We treat malignant neoplasms in Israel

There is such a good clinic, called Herzliya Medical Center, in which oncology is successfully treated in Israel. To improve the process of recovery of patients, this clinic has innovative Intrabim development, which is used for intraoperative therapy. Thanks to the active cooperation of the Israeli clinic with the oncology clinic and the institutes of peace, which conduct research on the treatment of cancer, the Herzlik clinic has been established.

What is intraoperative radiotherapy?

This is a system that helps the irradiation process exactly in the place where the incision was made and the tumor itself was removed. The newest technology is very simple to operate, it is placed in the operating room where the operation itself is performed, once again not moving the patient to another unit for procedures.

Once the tumor has been removed, the surgical incision is in no hurry to stitch, and a thin probe is inserted into it, which allows to irradiate the incision site, thereby preventing the further growth of cancer cells. After the procedure, there is a guarantee that almost 100% of the tumor does not arise with renewed vigor.

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Let's try to compare intraoperative radiation with radiotherapy

Everybody knows that ordinary irradiation kills not only cancer cells, but also healthy ones. In addition, the radio therapy does not allow the wound to heal quickly, and therefore, when the tumor is cut, the month is first waited, and then the irradiation is already performed. And for this month in the excised tumor again begin to grow cancer cells, but only faster than the previous ones. And there is a possibility of a lethal outcome.

Intrabim procedure is performed immediately after removal of the malignant neoplasm, the cells completely die right in the wound, and do not reproduce as with radiotherapy. Thanks to the Intrabim procedure, healthy cells of the body are not captured, and malignant cells completely die. This is a very big plus and a breakthrough in medicine for today.

When does an oncologist advise to undergo intraoperative therapy?

In general, the oncologist doctor appoints Intrabim, with the comprehensive treatment of breast cancer. Thanks to the Herzliya clinic, doctors are able to preserve the anatomical structure of the organs without damaging them, they simply make a small incision and after removing the tumor itself, a small probe is cut into the incision. But with radio irradiation this would not have been done, I would have to remove the breast most likely, and it would not be possible to save the second breast.

How is the Intrabim procedure performed?

Under general anesthesia, the oncologist removes the tumor, and then inserts the probe instead of the incision, the procedure with the probe is carried out for 30 minutes, everything is painless and understandable for the patient.

In the clinic of Herzl, the doctors in the first turn take into account the prerequisites that led to the neoplasms. After it has been established that the process of neoplasm has affected, doctors select a complex of medical treatment that will suit this patient. Specialists named after Herzil spend the latest and innovative technologies in the treatment of cancer patients. Experts select an individual approach to each patient and prescribe the most correct course of treatment for him.

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We treat malignant neoplasms in Israel

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There is such a good clinic, called Herzliya Medical Center, in which oncology is successfully treated in Israel. To improve the process of recovery of patients, this clinic has innovative ...

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