Horse joint ointment

Is the gel effective for the treatment of joints?

Recently, a new drug has appeared on the domestic market of health products - gel horse. This drug is widely advertised in the media and on numerous Internet sites. Manufacturers and advertisers assure that this is one of the most effective means for treating diseases of the musculoskeletal system. How relevant is the advertisement? Or is it another commercial trick, pumping money from gullible fellow citizens?


To establish the truth, it is necessary to find out what the drug is. To be precise, this is not a gel, but a gel-balm. Recall that the gel is a structured mixture of various organic and inorganic polymers, having a gelatinous consistency. As for balm - this is a more vague term. As a rule, they designate medicinal substances made on the basis of various herbs.

Indeed, natural plant components are the basis of horsepower. This ointment includes:

  • Lavender Oil. The aromatic substances contained in it have a general tonic and analgesic effect. Lavender has a beneficial effect on the skin, subcutaneous tissue, muscles and ligaments. Has a rejuvenating effect.
  • Vit. E( tocopherol acetate).This vitamin is called a universal antioxidant. The bottom line is that in the process of vital activity, with various pathological conditions in the body, "bad" compounds - free radicals are formed. These radicals are responsible for premature aging, the emergence of diseases, the defeat of various organs and systems. Tocopherol protects our body from the action of free radicals.
  • Oil of mint. Contains menthol. Menthol regulates the tone of the capillaries of the skin, which leads to improved local circulation. Subjectively, this is manifested by a feeling of pleasant coolness. In turn, improving the blood circulation of the skin contributes to the penetration of other drugs deep into the subcutaneous structures of

. In addition to these 3 basic elements, the gel includes demineralized water and a number of organic fillers, among which glycerin and soybean oil.

Application of

Thus, the use of such a drug as balm horsepower leads to the development of a number of therapeutic effects.

Among these effects:

  • Anesthesia
  • Improvement of microcirculation( capillary circulation) in the skin, in the subcutaneous tissue, and also in the muscles
  • Strengthening of metabolic processes in the skin, muscles, joints, tendons and ligaments
  • Strengthening of other external drugs
  • Expansion of the volume of movements in the affected joints
  • Raising the general tone, improving the emotional background
  • Relaxation, relieving nervous tension.

All these effects determined the area of ​​application of the drug horsepower. Gel for joints applied:

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  • In cosmetology practice
  • In the treatment of inflammatory and degenerative changes in arthritic joints and arthrosis
  • For the treatment of spinal osteochondrosis
  • In the recovery period after injuries of the musculoskeletal system with joint damage, bones, ligaments and tendons
  • With myositis - inflammatory lesions of skeletal muscles
  • After heavy physical exertion
  • For treatment of a massaged areaBefore carrying out of massage treatments.

The ointment is used quite simply - a small amount of it is applied to the required area, and then it is rubbed to form a thin layer.

Additional information

Do not use gel if there are wounds, abrasions, inflammatory and purulent changes on the skin. Do not apply the gel to mucous membranes. The drug is prohibited for use in malignant neoplasms and for allergies to any of its components. In other cases, the gel can be safely used. The remedy is very effective, as evidenced by numerous reviews.

However, with the reviews there was a funny situation. The fact is that because of the image of the horse on the package, the gel for the joints horsepower is sometimes confused with the horse gel ZooVIP.There is also a horse on the tank. Its action is similar to articular gel, but the ingredients are different. In addition, ZooVIP, as it is easy to guess, was originally used in veterinary practice for the treatment of horses. He is now sold in vetaptekah. It's just that people have discovered and appreciated the therapeutic effect of this remedy, and for some time have adapted this medicine to their own needs.

By the way, if you believe in numerous reviews - also an excellent drug. And let the potential consumer does not bother his "horse" origin. In conclusion, I want to note that neither gel-balm horsepower, nor ZooVIP, despite the effectiveness, are not self-sufficient funds for the treatment of severe and chronic diseases of the musculoskeletal system. After all, they are not even pharmaceuticals. Therefore gel-balm can be used only as an addition to other medicines prescribed by a doctor.

Gel-balm "Horsepower" - health and strength for your joints

horse balm Balm-gel for joints "Horsepower" is created on the basis of natural ingredients.

This tool shows for the care of the skin and joints with pains , provoked by arthrosis, arthritis, injuries of bones, ligaments, joints.

Also, the gel has an excellent preventive and curative effect for large physical loads.

Composition and form of release

The product is available in a 500 ml bottle in a box.

Composition: vitamin E, mint essential oil, lavender oil, water, glycerin, carbopol, soybean oil, triethanolamine, methylparaben, propylparaben.

What causes the healing properties of the balsam

The gel has 3 active ingredients in its composition, which is why it benefits the joints and the body:

  1. Vitamin E. When rubbed, it has a positive effect on the skin: the wounds on the surface heal faster, the blood circulation improves,increases endurance, reduces the risk of scar formation during wound healing. Vitamin E is an antioxidant that improves cell respiration and stops cell aging.
  2. Mint essential oil. Contains a lot of menthol. Due to this, it is a catalyst that accelerates the penetration of other substances in the composition into deep layers of the skin and into diseased joints. Among other things, oil has a relaxing property.
  3. Lavender oil. Increases the tone of the body and positively affects the structure of the brain.
In aggregate, the therapeutic substances of this balm have a pronounced analgesic effect in joint diseases, pain in ligaments and muscles of different origin.

Indications and contraindications for use

The instruction to horse balsam indicates such indications for its purpose:

  • rheumatoid pains;
  • arthrosis, arthritis;
  • osteochondrosis;
  • recovery from injuries, sprains, surgeries;
  • need to relieve tension from muscles after active training;
  • performance of therapeutic massage.


  • , do not apply if there are skin lesions at the site of application;
  • should not be used on mucous membranes.
  • direct contraindications:
  • allergy to one of the components of the gel;
  • presence of malignant neoplasms.

The composition has a significant local irritant effect.

This can adversely affect the sensitive skin, provoke the appearance of bruising, vascular network.

Therefore, before the start of treatment, you should try a gel on a small area of ​​the skin and observe the reaction for 12 hours.

How to apply the product with the maximum effect

Horse balm is almost universal. Its consistency and properties make it possible to use the means for rubbing into the affected areas, compresses, during the therapeutic massage.

The analgesic and relaxing effect of the composition is already 15 minutes after application. Essential oils act as aromatherapeutic relaxants, locally irritating substances.

Rub the gel in the affected joints 2 times a day. It is desirable to use a large amount of balm, massage the limbs to complete absorption of the drug.

The course of treatment lasts 10-12 days until noticeable improvements in the condition and mobility.

Sometimes it is possible to increase the treatment time to 3 weeks. In the future, the drug is used symptomatically, there is no restriction on the duration of its use.

Things to remember and additional information

Avoid contact with eyes and lips, damaged skin.

Do not use if there are wounds, inflammation and ulcers on the skin. Do not apply to mucous membranes.

The opinion of doctors and patients about balm

To have a general idea about the remedy, we will study the responses of people who used horse gel for the treatment of joints.

Wonderful medical series. We use balsam for the whole family, parents often have back pain, knees hurt, we put it on - and the pain disappears. In addition, balm not only removes pain, but also cures. I sometimes get tired of the weather, I put on the medicine and feel fine. I recommend.

Evgenia, Pskov

Veterinary preparations for people and horses are being actively promoted, and I, too, could not refuse, I wanted to feel like a horse. And now this rather big capacity is at home, and I think that it will take a long time.

It is simply impossible to use so much balm. My grandmother is unlikely to help her, and I rarely happen to overexert the muscle, or I'm lame. Then I use this drug, and it becomes much easier, but in severe cases it will not help.

Victoria, Smolensk

When the "Horsepower" tool appeared, he looked closely at him, was interested in the opinions, opinions of his colleagues. Then he decided that it was worth recommending to his patients for local effects on the joints. Assign according to the instructions. As a supplement and prevention, it helps.

Orthopedist, Stavropol

Along with massage and physiotherapy exercises, I assign horse balm to patients with joint lesions. About cases of an allergy from the patients yet did not hear. Balm is good for relieving pain and discomfort in the affected area, in the quality of prevention, to prolong the effect of other treatments.

Physiotherapist, Lipetsk

Cost of the

tool Buy balsam easiest through the Internet, the price of the product is quite acceptable, but depends on the region and place of purchase. On average, the price of one bottle varies from 400 to 600 rubles .

Reiter What is peculiar and how manifest is Reiter's disease are the symptoms and signs of pathology that everyone should know.

If you decide to buy tourmaline belt, reviews of doctors and patients will help make this choice consciously and correctly.


At first this compound was intended for the care of horses, and only then it was used to treat people. Reviews about it are positive, becausethe drug fulfills its main purpose - it neutralizes inflammation and pain.

To date, many people choose the drug "Horsepower".But it should be taken into account that using a medicine without a doctor's prescription may not bring the desired result.

Horse joint ointment: instructions, reviews, prices

Recently, the means for caring for animals are in great demand among people. According to statistics, the most popular and sold products in veterinary pharmacies are shampoos for horse mane, cream for the care of the cow's sheep and balms for the treatment of joints in horses. The latter, by the way, won the consumer audience relatively recently, but the responses that can be found on the web are simply staggering. People use horse ointment for joints in the treatment of radiculitis, arthrosis, various neuralgia and achieve good results. But is it so useful? And is such a drug really able to help in the treatment of serious diseases? Let's look at this article.

What to choose?

Veterinary pharmacies have a variety of horse ointments at a different price. But most doctors are against using veterinary drugs for people. As arguments, it is given that such funds are designed for large animals, and therefore have an increased concentration of active substances in the composition, which in humans can cause severe allergies, burns or skin irritation. In addition, on the label of such drugs it is indicated that they should be used strictly for their intended purpose. So, the producer does not bear responsibility for all the side effects.

But many people believe that once horses are whimsical and tender animals in terms of care, then the drugs created for them should be natural, hypoallergenic and without "chemistry".Especially for such buyers, a joint ointment for joints has been developed and put on drug stores. Horsepower.

Who needs it?

According to the manufacturers, it is used for pain symptoms caused by trauma and other diseases of the musculoskeletal system. Also, ointment Horsepower has very good preventive properties, especially with increased physical exertion. The remedy allows to avoid overstrain and stretching of muscles.

What's in the composition?

Advertising states that horse ointment has only natural ingredients in its composition, and the content of artificial and chemical additives is minimized. In addition, the drug has virtually no contraindications, except for individual intolerance. Instruction of the ointment The horse power says that it contains only three natural active ingredients that give excellent results:

  • Vitamin E. It is thanks to it that the gel positively affects the skin, promotes accelerated wound healing, and reduces the risk of scarring. Since vitamin E is a powerful antioxidant, the aging of cells slows down, the cellular respiration improves. In addition, the gel affects the operation of blood vessels and prevents the appearance of blood clots.
  • Essential oil of mint. Included in its composition menthol has a double effect. On the one hand, it causes a slight cooling, as well as a relaxing effect, which allows you to reduce tension from the muscles. On the other hand, menthol plays the role of a kind of catalyst, in connection with which the acceleration of carrying out into the deep layers of the skin the other components of the gel.
  • Lavender oil. Has an emollient and toning effect. In addition, thanks to him horse balsam has a very pleasant smell.

Among other auxiliary components in the instruction of equine ointment for joints are declared water, glycerin, soybean oil, carbopol, methylparaben and propylparaben. Thus, the composition of the agent for humans is almost identical to the preparation for animals.

In addition, there is a warming horse ointment, which includes an extract of pepper and chestnut.

How to apply?

Ointment The horsepower is applied to the skin and is easily rubbed with soft massage movements. The procedure can be carried out twice a day, while avoiding the drug on the mucous membranes and damaged skin. To enhance the effect of the affected joint after applying the gel can be warmed with a warm scarf.

The effect of treatment will begin to manifest in about a week, but the first signs of pain relief can be noticed after a couple of applications.

In any case, despite the numerous positive responses about the ointment Horse power, it is necessary to consult your doctor before applying it. Self-medication can be not only useless, but also dangerous.

How much is it?

I must say that the cost of the funds is very democratic, but depends on the region and the store in which you acquire it. On average, the price of ointment Horsepower ranges from 400 to 600 rubles per bottle in 500 ml.


In the network you can find a lot of positive feedback on horse ointment for joints. Some people are so impressed by the effect that they advise this remedy, as the only true, capable of immediately and permanently alleviate the pain and speed up the treatment.

Which treatment tool to choose, it's up to you. But, first, do not get carried away by any one drug, and secondly, the best thing is to follow the doctor's advice. You can show him the composition of several ointments for horses and he will choose the one that is right for you.

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Alesan: joint cream - is it useful for equine ointment

  • Reasons for the popularity of using

cream Originally developed as a veterinary medicine, Alesan joint cream is useful for treating diseases in horses. In view of the fact that the basis of this drug is almost similar to human medicines, with a difference only in the concentration of active substances, it is very popular in humans. Contributed to this and the safety of the means: finding in its composition a large number of natural components.

The chondroprotective effect of Alesan is expressed in the protection of joints from the potential harmful effects of the external environment. The cream prevents further degeneration of the cartilage and freezes the development of the beginning pathological processes.

Cream and ointment Alesan

In therapy, ointment and cream are used most often. The difference between the preparations is insignificant and is more expressed in the structure of the consistency than the presence or absence of some components.

However, it should be noted that cream acts more gently than ointment, which has a strong warming effect, and then a cooling effect. Both drugs have a positive effect on calcium metabolism in the body.

Treatment of diseases

In case of joint injury, development of acute and chronic ailments of the musculoskeletal system, Alesan cream will help. The drug will manifest itself well when diseases such as arthritis, arthrosis and osteoarthrosis, osteoarthritis, fibro-serous synovitis and tenosynovitis are diagnosed. Alesan normalizes calcium deposits in the fibers of bone tissue, inhibits degeneration, helps reduce edema and pain.

The preparation is capable of providing additional supply of connective tissue. The glucosamine hydrochloride contained in it will protect the cartilage structure from destruction, contribute to maintaining the elasticity of the matrix. A component such as chondroitin sulfate will increase the production of intra-articular fluid, which in turn will reduce soreness and improve the mobility of the affected joints.

Characteristics of chondroitin sulfate include the following properties:

  • increase in the ability to regenerate cartilage surfaces and the joint bag;
  • activation of phosphoric-calcium metabolism;
  • participation in the formation of the main substance of cartilaginous fibers and bone tissue;
  • inhibition of the progression of osteoarthritis.

Composition and properties of the preparation

Cream Alesan for joints includes such plant components as glycerin, olive and sea buckthorn oil, polyethylene glycol stearate, carbopol, mummies and others. Included in the composition and water with a high purification parameter, saturated with silver ions. The presence of fragrances and synthetic dyes in the cream is excluded.

The drug Alesan has a unique formula that is designed to perform analgesic and anti-inflammatory effects on the cartilage , which was injured. The cream will also affect the improvement of metabolic processes in it.

The complex of phytoextracts of medicinal plants included in the composition will have analgesic, healing, anti-inflammatory and antiseptic effects.

The main properties of the cream and Alesan ointment for joints are:

  • resolution of edema and joint pain relief;
  • very fast soaking, leaving no oily traces;
  • content of exclusively natural active substances, among which 13 medicinal plants;
  • feeds the tissues of the joints and relieves inflammation;
  • possesses a deep penetrating ability.

Uses and contraindications

The cream in the joint area is recommended to rub with a dense tampon or sponge, carefully covering the dry intact skin in the area of ​​the cartilage. Apply ointment 2-3 times a day for a month, after which you need a 2-week break. To achieve a consistently high and long lasting effect, you can wear an airtight bandage. The cream is easily absorbed and does not spoil clothes.

There are no contraindications to the use of Alesan. There may be an individual intolerance to the elements in the cream. Urgent discontinuation of the drug is mandatory for allergic reactions.

Is it safe to use Alesan cream

Whether to use the products that were originally developed for the treatment of animals is a matter for every person. Many patients decide on its use, which provides the drug high demand. However, no doctor will risk officially recommend treatment with such a tool. In a private conversation, the doctor can respond positively to the horse's ointment.

It should be understood that the concentration of components in Alesan is significant and as a result, an overdose of is possible. Follow this trouble can irritation of the skin surface, allergies and even burns. In this regard, if a patient decides to use a similar drug, he should initially take care that the dose is applied in a minimal amount. After one day of application it will become clear whether the dose has been exceeded.

Reasons for the popularity of the use of the cream

To fully assert that the horse ointment for the joints of Alezan is too dangerous for the human body - it's still bust. Some skeptics in their opinions proceed from the fact that the consumer simply falls for advertising tricks, is wasting his own finances, and does not get the desired effect as a result. Other specialists say that Alesan ointment does give a result due to the composition similar to human medicines.

To understand why people so readily believe in the healing power of a drug for animals and completely ignore what is offered in pharmacies is very simple. In fact, the answer lies in the fact that people recently prefer to buy the most natural funds. Many believe that medicine for animals is exactly what they are.

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Gels for horses "Alezan"

Horse maintenance nowadays

Probably, there are few people in the world who would not like horses. This noble, graceful animal calms and pacifies. In the past, horses occupied a significant place in human life. Now their functions fulfill the latest achievements of progress. However, an increasing number of people in our modern, rapidly developing world dream of riding a horse.

And although the actual need for horses has disappeared, their popularity has not diminished. Today there are many horse farms, just like the lucky owners of these wonderful animals. In this regard, in the modern market of pet products, there is no deficit in goods intended for horses. Among them there are goods that every owner must necessarily have in his arsenal.

Allazan horse gels

The most popular cream for horses is Alesan for joints. It is indispensable in joint injuries, providing analgesic and anti-inflammatory effects, improving the metabolic processes taking place in it. This cream contains phytoextract of whole plants, which provides a complex analgesic, wound healing, anti-inflammatory and antiseptic effect. The activation of metabolic processes is due to glycerol, which is part of the gel, resulting in rapid healing of damaged tissues. This drug is widely used for various joint injuries, osteochondrosis, osteoarthritis, shovel-shoulder polyarthritis and chondromalacia of the patella. Normalizing the deposition of calcium in bone tissues, this cream removes swelling and joint pain.

There is also a special cooling-warming gel, which received its unique properties by an original combination of components. Its application is marked by a triple effect on the animal's organism. First comes the cooling effect, then the warming, followed by the relaxation of the body. Gel is able to relieve fatigue and muscle tension, soreness, swelling and inflammation. When using this gel, there is a significant improvement in the mobility of joints, stimulation of blood circulation. Possessing anti-inflammatory effect, this cream is actively used for abrasions and wounds, and analgesic effect allows using it for joint injuries.

As a consequence, the main area of ​​application of this cream are stretches, bruises, joint dislocations, hematomas. Also, this drug is successfully used for the prevention of chronic muscular diseases, as well as tendon diseases.

Cream with a warming effect is characterized by better blood circulation, relaxes muscles and relieves fatigue. The result of its application is the improvement of joint mobility. This cream has a strong warming effect, as well as analgesic and anti-inflammatory, which is why it is actively used for damage to joints and tendons, namely: dislocations, sprains, bruises, bruises. Also, the drug is used for radiculitis, neuritis, plexitis, tendinitis, tendovaginitis, myositis. It is often used after a course of gel with cooling properties. In combination with a cooling gel, this cream is used in subacute and acute stages of the disease.

Cooling anti-traumatic gel for horses is characterized by high penetrating ability and is used due to high loads, bruises, dislocations of joints, hematomas, tearing and tearing of tendons, sprains of ligaments. Its effect improves blood circulation, relieves muscle tension and general body fatigue, stimulating metabolism in tissues. Also, the drug has a dispersive and anti-inflammatory and anti-traumatic effect.

Acquisition of creams "Alesan"

High quality and efficiency of these creams are tested in practice by a multitude of horse owners. The whole series of these products is available on our website. To make such a purchase from us is simple and profitable, you will not be mistaken in the choice, since each drug has a detailed description.

Thanks for using the site, and find here the good and necessary products for you. Our job is to take care of your pet!

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