The most effective tablets for cleaning from parasites in the human body

Tablets from parasites help in a short time to get rid of any kinds of helminthiases. They may be narrow-minded or have a wide range of activities. Modern drugs have minimal toxic effect on the body, with proper application do not cause side effects. An infectious disease doctor will help prescribe the treatment.

Effective control of nematodes

Most often, people become infected with pinworms and ascarids. Rarely settled vlasoglavy, Toksokary and Trichinella. The following antiparasitic drugs are able to manifest activity against roundworms.

Active substance Albendazole( Vormil, Nemozol) helps to remove almost all parasites. Copes not only with echinococcosis, nematodosis, toxocariasis, but also with extraintestinal forms of giardiasis. You can give and children, starting with the age of two. During treatment of nematode, adults are prescribed 400 mg once. Eject the parasitic organism with echinococcosis at a dosage of 800 mg, divided into two doses. Do not appoint in pregnancy, as well as with liver, kidney and eye.

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The most effective tablets of Decaris are able to fight parasites in the intestines due to their content in the composition of levamisole. In addition to the anthelmintic effect, they possess an immunomodulatory property. Do not appoint children under three years of age, during the first trimester of pregnancy and during lactation. For people it is enough to drink a single dose of not more than 150 mg. Tablets drink after eating.

Purification of the body from parasites can be carried out with the help of Mebendazole( Vermox, Wormin, Vermakar).Medications from parasites in the human body based on mebendazole are contraindicated in children under three years of age, pregnant and lactating women. Care should be combined with other drugs. Treatment scheme depends on the disease. For example, to clean an organism from pinworms, adults only need to drink 100 mg once. When several species of parasites of the nematode class are detected, an increase in the dosage to 200 mg divided into two doses is shown. Duration of treatment is extended to three days.

You can remove parasites from the human body with piperazine tablets. Accepted drug leads to paralysis of adult individuals of parasites and their larvae. Therefore, the toxic effect on the body is minimal. It is active against enterobiasis and ascariasis. Take the pill for two days, twice a day for an hour before or after a meal. A single dose for adults is 1.5-2 g. It is possible to treat children for up to a year.

It is safe to purify the body of parasites and helps Pirantel( Helmintox).It has a low toxicity, therefore it is possible to treat helminthiases even in young children up to a year( choose the form of the suspension).Dosage is calculated based on weight, and is 10 mg per kg of body weight. For adults, it is approximately 750 mg. You need to drink in the morning, after breakfast. If mixed worm infestation is diagnosed, the course of treatment is prolonged to three days.

Anti-worm medicine Medamin treats intestinal nematodes. Restriction is the children's age to three years, pregnancy and lactation. The tablets are drunk after eating, chewing and washing with water only. The daily dosage is calculated based on the weight of the patient, and is equal to 10 mg per kg of body weight. The recommended dosage is divided into three doses.

How to remove parasites from the human body without re-occurrence of symptoms? In most cases, the larvae and eggs of parasites are not susceptible to toxic effects of drugs. Therefore, the body cleansing is repeated after two weeks. During this period, adults are formed.

Elimination of cestodes

Tape worms( cestodes) can cause a large list of diseases. Among the main helminthiasis can be identified echinococcosis, diplidiosis, alveococcosis, diphyllobothriasis.

Cleansing the body of parasites from the group of cestodes can carry out the following antiparasitic medicines.

From intestinal parasites helps to cure Nichlosamide( Fenasal).It leads to the fact that under the influence of digestive enzymes the body of the helminth is digested with food. With caution appoint children up to 2 years. It is contraindicated to be treated with this drug for pregnant and lactating women. Adults appoint 8-12 tablets per day. The entire dosage is best taken in the morning before eating. After two hours, it is recommended to drink a laxative. Do not change the action of other drugs, so you can apply at the same time.

From the parasites for humans appoint Akrihin( Mepakrin).The active component is able to rid of sexually mature individuals and their eggs. When detecting larvae that freely move through the body, it is better to combine acrichine with other drugs of this group. In day it is necessary for an adult to take 300 mg. Treatment lasts 5-7 days. A preparatory stage is required before starting treatment. The patient is recommended to go to a special diet, before going to bed it is desirable to do a cleansing enema. During the whole therapy, you should not drink alcohol.

Against parasites in the body of the group of cestodes, Albendazole is prescribed( Nemozol, Vormil).Preparations based on albendazole lead to disruption of metabolic processes inside parasites, as a result of which they die. Drinking tablets is desirable during meals. It is better, if the food is oily, it will help quickly penetrate the active component into all the affected cells of the body. Adults should drink one pill once a day. The entire course of treatment lasts 5 days.

Therapy against trematodes

To helminthiases caused by flatworms, for example, include opisthorchiasis, cercariosis, schistosomiasis, fascioliasis.

Which tablets will help to eliminate helminths? From all types of trematodes, the following antiparasitic drugs can be prescribed.

Cystic is a modern antihelminthic drug. Has an effect on flat worms and other parasites. From a small dose of the worm is paralyzed, in high doses the active substance is able to destroy the outer layer of worms. Do not give children under 4 years old. With a single appointment, a pill against parasites is better to drink at night. At repeated reception the interval should make 6 hours.

Anthelminthic agent Chloksil is prescribed in a dosage of 8-10 g, provided that the treatment lasts two days. If the treatment is designed for 5 days, the dosage is reduced to 5 g. Before starting treatment, you need to go to a special diet and give up alcohol.

Bithionol is particularly effective against flukes and tapeworms. After reception, paralysis of the muscular structure of helminths occurs, and they die. Dosage is calculated on the basis of human weight - 30-50 mg per kg. Take three times a day. Cleaning continues for 3-5 days.

A good preparation of Praziquantel. Its variety is Biltricide, Azinox, Cesol. It leads to parasitic muscle paralysis and destruction of the outer shell. Do not treat children younger than 4 years. During pregnancy, under strict prohibition, the first trimester, then only on special indications of the doctor. Tablets are recommended to be taken with food, you can not chew it. To remove parasites, 40 ml per kg of body weight of a person is prescribed.

Getting rid of helminths and the consequences of their life activity takes a long time. Observing all the recommendations of a doctor, you can achieve the speedy and complete recovery of .


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