quick fatigue of the feet with walking, pain and swelling, the process will progress, reducing the ability to move normally and maintain a strictly vertical position of the spine.

Methods of treating flatfoot

Specialists note that the methods of treating flatfoot depend on its type: longitudinal, transverse, combined( longitudinal-transverse) or valgus.

Although to date, the possibility of orthopedics to treat flat feet in adults conservative methods are limited to physical therapy, massage, physiotherapy procedures and the use of orthopedic insoles. There are no "flat feet" pills: pharmacological preparations can not strengthen muscles that support the optimal height of the arch of the foot, eliminate the weakening of the plantar aponeurosis, Achilles and tibia of the back tendon, or restore the bones of the foot to a normal position.

The stop can become flatter in the elderly or adolescence, during pregnancy, with diabetes and high blood pressure. And, of course, with excess weight. So obese people orthopedists are strongly recommended to lose extra pounds, otherwise the rapid development of flat feet and deformation of the bones and joints of the foot can not be avoided.

It should be borne in mind that "cure platypodia" in adults - for example, like sore throat or hemorrhoids - medicine is not able to. And the treatment of longitudinal flat feet( the most common type of this pathology) is the prevention of further development of the disease, as well as in the coping of emerging pain.

Treatment of flatfoot in adults

The main treatment of flatfoot 1 degree( longitudinal, transverse, combined), when there are no obvious signs of deformation of bones - therapeutic exercises, massage( stop, ankle and calf muscles), warm foot baths with table salt.

Treatment of transverse flatfoot, as well as treatment of combined flat feet at the initial stage of the disease is carried out by similar methods. In addition, for all types of pathology of the arch of the foot, women should give up heels more than 3-4 cm, as well as footwear with narrowed socks. And categorically you can not wear tight and trampled shoes!

Treatment of flat feet of the 2nd degree in adults, except for special exercises( such as in the section for flatfoot exercises) and massage, includes various physiotherapy procedures: paraffin and ozocerite applications, ultrasound phonophoresis with corticosteroids and electrophoresis with analgesics( with severe pain syndrome), magnetotherapy. With longitudinal flat feet, when the foot begins to "fall" inward( that is, there is a pronation of the foot), it is recommended that the insoles are constantly worn( at least 8 hours a day).And the treatment of transverse flatfoot at this stage involves correction of the shape of the foot with special cuffs for the front of the foot, which helps slow the process of hypertrophy of the head of the first metatarsal bone. In addition, shoes may be needed to treat flatfoot, as with transverse and combined flatfoot there is a discrepancy between the bones of the metatarsus, the deviation of the thumb from the outside, and an increase in the cartilage between the phalanges of the other fingers.

Flat-foot footwear are orthopedic footwear, which is often worn with a pronounced flat foot( that is, flat feet 2 and 3 degrees) and which is prescribed by an orthopedic doctor after the examination. The most effective "works" orthopedic shoes, made by specialists for individual orders - based on the impression of the foot.

Treatment of flatfoot of the third degree, in which there is a spring, balancing and jogging dysfunction of the foot, reduces to physiotherapy, wearing orthopedic shoes, as well as relieving the pains that are felt in the ankles, knees, hips, lower back and back. At a given degree of flatfoot, orthopedic surgeons sometimes have to be taken for the job( Operative treatment of flatfoot - see below).

In addition to regular exercise of special exercises and foot massage, the treatment of valgus flatfoot - longitudinal flat feet complicated by the valgus( X-shaped) stop installation - involves the use of individual orthopedic insoles and the wearing of orthopedic shoes with insteps and high backs. This will restrain the discrepancy of the feet and correct the characteristic for this pathology emphasis on their inner sides when walking. Orthopedists attribute this variety of flatfoot to congenital defects associated with the genetically determined weakness of the connective tissue of the tendons and ligaments.

By the way, the treatment of congenital flat feet, which is observed in no more than 3% of cases, is diagnosed rather difficult, in clinical orthopedics is carried out by the methods listed above, which help to strengthen muscles and ligaments.

Treatment of flatfoot with arthrosis

Since the feet with flatfoot do poorly with their function of shock absorbers, a significant part of the ascending dynamic loads arising during walking have to experience cartilages of the knee and hip joints. Articular cartilages can not withstand the overloads not inherent in them, and then the degenerative-dystrophic change in the cartilaginous tissue( arthrosis) begins, and after it - the deformation of the bone tissue of the joints. With transverse flatfoot often develop arthrosis joints of the big toes and joints of the metatarsal bone.

Continuing to wear insoles and insteps, doing as much exercise therapy, you have to start treating flat feet with arthrosis. In most cases, doctors prescribe non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs( NSAIDs) that relieve pain and inflammation in the joints. Topical products - ointments and gels Diclofenac, Ibuprofen( Deep Relif), Ketonal( Fastum Gel) - should be applied twice a day to the skin above the joint.

Treatment of pain with flat feet is performed and the intake of NSAIDs inside. These are Diclofenac( Naklofen, Ortophen), Ibuprofen( Ibuprex, Ibuprom, Nurofen), Tenotide, etc. Diclofenac is taken orally in before meals by 1/2 or a whole tablet three times a day;Ibuprofen - 200 mg three times a day. And capsules of Tenoktil take 20 mg( 1 capsule) once a day, with exacerbation - 2 capsules once a day for two days, and in the next five days again one capsule per day.

Articular pains that occur as a result of flat feet, are removed with the help of compresses with Bishofit, which do for the night - every day for at least 12-14 days. And for rubbing into the area of ​​the affected joint Dikrasin is used - 20 drops per joint, daily or every other day for 15-18 days.

For the treatment of arthrosis with flatfoot and with all degenerative processes in cartilage, such tablets are used as chondroprotectors, such as Arthron flex, Teraflex, Chondroitin complex, etc. Thus, Teraflex capsules are prescribed by orthopaedists for 1 pc.three times a day - during the first three weeks of treatment, and then - 1 capsule twice a day. The duration of the course of therapy is at least 2 months.

For the purpose of restoring cartilaginous tissue in the joints, chondroprotectors for injection into joints are appointed: Adant( Sodium hyaluronate), Alflutop, Gialgan Phidia, Sinocrom, Synvisc, etc.

Treatment of flat feet in children and adolescents

As pediatric orthopaedists,possibly up to a maximum of six years of age, since by this time the formation of the foot is complete.

In the first two years of life, in all children, the feet are longitudinally flat, and this is normal. That is why the exact diagnosis of flatfoot can be made no earlier than three to five years, although to detect obvious congenital abnormalities of the musculoskeletal system, the orthopedist should examine the newborns within the first month after birth, year and three years. By the way, congenital valgus flatfoot defines early enough - as soon as the child rises on the legs.

So, when a three-year-old does not stand a 30-40 minute walk and asks his mother to take him "on the handle", then it's time to consult an orthopedist.

The methods of treating flat feet in children are no different from those used in adults, and the emphasis is on physical therapy, massage and proper footwear. The correct footwear for a child should have a hard back, fixing the heel to its full height, an elastically rigid sole and instep support. This applies to summer shoes. But, as experts emphasize, until the age of two, the child's shoes should be without a pedicle.

It is also very important to wear insoles for the treatment of flat feet, a specific type of which should be prescribed by an orthopedic doctor. Correction of the arch of the foot and the cessation of its subsidence in childhood is achieved due to the fact that the orthopedic insoles help to physically position the arch and correctly distribute the load on the feet when walking.

Parents should take into account that it is at the preschool age that all measures taken in the fight against flatfoot can give the most positive result. First of all, because in childhood the elasticity of muscles is much higher, the process of development of muscular innervation( motor nerve endings) is not yet completed, and the relationship between muscles and their tendons makes it possible to strengthen the ligament apparatus of skeletal musculature with the help of purposeful physical action( therapeutic gymnastics).

Treatment of flat feet in adolescents, carried out on the principles already described, allows( as in adults) only to some extent to correct the defect of the arch of the foot. According to many experts, in adolescence, completely eliminated formed, and even more so, inherited "flat foot is not possible. The main reason is that the anatomically formed foot, but continues to grow - like all the bones of the skeleton. But in this case, the joint and ligamentous apparatus, as well as the ratio of muscles and tendons inherent in adults, are already established by the age of 14-15.

Operative treatment of flatfoot

Operative treatment of flatfoot is considered an exit in the presence of extremely complex deformities of the feet, preventing walking. Surgical operations on the foot are complex, and the positive result, that is, the restoration of the anatomical height of the arch of the foot and its functions, is not guaranteed.

Some of the most common surgical operations in the treatment of flatfoot:

  • corrective osteotomy( dissection) of the first metatarsal bone with displacement in the desired direction - performed with transverse flat feet of 1 and 2 degrees;
  • Corrective wedge resection( excision) of the head of the first metatarsal bone( with transverse flat feet);
  • fixation in a state of immobility( arthrodesis) of the first wedge-shaped metatarsal joint( with external deviation of the first finger in transverse flatfoot);
  • tendon-muscle plastic of the transverse arch of the foot( with transverse flat feet);
  • reconstructive tendon plastic( with transverse flat feet).

From this far from complete list it can be seen that operative treatment of flatfoot in most cases concerns transverse flatfoot. And this is not accidental: according to medical statistics, patients with this type of foot arch pathology account for more than 60% of patients seeking medical help for flat feet.

Treatment of flatfoot at home

Strictly speaking, home treatment of flat feet, that is, the fulfillment of prescriptions of a doctor at home, is not much different from treating many other diseases. The only thing that can not be done at home is hardware physiotherapy: you'll have to go to the clinic.

All the rest of the treatment of flatfoot at home does not require medical qualification, because both massage and exercise can be mastered by anyone. The main thing - patience, perseverance and belief that all this will help.

Foot baths with table salt are made from the calculation of a tablespoon of salt per liter of water, the water temperature is not higher than + 40-42 ° C, and the duration of this daily procedure is 15-20 minutes.

Home treatment of flat feet consists in stimulating the reflex points of the feet, which occurs when walking in summer barefoot in a grassy forest glade, along the sandy bank of a river or sea pebble, along the yard near a rural house or cottage. And in autumn and winter, especially to strengthen the foot muscles in children, you can use a massage mat to treat flat feet. You can buy it, but you can do it yourself literally from improvised materials, sewing any thick cloth of a button to a piece( 90x90 cm) or pasting a dry bean, sea stones, etc. You can buy a massage roller, but it is quite suitable "just in case" removed on the mezzaninewooden abacus. No doubt, it's good to have a suitable massager for flatfoot: they are mechanical, roller, compression, vibrating. However, judging by the reviews of patients with flat feet, no simulators for the treatment of flat feet will replace the traditional manual massage.

Of course, it's better to go to the massage therapist several times, and then do it yourself. Moreover, the basic methods of massage with flatfoot are simple enough:

  • massage the legs from the ankles to the groin from the bottom up( stroking, patting, rubbing);
  • massage the foot and its back side( from the fingers to the ankle) by rubbing, that is circular movements of the fingertips connected together, or by the edge of the palm - across the foot;
  • the arch of the foot can also be massaged with a "comb", which is formed from the joints of the proximal phalanx of four fingers when the hand is compressed into a fist( in other words, "knuckles");
  • heels( alternately), as well as the bases of the toes on the side of the foot are more convenient to grind, bending the leg in the knee, the four connected fingers of both hands( thumbs on the rise).

Each foot requires no more than 5 minutes, so a lot of time this massage does not take, but it needs to be done daily, best of all - in the evening. But to perform exercises to treat flat feet should be at least 20 minutes and, if possible, twice a day.

Exercises for the treatment of flatfoot

All exercises for strengthening ligaments and muscles with flatfoot are performed only barefoot. So, first we do the exercises standing: we are like socks, and then heels;then we move, placing stops on the inner sides. The next: standing "rolling" the feet from the toe on the heel and in the opposite direction( 20 times).We stand on a wooden bar about a meter long, by placing it across the foot( the arch of the feet on the bar, the heels and fingers on the floor).Staying in the same position, step by step we move along the bar. And, finally, standing on the floor, 6-8 times crouching, not rising to the toes( heels on the floor).

Sitting are performed such exercises( 10 times):

  • legs lift above the floor to perform the rotation of stops right-left;
  • feet, standing on the floor, lift up towards the shins, resting on the floor with heels;
  • feet on the floor, without lifting your fingers from the floor, lift the heels up, straining the ascent and the muscles of the shins;
  • feet on the floor, do not tear off the heels from the floor to press your fingers inwards - towards the heels;
  • feet on the floor, not lifting pads from the floor to lift all the fingers up;
  • position is the same, lift only the thumbs;
  • position is the same, back and forth to roll your feet( from the heel to the base of the fingers) a small ball;
  • in the same position, with the feet grab a bigger ball, hold it over the floor for 5 seconds, and lower it into place;
  • in the same position, without tearing off the heels, with the fingers of both feet( bending them under the foot) to collect a bed-on the floor towel or any piece of fabric.

Treatment of platypodia folk remedies

Best treatment of flat feet folk remedies - bicycling barefoot! Because no decoctions, no tinctures of medicinal herbs in this case are powerless. But to turn the pedals - this is massage, and the simulator and, in part, exercise therapy. ..

As a folk remedy for the treatment of flat feet with arthrosis, compresses are offered on the sick joint for the night - from cabbage leaves, from birch leaves, from clay,from honey with salt or juice of black radish, and also from rye flour with ammonia.

There is a prescription ointment for pain in the joints based on table salt( 200 g) and mustard powder( 100 g), which must be mixed with a small amount of kerosene - to get a medium density gruel. This folk medicine doctor recommended to apply at night, rubbing into place over the joint until completely absorbed.

Another recipe for ointment for articular pain: take dry St. John's wort, yarrow and sage in a proportion of 2: 1: 1, grind in a coffee grinder and mix with Vaseline or pork smaltz. Spread 1-2 times a day and heat the joint.

Our feet - thanks to the vaulted structure - perform the most important functions in the walking process. In this case, the foot is the most "lifting" element of the human musculoskeletal system, and flatfoot treatment allows to minimize excess loads on the lower limbs and spine, and, therefore, maintain the supporting structure of the body.

P.S.Flatfoot problems are the subject of many scientific studies. In particular, studies of a group of American orthopedists have shown that in samples of tendon tissues obtained during operations on the tendon of the arch of the foot in adult patients with acquired flatfoot, the content of proteolytic enzymes that cleaves elastin and collagen, the main proteins of connective tissue, includingtendons and ligaments. Perhaps this is the way to discover the true causes of weakening of the ligament of the foot, and then, at last, an effective treatment of flatfoot will be found.

3 degree

The sooner you start the treatment, the faster you will get the result:

  • watch your weight, observe a diet( if there are even slightly extra pounds, it is better to throw them off);
  • make contrasting foot baths( cold, hot water);
  • wear comfortable shoes, orthopedic is recommended, there should be a heel, but not more than 4 cm, shoes should not be narrow, but not very spacious;
  • regularly do foot massage;

Unfortunately, these recommendations do not help everyone, often you have to resort to surgical intervention.

Orthopedic footwear and special insoles

It is important to change the shoes for the duration of treatment to ensure that the foot is in the right natural position when walking. The sole of a special shoe can absorb shocks during the movement of a person.

Results from wearing the right shoes:

  • load on the foot becomes smaller;
  • fatigue of the legs decreases;
  • does not further deform the joints;
  • stop receives improved damping functions;
  • the load on the spine is reduced.

Individual orthopedic insoles can replace special shoes. Such treatment will be cheaper at a cost. Insoles take into account the features of the structure of the foot, have various additional elements.

Exercises LFK

To correct deformities of the foot, if they are still of a minor nature, at home, you can do special gymnastics. It will be enough 15 minutes a day to strengthen the muscles, to form the correct position of the foot. In addition, exercise improves blood flow and reduces the overall fatigue of the legs.

What exercises are recommended:

  • put pencils and pens on the floor, try to lift them using toes;
  • walking on tiptoe;
  • walk, leaning on the outside of the foot;
  • take the bottle( empty or with water) and roll it with your feet.

Therapeutic massage

In the treatment of flat feet in adults at home, a special massage is actively recommended by all specialists. It is important that the massage is conducted by a qualified worker, and the general course of treatment is no less than a dozen procedures. The duration of one massage session for one foot should not be less than 10 minutes.

Important! In principle, you can not apply to a specialist for a therapeutic massage, and conduct it yourself. Then you have to buy a special massage device: a rug, rollers, balls.

To relax the muscles after a massage it is recommended to take warm foot baths. Conservative home treatment, described above, is suitable only for the first stage of flatfoot, until the foot has not yet strongly deformed.

What folk methods will help

Massage mat

Such mats in a wide range are sold in pharmacies. They are suitable for self-massage. Every day on a special rug you just need to walk barefoot for 5 minutes.


People never consulted specialists, but tried to do massage at home. It is necessary to fix the foot horizontally with four fingers of the hand. With your thumb press on the entire surface of the foot. This therapeutic massage is especially effective in the morning.

Compliance with the

diet At the initial stage, the flatfoot can be cured by adjusting its menu. It is necessary to abandon the sweet and flour, to eliminate fatty foods from the diet. From now on, the menu is made up of vegetables and cereals. You need to eat up to five times a day, but not more than 350 grams of food at a time. So it will be possible to get rid of excess weight, which often leads to deformation of the foot.


Additionally, with flatfoot, it is necessary to drink milk, because it contains vitamin D. You can just take vitamin D, bought in a pharmacy in a clean form. In general, if there are doubts that the body receives enough vitamins and minerals, you can drink a special course of such drugs.

What to do to prevent

To prevent the treatment of flat feet in adults in the home at all, you need to monitor the body weight, choose the right shoes. Women should understand that the constant wearing of high heels inevitably leads to the development of flat feet.

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Actuality of flatfoot treatment

Many people think that flat feet is not such a dangerous disease as, for example, arthritis, but in vain. It is flatfoot, untreated in time, can become one of the reasons for the formation of dangerous health complications. These include such "adult" diagnoses as curvature of the spine, osteochondrosis, intervertebral hernia, arthrosis, arthritis including.

Is flatfoot treated and how effective is treatment? The answer is simple - flatfoot can be completely corrected only up to the child's age of 6-7 years, and in adults - only carry out a correction. That is why treatment and correction of flat feet are relevant for adults and children, and therapeutic gymnastics is a good help in complex therapy.

Before starting flatfoot treatment at home, you need to get a doctor's consultation. This must be done to assess the degree, shape of flat feet, and also to choose orthopedic footwear and insoles.

What can I do at home? These are measures aimed at overall health promotion, nutrition correction, walking tours, classes, exercises and much more.

Home Activities

  • In summer, you can walk and walk without shoes, it is advisable to choose a rocky surface for this. On the plantar surface of the foot are all active points, so this walk not only forms anatomical arches of the foot, but contributes to overall health.
  • From sports you can go swimming, especially swimming in the style of a crawl. Leg movements with this style develop rotational movements of the foot. If conditions permit, and the disease is mild, you can do ski sports or figure skating. This will keep the foot in a strictly horizontal position.
  • A good effect is provided by a flat-foot massage, which can be carried out by yourself using simple techniques. For this, stroking, kneading, rubbing, squeezing are used. Massage tones muscles, ligaments and fascia, and their tone, in turn, leads to correction of the foot.
  • It is necessary to teach the child to walk properly. To do this, for several minutes 6-7 times a day, ask him to walk, straightening his shoulders, lifting his head, and the feet should be strictly horizontal and parallel to each other.
  • The main condition of treatment is therapeutic gymnastics with flat feet. Use for this instructor is not necessary, because the techniques are simple and easily duplicated, even by children.

Therapeutic gymnastics

How to cure flat feet with simple exercises, you ask? To understand what happens during the exercises, it is necessary to recall that flat feet is a disease of the whole musculoskeletal system. A load that is not distributed correctly can lead to dangerous illnesses in adulthood. And the flat foot is treated only with shoes or insoles, as it is necessary to strengthen the muscles and ligaments of the entire leg and lower parts of the spine, because the innervation of the foot begins in the lumbar part of the spine.

Complex of exercises with flat feet( click to enlarge).

The complex of exercises

  • hands are stretched upward, we go on toes;
  • hands on the waist, we go on the heels;
  • hands on the belt, we walk on the outside of the foot;
  • tennis ball pinched between the feet, we walk on the outside of the foot.

In the standing position:

  • hands on the belt, stand on the outside of the foot, turn the trunk to the right and left;
  • we stand on the outside of the foot, we rise on the toes.

Standing on a stick:

  • move on a stick, placing stops both along and across.

In the sitting position:

  • legs are stretched forward, bend, unbend fingers;
  • the legs are bent at the knees, maximally raise and lower the heels without lifting the socks off the floor;
  • legs stretched forward, pulling the socks as much as possible, and then pulling ourselves away;
  • legs are extended forward, we reduce and we breed legs, joining stops;
  • legs are stretched forward, grab a pencil and lift;
  • legs are stretched forward, grab a tennis ball, toss it and catch it;
  • legs are bent at the knees, we roll a tennis ball from sock to heel along the longitudinal arch.

In the position of the body at an angle of 45 degrees:

  • raise both legs and torso at an angle of 45 degrees and hold as much as you can.

How often to do gymnastics

All the exercises need to be done regularly, for 1.5-2 years, giving it 15-20 minutes per day. Each exercise should be done, repeating several times.

How to cure flat feet with walking, if in some regions only 2-3 months a year is warm? In winter time, you can adjust the massage mat for walking. Make a massage mat from flat feet with your own hands is not difficult - just enough for dense fabric threads or glue to attach small items( buttons, curlers, glass stones and other small items).

Early detection of the diagnosis and timely treatment started are the key to a full recovery. A therapeutic gymnastics, held regularly, can become an indispensable assistant in successful treatment.

Definition of the disease

The disease is associated with deformation of the arch of the foot. In a normal state, when a person steps on the leg, only the lateral( facing outward) part of the foot touches the floor. This position is provided by two arches: longitudinal and transverse. The disease occurs when one of the vaults is omitted, and both. In this case, the angle at which the foot is above the ground varies depending on the degree of curvature.

often flat feet combined with other variants of foot deformation.

Many people are trying to figure out how dangerous the disease is, because at first glance the flat feet are rather harmless. However, not all so simple. In a healthy state, the main burden of the body is on the legs, and in case of pathology the load is redistributed. In this situation, the vertebral column suffers first. During the redistribution of weight pressure, almost all bones of the body suffer, and destructive changes can begin in them, for example, arthrosis( damage to the cartilaginous tissue, resulting in degeneration of the joints).

Causes of the appearance of

The reason for the appearance of the ailment is the narrow shoes

. Before treating the flatfoot, it is important to find out what causes it.

  1. The most important cause of pathology is overweight. The greater the mass of the human body, the greater the load on the waist of the lower extremities. The main load associated with maintaining the vertical position, falls on the spine, pelvis and the feet of a person. Bones can simply not withstand a strong load, then the arches of the foot flatten. There is a longitudinal-transverse flatfoot.
  2. Often the cause of pathology becomes a profession. The professional flat feet are heavily influenced by working conditions. Diseases are most affected by people who are constantly standing: dentists;sellers;workers of shops, factories, factories.
  3. Age changes can also cause deformation. Elderly, in no case can not bear weight. Most of all it concerns women. With age, muscles weaken and the main load is distributed exactly on the feet, because of this, the described ailment can develop.
  4. Hereditary predisposition can be another cause of flatfoot, and this form of the disease manifests itself in childhood. If parents suffer from a disease, the likelihood that it will be and their child, too, is, and rather big.
  5. The transverse flatfoot may appear in shoe lovers. As a rule, such shoes are rather narrow. This is done so that the foot is fixed and does not "slide" down. With prolonged wearing of such miracle shoes, the load on the foot is redistributed: from the heel it passes to the transverse arch and phalanges of the fingers. The transverse arch simply does not withstand such a load and is deformed.

Types of the disease

Usually the disease begins in childhood

The types of pathology depend on which arch of the foot is deformed.

  • The transverse flatfoot is characterized by the lowering of the transverse arch of the foot. More than half of people with this disease have other foot deformities. In this case, the forefoot of the foot rests on all metatarsal bones( bones of the fingers).The length of the foot decreases. The thumb is diverted to the side, the other fingers fan out in a fanlike manner.
  • Longitudinal flatfoot is characterized by the lowering of the longitudinal arch of the foot. In this case, the feet touch the ground or the floor with the entire plantar surface. The length of the foot, on the contrary, increases. This type of ailment is most often found in people aged 16 to 25 years, cross-section - from 35 to 50 years.

Deformation is also classified according to the reasons for which it appears. Among them:

  1. Pediatric( congenital) flatfoot. In this case, the person is already born with a deformation of the arch of the foot. It is very difficult to define it. Pre-school children show all the signs of a flat foot, as the bones of the feet are only being formed. As a rule, congenital flat feet become noticeable in 5-6 years, and it occurs in only 3% of people.
  2. Traumatic. It can occur after serious injuries to the feet: fractures of the ankle, tarsal bones, heel bone.
  3. Paralytic. This type of deformation can be observed in people with paralysis of the muscles of the foot and lower leg. It is usually a consequence of poliomyelitis.
  4. Ricky. Rickets is a disease caused by a lack of calcium and vitamin D in the bones. At the same time, the bones become fragile, and since the main burden of the body falls on the lower extremities, especially on the foot, the described pathology develops in man. To prevent the rickety form of deformity in children and adults, one should eat milk, cheese, sour cream, cream, butter, egg yolk, caviar, fish, sunflower seeds, parsley and mushrooms.
  5. Static.82% of the sick people suffer from this particular form of the disease. The reason for flat feet is the weak muscles of the lower leg and the foot, as well as the weakening of the ligaments between the bones of the latter. Most often, this deformation occurs in adults.
  6. Valgus flatfoot in most cases affects children. This is a longitudinal view of flat feet, complicated by clubfoot.

In addition to the types of flatfoot there are also their degrees. The latter talk about the severity of the ailment.

  • The transverse flatfoot of the 1st degree is characterized by the angle of deformation between the first and second metatarsal bones at 10-12˚, and the angle of deviation of the thumb from the others is 15-20 при.At the first degree of longitudinal flatfoot, the angle of the arch is approximately 131-140˚, the height of the foot decreases to 35-25 mm. There is no deformity of the foot bones.
  • A transverse flatfoot of the 2nd degree is observed when the angle between the first and second metatarsal bones is deformed to 15 °, and between the thumb and the rest - up to 30 °.At the second degree of longitudinal flatfoot, the angle of the arch of the foot increases to 140-155˚, while the height of the arch reduces to 24-17 mm. There may develop signs of arthrosis of the talon-navicular joint.
  • The transverse flatfoot of the 3rd degree is most pronounced: the angle of divergence between the first and second fingers can reach 20˚, and the angle of deviation of the thumb from the others is 40˚.With longitudinal flat feet of the third degree, the arch of the arch of the foot exceeds 155˚, and the height of the arch is 17 mm.
  • Transverse flatfoot also has a 4 degree. In this case, the deviation of the thumb from the rest is 40˚ and more, and the deviation of the thumb from the second is more than 20˚.

There is often a longitudinal flatfoot 2 degrees with arthrosis 1 degree and longitudinal flatfoot 1 degree with arthrosis 2 degrees. Such complicated deformations of the foot are very serious, and if the young man has at least one of them, he becomes unsuitable for military service. That is, the compatibility of flat feet and the army depends on the degree of the disease.

Symptoms of the disease

Constant increasing pain in the foot - the first sign of the ailment

Deformation of the arch may appear in almost any person. Before attempting to cure platypodia, it is necessary to identify the causes of its appearance. There are signs of flat feet, which every person should know about. They will help to detect the disease in the early stages of development, warning all possible complications.

  1. Pain in the foot of a constant character, which increases when a person puts on shoes. Shoes with flat feet should be orthopedic and made to order. It will not only hamper the development of deformation, but also contribute to its early disappearance.
  2. Deformation of the shape of the foot. In children, it manifests itself from 5-6 years. Adults can notice it immediately, especially if it is a combined flatfoot( longitudinal and transverse at the same time).Foot changes are visible depending on the severity of the disease. You should always pay attention to the location of the thumb and measure the height between the floor and the bend of the foot.

Unfortunately, flat feet in preschool children is almost impossible to determine. However, one should be alerted if the child constantly complains that it hurts him to attack or his feet often ache.


Diagnosis of flatfoot is quite simple, and everyone can determine it. But to be convinced finally, it is still necessary to resort to radiography, and the resulting picture should be handed to the doctor. Only he can see the pathological changes on him.

Treatment at home

Massage is mandatory for the treatment of foot deformities

After the diagnosis is approved, the deformity can begin to be treated. Good results are obtained by the treatment of flat feet at home, because it is convenient and no less effective. The treatment of flat feet in adults and children is absolutely the same.

  1. First of all you need to buy or make a massage mat from flat feet. In the pharmacy you can find Lyapko mats. In order to independently make such a simple adaptation, you will need a dense rag or towel and fur-tree needles. The latter should be spread over the towel so that they fit together. On such a rug you have to walk every day for at least 3-5 minutes. As a rule, this method allows you to get rid of flat feet.
  2. Do not forget about the massage with flat feet. It is very simple to perform: it is necessary to fix the foot in the horizontal position with four fingers of the hand, and slightly press the thumb over the entire surface of the foot. To do foot massage with flat feet is recommended every day. In the morning and in the evening, give it 5-10 minutes of your time, but it is better to resort to it every time you take off your street shoes. So the feet rest a little.
  3. Flatfoot can be cured if it is at an early stage of development. So you warn the complications of the ailment. It is not difficult to do this: you only need to follow a diet. If a deformation is detected, it is necessary to abandon the flour, sweet and fatty;consume as much vegetables as possible;start breakfast with cereals and eat about 50 grams of pure protein per day. The intake of food should be fractional( 4-5 times a day for 300-350 g).Thus, it will be possible to lose excess weight and the load on the foot will decrease.
  4. There is a special set of exercises for flatfoot. This simple rotation of the feet, their flexion and extension, rolling from foot to foot. This kind of gymnastics with flat feet helps not only to relieve the load from the feet, but also to strengthen their muscles and muscles of the shins. Thanks to this easy gymnastics you can get rid of static flatfoot.
  5. Children's flat feet should also be removed. To put the child on a diet is not necessary, after all they should eat both flour, and meat. Just exclude from their diet fatty foods. Exercise should be performed with flat feet in children. In this case, the child should neither squat nor jump, because this will contribute to the development of flat feet. In addition, children, as well as adults, are recommended to drink a lot of milk, because it contains calcium and vitamin D. If there is lactose intolerance - this happens often - milk is replaced with boiled eggs. Do not forget to take care of a complex of vitamins and minerals in tablets, but then you should clearly monitor the daily intake of vitamin D and calcium( the norm for men and women of different ages is different) and the amount of intake of these substances along with food.

These measures allow to cure flat feet in both adults and children.


Carefully watch your health and children's feet

Flatfoot prevention is quite simple:

  • to eat dairy products,
  • to monitor weight,
  • to exercise regularly( at the same time to ensure that the load is moderate and does not exceed the physical capacity of the body).

Prevention of flat feet in children is the same as in adults, but one more thing is added to this: we must ensure that the child does not have foot injuries. Not all children run headlong to their parents when they are hurt. Some because of fear prefer not to say anything to their moms and dads. Therefore, it is extremely important to be interested in your child: do not he limp, does he have bruises on his feet, etc.

how to treat flat feet?

hallus valgus

With flatfoot sharply reduced depreciation.
This leads to diseases of the spinal cord, the brain. Significant deterioration of the general condition of the body.
With transverse platypodia very often begin to grow "bones".
Especially in girls and women
But flat feet can be treated!!!
And not only in childhood, but later.
Although official medicine denies this.
Yes, and children heals not always efficiently
Treatment must necessarily include
- Massage with an experienced masseur
- LFK( persistent and daily)
( like heels, on toes, on the inside and inside of the foot)
A very important exercise to bend-stretch fingers( as if in a fist)
Roll-bottle-tube with pressure
And not only along, but also across!
Massage mat( toddle)
- Supinators.(made especially for you or at least matched for you - it's like glasses, you can not take any! you need to pick up or do it for you)
- maybe + electroprocedures.
You can also see my site about the treatment of flatfoot and "bones"
( it is important to remove the blanks in hallus-valgus.darod)
It is important to walk barefoot, but not on the floor, not on asphalt, but on uneven surface( pebbles, cones, grass)
How to diagnose at home flat feet read in my answerhttp: //
There in detail about many methods + photo


to the need special to buy and massage to do

Anastasia Suvorkina

Walking on grass, pebbles. Insoles with a supineer


Complete cure of flat feet is possible only in childhood. In adults, the disease can only be slowed down. The correction of flatfoot has the following goals: to strengthen the muscles and ligaments of the foot and not let the foot "fall apart" further;protect the entire body, and above all the spine, from overloads;prevent the development of complications - arthrosis of small joints of the foot, deformation of the fingers and diseases of the spine.
Muscles and ligaments of the foot should work. To make them work you can use contrasting baths, massage, gymnastics and, finally, walking on an uneven surface. In the evening, you can hold your legs in a hot bath with infusion of chamomile or sea salt, as well as pine extract - all these products have a toning effect. If, after such a procedure, you pour cold water on your feet or rub a piece of ice, the fatigue will go away, as if it were not there.
Before douche it would be nice to massage your feet. To do this, first, just stroke them, and then give a good load - with an effort to mash with your thumbs or even your fist. Walk from the heel to the fingers along the inner edge of the foot, in the middle and along the outer edge( it needs to be kneaded especially vigorously).
With flat feet at the gym should spend at least 10 minutes a day. Buy in the store two massage mats. Put one in the bathroom. When you wash or brush your teeth, stand on it with your bare feet and do a few simple movements: rise on your toes, roll from the toe to the heel, stand on the outer edge of the foot. If you put the second rug in the kitchen near the stove - full stimulation of footsteps is provided. Outside the city, go barefoot, even if your pampered feet protest against needles and stones. Running on wet grass causes not only puppy delight, but also stimulates feet perfectly. But at home walking barefoot does not follow - from the ideal parquet no use. Pay attention to the gait: try to put your feet in parallel, and when walking, lean against the outer edge of the foot.
Insole insoles return the foot to its normal position and take on the functions of the shock absorber. Sometimes they also use a podpjattochnik( it is necessary for development of heel spurs, and also if one leg is slightly shorter than the other).At the slightest signs of deformation of the thumb of the foot, an interdigital corrector will help - a small soft spacer made of silicone, which is inserted between the first and second finger, so that the thumb can not deviate towards the little finger.
All orthopedic and such necessary devices can be selected by an orthopedic doctor. If the disease has gone far, he will advise and medication to relieve pain, will offer physiotherapeutic procedures

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