Back massage with osteochondrosis

Back massage for osteochondrosis

Massage is a complex of manual consecutive influences on certain areas, performed with a therapeutic purpose by the hands of a corresponding massage therapist. Types of these effects can be different - stroking, grinding, kneading, vibration, tapping, etc. Who and when the massage is developed, is unknown. But indisputable is the fact that over time it is enriched with new techniques, and therefore it becomes more effective.

Action for osteochondrosis

Massage with osteochondrosis along with medicines, physical procedures, health gymnastics is an integral part of a full-fledged treatment. What is the reason for this effectiveness? As is known, osteochondrosis is a pathological condition accompanied by dystrophic disorders in the intervertebral discs, which is caused by metabolic disorders, concomitant diseases, and physical stress. Osteochondrosis is complicated by disc displacement and pain, sensory and motor disturbances of the innervated zones, instability of the spine due to the initial weakness and reflex tension of the back muscles.

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Treatment of osteochondrosis with massage leads to such therapeutic effects as:

  • Pain relief
  • Improvement of microcirculation, increased metabolism in the area of ​​the displaced disc
  • Relaxation of reflexively stressed muscles
  • Strengthening of the muscular corset, leading to stabilization of the spine
  • Interrupting the course of inflammatory reactions in the intervertebral disk and in the surroundingits tissues
  • Increase in general tone, normalization of patient's mood.

Back massage for osteochondrosis is not only therapeutic, but also to some extent a diagnostic exercise. The matter is that during realization of massage procedures the most painful places are revealed. Thus, even before instrumental research( X-ray, computed tomography), it is possible to identify the localization of pathological foci with great accuracy.


Therapeutic massage for osteochondrosis is carried out in the supine position. The collar zone can be massaged both in a prone position and sitting on a chair with your back to the masseuse. Immediately before the procedure, the masseur kneads the hands so that they are warm, and the fingers - flexible and sensitive. Then, in order not to injure the patient's skin, the massage therapist lubricates the hands with a massage oil. In the absence of such a child's cream or olive oil will fit.

The massage technique includes a series of sequential effects on the muscles of the back and neck, such as stroking, rubbing, kneading, tapping, vibrating.

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  • The first stage - stroking, which not only begins, but also ends massage procedure. The duration of stroking is about 2 minutes. At the same time, both hands of the masseur glide smoothly over the patient's back, making circular, spiral and zigzag movements first with one, and then with the arc of the side.
  • Superficial stroking is replaced by deep, with burdening, when the strength of one palm increases by imposing another. The goal of deep stroking is to reveal the most painful places. When stroking, as with other elements of massage, the median line of the spine is not affected. All movements are limited by a line along the transverse processes of the vertebrae.
  • The next stage is kneading. The muscles and skin of the patient with both hands are collected in a crease, and the subsequent movements are reminiscent of kneading the dough.
  • Rolling and rubbing in general resemble kneading, when the fingers of the masseur touch the folded skin in the direction from the waist up to the neck.
  • In the course of pressing, the massage therapist alternately massages the longitudinal muscles of the back with the pads of the fingers. Circular movements of the fingers are carried out in the projection of the exit of roots of the spinal nerves from the spinal canal.
  • This is followed by tapping, patting and vibration. Tapping is performed with the fingers or the edge of the palm. Slapping - palm, folded in the manner of the boat, and vibration - the entire surface of the palm in combination with superficial stroking.
  • Neck is an easy-to-clean, fragile anatomical area. Therefore, all movements must be carried out with the utmost care. The main effects here are superficial stroking, circular kneading and lateral trituration. The neck is massaged together with the collar zone and the muscles of the shoulder girdle.

The duration of the first sessions of massage of the spine is no more than 7 minutes. The following procedures can be increased to 12 min. In this case, the patient should not experience pain, numbness of the skin, fatigue, or any other unpleasant sensations.

back massage

Alternative methods

In addition to the usual classical massage, sometimes resort to point massage of the spine, or to acupressure. This method involves exposure to biologically active points. And these points can be located far from the spinal column - on the auricle, in the occipital region, along the sternocleidomastoid muscle. It is enough daily2-3 minute pressure on these points, so that after a while you will feel the improvement. Pressing is carried out by the pads of the index and middle fingers, as circular movements, without lifting fingers from the skin. There are a lot of points, but 3-4 of them will suffice for the effect.

Osteochondrosis is accompanied by varying degrees of motor impairment. And not all patients have a physical opportunity to visit the massage room. And can I do massage at home? Under appropriate household and hygienic conditions, this is allowed. You can call the masseur on the house - this service is often enough. However, this opportunity is not at all.

In such cases, the only way out is self-massage. It can be carried out not only at home, but also on treatment in a sanatorium, at work at lunchtime. The types of influences here are approximately the same as in the usual massage - stroking, kneading, grinding, pressing. All elements are carried out by the thumb, pads of 2-4 fingers, a fist, an edge of a palm. Each session lasts 10 minutes.can be performed up to 3 times a day. The value of this type of massage is also in the fact that along with the back and neck, shoulder, elbow joints and hands are developed, which is also important in osteochondrosis.


Massaging of the back, like massage in general, can not be carried out under conditions such as:

  • Acute stage of osteochondrosis
  • Exacerbations of any chronic diseases
  • Diseases of the respiratory and cardiovascular systems - bronchial asthma, hypertension, angina
  • Allergic reactions
  • Influenza and colds
  • Increased temperature of any etiology
  • Skin diseases and lesions in the area of ​​the massaged area
  • Tuberculosis and syphilis
  • Malignant neoplasms.

Some of these states are reversible. And after eliminating them, you can start massaging your back.

Therapeutic massage for osteochondrosis

The problem of treatment of osteochondrosis is puzzled not only by adherents of traditional medicine, but also by specialists who treat other methods. In recent years, there has been an increasing number of advocates of traditional medicine. Massage, as one of the methods, has long established itself on the positive side. Therapeutic massage for osteochondrosis is an effective tool for the treatment and prevention of disease. In addition, it restores the functions of this or that part of the spine.

How to treat osteochondrosis with a massage?

Treatment with osteochondrosis massage should always begin with the development of the cervical department. Such elaboration consists of two stages. The first is carried out in the supine position on the side, when the sick person needs to lift the head from the pillow and hold it for a few seconds. The second - the same movements, only from the position when the patient lies on his stomach.

Massage with osteochondrosis

We can not do without outside help. It is necessary to prepare the back and neck for further intensive actions. To do this, they are stroked for several minutes, and the movements should be directed from the bottom up. Similar strokes are performed in the shoulder area. In the sitting position of the patient it is necessary to stroke and stretch the muscles of the breast. Then the patient lies down on the stomach, and the masseur proceeds directly to the massage. The neck is massaged from the hair towards the back. Sometimes medical massage with osteochondrosis causes painful sensations. An experienced masseur knows that in such cases it is necessary to make squeezing the pads of the fingers near the spine and on the sides of the neck. Again return to stroking the upper back, moving gradually to the neck. Stroking movements alternate with kneading and squeezing.

Analogously work out the muscles of the chest.6 times stroked, squeezed 6 times and kneaded 6 times. And again they repeat the movements. You can massage and the person who sits on a chair. The patient should take a comfortable posture so that his head is tilted forward, and the muscles of the neck are relaxed. The same, movements, stroking, squeezing and rubbing repeat in the same order, in the direction from the nape down the spine.

In osteochondrosis, you can massage only with your pillows. And it is important that not only the diseased area be massaged, but the entire body. Only in this case there will be a good effect from the procedures.

Massage during an exacerbation of an osteochondrosis

Many experts insist that massage at an exacerbation of an osteochondrosis is strictly counter-indicative. In fact, intense effects on the diseased part of the spine are prohibited. They should be light, painless, with painkillers or gels. After the procedures, you must wrap up the sore spot and allow the person to sleep. In order not to harm, during an exacerbation it is recommended to use soft manual techniques, acupressure or relaxation methods.

Reflexology massage is not recommended during this period, as even more exacerbation of osteochondrosis after massage is guaranteed. Muscle spasm only becomes stronger.

Correct back massage helps improve blood circulation, restore many metabolic processes, make muscles more elastic, and the spine is more mobile.

Therapeutic massage with the help of soft manual techniques

Recently, more and more specialists are thinking about what massage is needed for osteochondrosis? Excellent soft manual techniques, which have a good effect, and have no side effects and exacerbations, are excellent. Observing from the outside, it seems that the doctor does nothing, in fact, he, adjusting the minimum effort, affects the cause of painful sensations. Patients absolutely do not feel pain, but immediately notices the effectiveness of such treatment.

As a rule, an experienced specialist can very quickly release the compressed vessels and nerves, which relieves the patient of problems with the musculoskeletal system. In addition, such a massage against osteochondrosis can significantly reduce or completely eliminate soreness in the location of osteochondrosis, correct many violations in internal organs and muscles.

Correct massage with lumbar osteochondrosis, which really helps

The lumbar spine is affected most often by osteochondrosis. Massage procedures for osteochondrosis of the lumbar region are administered to virtually all patients immediately after the acute phase subsides. Sometimes they are prescribed and during an exacerbation - in this case, only the healthy parts of the body( shoulders, chest, neck) are affected, and the pain in the lumbar region goes away reflexively.

back massage

Important massage features for lumbar osteochondrosis

Before the massage, a general examination of the patient's general health is mandatory to determine the contraindications.

Main theses:

  • Usually the course of therapeutic massage for osteochondrosis consists of 10-15 sessions, and for prevention, 5-7 procedures are enough.
  • The duration of one procedure depends on the general condition of the patient, but usually 15-20 minutes.
  • Lumbar massage is usually performed while lying on a hard couch, but it is also possible to hold it in a sitting position on a special massage chair.
  • In unilateral osteochondrosis( if the pain is observed only on one side of the back), first of all they process the healthy part of the waist and only after that pass to the patient.
  • During massage, only soft tissues are treated, directly on the spinal column, the effect is prohibited. For greater efficiency, massage not only the lower back, but also the sacrum, buttocks, thighs. The impact in the area of ​​the projection of the kidneys is not prohibited, but is produced with less force and intensity.
  • The first sessions can cause the patient pain, so they spend in sparing mode. As you get used, the strength and duration of the effect is increased.
  • Massage movements are made only from below upwards - in a direction of movement of a lymph.
  • The procedure is most expedient to spend two hours after eating. It is advisable to go to the toilet before the massage.
  • At the end of the session, it is recommended to rest for 20-30 minutes, you can take a warm shower.
Lumbar massage

The procedure for performing massage

For lumbar osteochondrosis, massage is performed either manually or in a hardware way. Sometimes use a combined effect. The lumbar area is massaged only after the entire back, gluteus muscles and thighs have been prepared.

  1. Lumbar massage always begins with strokes - light, sliding movements produced by fingertips or palm. The main effects of this method are a decrease in nervous excitability, an improvement in the supply of soft tissues, muscle relaxation and pain relief.

  2. To increase blood circulation, metabolism and trophism in tissues, as well as for warming up muscles, rubbing is used. It is performed by circular, spiral or transverse( sawing) movements, one or more fingers, the edge of the palm, the supporting part of the brush. If there are severe pains during the grinding process, the force of pressure should be reduced, or for several sessions, to refuse this method.

  3. After the preparation of the muscles go to kneading, the purpose of which is to increase the elasticity of the ligamentous apparatus of the spine, to strengthen lymph and blood circulation in the lumbar region. Reception is performed by the thumb and forefinger or with the fingers of the whole hand, the base of the palm. The masseur can change the nature of kneading: pull, lift, squeeze or squeeze muscles.

  4. The vibration is then carried out. This technique is done with one or all of the fingers, with the edge of the palm or with a fist-clenched fist, it is allowed to use hardware for this purpose, which can work with different amplitude, frequency and speed. Weak vibrations increase muscle tone, and strong, on the contrary, reduce it. All kinds of vibration reduce soreness in the lumbar region, activate blood circulation, increase metabolism, trigger regeneration processes in muscles and ligamentous apparatus.

  5. Complete the massage the same way as they start, with a series of stroking soothing movements.

The choice of massage movements and their intensity largely depend on the stage of osteochondrosis, the general condition, the individual sensitivity of the patient to the treatment.

Stroking, rubbing, kneading, vibration - these are just the basic techniques that can be combined, as well as supplemented with auxiliary movements. But we must always remember that the basic techniques should be ended with stroking, because this movement allows you to assess muscle tone, tissue mobility and adjust the further course of procedures.


Massage sessions with lumbar osteochondrosis are not prescribed in cases of:

  • elevated body temperature;
  • of acute inflammatory or purulent processes of any localization;
  • damage to the skin of the back or lower limbs;
  • pustular or fungal skin lesions;
  • inflammation or thrombosis of veins in the lower body, varicose disease
  • active tuberculosis;
  • of tumor diseases of any localization;
  • inflammation of regional lymph nodes or vessels;
  • of acute venereal diseases;
  • bleeding, including during menstruation;
  • of osteomyelitis.

Summing up

A correctly performed massage session with lesion of the lumbar region with osteochondrosis has a beneficial multilateral effect: it eliminates muscle hardening and pain sensations, normalizes metabolism, restores blood and lymph circulation, improves nutrition of tissues. To achieve a long-term remission, you must go through the whole course of massage, and then repeat the cycle of procedures at least twice a year.

Features of massage with osteochondrosis

Therapy for osteochondrosis includes a set of measures. To remove the symptoms of the disease, doctors prescribe a therapeutic massage for osteochondrosis at home. This reduces discomfort and improves the patient's quality of life.

Massage with osteochondrosis
  • 5 Acupressure
  • 6 Self-massage

Why massage?

Massage from osteochondrosis is a complex of influences on a specific area of ​​the body. Types of impacts can be different: tapping, stroking, vibration and others. Sometimes patients do not understand the whole need for back and spinal massage, considering it an ineffective tool, and prefer medication. But the course of procedures is worth doing, since the session gives a positive dynamics:

  • improves blood circulation and lymph circulation;
  • restores power to disks and soft tissues;
  • relaxes muscles and prevents their atrophy;
  • regenerates nerve endings;
  • relieves pain and improves general condition.

The main goal of manual manipulation is to relax the muscles, stimulate the nervous system and remove the pain as much as possible. Which massage should I choose? Osteochondrosis of different departments needs different manipulations.

If osteochondrosis of the lumbar spine is observed, the effects should be aimed at reducing the hypertonic muscles of the waist, thighs and buttocks.

When osteochondrosis of the thoracic part you need to relax the muscles of the chest, and if necessary - the arms and legs.

In osteochondrosis of the cervical spine, the effect is directed to the muscles of the shoulders, hands and neck. If you do by all the rules massage, osteochondrosis will recede, and the pain will go away.

What massage should I do?

Massage for osteochondrosis of the spine can be of several kinds. The technique depends on the severity of the disease. When can not I massage? Osteochondrosis has a property to become aggravated, therefore it is strictly forbidden to conduct physiotherapy and massage during this period. It is necessary to choose medicamentous treatment: taking painkillers and anti-inflammatory medications, as well as ointments and vitamin complexes.

The choice of the type of receptions of influences to a considerable extent depends on where the location of the localization of osteochondrosis of the spine is located. If there is damage to the cervical region, the massage should cover the collar zone and the exit points of the occipital nerves. When osteochondrosis of the lumbar region pain often gives up in the legs, so you need to massage the sacrum.


Back massage for osteochondrosis can not be carried out in cases when the patient has the following diseases:

  • tuberculosis in the active stage;
  • thrombosis;
  • exacerbation of sexually transmitted diseases;
  • osteomyelitis;
  • tumors;
  • blood diseases and aneurysms;
  • fibroids and adenomas.

The doctor may prohibit the session if local contraindications are observed:

  • varicose sprouts on the back in the area where the effect is required;
  • the presence of moles, warts, cracks and other skin manifestations in the area where you need to massage.

When osteochondrosis of the lumbar spine and other parts of the same session, such therapy at home will not be enough, as the disease is constantly progressing. Experts recommend repeating the course at least three times a year. Massage from osteochondrosis is carried out at all stages of the disease, only its appearance changes.

Massage with osteochondrosis

Technique of therapeutic massage

It is necessary to perform the procedure in a prone position. Before the session, the masseur must carefully stretch his arms. In order not to injure the skin, it is necessary to apply a massage oil on them. If there is none, you can use olive oil or baby cream. Massage consists of several stages.


The procedure starts and ends with this type of exposure. The duration is approximately two minutes. The palms of the masseur must slide along the back surface smoothly and slowly, making various movements first on one side, and then on the other.

Deep stroking

The surface effect should gradually shift to deeper. The purpose of this stage is to determine the most painful areas. All movements must be carried out in such a way as not to affect the line of the spine.


Skin and muscles need to be gathered in creases and make movements that resemble kneading dough.


These effects are similar to kneading. The masseur collects the skin in the folds and fingernails it towards the neck.


With the help of finger pads, it is necessary to massage the longitudinal muscles. Circular motion should be carried out where the spinal nerves come out of the spinal canal.

Tapping and Vibration

These movements are performed by the massage therapist with the palm rest or fingers. Vibration is performed in conjunction with stroking.

The neck area is very sensitive, so all manipulations in the area of ​​this department must be performed with great care. Here you can do stroking, kneading and cross-grinding.

The first sessions should not be very long. Follow-up procedures take up to twelve minutes. It is important to ensure that during the massage the patient does not experience numbness of the skin, pain and other unpleasant sensations.

Massage with osteochondrosis


Often as a treatment, prescribe acupressure for osteochondrosis at home. It involves exposure to active points on the body. They can be located and away from the spine: on the nape or in the area of ​​the auricle. It is enough to press them a few minutes a day to feel relief after a while. Effects need pads of the middle and index fingers. You need to make circular movements without losing contact with the skin.

You can do such a massage at home. Osteochondrosis will recede if you work on 3-4 points. Also effective is a massage with honey from osteochondrosis, which is done by analogy.


If there is no possibility to visit a specialist, back massage for osteochondrosis can be done independently. Types of effects do not differ from therapeutic massage. All the elements are made with pads of the fingers, with the edge of the palm or with the fist. In order to maximize the effect, it is necessary to perform three procedures per day. The duration of each must be at least ten minutes. Another advantage of this massage is that at the same time elbow, shoulder joints and hands are developed.

Massage with osteochondrosis

Osteochondrosis is a pathology of the spine. In this regard, there is a reasonable question, how does massage help to cure the spine? What is the massage for osteochondrosis? It is quite clear that the object of the massage is not the spine itself, but the soft tissues surrounding it: muscles, ligaments, etc.

What is the cause of pain in osteochondrosis?

However, before answering, I also ask the question: what do you think is the cause of the pain? If you think that the cause is osteochondrosis itself, that is, changes in the vertebrae and discs, then you are deeply mistaken. More precisely, you use outdated information. Thought like that 30-40-50 years ago. At that time there was no MRI or ultrasound, and the study of osteochondrosis with the help of an X-ray was very limited. After X-rays, as is known, does not show the state of soft tissues, he "sees" only bones. In this regard, there were standard-like situations: patients complained of pain, and doctors on X-ray saw osteochondrosis and it was in him that they saw the cause of the pain. However, with the arrival of MRI and ultrasound in medicine, the situation radically changed, and a veil of secrecy was opened over the osteochondrosis. It turned out that osteochondrosis is accompanied by multiple changes in soft tissues, which cause pain.

Please note - changes in soft tissues are not a consequence of osteochondrosis, but are accompanied by osteochondrosis. This is important to distinguish. But now it's not about this, especially since we already wrote on this topic here. In a word, the medicine of past years, even without modern information, by the method of "trial and error" came to the conclusion that massage with osteochondrosis is able to help.

Massage with osteochondrosis eliminates the cause of pain?

So, the osteochondrosis of the spine is accompanied by changes in soft tissues that cause a variety of pain syndromes. Without going into details, we note that the most common pathological mechanisms causing pain are spasms, circulatory disorders and cellular nutrition in soft tissues. It is they who cause pain and discomfort to a person, and massage with osteochondrosis is directed, just to eliminate the listed mechanisms.

Pain in the neck, cervical osteochondrosis - massage will come in handy.

How does the massage work with osteochondrosis?

First, massage with osteochondrosis promotes relaxation of muscles, and secondly - improves blood circulation. Well, and thirdly, massage with osteochondrosis strengthens the nutrition of the surrounding soft tissue spine. All together allows you to change the quality of the muscular corset spine and create all the necessary prerequisites for complete recovery. Massage with cervical osteochondrosis is no exception.

How do they do massage for osteochondrosis?

Massage with osteochondrosis is made by sliding movements from the waist to the cervical region. Particular attention is paid to the areas adjacent to the spine, they are called paravertebral zones. They are in 3-4 centimeters on each side of the spinous processes. The appendages themselves are easily probed on the back along the entire length of the spine.

First, the massage is performed by soft movements with a slight pressure on the underlying tissue. Straight movements, warming. Then gradually add circular motions, alternating them with rectilinear. As the surface tissues relax, the movements become more intense, and the pressure gradually increases so that the "skin" folds.

Patients in this case, as a rule, say that they feel "pleasant soreness".These sensations correspond to the relaxation of the muscles of the corset of the spine. To the previous movements are gradually added others - divergent, counter, compressive. Depending on the volume and weight of the patient, sex, age, concomitant pathology and other factors, the combination and sequence of movements is modified. Massage with cervical osteochondrosis is carried out with the help of these same techniques, but it has its own peculiarities.

What are the differences in massage with osteochondrosis of the cervical, thoracic and lumbar spine?

Differences in massage with osteochondrosis of the cervical, thoracic or lumbar spine are available, but they are all purely technical features of the massage.

However, in any case it is recommended to use the classic massage techniques. In addition, you should know that osteochondrosis is a systemic pathology affecting the entire spine. Although the diagnosis can be specified only one department. Such a formulation of the diagnosis is permissible, it usually points to the department that has undergone the greatest changes. Nevertheless, if there are no contraindications, and the budget allows, the best result is massage on all parts of the spine.

How many sessions are needed and how often do they massage?

As a rule, taking into account the above individual characteristics of the patient, massage with osteochondrosis can last from 20 to 40 minutes. And the number of treatment sessions and the frequency of visits can vary from one to several times a week.

All these questions are considered individually and depend on the listed factors. But, in fact, everything is quite simple: an experienced masseur, in the process of communicating with the patient is always interested in his current sensations, general condition, well-being and perception of massage. And then, based on this information, as well as taking into account all the wishes, an optimal visit schedule is selected.

Thus, massage with osteochondrosis is an effective and rather pleasant procedure. And if you gradually develop an optimal schedule for visits to the masseuse, but so that it is effective from the point of view of medicine and not burdensome in terms of budget, for example, once a month, then caring for the spine will become a useful habit.

Massage with osteochondrosis of the spine honey, canned and spot: choose the best massager from osteochondrosis

Osteochondrosis is a "family" of orthopedic joint diseases that occur in people at an early age, and also occur in fast-growing animals. All these diseases are characterized by interruption of blood supply to the bones.

Osteochondrosis is often diagnosed in men in combination with impotence.

Massage with osteochondrosis of the spine is a rather effective analgesic. And it will be even more effective if you supplement it with swimming with osteochondrosis and performing therapeutic gymnastics.

As a result of simple manipulations, the flow of blood and lymph to the tissues of the spine increases significantly, muscle spasms are removed, and the healing process takes place more quickly.

The only requirement for the patient is relaxation during the massage. That is why it is recommended to hold it in the "lying on the back" or "sitting" position of the .

  • Begin the massage from the upper back. Use standard massage techniques, such as stroking and kneading.
  • Next, start massaging the area of ​​the blades. There are already more complex tricks required. Massage the muscles from the bottom of the scapula to the neck. After that, go to the shoulder girdle, performing kneading, squeezing and stroking. If the patient is in a sitting position, then the pectoral muscles can be treated.
  • Next, you can go to massage the neck and head. Start with soft circular motions at the base of the neck, gradually moving higher and higher.
  • After this, go to the direct massage of the spine. Be very careful, try to feel the spinous processes of the vertebrae under the fingers. Ideal would be the option, if the patient tilts his head forward - so it will be easier to "test" the vertebrae. Use stroking, rubbing and kneading.
  • If pain occurs in the osteochondrosis in the shoulder or arm, they must also be massaged. Only need to pre-stretch the neck, the collar area and the upper back.

Remember that massage should always be regular. The only exception: exacerbation of the disease.

Massage with osteochondrosis of the spine can be carried out at home. But in order to learn how to perform it yourself, it is best to go through several massage sessions with an experienced specialist.

Which massager will save from osteochondrosis

Many types of massagers have been developed for the treatment of osteochondrosis. Among the most popular masseurs from osteochondrosis it is worth noting:

Handheld infrared massager .When applied on the painful area, it improves blood circulation. Patients with osteochondrosis of the spine should be massaged not the vertebral column, but the near-vertebral zone. The duration of exposure is up to slight redness of the skin.

Massage cap .Helps and from osteochondrosis and radiculitis, relieving muscle tension of the back, strengthens muscles and tendons, improves blood circulation. Has an effect on biologically active points.

Mechanical ball-type massager-track .It is also a good massager for the neck with osteochondrosis and has practically no contraindications. It is cheaper than the above-described "colleagues".They can be treated as a nude body, and perform massage through a light tissue. Such a massager from osteochondrosis affects the muscles, joints and subcutaneous tissue, which leads to a general improvement of the body. It is best to apply it after a relaxing hot bath.

How to massage with cans with osteochondrosis

Before the massage, prepare the skin surface. Apply a small amount of warm oil or massage cream on it and carefully rub on the skin. This will reduce discomfort and help prevent bruising.

Take the glass medical jar. Take her inside for a few seconds with a lighted cotton swab dipped in alcohol.

Quickly remove the wand and place the jar on the desired skin area. The skin should be retracted into the can by approximately 1.5 cm. Now you can slowly and accurately move the jar over the lubricated area.

Doing massage in banks with osteochondrosis, you need to make smooth, unhurried movements along the spine, from the waist to the neck. Nevertheless, the ridge itself should not be massaged.

The duration of the massage is After the end of the procedure, cover the patient with a blanket and let him drink warm tea.

Massage in banks with osteochondrosis can be done at home, but contraindications should be considered:

  • Get around large birthmarks.
  • Do not massage in case of inflammatory skin diseases, and if the patient has poor blood coagulation.
  • A person should feel good, that is, during a period of exacerbation of osteochondrosis, can massage is contraindicated. It is necessary to be limited to reception of the tablets prescribed by the doctor from osteochondrosis of the lumbar department.

Advantages and contra-indications of honey massage with osteochondrosis

Honey massage is done for cosmetic, reconstructive and therapeutic purposes.

Applying honey massage at home, you can cure diseases such as arthrosis, osteochondrosis, sleep disorders, headache.

We need a course of massage procedures, with a break of three days.

Like any other kind of massage, honey massage with osteochondrosis has contraindications:

  • hypertension, it is possible to increase blood pressure during the procedure;
  • severe cardiovascular disease;

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