Aging against aging

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The anti-aging medication is described in the book of the expert on dietetics from America P. Bragg called "The Miracle of Fasting".The book describes a method that the author himself used in his life, and at the age of 90 he looked strong and agile, as in his youth, practiced swimming, tennis, dancing and in general was a very active person. And most importantly - Bragg was practically not sick at all. He died in 95 years during surfing - just drowned. Accident.

So, the secret of youth and strength, according to Bragg, is hidden in starvation. Fasting gives a person both mental peace and physical strength. The author of the technique asserts that fasting is able to heal from very many diseases.

According to Bragg, a person must die only at the age of more than 120 years. But in order to live long and be healthy, you must constantly work on yourself.

The secret of good health is in the purification and restoration of the body by feeding natural products, staying in the fresh air, playing sports, enough rest and, most importantly, starvation. But fasting should be right. You need to fast once a week for 24 hours. This must be done every week. Also during the year, several times( 3 to 5) must be fasted for 7 to 10 consecutive days. This method helps to cleanse the body of slagging, toxins, and also give vitality.

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Food is harmful for several reasons. First, the vital energy that a person needs to transport oxygen to the blood and other vital processes goes to digesting food. Secondly, the products contain many harmful food additives, traces of fertilizers and pesticides.

When a person is starving, his body is in a state of physiological rest. The vital forces of the body are restored. Consequently, a person becomes stronger, his body is able to remove toxic substances and poisons. If you can withstand fasting for a week - 10 days, then there is a sense of purification from the inside.

Despite all the instructions, Paul Bragg was by no means an ascetic. His recommendations included food that was as natural as possible, which included the lowest percentage of salt, sugars, and various food additives of synthetic origin. Under the ban in food for adults, various canned foods, sausages, animal fats, eggs fell. These foods are allowed to eat no more than three times per week. The largest share in the diet should be fruits and vegetables, especially raw. From dinner, Bragg generally recommended to refuse.

Following these recommendations, you can be very surprised by the changes in your body and psychological state. But do not forget about the limitation of the method of starvation for sick people.

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