Save memory - live for yourself! Compatibility Noopept and alcohol

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"Up to fifty, like uphill, after fifty, like a mountain" - this phrase can often be heard from people of fifty years of age. Children grow up and stand on their feet, "their way" has already been found, relations with their mother-in-law have been clarified long ago. It would Seem, live and enjoy! After all, 50 years is only half, and it's too early to put a cross on yourself. Americans and Europeans 50 years - the "golden" period, when you can "live for yourself."In Russia, 50 years is "fifty dollars," "soon a pension," "time to dacha."

Of course, in recent years, the stereotype that "50 is too late" is breaking down, especially thanks to Russian women who are watching their appearance and youth. But in pursuit of a tight figure and a beautiful face, they forget that not only the face is aging. To be eternally young, of course, is pleasant, but not wrinkles on the face cause the distancing of children and grandchildren from their parents. Because of violations of cognitive functions - memory, attention, speech, thinking, people with age become forgetful, unassembled, insecure, uncomfortable in everyday life.

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This behavior causes pity and condescension for the relatives. An awkward silence reigns in family gatherings more and more often. The quality of life is changing for the worse. And if in 55 people forget such trifles as the date of birth of a cousin, then at 75 he can forget to turn off the stove. The issue of preservation of memory excites every person, because we all want to see how children and grandchildren are growing up, to take an active part in their lives. But how to keep the clarity of the mind and, in consequence, a reasonable, light old age? Today we will tell you where the memory goes, what is nootropics and about compatibility of Noopept and alcohol .

Why is memory so important to humans?

Human memory is a complex organization, consisting of three phases: memorization, storage, and playback. In the first phase, we capture information and associate it with previously acquired experience. At the storage phase, we hold information, process and transform. In the third phase of reproduction, we resume images, thoughts and feelings.

The functions of thinking depend on the activity of metabolic processes in nerve cells. Cognitive functions are affected by such unfavorable factors as stress, unhealthy lifestyle, lack of sleep, internal diseases and brain trauma. Almost every person encounters memory loss. But believe me, your memory is in your hands! If there is memory loss, you do not need to wait for irreversible consequences, start acting at the first fears.

How to save memory?

First, minimize stress, insomnia and bad habits. It is proved that physical activities reduce the probability of memory loss by 50%.Enough thirty minutes of fast walking a day to prolong the youth of the brain. The main vitamin that is responsible for our memory is B12.Since over the years it is absorbed worse, you need to eat more foods, where the high content of this vitamin, for example, fish and liver. Improve mental activity and increase the resistance of the brain to damaging factors will help and medications nootropics, which have a beneficial effect on the higher functions of the brain. From domestic nootropics, a drug with a peptide structure of Noopept that exerts a double action is isolated:

  1. Affects three phases: memorization, storage and reproduction, improving memory.
  2. Nourishes and protects brain cells.

Noopept does not cause drowsiness and withdrawal syndrome, while the drug does not excite the nervous system. The drug is convenient to take - twice a day: the first reception in the morning and the second in the afternoon until six in the evening. The positive effect of Noopept appears after a long intake of 1.5 to 3 months, two packages are enough for a course. To continuously maintain cognitive functions, Hopept can be taken in courses with a break of 1 month. Do not be afraid that taking the drug will change your plans. Not only does it have no systemic side effects, & lt; Noopept is compatible with alcohol and other medications, and does not affect the possibility of driving a vehicle.

Noopept and alcohol

Separately tell how compatible Noopept and alcohol .Alcohol is one of the unfavorable factors that adversely affects the higher functions of the brain. But it is difficult to imagine the life of a Russian person without holidays and feasts, so pharmacists and doctors often have to answer the question about compatibility of Noopept with alcohol .

Can I take Noopept after alcohol?

Alcohol does not affect the effect of taking Noopept. Moreover, if you took Noopept and alcohol , but nootropy will protect the brain cells from the toxic substances of alcohol. Therefore, to the question, can take Noopept with alcohol , we, extremely reluctantly, but confidently answer "yes."And let Noopept and alcohol not the best combination for maintaining cognitive functions of a person, but the drug will at least increase the resistance of brain tissue to an unfavorable factor.

After fifty, life is just beginning. The accumulated experience is enough to avoid mistakes, and time to enjoy life is still enough. Caring not only about the body, but also about your health, you are doing a great deal not only for yourself, but also for children. An unreasonable parent is a tragedy for the whole family. And memory is an amazing thing! With its help, we can reproduce the most pleasant moments of our life. Take care of it with the drug Noopept, start every day with a clean slate, but not because the memory fails, but because there are many grandiose plans!

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