Menu with gout recipes

What foods can be eaten for gout?

If your legs are not so beautiful, then you simply do not know what to do with them, says the popular wisdom. How to deal with the problem? The answer is simple - take care! There are entire sites devoted solely to foot diseases. This unfortunate statistics easily drives into a stupor. One of the most insidious and dangerous leg diseases is gout. To understand how to fight the disease, how to prevent it, you should know the origins of the disease.

Gout is a joint disease caused by the deposition of uric acid salts. The defeat of the disease often begins with the joints of the legs. Although the zone of risk is also elbows, knees, finger and wrist joints and feet. The most susceptible to gout pain are men after the age of forty and women during menopause. You can talk a lot about the medicinal ways of treating the disease, but a healthy lifestyle, rejection of bad habits and special food is always on the first place. What kind of food can I eat for gout?

Food recommended for daily diet

It is important to remember a very important fact: gout is not deadly, but forever. The paramount task is to provide for yourself the widest possible comfort zone. The list of specially selected products for each day does not look boring.

diet for gout

An important condition: the selection of products for life with gout should be such as to minimize the accumulation of salts of uric acid in the joints.

Key Points:

  • eat regularly four times a day;
  • no starvation and abuse of food;
  • aggressively, but carefully combat excess weight;
  • to drink 2.5-3.0 liters of fluid per day.

Vegetarian food for gout is a prerequisite. The list of products permitted for consumption must contain vegetables, berries, nuts. Vegetables - white cabbage, carrots, potatoes, zucchini and cucumbers, aubergines. Nuts are useful almost any, especially hazelnuts.

In summer it is recommended to use fresh berries - cherries, strawberries, currants( red or black), cowberry. Berries should be included in the diet twice a day - in the morning and in the evening about 40 minutes before a meal or at least two hours later. No less useful and recommended to eat berries that have been thermally processed - light compotes, fruit drinks, juices.

If unbearable without meat products, preference should be given to dietary types - chicken, rabbit meat, turkey meat. Fish and seafood will successfully complement and diversify the table. Preference for boiled meat dishes, steamed or baked in the oven. Soups are the ideal solution in this case.

Foods that are inadmissible for the gout

Prohibited foods for gout

And now the most delicious and most harmful with gout disease begins. What any doctor categorically crosses out by checking out the list of foods intended for nutrition.

If you remember the vegetables, it is, first of all, legumes, as well as pickles and pickled vegetables. All smoked and canned products, salty cheese - cross out. Here everything is clear - if the word "salt" is present even in the name, these products are harmful.

Junk guests on the table of a sick gout are raspberries and cranberries, figs and many peanut nuts.

Steep meat, mushroom and fish broths, dishes and sauces with their use are taboo. Not recommended for use are invigorating drinks - strong tea, coffee, cocoa, alcohol. Chocolate lovers will also have to give up their favorite delicacies.

Recipes of a light and quick menu for a day for a patient with gout

salads for gout

Eating with gout is not so difficult, taking into account the fact that the diet remains sufficiently tasty foods. Of these, you can quickly and quickly cook delicious food and do not feel at the same time restrained.

  1. First breakfast: salad from vegetables, boiled egg, millet porridge with apples and carrots, compote. Salad from vegetables. You will need vegetables - two fresh tomatoes, one cucumber, boiled egg, lettuce leaves and several green onion feathers. Cut the vegetables into large slices. Add ripped lettuce leaves. Egg cut into 4-6 parts. The feathers of onions are chopped diagonally. Mix the ingredients, fill with three tablespoons of vegetable or olive oil with the addition of lemon juice. Salt - not abusing. Millet porridge with apples and carrots. You will need millet - 300 g, water - 600 ml. In boiling water, fill in the washed millet and cook until all the water has been soaked. After this, leave the porridge on the steam bath for 20 minutes. Carrots boil until cooked and cut nicely. Remove the apple from the seeds, cut into thin slices. Add carrots, apples, fill the dish with honey, gently mix and warm for about five minutes. Compote from fresh berries or dried fruits.
  2. Second breakfast: fresh fruit juice, squeezed right before use. If desired, you can replace the juice with a rose hips decoction.
  3. Lunch: fish soup, chicken steak chicken, kissel from berries. Fish soup. It will take fish trout, 2-3 potatoes, red onions, milk, flour. Cut potatoes large, onions - half rings and cook in one liter of water for 10 minutes. Cut the fish portionwise, add to the vegetables, cook for another ten minutes.400 ml of milk mixed with flour until the lumps disappear and pour the resulting mixture into the soup. Bring the dish to a boil, remove from heat, sprinkle with chopped greens. Fish can be any. A pleasant light creamy taste of the dish will not leave you indifferent! Chicken steak chicken. You will need 500 g chicken or chicken fillet, 2 tablespoons chicken.semolina, apple, onion. Remove green apple from seeds and peel, chop the blender together with onion, minced meat or chicken fillet. Salt and add spices to taste. Add the croup of mango and leave the hour for one and a half. During this time, the manga will absorb excess moisture and mincemeat will become more homogeneous. Form the cutlets of the desired shape and cook in a steamer for 25 minutes. When serving, sprinkle with herbs, dried paprika. Cutlets are very soft and light, with original taste. Kissel from berries. You will need berries - any for the season, taking into account the recommended use for gout.2 tablespoonsstarch. Sugar to taste. Berries are washed, cleaned of excess debris and cooked in water. Starch diluted in 50 ml of water and a minute before the readiness to pour a thin stream, stirring intensely, into the berries. Cook for an additional ten minutes.
  4. Snack: fresh berries.
  5. Dinner: syrniki, stuffed cabbage stuffed with rice, tea. Syrniki. You will need 200 grams of curds of medium fat, egg, 2 tablespoons.flour, 1 tbsp.semolina, nuts, sugar and vanilla to taste. All these ingredients should be mixed thoroughly. Mold small cheese cakes and fry in oil on both sides until cooked. To enhance the taste, you can add nuts, raisins. To make the syrniki easier, it makes sense to put them in special molds and bake in the oven.

    Cabbage rolls. You will need slightly boiled white cabbage leaves, carrots, rice, spices, sour cream. Leave the cabbage for the filling, remove the hard veins. Rice boil until half cooked. Carrot chopped or finely chopped, fry in a small amount of butter, add chopped greens and put out a couple of minutes. Mix rice with vegetables. Ready fillings put on a cabbage leaf and fold the sheet envelope. Put the semi-finished product in a saucepan, pour half of the water, add salt, add spices and simmer for about 15 minutes.

    Tea. It is recommended green or phyto-tea. Phyto-tea is a drink brewed on the basis of the collection of medicinal herbs. You can add fresh or dried berries. Due to its 100% naturalness, phyto-tea is extremely useful for health.

  6. At night: a glass of yogurt and fruit / berries in small quantities.

And this is only an indicative list of dishes for gout for one day. Special food for gout will not cause additional trouble. On the contrary - it will relieve and make it easier to work in the kitchen, because dishes with such a diet do not need long processing. They are prepared quickly, keeping the maximum of nutrients, and significantly diversify the diet.

Unloading day

milk for gout

Despite the easy way of eating, it's necessary to organize a fasting day. When gout is recommended to do once a week. And this is not a day of starvation, in any case! Meals on a day off are reduced to apples and rice. Rice cook in a special way - from 750 ml of milk and 75 grams of rice to cook porridge. The received volume of a dish and 250 g of apples makes a daily rate. The porridge is eaten in three steps. Apples can be eaten raw, but it is better to cook compote without sugar or bake in the oven.

Bon appetit, good health and good spirits!

Dietary nutrition for gout: approximate menu

If many other diseases can be successfully treated without a nutritional diet, then the diet for gout is one of the most important therapeutic and preventive measures for this pathology. As you know, gout is a metabolic disorder, in which excess uric acid is formed in the body. It is deposited in organs and peripheral tissues, causing many problems, including acute attacks of gouty arthritis and the formation of kidney stones.

All modern medicines, which include the treatment of gout, are aimed at reducing the formation of uric acid in the body and increasing the rate of its excretion in the urine. But despite the constant therapy, which, by the way, has many side effects and is costly, the disease often fails to "take control"( it is known that curing gout is impossible, you can only achieve a stable remission, sometimes for life).In such cases, a curative and preventive antipuric diet will help.

Vegetarian foods
Diet for gout should be mostly vegetarian

What is the essence of dietary nutrition

To understand why diet for gout is effective, first you need to figure out where uric acid comes from. So, gout occurs when violating the purine metabolism. Purines enter the body with food in free form or in the composition of nucleic acids. The main source of purines is protein products.

Purine bases are very important for the human body and their metabolism is clearly regulated. But, for some initial reason, this process starts not to function properly, the disintegration of purine bases begins to dominate over their formation, as a result of which the level of uric acid in the body increases, because it is the ultimate secreted product of purine metabolism.

Normally, uric acid is excreted by the kidneys, but with gout it exceeds the functionality of the excretory system, which leads to the deposition of uric acid salts in different tissues and the corresponding consequences.

It becomes logical, if you limit the intake of food products that are rich in purines, you can reduce the level of uric acid in the body. And if you eat this way for a long time, then you can forget about painful attacks of arthritis.

Must remember! Diet from gout has a clear goal - reducing the intake of purines in the body and the formation of uric acid from them, the normalization of purine metabolism, removing from the body of excess salts of uric acid.

Gouty Arthritis
With gout, uric acid is deposited in the joints. Most often, the first finger on the foot suffers, this inflammation causes very intense pain.

. General dietary principles.

. The patient's diet should include the following recommendations:

  • the number of meals is 5 times a day, and they should be regular and with the same time intervals, because overeating and starvation are unacceptable - can trigger an acute attack of gouty arthritis;
  • it is important to keep to a diet not only with exacerbation, but also during remission, remember that the longer the period you eat properly, the longer the pain with gout will not overtake you;
  • all patients with gout should watch their weight, if the extra pounds are available, then the daily caloric content should be reduced so that the body mass index comes back to normal;
  • the amount of liquid per day should be at the level of 1.5-2 liters, in the period of acute attack - up to 3 liters, if there are no contraindications from the heart and kidneys( it is very useful to use rosehip in the form of broth, alkaline mineral water);
  • energy value of the daily menu should match your parameters and work type, if there is a problem of excess weight, then caloric content is reduced;
  • necessarily exclude products rich in purines( they will be discussed below) and oxalic acid;
  • meat and poultry cook in a boiled form, the rest of the products - the usual culinary processing;
  • this diet corresponds to the diet table number 6 according to Pevzner with restriction of proteins, fats, salt and spirits.

Remember! Gout is a serious risk factor for some chronic diseases, in the first place - arterial hypertension, ischemic heart and brain damage, urolithiasis and cholelithiasis. Therefore, maintaining uric acid at the physiological level is an important preventive measure.

Prohibited and Permitted Products

The main issue that worries patients with gout is that one can eat, and what should be discarded. The following table can answer it.

Red wine and meat
Meat and alcohol are the main prohibitions for gout
Product group Prohibited Can
Bakery products Pastry made from puff pastry and baking Bread from wholemeal flour
Bird and meat Fat types of meat, canned food, smoked products, by-products( liver, heart, kidneys), meat of young birds and animalssausages, any fried meat, fat Low-fat meat( rabbit, turkey) and poultry cooked or baked in the oven after boiling, not more than 2 times a week( during the exacerbation are completely excluded)
Fish and seafood Fattyseafood, salmon, tuna, etc., caviar, canned goods, smoked and salted fish products Seafood in fresh or frozen form, lean varieties of fish, in boiled form not more often 2-3 times a week( with aggravation completely excluded)
Milk and milk products, eggs Salted, fatty and sharp sorts of cheese Whole milk, sour milk products, sour cream, cottage cheese, soft cheese, allowed 1 chicken egg a day
Groats Beans( beans, peas, lentils, peanuts) The entire range, in addition to legumes
Vegetables Respinach, mushrooms, other vegetables that are rich in oxalic acid All raw, cooked, stewed or steamed vegetables
Fruits and berries Cranberries, figs, raspberries Cherries, cherries, blueberries, watermelon, apples, apricots, orange,plums, peach, pears
Soups Filled meat and fish broths Dairy and vegetarian soups and borsch, vegetable with cereals
Sweet Chocolate Sugar, honey, marmalade, milk desserts, jams
Fats Culinary( margarine), pork, beef, lamb RasButter and creamer
Drinks Strong tea and coffee, cocoa, all alcoholic beverages, including beer, wine Coffee and tea with milk, berry and fruit compotes and juices

Apparently, you do not have to starve for gout, the menu for a weekyou can make a full, delicious, and most importantly - useful.

Sample menu for

For patients who have faced gout for the first time and can not yet compose their own diet, we offer an approximate menu for one day.

Vegetable stew
Vegetable stew is not only useful but also very tasty.

First breakfast

  • not strong coffee with milk;
  • boiled soft-boiled egg;
  • piece of rye bread;
  • salad with boiled beetroot with vegetable oil.

Second breakfast

  • curd and apple casserole;
  • freshly squeezed orange juice.


You can also read: knee How dangerous is the deposition of salts in the joints of the legs?
  • vegetable soup with sour cream;
  • boiled rabbit in a dairy sauce;
  • boiled potatoes with greens;
  • salad with tomatoes and cucumbers, dressed with olive oil;
  • rose hips;
  • piece of rye bread.


  • pancakes with apricot jam;
  • fruit jelly.


  • cabbage rolls with rice and vegetables under tomato sauce;
  • 2 apples;
  • a glass of kefir overnight.

If you have a desire to stay healthy, then a little imagination - and you will come up with such recipes for dietary dishes that relatives will be ready to give their pork chops for your pasta with seafood under cream sauce.

Diet for exacerbation of gout

The most important curative measure to eliminate gout, is proper nutrition. It is completely impossible to get rid of the disease, but you can alleviate the general condition. So, with an exacerbation of gout, a special diet is used. It will make the periods of remission more long. Observance of a certain diet is very important, it will help to maintain good health.

In this article:

  • The essence of
  • What can you eat?
  • What can not be eaten?
  • Menu
  • Recipes

The essence of the diet

Gout is a metabolic disease. This condition is characterized by an increase in the salt of uric acid. The main essence of a diet with an exacerbation is to reduce this level. This is achieved through the use of special products. Curing gout is not possible, but it is quite possible to alleviate the condition of the patient. For this, during periods of exacerbation, it is worth eating in a special way.

The joints suffer greatly from gout, because they contain a lot of salts. The joints of the fingers and toes are more prone to this. In general, the disease affects all the joints on its way. In most cases, the disease is chronic. It is not possible to remove it with medication. Therefore, it is worth paying attention to proper nutrition. Exclusion of products that provoke salt deposition and an increase in uric acid will help ease the condition of the victim. This is the purpose of this diet.

Diet for gout during an exacerbation of

Special nutrition is prescribed at the first manifestation of the disease. Most often, the period of exacerbation is observed at night. The attack is similar to acute arthritis. Clinical symptoms begin to develop rapidly, reaching its apogee in 6 hours. Severe pain is felt in the affected joint. Often there is swelling and redness. After 14 days, the attack stops and the person returns to normal life. The main thing in the period of an exacerbation is to start a special diet recommended for gout.

The main principle of treatment is to prevent the progression of the disease. To do this, it is necessary to form a correct lifestyle for the patient. It is recommended to limit the use of meat products, including broths. Under the ban are offal, seafood and beans. The diet should be enriched with the optimal amount of carbohydrates and milk proteins. The liquid should be consumed in a volume of 2-3 liters.

The diet is prescribed for 10-14 days. Particular emphasis is placed on the use of liquid food. It is advisable to give preference to sour-milk products. Pay attention should be on weak tea, vegetable soups, juices and compotes. Particular benefit is the use of alkaline mineral water.

During the period of exacerbation, digestion disorders are often observed. Therefore, you should follow a sparing diet. When the disease begins to recede, you can add a small amount of meat and fish to the diet. It is allowed to eat dairy products, vegetables, eggs and fruits.

What can be eaten with exacerbation of gout?

The diet should not only be gentle, but also useful. So, what can you eat during periods of exacerbation. You should pay attention to vegetarian soups. Suitable borscht, cabbage soup, vegetable and potato soup. In them it is possible to add cereals. It is allowed to eat lean meat, it can be chicken, rabbit and turkey. Dilute the diet can be seafood, such as squid and shrimp.

It is allowed to eat fish of low-fat varieties, but not more than 170 grams per day up to 3 times. It is necessary to pay attention to dairy products, it can be sour-milk products, including cottage cheese and dishes from it. You are allowed to eat sour cream and cheese. As for milk, it should be present, but only in a small amount.

Eggs up to 3 pieces per week. Pasta and cereals can be consumed in unlimited quantities. Give preference to white cabbage, potatoes, carrots, cucumbers and zucchini. They should be eaten in high quantities. In the form of delicacies, dried fruits and nuts are allowed. Non-chocolates, marmalade, marshmallows and pastilles, entering the list of allowed products.

Surplus purine removes cucumber juice from the body. Just one glass a day is enough. Alkaline mineral waters have a similar effect. It is recommended to use apples of green varieties, gooseberry, any berries, except raspberries. Black and white bread, dill and vegetable oil are not forbidden.

What can not be eaten with exacerbation of gout?

Forbidden products are not so few. Waiver of them for many people can be an unbearable burden, but to facilitate the state to follow a certain plan is simply necessary. So from what it is necessary to refuse and that it is impossible to eat during an exacerbation.

Meat of young animals is not recommended for eating. Under the "sanctions" got a sticky broth, cooked from the head, feet, etc. In general, under the ban are almost all the broths, and not necessarily meat. Even mushroom broth to use is not necessary. Refuse to have from meat broths and smoked products.

Fatty varieties of fish can be harmful when exacerbated. It is forbidden to eat salted and fried fish, as well as canned fish. Sharp and salty cheeses are included in the ban group. This includes also various spices, including pepper, mustard and horseradish. You can not spice up the food with vinegar and salt.

Exclude products that are capable of exciting the nervous system. These include strong tea, coffee and cocoa. Refuse should be from cream cakes, chocolate and cakes. Simply put, from all the heavy food. This includes pork and products from it. It is unacceptable to drink juices with preservatives, legumes and grapes. Naturally, alcohol is under strict prohibition.

The consumption of salt, sausages, boiled meat and fish should be limited. Preference is given to poultry, salmon, trout and mackerel. Limit is the use of pickles, marinades, lard and plums.

Diet menu for gout during an exacerbation of

The diet for gout during an exacerbation should exclude food that is rich in purine. Limiting the production of uric acid will reduce pain syndrome. Therefore, during a period of exacerbation with gout it is necessary to follow a certain diet menu. Refers to this issue is quite serious. The food should be fractional, at least 4 times a day. To starve in any case it is impossible, it will cause the production of uric acid. Dietary nutrition is very important, exactly the same as treatment with medication.

There are quite a lot of variants of the menu, based on the lists of allowed and forbidden products, you can create it yourself. The most effective way to get rid of an exacerbation is to push away from the diet menu # 6.How to better eat, it is worth to clarify with the supervising doctor. Below is an approximate diet for the day.

For breakfast it is necessary to give preference to vegetable salad. Dilute everything with a fruit pie with millet. You can eat one boiled egg( remember that a week they can eat no more than 3 pieces).For the second breakfast drink a broth of a dogrose. For dinner it is necessary to cook noodles on milk and drink everything with kissel. At noon will come fresh fruit. Dinner: low-fat cheese cakes, cabbage rolls from vegetables, as well as light tea.

This menu is approximate. It clearly shows what a day diet can be. Naturally, you can create the menu yourself, just follow all the recommendations.

Recipes of the

diet It is not difficult to prepare delicious dishes, for this there is no need to have special abilities. So, a diet can include a lot of tasty and simple recipes. You should start with vegetable salads.

  • Recipe # 1.Cucumber salad. It is necessary to take the main ingredient in any quantity, wash it and finely chop. Then add salt, add lettuce leaves and season with low-fat sour cream or cream.
  • Recipe # 2.The vinaigrette. You should boil potatoes, beets and carrots. After the vegetables have cooled, cut them into cubes. Add in the salad finely chopped apples, cucumbers and lettuce leaves. All these components are mixed together and refueled with sunflower oil.
  • Recipe # 3.Carrot salad with green peas. Carrots should be ground to a mushy state with a grater. After that, green and canned peas are added here. You can season the salad with low-fat sour cream.

Salads are good, but it is also necessary to prepare something for the first dish. At this stage, it will be about delicious and simple soups.

  • Recipe # 1.Potato soup. It is enough to boil the potatoes until they are ready, and then wipe it through sieves. To the desired state, he is divorced with a decoction. Then white sauce, egg and butter are added to it. All this is boiled for several minutes. Serve soup with greens and sour cream.
  • Recipe No.2.Milk soup with vermicelli. It is necessary to boil vermicelli, no more than 5 minutes, and then add to it boiled milk. The soup is cooked until ready for vermicelli. Once everything is ready, add butter and sugar.

There are several simple and delicious recipes of side dishes, sauces and desserts. Everyone can prepare them, with a minimum set of products.

  • Recipe # 1.Oatmeal with milk. You need to boil the milk and add oatmeal. Then add salt and sugar to taste. Everything is cooked to the full. At the end of the process, you can add a little butter.
  • Recipe No.2.Omelet. It is necessary to grind the flour in a small amount of milk and add whipped eggs to it. After which all this is poured onto a baking tray and cooked in the oven.
  • Recipe # 3.You should mix the cottage cheese with flour, add an egg there. All this is mixed up to a thick consistency, and cheese cakes are formed. Then they are dumped in flour and fried in a frying pan on both sides until a golden crust is formed.
  • Recipe # 4.White sauce. It is necessary to dry the flour a little in a frying pan to a cream shade. Then connect it with butter, while constantly stirring everything. Add the hot broth to the mixture and cook for 10 minutes.

Everyone can cook quickly, easily and tasty. Gout is not a verdict. Even this disease allows you to eat really tasty, without strong restrictions.

The essence of the therapeutic diet for arthrosis

At the moment of increasing the level of uric acid and its accumulation around the joints and begins gout. Over time, this acid slightly modifies, and there are purines. It should be noted that these substances are produced not only when the excretory system is malfunctioning and metabolic processes are slowed down, we also get them from food( dry squid, spices, ready seasonings, in animal fats - cholesterol).And they accumulate both in the knees, and in the joints of the hands, veins and arteries.

Combined low-protein diet helps to control the production and removal of uric acid in gout, which significantly improves well-being, with osteoarthritis, pain and illness recede. Once again, we draw your attention to the fact that a low-carbohydrate diet does not heal, but only contributes to the release of the body from acid and salts with exacerbation of joint arthrosis, rheumatism and even hepatitis. In addition, it significantly reduces weight, which also plays a huge role during the recovery of the body after antibiotics, with diathesis, hypertension and the treatment of cancer. Video: Nutrition for gout

Principles of Nutrition for the treatment of gout

Diet 6 for gout is prescribed by doctors also for the treatment of urolithiasis, and with diabetes. Despite the fact that the main symptom of all these diseases is a sharp increase in weight, doctors categorically forbid hunger strikes. It is important to gradually reduce weight.

Adverse effects on arthritis and arthrosis diet Dukan, in order to organize treatment for gout, you need a strict protein-free food system. The basis is the indicator for 1 kilogram of body weight to 1 gram of protein. Therefore, it can be assumed that the list of prohibited products is quite extensive.

Proper nutrition for gout is in full compliance with the lists of permitted and prohibited products, the attention of readers - free table "What can and can not be for gout".

Authorized products Drinks Other recommendations
Antipuric does not prohibit the consumption of fresh fruits and vegetables, especially useful celery, tomatoes, cucumbers, cabbage, persimmons and green apples. Avoid or completely limit the use of high purine products - meat by-products, herring, anchovies and mackerel. Complete refusal of alcohol, in particular, beer causes an exacerbation of gout, urolithiasis and promotes obesity. Meat, fish and seafood are extremely unwelcome guests in the diet, but a day you can eat 100 grams of these products.
Gipolipidaemic diet recommends gout for drinking up to a liter of fresh juices per day, this helps the body to purify itself of purines and salt Red meat( beef, pork and lamb), fat fish and seafood( tuna, shrimp, lobster and scallops) You can not drinknothing that contains sugar syrup - kvass( not home), soda, artificial juices. It is allowed before dinner to drink 100 grams of real red wine as an aperitif.
Eat complex carbohydrates - oatmeal, buckwheat and rice porridge, coarse bread. Reduce the intake of saturated fats, which reduce the ability of the body to independently dispose of uric acid. It's beans. Bezpurinovaya diet also prohibits the use of instant coffee, although the analog of green grains has a very beneficial effect on the body. If a day to drink 8 cups of plain water, then in men and a half times the probability of gout, especially with obesity, decreases.

Diet menu for gout

Photo - Products with gout disease

Arthrosis of the knee joints is most common, and the salt-free diet for gout is well received. And we offer a menu for a week with gout, which uses the American anti-protein diet, by the way, it is universally recognized and the best. Step-by-Step Power Supply:

Day One .

  • Breakfast: sandwich of bread with bran, fruit fresh, corn flakes;
  • Lunch: salad with green vegetables and fruits, a slice of ham, baked potatoes;
  • Dinner: baked white fish, rice with stewed vegetables. Day of the second .
    • Breakfast. Skimmed milk, oatmeal with yoghurt and pineapple, bread of coarse grinding;
    • Lunch. Braised rabbit with vegetables, squash( not canned), juice;
    • Dinner. Boiled vegetables, lean meat, a slice of bread and cheese. Day Three .
      • Breakfast.2 eggs( cook as you like) with two slices of whole grain bread, a glass of skim milk or cocoa;
      • Lunch. Shchi on lean meat, vegetable salad, juice;
      • Dinner.100 grams of salmon, stewed vegetables, cocoa. Day four.
        • Breakfast. Watermelon diet: recommends after eating oatmeal with fruit, cut into porridge apples, watermelon, peach, whatever there is. Milk or some green tea( naturally, or completely without anything, or on a sugar substitute);Dinner. Tomato soup, boiled rice, a sandwich with butter and cheese;Dinner. Boiled potatoes, fish, milk sauce, yogurt or juice.
        Photos - Products for gout
        • Breakfast. Bread with butter and nuts, juice, several slices of cheese;
        • Lunch. Vegetable lasagna, toasts from whole wheat bread, yogurt or juice;
        • Dinner. Rice soup, cheese sticks, cocoa.

        The sixth day.

        • Breakfast. From this day, a tough diet is over, in the morning you can eat a sandwich with butter, cucumber, tomato, cheese and a slice of ham. Even a little coffee is allowed;
        • Lunch. Braised potatoes with vegetables, a piece of watermelon, skim milk;
        • Dinner. Pumpkin soup with croutons, stewed vegetables, kefir.

        The seventh and final day.

        • Oat or buckwheat cereal in milk, cheese, tea without sugar;
        • Lunch. Vegetable soup with white fish, toasted whole grains, milk;
        • Dinner. Boiled chicken, steamed vegetables, cheese, kefir or cocoa.

        You can use as snacks:

        • nuts;
        • drink apple cider vinegar( naturally diluted with water);
        • dried fruits.

        But most often, a complex diet for women with gout implies treatment for a month or more. In this case, you just need our recommendations for cooking with arthrosis on the hands and feet. We suggest to read with recipes for gout :

        Schi - a national dish of Russian cuisine. We will need citric acid, sauerkraut, lean meat, greens( celery and parsley - rhizomes), wholemeal flour or semolina porridge. Cut the greens and onion into cubes, fry until soft. Pre-cook meat.

        Photo - Fruits

        In a saucepan with a ready broth throw the roast, sauerkraut, a few spoons of mango or flour, greens, the approximate cooking time - 20 minutes. Season to taste, serve on the table with milk or fat-free sour cream. You may notice differences from the traditional recipe, but you need to remember that this is a special kitchen for treatment.

        Any medical forum will confirm that the right diet for gout is a great way to not only cleanse the body of salts and wastes, but also reduce blood sugar, lose weight and remove blood cholesterol plaques, even regardless of what stage of arthrosis and whethersymptoms in the active phase.

        The culinary book of recipes for gout basically consists of vegetable dishes, and some of the most popular is the tomato soup. To make it you need to boil tomatoes in the skin, peel them from the skin, bring to a puree state. Separately fry onions and garlic in vegetable oil. Mix the roast with the tomato puree in a saucepan, pour water, cook for half an hour, add a lot of potatoes and greens, cook until ready. With increased salt formation, this is not recommended, but modern cooking implies the mandatory use of spices, sprinkle our soup with paprika, pepper and salt.

        As you can see, these recipes have almost no empty calories( such as E-supplements or light carbohydrates) and cholesterol, which means they can use in any diet, and with a heart attack( meaning, recovery after it), andeven during chemotherapy.

        Author: Marina Grishkova. Rubric: Our health .

        Diet for gout: table of products, approximate menu for the week

        Gout is a metabolic disease characterized by the accumulation of excess uric acid in the body. This can happen as a result of hereditary predisposition, and because of acquired diseases. But in any case, the starting factor in this pathology is the receipt of specific chemical compounds with food.

        What is the diet for gout?

        Gout is a chronic pathology in which the concentration of uric acid in the blood is increased, and the salts of this acid are deposited in the tissues, mainly in the joints. However, there is no clear correlation between the level of this acid in the blood and the degree of severity of the joint symptomatology. Also: symptoms and treatment of gout. Uric acid is formed in the body from compounds called purine bases. Most of them come from food, a small percentage is synthesized from substances such as glutamine or glycine contained in the body. The level of purines also increases under conditions accompanied by cell decay( antitumor therapy, shock states, autoimmune diseases), because they contain DNA, RNA and other nucleotide-containing compounds. Entering the liver, purine bases turn into uric acid. Further, it enters the intestine, where it is "processed" by the gastrointestinal tract, then it is absorbed into the blood and excreted in the urine. If a failure occurs at one of the stages of this "path" from purines to the excretion of uric acid, it begins to accumulate, and at some point gout develops. But since most of the uric acid is formed from food, then, removing them from food, you can reduce its content in the body several times. If a person knew of a violation in the content of his own enzymes, either in the synthesis or in the excretion of the urinaryacid, or other causes of predisposition to this disease, then he could avoid its development, all his life following a certain diet. Unthinkable and effective therapy of gout without compliance with the rules of nutrition.

        General diet rules for gout - menu for the week

        1. 1) The diet for gout is different during the exacerbation of the disease and during the inter-rush period: when exacerbated, meat and fish products are excluded completely, when the manifestations subsided, these dishes are returned in a small amount.
        2. 2) Must be unloading days: fruit and vegetable, kefir-curd, kefir or dairy - at least once in 3 days. This improves the excretion of uric acid.
        3. 3) You should drink water one hour before a meal. In total, you need to drink 2-3 liters a day in the form of not only water, but also fruit drinks, green or herbal tea, compotes, alkaline mineral water.
        4. 4) You can not starve or overeat. You need to eat a little, 4-5 times a day.
        5. 5) It is necessary to completely abandon alcohol.

        What can not be eaten with gout: table of products

        With gout, you need to refuse or significantly restrict the foods containing purine bases in the diet. Below is a table of products that should be abstained from:

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