The nail on the thumb is aching

Sore thumb on foot

the big toe hurts

Today, people often face various leg ailments. The reason for this is a decrease in physical activity. If the big toe hurts, it indicates not only the shoes that do not fit the size, but also the presence of serious ailments. Therefore, it is so important to understand the factors of its development.

Causes of pain

There may be pain for many reasons:

  • tight shoes, leading to foot damage in both women and men and can lead to arthrosis;
  • injuries and finger blows;
  • diabetes;
  • gout;
  • presence of ingrown nail.

Aching joints of the big toes with arthrosis

As mentioned earlier, uncomfortable shoes are the cause of arthrosis. The most common pathology in women who are willing to endure pain for the sake of beauty. Fingers are strongly compressed between themselves, there is a violation of blood circulation and the thumb begins to deform. When arthrosis affects the bones, as well as joints. They begin to expand, that even ordinary finger movements are accompanied by pain.

Ingrown nail

This disease is characterized by the onset of pain syndrome, redness, infections and swelling. Two factors can cause this ailment:

  • uneven or short nail cutting;
  • tight boots.

When the edge of the nail plate is rounded, it begins to expand in breadth, piercing the skin. Pain can increase with the attachment of suppuration and the spread of infection.

Pain of the joint of the big toe with gout

If the patient is concerned about the discomfort in the area of ​​the joint of the foot with the finger, this indicates not only a bruise or rubbing, but the presence of a serious disease - gout. Determine the disease can be on such grounds:

  • the systematic nature of pain, which manifests itself at least five to seven times during the year and lasts about a week;
  • sharp stitching, troubling joint;
  • redness of the skin, its puffiness.

The cause of the disease is the deposition of salts in the abuse of fatty and meat products. Accumulating, the substances form a growth, which in appearance looks like a bone.

Pain in the big toe, manifested with diabetes

If the patient is concerned about pain, the doctor should inquire about the presence of diabetes, because then the pain can be indicative of such trouble as a diabetic foot. Severe stages of diabetes are accompanied by problems with blood flow in the capillaries. Tissues experience deficiency of important substances and stops start to hurt. In the absence of appropriate treatment, the ailment gradually develops into gangrene, in which amputation will be inevitable.

Treatment of pain in the big toes

After finding pain, it is necessary to consult one of the specialists listed below:

  • traumatologist;
  • surgeon;
  • to a rheumatologist;
  • to the endocrinologist;
  • podologu( physician specializing in feet,
  • cardiologist.
big toes hurt

The fight against the disease is primarily aimed at identifying the disease and its elimination. After studying the symptoms and tests, the doctor will put a suitable diagnosis and select the necessary therapy:

  1. In arthrosis, the patient is prescribed laser therapy,mud and ultrasound. To reduce the pain, anesthetics are injected. If these methods are not effective, they resort to surgery.
  2. With the pains of the thumbs on the legs for gagging the patient aboutI write diet and special remedies
  3. When ingrown nails, remove the damaged tissue of the nail plate and put a bandage with a disinfectant that helps to pull the pus out of the wound

What to do if the thumb is very painful on the foot

Pain -this is a sign that something is wrong. What reasons can the big toe hurt? And what to do in this case?

Manifestations of

The nature of the pain can be different. It can be strong or weak, aching or sharp, blunt or cutting. As a rule, if the pain is significant, then it is a serious inflammation that can develop with many serious diseases.

Pain can occur at different times. Most often they appear and intensify during walking, which is due to the mobility of the joints and the impact on them. But with some diseases, pain appears in the evening after physical exertion, or, conversely, in the morning or evening.

Pain may be accompanied by other symptoms:

  • hyperemia, reddening of the finger;
  • strong swelling, increase in finger size;
  • decreased mobility;
  • burning, itching and other unpleasant sensations;
  • numbness of the finger, a feeling of coldness in it or "goose bumps".


We list the reasons why the big toe can hurt:

  • Injury. If you hit with your finger, the resulting injury can make itself felt with aching pains. A bruise may appear on the site of the bruise.
  • Wearing uncomfortable shoes. If the shoes tightly squeeze their fingers, then surely they will hurt. Unpleasant feelings most often occur when wearing shoes with heels, with narrow noses or inappropriate size.
  • Gout is a serious disease characterized by a disturbance in the metabolism of certain substances. With such a disease in the body increases the amount of uric acid, and its salts( they are called urates) begin to be deposited in the joints, causing their inflammation. When gout pains are localized mainly in the limbs and intensify at night, gradually increasing by morning.
  • Arthritis is a disease of inflammatory joints, in which pains are localized not only in the toes, but also in other joints( most often in small joints).
  • Osteoarthritis is a degenerative-dystrophic disease that leads to inflammation of the joints and their gradual destruction.
  • Excessive physical activity. Pain in the big and other toes often occurs in athletes and dancers, often moving on socks. The load on the joints of the fingers increases, which leads to inflammation and pain.
  • Ingrown toenail. If the finger hurts when pressed, blushed in the area around the nail and swollen, then you are likely to have encountered such a problem as an ingrown nail. As the nail grew, the nail plate penetrated into the soft tissues and damaged them, which led to soreness.
  • If pains occur during physical exertion, sudden temperature changes or cooling, then there is likely to be a disease of the blood vessels of the lower limbs, for example, endarteritis or atherosclerosis.
  • A valgus deformity of the big toe or a so-called bone on the leg. Pain usually occurs during walking, especially in narrow shoes.
  • If in addition to pain you feel numbness of the big and other toes, and the skin of the lower extremities is dry and often cracking, then, perhaps, it is associated with diabetes mellitus, which disrupts blood circulation and blood supply of tissues.
  • Corn. Inspect the finger pad carefully. If you find a solid area, then, most likely, it's corn. It can have a fairly deep root and cause severe pain when walking.

What should I do?

What if I have a big toe on my leg? First, look at it. If you find any injuries or bruises, go to the surgeon. If there are no visible signs of injury, then visit the therapist. He will study the symptoms, draw conclusions and direct you to a narrow specialist: a rheumatologist, an endocrinologist or a neurologist. The doctor will inspect and examine and draw conclusions.

Treatment should be aimed at eliminating the causes, so it will depend directly on the diagnosis. We list the main directions and methods used for various problems and diseases.

Injuries to

If the cause of the pain is a trauma, the treatment will be directed at eliminating its consequences. For dislocations or fractures, fixation devices are used. With bruises are appointed local funds in the form of gels, ointments and creams, such as "Troxevasin", "Heparin ointment", "Finalgon" and others. You can make an iodine grid. If the pain is severe, then you can take an analgesic drug, for example, "Nurofen" or "Pentalgin"

Help with bruises and folk remedies. So, the gruel prepared from a fresh onion is effective. You can attach leaves of plantain or bitter wormwood. Bodiaga will also help.

Diabetes mellitus

Diabetes requires constant monitoring of the doctor, regular measurements of blood sugar, the use of drugs that reduce glucose( insulin), as well as adherence to a strict diet that involves limiting the use of carbohydrate foods. As for folk recipes, then decoction of walnut partitions, celery root infusion and some other means are effective.

Ingrown nail

Ingrown nails are in most cases to be removed. It can only be performed by a surgeon.


With gout, an important role is played by a diet aimed at reducing the level of uric acid. The ration includes cereals, dairy and sour-milk products, vegetables and fruits, nuts, bakery products. Do not eat red meat, offal, beans, salt or fried fish, steep meat broths.

It is necessary to give up alcohol and reduce the consumption of strong tea and coffee. During the exacerbation of the disease, anti-inflammatory drugs such as Diclofenac, Nyz, Indomethacin and others are prescribed.

Treatment with folk remedies will alleviate the pain in exacerbations. You can make compresses from fish or from fat. A mass made of activated carbon and alcohol will also help. Crushed onion is effective.


For arthritis, chondroprotective agents are prescribed that protect and repair articular tissues;Anti-inflammatory drugs that relieve inflammation and eliminate pain;Vitamin preparations that help to fill the deficiency of substances necessary for the normal operation of joints.

The tincture of bay leaves and potatoes, as well as apple cider vinegar, are used. All these funds are used externally. To normalize the work of the joints, therapeutic gymnastics is prescribed.


For arthrosis, as with arthritis, chondroprotectors, anti-inflammatory drugs( including hormones, used for severe tissue damage), physiotherapy procedures and gymnastics are prescribed. The cabbage leaves, compresses made of yogurt and chalk, are applied to diseased joints.

Valgus deformation

With valgus deformation, special orthopedic devices that help fix the thumb and prevent further displacement will help. Such folk remedies as turpentine, infusions and decoctions of propolis, bodiaga will help.

Let the pains in the big toe do not bother you!

Let's consider in more detail, than differ and similar diagnoses.

Pain in arthrosis

Those who have little understanding of the real clinical picture, calls arthrosis gout. This is a huge mistake. Diseases are different and require a different approach to treatment. The only thing that unites them is the pain in the big toe.

Osteoarthritis accompanies for the most part women, and gout - for men. This is due to the fact that women are more likely to sacrifice leg health for the sake of beautiful, but uncomfortable shoes. If a woman wears tight shoes, which squeezes bones, fingers and feet, then deformation of the thumb occurs. Under the influence of walking, not only the bones of the thumbs begin to suffer, but also the joints. Inflammation begins in them. They start to increase in size. With the passage of time, any movement of the thumb causes pain. And later the bones of the thumb hurt even in a state of rest. If you do not pay attention to it in time, then the curvature, compaction and thickening deform the bones to such an extent that there will be no reverse process. The finger can stay in the wrong position forever. This causes friction about the shoes and inflammation in the around the articular tissues. After this, inflammation of the joint occurs. The thumb on the leg becomes swollen and red.

As a consequence, the process covers the rest of the toes and the foot. Unfortunately, this process can not be stopped and not corrected by drugs. Without the help of a surgeon you can not do. Therefore, women who like narrow shoes with heels, it is worth thinking about the consequences of wearing such shoes. At the slightest painful sensations, it is necessary to change your favorite shoes to comfortable ones, give peace to the feet and stop the deformation of the other fingers. Why women are so reckless and do not pay proper attention to leg health, you can explain. Beauty, up to a certain age, is more important for them.


In contrast to arthrosis, gout has completely different conditions of appearance. Here everything is much more complicated. Among the reasons called - metabolic disorders. Salts of uric acid, instead of being excreted from the body, are deposited in the joints and kidneys. This traumatizes the organs and causes severe pain. Inflammation of the joints is the onset of the disease. It is the lower extremities that suffer in the first place.

The first attack of gout begins with the inflammation of the thumb of the right or left leg. As a rule, the finger begins to ache sharply. This manifests itself at night.

If you do not diagnose gout in time, the disease will go into a prolonged phase. Inflammation can persist for several months. There may be an increase in body temperature, redness of the tissues on the finger at the joint site and where the nail is. The main causes of gout are a wrong lifestyle, nutrition, alcohol abuse. This disease is one of the first, described by physicians. Why it was called a disease of aristocrats, it is not difficult to guess. The disease affected people with high material wealth due to their large and unrestrained appetite, alcohol abuse.

If arthrosis involves the process of deformation of the finger, bone, nail, which the surgeon can correct, the gout becomes a consequence of a number of reasons that can be eliminated. Medicines, lifestyle changes and food culture can help.

Morton neuroma

The disease is associated with the degeneration of fibrous tissue and its thickening in the foot of the foot.

More such cases have been reported in women aged after 35 years, on the right or left leg. Simultaneously, on two legs, the disease is not common. The focus of pain extends to the thumb. Although the development of the disease occurs where the bones of the third and fourth toes are. Sometimes, between the bones of the second and third fingers. Very rarely the disease affects other fingers and bones. Here, the reasons also lie in the mechanical action on the feet and fingers. Incorrect shoes, flat feet, overloads, injuries - these are the factors that increase the risk of acquiring fasciitis soles( this is the second name of the disease).The thumb hurts just like everyone else. The main discomfort occurs at the base of the finger.

Women are susceptible to this disease five times more often than men.

Diabetes and pain in the thumb

Strange may seem the relationship between the disease of diabetes and pain in the toe. Unfortunately, the disease is so complicated that it involves many organs, nerve endings, and limbs. After a hard day, prolonged walking, overload, a bone on your toe can hurt at night or in the morning. In addition, burning sensation in the feet can be felt.

Ingrown nail

The ingrown nail is also a consequence of mechanical action. Incorrect form of shoes, finger injuries, fractures, dislocations, too deep cut nails, infections and fungi - all this causes inflammation in the joint.

To determine that the nail becomes ingrown by several signs: a change in shape, reddening of the upper part of the finger near the nail, it is possible to secrete pus, the finger experiences acute pain with a twitching character.

The ingrown nail is a common problem. Self-medication should not be dealt with, the problem can be aggravated.

In addition to all the above reasons, pain can occur due to a huge layer of dead cells. These growths must be removed so that blood circulation is not difficult.

Which doctor will help with toe pain

The legs carry the greatest physical exertion. The whole day they carry a body whose weight sometimes exceeds their strength. At any painful sensations, whether it be a pain in a bone, in a finger or a foot, it is necessary to concern attentively to a signal. If there is a suspicion that the pain in the toes - this can be inflammation, you need to seek help from a neurologist, traumatologist, endocrinologist or surgeon.

Author of the article:

For a week the toe hurts( the big one near the nail on the right).What is it can be and what to anoint?


The left thumb on the right, this one!
Right thumb on the right, it's different!
If I understand correctly, it's about the inside of the thumb!?
Apparently, the nail grows into soft tissues!
Be careful when you trim your toenails!
You do not need to worry yet, but look. ...apparently, it is necessary to cut off with scissors the skin part of the nail!

forestry sokolova

maybe it's a fingernail, it's better to go to the fighter the faster the better.


The ingrown nail.go to the dermatologist


Maybe your fingernail grows up? That it is necessary to cut off fingernails or nails

Vadim Veselov

Most likely grows a fingernail, descend or go to the surgeon necessarily! !!

Natalia Rumyantseva

to the surgeon


possible nasal growth


This ingrown nail! To smear nothing, itself was excruciated, in a drugstore have told or said, that ointments from it or this are not present. ... I have simply steamed a leg or foot and have made small operation to myself, have cut off this ingrown part! But if everything is completely neglected, go ahead to the surgeon. In the worst cases, the fingernail is either entirely, or perhaps removed. ... so that it does not grow. ... infection!

Dmitry Kosenko

This is gangrene. Do not ask idiotic questions - there will not be stupid answers.

Volly Penner

Most likely this is the growth of the nail into a pad or roller. It is necessary to steam out a leg and cut an ingrown nail. After the procedure, lubricate with a mixture of lamizil and sybicorta( or aurobin).But if funds permit, go to the pedicure. An experienced master will remove the ingrown nail more professionally. A visit to a dermatologist, as advised here, will not give anything - a dermatologist, a doctor specializing in skin diseases. As for the surgeon, this is an extreme measure. Something like treating a headache by cutting a head. I repeat: just a pedicure!


To smear it is useless. If after hitting, then delete it.

Tatiana Komarova

maybe it's a panarica. I need a surgeon. In the meantime, try to ease your condition by applying to the sore spot ointment "First Aid, Witch Doctor or Doctor."

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