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Which products are prohibited for gout

The treatment of any ailment is closely related to the correct diet of human. Gout usually overtakes people when they are in old age. By this time, the metabolism is already undergoing changes not for the better, the immune system is weakened, and the ailments are gaining strength. The cause of gout is a metabolic disorder. Therefore, properly selected food is an effective non-medicament means of treatment of "aristocrat disease".

Manifestations at different stages of the disease

Manifestations at different stages of the disease

As the disease of

manifests As soon as there is a violation of purine metabolism in the body, a person begins gout. The amount of uric acid in the blood is significantly higher than normal. In the articular, periarticular tissues, urates begin to be deposited. This process is not limited only to joints: the deposition of urate goes to internal organs, including kidneys.

There are different types of gout. They differ in the clinical picture of the course of the disease, but there are general symptoms that will indicate gout. If a person begins her attack, he experiences pain in the places of inflammation of the joints. The main idea of ​​this disease is based on the signs of gouty arthritis, when the joint becomes inflamed, swollen, blushes.

If you put your hand to the swollen joint, you can feel the heat coming from it. The temperature of the part of the body where the inflammatory processes are going on will be significantly higher. Agonizing gout attacks last from an average of several days to a week. In the daytime the feeling of pain in the affected joints decreases, at night - on the contrary, it increases. Gout is especially dangerous in that, hitting one site, begins to spread throughout the body, grabbing all new joints, unless measures are taken.

It is much easier to preserve destructive gouty processes at their initial stage. Therefore, in addition to medical methods of treatment, doctors are advised to revise the diet, adding products to it that will ease the patient's condition. Porridges, vegetables, fruits with gout should be used precisely those that can reduce the amount of uric acid in the blood and will promote the excretion of urea and decay products from the body.

Simple and understandable rules for feeding

The list of products that will help a person to fight gout is very extensive. But before to start actively using them, he must understand: for the sake of effective treatment, the very fundamentals of eating should be reviewed. It is necessary to find out what kind of forbidden products. First of all, it is necessary to limit the consumption of a large number of proteins, because they contribute to an imbalance in the joints and periarticular tissues.

Products for gout, the use of which must be minimized:

These products are strictly prohibited
  • meat of young animals;
  • by-products;
  • various broths( fish, meat, mushroom);
  • meat smoked products;
  • animal fats;
  • sauces;
  • canned fish;
  • beans;
  • spices;
  • chocolate;
  • coffee;
  • salting;
  • alcohol.

From products rich in oxalic acid, will have to refuse mandatory. This rule also applies to foods rich in purines. However, without the fish and meat, the weakened organism should not be left out, but they should be consumed in small amounts. You can eat them only in a boiled form. And from strong meat and fish broths have to wean, because they are saturated with purines.

Proper urination is a special issue, because the body needs to be freed from uric acid and decay products. Therefore, a plentiful drink for people suffering from gout is mandatory. On the day they should drink about 2 liters of liquid in the form of juices, broths, weak tea. If a person has irregularities in the work of the kidneys, this rule does not apply to him.

There is a belief that once the aristocrats were treated to treat gout with red wine, and this remedy helped. This statement is erroneous: any alcoholic drinks for the patient are categorically contraindicated. The reception of red wine can cause an increase in the amount of uric acid in the body. Moreover, if you drink wine and fatty foods, a painful attack of gout, provoked by them, will begin.

What to do with weight?

Excess weight exacerbates manifestations of the disease

Once a week, people suffering from gout, doctors recommend to arrange a fasting day, that is nothing to eat, and use only citrus juices, sour milk drinks, slightly alkaline mineral water. But it is necessary to remember: with kidney diseases, official medicine prohibits such unloading days. If the patient is obese, he will have to do everything possible to get rid of extra pounds. How? The scheme of distribution of products is very simple: a small amount of meat and fish is further reduced, and the volume of dairy products, on the contrary, increase.

In addition to fatty meat, gout-forbidden foods include various smoked foods. Often there are situations: knowing about the ban, a man spoiled himself with smoked sausage, and as a result, he begins an attack of the disease. What can not be eaten with gout? Few people know that it is forbidden to eat mushrooms. On the one hand, these products are rich in micronutrients useful for humans. On the other hand, there is a lot of protein in the mushrooms, which will cause increased formation of uric acid in the blood.

You can not eat peas and various types of legumes with gout, as they are also rich in protein. If a person still decides to pamper themselves with pea soup, such a deviation from the rules is fraught with a sharp deterioration in well-being and an "early" attack of gout. That bacon is a fatty product, and there is no suffering "aristocrat disease", it seems to be understandable. But every day thousands of patients turn to doctors, who violated the ban, and the ailment immediately manifested itself.

A special issue is spices. Without them, many can not imagine their lives. It is necessary to know that any spices with gout are categorically forbidden. This prohibition applies to medicinal infusions, which contain spices. The use of such balms inside instead of improving the general condition of the body, supporting its vital tone will cause an attack of ailment.

What else is useful to know

Vegetables for gout can be eaten in unlimited quantities, but among them there should not be cabbage and sorrel. Radish and horseradish should also be excluded from the diet. Exotic fruits with gout should be consumed, giving preference to various types of citrus fruits. Among dairy products, the main place should be occupied by kefir and cottage cheese with reduced fat content. Can I eat eggs with gout? Yes, but in a small, strictly limited amount: exactly one egg a day.

Various cereals obtained by processing and preparing cereals are especially useful for gout. But most sweets will have to be abandoned. At sweet tooth this fact always causes grief. But there is a wonderful natural substitute for all cakes, cakes and sweets - natural, healthy bee honey.

The body can not do without fat, they need it for normal functioning. The emphasis is better on vegetable and butter. Here there is an important nuance: they should not be subjected to heat treatment.

Regularity, a balanced diet is one of the indispensable conditions for treating gout. A person has the right to decide whether or not there are certain products. But a review of the food system will benefit the body.

Food for gout - what can and can not be eaten with gout disease, how to control it

What triggers gout

Various factors can cause an "extraordinary" gout crisis, for example, such commonplace as a dramatic change in diet( overeating or,conversely, starvation).Also, this may result in a shortage of certain vitamins and trace elements, dehydration( hot climate or steam bath), stress, heavy physical activity, infections, taking analgesics or non-steroid drugs, diuretic drugs.

How to control gout

Even considering that gout is a chronic disease, if you do the right, competent treatment, it will make it easy to keep gout under control - not only not to experience prolonged painful pains again and again, but in the future to stop the development of gout in general. But one desire to do this is not enough, you still need your patience and perseverance - change your habitual way of life and food system. So nutrition is important not only for the prevention and treatment of diseases, but nutrition is important for improving the skin condition and maintaining the appearance at a high level.

Nutrition in the treatment of gout

The main thing with proper nutrition for gout is not only the right diet, but also a regimen - eating should be four meals a day. With this disease, fasting, as well as overeating, is strictly prohibited, as it was said above, this can lead to a new attack of gout. This disease needs to be treated delicately - you need to lose weight, but at the same time, sharply reduce weight can not. If you are sick with gout - drink plenty of fluids, thereby causing the kidneys to work and emitting harmful substances with excess fluid. The amount of liquid should be at least 1.5-2 liters, and in periods of exacerbation - about 3 liters. Liquids can be different - from simple water to compotes and fruit drinks. Can not strong tea. When gout is very useful decoction of dogrose. It must be drunk between meals.

What you can not eat with a gout

As mentioned above, the first ban is a ban on meat. In addition to meat in its pure form, a gout sufferer must also refuse meat, fish and mushroom broths. At a gout it is impossible to eat by-products( kidneys, lungs, a liver), animal fats, smoked products, and also meat of young animals.

Completely eliminate fried and salted fish, as well as canned fish and caviar. In seizures, completely eliminate the fish in any form.

In addition to animal food, with gout, you can not use some vegetable products - all kinds of legumes, spices. You can not use all kinds of alcoholic beverages, low alcohol, including beer. Do not drink strong tea and coffee with cocoa. Exclude cakes and pastries on creams, chocolate, raspberries, figs, grapes, salted and sharp cheeses. Well, limit the use of salt.

What you can eat with gout

It should be noted that gout is better to eat vegetarian food - dairy and vegetable soups, sour-milk products, compotes and decoctions. Of meat products, the best dietary species are rabbit, turkey, chicken. You can eat eggs, boiled fish, seafood( squid, shrimp).

It is useful to eat cottage cheese, low-fat cheese. You can have porridge - buckwheat, oatmeal, rice. Eat any pasta. It is better to cook porridge on water or on diluted milk.

With gout, you can eat almost all the vegetables - cabbage, carrots, potatoes, cucumbers, eggplant, zucchini. Very useful green, except for green onions and parsley, they can, but in small quantities.

For dessert you can sweets( not from chocolate), marshmallows, jam, marmalade. Fruits are very necessary for an organism - apples, pears, plums, apricots, oranges. All kinds of nuts, seeds.

You can eat white and black bread in gout with gout. Oil use vegetable( you can olive, from flax), try to eat less butter.

And remember the most important thing, as in a diet in the treatment of gout, and with any other - do not starve and do not overeat. The fact that curative fasting, leads to a sharp increase in the production of uric acid, as well as when consuming foods rich in animal fats.

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Gout: symptoms, treatment, diet for gout

Who among you has never seen a disfiguring leg in the people near the big toe!"Shishka" or "bone" - as people call these growths. You are lucky if you do not belong to the number of people who "wear" such "jewelry" on their feet. But, unfortunately, nothing lasts forever, and health, too. Scary bones, turning the big toes, is nothing more than one of the manifestations of gout.

Gout is susceptible equally to both men and women. In men, by the way, gout begins to develop at a younger age - after 40 years. Women tend to surrender to the mercy of "cone" is closer to the age of sixty. However, gout can begin to develop rapidly and at a younger age, "giving" suffering in the form of severe pain and eternal farewell to beautiful shoes with high heels.

Even if you are absolutely sure that you will never suffer this fate, it is better to know the probable enemy in person. Gout is younger and chooses its victims among young people. This is a chronic disease, getting rid of it completely will not succeed. The first symptoms may appear as early as 30 years. If in a family someone from the older generation has "bumps" on his legs, then with a high probability you can predict a not too joyful future for your joints. Gout is an inflammatory joint disease.

What is gout, gout symptoms

A typical development of gout is gouty arthritis. It starts with the inflammation of one joint, more often - near the big toe. Sometimes several joints can be affected at once, both small and large: knee, ankle, joints of hands. But in the vast majority of cases gout begins its attack on the body precisely on the joint near the big toe.

The disease develops rapidly, more often - at night. Suddenly, for no apparent reason, the joint begins to ache heavily, it swells, the skin in this place turns red and feels hot. Sometimes the body temperature rises to 39 degrees. The patient's joint becomes immobile, and the pain syndrome can not remove the usual pain medications. In the afternoon the pain subsides, that by the night, flare up with renewed vigor.

Such symptoms torment the patient from two to seven days. Sometimes an acute period can last for weeks, literally exhausting a person.

Then, even without any treatment, the inflammation seems to go away by itself. Only a small increase in the joint remains, yet not deforming the foot. So the period of remission comes. It can last six months, a year, and then again there is an exacerbation, which will further increase the joint. After several attacks, the thumb can be already turned out from the outside, the "bump" will grow - and the person will be deprived of many joys of life, in particular, wearing beautiful open shoes.

But not only this is fraught with gout. The sprouting joint near the thumb is only the first swallow. Next, other joints can also become inflamed, the disease will spread throughout the body, eventually not only disfiguring the body, but also making painless movement impossible.

In addition to joint damage, the symptoms of gout are the appearance of kidney stones. Periodically, renal colic may occur, blood pressure may rise. This is typical for twenty percent of patients. In extremely rare cases, gout can affect the heart muscle.

The main reason for the appearance of such a formidable and unsympathetic disease is called a metabolic disorder.

Treatment of gout

Treatment of gout includes several methods: medication, directed, first, to normalize the metabolism, and secondly, to reduce the pain during the period of exacerbation;dietary( the diet is able to normalize the metabolism) and folk remedies.

If you already have problems, you need to see a doctor. Given the general state of our healthcare, be prepared that a doctor can not "see" anything serious in your condition. Insist your local therapist on the need to submit a urine test( with gout in the urine found traces of protein) and examination by an endocrinologist. Then, actually, and begin treatment.

The main task that is put in the treatment of gout is a decrease in the level of uric acid compounds, which provoke inflammation of the joints and cause the appearance of kidney stones. The doctor will prescribe special, so-called, uricosuric drugs that promote the excretion of uric acids from the human body. Usually a three-, four-week admission of special drugs is enough to alleviate the condition of the patient. In addition, treatment will be prescribed to relieve the inflammation of the joint. Doctors say that it is important during the treatment to drink at least two liters of clean drinking water - it also contributes to the removal of salts from the body.

There are many non-traditional methods of treating gout, radioactive substances possess a very strong effect in the fight against this disease. In particular, radon or hydrogen sulphide baths perfectly stop pain, relieve inflammation and permanently save from new exacerbations, since salt is removed in a short space. The same effect has also the inhalation of radium emanation.

Gout is a chronic disease. It is impossible to get rid of it, but it is possible to remove the onset of a new exacerbation for an indefinite period by competent therapy and preventive measures, thereby saving yourself from "happiness" to see on your feet disgustingly twisted fingers. By the way, overgrown "bumps" can be removed only surgically, and surgeons are very reluctant to take under the knife ladies of mature age with a bunch of chronic health problems. Therefore, all the forces should be directed to prevention.

Diet for gout

One of the most important methods for treating gout and preventing it is to maintain a diet aimed at reducing the amount of uric acid compounds.

The most important condition of nutrition is to minimize the flow of salts into the body, as well as products that can trap salts in the body.

What you can not eat categorically

First, any sausages and smoked products, as they contain in large quantities of salt, and not only traditional cookery. By the way, it must also be included in the list of prohibited products. The salt-cellar will have to be removed from the table. Forever!

Secondly, meat and fish dishes. They are the source of purine bases, which should be avoided. Among such products are also peas, beans and beans. Mushrooms and lard are also banned.

Since it is impossible to completely abandon fish and meat dishes, and from the point of view of health it is unsafe, meat, poultry and fish can sometimes be eaten - about twice a week. Portion should be calculated from the calculation of grammes of meat per kilogram of weight. It should be dishes cooked with a minimum amount of salt and spices.

You can not eat canned food - the content of salts in them literally goes off scale: and it is difficult for a healthy organism to cope with such content of harmful salts.

Under the ban, rich meat and fish broths, strong non-alcoholic drinks such as coffee and tea, and alcohol. Especially you can not drink beer and wine.

What you can eat safely

All kinds of vegetables are allowed, except for sharp ones( horseradish and radish type), and cauliflower, celery, sorrel and spinach. Prohibited vegetables contain a large number of salts.

You can eat all the fruits, both from our Russian gardens( plums, apples, pears), and the gifts of southern countries( oranges, bananas, grapes).

Low-fat, and better - skim milk and dairy products, useful yogurt and low-fat cottage cheese.

You can eat cheeses that are not too salty and fatty.

Chicken and quail eggs are also on the list of allowed products.

All kinds of vegetable oils, as well as butter, are allowed. Margarine and pork fat are banned.

You can eat any cereal, preferably cereals of whole grains: buckwheat, millet, rice, oatmeal.

Unsweetened pastries are allowed. However, you should not abuse rolls - they can provoke an increase in the level of uric acid.

Any kind of nuts, including exotic ones, as well as honey can be placed on the table.

Unloading with gout

With gout it is important to have a healthy water-salt balance. Support it in the norm will help mineral water. However, what and in what quantities of water to drink, should advise the doctor. Improperly selected water can worsen the condition.

In medical nutrition, great importance is given to unloading days. For example, in one day eat up to two kilograms of cooked vegetables or fruits. During the unloading day, you can eat only one type of product. For example, two kilograms of baked apples or two kilograms of boiled potatoes without salt.

Other options for unloading days will be advised by your doctor.

Berestova Svetlana

When using and reprinting the material, an active link to the women's site is required!

When using and reprinting materials, an active link to the women's site is required.

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Recipe for cooking caviar:

  1. Cut kilo of squash cubes, put on the stew.
  2. Cut in half a kilo of onions, carrots, fry in lean oil, add a little tomato paste, boil.
  3. Add vegetables with tomato in zucchini, wait for the boil.
  4. Grind everything with a blender, serve.
  1. Slice finely one onion, three carrots, put out.
  2. When the carrot is softened, add a glass of boiled green peas, 6 potatoes.
  3. Add half a glass of sour cream, a little salt.
  4. Stew for about a quarter of an hour.
  5. Serve to the table, pre-watering with melted butter.

Diet during the exacerbation of urolithiasis

In critical periods for gout, the menu needs to be tightened. If you have an exacerbation, then strictly adhere to the therapeutic diet. Completely exclude meat, fish dishes, offal, seafood, beans. When dieting, try to consume more carbohydrates and milk proteins while exacerbating gout. Drink not strong tea, compotes, alkaline mineral water. Try to eat more liquid or wiped dishes. Eat on a diet for about two weeks with an exacerbation of gout.

Every second day should be unloading, on these days it is allowed to use a choice:

  • one and a half kilograms of vegetables, or fruit;
  • half a liter of kefir, half a kilo of cottage cheese;
  • two liters of milk or kefir.

Table 6

Diet for gout - the approximate weekly menu described above corresponds to table number six. It is aimed at normalizing the exchange of purines, reducing the amount of uric acid and salts formed in the body. Diet with excess uric acid is designed so that the patient uses products with a full set of nutritional elements. In the diet can be dishes of meat or fish. A sick gout on a diet, these products must be cooked, and then fry in lean oil.

Chemical composition of the daily diet for table number 6:

  • carbohydrates - 400 g, of which 80 g of sugar;
  • fats - 80-90 grams, of which 30 grams are vegetable;
  • proteins - 70-80 grams, of which 40 grams of animals;
  • salt - not more than 10 grams;
  • the number of calories consumed per day is 2700-2800 kcal.

Nutrition for arthritis and gout

If you are suffering from two diseases at once, then be sure to follow the following dietary recommendations:

  1. With gout, try to consume 1 gram of protein per kilogram of body weight.
  2. On a diet, do not eat foods with purine: fatty fish, caviar, chocolate, young animals, yeast, mushrooms.
  3. When gout meat and fish eat no more than twice in seven days. Carefully boil them, drain all broth, then rinse.
  4. For a diet, consume 1 gram of fat per kilogram of body weight. Sour cream, cream, unsalted butter on a diet is better almost not to eat.
  5. If you have gout, give up foods with digestible carbohydrates. These are various sweets, honey, sugar.
  6. Try to reduce the amount of salt consumed to a minimum, as it is very harmful to the joints.

Can bananas be given for gout?

Dark Zorn

There are bananas. I know for sure that I myself suffer from gout. But by the way, if you start getting treatment in time, you can forget about it soon. Allopurinol at first drank quite often, and then it became only when the finger on the foot begins to tear slightly. The finger makes itself felt, if not to drink allopurinol, it will soon begin to ache a lot, then it will become similar in color to an eggplant, etc. But I do not bring it to this now. The medicine packs last very long. But still I try not to eat broths, beans, cabbage, liver and other harmful substances. Bananas, too. But sometimes half-banana is still possible.

Piskovatsky Paul

There are no purines in bananas.

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