The use of lemon essential oil

Essential oils have firmly taken their place in cosmetology, medicine and even perfumes, thanks to their life-giving properties and amazing aromas. They are actively used today. One of the most popular esters is lemon oil. Specialists recommend using it for facial skin as a rejuvenating agent. He has practically no competitors among the most expensive means.

Lemon oil is the first aid. After the first practice, very noticeable changes in the skin of the face are noticed. Lemon essential oil contains a sufficient amount of useful substances, including vitamins E, B, C and D.

Remarkable acid coumarin has a restoring effect. It also perfectly dilutes the blood, thereby restoring damaged vessels. For women over thirty, this remedy is extremely useful, because it helps to produce collagen in the skin. As a result, we get a reduction in the number of wrinkles and getting rid of the so-called "crow's feet".With the systematic use of lemon oil: skin cells are regenerated, wrinkles are smoothed out, and the face becomes elastic and more juicy.

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For young ladies with oily skin, oil will help narrow the pores and normalize the production of sebum. The suffering of adolescents from skin rashes can also be alleviated by this miracle cure. Acne, rashes, suppuration and vascular reticulum will no longer disturb your face if you regularly rub it with diluted lemon oil. In the same way, you can get rid of black spots and remove the vascular network.

With normal and combination skin, rubbing with oil favors the preservation of color and improves the freshness of the face. If the skin is prone to dryness, lemon ether will help to protect from peeling, moisturize and saturate it with vitamins.

Girls with sensitive skin make sense to be sensible with the lemon stimulus, as it is very clever in matters of damaging their delicate skin. However, adding a couple of drops of essential oil to the daily cream will greatly improve the condition of the face.

Thanks to its antiseptic, bactericidal and antiphlogistic properties, lemon oil can treat viral herpes, warts, pustules and various kinds of skin inflammation.

There are only two methods of using lemon oil for the face of

  1. in its pure form. Because of the increased acidity of the product in its pure form, it should be applied only to certain affected areas, without touching the healthy skin.
  2. Diluted ether. In this case, it can be diluted with water, added to creams or masks and applied daily to the entire face area.

Of course, the most beneficial for the skin will bring a natural face mask made by own forces. With the addition of lemon essential oil, it will gain double efficiency.

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