Banana mono-diet

Despite the rather high caloric content, this exotic fruit is the source of many vitamins and trace elements. Eating bananas, you stock up with vitamins such as E, C, B6, etc. In addition, your body consumes iron, phosphorus, potassium. With this diet, your intestines are gently cleansed, resulting in the purification of the entire body. The undoubted advantage of this diet is the lack of the need for additional intake of laxatives, as with other diets. Also, thanks to the banana diet, the complexion improves, and the skin becomes smooth, clean and velvety. Below we consider the variants of the banana diet.

There are two types of diet based on the consumption of bananas. One of them lasts 3 days, the second week. According to the opinions of the people adhering to her, a seven-day diet is easier to maintain than a three-day diet. How many kilos you lose - depends on you and on the characteristics of the body. The founders of this diet promise a loss of 3 kilograms for 3 days and 5 for 7 days of a banana diet.

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Approximate menu of the three-day banana diet

The main products these days for you will be bananas and milk. It is allowed to eat 3 bananas a day and drink 3 cups of low-fat milk. If you do not carry milk, you can replace it with low-fat kefir or cottage cheese. You can break these foods into several meals, or you can combine, for example, by making a milky banana cocktail.

Sample menu of the seven-day banana diet

Here, the main ingredient will be bananas. In a day it is allowed to eat up to 1.5 kg of ripe bananas. Also an important condition is the consumption of a large volume of liquid. It can be tea black or green, without sugar, water. If you sit on bananas for a week you are completely unbearable, then you can eat a small piece of low-fat meat or cottage cheese. But, to achieve the desired result, you must strictly adhere to this diet. Remember, in everything there must be a measure! Do not prolong this diet yourself, the body can not work for a long time to wear.

Contraindications to banana diet

Banana diet is quite tough, so not everyone can approach. If you have chronic diseases, then this diet can easily aggravate them. In addition, with excessive consumption of food after its completion, the weight will easily return again. Before this diet still need to consult a doctor, and choose for themselves the most appropriate diet option.

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