Whether it is possible to cure an osteochondrosis of a cervical department

Is it possible to completely cure osteochondrosis and how?

Osteochondrosis is a common disease. It is he who most often causes the appearance of extremely unpleasant pain syndromes in the back. In addition, because of this disease, the human spine begins to lose mobility, which also does not have the best effect on human life. Therefore very often one and the same question sounds - whether it is possible to cure an osteochondrosis?

The first thing to understand is the specificity of the spine device

The human backbone is a unique mechanism

The human spine is the unique mechanism of the

. The human backbone is, in many ways, a unique structure. At the same time, it is strong enough to hold the weight of a person and additional loads, and at the same time, is sufficiently mobile, which allows a person to have all the degrees of freedom necessary for him.

First of all, you should pay attention to the structure of the spine - it has natural curves that perform a damping function. It is thanks to these bends that it can withstand huge loads, protecting from damage to the spinal cord and other internal organs.

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Another important component of the spinal structure is the intervertebral discs. Even the damping form of the spine would be useless if there were not these unique disks between the vertebrae that reliably connect the vertebrae and, at the same time, perform the damping function, acting as additional shock absorbers. Any load is distributed between these disks, and only when the cushioning function of the disks is not enough, the unique form of the spine itself comes into play.

Why does osteochondrosis appear?

No one has been able to answer this question so far. But all are well aware of the prerequisites for the appearance of this disease. First of all, these are metabolic disorders that appear in a person with age. Because of the disruption of these processes, the intervertebral discs do not receive the necessary components in sufficient quantities, they begin to lose water, because of which their elasticity is gradually lost, and hence they can no longer perform the damping function.

But then it's worse. The disk does not just lose the ability to soften the load, it gradually begins to collapse itself. If you imagine the structure of the disk, we will see that inside it is a pulpous core that performs the functions of a shock absorber, and outside - a fibrous ring that keeps the disk in its natural position. With the development of osteochondrosis, the fibrous ring begins to gradually break down, and the nucleus, which has lost its damping properties, begins to press hard on it. After a while, the weak spot in the fibrous ring is still there, it begins to succumb to pressure, resulting in a peculiar protrusion on the disk - protrusion. A little more - and the ring bursts, as a result of which a real hernia of the intervertebral disc is formed.

But the intervertebral hernia is not the only possible consequence of the development of osteochondrosis. Osteophytes can also develop, which are peculiar bone growths in the form of spines and hooks. Such growths often squeeze the nerve endings, resulting in severe pain. In advanced stages of the development of the disease can occur even so. That several vertebrae will be connected by osteophytes into a single fixed block, because of which the affected spine can completely lose mobility.

What other causes of the disease?

In principle, all possible causes of osteochondrosis are in the plane of metabolic disorders, insufficient or excessive amount of physical activity, an incorrect lifestyle.

So, one of the most common prerequisites for the development of osteochondrosis is sedentary work and sedentary lifestyle, especially when they are combined with malnutrition. In this case, the problem of the lack of loads is aggravated by the fact that the tissues of the human body simply do not receive the components necessary for them, which is why disturbances in the intervertebral discs begin.

In this case, excessive physical exertion is as harmful as a complete lack of physical activity. In this case, the problem appears in a slightly different plane, in this case it is about overloading and traumatizing disks, after which they begin to gradually break down.

How is osteochondrosis treated?

It is not uncommon to ask whether cervical or lumbar osteochondrosis can be cured, and never to return to this issue again. One can understand such people - this disease is very unpleasant, it's not only a matter of permanent and strong pain, but also that this disease has a serious psychological effect on a person, simply "driving" him into depression due to the fact that he is seriously restricteddegree of freedom and mobility of the person. It is necessary to develop new stereotypes of movement, some simple and habitual actions become difficult to perform, and some are generally inaccessible. That is why often treatment of osteochondrosis is accompanied by counseling psychologist.

Still, the question of whether it is possible to cure osteochondrosis completely, the answer is one - no. Completely get rid of this disease is impossible, the only thing that can be done is to stop its development.

The very same treatment offered by doctors during the acute course of the disease, in fact, its treatment is not, it's just an attempt to relieve pain and help the body to adapt more quickly to the changed conditions. For this purpose, non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs are used, which make it possible to quickly remove inflammation and swelling, thereby reducing the pain syndrome. In some cases. When pain is unbearable, anesthetics are also used. In addition, if necessary, the doctor can prescribe a number of drugs that will help in your particular case.

On this page you can download free course "5 proven principles of treatment of spinal osteochondrosis".

The treatment itself begins after the pain syndrome has been removed. Usually in this case there are two main methods used - massage and therapeutic gymnastics, as well as various physiotherapy procedures that improve metabolism and accelerate the adaptation of the body.

By and large, it is the application of therapeutic gymnastics that makes it possible to protect yourself against relapses of the disease to a greater extent. In addition, you should pay attention to your food, which must contain all the necessary components in sufficient quantities. This issue is often not given due attention.


Than you can cure cervical osteochondrosis

Neck pain is familiar to many people. The main cause is osteochondrosis. The disease is the result of a sedentary lifestyle: a long work at the computer, driving a car. Malnutrition and bad habits also have a detrimental effect on the state of this spine.

Treatment of cervical osteochondrosis is necessary in the early stages to prevent the development of complications. Only the doctor prescribes appropriate therapy. For treatment to be effective, you should undergo a test recommended by a neurologist. To achieve a positive result, it is better to use an integrated approach.

What is osteochondrosis

To understand why a cervical osteochondrosis is prescribed this or that treatment, you need to remember a little what kind of disease it is. The basis is the change in the discs, vertebrae, ligaments and joints. Bony outgrowths and hernias can affect the muscles, vertebral arteries, spinal cord and its roots.

The resulting pain syndrome causes a reflex muscle spasm. Narrowing of the arteries is accompanied by a violation of cerebral circulation. When the spinal cord is compressed, pain and numbness are observed in the hand. Effects on the spinal cord in the neck can lead to complete immobilization and impaired pelvic organs.

Drug treatment

The administration of medications is mandatory in the treatment of osteochondrosis of the neck. There are a lot of such means. They help to cope with the main symptoms of the disease.


To reduce the pain syndrome associated with changes in the cervical spine, drugs that exert both an anesthetic and an anti-inflammatory effect-NSAIDs-are used. They block the synthesis of substances that contribute to the occurrence of pain and inflammation.

These drugs are available in various forms. In the acute period, you can do intramuscular or intravenous injections. When the condition improves, the drugs are taken inside. For this, there are tablets, capsules and powders. If there are problems with the gastrointestinal tract, then you can use candles. To enhance the therapeutic effect, NSAIDs are additionally applied topically in the form of gels, ointments or creams.

main non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs

Current substance Trade name
Nimesulide Nise
Diclofenac Voltaren
Meloxicam Movalis
BBC Xico
Ketorolac Ketorol
Ketoprofen Ketonal
Ibuprofen Nurofen
Aceclofenac Aertal
Atoriconcob Arcoxia
Lornoxicam Xsefokam

All these drugs are very effective, but they should be used carefully. The most dangerous side effects are erosions and stomach ulcers, which can be complicated by bleeding.

Xsefokam - a modern anesthetic


Drugs of this group have a powerful anti-inflammatory effect. Mostly, Dexamethasone is used, which is administered intramuscularly. The use of such drugs is possible with a persistent pain syndrome, which occurs when there is a hernia. The course of treatment is from three to seven days.

Prolonged treatment with hormones can not be, because there is a negative effect on the body. The most common side effects are headache, dizziness, increased pressure, atrophy of the skin at the injection site and erosive-ulcerative lesions of the gastrointestinal tract.


This method of treatment is also used for severe pain. Local anesthetics, lidocaine or novocaine, are used. The effect comes quickly: the spread of pain impulses ceases, muscles relax, blood circulation improves, edema and inflammation decrease. The injection is done paravertebrally in the cervical spine.

If you can not make a blockade, as an alternative, a patch containing lidocaine - Versatis is used. But with the root syndrome, such a dosage form will be useless, since the substance acts in the superficial layers of the skin and does not affect the tissues located deep.

Muscle relaxants

Because cervical osteochondrosis is accompanied by muscle tension, it becomes necessary to prescribe a means to help muscles relax. To do this, drugs that block the transmission of stimulating impulses to muscle fibers are suitable.

The most commonly used for these purposes is an active substance such as tiznidin. Trade names are Sirdalud, Tizalud and Tizanil. No less effective drug Midokalm( Tolperizon), which is available in the form of tablets and solution for injection.

Muscle relaxants can cause muscle weakness and lower blood pressure, which must be taken into account during treatment.


For normal functioning of nervous tissue, vitamins of group B are primarily needed. They improve metabolic processes, participate in the synthesis of neurotransmitters, which contribute to the transfer of nerve impulses.

It is convenient to use complex preparations containing the whole set of vitamins: B1, B6 and B12.There are many such means. This is Milgamma, Kompligam V, Kombilipen, Neuromultivit, Trigamma. Produced in ampoules, where as an anesthetic component contains lidocaine. There are also dragees if the disease needs to be treated long.

Milgamma is produced not only in ampoules, but also in the form of pills

Vascular medications

Changes in the cervical spine are often accompanied by vascular disorders, which affects the state of the brain, so it is necessary to take drugs that improve cerebral blood flow.

The vasodilators include:

  • Cinnarizine( Stugeron),
  • Vinpocetine( Cavinton),
  • Pentoxifylline( Trental).
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To improve metabolic processes, neuroprotectors and antioxidants are prescribed:

  • Actovegin,
  • Cerebrolysin,
  • Mexidol( Mexiprim),
  • Pyracetam( Nootropil).

It is very convenient to use combination preparations containing pyracetam and cinnarizine - Fezam or Omaron.


Such preparations contain glucosamine and chondroitin sulfate. These substances stimulate the synthesis of the main components of the cartilage, reduce the activity of the inflammatory process. With long-term use have analgesic effect.

main hondroprotektory

Composition Trade name
Glucosamine Don
Chondroitin sulfate Struktum
Combined Artra
animal Alflutop

Such agents have little or no contraindications and is well tolerated. Produced in the form of injection forms, capsules and ointments. To achieve the effect of taking medications need at least six months.

Alflutop - an effective remedy for osteochondrosis


Prolonged pain syndrome, arising in the neck and head in the pathology of the spine, is accompanied by depression, vegetative disorders. To alleviate the condition of such patients, it is necessary to use antidepressants.

The most effective:

  • Diazepam( Relanium, Sibazon);
  • Venlafaxine( Velafax, Alventa);
  • Duloxetine( Simbalta);
  • Sertraline( Asentra, Zoloft, Sulfleft, Stimuloton).

Non-drug treatment

Additional treatment methods help to cope faster with the disease:

  1. If the vertebrae are unstable, then you need to fix the cervical section with a special collar.
  2. To reduce the pain in the neck and relax the muscles will help dry heat, as well as mustard plasters.
  3. Effectively removes muscle spasm massage, acupuncture.
  4. If necessary, you can use the services of a chiropractor.
  5. If there is osteochondrosis, then it is necessary to engage in exercise therapy. This will help strengthen the muscles. Exercises for stretching relieve muscle tension. An effective technique of post-isometric relaxation, when after a strong muscle strain follows their stretching.
Charging in the workplace
Physiotherapy can also be performed at the workplace

In the treatment of the disease, physiotherapy is widely used:

  • ultraviolet irradiation;
  • electrophoresis with medicinal products;
  • amplipulse therapy;
  • balneotherapy and mud therapy.

If severe pain persists in the background of prolonged conservative therapy, resort to surgical treatment. In this case, do a discectomy - remove the disc in whole or in part. But even this solution will not help cure the disease completely.

To slow the progression of the disease, it is necessary to eliminate the causes and provoking factors.

  • You need to eat right: food should be rich in calcium, phosphorus, protein.
  • It is necessary to exclude the use of coffee and alcohol, to abandon bad habits.
  • Sleep on a comfortable bed and orthopedic pillow.
  • Avoid nerve strain, uncomfortable poses and hypothermia.

Traditional medicine

Osteochondrosis is treated for a long time. We have to take a lot of medications. To reduce the amount of chemistry used at home, it is possible to supplement the basic treatment with folk methods:

  1. Compress from grated raw potatoes and honey taken in equal proportions.
  2. Tincture of lilac flowers is suitable for grinding. A glass of lilac will be needed for 0.5 liters of vodka. Insist a few days.
  3. Mixture for compresses can be made from a liter of vodka, where 1 g of propolis, 50 g of mustard powder and aloe juice are added.
  4. At home, it's easy to make ointment from hop cones: a tablespoon of powder will need the same amount of butter.

Thus, in order that the disease does not cause much trouble, it is necessary to turn to a specialist in time, perform all appointments and not engage in self-medication.


How to cure osteochondrosis of the cervical department of

What is osteochondrosis? This word came from the Greek language, deriving from the words "osteon" - bone and "chondros" - cartilage. In modern medicine, osteochondrosis is a process of aging and thinning of bone and cartilaginous tissues. Having understood what the disease is, it's time to talk about its causes, symptoms and, most importantly, how to cure the osteochondrosis of the cervical region.

Cervical osteochondrosis, as the name implies, damages the cervical spine. Since all systems of the human body are interconnected, this can not but affect the general condition: in fact, the cervical section is the location of various nodes of both cardiovascular and nervous systems.

Why is this happening?

There are many reasons that can lead to the development of osteochondrosis.

Exercises for osteochondrosis of the neck
  1. Age changes in the body that lead to the development of trophic disorders.
  2. Insufficient mobility and sedentary lifestyle.
  3. Hormonal disorders.
  4. Cardiovascular diseases, circulatory disorders.
  5. Infectious and allergic diseases.
  6. Mechanical and bioelectric damages: sudden temperature changes, overloads and injuries.
  7. Various disorders in the original structure of the spine, such as the fusion of those vertebral bodies, which normally should not be spliced.
  8. Heredity( however, it should be noted that genetics in 90% of cases does not affect the development of the disease and it is, rather, a special case than a common phenomenon).

How to recognize osteochondrosis?

What are the symptoms of osteochondrosis of the cervical spine? When a patient may have the idea that he needs specialist help and diagnosis? Here are the signs that should make you alert and seek medical attention:

  • Feeling of discomfort in a certain place of the spinal column( manifested at the very beginning of the disease).May be accompanied by the following symptoms:
  1. Headache
  2. Dizziness
  3. Feeling of anxiety
  4. Depressive states
  5. Chronic fatigue syndrome
  • Impairment of hearing
  • Visual impairment

It should be noted that the nature of the disorders and parts of the spine in which they are found depends on the manifestation of certain symptoms. In some cases, osteochondrosis can be burdened by such concomitant diseases of the spinal column as:

  1. Radiculitis is a disease that develops as a result of damage to the nerves of the spinal cord.
  2. Spondylosis - the process of wear and aging of the anatomical structure of the spine
  3. Sciatica - several manifested concomitantly certain symptoms that manifest themselves in lesions of the spine( usually found in people 30 to 50 years old).
  4. Intervertebral hernia - appears with increasing pressure inside the intervertebral disc and leads to rupture of the fibrous ring.

Treatment methods

If the patient has found the symptoms described above, the most important thing is to consult a really good doctor and an experienced specialist. It should be remembered that only a doctor will be able to prescribe a treatment adequate to the current condition of the patient. Do not trust doctors who prescribe psychotropic substances and relaxants in order to relieve stress, and, consequently, to alleviate the disease and even complete recovery.

In no case should you self-medicate without consulting a doctor, because osteochondrosis is not a cold, and the wrong treatment can not only not have a positive effect, but also cause serious, and sometimes irreparable harm to health. All actions must be coordinated with a specialist.

Massage with cervical osteochondrosis

In the process of treatment it is important to restore the normal operation of the cervical department and relieve the pain. The very treatment of osteochondrosis of the cervical spine is based on physical exercises and medications that the doctor should appoint. As a rule, during the relapse period, complexes of anti-inflammatory, dehydrating( anti-edema), sedative and myorelaxing drugs are prescribed.


How to cure osteochondrosis at home

What is osteochondrosis? How to cure osteochondrosis at home - this problem is of interest to an increasing number of people.

Like many diseases - osteochondrosis has grown younger, and not only old people, but also young people and even schoolchildren, often turn to a doctor with such ailment.

And the cause of this terrible disease is in our way of life.

Every day comfort and convenience destroy our health, because we are less and less moving, running, jumping. ..

Working at a computer, working in offices, personal transport leave less and less time, at least for a simple walk.

The pace of life is such that we are always in a hurry somewhere. And not feet. And not in the gym. And as a result - problems with the joints and spine.

Today, the article is mainly about cervical osteochondrosis.

Contents of the article

  • Turn the neck to the extreme right
  • Turn the neck to the extreme left position
  • Do you feel pain in the neck when you turn the head?

If the answer is positive and pain is present when turning the head, then you have osteochondrosis of the cervical spine.

What is osteochondrosis

Osteochondrosis is a lesion of bone and cartilaginous tissue of the spine. In fact, it is degeneration and degeneration of the spine. The older the person becomes, the more his cartilaginous tissues wear out. We look at the picture above different stages of osteochondrosis. Only the upper disc is healthy, all others are deformed.

This process occurs as a result of loss of moisture - the cartilage between the vertebrae peels, becomes brittle, thin. It happens that the interchondral disc is not at all - it is erased, and the vertebrae begin to touch each other and deform. The size of the opening through which the process of the spinal cord nerve passes is reduced.

The vertebrae themselves begin to irritate the nerve. There is a so-called pinch of the nerve when the height of the intervertebral disc changes. There is pain, as a result of squeezing the nerve endings with sagging vertebrae and hernia of the spine.

Also through the vertebral column is the paired vertebral artery. When it squeezes the deformed vertebrae, the brain's oxygen supply is broken, the pressure rises, and headaches appear. This is how vertebral-basilar insufficiency develops. Over time, the threat of stroke increases.

What is a herniated intervertebral disc

With a loss of elasticity of the intervertebral cartilaginous disc, any stronger load on the spine causes it to be squeezed. There is a protrusion of the disc and - a hernia appears.

In Latin, , the hernia is the protrusion of the between the vertebrae of a thinned cartilaginous disc. As if a piece of cartilaginous tissue is released under pressure and is located on the side of the vertebrae. The hernia begins to irritate the nerve endings and cause pain in the arm. Sign of cervical osteochondrosis is numbness of fingers.

With pain in the neck and numbness of the little finger and ring finger - this is a guarantee of a hernia between the seventh cervical and the first thoracic vertebra. With the numbness of the middle and ring fingers, the hernia is located between the sixth and seventh vertebrae. If the pain and numbness come in the thumb and forefinger, then the hernia is located between the fifth and sixth cervical vertebrae.

Symptoms of cervical osteochondrosis

Symptoms of cervical osteochondrosis are often even confused with vegetovascular dystonia. Here are the main symptoms of the disease:

  1. severe pain in the neck, back
  2. headache
  3. cold and numb fingers
  4. pressure increase

Excellent advice is given by the doctor - see:

Causes of osteochondrosis

In order to eliminate the disease, you need to know its cause. The cause of osteochondrosis is congestion in the muscles of the spinal and cervical spine, insufficient supply of blood to these muscles, which leads to oxygen starvation of the cartilaginous discs and, subsequently, to their dystrophy.

The main cause of this disease is a sedentary lifestyle, work related to sitting at the desk in the office, spending a long time at the computer and at the school table. As a result, the muscles of the back atrophy, which create a muscle corset and support the spine in a certain position.

With a sedentary lifestyle, there is no normal feeding of the discs between the vertebrae. If the muscles of the back do not work - stagnation of lymph occurs, there is no normal removal of salts from the intervertebral space.

For the normal activity of the lymphatic system, the load and the work of the muscles are necessary, then the outflow of lymph normally functions, the products of vital activity are discharged to the excretory organs, and the oxygen with the blood flow enters the cartilages of the intervertebral discs.

Complex elimination of the causes of osteochondrosis in its treatment

The main task in treating muscle stagnation in the cervicothoracic area is to ensure a normal flow of blood to the damaged cartilage of the discs in the spine. It does not do with one single action - a system of measures is needed.

These include:

  • Refusal from bad habits and a gradual transition to the acquisition of useful habits. Smoking, alcohol lead to spasms and already jammed vessels of the dorsal artery.
  • Compliance with the diet - the rejection of fatty and cholesterol-containing foods: eggs, broths, poultry skins and pigs.
  • Limit consumption of strong coffee and tea, gradually switch to herbal teas and fresh juices.
  • Find the right mattress and pillow for sleeping, preferably orthopedic. This will create a normal circulation in the back during relaxation and relaxation of the muscles of the back.
  • Restoration of normal blood circulation in stiff muscles and disks by massage, self-massage, a complex of physiotherapy exercises, compresses, grindings and reception of herbal infusions and spirits of herbs.

How to cure osteochondrosis at home with folk remedies

When treating osteochondrosis, one thing needs to be understood: this is not a common disease that can be cured with pills. Osteochondrosis is a functional change in the cartilage and vertebrae associated with a certain way of life, nutrition and bad habits. And to get rid of it is necessary to take a whole range of activities. Some pills and injections are indispensable here.

Consider the possibilities of home treatment of osteochondrosis. Before you start using them - be sure to consult each item with your doctor. The doctor will pick up and advise what will be safe for you at the moment and bring the most effective result.

At the very beginning of treatment it is necessary to remove severe pain. This can be done by pharmaceutical means, after blockade with diclofenac injections with subsequent receptions of analgesic tablets.

It should be understood that regular use of pain medications will sooner or later disrupt the functioning of the intestine, pancreas and liver. Therefore, a normal doctor will advise you those folk medicine that you can safely use at home.

Recipes for the use of herbs and other folk methods

1. Grated potatoes and honey from osteochondrosis

Mix them in equal amounts, apply to gauze and apply to the diseased area, like a compress. We wrap it in a warm scarf and leave it for 1 hour. Anesthetizes quickly, but for a short time.

2. Horseradish sheet relieves pain with osteochondrosis

We dissolve the leaf with boiling water and apply it to the patient's back area. We wrap and we go to bed. During the night the pain passes.

3. Hot bottle treats osteochondrosis

Pour hot water into a plastic bottle and lie back on it, rolling it on the floor for 15 minutes.

4. Parsley from osteochondrosis

For 30 days three times a day eat one parsley root - three roots a day.

5. Tar and clay for osteochondrosis

We buy tar in the pharmacy. Pour a little in the palm and lubricate the problem area for about 20 minutes - until the moment when you feel a tingling in the place of tar. We remove it with a cloth, but do not rinse it off, leaving for another hour. After an hour, we wash off the tar residues with soap and water. It splits the salt perfectly. Now they need to be removed from the joints.

This will do any clay that is applied to the same site the next day. Clay is mixed with warm water to the consistency of sour cream and spread on the same place where the salt broke the tar. Keep the clay until it dries. She will pull salt out - hold her until you can endure, as the process can be painful. We wash off and wrap up the problem place.

We look at the scheme of the 11-day course of treatment by this method:

6. Pine kidneys with osteochondrosis

In the spring we collect pine buds, which are two centimeters long. Wash, dry, pass through a mixer or meat grinder.

Add sugar in the ratio 1: 2, where 2 - ground buds.

Insist for about two weeks in the refrigerator until the color of the mixture changes to brown. The course of treatment is three weeks. Drink a teaspoon three times a day.

Before swallowing - keep the gruel as long as possible in the mouth.


sponge herb collection We collect or buy the following herbs:

  • sporish - three parts of
  • color of white acacia - one part of
  • clover meadow - one part of

The course of collection reception is three or more months. Preparation of the infusion: depending on your physique, take 1 tbsp.spoon mixture( weight up to 90 kg) or 2 tbsp.spoons( weight 90 kg and above), fall asleep in a thermos and pour 0.5 liters of boiling water. We insist on the night. In the morning we take four meals a day in between meals.

8. Bath at chest osteochondrosis

If you have chest osteochondrosis - we take pain when visiting the steam room. Course - ten days. In the steam room you need to make three sets of 5 minutes at the same break. To visit the sauna every other day.

Massage and self-massage

1. Honey massage

We warm hands, neck and shoulders under a hot shower. After a quick wipe - plaster these areas with honey and glue the palm with a sharp tearing it off the skin. We do this until the palm stops sticking. Then roll yourself sheets, compress paper and a warm scarf. Go to bed. Wash off in the morning. Pain passes through two or three procedures.

2. Self-massage of the neck and lower part of the head

With light finger movements, without applying effort, massage the neck and lower part of the head from top to bottom, without touching the ridge for five minutes on one side of the spine and the same on the other side.

Therapeutic physical training

In osteochondrosis, it is necessary, with the help of various exercises, to increase the flow of blood to problem areas and relieve muscle tension. There is a large number of methods of therapeutic physical education.

I recommend that you watch the video, because describing each exercise is a very lengthy process. Twenty minutes of physical education against osteochondrosis:

After examining the exercises, consult your physician who of the exercises he would recommend to you with your spine condition.

Medication for pain relief with osteochondrosis

Medication for pain relief in case of osteochondrosis does not treat the cause of the disease, but only relieves symptoms.

This is justified only with severe pain.

These are the remedies that will help relieve severe pain:

  • painkillers - ibuprofen, diclofenac, pituoxam
  • ointments based on bee or snake venom, extract of leeches, bischofite, menthol or plant extracts, pain-relieving
  • non-steroids anti-inflammatory drugs - Fastum-gel, Bystrum-gel
  • preparations with vasodilating action - Ketonal, Nurofen, Finalagel, Voltaren
  • ointments of complex action - gel Dolobene
  • massage ointments - comfrey ointments, gel Artrotsin, Shun creamit
  • painkillers for osteochondrosis - they are used most often because of their most rapid effect

After reading the article, you already have an idea of ​​what kind of illness, how to avoid it, and how to cure osteochondrosis at home, since it is already diagnosed.

Remember that any home remedy is not as harmless as it is commonly believed, so be sure to consult your physician before applying it.

Strong to you spine and healthy disks! Move to escape from this disease!

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  • Sofia

    Galina, as I know everything. Four years ago, a herniated intervertebral disc herniation was removed. Until my leg was numb, I did not go to the doctors. And you can not cure just drugs - that's right you said. The main stretch of the spine. I found a wonderful joint gymnastics "Beloyar" - very, very! !!

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  • Galina Nagornaya

    I was a little dorsal when I was standing at the board for 6 lessons, and now, like - pah-pah. ..

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Forgive me for having pushed so many links, obviously it will go to spam, probably. Just really works, for those who have a spinal column - it's the right time to do such gymnastics.

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Thank you Sofia, for the links - very useful stuff! I'm probably on them to continue their article

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Sofia, and thank you very much! Too - to bookmarks and to mastering.

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  • Galina Nagornaya

I started writing an article on the material of Beloyar - I postponed it a little, but I'll finish soon - it's very interesting to use the thymus gland - that's why the effect is so fantastic! This gland only works in childhood and in adolescence, and Beloyar's system awakens it and makes it work. .. Very interesting! But I need all the puzzles to go to bed - then I'll finish the article.

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It really works, I absolutely feel different now.

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  • Oksana

The spine is my sore spot( or rather, one of:) ).I have a protrusion of the intervertebral discs, and this is the initial stage of the hernia. Apparently this is one of the complications of osteochondrosis. Although doctors are at a loss to say what is involved. As well as what to do about it. Only charging and massage. So movement is life! All on gymnastics!

2014-12-16 at 1:28 am |Quote
  • Галина Нагорная

What are the difficulties of this medical treatment? Doctors often find it difficult. ..

Protrusion is one of the stages of development of osteochondrosis. At the top there is a picture and there is a third protrusion. This is the stage before the appearance of a hernia.

If you, Oksana, set yourself for a goal EVERY DAY to drink 2 liters of LIQUID water - the hernia will be avoided.

Protrusions occur at a certain stage of development of osteochondrosis and are the result of degenerative-dystrophic disruption of the structure of intervertebral discs, as a result of which the disc is dehydrated, its elasticity decreases, the height decreases, and cracks appear in the fibrous ring. The fixation of vertebrae with each other worsens, instability develops in the affected motor segment of the spine.

No sharp slopes, especially when lifting weights. With a heavy load, just a piece of disk will pop out and a hernia will appear.

Under the influence of water, the cartilage swells, increases in size and it pushes the vertebrae back to where it should be.

And of course - stretching exercises. I will continue this topic with one more article. Without increasing water consumption - nothing will improve. ..

I every morning pour myself a half-liter bottle of raw water and throughout the day I drink - as soon as I switch from one bookmark to another - I drink water. Another half liter I type in the morning - a glass of warm water and also - before bed. Here also it turns out two liters. It was very hard to teach the body to drink. .. Begin with a little water and gradually increase it.

2014-12-16 at 1:45 |Quote

Sofia, thanks! I need it, too!

2014-12-16 at 1:29 |Reply
  • Oksana

Galina, I drink water, but so far only a liter for the day I can overpower. This is already good, as I did not drink it at all before. And stretching the spine do.

And I do not really rely on doctors. You need to learn yourself to be a doctor.

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  • Галина Нагорная

Well done, that they started to drink! Doctors are needed - when diagnosing and - in the treatment of complex ailments. But, judging by my parents, they could not cope with this even in their bodies, not to mention the diseases of the father and mother - how many times we were in the intensive care unit and said goodbye to them, until I began to study everything and apply first to myself, and then- on them. The salary of doctors does not depend on the number of patients cured. And it is negligible. ..

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  • Sofia

I'm glad you liked the gym! After a month of classes, I went to the second lesson. Now it's rare to do it with a blog and a marathon. But today I have been studying for an hour - such a beauty!

And Oksane want to say that it also started all for a long time, but somehow it will hurt and cease. And then we went in the autumn for my mushrooms and froze, the slopes down, then the wood was still laying, although the pains were already there and all the hernia jumped out.

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  • Olga

Osteochondrosis, this is a serious illness. My mother had already had three operations, the pain was terrible. Not always herbs and cream can help. In severe cases, surgery is indispensable. Therefore, prevention and prevention once again throughout life =)

2014-12-17 at 2:38 |Quote

Olga, there is an excellent technique System "Beloyar - I will soon describe. And operations are not needed! "

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  • Татьяна Суркова

Galina, welcome, so you showed us your new site, great. I went in, saw an article about osteochondrosis and could not not get into this topic, because all these musculoskeletal ailments are a golden massage of a masseur. Yes, and I myself suffer from this disease, from childhood I suffer from lumbar osteochondrosis and scoliosis, the torsion in the lumbar vertebrae is determined directly by hands. You have said a lot of interesting and useful things, and about the herbs, and about exercises, and about the first emergency help, it is remarkably simple, but I want to remind you about the corsets. Corsets perfectly fix the correct position of the vertebrae, which helps to relieve the spine and facilitate the condition. Of course, you can not wear them for a long time, at most 1-2 hours, and then you need to take it off so that the muscles do not become lazy, but they need to be worn during exercise. And yet, Galina, you say that a hernia is a disk bulging, this is not entirely correct. Inside the disc there is a pulpous nucleus, similar to a chicken yolk, that is, it is as soft and can stick out where there is at least a small crack. Here protrusion of this nucleus through protrusions in the intervertebral discs and there is a hernia. By the way, the hernia can live for a long time in an asymptomatic state, for example, Schmorl's hernia generally does not give a pain effect, because it protrudes not outward, but into the bony pocket of a deformed vertebra, there are such nuances. I'm waiting for your article about the exercises, I wonder if they will fit in my case.

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  • Галина Нагорная

Hello, Татьяна!Thank you for the addition! True, I did not find the phrase in the article about the bulging of the disk. .. It's bold in me, that hernia is a protrusion. .. But, I think it's hard to read a carefully long article and all of us - bloggers, read diagonally.

I'm glad to see you on my modest blouse!

And for a masseur an osteochondrosis is not a plowed field! Soon I will have another article on this topic - about stretching the spine and muscle corset.

2014-12-19 at 9:50 |Quote
  • Vitaliy

A lot of useful material on osteochondrosis! I necessarily add to the bookmarks. Thank you!

Yes, and he was going to write an article on this topic. But I'll write it a little later in a different perspective.😉

In his youth, he encountered this sore, for the first time - on May 1, 1983.

Why do I remember the date? Yes, he just came from the May demonstration( and it was cool, it seems the May frosts came at that time), picked up a 3-month-old daughter Tatyana( born January 25) and. .. collapsed with her from sharp pain to her knees.

I was then 36. The first bell. Have registered 5 ukolchikov, has accepted three and all has passed or has taken place. The second rang in 10 years, when in a severe frost, hail.in 15 ran 12 km along the open windy field. I took it so hard I got home.Слегг with an osteochondrosis. After 3 days I went to the native forest with a wedge to knock out a wedge."I got so screwed up" that I returned from training on unsteady legs and barely got to the sofa. He let go only after he started a medical starvation, somewhere in 4. .. 5 days. In the late 90's there was another relapse. Could not bend. Well, then, it seems, there was an inflammation of the sciatic nerve. Also three ukolchik helped.

And the last 15 years - fie, fie. .. never a hint. Probably help the constant running training and daily 1. .. 1.5 liters of "Poltava Dzherlnaya"( spring) without gas - excellent water! Often, instead of her I drink raw, after all, both of them with some artesian wells, deeper than 600 m and constant running training.

Now, under the influence of your articles, Galina, I will go out on 2 liters of raw water daily.😉

2014-12-20 at 12:06 |Reply
  • Galina Nagornaya

In winter it is harder to drink water - eat a tulle - and you can easily drink 2 liters. ..

And I was back in my youth due to thinness, but as a bit overgrown with meat - my back stopped worrying. Yes, and physical stretch it is well strengthened, and I regularly take dietary supplements on the basis of sprouted grains, and water - that's how it all worked together somehow.

2014-12-20 at 12:36 |Quote
  • Natalia

Cervical osteochondrosis for me is a professional disease, I constantly do exercises and self-massage, without it or wherever. Cure osteochondrosis at home is probably impossible, but only to eliminate the exacerbation of the disease. I took a few recommendations for myself. Thank you, very useful article.

2014-12-21 at 8:21 am |Reply

It is possible to cure at home with the BELOYAR system - very effective!

2014-12-21 at 12:54 |Quote

Thanks Galina, I will try. Read here in the comments-impresses.

2014-12-21 at 2:19 |Quote
  • Maria Zazvonova

The spine is the core of the whole organism. And if the spine is in order, then this is one of the main guarantees of youth and long life. Thank you, Galina, for the wonderful article!

2014-12-22 at 8:00 am |Quote
  • Irina

Thank you, Galina, for valuable advice. My husband with back is suffering, every day I do massages. And you have so many recipes! I will definitely apply them for treatment. My husband does not go to the hospital, I do not even know what diagnosis he has. But the fact that this osteochondrosis is visible on all grounds. I will study this topic deeper. I look forward to the next article.

You have a very convenient navigation on the blog! What plugin did it? And you wrote in the comments above that I've put the plug-in for mobile devices, what kind of plug-in is this, if not secret?

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  • Галина Нагорная

There are many of them and everyone can distort something. .. But I rummaged and found that in my favorite and multifunctional plugin Jetpack from WordPress.com you can just activate this function, which I did.

And the article will be about a very interesting system for stretching the muscles around the spine in a method similar to pulling after sleep.

Speaking of navigation, what do you mean?

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  • Platon Shchukin

What I just did not try from osteochondrosis, so that did not help, all means dare any short-term effect, either neutral or worsening.

2014-12-27 at 12:25 |Quote

Articles will still be. With different methods. I coped with my back. Maybe you will succeed.

2014-12-27 at 2:46 |Reply

Galina, hello!

Osteochondrosis is now a very common disease.

I myself suffer from cervical and lumbar osteochondrosis. Work sedentary, whole day 8, or even more hours at the typewriter, and then at home still at the computer I sit. I walk a lot, because I'm already used to it.

Sometimes so twists that I'm sitting on pricks. And last winter, in general, nerves began to cling to the hand, also, probably, from osteochondrosis. Occupational disease. That's how we live. We are treated, then it hurts again.

You have a lot of recipes. Thank you..Galina, I want to congratulate you on the New Year. Wish you happiness, health, success in everything.

2014-12-30 at 12:44 |Quote
  • Галина Нагорная

Thank you! And you with the New Year and that your back is back to normal and you are not bothered! Happiness, peace and love!

2014-12-30 at 5:06 |Quote

Osteochondrosis is a very dangerous disease. Every effort should be made to prevent or ease the disease.

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  • Alexey Shchukin

Galina hello. I saw a record about problems on g + and decided to check the possibility of writing comments. You can not post my comments.

2015-08-27 at 7:55 |Answer


Osteochondrosis - is it possible to cure and how to do it?

Many of us have heard of such a disease as osteochondrosis. Heard, but not everyone knows, what actually happens with the back for this disease? What are its causes, symptoms? And how to cure osteochondrosis? Let's consider these issues together in time to recognize the disease in time and start treatment, or in general to warn our body of this disease.

Structure of the human spine

Before studying the diseases of the spine, you need to understand how it works, how it functions and what its structure is.

The human backbone performs the two most important functions that ensure our vitality and vital activity. First, the spine is the support for the entire human body, it stands all its weight, additional weight loads and its activity. Secondly, the spine is the guarantor of freedom, it is itself mobile and provides the necessary mobility to a person.

The human spine is a unique structure and strong structure!

Due to its natural bends, it has a damping effect.it allows him to calmly withstand huge loads, protect internal organs from damage, and also serve as a reliable protection for the spinal cord! In addition, additional cushioning is provided by intervertebral disks, which connect vertebrae together. They consist of an internal pulposal core that directly serves as a "shock absorber", and an external fibrous ring that supports the disk in its natural position. First of all, the load is distributed between the vertebral discs, and then the spinal column bends enter the work. This vertebral system allows us to lift the heavy and do not feel the burden on the body.

Causes and consequences of the disease

No specific medical specialist can name the specific causes of osteochondrosis. Only possible causes, prerequisites, which contribute to the development of this disease are indicated. Let's voice them:

  • metabolic disorders( mainly, this is an age-related problem: in young people it is rare, but in older people - often, because of the violation of "metabolic" processes, intervertebral discs can not get the necessary trace elements, components, begin to lose waterbalance, become less resilient and not able to perform damping properties),
  • insufficient number of fiznigruzok( as a rule, this is due to sedentary lifestyle, because of sedentary work, which also leads to a slowing of the blood flowzheniya tissues, spinal disks, which weaken and do not perform their function 100%),
  • excess of physical activity( in this case, the spinal discs are loaded, the micro cracks appear, and the density of the disk is lost, its integrity).

All this not only negatively affects the damping functions of the disk, its ability to mitigate weight loads, but also contributes to the destruction of the disk itself, its density. So the spine becomes vulnerable to many vertebral diseases, and accordingly to osteochondrosis.

If we consider more specifically the development of osteochondrosis, then the following structural changes occur: the fibrous ring of the intervertebral disc is gradually destroyed, the nucleus becomes non-damping and begins to press on the ring. Over time, the fibrous ring, nevertheless, is squeezed out and a projection appears on the disc. Such protrusion is called protrusion. When the ring itself is ruptured, it is called a herniated disc.

In addition to these complications( protrusions, hernias), other diseases of the spine, for example, osteophytes, can develop.then bone growths in the form of hooks, thorns, which press down the nerve endings, and the person feels acute pain. In the neglected form of this disease, several vertebrae are shrouded in osteophytes and become immovable. As a result, the affected area of ​​the spine binds the person's movements, causing pain and discomfort.

How to cure a back from osteochondrosis?

This question bothers many who have already encountered or who are afraid of experiencing the disease. After all, osteochondrosis is very unpleasant: it causes various painful sensations( weak, strong, short, long), restricts freedom of movement, has a psychological effect on a person( depression, grief. ..).In other words, an invisible framework appears that does not allow a person to live and enjoy life.

But especially often doctors hear: is it possible to cure osteochondrosis completely? Unfortunately, getting rid of this disease is impossible! You just can stop the development of osteochondrosis and get used to living with it! But do not get upset in advance! If you start fighting this disease in a timely manner and repeat the necessary procedures from time to time, it will not give you more information.

So how to cure lumbar, thoracic or cervical osteochondrosis? As a rule, treatment of this disease begins with the removal of the pain syndrome. For this, the patient is prescribed anti-inflammatory non-steroid drugs that relieve swelling, inflammation of the affected area of ​​the spine, reducing pain and restoring the patient's mobility. If the pain does not decrease and the patient becomes worse, prescribe painkillers. Other medications may be used, but this is at the discretion of your doctor.

When the pain subsides and the patient becomes lighter, the medical stage of osteochondrosis treatment ends and a new, conservative stage begins. It is this stage that is considered the basis of the entire treatment of osteochondrosis. He is in the conduct of special therapeutic exercises( exercise therapy, gymnastics, yoga with osteochondrosis. ..), massages, physiotherapeutic procedures, with which help improve metabolism, blood circulation and accelerate the adaptation of the body to the disease. For greater effect and speedy recovery, therapeutic gymnastics is conducted in conjunction with a healthy diet that contains all the necessary and useful vitamins, elements, substances. ...Only with such treatment will you protect yourself from relapses of the disease and quickly return to the former life rhythm.

We hope, now you understand how to treat osteochondrosis of the cervical, lumbar and thoracic spine? Remember that with some medicines we can not cope, they take off only pain, and the problem itself remains! Therefore, physical education, gymnastics, exercises are the only assistants in the treatment of osteochondrosis and its prevention! Be healthy! Do not be ill!


How to cure osteochondrosis of the cervical region: the secrets of success

Cervical osteochondrosis most often manifests itself in the form of pain in the affected area.

That for patients it became more clear how to cure osteochondrosis of the cervical department, a qualified doctor will help you to orient yourself in the variety of the means used. Any kind of treatment, both traditional and domestic, must be effective and rational.

The course of standard treatment is a complex of pharmacotherapeutic agents and non-drug methods. As for home methods, their selection should be particularly thorough, and carried out only by a specialist. Only an experienced doctor, under the supervision of which the patient will be constantly, will be able to answer whether it is possible to cure osteochondrosis of the cervical department. This will depend on the stage and form of the disease at the time of seeking medical help. Any initiative of the patient in prescribing or canceling for himself any medications, or in interrupting the treatment course will be fraught with complications. Which in osteochondrosis, by the way, is not small.

Principles for the selection of pharmacological agents, their classification

In order to better understand how to cure cervical osteochondrosis, the entire list of pharmaceutical products can be distinguished by their action:

  • For the rapid relief of exacerbations or severe pain.
  • For long-term therapeutic course.

This is not a medical classification at all. However, for patients such definitions are much more understandable than the most complex terms. In addition to this division, there is one more distinction. Drugs for the treatment of cervical osteochondrosis by purpose may be:

  • Symptomatic in nature - to ease the general condition and eliminate symptoms( not for long).Usually, they include standard analgesics( Analgin, Paracetamol, Ketanov, etc.).
  • Pathogenetic genus - have a positive effect on pathological processes in the vertebrae( used over a long period).For the treatment of osteochondrosis, a group of chondroprotectors is used: chondroitin, etc.

Any prescription of such drugs should be handled only by a highly specialized doctor.

A wide variety of painful manifestations is caused by the concentration of important nerve endings and blood vessels in the neck.

By what means to render fast help with disease

Actually, the list of what to treat cervical osteochondrosis during exacerbations is small. It includes:

  • Anesthetics of topical application - to most quickly and effectively stop pain syndromes( novocaine, lidocaine).
  • Injectable( intravenous) non-steroidal agents( meloxicam, dexketoprofen) - for anesthesia.

It is best for such treatment suitable stationary conditions. The blockade method is suitable only for the most serious cases when pain can not be cured by pills.

A short list of ointments for the general medical course

Having determined cervical-chest osteochondrosis, external treatment will consist in using various ointments. Analgesic gels and creams will significantly enhance the effectiveness of prescribed oral medications( ingested).Occasionally they can be used as an independent agent, with individual contraindications to tablets.

In the basic list of what to treat osteochondrosis of the cervical spine, you can include preparations in the form of ointments or gel with the following directions:

  • With local irritants in its composition( Nikoflex).
  • Regenerating stimulants( Traumeel C).
  • Warming properties( Kapsikam) - to increase blood flow.
  • Exclusively for massages( Badyaga forte).

Medications always form the basis for the treatment of osteochondrosis.

All these drugs for the treatment of osteochondrosis help in a short time to remove cervicalgia and to activate normal blood circulation not only in central vessels, but also in peripheral vessels. In addition to the basic properties, they also improve the metabolism, renew and restore the structure of bones and cartilage.

Why do we need vasodilators

The inclusion in the general medical treatment of osteochondrosis of the cervical spine of some of the agents that help vasodilation does not occur by accident. Such drugs act as mediators, they perform a number of useful functions:

  • They are able to improve the quality of microcirculation in the focus where the disease has concentrated.
  • Helps eliminate blood congestion.
  • Restore the high speed of impulses along the nerves.
  • Accelerate the overall rehabilitation process.

Among the main list of medicines, you can note a nootropic( improving the work of the nervous system) group of drugs:

  • Pyracetam( to improve metabolism and supply blood to areas of the brain).
  • Vinpocetine( for correction of circulatory disorders of the brain and improvement of oxygen delivery).

Such treatment for cervical osteochondrosis will cause in the brain stimulation of two necessary types of metabolism - carbohydrate and protein. That will favorably affect its structures, prevent cell death and relieve stress.

How important are the injections of

? On the question of what treatment for cervical osteochondrosis will be most effective in acute stages, any doctor will respond with an injection. It's the injections that are the fastest means to eliminate pain. However, their use is limited in time.

In cases of diagnosis of cervical vertebra osteochondrosis, injection treatment will be carried out in such directions:

  • NSAID.
  • Painkillers.
  • With the inclusion of vitamins of group B.

Treatment with non-steroid( without hormones) will speed up the removal of swelling and inflammation. This helps to significantly reduce the radicular compression and, as a result, it facilitates the rapid withdrawal of pain, improving the patient's quality of life.

In osteochondrosis of the neck, treatment with Novocain blockades also has a relatively fast action and has a long-lasting effect. However, this refers not to the main methods, but to blocking the pain in a special case. To fully improve the condition, you will need to take certain medications. After all, therapy should be comprehensive.

Cervical osteochondrosis can be cured only at the first stage, so timely access to a doctor is a guarantee of success.

When stating such a diagnosis as cervical osteochondrosis, treatment with any injections is characterized by careful selection and prescribing. As a rule, the pain manifestation in the cervical region serves as a kind of prohibition for some movements. If there is no pain, any restrictions are subconsciously removed, causing the risk of all possible damage to the endings of nerves or vessels, as well as complications.

What tablets can I take at home?

Partially, it is quite possible to treat the osteochondrosis of the cervical department at home. Especially this applies to self-administration of tablets assigned individually to the patient. These include:

  • Central-acting analgesics - for a short time( Oxadol).
  • Complex-acting painkillers( Arkoksia) -to alleviate nervous tension and muscle pain.
  • Miorelaksiruyuschie drugs - to block spasm of the muscles of the neck( Baclofenac).
  • NSAIDs - to eliminate the true cause of pain( edema) and general relief( celecoxib).
  • Anticonvulsant - in the case of bright compression manifestations( Karamazepine).

To introduce in the treatment course such drugs for the treatment of cervical osteochondrosis, as antidepressants, the doctor can with several purposes. This is usually done to change the attitude of the patient to intolerable pains, as well as to the limitations of mobility of the cervical zone accompanying the disease.

Remember that self-medication with osteochondrosis is not an option, but an unfortunate oversight. Be sure to follow all the instructions of doctors and you will forget about the sharp manifestations of the insidious illness.


How to treat osteochondrosis? And in general, can it be cured?


The osteochondrosis of the spine is a disease in which the intervertebral discs and other tissues of the spine are affected. Under osteochondrosis is understood as a dystrophic process in intervertebral discs. Gradually losing its elastic properties, the disc flattened. As a result, the distance between the vertebrae decreases, and the nerve roots and blood vessels that leave the spinal cord are clamped - pain arises, and the phenomenon of edema begins to increase in the area of ​​the clamping of the neurovascular bundle, which leads to even more infringement and pain. With osteochondrosis of the spine, muscles and many internal organs are involved in the pathological process. This is due to the fact that the vascular-neural bundle is impaired - the blood supply and innervation of internal organs and muscles are impaired. For example, with osteochondrosis of the cervical spine, the patient often has headaches, dizziness, tinnitus, visual impairment. In osteochondrosis of the thoracic region - difficulty breathing and cardiac activity;lumbar - a violation of the digestive system, kidneys, decreased potency. Most susceptible to osteochondrosis people suffering from metabolic disorders, as well as various hormonal and vascular disorders, because this kind of diseases cause disruption of nutrition of intervertebral discs. If you do not take any measures, then eventually the edges of the condensed intervertebral disc begin to protrude beyond the spinal column, and the neurovascular bundle leaving the spinal cord will be permanently injured. This is how the formation of the intervertebral hernia occurs. Move more, daily do several exercises to strengthen and flexibility of the spine( it is better if they are individually picked up by a specialist).Watch your posture even when sitting in a chair. Sleep on a hard mattress. A soft mattress warms the intervertebral discs and makes them easily shiftable. Every day, with special exercises, strengthen the muscles of the back, avoid the monotonous position of the spine. Eat well. To get rid of physical suffering, take an ordinary rolling pin to roll the dough into the right hand and slowly, gradually strengthening, tap on the right shoulder, shoulder blade, spine. Then we do the same with the left side of the body. This can be done in the evening, sitting in front of the TV, in the morning, while preparing breakfast. The main thing is that regularly. Lie down on the floor on the rolling pin and try to "ride" on it back and forth for 15-20 minutes. The next day, it may be painful to repeat this procedure, but it should be so. And do not forget about the regularity of these exercises. Folk remedies for osteochondrosis for external use:
1. take a glass bottle, fill it with 50 g of calendula grass, pour a glass of camphor alcohol, a glass of triple cologne and a glass of vodka( or moonshine).Close the stopper and put the bottle in a dark place. After 2 weeks the tincture is ready.
2. fruits of coriander, birch buds, mint grass, dandelion root - equally. Preparation: 3 tbsp.spoon powdered in a powder collection pour 100 ml of boiling water, boil on low heat with constant stirring for 5 minutes, mix with melted internal pork fat( can be replaced with butter) and vegetable oil at 75 grams, cool, store in a refrigerator.
3. Birch trees, the root of the snake mountaineer, the grass of St. John's wort, the poplar buds - equally. Preparation: 3 tbsp.spoon powdered in a powder collection pour 100 ml of boiling water, boil on low heat with constant stirring for 5 minutes, mix with melted internal pork fat and vegetable oil for 75 grams, cool, store in a refrigerator.
4. Calendula flowers, labiramon flowers, mint grass, hop cones, celandine grass, eucalyptus leaf - equally. Preparation: 3 tbsp.spoon powdered in a powder collection pour 100 ml of boiling water, boil on low heat with constant stirring for 5 minutes, mix with melted internal pork fat and vegetable oil for 75 grams, cool, store in a refrigerator.


Buy a massage mat and sleep on it, helps

Tais Athenian

Can alleviate the condition( Xefokam 3days do, fastemgel anoint, after the removal of inflammation massage)


Osteochondrosis can not be completely cured, but you can brake. ..just need to watch yourself, special gymnastics, move more, special massage, cleanse the body of toxins and monitor food( less acute and salty), in fact, consult a neurologist and nutritionist, they will pick up what is best for you. ...

Alexander L

To treat it is necessary and it is possible but it is impossible to cure.


Do respiratory gymnastics on Strelnikova assists on yourself experienced.


Triturate with Fenalgonchik and MASSAGE - necessarily..All will pass...!


As an option, psychotherapy..

Alexey Solntsev

Osteochondrosis is a chronic disease. The basis is a degenerative change in the cartilaginous tissue of the intervertebral discs. Treatment of osteochondrosis is carried out depending on the phase of the process - acute and improved.
In an acute period, recommend diclofenac, orthophene, vitamins, analgesics( analgesics), external - ointments and creams( finalgon, reopyrin ointment, indomethacin, etc.).
In the period of improvement - Rumalon, vitamins, physiotherapy, massage, therapeutic physical culture, underwater traction.
In acute period and in the phase of remission of the process, a good effect is provided by acupuncture.
To prevent exacerbations, correct behavior is important. Special physical exercises, proper seating at the table, sleep on a hard mattress, correct lifting of any weights, coordinated movements.
Osteochondrosis is a nervous disease. Correctly organized regimen, rational nutrition, stress prevention contribute to the fact that exacerbations become rare, pass faster, and periods of improvement become prolonged.


I cured osteochondrosis! !!!Yoga, an active lifestyle, a regime, sleep for at least 8 hours, go to bed and get up at the same time of the day, on an orthopedic hard mattress it is desirable to temper, and a healthy diet( minimum of salt, vegetables, broiled meat, not overeat)allows you to get rid of all the causes of osteochondrosis - psychological clamping, curving, salt deposition, a change in the cartilage tissues.
But this rhythm of life is lifelong, or years later the problems can return. Although they did not return to me, even though I stopped a healthy way of life about 8 years ago. All neurologists confirmed absence of osteochondrosis. Before it treated an osteochondrosis for many years lay in hospitals on 2 times a year a minimum.


Osteochondrosis is from a sedentary lifestyle, incorrect posture, sedentary work. If the table behind which you are working on the computer is not properly installed and the chair too, it should necessarily be with the armrest. In general, properly in the norm, equip your workplace. Twice a year it is desirable to do a massage, if severe pain, then at night a shot of Diclofelac( but not more than 5 injections), and it is better to contact a neurologist and undergo a comprehensive treatment.

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