Massage with osteochondrosis

How to properly massage with cervical osteochondrosis?

In order to relieve the pain that arises from squeezing the nerve roots, it is recommended to do neck massage with cervical osteochondrosis. For pronounced radicular syndrome, pain is typical only on one side. Therefore, in the first sessions, focus on the healthy side, and on the patient perform gentle massage.

The massage technique includes the treatment of the cervical spine and the collar area.

Massage Technique

If the patient has cervical osteochondrosis with severe pain, it is advisable to massage in the supine position. To better relax the muscles, the patient should put his hands under his forehead, and press his chin to his chest. In other cases, you can massage in the patient's position while sitting at the table.

1. Begin a session with wide strokes of the entire surface of the collar region and neck. All movements are directed along the lymph. On the neck perform embracing strokes from the growth of hair to the shoulders, on the collar area from the upper thoracic to the armpits and shoulders. If necessary, you can perform a comb-shaped reception.

2. After surface reception, squeezing is performed. It acts on the deep layers of the skin and performs lymph drainage function. In order to perform this it is necessary to put a hand across the neck and make a deep slow movement with strong pressure on the tissue down to the trapezoidal muscle. On the spine itself, no reception is performed. The same can be done with the edge of the palm from the scalp down to the shoulder joints. On the collar region, the movements are performed from the fourth thoracic vertebra to the shoulder joints.

neck massage 3. Before you start kneading muscles, they must be prepared by rubbing. It improves blood flow, warms up and relaxes muscle tissue. Reception is performed with a shift of the skin. Apply a circular and rectilinear trituration from the base of the skull down along the near-vertebral zones.

Performing reception on the collar area, use a circular spiral-like grinding and sawing. On the forelegs "crossing" the ray edges of the brush is used. On the humeral joints rubbing is carried out on the front, middle and side surfaces.

4. Mending should be given most of the time. Admission affects the muscles, ligaments and fascia. On the near-vertebral zones, the muscle is pressed against the bone and shifted by circular motions in the direction from the spine.

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On the collar area, the procedure is performed in several stages: muscle grasping, fixing and pulling away from the bone, mashing itself. Very well work out the upper and outer edge of the scapula. For a deeper penetration, the reception can be performed with weights by the other hand.

5. After kneading, stroking and vibration techniques are performed: chopping, patting, tapping, shaking, punctual vibration.

6. The session ends with wide strokes of the collar area and the neck surface.

Massage session lasts no more than 15 minutes. After the procedure, it is recommended to lie down for a few minutes, as dizziness may occur due to an improvement in blood flow.

Massage with cervical osteochondrosis at home

Osteochondrosis of the cervical region can be treated with the help of a massage. You can learn to do self-massage or use a massager. Massage should be done in a sitting position with a slightly lowered head. It is necessary to clasp the neck from behind with hands and perform stroking from the scalp along the back surface of the neck down to the shoulders. Performing receptions, we must ensure that the muscles of the neck do not strain.

Further perform intensive rubbing with the pads of the fingers. It is necessary to try to work out painful muscular seals. In places where acute pain occurs, the pressure must be reduced.

The kneading should be deep in the form of crushing the muscle. In the area of ​​the near-vertebral zones, you can apply pressure pads for a few seconds. End the session with shock techniques of vibration and stroking.

In addition to the neck, it is necessary to work trapezius muscles, shoulder joints and deltoid muscle. To fix the effect of massage can be exercises for the neck. Massage is recommended at work, doing all the tricks through clothes.

Treatment in the acute period should include the use of non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs. Collar massage is used only after stifling acute pain.

Massage for osteochondrosis of the cervical part

Massage with cervical osteochondrosis

Massage for osteochondrosis of the cervical department

General information about the disease

Osteochondrosis of the cervical region occurs quite often, and affects both men and women alike. Many people are wondering why the cervical section is affected more often. All is very simple, the cervical spine is the most mobile, it is in constant load, because it constantly keeps the head. Many believe that cervical osteochondrosis is caused by the deposition of salts, and are deeply mistaken. The disease develops as a result of the growth of bone tissue around the vertebrae, this factor contributes to the development of painful sensations.

Clinic of the disease

Clinic of the disease

The clinical picture for this disease can be varied and will depend on which vertebrae were affected. But one, unifying symptom, will be a feeling of pain. And the pain syndrome can be localized not only in the neck, but also spread to the upper limbs, chin, heart area.

Quite often, due to the narrowing of the vertebral artery, which leads to a reduced blood circulation in the brainstem and the cerebellum, the patient begins to have headaches.

Headache can develop into a migraine, and this is much more difficult to eliminate, since migraine is usually not stopped by anesthetics. Also, a true companion of cervical osteochondrosis is nausea, sometimes continuous vomiting. All this leads to a decrease in appetite and weight loss, thus, in the body there is a lack of nutrients.

Painful sensations are one of the main symptoms of cervical osteochondrosis

Painful sensations - one of the main symptoms of cervical osteochondrosis

Sooner or later, pharyngeal symptoms will appear. The patient will indicate difficulty in swallowing, dryness and sensation of an extraneous body in the larynx. There may also be sudden loss of consciousness, which is associated with an insufficient supply of blood to the brain. But if the patient is laid on his back and raised his legs, he will quickly recover.

It is worth paying special attention to the temperature index. If the patient has a temperature jump, then here, you need to look for another infectious focus. Since with cervical osteochondrosis, an increase in body temperature can only be in the affected area, in other words, a local increase in temperature.

Causes of the disease

To date, there are many factors that can cause cervical osteochondrosis. Select the most basic:

  • genetic inheritance;
  • disturbed posture( for example, schoolchildren, office workers);
  • poor nutrition( lack of vitamins and minerals in the diet);
  • sedentary or sedentary lifestyle;
  • weak immunity.

Treatment of the disease

Treatment of this ailment consists in the use of medications and physiotherapy procedures. Very well contribute to the improvement of the general condition of the patient LFK, massage, manual therapy, acupuncture.

Acupuncture for osteochondrosis

Acupuncture for osteochondrosis

Drug treatment primarily involves the administration of NSAIDs. With cervical localization, a greater effect can be achieved if the administration of these drugs is in the form of topical use( gels, ointments).To such preparations concern: Fastum-gel, Diklak-gel, Ibuprofen, Nurofen. Recently, doctors increasingly began to prescribe to their patients such a drug as Movalis.

This drug very well relieves pain and helps to eliminate inflammation. It can be taken for a very long time and not be afraid of side effects.

Chondroprotectors also play an important role in the treatment, which do not allow the cartilaginous tissue to disintegrate further and even contribute to its recovery. These drugs include: Teraflex, Aflutop, Arthra and others.



Physiotherapy has a good stimulating effect. Recommended courses UHF, electrophoresis, amplipulse. These procedures will help to remove pain, remove muscle spasm, increase blood flow and metabolism in the muscular tissues of the cervical region.

Massage - a faithful assistant in the treatment of osteochondrosis

Particular attention in the treatment of the disease is given to massage. Massage with osteochondrosis of the cervical region helps to get rid of muscle tone and pain. With such a localization of the disease, massage is performed only on the cervical vertebra and the collar zone.

Massage of the cervical spine

Cervical spine massage

This procedure is performed: the patient is sitting at a table or lying on a couch on the stomach. It is very important that the patient relaxes, and his muscles are not strained. The session begins with stroking, which captures the entire collar zone. Reception can be planar, comb-like.

After stroking the back of your hands, the specialist begins to squeeze. It involves touching the deeper skin of the patient. The hand lies perpendicular to the neck and moves down. Also, squeezing can be done with the edge of the palm to the shoulders. Such exercises are carried out from the top down, starting from the fourth vertebra to the joints of the shoulder.

After the collar zone is slightly warmed up, begin rubbing. These exercises contribute to an even greater warming of the muscles and are prepared for kneading. The main function of rubbing is to improve blood flow, relax and warm up the muscles. Begin grinding at the base of the skull, using circular, rectilinear movements with your fingers. For massage of the collar zone, such techniques as sawing, crossing, circular rubbing are very suitable.

After rubbing, the skin is warmed up, slightly hyperemic - you can start deeper exercises. Kneading captures muscles and ligaments. This technique is carried out in several stages: capture, fixation of muscles and, in fact, mashing. It can be transverse, longitudinal and annular.

Correct massage - effective treatment

Massage ends with vibration and stroking the collar zone. The specialist uses continuous and discontinuous vibration. The session of massage of the collar zone lasts ten to fifteen minutes.

Not every patient has enough time to attend a massage therapist. Therefore, if there is no possibility to get a professional massage, you can do it yourself at home. Self-massage should be performed while sitting.

Begins the session by stroking from the bottom up, that is to the back of the head. Then fingers are made circular grinding, they should not be strong, but strong enough for the skin to move. Particular diligence manifest in painful seals, fingers as if crush them. Shoulders are massaged in a circular motion, using stroking, rubbing, kneading.

To finish self-massage you need stroking and slapping the collar zone. To increase the effectiveness of the massage, do a few simple neck exercises that will not take long. Just turn the neck from side to side and do a few circular movements.

It should be noted that massage and self-massage should never be done during the acute course of the disease. There are also cases when the massage is strictly contraindicated.

Prevention of

To avoid this ailment, several simple rules should be followed. First, to lead an active lifestyle. Secondly, if you have a sedentary job, then at least a couple of times during the working time, conduct a neck warm-up. And if you do not exercise, preferably in the morning, 10-15 minutes to allocate for gymnastics.

Video - Massage for osteochondrosis of the cervical department

Correct massage with lumbar osteochondrosis, which really helps

The lumbar spine is affected most often by osteochondrosis. Massage procedures for osteochondrosis of the lumbar region are administered to virtually all patients immediately after the acute phase subsides. Sometimes they are prescribed and during an exacerbation - in this case, only the healthy parts of the body( shoulders, chest, neck) are affected, and the pain in the lumbar region goes away reflexively.

back massage

Important massage features for lumbar osteochondrosis

Before the course of massage, a general examination of the patient's general health is mandatory to determine the contraindications.

Main theses:

  • Usually, the course of therapeutic massage for osteochondrosis consists of 10-15 sessions, and for prevention, 5-7 procedures are enough.
  • The duration of one procedure depends on the general condition of the patient, but usually 15-20 minutes.
  • Lumbar massage is usually performed while lying on a hard couch, but it is also possible to hold it in a sitting position on a special massage chair.
  • With unilateral osteochondrosis( if the pain is observed only on one side of the back), first of all they process the healthy part of the waist and only after that pass to the patient.
  • During massage, only soft tissues are treated, directly on the spinal column, the effect is prohibited. For greater efficiency, massage not only the lower back, but also the sacrum, buttocks, thighs. The impact in the area of ​​the projection of the kidneys is not prohibited, but is produced with less force and intensity.
  • The first sessions can cause the patient pain, so they spend in a sparing mode. As you get used, the strength and duration of the effect is increased.
  • Massage movements are made only from below upwards - in a direction of movement of a lymph.
  • The procedure is most expedient to spend two hours after eating. It is advisable to go to the toilet before the massage.
  • At the end of the session, it is recommended to rest for 20-30 minutes, you can take a warm shower.
Lumbar massage

Procedure for performing massage

For lumbar osteochondrosis, massage is performed either manually or in a hardware way. Sometimes use a combined effect. The lumbar area is massaged only after the entire back, gluteus muscles and thighs have been prepared.

  1. Lumbar massage always begins with strokes - light, sliding movements produced by fingertips or palm. The main effects of this method are a decrease in nervous excitability, an improvement in the supply of soft tissues, muscle relaxation and pain relief.

  2. To increase blood circulation, metabolism and trophism in tissues, as well as to warm up muscles, rubbing is used. It is performed by circular, spiral or transverse( sawing) movements, one or more fingers, the edge of the palm, the supporting part of the hand. If there are severe pains during the grinding process, the force of pressure should be reduced, or for several sessions, to refuse this method.

  3. After the preparation of the muscles go to kneading, the purpose of which is to increase the elasticity of the ligamentous apparatus of the spine, to strengthen the lymph and blood circulation in the lumbar region. Reception is performed by the thumb and forefinger or with the fingers of the whole hand, the base of the palm. The masseur can change the nature of kneading: pull, lift, squeeze or squeeze muscles.

  4. The vibration is then carried out. This technique is done with one or all of the fingers, with the edge of the palm or with a fist-clenched fist, it is allowed to use hardware for this purpose, which can work with different amplitude, frequency and speed. Weak vibrations increase muscle tone, and strong, on the contrary, reduce it. All kinds of vibration reduce soreness in the lumbar region, activate blood circulation, increase metabolism, trigger regeneration processes in muscles and ligamentous apparatus.

  5. Complete the massage as they begin, with a series of stroking soothing movements.

The choice of massage movements and their intensity largely depend on the stage of osteochondrosis, the general condition, the individual sensitivity of the patient to the treatment.

Stroking, rubbing, kneading, vibration - these are just the basic techniques that can be combined, as well as supplemented with auxiliary movements. But we must always remember that the basic techniques should be ended with stroking, because this movement allows you to assess muscle tone, tissue mobility and adjust the further course of procedures.


Massage sessions for lumbar osteochondrosis are not prescribed in cases:

  • elevated body temperature;
  • acute inflammatory or purulent processes of any localization;
  • damage to the skin of the back or lower limbs;
  • pustular or fungal skin lesions;
  • inflammation or thrombosis of veins in the lower body, varicose disease
  • active tuberculosis;
  • of tumor diseases of any location;
  • inflammation of regional lymph nodes or vessels;
  • of acute venereal diseases;
  • bleeding, including during menstruation;
  • of osteomyelitis.

Let's sum up

A correctly performed massage session with lesion of the lumbar department with osteochondrosis has a beneficial multilateral effect: it eliminates muscle hardening and pain, normalizes metabolism, restores blood and lymph circulation, improves nutrition of tissues. To achieve a long-term remission, you must go through the whole course of massage, and then repeat the cycle of procedures at least twice a year.

Massage with osteochondrosis of the cervical department of

Today young people of working age with complaints about pain in the neck area are increasingly turning to doctors. As a rule, as a result of the survey it turns out that this is an artful osteochondrosis, which causes a lot of inconvenience and is able to limit your mobility. They treat it not only with the help of medicines. Good results are given by massage with osteochondrosis of the cervical department. In each individual case, a separate massage technique is selected.

Among modern doctors working on the problem of treatment of osteochondrosis, there are many opponents of this method. They insist only on the methods of traditional medicine. Despite this, massage has been popular for quite some time and proves its effectiveness in the fight against osteochondrosis. Any massage should begin with a careful examination of the neck in the direction from the line of hair growth to the back.

The main symptoms of cervical osteochondrosis

Massage with osteochondrosis

Cervical osteochondrosis affects people of different ages. The main reason for its appearance is the modern way of life, which involves a long sitting at the computer, a low-activity lifestyle. The risk group can safely be referred to all those people who have sedentary work. In addition, as a rule, after work in the evening only a small part of people go in for sports. The main mass prefers to spend a long time lying in front of the TV.This behavior also causes tenderness of the shoulders, temporal region, neck and occiput. First, a person takes such discomfort for normal fatigue, but over time he becomes chronic.

Remember that the emerging symptoms of cervical osteochondrosis can not be ignored. A sick person often experiences the following symptoms:

  • He can often get sore or dizzy;
  • Periodically, dark circles appear before your eyes;
  • There is soreness in the shoulder and neck area:
  • The chest and arms can hurt.

If the treatment is not performed in a timely manner, the following symptoms will be added to the above symptoms:

  • Sensation of weakness, impaired coordination of movements;
  • Blood pressure may increase;
  • There are violations in the organs of hearing and sight;
  • The upper limbs, the tongue, are naught.

What gives massage for cervical osteochondrosis?

When you contact a qualified doctor, you will need to undergo a full examination, then the specialist will prescribe treatment and massage. Sometimes prescribed therapeutic exercise, but the massage has some advantages.

The effectiveness of massage is much higher than therapeutic gymnastics. Like any other method of treatment, massage is aimed at removing pain, preventing possible exacerbations, and excluding the possibility of recurrence of the disease in the future.

In addition, massage with cervical osteochondrosis allows you to activate the movement of blood and lymph on the affected area, helps to get rid of spasms in the muscles of the back and neck. Becomes stronger muscular corset, weaken or even disappear painful sensations.

A strengthened muscular corset takes away some of the load from the spine and firmly supports the tired, mobile vertebrae of the neck.

Contrary to popular belief that massage is done only at a time when there are no acute pains, I want to note that even during an exacerbation there are easy stroking, rubbing and kneading. Only they must be very superficial, not causing even more discomfort. In the acute stage, the massage therapist influences the pain sensations in a reflex way. And carefully works out healthy areas of the body, massages the shoulders, back, etc.

Help yourself can self-massage

Professional neck massage

Massage for cervical osteochondrosis at home( video, contraindications)


Performed by flat or pinch-like stroking the neck from top to bottom. Then the specialist conducts kneading or longitudinal rolling, followed by continuous vibration and circular grinding. Classic massage lasts about 30-40 minutes.


Produced by pressure on the active points - acupuncture. Begins with work on distant special reflex zones: first 3-4 points are massed, gradually the number of points increases to 6-10.With osteochondrosis of the cervical department, the massage therapist works exclusively with the fingertips.


The effect is on the reflex arc of the autonomic nervous system: the specialist works on special areas of the body( special zones) that are responsible for the cervical spine.

Segmental massage normalizes nutrition and circulation, improves the functioning of the spinal cord and brain, enriches inflamed tissues with oxygen, saving muscles from stagnant processes.

Can or vacuum

In the affected area, under the influence of a vacuum created in the canal, irritation of the skin receptors occurs, blood circulation improves, peripheral circulation of lymph and blood increases, local nutrition of tissues improves, stagnant phenomena, pain syndrome are eliminated.

The most effective massage for cervical osteochondrosis is a classical( therapeutic) massage. It is shown to almost all patients after exacerbation, appointed by a course of 10-15 procedures, performed daily. If exacerbations of osteochondrosis are not observed, therapeutic and prophylactic courses of massage should be repeated every 5-6 months, provided there are no contraindications.

Massage for osteochondrosis of the spine

In some cases, causes the excessive strain of individual muscles to cause the osteochondrosis of , and the massage makes it possible to remove it without any other effects. But most often massage is an additional therapeutic tool, and manual influence is applied practically at all stages of treatment.

As a result of the impact on the back muscles, the following goals are achieved:

  • elimination or easing of pain;
  • removal of spasms and constriction of muscles;
  • strengthening and development of weak and atrophied muscles;
  • support of muscles in a tone in the postoperative period;
  • stimulation of blood circulation in the affected area.

For greater effectiveness, massage is recommended to be performed in conjunction with exercise therapy, exercises can be performed during a manual therapy session or immediately after it.

When massage is applied for osteochondrosis


In surgical procedures, massage is prescribed both immediately after the operation and after 6-12 months in order to minimize the possibility of repeated occurrence of disorders in the spine.

Long-term massage will be beneficial even in the absence of muscle tightness, as stimulation of blood circulation has a beneficial effect on the strengthening of the spine. This is due to the fact that the adult man is reducing the vascular bed of intervertebral discs, and their nutrition is diffusely from nearby muscles and tissues. The intensity of exposure is selected individually, and for a weakened organism, the massage itself can already cause a greater strain on the joints and muscles. Excess stress, which occurs in such cases, can negate the positive effect of treatment.

It should also be noted that the massage is contraindicated in the following diseases:

  • inflammatory diseases of the skin, muscles or joints( in the stage of exacerbation);
  • exacerbation of any chronic disease;
  • the presence of tumors of a different nature, especially malignant.

Localization of massage with osteochondrosis

Depending on the location, osteochondrosis can be:

  • cervical. The main symptom is severe pain in the occipital or temporal region;
  • by the thoracic .There are painful sensations in the interblade area, as well as pain with deep breathing;
  • by the lumbosacral .Characterized by unpleasant painful sensations in the lumbar or sacral region. Sharp pain in the lower back with inclinations;

In each case, the appropriate massage technique is selected, taking into account the overall clinical picture of the disease. As a rule, the impact is not limited only to the site with musculoskeletal disorders, but extends to large areas of the back, as the spine statics are provided by the complex muscle complex .

In some cases, reflex curing of muscles can be observed at a significant distance from the affected area. This tension can persist after the elimination of the disease itself, causing a curvature of the spine. Also, the muscles of the limbs may be affected, if pain is spread in them.

Massage method for osteochondrosis

In general, all traditional techniques of classical massage are used. Trimming, stroking, kneading, vibration, squeezing, etc. The intensity of therapy always increases gradually .This rule applies to both a single session and to the entire massage course. After several sessions held in sparing mode, the intensity gradually increases, depending on the state of the organism.

The first few minutes of each session are allocated for preparation by intensive stroking of the skin of the back. In the presence of point pain, the impact is first made on healthy areas around them to relax the muscles. Also massage creams or thermal procedures ( warming with hot sand, solux) can be used for warming up. After softening the connective tissue changes in the skin, begins the main therapy session.

Pain during massage

The patient should be ready for painful massage during the first sessions. With daily therapy, strong pain sensations occur on day 4-5, while normalization of palpation test is observed.

For osteochondrosis, massage is most often performed in the supine position, as it is necessary to relax the body as much as possible. In some cases with cervical osteochondrosis a massage chair is used, but it is also important to relax the rest of the muscles. It is important for the patient to maintain this state throughout the entire session, since any compression of muscles can cause pain. The contraction of muscles can be triggered by intense exposure, so there must always be a relaxing stroking between the stimulating techniques.

In case of osteochondrosis in the lumbosacral area, it is allowed to place under the belly of the cushion, pillow or folded blanket to relax the muscles. The head lies on the cheek or is lowered down, but it is necessarily on a solid basis( for this you can use a chair whose height is slightly less than the height of the couch).

Usually massage begins from the back, repeating 3-4 times receptions of squeezing and kneading. Starting from the area of ​​the scapula and upwards, the elaboration is carried out more thoroughly ( up to 8-10 times) of the , and the sitting position also massages the pectoral muscles, in this case shaking is also used. Squeezing is usually done by pads of four fingers, kneading pads or an edge of the palm.

Rubbing of the spinal column can be rectilinear( pads of 4 fingers on each arm, starting from the occipital region and downwards) or circular. The head is usually tilted and relaxed, but after removing the pain on the 8-10 session it is useful to turn it in different directions. Also, after the pain is removed, the number of stroking techniques decreases, increasing the number of kneading, squeezing and especially grinding. The duration of the first sessions is 5-7 minutes , and at the end of the course it reaches 10-12 minutes.

Massage is one of the additional methods for treating osteochondrosis of the spine. The technique of back massage with osteochondrosis has been known since ancient times. It is important to know that massage does not replace drugs, but is part of the general scheme of conservative therapy of osteochondrosis of the spine.

What is massage for?

It is known that osteochondrosis leads to a violation of metabolic processes in the human body. This causes the mineralization of the vertebrae, the height of the intervertebral discs decreases. The distance between the vertebrae decreases, and this provokes squeezing of the tissues. Between adjacent vertebrae there is a blockage, in this situation one of the vertebrae leaves the axis of the spinal column.

Pathology affects not only the spine, but also surrounding soft tissues. At the level of blocking the vertebral segment due to compression of the nerve roots, muscle asymmetry develops. This process is accompanied by the appearance of seals in the muscles. There are pains, muscle tissue is spasmodic and gradually replaced by scar tissue.

Back massage for osteochondrosis addresses the following issues:

  1. Improvement of blood circulation in the affected area.
  2. Anesthesia.
  3. Improve lymph movement in the lymphatic system.
  4. Absorbing action.
  5. Restore all functions of the spine.

There is an algorithm( sequence) in the treatment of osteochondrosis of the spine, including post-isometric relaxation, relaxing massage in the affected area, and postischemic compression for muscle tightness.

We bring to your attention a video that shows the procedure for performing massage with osteochondrosis of the cervical spine:

When is the massage performed?

Most often the patient receives a referral for therapeutic massage sessions after withdrawal of the symptoms of exacerbation of osteochondrosis. In some cases, gentle massage is performed during a period of exacerbation, when the patient experiences severe pain. In this situation, the specialist performs massage of healthy parts of the body.

The patient should understand that massage movements can cause a slight soreness. With daily sessions, the pain gradually decreases and after 5-6 days disappears. The duration of the massage is determined by the patient's condition and the recommendations of the treating doctor. The course consists of 10-12 sessions, which are repeated throughout the year several times.

Too energetic massage movements cause muscle tension, and this causes pain intensification. The first 2-3 sessions of massage should always be conducted in a sparing mode.

Massage technique and its cost

One of the components of the procedure is a relaxing massage. The purpose of the masseur is to relax the patient's muscles and normalize their tone. Massage movements consist on 50% from deep strokes and vyzhimanij. The remaining 50% is kneading and vibration. Kneading should not cause unpleasant feelings of the patient, and the vibration should be point and continuous.

Another version of the massage - postischemic compression, which is used in the field of muscle seals. Compression consists of two stages:

  1. The masseur presses until the patient senses a light pain and holds for 30 seconds. At this time, the pain is slightly blunted.
  2. The masseur presses the muscle seal a second time, but with greater force, holding for 30 seconds.

Repeat this compression technique 3 times. We offer you a massage of the back massage with osteochondrosis of the spine:

Properly conducted massage course helps to remove the blockade of disk segments, which ultimately leads to restoration of nutrition of surrounding tissues, reduction of compression of the roots of the spinal cord and easing of the pain syndrome.

There is another kind of back massage for osteochondrosis of the spine - a vacuum or can massage. The effectiveness of this procedure is proven for muscle pains in the affected parts of the neck and back.

Vacuum massage helps to relax the muscles, and thus restore the blood supply to the spine and intervertebral discs. The duration of the session is about 30 minutes. The procedure of can massage has contraindications, before it is carried out it is necessary to consult the attending physician. We bring to your attention the video about the vacuum massage technique:

The services of the masseurs are quite in demand. The cost of back massage for osteochondrosis in the regions varies: from 350 to 1500 rubles per session. The price of vacuum massage is less - up to 500 rubles per session.

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