Likuvannya osteochondrosis

How and how to treat osteochondrosis: the most effective ways of

Osteochondrosis is a fairly common disease, as a result of which the ligamentous apparatus of the spine is affected. There are a lot of reasons for the development of this pathology, but all of them ultimately lead to a disruption of metabolism directly in the intervertebral discs. The disease is much more often affects women, but it is much more painful for men. Therefore, to know what to treat osteochondrosis and how to do it is absolutely necessary for everyone.

Symptoms of osteochondrosis

Before starting to treat osteochondrosis or seek medical help, you should carefully listen to your body and try to answer yourself the following questions:

  • Do you have a permanent or periodic heaviness in the back, excessive tension or numbness of the musclesback?
  • Have you ever felt "goose bumps" on the skin of the waist, back, neck?
  • Have you ever had a so-called "lumbago" in the lower back or attacks of aching pain in your hands or neck?
  • Does it hurt you to lift your arms normally?
  • Do frequent dizziness attacks occur? Is there noise in the ears or nausea?
  • Is there numbness in the neck, hands, or back?

If at least one response is positive, you are advised to seek medical advice without delay. Initially, it can be a local therapist who will direct you to a specialist if necessary.

Diagnosis of osteochondrosis

the doctor is looking X-ray In order to choose the most effective treatment for osteochondrosis, it is necessary to determine the exact cause of its development and the degree of damage to the organism, which is impossible without complete diagnostics. As a rule, the complex of all necessary procedures is conducted under the guidance of an orthopedist, neuropathologist or vertebrologist. The presence of osteochondrosis is confirmed by the presence of appropriate symptoms, the history of the disease and after a complete examination.

Together with osteochondrosis, when a patient is examined, the doctor usually finds scoliosis( curvature of the spine), soreness at certain points and excessively strained muscles on either side of the spine.

In order to clarify the diagnosis, X-ray examination of the spine, computed tomography and nuclear magnetic resonance are performed.

How to treat osteochondrosis?

First and foremost, it is important to understand that the greatest success in the treatment of osteochondrosis can be achieved only if you cooperate with your doctor - any self-medication can lead to a deterioration in your health.

So, the treatment of the osteochondrosis of the spine is always quite complex and includes many components:

  • Medication;
  • Surgical treatment;
  • exercise therapy;
  • The right diet.

In addition, the patient is recommended to comply with bed rest, which, however, is almost impossible. Therefore, doctors advise simply to lie more often on a hard surface, including, and during sleep. However, if the pain attacks are strong enough, it is best to minimize the mobility of the spine and contact the doctor more quickly.


Osteochondrosis can be treated with light physical exertion. It beneficially affects all parts of the spine, improving metabolism and gradually repairing damaged intervertebral discs. As a result, the mobility of the spine improves, and the muscles located next to it, up to the disability of the person, are strengthened.

There are many options for therapeutic gymnastics for osteochondrosis. Most often they are designed for one of the departments and the spine( cervical, lumbar, thoracic).The first exercise LFK must take place under the supervision of the coach, as improper execution threatens with serious consequences. In the future, you can practice physical therapy at home.


What herbs to treat osteochondrosis? With the confidence to answer this question can only the attending physician of the patient after carrying out all the necessary diagnostic studies. However, the use of any medicinal products for this disease is carried out in order to:

  • Eliminate back pain and get rid of all the accompanying symptoms of osteochondrosis;
  • Cope with the inflammatory process;
  • Stimulate the regeneration of cartilage and intervertebral disc tissues;
  • Restore normal functioning of the spine;
  • Prevent further progression of the disease.

Pain Control

We recommend reading: osteochondrosis of the lumbar region Lumbar Degree
  • 2 Degree Osteochondrosis If soreness has appeared less than 1.5 weeks ago, NSAIDs( non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs) such as Ibuprofen, Indomethacin and Diclofenac are used. They allow not only to eliminate pain, but also to cope with the primary inflammatory process;
  • The pain started more than 2 weeks ago - painkillers or analgesics( Tramadol, Pentalgin, etc.) are used together with NSAIDs. In such a situation, the prescription of the above medicines allows to get rid of the pain and move on to the subsequent stages of treatment;
  • Pain is observed for more than 3 months - simultaneously used NSAIDs, analgesics and antidepressants( Fluoxetine, Amitriptyline).Using the latter allows you to restore the psycho-emotional balance of a person and reduce his pain.

Remember, the frequency of application and dosage of medicines is prescribed exclusively by the doctor. Self-administration of any drugs is strictly prohibited.

Drugs for the treatment of osteochondrosis cause

As mentioned earlier, the main cause of osteoporosis is the destruction of articular cartilage and intervertebral discs as a result of metabolic problems. Proceeding from this pharmacologists have developed drugs called "chondroprotectors", which are aimed at regulating metabolic processes in the body and rapid regeneration of cartilage of the spine.
To date, the most effective drugs are the following:

  • Teraflex;
  • Chondroxide;
  • Structur.

Rehabilitation treatment

Rehabilitation of patients after this disease is an extremely difficult task. To this end, the following methods are used:

  • Laser therapy;
  • Electrophoresis with muscle relaxants and anti-inflammatory agents;
  • Traditional traction;
  • Magnetotherapy;
  • Individual therapeutic gymnastics;
  • Manual therapy;
  • Apparatus for the treatment of osteochondrosis( Frolova, Armos, etc.);
  • Mud treatment;
  • Massage;
  • Swimming;
  • Baths( contrast, radon).

All procedures and devices for the treatment of osteochondrosis are used only during remission, a time when the course of the disease is not accompanied by severe pain.


Surgical treatment of

The reason for surgical treatment may be later treatment of the patient, the presence of complications of the underlying disease( eg, intervertebral hernia, sciatica) or inefficiency of conservative treatment methods.

All variants of surgical intervention pursue the same goals: elimination of pressure on the spinal cord itself and its roots, as well as stabilization of the spine structure. If the patient has an intervertebral hernia, then the complete removal of the affected disc and the resulting hernia is performed.

Of course, surgical treatment assumes a certain degree of risk. Therefore, in most cases, such operations are carried out for emergency indications, and planned only in the most severe cases.

Folk recipes

Treatment of osteochondrosis with herbs, tinctures, lotions and compresses can in no case be the main one. It should only complement the traditional methods of treatment. And even in this case it is important to consult a doctor beforehand in order to avoid trouble.

Than to treat an osteochondrosis of a neck

Osteochondrosis is not a fatal disease, but it causes great trouble. Every second person suffers from this disease. Osteochondrosis is accompanied by pains that are so intense that it is impossible to just move and live a full life. Than to treat an osteochondrosis of a neck, know, unfortunately, not everything when collide or face with this disease.

Osteochondrosis is a disease of the ligament apparatus. In other words, this is a metabolic disorder in the cartilages between the vertebrae. Women are sick much more often than men. But if a man encounters this pathology, then it is more painful for him.

Than to treat an osteochondrosis of a neck We pay less attention to our spine. The load on the spinal column decreases in the prone position. But we ignore it. After a while, all this leads to the development of the disease, and people only get hooked when severe pains appear. The patient raises his head or turns his neck with difficulty. Often raising one's hands leads to sharp unpleasant pains and dizziness.

With the load on the cartilage, they gradually thin out, and this leads to clamping and deforming the nerves. Unfortunately, they are not being restored and the diagnosis of "osteochondrosis" remains for the rest of life.

What treatments exist?

As mentioned above, osteochondrosis is an incurable disease, but nevertheless it is possible to alleviate the condition. Of course, the deformed cartilage can not be restored. Therefore, how to treat osteochondrosis of the cervical spine, the doctor can say. Suspending the disease is the first thing you need when starting treatment. The second stage will be getting rid of unpleasant symptoms.

There are several methods for the treatment of cervical osteochondrosis. Which of them is better to choose - only the doctor can tell. He can advise combining several methods or use them in each individual case. After all, any treatment is selected individually for each.

  • Medications in the treatment of osteochondrosis. This is the most common method in treating this ailment. For him, anti-inflammatory, analgesic and decongestants are used. Very often, ointments are used for these purposes, helping to get rid of pain. Ointments have a relaxing effect on the neck muscles, improve blood circulation and promote the restoration of cartilage. The downside of this method is its re-appointment. After all, the action of drugs is short-term and requires constant therapy.
  • Physiotherapy. These include magnets, electrophoresis, ultrasound, mud and current treatment. To each kind of physiological treatment there are a number of indications and contraindications. Therefore, only a doctor can prescribe a method for the treatment of a dystrophic lesion of the articular cartilage with the underlying bone tissue. For example, in tumorous formations, massage and warming are contraindicated. Modern treatment of cervical osteochondrosis also implies stretching, which is carried out on specialized couches. The procedure is prescribed strictly according to the indications and is controlled by the doctor. The spine under this procedure is stretched, therefore the distance between the spinal discs increases and the pain recedes. Unfortunately, this method has a short action.
  • Reflexotherapy. This method of treatment has come to us from the East. Reflexotherapy is the impact on the points of the human body. These points are affected by heating, acupuncture and injection. Unfortunately, traditional medicine is against this method, and doctors treat it skeptically. But after reflexotherapy, patients note pain relief, mobility returns and blood flow improves. This method helps not only get rid of the disease, but heals the entire body.
  • Manual therapy. How can you cure cervical osteochondrosis with manual therapy? Manual therapy is a very jewelry work. After all, the doctor does not work with muscles, but with ligaments and vertebrae, applying to them not small physical efforts. This is quite a serious therapy and therefore you should carefully consider the choice of the manual, because it depends on the patient's health. And the harm, maybe, enormous, up to disability.
Than to treat an osteochondrosis of a neck

Likuvannya osteochondrosis with folk methods-Herbal treatment, recipes of folk medicine

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Likuvannya osteochondrosis with folk methods .Osteochondrosis - zahshovorvannya, with yakomu vrazhayuyutsya cartilage і in пізніших стадіях, - кісткові елементи хребта.Z vіcomom mіzhhrebetnі disks vtrachayut rіdinu і stayut mensh rukhomіmi і gnuchkіmi, schо negatively vіdіbіvаt'sya na functіії ridge. Osteochondrosis is a condition of the cartilage of the cerebral disc, yaki wiklikayut bil.Класифікується остеохондроз по місцю виникнення on the breast, шийний iі поперековий.

cause of osteochondrosis

  • pereoholodzhennya
  • fіzichnі perevantazhennya

reasons zahvoryuvannya - vіdkladennya z'єdnan kaltsіyu not zasvoєnogo kіstkovoyu tkaninoyu іz of pogіrshennya kіstkovogo krovopostachannya, viklikanogo weakening vikrivlennyam ridge zmenshennyam vіdstanі mіzh okremimi hrebtsyami. Rozvitka zahchyovannya spustyut sludkova shilnіst, perevranatzhennia ridge( nadmіrna masa tіla, підйом тяжекості), traumas і мікротравми.

For thoracic osteochondrosis, is characteristic of the chest and prostrate in the breasts. Hvoriy is engaged in vimushene, laying down, in a kind of unrecognized manner, before the minimum. Bіl посилюється at глибокому вдиху, turns тулуба, кашлі і чханні.

For shinogo osteochondrosis characteristic boli in shi, scho viddayut in potilitsyu and shoulder. Difficulty і morbidity turn your ubiquitous head. For transverse osteochondrosis characteristic of the lumbar vertebrae with trivial naprizi, ryzkih ruhah, perekholodzhenny. Bil in these vipadkah duzhe іntensivny, vinikaє rizko, z prostrіlami. Possibly bil at russia, pіdnatіt heavier, cough, natuzhennіі and bends, and znіkі tіlki in pozhennі lying.Неприємні відчуття чоловік переживає і at обмацуванні поперекової області.Іноді хворобливість зачіпає не тільки поясницю, але і розповсюджюєєєє на сідниці і навіть стегна.

Develop osteochondrosis .Yakshcho porushennya vidbulisya in shiynyh ridge, vinikayut golovni boli, zapamorochennya, boli in shi, hands, погіршується brain blood circulation. Yaksho zmіni vinikli in the thoracic part of the ridge, zayavayutsya boli in sertsi, shlunku, intestines. Porushennya in the transverse ridges give in the loins and legs, can be in the courts of litkovich m'yaziv, make problems with sechovim mihur, prehumihurovuyu zalozoyu, ginekologichny and іnshі zahchyvovannya.

Basically likuvannya osteochondrosis polygas in that, scho polypshiti krovobog in m'yazah ridge: tse mozyut bouti masazh, roztyrnya, kompresi, whirlpools otrutami, fіtoterapiya, dієta. Kindly rock the rocking chair for a spinning simulator. The guest of the periiod of the bastings has a post-nilly regime. Lezhati neobhіdno na rіvnіy firmyi poverhnі.Використовуться різні фіксуючі пристосування( шийний комір і т. П.).Recommended manualu terapija, masazh, lіkuvalna gimnastika( ale tilki pislya kotorennennya dіagnozu for допомогою рентгенографії ініших досліджень).For znyattya boliv recognize zenebolyuyuchi і protizapalnyi preparations, zaspokylivi zasobi, vityamni grupi V.

roztirannya і kompresi for likuvannya osteochondrosis

  • Узяти шкірку 5 бананів, з drібнити і залить 0,5 л горілки, настояти 2 тижні.Roztirati the whole back ridge for an hour.
  • Сік хріну 100 г змішати з 100 г горілки, додати 1 ст.l, glitzerin. Vtirati 10 days. Procedure vikonuvati in a day.
  • Attachments compress the sheet of the golden vusa, scho rose. Course - 10 procedures.
  • On slyzhozpechenii molinets z be-yakoy flour to apply turpentine ointment і priklasti on the ridge on the year Robiti procedure in a day. After 4 days in the spring.
  • Sonjashnikova oliia, chervonium pepper, gass - zmishati 250 g of snyashnikovoy oli, 250 g of gass and 10 pods of chervonoj pepper. Please insist in a warm 10 days. Rub it in painful points.
  • Laurel noble, golki yalivtsyu, verškov oil. Podribennu in powder sumysh laurel leaf( 6 parts) and holok yalivtsyu( 1 part) rozterti zi svizhim vershkovym oil( 12 parts).Otriman ointment is vikoristovuyutsya for vtirannya in urazhenі mіscya yak znebolyuyuchy і zaspokіylivy zasib.
  • Stretching the ficus on the mountain. Prigotuvannya: peremoloti one of the mean values ​​sheet leaf of the ficus on m'yasorubtsi, flood 100 ml of the mountain, insist in the dark pro-cold day in the covered dishes 14 dniv.Отриманий настій відфільтрувати через декілька шарів марлі.Зберігати в посуді з темного скла in холодному місці.Before vizhvannanyam pіdігріти( але not on вогні, and під a string garyachoї water).Roztirati hvorі місця, а потім обв'язати a woolen scarf. Course lіkuvannya - 10-12 days.
  • Radish, honey, gorilka, syl - 1,5 bottle of radish juice with one bottle of pure honey ½ 0,5 l of mountain. Sudi, dodati 1 tablespoon of salt. All the good peremishati. Priamati at the middle of 50 g before bedtime.Цією ж сумішшю розтирати уражені місця.
  • Buzok zvichayny - visusheni kvitki rape in a boutel to the top, do not ram out, flood the mountain to the top and insist in the heat 10 d. Priimachi to the middle of 30-40 krapel 3 times a day and one-hour robiti, compress it, then it is naughty to rub it with pains.
  • Lauveve oil: 30 g dribnov nariznogo list to fill 200 g sonyashnikovoy( unrefined) abo olivkovichi oli and insist in a warm miсtsi stretching 10 days, yakshcho neobhіdno shvidko, on watery lasnі length of 1 year. Potim protsiditi.Використовувати тільки зовнішньо, втираючи в хворі місця( краше всього на ніч), і warmly wrapped.

Vanni with lokuvanni osteochondrosis in the home of the

  • . One bundle of m'yati, melissi and 200 g of birch leaf, brewed in a vigorous breeze, not so coolly or vily at the bath, lie on the hvilin 20 in the center of the rose.
  • 1,5 kg of pine needles and pine bushes, fill with 5 liters of kip'yatku, boil 30 hvilin, ostuditi and vititi at the bath, lie down 30 hvilin. Bolli pidut, the bloody ridge of the ridge.
  • 500 g of svizhіy grass sporishu abo 300 g dry brew 5 l kip'yatku, nastoy 2 gody, lie in the heart of the food 20 hvilin. And it is much shorter to paste in the croak of the kropivi, pohlyoskati ім on the eighth ridge.
  • In vidro teploї vodi rape 1 teaspoon of cuprous vitriol, shchob water has become blue-blue. Fill in the decal of such videre at the bath і zanurujutsja in nei on 40 hvilin.Вже після першої ван ний відчуєте полегшення ліг кістка в рухах, болі відступають.

Travi for lokuvannya osteochondrosis

  • 1 kg of corn, leaf and stalk seleri pass through the m'a, the dodati 0.5 kg of honey, vizhati sіk з 2 лимонів, все перемішати.Priamati for 1 tbsp.l.3 times a day for 30 h.before їжі.Відбувається очищення оргаізму.
  • Подрібнити листя топінамбура.3 tbsp.l.заварити в термосі літром кип'ятку, настояти 20 мін.Piti yak tea with honey without cream.
  • Once in a fucking rozhiti rozvantazhuvalny day: 1.5 kg of a hedgehog in 4 priyomi.Є rice porridge vrantsi stretch mіsyatsya without soli, tsukru і oils( 2 items l., Rice for 1.5 bottle of water), varity till preparedness, writing for 4 hours.
  • Їsti topinambur in siromu і tushkovoyu viglyadі 1 time vden. Tysyachhelistnik zvichayny - 1 table spoon of dried herbs zalivatsya 1 bottle kip'yatku.nasti, wrapped, 1 godina Zastosovuvati vredineu odnіy stolovіy lozyci 3 times a day.
  • Tansy zvichayne - 1 tablespoon kvitkovyh koshikіv to fill in 200 g of kip'yatku. Nastoy 2 years. Protsiditi. Piti for 1 table lodges 3-4 times a day for 20 hvilin before їжі.
  • Селера пахуча - сік зі свіжих рослин пити on 1-2 teaspoons 3 times a day. Abo 1 table spoon podrbennenogo svіzhogo korinnya zalivayetsya 2 flasks kip'yatku і napolyagayє 4 gody. Priymati 50 g 3 times a day for 30 hvilin before їжі.
  • Oats( grain) - a flask of grain pour 1 liter of water, boil in small water before viparovovannya 1/4 parti rіdini. Protsidzhuyut. Priymayut mucus vidvar( you can with honey) 1/2 bottle 3 times a day before їжі.
  • Cones of hops - 2 tbsp.spoons, korіn valeriani - 4 tbsp.spoons, herb trees - 7 tbsp.spoon, korinny kulbabi - 4 tbsp.spoons, polish - 1 tsp spoon, thyme - 1 tbsp.a spoon. All подрібнити, змішати.Зберігати in the dry, прохолодному місці.1 tbsp. Spoon the zboru with a bottle of kip'yatku. Priamati according to 2 tbsp.tablespoons 4-6 times a day.
  • Настій з laurel leaf: 5 г подрібненгого a sheet fill in термомосі 300 ml кип'ятку, нати 3 години, procidity. Vipiti tsu dose in small sips in the course of 12 years.Курс лікування - 2 дні.Terms priyoma not abuse!
  • For likuvannya osteochondrosis in domestic tastes vikoristovuyte takozh snyashnik. Tea from the root of the sonyashniku ​​rozchinyaє bagato salts in organizmі.Vosni reserve in the parts of the corn, obrizayas volosiny korintsi. Obmyte їх і висушіть in тіні.Before vizhivannyaem rozdribnite korin on dribnі shmatachki rozmіrom z kvasolinu. Tea goutuyte in emelovanomu dishes on this recipe. At 3 liters of water, 1 bottle of corn. Prokip'yatite 1-2 hvilini.Випити потрібно for 2-3 дні.Potim znovu prokip'yatite tse korinnya in 3 liters of water, or even 5 hvilin. Takozh potrbno vipiti for 2-3 days. The third time kip'yatite tse korinnya in the same way kіlkosty vod, ale vzhe 10-15minut. Vipite, znovu nevertheless for 2-3 days. Having finished drinking tea in the first portion of the korinnya, make sure that the tea is delivered to you in large doses in the course of a month and a long time.Солі почнуть виводитися тільки після двох тижнів.I can not go to the quiet place, I will not leave the village, I'm the water. When vzhivannnі tea can not be a gostrú і strongly food solon. Vaughn is guilty of boozing with salt, not sour, and, most importantly, fresh.
  • Dobre rozchinyayut soli with likuvannі osteochondrosis takozh tea iz sporishu, polovogo horsetail, kavunovih kirok, garbuzovih hvostikiv, bearberry and shabelnik marsh.

Gimnastics for osteochondrosis

Begin vikonannya lіkuvalnoy gimnastiki z 2-3 povorotiv і postopovoe bring kіlkіst repeat to 10. In perіоd zagostrennia crook robity can not be right.

  • Sit up straight, hands on kolinah. Povolі nahiliet head forward, vidchuyte, yak rotyagyuyutsya m'yazi shii.
  • Sit up straight, turn your head in one bik, marvel at the spoiler on one shoulder, sweat, turn in the crook of the post, vikonaєte vpravu in інший бік.
  • Sediachi directly, povoli nahilіt head to the left shoulder, turn in the cushion position. Repeat the collapse in the next b.
  • Sit down straight, empty the arms of the bridle. Robіt обертальні рухи плечима назад, наскільки можливо піднімаючи їх вгору, а потім maximally відводячи back.

Recipes of national medicine to add vilіkuvati hvorobi і znati zdorovja!

Folk methods of treatment of osteochondrosis-Likuvannya with herbs, prescriptions of national medicine

People get rid of the osteochondrosis .Osteochondrosis of the ridge is zahvoryuvannya, with yakomu vidbuvaetsya pozraka mizhhrebtsevyh diskiv і інших tissues of the ridge. Pіd osteochondrosis rozumієtsya dystrofіchny process in міжхребетних disks. Postupovo vtrachayuchi svoehlastichnі authorities, the disk is flattened. As a result, vizdstan mezh zhmenbtsami zmeneshyatsya, and nervovi korintsi, scho vidhodyat v vid spinal cord, i sudini zatiskayutsya - vinikaє bil, in the region of the seal of the nerve-sudinovogo bundle pozhayayut narostyati neatness blush, scho lead to a more bolshogo izisku і posilennya bolju.

In case of osteochondrosis ridge before pathological process, m'yazi and bagato internal organs are received. Tse it is tied up, that is to infringe on the suture-nervicular bundle - to be circumcised by blood loss and intolerance of internal organs and diseases. Napriklad, with osteochondrosis shiynogo viddіlu ridge at patsіynta often spostterіgayutsya golovnі boli, zapamorochennya, noise at vuhah, poroshennya zoru.

In case of osteochondrosis of the chest - difficulty of dihannya and sertsevoi dіyalnosti;transversal vіddіlu - zaslashenya robot organіv travlenya, nirok, znenzhennia potentsіїї.

Naiibolsh shilni up to osteochondrosis people, sufferers of impregnations of obchinu rechovin, and takozh rіznim hormonal і sudinnimi porushenni, okskilki danyogo genus zahshovuvannya viklikayut povshennya zhivlenya mіzhhrebnegikh disks. Yaksho not priyamati nyakih zahodiv, then z hour krai mizhhrebetnogo disk, scho uzhchilnivsya, poznut vidupati for interi spine, i sho vidhodit v spidnogo mozhu nervovo-sudinny bunny postynno travmuvatimetsya. So vidbuvaetsya formvannya mizhhrebnetnoi grizi.

Folk zasobi likuvannya osteochondrosis

More rihaytesya, shodnya robit 'on dekil'ka vpravo na zmіtsnennya i gnuchkist' ridge( more often yaqsho їх you індивідуально підбере фахівець).Steshite for your postavoyu navyt koli sit in krіsli. Sleep on the stiff mattress.М'який матрац зігріває міжхребетні disks и робить їх it is easy зрушуваними.Shchodnya spetsialnymi vpravami ukriplyuyte m'yazi back, uniquely uniquely set the ridge. Povnotsynno harp.

Щоб забавитися від фізичних страждань, візьміть zachichnu rocking chair for rokochuvannya test in the right hand and potyhonechku, postpovo pіsiljulyuchi, tap on the right shoulder, shovel, and ridge. Potim those same Same problelyamaemo on the left side of the body. Tse mozhna robiti uvečerі, sit in front of telvіzorom, vrantsі, leave готоється сніданок.Head, regularly.

Lie down on the paddle on the rocking chair and try to "poke" on ny tudi-syudi hvilin 15-20. The next day, it's possible, I'll repeat the procedure if it's all right. I do not forget about regularity.

People zasobi likuvannya osteochondrosis for zovnіshnogo zastosuvannya:

  • to take a slice of a dance, zasipati in her 50 g of herb calendula, pour a glass of camphor alcohol, a glass of cologne, a glass of a mountain( or moonshine).Close the cork and put the dance in the darkness of the room. After 2 tizhny the infusion is ready.
  • fruit korіandru, nirki birch, grass pom'yatі, korіn kulbabi - portivnu. Prigotuvannya: 3 table spoons podrybnennogo in powder zboru pour 100 ml kip'yatku, kip'yatiti on a small vogni for postyynomu pomishuvanni 5 hvilin, zmishati s rozoplenim vnutrishnym pig's fat( can zamnichiti topkovym oil) and oil of 75 grams, ostuditi, zberigatiin the fridge.
  • brunki birch, korin gortsya zmіїnogo, grass zvіroboyu, nirki topolі - portivnu. Prigotuvannya: 3 table spoons podrybnennogo in powder zboru pour 100 ml kip'yatku, kip'yatiti on a small vogni for postyynomu pomishuvanni 5 hvilin, zmishati s rozoplenim internal pig's fat( can zamniti tyvshchim oil) і рослинним oil for 75 grams, ostuditi, zberigatiin the fridge.
  • квітки доалендули, квітки комірника, трава пом'яті, cones of hops, grass cleanness, leaf evkalіpta - portіvnu. Prigotuvannya: 3 table spoons podrybnennogo in powder zboru pour 100 ml kip'yatku, kip'yatiti on a small vogni for postyynomu pomishuvanni 5 hvilin, zmishati s rozoplenim vnutrishnym pig's fat( can zamnichi topkovym oil) and oil of 75 grams, ostuditi, zberigatiin the fridge.
  • korin burdock, grass pom'yati, leaf plantain, kamotki camomiles, nikir pine, grass fialki tribarvnuyu - portivnu. Prigotuvannya: 3 table spoons podrybnennogo in powder zboru pour 100 ml kip'yatku, kip'yatiti on a small vogni for postyynomu pomishuvanni 5 hvilin, zmishati s rozoplenim internal pig's fat( can zamniti tyvshchim oil) і рослинним oil for 75 grams, ostuditi, zberigatiin the fridge.
  • korini marshmallow, lavender grass, herb hay, grass horsetail polovogo, korіn kulbabi - portivnu. Prigotuvannya: 3 table spoons podrybnennogo in powder zboru pour 100 ml kip'yatku, kip'yatiti on a small vogni for postyynomu pomishuvanni 5 hvilin, zmishati s rozoplenim internal pig's fat( can zamniti tyvshchim oil) і рослинним oil for 75 grams, ostuditi, zberigatiin the fridge.
  • корінь горця зміїного, grass звіробою, grass pom'yatі, nirki pines, grass cleanliness, leaf evkalіpta - порівну.Prigotuvannya: 3 tablespoons podribnennogo in powder zboru fill 100 ml of boiling water, kip'yatiti on a small vogni for postyynomu pomishuvanni 5 hvilin, zmishati s rozpplenim internal pig fat( you can zamnichi topkovym oil) and roslinnym oil for 75 grams, ostuditi, zberigati in the fridge. Ointment is applied to the area of ​​urazhenu, rubbing it through 3-5 hvilin, nislja chogo tse misce goodly to wrap. The procedure is repeated 3-4 times on the dob.

In case of osteochondrosis , the coryza is compressed with ointments: ointment is lightly rubbed into the skin, curved upward with polyietylene( in the region, bazhano, scratch the leaves of the leaves, bustle, shavlya, pom'yatі, melkosi, put 1-2 burdockers on the burdock leaf), curl with woolen fabric and fіksyut.

Gimnastics for osteochondrosis

Right 1. Nahilit head forward, one-hour onslaught on the forehead with woven fingers fingers. Poslidovno nasisnete fingers in the wake and vіskі - lіvy, rule. The head is protested by the grip of the hands, and the arms are clutched by the head. Spend 10 seconds. On the cobra rub.

To the right 2. To spread the knobs of chotiriok fingers on the forehead of one prototype one, m'yako nasisnete on skryu all the surface of the dolon i m'yakimi tjagovymi ruhami roztyagayte її stretching 10-40 seconds. Tak well roztyagannya mi mozhemo vikonati і na skroni v podovzhnyomu i transversnomu tense. Well - on yushtsi - roztyaguvati yogi at all strains, especially the lobe. krovobog in oblasts, bahatih bіologіchno active points.

Right 3. Tsej a kind masazhu I shall be covered with a bleeding in jugular veins, polupshyetsja zhivlennja mozhku. Sadte rivno, a back it is direct.Поволі відведіть head back, допомагаючи hand, натискаючи на підборіддя назад і вгору.You can turn the head of the trophy to the right and to the right. Stay in the middle of the world.Дітям достатні 10 сек.

To the right 4. To the right, I will be hidden by the robot of the shiny nerve gossip. Sit down, the back is straight. Povolі nahilite head forward, pragnuchi torknutisya pіdborіddjam breasts. Pokladete gossip fingers on the potilitsyu, nasisnete vperd i vgoru, pidvodyachi potilitsyu. Sit like that. Khvilini after 15 can be repeated.

Right 5. Pіднімайте плечі вгору, прагнучи дістати до вух, lower, вільніше, швидше - extending 15 sec. Now the worms - one shoulder in the air, the other - down, tezh 15 seconds. Rositrity shiyny viddil ridge dolony.

Be healthy! Narodna medicine to add vilіkuvati hvorobi і vidnidoviti zdorovya!

Osteochondrosis - treatment at home with folk remedies

Treatment of osteochondrosis at home

Gymnastics and exercises for osteochondrosis

To have the effect of gymnastics, it must be performed on a daily basis.

  • You should tilt your head forward, cross your arms in your fingers and press your crossed arms against the neck. Hold in this position for 30 seconds.
  • Perform circular motions with your head. In this case, the tips of the fingers should be in the middle of the shoulder.

Massage of earlobes, neck, shoulders is very effective.

  • In the sitting position, you should tilt your head back, straighten your back. Hand it is necessary to press on a chin, to turn gradually a head that to the left, that to the right. After each movement and turning the head should be delayed for 15 seconds.
  • It is necessary to raise and lower the shoulders alternately and together. With every change in the position of the body, you need to stay for 15-20 seconds. Lift shoulders strongly so that they reach almost to the ears. Rubbing the spine( warming up) at the beginning and at the end of the charge is necessary.

Exacerbation of osteochondrosis - what to do?

In spring, the lower parts of the spine become more aggravated, in the winter the thoracic department becomes aggravated. Exacerbation can be due to changes in weather, stress, and physical exertion. When the disease worsens, anesthetics, local ointments, drugs that relieve swelling and muscle spasm are prescribed. Apply diuretics with severe swelling, but at the same time you need to apply preparations of sodium and potassium.

Treatment of thoracic osteochondrosis

With chest osteochondrosis, pain occurs both with angina pectoris. Increased pain occurs when coughing, sneezing, if a person raises his hand. Sensitivity from the affected side is reduced. Pain in the hand is aching or cutting. The pain in the heart region confuses the person, he thinks that the heart is sick. But unlike heart disease a person will not feel better after "Validol" or "Nitroglycerin".

Treatment of osteochondrosis with folk remedies

  • Treatment of osteochondrosis at home. Put 12 g of bay leaves in an enamel saucepan, add 300 ml of water, bring to a boil, boil for 5 minutes, insist, wrapped, 3 hours and strain. Drink the whole portion of it in small sips during the day and for the last time - before going to bed. Infusion promotes intensive dissolution of salts. Take infusion should be 3-4 days in a row and a week later, repeat the course. Then these two courses of treatment of osteochondrosis need to be repeated in a year, after cleaning the liver. V.Vostokov
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  • Treatment of osteochondrosis with home remedies. Knead the dough from rye flour( without yeast).When it becomes sour, take a folded cloth or gauze four times, spread a layer of dough 1 -2 cm thick on it and apply it to the sore spot. Do the procedure every night.10 procedures are enough. You can add 30 drops of turpentine to the sponge, to enhance the effect( at first it is better to try without turpentine).
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  • Rubbing with Osteochondrosis. It is necessary to take 300 g of alcohol, 10 ml of camphor alcohol, 10 ml of iodine, 10 tablets of analgin. All mix, insist in a dark bottle and dark place 21 days and can be used for grinding.
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  • Finely chop the garlic and apply it in the evening before bedtime to a sore spot for 5-7 minutes, avoiding a burn. After this, you need to rub the sunflower oil in a sore spot and apply a warm bandage overnight. V.Vostokova
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  • You can treat osteochondrosis with folk remedies using a round balloon: put 2 or 3 balloons into each other and pour hot water in the inner ball( not completely) at a temperature that only the patient can withstand. Ball it, you need to massage the opposite( from the sore spot) side of the back: first rub( do not roll) the ball back along the spine, and then - across. Then slowly roll the ball first upwards from the sacrum along the entire vertebrae to the occiput, and then roll it back, from the nape to the sacrum. The procedure lasts 15-20 minutes, and you need to perform it every day 1-2 times. V.Vostokova
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  • Treatment of osteochondrosis at home. It is recommended to make onion compresses: grate a few onions, put this mass to the patient between the shoulder blades, cover the onion with compress paper, cover the paper with a warm cloth and hold this compress 1-3 hours. Such compresses should be done 4-5 times a week,but it is possible and more often. The course of treatment is 3-4 weeks. V.Vostokova
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  • When osteochondrosis of the lumbar spine , use the applicator. Cut out a lime or maple board with dimensions of 80 x 30 x 10 mm. A thin drill with a diameter of 1-2 mm, drill the vertical holes in a staggered order at a distance of 5-8 mm from each other. In these holes, hammer to the end the same in length( 14 mm) nails. Sharp edges are rounded with sandpaper. Double primrutuyte design of natural linseed oil. It turns out the simplest needle applicator made of wood and iron. The secret of this design probably lies in the fact that the resonance frequency of the vibrations of the iron atoms in the nails coincides with the frequency of the vibrations of the iron atoms in the blood erythrocytes. V.Vostokova
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  • Treatment of osteochondrosis at home. With nails, press the plank against clean skin in the lesion. Adjust the amount of pressure individually. If there are sharp burrs on the nails, slightly dull them with a fine sandpaper. First, the applicator can cause pain, especially when lying on the back. But the pain sensations are quickly replaced by a flood of warmth and a reduction in internal pain. A half-hour session is sufficient for one procedure. Remember that the applicator is designed for individual use and must be clean. To do this, it must be wiped with cologne or alcohol before and after use. V.Vostokova
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Tips and recipes of Dr. Konovalov SSon the treatment of osteochondrosis

  • Treatment of osteochondrosis with folk remedies. Take 200 g of lemon balm or mint and insist for an hour for 5 liters of water. Strain. In one pellet, pour half of cooked infusion and add cold water to it. In the other basin, pour the second half of the infusion, adding already hot water. First, immerse your feet in the basin with hot water for 30-60 seconds, then - into the basin with a cold( first for a few seconds, and then you can up to 10-20 seconds).Repeat 3-4 times. Water must be charged on the booklet.
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  • Contrast shower for the treatment of osteochondrosis at home. Water is initially warm for 10-20 seconds, then literally a few seconds a little colder. The water is hot 10-20 seconds, then a few seconds colder than before. And so gradually increase the gap between the temperature of hot and cold water. But it should be done wisely and start with body temperature. The procedure should not be more than five minutes daily.
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  • 4 or 6 kg of table salt put in a gauze pouch and substitute for a stream of hot water entering the bath. Bath is about 200 liters of water. The temperature of the bath should match the temperature of fresh milk. Stay in it - 10-15 minutes.
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  • Swimming in warm water when treating osteochondrosis at home .If this is not possible, dial a warm( not hot!) Bath with a water temperature of 38-39 degrees and stay in it in a relaxed state for 10-15 minutes. Then take a rough towel, abundantly moisten it with cold water and vigorously rub the body, preferably quickly for one to two minutes. After that, do not wipe yourself off, but put on a terry robe or shirt on a wet body and perform several of our energy procedures.
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  • Procedures at home in the treatment of osteochondrosis .One of my colleagues told me about this procedure when I was still at the Military Medical Academy. Pour the sheet in cold water, squeeze it, wrap it around your naked body and lie down on the bed, first spreading a wool blanket on it. Tightly cover with a wool blanket, and on top with feather down. All this should be done very quickly. As soon as everything is dry, the procedure can be repeated immediately. But no more than two times!

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