Running with flatfoot

Many say that flat feet and running, things are completely incompatible, but on a par with that there is a lot of evidence that it is this kind of sport that can affect the cure of the disease and even become its prevention. Running with flat feet is simply necessary, it will help to strengthen the muscles and ligaments of the foot and prevent progress, only to do it properly and, specially designed for running shoes.

Running and flat feet - you need the advice of

. In order for the race not to bring only harm, and flat feet did not worsen, it is better to consult with a specialist on this issue first.

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The main difference of this corrector inThe fact that its action is directed not only to straighten the thumb, but also to combat transverse flatfoot. Thus, the socks of ValgoSocks are struggling not only with the "bone", but also with the cause that causes its appearance.

There are certain indications and contraindications, and even the degree of the disease, considering which he will give a conclusion, whether run and flat feet are compatible, which is especially important for children.

If flat feet allow you to practice such an exercise as running, you can safely do it.

The choice of shoes

You can start with simple trivial moccasins on a thin sole, this is the so-called "running barefoot".And for the run itself you can use both treadmills in the stadium, and just a forest path. Such running shoes will allow you to feel the soil as much as possible and give you a certain weight on the arch.

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For the treatment and prevention of bones on the legs( Hallux Valgus) and transverse flatfoot, our readers successfully use the technique developed by leading German orthopedic doctors. Having carefully studied this method, we decided to offer it to your attention. Read more. ..

New to today are moccasins for running with separate fingers, such products can be used for children and adults or simply for those people who aspire to this sport to strengthen the figure or lose weight.

It is not forbidden for flat feet to use sneakers, which are simply sold on the market, but before purchasing such products, you should prepare special insoles, which are pre-made to order. Sneakers in some cases will help strengthen the arch, and equally benefit health, the main thing is that they were designed specifically for running and fit in size.

Everything is simple, the main preparation is

It is not dangerous to run with flatfoot, but on the contrary it is useful, many experts say, but before starting something, preliminary preparation is necessary. With flat feet running should be started smoothly and slowly, gradually increasing the duration and distance. Do not start with a sharp run, it will only throw the person back and minimize the whole benefit of this event.

So how do you train with flatfoot?

After the sneakers or other shoes are already sitting on your leg, it is best to choose the treadmills with the shortest distance for training. Multiplicity of the procedure with flatfoot should not exceed two or three times during the week, and the legs after all should not be tired. The bar of speed and distance during running, should be increased gradually and everything will happen as naturally as possible. This is the whole principle, which will be especially useful for children.

  1. The preference for flat-footed running is better to give to moccasins on a thin sole than to use sneakers with a thick protector that does not allow strengthening the arch of the foot. Yes, and the sneakers themselves will not let us master the whole essence of the exercises with flatfoot, because it is recommended to land only on the pads of the fingers, and only then the whole surface of the foot. It should be repelled with a soft, front part, springy movement, which is very important in the lessons for children.
  2. A great entertainment for children with flat feet, when the weather does not predispose to classes, can be jumping rope, which will certainly help to strengthen muscles and ligaments, but it's not worth changing for them, it's best to alternate. They also help with flat feet in children exercises, during which you need to stand on your toes.
  3. Running - involves a power stretch, which will help to defeat or prevent flat feet. To do this, do not need sneakers or any other shoes. Sock should be pulled as high as possible and thus the foot should resemble an "arch", after such a warm-up you can continue running.
  4. Running with flatfoot still provides for the start of the massage drumsticks, which excludes the overgrowth of the ligament of the foot, especially in children, and will not experience any discomfort. Flattening refers to diseases in which the load should be dosed. So if there is a flatfoot, then running should be without loads, it is best if it lasts about half an hour at a pace of light jogging, the most optimal on the dirt road.

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For the treatment and prevention of bones on the legs( Hallux Valgus) and transverse flatfoot, our readers successfully use the technique developed by leading German orthopedic doctors. Having carefully studied this method, we decided to offer it to your attention. Read more. ..



I can not imagine how you can run in the shoes with a thin sole on the forest trails - after all, if a stone falls under your feet, it will hurt very much. ..



With flat feet, it's good to practicerunning. The son began with small distances and slowly, and then gradually increased the run and distance. All this is very effective.

Flat-footed - SportWiki encyclopedia

When the arches of the foot are lowered, it deforms and the loss of damping properties - flat feet develop.

It is believed that all children by default are born with a flatfoot - remember the tiny foot of the baby with an absolutely flat foot. Newborn children do not have a load on the foot, but when the child grows up and takes the first steps, its vaults begin to form. Prevention of the disease should begin already from this moment - because, according to medical statistics, the number of teenagers suffering from flat feet is approaching 70%.

In order to understand what causes lead to the development of flat feet in adults, one should turn to the anatomy and physiology of the lower limbs and, in particular, the foot. The foot has two arches - longitudinal and transverse. The longitudinal arch is located along the inner edge, and the transverse one - under the base of the fingers. To keep the arches of the foot in the required tone, muscles and ligaments serve. The tone weakens in the following cases:

Types of flatfoot
  • With an uneven load on the foot - a classic example is the wearing of shoes with a heel above 4 cm. Flat feet, formed as a result of the addiction to shoes on stilettos, usually transverse.
  • If the patient is overweight. The foot is flattened along the longitudinal arch - longitudinal flatfoot is formed.
  • With prolonged static loading on the foot - in persons with "standing" professions: hairdressers, masseurs, surgeons and operating nurses, sellers, some athletes.

All of the above examples are a variety of the most common static flatfoot, it is diagnosed in about 80% of all cases.

In addition to static, distinguish:

  • congenital platypodia, due to abnormalities of the foot;
  • traumatic - developing due to fractures of the foot bones, ligament ruptures and damage to the muscles holding the arch;
  • paralytic - when due to damage or inflammation of the nerves there is paralysis of the muscles of the arch of the foot;
  • is ricky - caused by weakening of bone tissue due to rickets.

How does flatfoot manifest?

First, it's pain. And not necessarily in the foot. A man may have knee and hip joints, a lower back and even a head, and the whole thing turns out to be in flatfoot. ..

With flat feet, there is a rapid fatigue of the feet when walking and prolonged standing. At the end of the day in the legs there is a leaden heaviness, swelling of the ankles, sometimes there are convulsions. Wearing shoes with heels turns into torture - in time, the leg as it were "distributed" both in length and width, and instead of the usual thirty-eighth size, you have to buy the thirty-ninth, if not the fortieth, corrected for completeness. In the advanced stages of flatfoot, the entire locomotor apparatus suffers, the back hurts because of progressive osteochondrosis, and the head - because of it.

There are 3 degrees of flatfoot :

  • 1 degree - slightly flat feet. It appears as a minor cosmetic defect in the foot.
  • 2 degree - moderately pronounced, or intermittent flat feet - it already delivers to the patient inconveniences with shoes, changes gait, giving it some clubfoot and heavy tread.
  • 3 degree, or pronounced flat feet, is accompanied by deformation of the foot with a complete flattening of its arch. All the painful symptoms described above are typical for her.

Diagnostics of flatfoot

The simplest test can be done by everyone: it is necessary to lubricate the feet with a fat cream and stand on a piece of paper. Body weight should be evenly distributed along the foot. After that, the prints are looked through in transmitted light - the smaller the notch on the print and the wider the greasy spots - the more pronounced the flat feet.

Since boys with flat feet of 3 degrees are not taken into the army, the diagnosis of this disease in conscripts requires special care. Its most modern methods use computer analysis of digital photo of foot, allowing to determine the magnitude of the angle and the height of its arches.

Flat-foot treatment

Conservative treatment should include prevention of static deformities of the feet, since "prevention in the fight against flatfoot should be much more fruitful than skillful treatment of already pronounced clinical forms"( P.P. Harmful).

Preventive measures can be reduced to the following.

  • Special gymnastics for the feet in order to strengthen the muscles and ligament apparatus of the shin and foot, held in kindergartens, schools, military units, at manufacturing enterprises.
  • Walking barefoot on an uneven surface, on sand, walking on tiptoe, jumping in length and height, running, playing football, basketball, volleyball, swimming.
  • Properly designed footwear that provides the following: shoes should be cut on the leg and not be excessively spacious, the medial edge of the shoe should be straight and not remove the outside of the finger;The toe of the shoe should be spacious enough and not to press the fingers either long or wide;the tab of the sub-snag according to the vault should be made of sufficiently elastic material;The insole( supinator) should in its design have a device for eliminating the pronation of the calcaneus of the foot, which is often combined with the flattening of the arch of the foot.
  • Rational footwear should represent many technical options depending on the age, social characteristics of the life of the wearers of shoes, and also on the professional characteristics of their work. If you are engaged in bodybuilding, it would be good to pay attention to orthopedic shoes. Due to the fact that you will lift a lot of weight, the flatfoot can develop faster. So, slates or sneakers on a flat sole are not for you. Choose shoes that have this form of sole:
  • When choosing occupations related to prolonged stays on the legs, you need to pay attention to the following:
  • the size of the arch of the foot at rest and under load;
  • flexibility and elasticity of the foot with passive correction towards adduction;
  • muscle tone in the study of active foot movements-flexion, reduction and supination;
  • , the apparent homogeneity of the head of the metatarsal and in the proximal metatarsophalangeal joints;
  • painful points and places on the foot, on the lower leg;
  • number of hours spent on legs during work;
  • the correct gait and standing with the feet, diluted to an angle of not more than 45 °.

Treatment measures .

  • Wearing rational orthopedic footwear, individually manufactured, special insoles, rollers, insteps, soles, also individually manufactured.
  • Corrective gymnastics, which aims to strengthen the muscles and, if possible, restore the flexion, reduction and supination of the foot. Supination of feet in the prone position, walking and squatting on the supine feet with inwards turned( reduced) socks.
  • In transverse flatfoot - a repression of the transverse arch of the foot.
  • With the initial stages of valgus deformation of the 1st finger, it is possible to use a napkin between the first and adjacent fingers.
  • Warm baths for feet relieve pain, improve blood circulation in muscles.
  • Massage of the arch of the foot and suppurating muscles: along the anterior and inner surfaces of the shin.
  • Physiotherapy.

Surgical treatment

Conservative treatment brings some relief only in the initial stages of deformation, with severe deformations conservative treatment is ineffective. Currently, the proposed operations for static deformation of the feet can be divided into two groups:

  • operations only on the joints of the fingers: valgus deformation of the 1st finger, hammer-shaped fingers;
  • combined operations for the purpose of restructuring the entire forefoot.

Sport with a flat-foot

Many people think that flat feet excludes exercise. But this is not so. It is recommended to avoid only clearly defined types of physical activity. Prolonged static loads are contraindicated in flatfoot. The same applies to exercises that give an axial load to the spine. For example, under an interdiction there is an increase in elongated hands. Therefore, training the muscles of the shoulder girdle must be sparing. This applies to fitness, and to training in the gym. The latter necessarily require the recommendation of a sports doctor. He must participate in the development of the program.

Any fitness program starts with a warm-up. It's always aerobic exercise. Here you usually choose running or fast walking on a treadmill. For some types of flat feet this is contraindicated. The fact is that the leg with force hits the surface, the ligaments stretch and the foot becomes even flatter. Therefore, the treadmill is sometimes prohibited. It is better to begin classes with a bicycle or an ellipsoidal simulator.

The prohibition on running is imposed only when the flat feet are pronounced. It is a contraindication and to the game sports. But if a person has only an initial flat foot, then you just need to make sure that the exercises do not provoke pain. When flat feet, it usually occurs in the calf muscles and the front muscles of the thigh. If training does not cause painful sensations, then there are no special restrictions in running and walking. Both can be dealt with, of course, within reasonable limits.

I have a height of 162, weight 57. Flattening of the second degree. Running in the morning for 15 minutes( with an orthopedic insole) does not harm your health?

Ludmila Tumanova

Flat-footed and jogging - safety rules
In order not to aggravate flatfoot by regular jogging, it is necessary to consult a doctor first. Depending on the clinical manifestations, the stage of progression and the severity of the deformity of the foot, he will give an opinion about the indication or contraindication to running.
If strict contraindications are not revealed, you can start the exercises, observing some safety rules.
Choose the right racing sneakers. They must match the type of your pronation, have sufficient cushioning, tightly wrap around the foot, but do not be too tight. Follow the technique of running. If possible, contact a professional trainer and take a few lessons. A runner, especially a beginner, is extremely difficult to objectively evaluate his skills, but an expert with many years of experience will immediately discover errors that can lead to aggravation of problems with the foot, knees, spine. Running techniques should be "set" and constantly monitor the dynamics, correcting the errors that occur, practicing all the features of the body position, repulsion and landing before automatism. Strengthen the small muscles of the feet. There are many exercises for "pumping" the muscles of the feet, the simplest of which are alternate and simultaneous "scratches".The starting position - standing on the carpet, and better - on the lawn. Hooking your toes over the cover, move forward by reducing the plantar muscles. In this case, the knees should remain straightened. Another effective way to strengthen the muscles of the foot - walking on the outer and inner sides of the foot, as well as walking on the heels and toes. Do a foot massage. Stretch the arches of the foot with your hands, walk on the soil, sand, grass, small stones. You can buy special massage mats with soft rubber studs. And do not forget to massage not only the feet, but also the leg muscles, since the "clogged" muscles of the shin cause excessive tension of the foot muscles, as a result - pain and discomfort when running.
Strictly dose loads. When flatfoot is categorically contraindicated running with weights. Prefer 30-40 minutes for jogging, preferably on the ground.
Get special sports orthopedic insoles. Ideally - made individually, to order. Supinators will help to preserve the natural curves of the arch, act as additional support, thereby preventing excessive spreading of the foot. Use of orthopedic insoles for running can be combined with preventive courses of osteopathic and kinesiological techniques.
Folk remedies for flat feet
Bath from broth of oak bark.100 grams of oak bark mixed with 0.5 liters of water, boil for half an hour. Then drain the broth and add to the bath. Bath of leaves and flowers of sage 100 grams of sage to infuse about an hour in 2 liters of boiling water and prepare a bath with this decoction.
Infusion of peppermint.100 grams of dry mint pour steep boiling cover it completely. Insist 30 minutes. Then 20 minutes to keep your feet in a warm bath, prepared with this infusion.

Tony Fank

It is better to contact the doctors in person.
Maybe you can not run at all. ...
And in general, with flat feet for physical education and sports it is desirable to buy good sneakers( with insteps), and not run with bad sneakers or casual "chuvaki".
With strong flat feet it is better with a strongly springing sole that they amortize your running
It is highly desirable to try to reduce flatfoot, because otherwise depreciation and headaches can be almost constant throughout life. And the increased fatigue surely will last a lifetime
Treatment must necessarily include
- Massage with an experienced masseur
- exercise therapy( persistent and daily)
( like heels, on toes, on the inside and inside of the foot)
A very important exercise to bend-unbend fingers( as if in a fist)
Roll-bottle-tube with pressure
And not only along, but also across!
Massage mat( toddle)
- If there is already a flatfoot, it may be necessary Supinators.(But, better made especially for you or at least matched for you)
and it is very ambiguous whether they should always be worn. It's like glasses.
I have goggles, and then you can not remove it-it may be more appropriate to spend some time TRAINING the stops by walking without the insteps or in other insteps.
For prevention it is very important to walk barefoot, but not on the floor, not on the asphalt, but on uneven surfaces( pebbles, bumps, grass)


doctors advise better:
1) bike
2) swimming
and with orthopedic insole it hurts to run: -)

norna Sculd

is definitely to the you can accidentally disrupt the advice is incredible.

Running with flat feet

Ludmila Klochkova

special insoles much help you can check.


You can not, but you need. Only necessarily with insteps. These insoles are such that they give the desired shape to the foot. The orthopedic surgeon should be prescribed because the flat feet are different and the shape of the insoles, respectively, is different.

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