Gout treatment diet

Diet and treatment for gout

"Leg Furder" - this is how the term "gout" from the Greek is translated. Gout is a heterogeneous pathology that is characterized by the deposition of uric acid or monoaurate salts in the tissues, followed by the formation of tofus. Gouty arthritis often develops after 40 years, and men suffer 2.7 times more often than women. Diet with gout is mandatory, as well as drug treatment.

This is how the patient

That's how the patient's legs look during the acute attack of the disease

What is the classification of gout? Clinically divided 4 stages of the disease.

  1. Acute gouty arthritis( initial stage).
  2. Interictal period( interval gout).
  3. Chronic gout.
  4. Chronic tofus gout.

Clinical manifestations of the disease

There are several variants of the disease course. Let's briefly review their types to know the symptoms and ways of treatment.

Acute gouty arthritis

The inflammatory process can take place in the body for a long time, without manifesting itself. After a few years, the first symptoms appear, which can be triggered by several factors:

  • receiving a large portion of alcohol;
  • injury;
  • by surgical manipulation;
  • power failure;
  • by local inflammation( eg, with osteoarthritis);
  • exacerbation of concomitant pathologies.
Changes in the joint are caused by the accumulation of uric acid crystals

Changes in the joint are caused by the accumulation of uric acid crystals

Manifestations disturb the patient at night or in the morning after awakening and lifting from the bed. One of the main symptoms is the presence of rapidly growing pain in the area of ​​the lesion. In addition, the pain syndrome is combined with swelling of the affected joint, hyperemia and hyperthermia. It is impossible to touch the affected joint, any attempt to stir it causes severe pain to the patient.

Primary lesion mainly begins with the thumb on the lower limbs( oligoarthritis).But as statistics show, this is more typical of men, in women gouty arthritis first affects the joints of the brushes, causing oligo- or polyarthritis. The first manifestations are often accompanied by leukocytosis, fever, etc., which masks gout for infectious pathology.

Gouty attack with a mild course lasts no more than 1-2 days, but with a severe degree of illness can last for a week or more. A distinctive feature of the initial stage is the complete disappearance of all symptoms of the disease even without therapeutic intervention.

If the disease is formed under the influence of concomitant arthropathy, then during the remission of gout, pain syndrome may persist, which indicates the presence of the underlying disease.

Recurrent gouty arthritis

The first interictal period can last from 1 to 2 years, extremely rarely( 7%) prolonging to 10 years. Subsequently, the breaks will be much shorter. Symptoms of the disease will also increase.

Healthy joints will begin to be involved in the process. There may be a polyarticular disease with a migratory character. In the affected joints, the inflammatory process grows, passing into periarticular tissues( articular bag and ligaments).It is possible to detect single sites( tophi), which are formed with active subsidence in joints of salts. At this stage, they are barely noticeable and when palpation, as a rule, painless.

Chronic tofusny gout

You can speak about the presence of a chronic disease when the first relapse occurs. During different times, tofus develop in half of patients with gout. The duration of these intervals depends on the nature of the treatment, the level of hyperuricemia and the severity of kidney damage. Tofusy can be localized subcutaneously or externally in various areas:

Where are tofuy


  • on hands and feet;
  • on elbows;
  • on knee joints;
  • on the auricles;
  • on internal organs, etc.

In neglected cases on the surface of tofusi, formations may appear, from which the pasty substance is periodically released. Typically, tofusi appear with frequent relapses of the disease, the earlier formation of nodes can be in the following cases:

  • with juvenile gout;
  • in elderly women who abuse diuretics;
  • in case of impaired renal function;
  • in some myeloproliferative pathologies.

Treatment of gouty arthritis

All methods of fighting gout can be conditionally divided into 2 types: drug treatment and therapy without the use of medications.

Medication is based on the following principles.

The doctor prescribes medicines against pain in the joints
  1. Emergency relief of gout attack.
  2. The correct selection of drugs to prevent the development of recurrence and complications( kidney damage, the formation of tofus and destructive changes in the surfaces of the joints).
  3. Diagnosis and treatment of concomitant diseases of joints.

Treatment of the disease should begin immediately when it is detected, in this case there is more chance of a full recovery. Therapy should last until the symptoms disappear completely. For the relief of seizures, 3 groups of drugs are used.

  1. Non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs( NSAIDs).
  2. Colchicine.
  3. Glucocorticoids.

The choice of the drug depends on the severity of the course, degree and stage of gout. Further tactics are determined depending on the achieved effect of the therapy.

Non-drug treatment is also based on certain principles.

  1. Diet - control of body weight, prevention of obesity.
  2. Control of fluid intake.
  3. Rest of the affected area.
  4. Exclusion of funds that increase the level of uric acid.

Compliance with the

diet Perhaps the most important in the non-drug treatment of gout is diet. It will reduce the formation of uric acid, normalize the exchange of purines and prevent alkalinization of urine. Proper nutrition will help make remissions more long and keep well.

Diet for gout should be regular, long and correct: fasting and overeating can trigger a new attack. The list of products for the diet is indicated in the table below.

What is good for a sick person - vegetables

Table 1. Diet No. 6: List of permitted and prohibited products for gout

Product name Recommended for use Prohibited
Meat Turkey, chicken, rabbit, shrimp, squid, boiled lean fish. Fatty fish, meat, meat broths, animal by-products( lungs, liver, kidneys, etc.).
Beans Peas, lentils, beans, beans, soy.
Spices and sauces Milk, sour cream, tomato sauces, cinnamon, vanillin, citric acid, bay leaf. Horseradish, pepper, mustard.
Drinks Green tea, chicory, fruit juices, compotes, kvass, broth of wild rose, mors. Cucumber juice helps purify the body of excess purines. Any alcoholic drinks, coffee, strong tea, cocoa.
Sweets Non-chocolates, marmalade, jam, marshmallow, pastille. Cakes, cream, chocolate. Plums, apples, apricots, pears, oranges.
. Grapes, figs, raspberries.
Vegetables and greens Potatoes, aubergines, carrots, cucumbers, cabbage, zucchini, etc. Green is useful. Restricted: asparagus, cauliflower, spinach, celery, rhubarb, radish, pepper, parsley and green onions.
Dairy products Low-fat cottage cheese and cheese, fresh brynza. Sharp and salty cheeses, with care - milk.
Other Eggs. Mushrooms.
Groats Any cereals and cereals from them. If porridge is dairy, then cook on diluted milk.
Flour Black and white bread. Baking from buttery dough.
Oil Vegetable. Creamy is limited. Beef and beef fat.

Diet for gouty arthritis can alternate with unloading days. Unloading costs to arrange in a day, alternating different species for a variety of diets.

We unload cottage cheese and milk

Menu for unloading day

  1. Curd-kefir unloading - 400 g of low-fat cottage cheese + 500 ml of kefir.
  2. Fruit and vegetable unloading. The sample menu contains 1.5 kg of allowed products.
  3. Kefir unloading is considered to be the heaviest. You will need to drink up to 2 liters of low-fat kefir.

Unloading days for gout help to cleanse the body of uric acid salts. Some sources recommend such a discharge for fast and effective weight loss and advise to stick to the scheme for a week. But you can do this only with the permission of the attending physician.

During the remission period, the diet can be varied with various types of meat, but in small quantities. Pre-meat must be boiled. When cooking, it emits all accumulated purines in water, so for people suffering from gout, there is no risk.

Recipes for patients with gout

Let's take a look at the menu option for a day for a patient susceptible to such a disease. This is the optimal set of useful products. Sample menu for breakfast.

  1. Soft-boiled egg. Vegetable salad with vegetable oil. Pudding of carrots with apples. Compote or tea. A recipe for pudding from apples and carrots. Grated carrots( 500 g) are stewed in water with butter and sugar. It is added previously swollen in milk crumb bread, preferably wheat( 100 g), and grated apple( 500 g).All is mixed, after which 2 whipped proteins are added. The mixture is laid out in a mold and boiled in a water bath until ready( 40-45 minutes).For the preparation of salad, you can use any not forbidden vegetables( boiled and / or fresh).

    Second breakfast. Decoction of herbs or rose hips.

    Dishes for lunch.

    Milk soup noodles.
  2. Potato cutlets.
  3. Green tea or jelly. Milk soup noodles. Milk diluted with water and bring to a boil, add a little sugar. Put the noodles( 50 g) and cook for 5-7 minutes. When ready, add a little oil.

    You can eat fresh fruit for a snack. For dinner, stuffed cabbage rolls( instead of meat - vegetables and rice), syrniki, compote.

    Meat from the diet should be excluded, but not everyone can do it right away. Once a week you can pamper yourself with a piece of fish or a meat dish, but everything should be in moderation and only with the permission of the treating doctor. Be healthy!


    Diet for gout

    Diet for gout

    Gout is a serious disease characterized by a violation of protein metabolism in the human body. In this case, the blood always contains an increased level of uric acid, in the tissues urates are deposited, clinically the disease often manifests itself in the form of recurrent acute arthritis. This disease can not be completely eliminated, but it is possible to significantly reduce the frequency and duration of periods of exacerbation. For this it is very important to adhere to the right diet.

    The purpose of therapeutic methods for gout is to reduce the volume of various uric acid compounds in the body. Therefore, patients are prescribed modern drugs that interfere with the formation of the above-mentioned acid, and also contribute to its effective excretion from the body.

    The intake of such medications is combined with a sharp reduction in purines supplied with food. For this, first of all, the animal's diet is removed from animal fats, all kinds of animal proteins and necessarily carbohydrates.

    Products that must be excluded from the daily diet with gout

    When gout is sick, first of all, have to give up all kinds of smoked products, any kinds of sausages, table salt, legumes. It is impossible to eat fatty meat products, especially by-products and meat of young animals, and also fish.

    It is necessary to completely abandon heavy food such as mushrooms or fat. When gout is not necessary to savor food with a variety of seasonings and spicy spices. In this case, the exception is the bay leaf and table vinegar. In addition, the patient must give up strong alcoholic beverages, chocolate, cocoa, strong tea and coffee. Cheeses of salted and sharp varieties are also on the list of products that contribute to the development of exacerbations of the disease. In addition, we will have to give up both rich meat soups and broths cooked on meat.

    Products that are allowed in limited quantities with gout

    With gout, you can dilute your menu with certain products, severely limiting the amount of their consumption. Among these products, low-fat milk and butter. True, they can be used only as additives to the main dish, for example, to the porridge. You can also eat with caution, boiled poultry and fish, it is better if it is trout or salmon. In moderation, tomatoes, ordinary cauliflower, any greens, juicy radishes and turnips can be enjoyed. Of fruits, one must be extremely careful with plums.

    What is eaten with gout?

    What should the patient's menu for gout consist of? First and foremost, it should be rich in a variety of vegetable soups, and can be with cereals, sea cephalopods and crustaceans, low-fat fish species, rabbit meat, cereals and pasta, low-fat dairy products such as yogurt, sour cream, cheese. Food without fear can be flavored with dill, seized with black and white bread. Animal proteins should be replaced by plant proteins.

    You are allowed to eat eggs, but not more than one per day. The menu can be replenished with any vegetables, except those that are prohibited. And also with green apples, any berries except raspberries, oranges, tangerines. Very useful dried fruits, except for raisins, as well as honey, nuts, seeds. From sweets you can enjoy marshmallow, marmalade and jam. Food can be prepared both in creamy and vegetable oil, but from refractory fats, such as pork or sheep, should be completely abandoned.

    With regard to drinking, you should give preference to green tea, tea with milk or with lemon, juices, any decoctions of useful plants. In addition, you can drink mors, kvass, compotes of various fruits and berries. It is useful to use specialized mineral water and fresh cucumber juice.

    Unloading days for gout

    Unloading days

    It should be remembered that during gout it is recommended to conduct periodic unloading days. At the same time, you can consume only one type of vegetables the whole day, for example, limit yourself to potatoes or green apples. In the event that it is difficult to eat during the day with just one product, you can mix several types of vegetables or fruits and eat them in the form of salads. You can also choose a dairy, kefir or curd diet. At the same time, various aspects of the metabolic process are unloaded, which is very important for patients with gout.

    For unloading days, you can use the rice and apple diet. To do this, boil 75 grams of rice on milk and take it in small portions. In between, you can eat apples both raw and in the form of compote. By the way, their number should not exceed 250 grams. And when preparing compote, you must completely abandon the sugar.

    It should be noted that even though patients are recommended to conduct contrasting days of release, completely hungry days are strictly prohibited. It is also not possible to arrange courses of therapeutic starvation, because because of the complete cessation of food intake into the body, uric acid is sharply added to the blood. As a result, a gout attack begins.

    Features of making menus for gout

    For patients with gout, the following variant of a daily diet can be recommended. Breakfast should always consist of a vegetable salad, a delicious carrot-apple pudding, one soft-boiled egg, a weak tea. By the second breakfast you can cook unsweetened compote from wild rose berries. Lunch should be from milk soup with pasta, simple pancakes, jelly. As a snack, you can eat fresh apples. And for dinner you can eat sour croakers, cabbage rolls without meat, drink soft tea. Before going to bed, drink a broth cooked using wheat bran.

    It should be emphasized that diet with gout has a peculiar structure. It should be dominated by liquid and semi-liquid food in the form of vegetable soups, mineral waters, any compotes and fruit drinks, fresh juices and jelly, fruit and vegetables. In day it is necessary to drink in general 2-3 liters of a liquid. And during the unloading days you can eat up to 2 kg of any vegetables.

    When preparing a menu for a patient with gout, it is important to consider the presence of other chronic diseases. So, for example, if a patient has high cholesterol, he should not eat the yolk at all, and if he suffers from diabetes, flour and bakery products should be taken in limited quantities, and sugar and sweet must be completely excluded.

    Often gout occurs in combination with obesity. In such cases, a special diet is appointed, called health workers diet number 8.It largely excludes the consumption of meat and fish and implies the frequent holding of unloading days, up to four times per week. And in general, a patient with gout is recommended to lose weight, because because of the large weight, the risk of frequent attacks increases. But while losing weight should not be too sharp, it should occur smoothly and imperceptibly.

    And of course, with gout, you need to remember that the success of treatment depends on its complexity. Therefore, one diet should not be limited, even if it is chosen correctly, taking into account all the characteristics of the body. You can recommend using various physiotherapy procedures, and also you can do exercise therapy, which is very important for strengthening the body. However, before this it is necessary to discuss this with the attending physician.

    However, such procedures are prohibited in the event that the patient has a period of exacerbation of the disease. At such times, physical rest, the use of warm warming baths and compresses, heat is recommended. A useful effect on the body is having a walk on the street, in particular before eating, or immediately after taking.

    And of course, one should always keep in mind that gout can be controlled if you start paying attention to your health in time. Timely consultations with a doctor, modern medicament and physiotherapy treatment, the right diet - and you will forget about your illness for many years, you will be able to lead a full, absolutely normal life.

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    Gout: symptoms, treatment, diet

    It is possible to develop and secondary gout

    • against the background of tumor processes with changing purine metabolism,
    • against the background of increased disintegration of body proteins,
    • in the treatment of thiazide diuretics( dichlorothiazide, polythiazide),
    • with cytostatics( doxorubicin, fluorouracil, hydroxyurea, cyclophosphamide).

    Gout attacks can be provoked by stressful reactions to alcohol, citrus, viral infections, physical or mental stress, trauma and hypothermia, bruises, pressure fluctuations, medication intake.

    Kinds of

    Most often, gout and joints are affected in gout, therefore

    • can be distinguished as gouty arthritis

    Three types of gouty disorders are also identified, based on the level of uric acid in the urine:

    • is the metabolic form with the highest amount of uric acid.
    • is a renal form, a moderate amount of uric acid with increasing salts,
    • is a mixed form - lots and uric acid and its salts that give crystals.

    Gout Symptoms

    Gout is a chronic and progressive disease, it can occur in three consecutive stages -

    • acute arthritis of gouty origin,
    • stage of interictal gout,
    • tophus chronic stage of gout.

    Gouty arthritis occurs suddenly: at night or in the morning, there are burning, pulsating or tearing pains of one or more joints, usually on the legs and their lesion is asymmetrical.

    Quite often the first joint of the big toe is affected.

    Defeat usually involves the foot or ankle, knees, finger joints on the arms, elbows. There may be a swelling of the veins near the joint, an increase in temperature and chills.

    Because of severe pain and swelling, joint movements are almost impossible. During the day, the pain subsides somewhat, and by the time of the night, again, which leads to neurosis and irritability.

    After 3-4 days of pain subsides, the joint acquires a cyanotic shade, the swelling gradually decreases.

    During the attacks, blood tests are changed - inflammation with an increase in ESR, high leukocytes and an increase in the proteins of the acute phase of inflammation is detected in the blood.

    Seizures can occur in different periods - from once every six months to several years. As gout progresses, the frequency of seizures increases, they become longer and less acute, but new joints are involved in the process.

    Chronic gout

    Chronic gout forms parts of tofus - these are nodular accumulations of salts in tissues in about 5-7 years from the onset of the disease.

    Tofuys occur inside the auricles, in the area of ​​the joints of the hands and feet, elbows, knees, their sizes can be from a couple of millimeters to a pea or more. As joints progress, joints change, their deformations, curvatures, limitation of mobility and pain during movement occur.

    In addition to the joints, the kidneys are affected. The changes are stronger the higher the level of uric acid and urate in the urine, and the longer the disease.

    There is a so-called urate nephropathy with inflammation of the kidney tissues, the release of salts, the deposition of sand and pebbles and the formation of urolithiasis.

    Periods of renal colic occur with low back pain, nausea and vomiting, and secondary pyelonephritis may develop, with fever, white blood cells in the urine, dysuria and general severe conditions.

    Urates can be deposited not only in the kidney of the kidney, but also in the tissue of the kidney, its cortical and cerebral layers, which leads to a gradual atrophy of kidney function and the development of renal failure.

    There may be lesions of tendons with the deposition of salts in them, with the development of redness and swelling in the tendon zone, severe pain and problematic movements.

    The risk of developing coronary heart disease is also higher, in some patients severe obesity occurs.


    The basis of the diagnosis is typical bouts of gout with joint damage. Supplement the blood test data with signs of acute inflammation, urine tests with a high level of urate and uric acid, creatinine, in the puncture of the joint, the detection of urate salts.

    With acute gout

    For initial diagnosis, an examination of the joint fluid is necessary. In gout attacks it is transparent, its viscosity is reduced, its leukocytes are up to 75%, uric acid crystals are found.

    With prolonged gout

    It is compulsory to perform an X-ray with the detection of certain signs in the clinic:


    Traditional medicine - gout, symptoms, how to treat, diet

    Gout - "trap" for joints Gout is a disease in which purine metabolism is disturbed,and also accumulate urate crystals of uric acid in the joints, tissues and internal organs.


    Among the causes of this disease are the following:

    - the reception of individual pharmacological drugs - diuretics, salicylates, cyclosporins;

    - heredity;

    - other pathologies - diabetes mellitus, hypertension and ischemic disease, psoriasis, hematopoietic system damage, chronic renal failure;

    - "purine" food, when a person's diet contains a lot of coffee and carbonated drinks, liver, black tea, fatty meat, alcohol, seafood. Gout is most often detected among men 30-60 years of age. I must say that women are less likely to get sick, mostly during menopause.

    Symptoms of gout

    First, a prolonged increase in the amount of uric acid is observed. This triggers the formation of crystals of its salts in articular cartilage. Such crystals form specific conglomerates - tofus. The first clinical manifestations of gout occur when the data of the formation are destroyed and accumulate in the articular cavities, causing an inflammatory process. In most cases, the joints of the thumbs of the feet are affected. The aggravation of the disease is facilitated by the violation of diet with the use of a large number of "purine" products, as well as taking large doses of alcohol. I must say that gout attacks are worse than clinical manifestations of abstinence. The patients experience such sharp pains that they can not even touch the finger. The skin over the affected joint turns red and swells, patients feel a general weakness, subfebrile temperature may be observed. It is worth noting that even without the use of any therapeutic techniques, such seizures disappear on their own. The period of chronic illness lasts about two years. The interictal gout stage is characterized by a false improvement in the condition, which is often associated with the use of various folk methods of treatment or other pseudo-drugs. Few people know that the disappearance of pathological symptoms is only a feature of the pathogenetic mechanism of gout development. If the adequate treatment of the first attack of the disease is not carried out in time, the following exacerbations will be more prolonged and frequent, involving other joints, including the knee and elbow, into the pathological process.

    Diagnosis and treatment of gout

    The detection of this pathology is based on a biochemical blood test. This examination allows you to confirm hyper-drug, in which you can safely make a conclusion about the development of gout. Of course, in the diagnostic process, attention is also paid to clinical manifestations. In some cases, the joint fluid is examined, in which uric acid crystals are detected, and joint X-rays are also performed. With simultaneous damage to the kidneys, ultrasound is done to identify conglomerates in them. Treatment of gout should be under the strict supervision of a doctor. It is worth noting that popular methods are in most cases ineffective. This disease requires specific pharmacological therapy and adherence to a special diet. So, patients are prescribed non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs, corticosteroids, as well as drugs that normalize the content of uric acid in the blood.

    Diet for gout

    Most of the people who suffer from gout suffer from being overweight, so simultaneously a diet for such patients should be low-calorie and containing few purines. In addition, you need to limit the consumption of salt, products containing oxalic acid, exclude from the menu meat, fish and mushroom broths and sauces. Instead, foods that have an alkaline effect should be introduced into the diet. That is, dairy products, vegetables and fruits. Low-fat varieties of poultry and fish are also useful. And preferably in a boiled form. In dietary nutrition strictly limit salt and alcohol. Products can also be stewed or baked, but not fried. With gout, it is advisable to drink plenty of liquid( up to 2 liters), including mineral water without gas, in order to uric acid more actively. However, only an integrated approach to gout therapy gives a positive result.

    External remedies for gout

    • Sprinkle the pine needles with scalded boiling water and apply to the diseased joint, cover with cellophane and attach with a bandage. Compresses do at night.• Mix in equal proportions dry chopped inflorescences of chamomile medicinal and elderberry black flowers, put them in a linen bag, lower in boiling water for 3-5 minutes, then pull out, lightly squeeze and put on a diseased joint.• 3 tbsp.l.dry flowers of small lime linden pour 0.5 tbsp.boil, persist for 20 minutes, let the water drain. Flowers wrap with gauze and put on a sick joint, wrap with cellophane.• 2 tbsp.l.dry herb sage medicinal pour 1 liter of boiling water, insist on very low heat 10 minutes, strain and wring out raw materials. To make foot baths in hot broth( just to put up your feet) for 10 minutes, then carefully wipe your feet, put on warm socks and go to bed.

    One day of fasting a week with gout

    Diets for such cleaning and unloading a lot, but you can stop atespecially useful diet for fasting days - rice and apple. Rice and apple diet. On the milk, cook for yourself porridge from rice( 750 ml of milk and 75 g of rice per day).Divide into three groups. Apples per day can be eaten not more than 250 grams, in raw form( although they will not turn out so much), but it will be more useful to cook compotes of them( although you will have to forget about sugar, but you can add other fruits), drinkits 5-6 times a day for a glass. And in the season, use a cucumber diet and watermelon. Cucumber day is indicated for gout and arthrosis, and is also useful for obesity. On this day, 1.5 kg of fresh cucumbers are consumed in 5-6 meals. In a watermelon use from 1.5 to 2 kg of watermelon. Very good cleanses the kidneys and joints from salts, a diet is used for obesity. Compliance with the rules of nutrition on a daily basis and such unloading days will make it possible to reduce seizures to a minimum, and most importantly it prolongs the life of the kidneys that suffer from salts.

    Home remedies for gout

    • Take home unsalted butter and the same amount of alcohol. Heat the oil until foam appears, turn off the stove and add alcohol. Then gently set fire to alcohol. When the alcohol burns, the ointment will be ready. It should be stored in the refrigerator. Rub the ointment in a warm room, for example, next to the stove, it is not necessary to wrap it. Rub until the pain passes. By the way, butter should be natural. Then it contains fat-soluble vitamins: D, E, A, and other biologically active substances that are part of the cell membranes or affect the processes of their restoration, and, respectively, the processes of restoration of joint tissues.• If the hip joints ache and these pains are caused by arthritis, arthrosis, osteochondrosis or gout, then cook the onion broth. Wash 2-3 bulbs and pour a liter of water. Cook with the husk until the onion is boiled. Take a glass of this broth 3 times daily before meals. The course of treatment of gout is 10-15 days. Onions in the form of broth removes salt from the joints, in particular, when serving the greek. I must say that the hip joints are not often affected with gout, but nevertheless it is possible and causes a lot of problems.• For gout( during an exacerbation), acute pain can be removed with a slice of a sauerkraut, pressing it to a gouty cone and fixing it with a bandage for the night. A sour apple draws on itself heat and removes inflammation due to the acids formed during souring. It is also good to treat arthritic joints with apple cider vinegar, applying it in the form of cold compresses.

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    Diet in the treatment of gout folk remedies

    Gout occurs due to a disturbance in the balance of the body's regulation of the amount of uric acid. Exceeding the level above the norm leads to damage to tissues and organs. With gout, the process of deposition of salts of uric acid in the kidneys, joints and cartilage.

    Treatment of gout is unthinkable without adherence to a special diet. Competently composed food ration during the day, helps to prolong the periods of remission of the disease and prevent complications. Products included in it, should contribute to the normalization of purine metabolism. It is important to note that a special diet for the treatment of gout with folk remedies should be taken necessarily into service. What should be included in the daily menu of the patient with such a disease?


    • Unloading days for gout

    Patient's diet for gout

    It should be remembered that with gout it is impossible to starve and overeat. You can fight with extra pounds, but you should do it gradually, not allowing a sharp loss of weight. It is necessary to drink a sufficient amount of liquid during the day. It is useful during the day to use compote, broth of dogrose or dried fruit, weak tea, mineral water.

    With this disease, the most acceptable is a vegetarian diet. The main direction in it is a variety of vegetable soups, dairy and sour-milk products, decoctions of fruits.

    In the diet you can include chicken, turkey and rabbit meat. Also in the diet boiled fish, squid, mussels, prawns, quail eggs and chicken eggs are welcomed.

    It is allowed to eat low-fat cottage cheese and cheese. It is especially recommended to include a variety of cereals in food. Dietary products are also pasta. They can be boiled on water, but it is better to take for this diluted milk milk. It's tasty and useful.

    Vegetables are most preferable for this disease: white cabbage, eggplant, carrots, zucchini, potatoes and cucumbers. In small quantities you can eat: cauliflower, spinach, asparagus. It is necessary to limit in dishes green onions and parsley.

    You can not eat chocolate, but from sweets you can eat a little marmalade, pastille, marshmallow or jam. Welcome daily consumption of sweet varieties of apples, plums, pears, citrus fruits and berries, nuts, sunflower seeds and pumpkin.

    Limit salt of

    It is very important to limit salt intake when gout.

    Derive excess salts of uric acid from the body: green tea, drinks from chicory, decoction of rose hips, bran, fruit cocktail. And one glass of cucumber juice drunk a day will normalize the amount of purines in the body and will not allow the gout to worsen. It is useful to drink low-mineralized( alkaline) water.

    Use of white and black bread is allowed. Limit the butter, but vegetable - it is welcome. It is especially useful for gout - olive and linseed oil.

    Unloading days for gout

    For acute symptoms of the disease, it is necessary to arrange unloading days. They are recommended to be held in such a period every other day. Fruit and vegetable day involves the use of only 1.5 kilograms of allowed fruits and vegetables, and this: potatoes, carrots, cucumbers, cabbage, pears, gooseberries, apples. It is possible to make a fasting day on curd and kefir or only on kefir. On this day you can drink a maximum of 2 liters of sour milk drink."Composite" and "carrot" unloading days are also welcome. Such nutrition contributes to increasing urine alkalinization and urate dissolution. In the period of strict observance of the dietary table, it is very important to limit or exclude meat and fish dishes from food.

    It should be ensured that foods that contain many purines are not present in the food of gout patients: pork, broths, heart, liver, canned fish, coffee. Also, beans and mushrooms, pickles and smoked products are excluded. Do not recommend to use raspberries and figs. Fans of fish caviar will have to give up this delicacy.

    Gout occurs when a high level of uric acid in the blood contributes to the formation and accumulation around the joint of the crystals. Your body produces uric acid when processing excess purines. Purines are found in nature, in your body, but you also get them by eating certain foods, such as meat by-products, anchovies, herring, asparagus and mushrooms.

    Diet for gout helps control the production and elimination of uric acid, which can help prevent gout attacks or reduce their severity. Diet is not a cure for gout, but it can help you control pain attacks. Obesity is also a risk factor for developing gout, so smooth weight loss can help you reduce the risk of attacks.

    The above recommendations on dietary nutrition for gout will help you maintain health, avoid exacerbation of the disease and joint pain. Such a diet can prolong the period of remission of the disease to infinity and is an important component in the treatment of gout with folk remedies.

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