What causes curvature of the spine and flat feet

Species, treatment and prevention of curvature of the spine

One of the most common health problems that begin since childhood is considered to be the curvature of the spine. Pathological impairment of posture as a result of the process of vertebra deformation occurs for various reasons.

The problem of curvature of the spine

The problem of the violation of posture begins in childhood, when the child stoops, and parents do not give it due attention. Over the years, this leads to a multitude of diseases of the musculoskeletal system and impaired functioning of many internal organs.

Common pathologies of the spinal column

The degree of localization of the spine curvature can affect the symmetry of the body, the level of the shoulder and pelvic bones. One of the most common is the lateral curvature of the spine - scoliosis.

Less common are diagnoses such as kyphosis and lordosis in the lumbar and sacrum. Kyphosis is a curvature of the spine bulge back, lordosis - the bend of the spine, facing convex forward. The development of these conditions begins in the first half of the life of children aged 5 to 10 years.

Adults most often suffer from curvature of the cervical spine, which can be caused by uneven distribution of loads in the sedentary lifestyle. There are different types of curvature of the spine, the causes of their appearance and symptoms, the stage of development.


Infectious lesions of the body in the form of tuberculosis, poliomyelitis can also participate in the formation of an incorrect posture. Frequent causes of pathology are traumas received in childhood and subsequently triggered its development. In adults, the curvature of the spine in the loin is associated with such uncomfortable conditions as clubfoot and flat feet.

A large percentage of cases account for the effects of long-term osteochondrosis with severe pain syndrome. Muscle fibers, straining, provoke displacement of the vertebrae in relation to its axis. After a while, this position is fixed. A similar condition leads to a deviation in the spinal column.

The most common in medical practice are curvature of the spine:

  • in the thoracic region;
  • in the cervical region;
  • in the lumbar spine.

One of the initial manifestations of curvature of the spine is the stoop, in which the convexity is directed backward. With this phenomenon, the distance between the shoulders of the front and back is broken.

Curvature in the cervical spine

How to recognize the curvature of the spine?

Symptoms of curvature of the spine can not always be recognized visually in the early stages of its appearance. An easy degree of posture disorder can not affect the habitual way of life and do not create any special discomfort. Due to the rapid progression of the disease and the adaptation of the muscles to the incorrect position of the body, the length of the tendon apparatus continues to decrease, and as a result, curvature.

Define the curvature of the spine can be on the following symptoms:

  • quickly tired of the back with even small loads;
  • headaches begin;
  • disrupted the coordination of traffic;
  • pains in the spinal column pass into the upper and lower limbs;
  • is a violation of the internal organs in the thoracic department.

The presence of at least one symptom leads to a subsequent disruption of the function of the whole organism. A pronounced symptom that accompanies patients with scoliosis, stoop. It can be difficult to control because of back pain.

Headache with curvature of the spine

The signs of an average degree of curvature are expressed in the wrong position of the body, as demonstrated by the difference in the line of the shoulders, in the position of symmetrical pelvic bones. It is during this period that the treatment of the disease can bring the desired effect. If it is started, irreversible processes in the body can begin: the work of the kidneys, liver, lungs, blood vessels is disrupted.

Methods of treatment of the disease

To correct the curvature of the spine, it is necessary to undergo a complete radiographic and tomographic examination. Correction of such a defect can be successful only in case of timely initiated measures. A positive result is guaranteed with fast treatment at a young age because the ligaments and intervertebral cartilage of children have a high degree of elasticity and are easily amenable to correction.

Adult patients for the treatment of pathology are offered a whole range of special events, which includes physical therapy, massage, manual therapy.

With this program, the patient will be able to strengthen the muscular framework, remove excess tension from the internal organs, improve blood circulation and normalize the supply of muscle tissue due to the normalization of outflow of lymphatic fluid. These measures help the rapid recovery and normalization of the position of the vertebrae.

Orthopedic corset for the spine

To eliminate the main symptom of the disease( violation of posture), doctors are assigned to wear an orthopedic corset, which helps to strengthen the muscles. His wearing is effective in combination with special exercises. It is recommended to reconsider their attitude to themselves and their health: follow the posture, do not stoop. Good action when eliminating the main symptoms of the pathology of medical gymnastics, walking in the fresh air, interruption during sedentary work on five-minute gymnastics.

The extreme measure in the treatment of curvature of the cervical spine is an operative intervention, which involves the installation of various endorectors that can correct the curvature in the spine.

The role of flat feet in the disease

A great influence on the formation of correct posture from childhood is the state of the baby's feet. With flatfoot( foot defect), at which it rests on the entire plane of the sole without leaving a recess, the foot's foot function is violated, which leads to a worsening of blood circulation and the appearance of pain and even seizures. Pain appears in the knee joints, lower back. The compaction of the foot affects the position of the pelvis and spine, which in turn affects the posture, so the prevention of curvature of the spine and the development of flat feet play an important role from an early age.

Exercises for the spine

In order to prevent flat feet, parents should not wear tight shoes. Shoes must match the season, as overheating stops the weakening of her ligaments.

Prevention of flatfoot is one of the important tasks of parents. Well strengthen the foot daily cool baths and foot massage, walking barefoot on loose soil in summer. The initial form of flatfoot allows the wearing of insteps - special insoles, correcting the shape of the foot. Children with impaired posture and flat feet should daily practice exercise therapy under the supervision of a physician.

What is the danger?

In the presence of the main symptoms of deviation from the norm of the functions of the spine, such as dizziness, headache, when the condition is exhausted, the body may develop complete weakness and its protective properties. Pathology can trigger the onset of asthma, coughing, chest pain, impaired cardiac function, liver and kidneys, the gastrointestinal tract and the genitourinary system.

Consequences may include symptoms such as constipation, diarrhea, varicose veins, reproductive harm, convulsions, hemorrhoids, and pain in the coccyx. People who suffer from scoliosis and other types of curvature of the spine, most often suffer from circulatory disorders and low blood pressure.

Massage with curvature of the spine

A person with such a pathology has a reduced amplitude of movements of the chest and diaphragm, as a result of which breathing becomes superficial and lung function weakens. As a result of such consequences, oxygen delivery to vital organs and tissues is reduced. This can be one of the causes of headaches and other ailments.

Since curvature is a significant cosmetic defect, many people experience an inferiority complex, which greatly affects the mental state.


The most effective ways to correct posture are preventive measures. Prevent curvature of the spine is much easier than to deal with its treatment, so orthopedic doctors are advised to start at a time when the child is in the womb. One of the main factors is proper nutrition. This applies to future mothers, to children, and to those who, in adulthood, suffer from impaired spinal function.

The food should be balanced. Do not allow excessive accumulation of salts and fluid in the body. It is very important to ensure that the body receives a sufficient amount of vitamins and calcium, necessary for bone tissue.

Those who have a disorder in the cervical spine need to give up smoking and alcohol. It is known that nicotine promotes the excretion of vitamin C from the body, thereby reducing the body's resistance to various diseases.

A properly chosen set of furniture for a schoolboy and a person who often works at a table plays a great role in the prevention of posture. This furniture should correspond to the growth and shape of the back.

For an adult it is very important to adjust your weight to normalize the load on the spine. For patients with mild form of ailment, the following exercises are suggested as daily prevention:

  1. Lie on a firm surface, hands on the body. In this pose, you need to swing, wriggle, imitate swimming. Exercise should be done for one minute every morning and before bedtime.
  2. A good way to align your posture is to wear a stick every day, which is applied at shoulder level, wrapped around your arms and walk in this position for 2 hours.
  3. Every morning, adhering to the support, you need to do 20 sit-ups.
  4. In the supine position every morning it is useful to do such an exercise: bend the knee and clasp his fingers in the "lock", raise his head, try to reach his knee to the chin. Repeat 10 times. Change foot and repeat 10 more times.

One of the reasons for incorrect posture may be a soft bed. You can not always lie on one side, lying down to read or watch TV.The bed should be moderately rigid, without a high headboard, with a mattress that takes the form of a bend of the back and does not allow the body to fall through. Young schoolchildren need to wear knapsacks with a special orthopedic layer on their backs.

In childhood, a visit to an orthopedist should be regular( 1-2 times a year).To do this, do not wait for the severe symptoms of the disease. Regular physical examination will help to identify abnormalities in the child at the first stages and start timely work on correcting the posture.

In the early stages of the appearance of pathology, it is very important to involve children in sports activities. Swimming is one of the most effective methods of combating the curvature of the spine. A great way to prevent the development of the disease is considered to be skiing. Of course, sports activities, as well as exercises included in the gym program, must be coordinated with an orthopedic physician.


What causes the curvature of the spine?

When curving the spine, a characteristic feature is its displacement around its axis in the right or left side. In itself, a violation of posture is considered only a sign of spine diseases and a deviation from the physiological norm as a result of various causes. Basically, there is a violation of posture in the lumbar or thoracic region. It is called a scoliosis.

Causes of curvature

There are congenital and acquired causes of curvature of the spine( scoliosis).With a congenital disorder of posture, the intrauterine underdevelopment of the vertebrae occurs and the formation of additional or sphenoid vertebrae, as well as other deformations.

Acquired curvatures of the spine are formed against a background of diseases such as tuberculosis, sciatica, rickets, etc. Another reason for the violation of posture is the long curvature of the spine due to incorrect posture or physiological features of the body( for example, if a person has a vision problem or a flat foot).In addition, some injuries( eg, fracture of the spine) can cause scoliosis.

Often, the violation of the posture is observed in schoolchildren or people associated with a certain professional activity, when you have to sit at a computer, at a table, etc.: they include violinists, shoemakers, watchmakers.

Weakness of the dorsal muscles with physical underdevelopment can also contribute to the development of scoliosis. Although excessive physical activity can also lead to problems with posture.

Types of curvature

Scoliosis is of two types:

  • in the first case, the curvature of the spine starts in one direction and in a certain department;
  • in the second case, the curvature can occur one way in one department( thoracic), and in the other part - in the other side( lumbar region);
  • curvature of the spine is formed immediately in three places( this pathology is extremely rare).


The diagnosis of scoliosis is made by a physician based on clinical data. When examining the patient, a deformation in a certain place of the spine and its curvature are detected. If necessary, an x-ray study and other diagnostic methods are prescribed.

Treatment of

Treatment of pathological curvature of posture should necessarily be complex. It is applied manual therapy, therapeutic massage, therapeutic exercises and acupuncture. It is assigned to wear a special corset, supporting the spine in the correct position. Back muscles work, which before were very weak.

In the event that the problem can not be resolved using various techniques, surgical intervention is used. For this, special endoprostheses are installed in the spine, which remove the curvature and form a correct posture.

Also attention should be given to the nutrition of such patients. People with spinal problems should enrich the diet with products with a large vitamin composition: fish, eggs, currants, spinach, parsley, wheat, etc.

The course of medical gymnastics is selected by the attending physician for each patient individually. Here, the degree and type of deformation, the general condition of the patient, age and other characteristics are taken into account.

Physiotherapy is used as an additional method of treating scoliosis. Of the standard methods, acupuncture, heat therapy or electrostimulation is used. To avoid repeated curvature of the spine, you can if you follow all the recommendations and prescriptions of the treating doctor and monitor your posture.


warning of the appearance of curvature of the spine

Sergey Radostev

Prevention of curvature of the spine and the development of flatfoot
Each person has a specific posture, or posture, ie, the position of the body during standing, sitting, walking and working. Posture usually supports me with static muscle tension. With the correct, or slender, posture, the bends of the spinal column are moderate, the shoulders are unfolded, the legs are straight with normal arches of feet. People with good posture are slender, their head is held straight or slightly reclining, the chest protrudes slightly above the abdomen. The muscles of such people are elastic, the movements are collected, clear. Correct posture is the most favorable for the functioning of the system of movement organs and internal organs of a person, which in the end results in an increase in efficiency. Incorrect posture complicates the work of the heart, lungs, gastrointestinal tract;while the vital capacity of the lungs decreases, the metabolism decreases, headaches appear, fatigue increases.
Curvature of the spinal column to the side( scoliosis) often develops in children with poor physical development, as a result of prolonged sitting at a table or desk, with an incorrect landing, especially when writing, in the case of a mismatch between the size of furniture and the proportions of the body of schoolchildren. In the presence of lateral curvature of the spine, it also rotates around the vertical axis( twisting).Following the curvature of the thoracic spine, there is a twisting of the ribs connected to the spine. This leads to deformation of the chest. It should be borne in mind that at first scoliosis has the character of unstable defect of posture and if in time to pay attention to the child, this defect is easily corrected by the child himself. If you do not pay attention to this defect in time, then the defect of bearing is kept by the child constantly, which leads to changes in the muscles and ligaments of the trunk, and then the bone part of the spinal column.
The vascular arrangement of the foot bones is supported by a large number of strong articular ligaments. With prolonged standing and sitting, carrying large weights, while wearing narrow shoes, the ligaments stretch, which leads to a flattening of the foot. And then they say that flat feet have developed. Disease of rickets can also contribute to the development of flat feet. Unfavorable effect on the foot condition the constant stay of children in the room in warm and felted shoes( ie, soft), as this relaxes the muscles of the foot. With flatfoot dislocated posture, because of the deterioration of the blood supply, fatigue of the lower extremities quickly comes, often accompanied by aches, pains, and sometimes convulsions. For the prevention of flat feet recommend walking barefoot on an uneven surface, along the sand, which helps strengthen the arch of the foot. Exercises for leg muscles, especially for foot muscles, tiptoeing, jumping and diving, running, playing football, volleyball and basketball, swimming prevent the development of flat feet.

What causes curvature of the spine and flat feet, how to warn them?

Hiloli Salamov

Curvature of the spine causes wrong sitting, and flat feet it happens from birth or when you have a lot of weight and you wear big heels. When a person has a flatfoot, then he can not stand for long or walk a long time! !!

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