Diet with liver disease

Failure in the liver can be due to alcohol consumption, antibiotics, malnutrition and so on. For a speedy recovery of patients need to adhere to a special diet.

What you need to eat with liver diseases

The patient's diet should be saturated with vitamins, carbohydrates, minerals and proteins that are easily digested. You can use breadcrumbs, a variety of cereals not brought to the ready, with pasta should be more careful, boiled eggs or omelets, skim milk and sour milk, fish, vegetables, fruits( only not pear) and greens. As dressings for salads, you can use only vegetable oils from olives, corn, flax, pumpkin and sunflower.

Cooking first courses is allowed only on vegetable broth or plain water. Especially good soups on milk. They are instantly absorbed in the body and retain a sense of satiety for a long time.

Even with categorical prohibition of sugar consumption, doctors still allow patients some sweets: marshmallows, soufflé, fruit and berry mousses, pastilles, marmalade, jam and oatmeal cookies.

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Food should be exclusively steam, baked, boiled, raw and sour.

It is strictly forbidden to eat

It is forbidden to eat fried, smoked, fatty and spicy. Try to exclude from your diet products such as fat, any fatty, lactic and sour-milk products, cheese, canned goods, smoked products, chocolate, seasonings, ice cream, cakes, strong tea, fatty fish, sour fruit drinks, coffee, cocoa, nuts, sweet soda,alcoholic and low alcohol drinks.

Diet in the postoperative period

After the operation, doctors advise their patients to observe a special diet. From the complexity of the disease, they appoint a table number 5 or number 6.This diet does not have an additional effect on the stomach. Products in these diets do not cause irritation, the liver works in a strengthened mode.

Very carefully it is necessary to start the stomach. Since a day in the stomach did not get any food, only water. To help, then comes the use of dietary soups and light broths.

In the postoperative period, it is strictly forbidden to eat salt, spicy seasonings, sugar and spices. It is forbidden, fried, sour, smoked and fatty foods. It is necessary to exclude the use of natural juices( they can cause irritation of the organs of the gastrointestinal tract).It is necessary to introduce into the diet bran, rusks, skim curd and milk, vegetables, fruits, plentiful drink, low-fat fish and meat.

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