How to relieve pain with gout

How can I treat gout at home

The joint is inflamed due to accumulation of uric acid salts Many people are wondering how to cure gout with the help of home remedies. Before answering it, it is necessary to understand the nature and causes of this ailment. Due to a malfunction in the metabolic processes, there is a violation of salt metabolism, which leads to the deposition of urates( urine crystals) in the joints. Finally, you can not cure gout at home, but you can alleviate the pain and reduce the risk of relapse.

Gout is a serious enough disease, it can lead to disability. Irresponsible approach to its treatment is impossible. And rely only on non-traditional methods of therapy at home is not worth it, it can lead to irreversible processes and serious complications. For example, a pathology such as a gouty kidney may occur. When hyperuricemia accumulates a large number of urates, and there is a risk that the kidney will not cope with their inference. This complication often occurs when the primary manifestation of the disease. Subsequently, pathology can affect other organs and systems of the body.

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Often gout is accompanied by phlebitis, nephritis, atherosclerosis, neuralgia, neurasthenia and certain diseases of the organs of vision. The reasons for such an exchange pathology are unbalanced nutrition, excessive consumption of meat, spices, alcohol and tobacco. A significant impact on these processes have a genetic predisposition, kidney disease, broken urate synthesis. Also gout develops with endocrine abnormalities and hypodynamia.

Symptoms of gouty arthritis

If the first symptoms of this disease are identified, it is necessary to urgently consult a doctor and perform a series of tests. If the diagnosis is confirmed, it is important to consult a physician about the methods of therapy. Only a qualified person can give the right advice and explain how to treat gout at home.

For confirmation of the diagnosis, consult a doctor The main symptoms of gout include:
  • severe pain, especially when moving;
  • crunching in joints at any load;
  • discoloration of the skin around the affected areas;
  • sensation of numbness;
  • high body temperature;
  • swelling of the joints.

Joints with gout may be deformed. As a result, there will be difficulties with movement, an attack of ailment will be accompanied by unbearable pain. You can not start a disease, because a person risks becoming disabled, because the old form will not be able to return the deformed joints. Treatment will only avoid possible complications.

Treatment of illness by household means

Therapeutic bath will help to cope with inflammation Folk remedies will be effective only if the patient does not refuse to take medication prescribed by a doctor. And first of all you need to adjust the food. To eliminate disturbances in salt metabolism, it is important to minimize salt intake as much as possible.

You can not cure gout with the help of natural home remedies. But to reduce the degree of manifestation of symptoms during periods of relapse can be. With the help of home procedures, pain is quite effective. As a rule, acute attacks last from 5 to 7 days. And during this period should take non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs.

Treatment of gout at home involves various procedures using natural remedies. It is also recommended to perform simple physical exercises. Many doctors argue that it is very useful to conduct urine therapy, soar your legs in a heated urine. It is useful and effective to make different compresses. The best are compresses using honey and salt.1 tablespoon of each component should be put on gauze and apply it to the affected areas on the legs. You can also make compresses with the addition of red clay and wine vinegar.

During the period of exacerbation, the use of herbal infusions is very helpful. It is necessary to use herbs that normalize the production of uric acid or remove the substance from the body. Such herbs include mint, dill, calendula, and red bilberry. It is very useful to use herbal tea, which contains the roots of wheatgrass( 20 g), violet tricolor( 30 g), burdock root( 25 g) and Veronica officinalis( 20 g).All these herbs should be mixed, fried 40 grams per liter of hot boiled water and let stand for 20 minutes. To eat 3 times a day, the first mug to drink in the morning on an empty stomach.

How to relieve pain in gout

Painful sensations can be removed with aspirin and iodine. In this way, inflammation is also eliminated. Acetylsalicylic acid must be dissolved in iodine, in proportions of 10 g iodine per 5 tablets of aspirin. The resulting consistency should be applied to the affected areas at night. Iodine can be added to the water and make baths. It takes 9 drops of iodine per 3 liters of water. Painful sensation well removes activated charcoal. It must be crushed, add flax seed to the oil and lubricate the mixture with diseased joints. These procedures can be done within a month.

Radon, hydrogen sulphide and sodium chloride baths help to eliminate severe pain in the hands and feet. Radon and hydrogen sulphide can be taken only in sanatoriums. A sodium chloride is easy to make at home. To do this, you should collect water in the bath with a temperature of about 38 degrees and add to it 1.5-2 kg of ordinary rock salt. Then you need to immerse the diseased joints in water for 20 minutes and do this procedure for 10-15 days. But such baths are contraindicated for people suffering from cardiovascular diseases.

Well relieves pain ointment from kerosene. To make it, you need 50 g of kerosene, 50 g of vegetable oil, 30 g of laundry soap and about one glass of soda. It is necessary to mix all these ingredients thoroughly and rub until the ointment is completely absorbed. Another ointment can be made from butter and alcohol, taking them in equal proportions. Oil should be warmed up well, removed from heat and pour alcohol. Then burn in a frying pan and wait until the flame completely goes out. After this, you can rub the ointment into the joints on the legs or hands, store it in the refrigerator.

If an attack occurs, to effectively fight the disease you need to comply with all the prescriptions of the treating doctor. The most important is to follow a diet. If the body gets harmful food, it will negatively affect the level of production of salt of uric acid.

There are many methods for treating gout at home, and almost all give positive results. But if you do not approach treatment in a complex way, you can damage your own body.

The main symptoms of an acute attack of gout

Usually attack overtakes a patient at night or some time after a dense dinner. Also, the articular attack can begin early in the morning.

When an acute attack of gout occurs, there is a very strong, intense pain in the affected joint, which is almost unbearable to touch. Even touching the sheet causes discomfort.

Redness and swelling occur on the affected area.

Inflammation is susceptible to the wrist, knee, ankle and other joints, less often - hip and shoulder.

The disease causes malaise, fever and movement difficulties in the affected area.

The amount of time that occupies the complete opposite symptomatic development( how long spontaneous gout lasts) is 3-7-10 days.

How to relieve a gout attack - treatment, first aid

The simplest action will be an increase in the amount of fluid consumed. It is best to do this: milk, jelly and various compotes( preference is given to drinks with an alkaline composition).Drink at least 3 liters per day.

Gout can be removed with non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs such as Diclofenac or Indomethacin( take regularly, a dose of 25 to 50 mg, the number of doses per day is 4).

After having managed to relieve pain with gout, medication should be stopped.

Further selective blockers are used( most often - "Celecoxib", "Meloxicam" and "Nimesulide"), which exert a very mild effect on the stomach, unlike many other medicines.

To reduce the risk of side effects of non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs( NSAIDs), which can adversely affect the kidneys, liver and gastrointestinal tract, a highly effective drug called Colchicine is used. It affects the metabolic processes associated with the excretion of uric acid from the body.

In the worst case( if there are no contraindications), internal administration of glucocorticosteroids( GCS) is performed.

How to stop an attack with gout - recommendations

Relieve pain with ice

After the person was provided with complete rest and rendered first aid, ice is applied to the affected area.

However, you need to monitor the time so that cooling does not lead to frostbite, thereby greatly complicating the patient's condition.

Ice is a good way to relieve pain with gout, but you should use it gently.

The injections are one of the ways to numb the acute attack of

. The injections are used when the disease is particularly difficult.

Anti-inflammatory function is performed by " Diclofenac ".Ampules of this drug help to fight high fever. Dosage and duration of reception is indicated on the package - 1-2 the early stages of the disease and when he reached his maximum strength, respectively, from 1 to 5 days.

If the desired effect has not been achieved, a similar kind of medication, only a different form-a capsule, is used.

" Movalis ", which is the main component of meloxicam, will help relieve the pain, as well as block the development of inflammation that occurs during gout. Pricks are placed only in the first days( daily dose - 7.5 mg), then go to pills and medical ointments. The doctor may increase the dose if necessary.

Patient is strictly forbidden to drink alcohol during treatment of acute attacks of gout! The consequences can be severe. Ulcer disease is the main one on the list.

Usually, all of the above drugs are contraindicated in pregnant and breastfeeding women, and the hormonal drugs Dexamethasone , Prednisolone and Rheosolone are also included, often prescribed by the doctor in the event that NSAIDs did not help.

A tablet or injection can cause flatulence, nausea, colitis. You can not drive, as one of the negative effects is dizziness and drowsiness, as well as excessive irritability. Care should be exercised for people suffering from pressure.


To treat gout exacerbation it is possible pharmacy and home-made ointments. To the pharmacy belong " Fuflex " and " Ointment Vishnevsky ."The first option is able to eliminate the original cause of the disease and, importantly, it has no contraindications and side effects. At the heart of the composition is an extract of birch and martini fragrant.

Also in the pharmacy you can find ointments, prepared according to folk recipes, for example a mixture for a lotion of 20 ml castor oil and 40 ml of alcohol.

"Homemade" recipes for ointments that treat gout and relieve pain during an acute attack are widely known and easily prepared.

For the manufacture of one of them you need: cream unsalted butter( 200 g), beer( 70 ml) and camphor( 50 g).The first ingredient is laid out in a saucepan and brought to a boil, after which the foam is removed and a beer is poured in with a fine stream and camphor is added. The patient's joint is smeared with a cold substance before bed.

Risk groups and prevention

A gout can be affected if someone from loved ones has already been diagnosed with such a disease. In this case, healthy family members should begin to regularly monitor the level of MC in the blood plasma and try to lead a healthy lifestyle.

As a preventive measure for all doctors recommend to exclude from the diet rich in purine products:

Gout. How to relieve pain with gout |Folk recipes of health

Good afternoon, dear readers!

Why does gout occur?

In the case of a metabolic disorder that caused an increase in the level of uric acid in the blood, the process of deposition of urates( salts) in the tissues, mostly in the bone, is activated, which leads to a chronic disease: gout. Another disease is called a "tuberous leg," as uric acid crystals most often deform the joints of the toes: painful cones grow. Uric acid salts can accumulate in other places, forming bumps( cones): in the region of the elbow, hands, feet, and also salts of uric acid can fall out in the kidneys and other organs and tissues. With the accumulation of urates in the joints, an inflammatory process occurs, which is the cause of the painful attacks in them. For treatment, and to make relieve pain with gout , use folk recipes.

Recipes: the less pain for gout, the treatment of gout.

Painkillers for gout:

1) Pour half a liter of vodka, two st.lozhki mullein scepter-like flowers, ten-fifteen days, insist in the dark, strain and rub the sore spots.

2) Take 100 grams of millet, chop into flour, add a ton of salt and st.lozhku brewer's yeast, mix, add a little water to get as a dough. The received weight put on a napkin and wrap a sick joint, warm. Change the bandage every two hours until the pain subsides, then wash the problem area with warm water.

3) Take 100 grams of laurel leaves, st.lozhku juniper, a kilogram of melted goose or badger fat. Needles juniper and laurel leaves chop, melt the fat and mix everything. Lubricate this ointment with painful joints, top with cellophane, warm it.

4) During the mushroom season collect the fly agarics, tightly push them into the jar, close the lid and dig for a month into the ground. In a month dig it out, what you see will not be pleasant, and the smell is still one, but it's a very good tool for joints. Do compresses or rub in sore spots.

5) Saturate the cotton fabric with fir oil, apply a thin layer of salt and the side where salt, wrap the joint and leave overnight, wash it off in the morning. Do this for five days, then five days off.

For the treatment of gout:

1) Grind the three large peeled garlic heads and four onion heads separately until smooth, add 0.5 kg of crushed cranberries, mix again, insist in a cool dark place for a day, then addkilogram of honey. Take fifteen minutes before meals on ch.lozhke three times a day.

2) Pour 250 ml boiling water 25 grams of elderberry black, close the lid with a lid, insist forty minutes, strain. Take infusion of 100 ml fifteen minutes before eating.

3) Take two st.lozhki flowers linden heart-shaped, the fruit of hawthorn blood-red, flowers bluehead;five tablespoons thyme creeping, herb oregano;four st.lozhki hip fruit, chop, mix. Two st.lozhki mixture pour a liter of boiling water, let it brew well, strain after cooling. Drink a glass like tea three to four times a day.

4) Pour vermified cedar nuts together with the shell to cover the nuts for five to six centimeters, insist seven days, strain. Take st.lozhke three times a day for 1.5-2 months.

5) This method of treating gout and arthritis is used in a Japanese clinic: pour very cold water into one container, and in the other place wheat, oats, millet, rye( each cereal grains) and pour boiling water to make them slightly steamed. During the procedure, the grains must be warm, preferably hot( so that the body tolerates).Dip the sick hand for a few seconds in cold water and immediately into another container, start kneading the grains and do so until the grains are warm, then wrap your hand in woolen cloth to warm up the joints properly. Treatment is long - 2-3 months. If you have enough patience, this procedure will not only help the to relieve pain with gout , but also get rid of it completely.

Gout Foot Trap

Once upon a time, extremely rich and noble people suffered from gout disease. Indeed, the higher the standard of living of people, the more often it occurs.

It is known that during the war, under difficult economic conditions, this disease is practically not affected.

In men, gout occurs 20 times more often than in women. The primary age of the newly infected is 40-50 years. In children, gout is very rare, usually in cases of hereditary impairment of uric acid metabolism.

For the first time the disease was described by Hippocrates, who called it a trap for the foot( podos - stop, agro - trap).The great healer believed that the causes of the disease lie in gluttony and alcohol abuse. It was only in the nineteenth century that medicine established the connection of gout with a high content of uric acid in the blood, which is formed during the breakdown of proteins and is a white, poorly water soluble powder. If uric acid is formed more than normal, or its removal from the body is not enough, it begins to be deposited in the joints in the form of sodium monoaurate. The process of deposition of monourate in tissues also causes a gouty attack. Especially prone to this are people who are prone to crystal formation.

Classification of gout

Clinically, there are three stages in the course of the disease:

  • I acute arthritic arthritis;
  • II, interictal gout;
  • III chronic tofusnaya gout.

Acute attack of gout

As a rule, exacerbation of gout begins suddenly at night, after a plentiful feast with a lot of meat and alcohol. The payment for a nice time is truly terrible. Pain grows rapidly, the joint that has fallen from the trap blushes, swells, becomes hot to the touch. The patient does not find a place, the slightest touch, even the bed linen, to the affected joint is extremely painful( symptom of the sheet).The body temperature can rise, there is a chill. It seems to the unhappy man that a dog is tearing his fangs into his body and tearing the tendons into parts. A gout attack can cover other joints, and within a few hours a person becomes practically immobilized. At first, such an attack can go through a day or two, the gout temporarily retreats only with a protein-free diet and without any treatment, but after a while it will come back again. Chronic leaking, the disease affects the entire body, so starting from the first metatarsophalangeal joint, gout gradually involves other joints with a similar picture of inflammation. For example, gout knee is characterized by redness, swelling, pain, severe movement restriction, effusion to the joint. When puncturing the joint in the synovial fluid, crystals of urate sodium are detected.

Tofus gout

One of the characteristic symptoms of gout is the formation of tophi gouty nodules, which are local clumps of urate crystals in the subcutaneous tissue. Tofuses on the arms in the region of the elbows and metacarpal joints, forearms, on the legs in the field of the Achilles tendons, over the joints of the feet, on the extensor surface of the thighs and lower legs, on the forehead, in the region of the ear canals, as well as on the internal organs, including the kidneys,heart, pericardium and blood vessels.

As a rule, gouty nodes are painless. Soreness can occur if nearby tissues are involved in the inflammatory process.

At present, much attention is paid to the treatment of patients during the inter-attack period, despite the fact that they feel normal. This is the cunning of gout, as in the absence of acute symptoms, the exchange of uric acid remains disturbed and without proper treatment in the tissues microtophytes continue to form. Disease as a clever hunter freezes in anticipation that the victim will break the diet or, for example, will be injured. And after waiting, he slammed his hellish trap harder on the next joint even more zealously. But if only this. Much more terrible consequences of the disease are the defeat of internal organs, including the heart and kidneys. Chronic kidney failure, for example, can lead to death.

Diagnosis of gout

The diagnosis of gout is indicated by the presence of specific complaints and symptoms, laboratory data, radiography, positive dynamics in response to colchicine treatment. Unfortunately, in some cases the patient's medical history may not describe the characteristic arthritis of the disease, and gout is diagnosed at a late stage, when its effects are revealed: severe kidney damage and chronic kidney failure.

Treatment of

Treatment of gout should be comprehensive. First of all, it is a diet with the exception of products, the cleavage of which produces a large amount of uric acid: meat of young animals, fish, beans, peas, fish caviar, beer, etc. It is necessary to comply with bed rest and take a large amount of liquid to improve the excretion of urate from the body and prevent the formation of urate and oxalate stones in the kidneys. In addition, treatment of a patient with a diagnosis of gout provides for normalization of body weight, preferably under the supervision of a physician, to prevent rapid weight loss, which leads to excessive formation of uric acid and gouty crises. From medicinal preparations the doctor can prescribe non-steroidal anti-inflammatory, colchicine, in some cases glucocorticoids, and in the interictal period, allopurinol to maintain a normal level of uric acid in the blood.

In addition, much attention should be paid to changing the patient's lifestyle. Psychotherapy should be directed at this. It is quite difficult to work with such patients, because it is about changing habits and behavior patterns. And the patient is ready to change only when he hurts. Pisodes of the acute manifestation of the disease are short enough to have time to rebuild their lives and develop new habits, and at the time of the attack not before. Therefore, only the joint work of a psychologist and the patient himself can bring results.

How to relieve a gout attack?


Treatment of gout
Treatment of acute gouty arthritis and chronic gout is different.
For gouty arthritis, mainly anti-inflammatory agents are used.
Non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs( eg, indomethacin, naproxen, diclofenac, etc.) are prescribed until the symptoms of acute inflammation in the joints are eliminated( usually 1-2 weeks).As the attack can happen at any time, a gouty patient must always carry with itself any of the drugs of this group. Non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs can cause abdominal pain and heartburn, but with a short-term intake these side effects usually do not occur.
Glucocorticoids( hormones of the adrenal cortex and their synthetic analogues, for example prednisolone) have a more powerful anti-inflammatory effect, therefore they are used for severe inflammation. If acute gouty arthritis develops in one or two joints, glucocorticoids are injected directly into the joint. Usually, one procedure is sufficient to effectively stop the attack. Intra-articular introduction of drugs is carried out only by a rheumatologist. If more joints are involved, the doctor may prescribe glucocorticoids in tablets for 7-10 days. Take them only if prescribed by a doctor. The use of these drugs in large doses for a long time can lead to brittle bones and cause other serious complications. When used correctly, glucocorticoids are safe and very effective.
Sometimes, to stop an attack of arthritis, the doctor appoints a short course of COLCHICINE - an effective drug for treating gout attacks.
For the time of attack, the painful joint needs rest. HELP TO REMOVE PAIN can ice, which is applied for 5-6 minutes several times a day, wrapping it in tissue. Sometimes, ice, on the contrary, increases pain( because it can increase the crystallization of uric acid salts).In this case, dry heat helps( for example, a warm shawl).
If attacks of gouty arthritis occur 2 times a year and more often, the doctor may decide to prescribe medications that lower the level of uric acid in the blood for an indefinitely long period. Correctly selected treatment of gout leads to a reduction in the frequency of attacks of arthritis and resorption of tofus.


Well, first of all, it's less possible to move( so as not to injure the sick joint). In the second -( the most effective injection of Diclofenac. ..) or a pill, well, I sometimes dissolve and drink NIMESIL for the effect. ..and tryto I recommend taking and omeprazole to soften the effect of drugs on the stomach. ..Good luck. .!

Vasily Zheleznov

You need to get rid of gout. But it's not fast, not less than seven months.

Irina Nesterova

Yes, everything is right for you to advise about soststv. I'm on the other side of the problem, because the gout attack is associated with the poor work of the hematopoietic and lymphatic system( especially if gout is obtained "by inheritance"). Therefore, it is necessary to exclude for some days any meat, broths, spicy and yeast dough products, of coursebeer, alcohol. We need to eat until the fish, beans, string beans, buckwheat, vegetables.low-fat cheese and cottage cheese. In order to slightly clean the lymph and the liver I recommend drinking a decoction of licorice root and activated charcoal. It does not hurt anyone. ..Get well!

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