Abdominal vertebral arthrosis

From the causes of arthrosis of costal vertebral joints to the effective treatment of

Osteoarthritis of ribs Arthrosis of the costal vertebral joints is a fairly rare form of osteoarthritis. This disease is most typical for the elderly, as with age, joints wear out, metabolism worsens and the structure of intervertebral discs changes.
Arthrosis of this type causes degenerative-dystrophic changes in the region of costal vertebral articulations, as a rule, vertebrae from IX to X suffer. Arthrosis in the sternum vertebral joints can be detected by radiography of the thoracic spine and MRI.

Species of the disease

Like other types of osteoarthritis, the costal vertebra, may be both primary and secondary. The primary( implicit) form of the osteoarthritis of the thoracic spine is said when it is impossible to identify the causes that provoked arthrosis. Such a diagnosis is also posed to elderly people whose rib-transverse type of osteoarthritis arose as a result of age-related changes in the structure of vertebral articulations associated with the natural aging of the organism and the corresponding disruption of the functioning of various body systems.

In cases where the cause of the disease is clear, talk about secondary osteoarthritis of the sternum vertebral joints. The provoking factors include:
various injuries;
transferred infections;
endocrine problems.
Arthrosis of the thoracic region may arise due to tuberculosis, arthritis, inflammatory purulent processes in the joints. More rare causes are joint dysplasia and various genetic disorders.

Symptoms of the disease

Arthrosis of the thoracic spine has a pronounced degenerative-dystrophic character. Pain is the main sign of this disease. As a rule, the pain sensations are localized in the region of the sternal rib joints and the ribs themselves, in the region of the spine the pain is less pronounced.
Pain syndrome occurs after a long need to stand, and also after a long day of work because of fatigue of the spine. In the morning, the patient may feel some stiffness when bending or bending the spine.
Arthrosis, localized in the sternum vertebral joints, is more common in women. According to the research, 4% of people with disabilities have arthrosis of the thoracic spine. In most cases, the uppermost and the lowest thoracic vertebrae are affected.
Quite often there are cases when arthrosis, localized in costal vertebral connections, occurs asymptomatically for a long time( up to several years).As a rule, it is revealed as a result of examination of other problems with the help of radiography or MRI.
The initial stage of the disease is characterized by pains that appear locally, which quickly pass. With the development of the disease, there may be difficulties with breathing, caused by pain. On exhalation and inhalation, the patient can feel considerable pain.
Osteoarthritis of this part of the spine, which developed to 2 or 3 stages, is accompanied by destruction of the cartilage of costal vertebral joints and a significant increase in pain. The third stage of osteoarthritis of the thoracic region almost always means disability, and in many cases even disability.

Treatment of

Treatment of arthrosis of the ribs Which doctor treats osteoarthritis? This question can not be answered, calling only one specialization of the doctor, since the treatment of this ailment must be carried out in a complex. The course of treatment includes:
  • use of medicines in the form of ointments, injections and tablets;
  • physiotherapy: laser- and magnetotherapy, compresses, ultrasound treatment and other types;
  • massage and / or manual therapy;
  • reception of chondroprotectors for restoration of joints of the spine;
  • treatment in a sanatorium or resort;
  • acupuncture( better known as acupuncture);
  • hirudotherapy;
  • use of folk remedies and other methods.

Medication is used to relieve severe symptoms, for example, pain in the spine and costal vertebral joints, which causes arthrosis. For the removal of inflammation and pain, NSAIDs are used, i.e. non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs. If muscle spasms near the spine and sterno-vertebra joints are very strong, the doctor prescribes muscle relaxants, which help the spasmodic muscles relax. All of the above drugs quickly cope with the symptoms of the disease, but do not affect the cause of osteoarthritis. It is necessary to treat arthrosis with a doctor, since most medicines have contraindications and side effects. Ointments and gels can temporarily relieve pain and improve blood circulation due to warming action, but do not treat the cause, as well as ointment for arthrosis of the knee joint.
At the initial stages of the disease, chondroprotectors, which strengthen the cartilaginous tissue of the costal vertebral joints, which effectively affect the cause of osteoarthritis, are effective. To this group of drugs include those that include chondroitin sulfate and / or glucosamine. The composition of these substances is close to the composition of the cartilaginous tissue. All medicines of this group are made from natural raw materials: bones, cartilage and other tissues of animal origin. But, starting to treat arthrosis of the thoracic region with chondroprotectors, it should be remembered that this is a long process: the duration of the course varies from several months to a year. Nevertheless, despite the duration, you can not worry, this treatment is almost harmless.
Often arthrosis, including in the spine, is treated with non-traditional methods: hirudotherapy, acupuncture, folk prescriptions, phytotherapy, etc. Many doctors are skeptical about non-traditional treatment, but the number of adherents of such methods does not decrease from this. In addition, most folk recipes are based on herbs and other natural ingredients that benefit the body. But before the appearance of a visible positive effect should pass a fairly long time.
To perform correction of the spine, sometimes apply manual therapy. Massage also has a positive effect on the region of costal vertebra joints: it improves blood circulation and relieves spasms.
It is good to treat arthrosis of the thoracic region at resorts and sanatoriums where mud and mud therapy is applied, and also special devices for the therapy of the spine.
In conclusion, let's say that all problems with joints should always be solved as soon as possible. And the treatment of articular knee joint mice, and the treatment of spinal osteoarthritis are most effective in the early stages.

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Signs and treatment of arthrosis of costal-vertebral joints( joints)

Arthrosis of costal-vertebral joints is a rare disease that most often causes trouble for older people. The recognized form of osteoarthritis specialists are divided into several varieties. Arthrosis of costal vertebral joints arises from degenerative-dystrophic changes in vertebral articulations. The spine, the sternum and the ribs are a single skeleton, all the organs of the thorax are placed inside. Vertebrae in this department are short, but they have rather long spinous processes. Their peculiar structure does not allow the thoracic spine to have unlimited freedom. The load on the vertebral part of the thoracic part practically does not influence, therefore the arthrosis of the costal vertebral joints develops less often.

The problem of arthrosis of costal vertebral joints

Species of costal-vertebral arthrosis

Osteoarthritis can be primary and secondary. Implicit form, it is primary, rather provokes the disease, i.e.causes in this period of the appearance of arthrosis is difficult to identify. Doctors often put this diagnosis to people of advanced age. During this period, people have disorders of different body systems, and as a result, metabolism and the structure of vertebral joints change.

Secondary costal-vertebral arthrosis is evident when its causes are clear. To provoking factors experts include inflammations, trauma, endocrine system problems, various transferred infectious diseases. Symptoms of chest arthrosis are often due to arthritis, inflammation in the joints or tuberculosis.

Skin peeling with arthrosis

The thoracic spine consists of 12 vertebrae. The vertebral canal in this department is rather narrow. It is this fact that indicates that any formations and inflammations lead to compression of the nerve roots and the nervous system as a whole.

Symptoms and treatment of thoracic osteochondrosis

The disease can last for many years without symptoms.

In certain cases, a person experiences pain in the interblade area, the symptom is enhanced by active movements or inhalation. Sometimes the pain becomes more noticeable in the left half of the body. These signs appear in chest osteochondrosis. In this case, the pain symptoms are very similar to coronary heart disease. Therefore, the specialist prescribes treatment after ECG or MRI.Symptoms of chest pain can intensify at night or with a long stay in one position. Often, burning and pain manifests after hypothermia and physical exertion. Arthrosis exacerbations can last more than one week.

ECG for diagnosis of the disease

Patients with arthrosis complain of additional symptoms: sensation of "goosebumps", numbness, brittle nails and even peeling of the skin. Some people have gastrointestinal disorders. It should be noted that dorsalgia - back pain - a frequent sign of the described disease.

Treatment of this disease should be started in a timely manner. Refusal of treatment can cause not only compression of the spinal cord, but also unpleasant diseases of the heart, intestines, kidneys, liver. Currently, arthrosis of costal vertebral joints is successfully treated without surgery. More than 20 modern techniques doctors use to get rid of people from this ailment. Special courses offered by Russian clinics, from the first sessions, effectively improve blood circulation and restore nutrition of intervertebral discs. Necessary exercises and modern medical devices can stimulate the immune system of the patient, strengthen the muscles of the back.

In addition to treatment procedures, professionals prescribe patients the necessary diet, which helps strengthen joints and reduce pain.


Arthrosis of costal vertebral joints is one of the forms of osteoarthritis, and according to statistics, in medical practice the disease is extremely rare.

To him are exposed mainly people of the senior age category. This state of affairs is due to the wear and tear of the joints and the slowing down of the metabolic process in the body. With joint arthrosis of this kind, degeneration occurs, causing dystrophic changes in the structure of intervertebral discs.

This disease is divided into primary and secondary. If we consider primary arthrosis, then it is characterized by the appearance without the possibility to establish causal factors, mostly due to the fact that the disease is a consequence of aging and body wear. If the diagnosis of the main causes of the disease, it is a secondary arthrosis of the sternum and the joints of the spine.

The main factors that result in the diagnosis of the presence of this form of the disease are injuries, various inflammatory processes, disruption of the endocrine system and transferred infectious diseases. The most common residual phenomena, expressed as the appearance of osteoarthritis, are tuberculosis, arthritis, purulent inflammation of the joints, disorders at the genetic level and dysplasia.

Symptoms of the disease

Symptoms of the disease are expressed quite clearly. Severe pain seizes the area of ​​the vertebrae of the sternum and is one of the most reliable signs of thoracic arthrosis. Pain sensations are localized in the region of the sternal-rib joints, ribs and spine.

With arthrosis of the costal-vertebral joints, pain begins to increase when a person is forced to stand for a long period of time, and also as a result of fatigue after a working day, even without strong physical exertion. The patient may feel pain and, from the very morning, if necessary, bend and bend the spine.

The disease affects more than half of the female population. Most often, changes are observed in the upper and lower joints and vertebrae. In medical practice, there are enough cases when the disease, affecting mainly the costal and vertebral connections, has an asymptomatic course up to a certain point. Detection of the presence of the disease occurs, as a rule, during the examination with the radiography, when seeking medical help for a completely different matter.

The onset of the disease makes itself felt by the appearance of pain localized in the lesions, which usually lasts not for a long time and then releases. With the further development of the disease, the process of breathing begins to hamper, accompanied by painful sensations. Pain appears both during inspiration and exhalation. Osteoarthritis of this form has three stages of development. When the disease begins to gradually break down the cartilage joints of the ribs, accompanied by increased pain. As for the third stage, it is caused by almost complete disability and disability.

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To which doctor need to seek help from

Directly related to the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of transverse joints is a doctor arthropologist. The diagnosis is established on the basis of a survey and a visual examination of the patient with the presence of information on concomitant diseases and further examination by ultrasound, x-ray of the rib and joints, the appointment of laboratory tests and rheumatic tests.

However, the situation is the same, that doctors of this specialization in Russian clinics are very few, and the appointment can last for a long period of time. For this reason, a visit to the hospital should not be delayed, but it is worthwhile turning to specialists more accessible, for example, to the orthopedist, rheumatologist and surgeon.

The fact is that the joints, which undergo changes at different stages of the disease, tend to gradually deform further. And the sooner the treatment process begins, and the adoption of effective measures, the better.

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Prevention of the disease

The appearance of arthrosis of the costal-vertebral joints is due to various reasons, and if the presence of factors other than serious joint injuries is detected in time, it becomes possible to stop the development of osteoarthritis. First, you need to move more, get involved in running, walking, cycling or swimming. It is best to choose an amateur sport that you like.

These measures contribute to the rapid improvement of blood circulation in the body, including in the near-briarsal area of ​​the joints. As a result, there is a full supply of hard-to-reach places with oxygen and nutrients.

In case when the first signs of the disease have already appeared, you should contact a rehabilitologist. The specialist will be able to determine the degree of osteoarthritis and recommend a certain set of curative gymnastics. And the program of exercises will be developed taking into account an individual approach to each patient.

However, it should be noted that the specialist in this case does not treat the disease, but hinders the process of its development through the proposed measures. The main goal is to reduce the load on the joints. In this period it is important not to let the body become hypothermic and to organize the correct diet. Excess weight has a very negative effect on the general condition, and the development of arthrosis against obesity is far from being last and every extra kilogram is an additional burden for joints.

For this reason, it is not surprising that the attending physician in the course of the survey can send the patient to a consultation with a nutritionist in order to develop a program for getting rid of excess weight.

As a preventive measure for the development of the disease is the correct day regimen and a good sleep.

Shoes should be at the maximum comfortable, you should completely give up high heels. So - it is necessary to spend more time in the open air and try to concentrate on positive emotions. Strengthening the muscles and ligaments will help avoid the formation of microtrauma in the joints, so as not to provoke the appearance of arthrosis. Despite the fact that the conditions are fairly simple, however, if they are observed, it is possible to prevent the development of such a serious disease.

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Treatment of arthrosis of costal vertebral joints

Treatment of arthrosis of costal vertebral joints involves the adoption of comprehensive measures. Appointed medicinal preparations: ointments, tablets, injections;Treatment is carried out with the help of laser and magnetic resonance therapy, compresses, ultrasound;special massage is done, manual therapy is provided, sanatorium-resort treatment is provided and obligatory reception of chondroprotectors which restore vertebral joints is appointed.

In order to relieve pain and inflammation in the areas of localization, anesthetics or non-steroid medications are prescribed. With strong muscle spasms, muscle relaxants are used, which allow the muscles to be in a more or less relaxed state. The administration of ointments and gels exerts a warming effect and improves the circulation process. All physiotherapy, massage and manual therapy are designed to have an effective curative effect. And the use of chondroprotectors protect cartilaginous tissues and joints, stimulating their recovery and regeneration. The most appropriate is their appointment at the initial stage of development of arthrosis. The most popular among them are considered, such as chondroitin, rumalon, alflutop, inoltra, arthrolone, hyaluall, chondromix, arthra, arthron flex, alflutop, hyaluron, dona, pumalone, toadstone, noltrex, struktum and others.

Almost all of the above mentioned products are made on the basis of natural ingredients and contribute to the restoration of tissues. Despite the fact that the recovery process and the effects of drugs last for a long time,( sometimes more than a year), they have absolutely no side effects.


Medical intervention in the presence of arthrosis is a necessity, and the treatment should be started immediately after the diagnosis is established and the causes are determined.


Treatment of such a serious disease as arthrosis of the spine, implies the presence of a versatile, integrated approach, capable at the earliest stage to cure the disease. Of decisive importance is the timely, accurate diagnosis, which makes it possible to find out which department of the spine the destructive effect of arthrosis has affected. Some diseases that require a completely different approach to treatment have similar signs: it is especially difficult to correctly diagnose the localization of arthrosis in the thoracic vertebrae. The results of the study allow, as well, to determine the degree of neglect of the disease and the degree of destruction of the joints of the spine, which depends on the stage of arthrosis. The disease progresses from 1 to 4( the most severe) stage, when the only option is to perform an operation to replace the destroyed vertebra. There are also variants of therapy for arthrosis: 1) cervical, 2) thoracic, 3) lumbar, 4) coccygeal spine. The spectrum of therapeutic methods and effects, with arthrosis of vertebral joints, is quite wide, but includes the following, mandatory items:

  1. Medication. Medicines are prescribed by a doctor individually.
  2. Dietary food. Treatment with maintaining a diet is the only way to achieve positive results.
  3. Therapeutic physical training. Regular gymnastics, with a special set of exercises, improving the motor functions of the joints, which significantly reduces the deforming arthrosis of the vertebrae. Such gymnastics is an indispensable condition that strengthens treatment. As a sports equipment, often, a hoop is used.
  4. External means. A variety of ointments and rubbers are used. From other types of arthrosis, the treatment of vertebral arthrosis, is characterized by the use of various supporting structures.
  5. Physiotherapy. Special procedures, especially effective for arthrosis of the cervical, thoracic and coccygeal spine, can reduce the negative consequences of the disease.
  6. Operations. In some cases, surgical intervention is the most effective way. When conducting an operation, there is no goal to be cured. Such treatment will help to get rid of painful pain.
  7. Treatment of arthrosis of vertebral joints by folk remedies.

Medical treatment

In case of defeat of vertebral arthrosis, therapeutic therapy necessarily includes the appointment of anti-inflammatory and analgesic drugs. They can reduce the inflammatory process in the cartilaginous tissues of the joints, and greatly alleviate the pain syndrome. Actively used tablet form, injection and injection with the help of droppers. In the acute stage, especially effective are injections directly into the zone where the affected joints are located. Muscle relaxants are prescribed to relieve muscle tension. With arthrosis 1 - 2 degrees of development, the actual use of funds that improve blood flow and nutrition in sick areas. If it was possible to detect arthrosis in 1 degree of lesion, the use of hondoprotectors, which can increase the probability of restoration of intervertebral discs, without surgery, is effective.


Therapeutic diet, like gymnastics, is the most accessible, but from this no less important element of an integrated approach. It completely corresponds to the basic principles of healthy nutrition and helps to heal, even deforming arthrosis of the spine. It is important to follow the basic rules:

  1. Exclusion from the diet of preservatives, smoked products, sausages, fatty meat.
  2. Restriction on the use of salt and spices.
  3. Refusal of alcoholic and carbonated drinks.
  4. Decreased consumption of sweet confectionery and sugar.
  5. Introduction to the menu of coarse bread and various cereals.
  6. As a meat dish, you can eat, boiled or baked, lean meat.
  7. The use of fresh, squeezed vegetable and fruit juices.
  8. Replacement of refractory fats, for various vegetable oils: sunflower, olive, linseed, sesame.
  9. Adjusting the amount of liquid to be drunk, up to 1 - 1.5 liters.
  10. Increase the number of different vegetables and fruits in the diet.

This menu will help to balance the metabolism, to reduce the level of harmful salts and elements that contribute to the progression of arthrosis of the spine and stop the development of the disease. The diet can not be cured, but in reality, significantly improve the condition of the vertebrae and keep the joints within 1 -2 degrees of damage.

Therapeutic physical training

Special sets of exercises have been developed with the help of which it is possible to significantly improve the joints suffering from arthrosis of the spine. This gymnastics is selected, individually, depending on several factors:

  1. The stage of the disease. Physical culture can be improved by 1 - 2 stages. With a long, neglected disease, corresponding to stages 3 - 4, the exercises are not assigned, since the deforming factor of arthrosis has already led the joints to destruction. In these cases, operations are shown.
  2. Department of the spine. Exercises shown with arthrosis of the thoracic region can seriously damage the lumbar spine and vice versa.
  3. The phase of the disease. In the phase of exacerbation, gymnastics is contraindicated for arthrosis of the spine, any localization.

Gymnastics, useful for spine problems, are divided into several areas:

  1. Exercises where the hoop is used. They will help improve blood circulation and return mobility to the joints, especially the thoracic region. Contraindicated to twist the hoop, with vertebral hernias and arthrosis of the lumbar spine.
  2. General medical gymnastics for the spine. Helps reduce pain, increase motor abilities of joints, reduce the effects of muscle spasms. Let's consider the most accessible and widespread exercises:
  3. We lay down on a back, we bend legs in kolenjah. Slowly, we perform rolls from one side to the other. The number of approaches can be selected based on the state of health.
  4. We get on "all fours", arch our back, then, as much as possible we bend down, with advancement. It starts with 1, 2 repetitions. Too zealous is not recommended.
  5. Slow sliding along the wall. The back is pressed to the surface, the feet are located at a distance of 30 cm, hands are lowered down. Gradually drop, the position of the hips, parallel to the floor. Hold the position for 1 - 3 seconds, make a return motion. We execute several times.
  6. Stretching. A great exercise, to ease the condition of the thoracic and lumbar spine. You can just hang on the bar, for 5 - 10 seconds, with a gradual increase in the time of sessions. There is a release of clamped joints, an improvement in blood supply and muscle tone.
  • Water gymnastics and swimming. The most elementary, circular movements of the body, made with the resistance of water, have increased efficiency. They contribute to strengthening the muscular framework, help to feed the joints, due to increased blood flow.
  • Regular swimming, is not capable of curing, but will have the most positive effect on the condition of vertebral joints.

Outdoor facilities

A large number of various medications, for external use, help to heal vertebral joints. They are united by common properties, local action: improving blood circulation, reducing the inflammatory process, reducing pain. Such funds are used at all stages of treatment. There are varieties of gels and ointments that contain substances that have a restorative effect on the joints. Their use can be considered useful, at the very beginning of the disease, until the arthrosis has outgrown, deforming.

To reduce stress on the joints, during the exacerbation, treatment of the cervical spine, involves wearing a special orthopedic collar. This device helps to relax the clamped muscles, easing the pain. To maintain the lumbar spine, the doctor appoints a medical bandage. After the operation on the spine, it is mandatory to use a special, accelerating rehabilitation, corset. With arthrosis of the thoracic region, supporting and protecting functions, perform ribs and a muscular corset.


There are a variety of physiotherapeutic measures that accompany the treatment of the spine with arthrosis. There are several, the most effective, methods of treatment of joints:

  1. Magnetotherapy - the influence of electromagnetic fields, reduces inflammation, pain and swelling.
  2. Phonophoresis - anesthesia, administration of medications, by ultrasonic radiation.
  3. Abdominal decompression - affects the joints, increasing blood flow, increasing the supply of vertebrae.
  4. Acupuncture - increases the body's own recovery capabilities. Relieves pain, improves mobility.

Surgical operations

Complex treatment, with arthrosis of the spine, has surgical operations in the arsenal, which are carried out with insufficient effectiveness of other methods. Depending on the stage of the disease, the operation can be divided into categories:

  1. Denervation operations. Are directed on an exception of painful sensations, a method of thermal "disconnection" of the nervous endings in joints.
  2. Transplant operations. The replacement of the destroyed vertebrae is made, artificial. They are carried out at the last stages of the disease, when the affected vertebral disks cease to cope with the minimum load.

Folk remedies

Osteoarthritis of the spine is well curable by folk remedies. These include tinctures, rubbers, ointments, compresses, baths, belts from dog hair. They all help to ease the course of the disease, but are not a panacea.

Address to a doctor, this is the first step, on a long road of struggle, with arthrosis of the spine. Daily care for one's own health, the performance of the whole complex of designated activities, patience and the desire to recover, are the necessary ingredients for a positive result.


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