Folk remedies for gout on toes

Prescriptions for the treatment of gout with folk remedies

The joint is destroyed from the harmful effects of uric acid crystals

The joint is destroyed from the destructive effect of uric acid crystals

When gout, doctors primarily prescribe medicines, diet, feasible physical exertion, and other methods of treatment. Folk remedies for gout have fewer contraindications and side effects than medications. Therefore, many doctors additionally recommend the treatment of gout with folk remedies. This is quite reasonable, since natural natural substances are sometimes no less effective than synthesized.

Why it is so important not to start the disease

People suffering from this severe disease complain of intolerable joint pain. Why do they arise? Gout gets a boost for development, as soon as the exchange of purine substances is disrupted. Because of this failure, salts of uric acid cease to be actively excreted, and some of them are gradually deposited in the kidneys, cartilages, joints.

Gradually develops gouty arthritis. With time, deposits of uric acid salts increase, and as a result of the inflammatory process, cone-like growths( tophi) can form. Most often they occur on the hands and feet. By the way, it's not for nothing that "gout" from Ancient Greek is translated as "trap for feet".

The arthritic joint is deformed more and more, and if the disease is not seriously treated, the joint bag can completely collapse. And this is already very neglected arthritis, getting rid of which is extremely difficult, and it is better not to bring the joint to a catastrophic state. How to treat this complication? The only way out is a surgical operation for the implantation of an artificial joint.

Periods of remission often alternate with periods of exacerbation. This is the difference between gout: its symptoms are weakened, then intensified. The agonizing condition lasts about a week. Treatment is extremely necessary, otherwise attacks will appear more often. And each subsequent will be stronger than the previous one.

The disease progresses rapidly and affects healthy joints

The disease progresses rapidly and affects healthy joints.

Gouty arthritis is an insidious disease. It brings not only pains that dramatically worsen the patient's quality of life, but can also lead to immobility. If the disease is severe, disability is inevitable.

How to cure gout? Alas, completely it is almost impossible. But weaken the painful symptoms of treatment can. True, this requires a lot of strength, patience and time, because gouty arthritis is a serious chronic disease. It is important to slow the progression of the disease and improve the patient's condition, and this can be helped by folk remedies.

Tips for Alternative Medicine

Compresses from gout

Hardly begins to play out gout, treatment with folk remedies will provide effective help. Compresses help to reduce articular pain. Usually they are made at night. The compress is fixed on the leg or arm and warmed with a sock, mitten or scarf. Treatment with folk remedies, as a rule, is long.

  • Recipe No. 1. Mix 1 tbsp.spoon of table salt with 1 tbsp.spoon of honey, apply the mixture on a gauze napkin to a sore spot. The course of treatment is a minimum of 10-15 procedures. These ingredients can be alternated with 2-3 tbsp.spoons of red clay and 2 tbsp.spoons of wine vinegar.
  • Fish fillets are actively used in folk medicine Recipe No. 2. Grind 3 garlic heads to a pulp condition, pour 0.5 l of 9% vinegar table, insist for 2 weeks, shake the container periodically, filter. Wet this bandage with a tincture and apply it to the arthritic joint.
  • Recipe No. 3. To make 2 kg of any raw fish, divide the fillets into 10 parts and place them in separate freezers into the freezer. Before going to bed, defrost the fish, put it on a gouty joint, cover it with a piece of polyethylene, fix it with a bandage and warm it, putting on socks or mittens. In the morning remove the fillet, and wash the patient's joint with soap. Carry out this treatment for gout 10 days.

Hand and foot baths

  • Recipe № 4. In the arsenal of folk remedies for gout are popular and therapeutic baths. Prepare a decoction of chamomile: 50 g of dry grass with flowers pour 5 liters of hot water, bring to a boil and immediately remove from heat. Then dissolve 100 g of common salt, strain. After the procedure, the arthritic joint should be wiped dry and insulated. Conduct treatment for gout should be at least 1 month.
  • Recipe No. 5. Pour 50 grams of dry herb sage 1.5 liters of hot water, boil for 10 minutes, strain, add 1.5 liters of warm water to a comfortable temperature. Pour 2 l of this broth in the tub and steam the sick joints for at least 30 minutes, periodically pouring hot broth. The duration of gout treatment is at least 1 month.
  • Recipe № 6. Pour 2-3 liters of warm water into the tub, dissolve in it 3-4 tea spoons of drinking soda, add 10-12 drops of alcohol solution of iodine, stir. Keep sick hands or feet in the bath for 4-5 minutes. Treatment for 10 days.
  • Recipe number 7. In folk remedies for gout healers include and urinotherapy: they recommend daily soar inflamed joints in warmed urine.

Ointments, rubbers, pastes

  • Prescription No. 8. The remedies for treating gout are also effective in the form of various flavors. Grind tablets of chemically activated charcoal to get about 1/2 cup powder, add 1 tbsp. Spoon the crushed seed of flax, pour a little water and thoroughly mix. At night, rub this paste into the arthritic joint, then cover it with a piece of polyethylene and fix it with a warm cloth.
  • Recipe No. 9. This popular method of treating gout includes a mixture of pharmacy iodine tincture and aspirin. In 10 ml of tincture, dissolve 5 powdered aspirin tablets. Form a liquid to grease or rub on the night gouty joint, and then necessarily insulate it.

Infusions, decoctions, tinctures

  • Recipe number 10. When treating gout, it is recommended to drink more infusion of alternatives. Brew dry grass like tea, only not with boiling water, but with very hot water. The amount of raw material is taken to make the drink golden and pleasant to the taste. Drink it in moderately hot form.
  • Recipe No. 11. Pour 2 teaspoons of chopped dry grass of horsetail with 1 glass of boiling water. Infuse, warmly wrapped, 2 hours, filtered. Folk remedies for gout should be taken in strictly individual dosages, which must be agreed with the doctor.
  • Recipe No. 12. Another popular remedy for gout consists of a saber and vodka.250 g of crushed dry root sabelnik pour 0.5 liters of vodka, insist in a dark place for 3 weeks, shaking the container from time to time.
  • Decoction of cowberries will help Recipe No 13. A decoction of cranberries is very effective.2 tbsp. Spoon the fruit with 250 ml of boiling water, boil for 12-15 minutes. Drink in divided portions throughout the day. Every morning, you should prepare a fresh decoction. The course of treatment for gout is at least 1 month.
  • Recipe No. 14. Grind 250 grams of garlic, pour the resulting slurry 0.5 liters of alcohol or vodka, infuse for 10 days in the open sun, shaking the contents from time to time, filter. Take tincture in the morning on an empty stomach, washing down with milk.
  • Recipe No. 15. Onion broth: 2-3 medium bulbs( with husk) pour 1 l of water and cook until they completely boil, then filter. Chilled broth is drunk half an hour before meals. Onion broth are treated for a long time, courses for 12-14 days with weekly interruptions.
  • Recipe № 16. Pour 1 tbsp.spoon of crushed dry fruits of black elderberry 1 cup of boiling water, insist 30 minutes, strain. Drink should be refrigerated. Infusion has a diuretic and disinfectant effect, improves metabolism.
  • Recipe № 17. Slice 3 apples of medium size, pour 1 l of water, boil 10-12 minutes, insist, wrapped well, 3-4 hours, then filter. Drink in a warm form as a tea. Option: brewing ordinary tea, you can throw in the teapot pieces of apples.

With diligent treatment, a stubborn gout is stopped, and the folk remedies are very effective. It is important to choose only such recipes that will be most effective for you. But folk methods of curing this disease can be effective only with proper nutrition.

Ration: what can not and what should be eaten with a gout

These products are banned

This can not be eaten!

Compliance with the rules of therapeutic nutrition significantly increases the therapeutic effect. There are even known cases when strict strict diet alone has significantly improved the quality of life of patients. This is due to the fact that dietary intake restricts the intake of purine substances, and their level in the body decreases.

In the treatment of gout, diet No. 6 is used. Its basic principles are simple:

  • should give preference to low-calorie foods;
  • should be eaten regularly and fractionally, 4-5 times a day;
  • it is important to drink plenty of fluids, about 3 liters with gout exacerbations and 1.5-2 liters during remission;
  • to get rid of extra pounds should be gradually, dropping no more than 1-2 kg per month;
  • categorically can neither overeat, nor starve.

There is an opinion that with exacerbations of this disease it is useful to starve. This is fundamentally wrong. Any hungry diet, though for weight loss, even for the purification of the body, with gout is categorically contraindicated. The patient's condition will only worsen!

So, how do you create a curative menu? It is necessary to give up food, in which there are many purine compounds. These are such food products and dishes as:

  • meat, fish and mushroom first courses;
  • meat and fish of fatty varieties, by-products, sausages, animal fats;
  • any canned food, pickles, smoked products;
  • beans, mushrooms, sorrel, cauliflower, spinach;
  • fatty, sharp, salty cheeses;
  • chocolate, cocoa;
  • alcohol( primarily beer and wine), strong coffee and tea: they exacerbate joint pain;
  • spices, spices( except vinegar and bay leaves).
The minimum of salt in dishes

Eliminate salt from the

diet What does the diet limit? Strictly - consumption of table salt. Meat, fish can and should be, as it is a source of proteins. But only lean, not more than 300 grams per week and only in boiled, stewed or baked form.

Treatment of gout does not allow any fried second courses! From time to time, you can include in the diet boiled chicken eggs. In reasonable quantities, you need to eat bread, boiled potatoes, pasta.

You also need to consume more foods that activate the excretion of uric acid from the blood and prevent the deposition of its salts in the tissues. Treatment of gout at home should be done, including light vegetable and milk soups, various cereals, dairy products, fresh vegetables, especially eggplants, cucumbers, carrots, tomatoes( limited), as well as garlic, walnuts, hazelnuts.

Of fruits, apples and citrus fruits are most useful: they reduce articular pain. Good and juices, but only freshly squeezed. Regularly drink alkaline mineral water: it speeds up the removal of purines from the body.

It is proved that the diet significantly facilitates the course of gout. Therefore, strict compliance with it is necessary in the complex treatment of this insidious disease.

Effective treatment of gout with folk methods

During an attack over inflamed joints, a tumor and cyanosis appear Gout is one of the oldest diseases on the planet, which is a consequence of metabolic disorders. The disease occurs due to the accumulation in the body of salts of uric acid, which form crystals in such tissues as tendons, cartilage, joints. Gout can affect any joints, regardless of their size and location: on the fingers and toes, joints of the knees, shoulders, elbows.

But especially often this joint affects the joints of the foot, which manifests itself in the form of painful cones on the thumbs. In order to treat traditional or traditional medical products was effective, first of all it is necessary to conduct a comprehensive survey of specialists. The disease can appear not only because of a metabolic disorder, but also against other diseases - oncology, kidney failure, etc.

Symptoms and forms of the disease

Gout is usually characterized by the onset of an inflammatory process in any joint. A person feels sudden sharp pain, fever in the joint, redness of the skin in this place. Often, such seizures are compared with the pain of fractures: the sensitivity of the affected joint is extremely high, the pain can arise even from the touch of clothes or bed linen.

As a rule, gout attacks happen at night and can last from 2 days to a week. With properly selected therapy, the inflammatory process can be eliminated within 1-2 days. The risk group includes, first of all, men aged 40-50 years, in women of this age category, the disease occurs 20 times less often.

Gout is highly likely to occur in people with high blood pressure, overweight, prone to eating large amounts of protein foods and alcoholic beverages.

Uric acid salts accumulate in the diseased joint and corrode the cartilaginous tissue

Uric acid salts accumulate in the diseased joint and corrode cartilage tissue

Modern medicine classifies gout as acute and chronic. Acute gout is the initial stage of the disease. At this first stage of the patient, sharp pains are excruciated.

The frequency of recurrence of seizures depends on the general condition of the body, as well as on the measures and means of treatment. Proper treatment at this stage allows, if not completely get rid of the disease, then significantly delay the timing of the next attack.

In a chronic disease, pain in the affected joints can persecute a person for a long time, accompanied by a characteristic crunch during movement, stiffness and increased pain during exercise. The treatment of gout at this stage is often complicated by the damage to the kidneys, heart and other internal organs.

Diagnosis and traditional treatment of gout

The diagnosis is based on data obtained from laboratory tests, radiography, renal ultrasound and visual examination. If you suspect a podagra, the therapist first checks the results of the ultrasound of internal organs and the radiography of the joints for the detection of gouty nodules in the subcutaneous tissue.

The most informative method of diagnosis is the analysis of the joint fluid. The presence in it of crystals of salts of uric acid allows to correctly determine the correct diagnosis and select the most effective methods of treatment. Gout refers to the type of diseases that need to be treated by a number of specialists: the therapist, nephrologist, rheumatologist, urologist.

Diclofenac is prescribed for the removal of inflammation Treatment of gout should necessarily be complex and consist not only in eliminating the periodically arising pain sensations, but also in changing the entire way of life of a person. Both folk methods of treatment and medication must be agreed with the attending physician. To get rid of a disease like gout, you need a correction of many habits. We need a special diet, control of body weight, the use of appropriate medications, the treatment of folk remedies, increased level of motor activity, refusal of alcohol.

In addition, one should take into account that the disease can affect the neighboring joints. Therefore, prevention and treatment must be treated with all seriousness, until the joints are irreversibly changed. Both folk and medicamentous treatment of gout is aimed at reducing the volume of uric acid in the body and its complete elimination, which prevents the formation of crystals. All medicines are divided into two groups: for relief of acute inflammatory processes and for preventive treatment during periods between attacks.

For the removal of pain and neutralization of inflammation, non-steroidal agents are usually prescribed:

  • indomethacin;
  • diclofenac;
  • is Voltaren;
  • Naproxen.
The hormone Betamethasone for dealing with an acute attack of the disease In more serious cases, hormonal medications are prescribed as single injections:
  • betamethasone;
  • methylprednisolone;
  • dexamethasone.

In periods between seizures, treatment with folk methods in combination with proper diet, joint gymnastics and rejection of bad habits is very effective. For the removal of acute pain, folk methods recommend the use of ice packs.

Use in the treatment of salt and iodine

Treatment of gout with folk methods includes the use of both external and internal remedies. Their action is aimed at the removal of inflammation, the normalization of metabolic processes and the removal of excess uric acid from the body.
Since it is necessary to treat gout all the way, it is not recommended to focus only on one joint healing. In any case, you should not allow a sharp decrease in weight, tk.this leads to an increase in the amount of uric acid in the body.

Coffee and tea must be replaced with curative herbal decoctions and alkaline mineral water. With the use of herbal infusions, unusual sensations in the bladder can arise - this is caused by the dissolution of salts that slightly irritates the mucous membrane of the internal organs.

Folk treatment of the disease with the help of external means is based on the use of generally available and inexpensive drugs. So, the use of iodine at the initial stage of the disease gives good results. The most effective folk remedy for iodine treatment of the joints of the feet, elbows and hands is a warm bath, which is done regularly in the evenings for 10 days. To prepare a tray in 3 liters of warm water, dissolve 2 tablespoons.soda and 10 drops of iodine. The patient's joint is heated in warm water for 10 minutes, after which it is wiped dry, iodized with 5% iodine and warmed with woolen cloth.

Traditional treatment of gout involves the preparation of iodine flour: in 10 ml of iodine, dissolve 5 tablets of conventional aspirin. This mixture is smeared with sick joints before going to bed, then they are warmed with a woolen handkerchief, which is left until the morning. A similar course of treatment for gout is at least a week.

No less popular folk remedy is a compress of Vaseline and iodized salt.0.5 kg of salt is poured with water so that it covers a layer of salt, after which the mixture is boiled over low heat until the water is completely evaporated. The resulting precipitate is thoroughly mixed with 200 g of Vaseline or interior pork fat. The ointment is applied to a tissue flap and fixed in the area of ​​the affected joint for several hours.

Use of decoctions and infusions of herbs

Gout at the initial stage of development is treated with saturated chamomile decoctions. Chamomile has anti-inflammatory properties. This allows you to use decoctions of her flowers for the preparation of compresses and medicinal trays.

The most common folk remedy for gout is a decoction, consisting of an equal number of flowers of chamomile and black elderberry. Plants pour a small amount of hot water, bring to a boil and insist for about 10 minutes. In still hot liquid, wet the strip of tissue that fixes over the diseased joints.

Treatment of gout with internal means allows not only to relieve pain and improve metabolism, but also to improve the body as a whole. Known popular means for successful treatment of gout, used inside. These are broths, infusions and juices of medicinal plants.

An ancient folk method of treatment recommends the use of infusion of chicory, boiled with steep boiling water. Chicory is able not only to effectively treat joint diseases, but also beneficial effect on the work of the heart and liver.

Another folk remedy is well combined with the need to adhere to dietary nutrition. Wheat porridge will help to get rid of salt crystals. It should be boiled on water with a small piece of high-quality butter.

The same purpose is served with onion soup.2-3 uncleaned bulbs fill with a liter of filtered water and boil on low heat until ready. The broth is filtered and drunk daily before meals for 10-15 days.

Treatment with exotic folk methods

A rather unusual folk remedy has long been used by the coastal peoples to treat gout at any stage, relieve pain in the feet, and eliminate heel spurs. The medicine is a compress made from 2 kg of fish scraps. Meat is separated from ridges, divided into 10 equal parts and cleaned into the freezer. Every day one part of the fish fillet is thawed before going to bed, the fish is placed on top of the diseased joint, it is well fixed and warmed with woolen cloth. The compress is left to act all night, the used fish is discarded in the morning. The course of treatment is designed for 10 days.

No less original folk method of treating gout is the use of contrasting temperatures. To do this, prepare two vessels: one - with very cold water, the other - with the grains of any cereal plants, filled with boiling water.

The joint is dipped for a few seconds in cold water, then immediately placed in a vessel with steamed grains. When the grain cools down, the joint is tied with a warm cloth to preserve heat. Treatment should be long - at least 2-3 months.

Salo is used for home therapy in parallel with traditional treatment An ancient folk remedy used to treat gout that affects the joints of the fingers, also takes a long time, but is no less effective than heating the grain. Unsalted lard is cut into small slices, laid on the diseased joints and rubbed until the slices become thin and small. For severe pain, it is recommended not only to rub the fat into the joints, but also to leave its small slices for the whole night, fixing with a bandage or plaster.

In case of multiple joints, non-steroid antibiotics are prescribed.

If the disease has gone far, the doctor may prescribe stronger remedies that reduce edema and suppress the synthesis of urea:

  • Glucocorticoid,
  • Colchicine.

Acute attacks of gout are removed by injection directly into the joint. The injection is done once, but in some cases it is necessary to repeat it.

If the diseases associated with metabolic disorders( for example, diabetes) are identified, the doctor determines the treatment regimen for these diseases.

Control of excess uric acid

To limit the concentration in the body of uric acid are prescribed:

  • Aspirin in small doses to suppress the secretion of uric acid.
  • Butadione has a moderate effect, side effects are possible.
  • Anturan is the most effective drug today. It significantly reduces the presence of uric acid in the blood. A full normalization is possible within 2-3 weeks.
  • Ketazone in parallel has an anti-inflammatory and analgesic effect.
  • BENEMID is widely recognized as a very effective remedy. Can be used for a long time constantly. Breaks are prescribed up to 5 months in the case of long-term therapeutic effect.
  • Atofan is able to relieve an acute attack. But it is used very carefully because of side effects.
  • Urodan increases the solubility of urine formations.

Physiotherapy methods

A modern way to treat leg gout involves electromagnetic exposure or electrophoresis .With the help of electrical microcurrents, the salts formed undergo destruction, and uric acid is eliminated from the body. The most modern method of purifying blood is the use of a special apparatus called "Plasmophoresogemosorption".

Another progressive method of treating gout and relief of seizures is the cryoapheresis of .It is based on the use of low temperatures, affecting the blood and its constituent elements. This method:

  • preserves and returns to the bloodstream cellular elements and useful substances in the maximum amount,
  • simultaneously removes uric acid and other components of the final exchange chain from the blood plasma, which must be removed from the body.

As an auxiliary method is treatment in a sanatorium and in a resort. In these places, there are all possibilities for a full range of physiotherapy procedures, including massage and physiotherapy.

If the course of the disease becomes particularly severe, resort to surgical removal of the outgrowths of the diseased joint.

Treatment with folk remedies

Decoctions and infusions

To remove excess urea from the body, folk medicine advises drinking decoctions and infusions, for example:

  • Infusion of cranberry leaves. A glass of boiling water pours 20 g of leaves. Insists half an hour. Drink during the day several times a tablespoon.
  • Juice of dioecious nettle take three times a day for 1 tsp.
  • Decoction of birch leaves. For two glasses of boiling water, two tablespoons of leaves.10 minutes to boil and insist for half an hour. After filtering, drink a quarter cup while eating.
  • Decoction of garlic and lemon. Very effective. Through the meat grinder, skip four lemons, chop three cloves of garlic. Pour the mixture with boiling water( 7 glasses) and insist 24 hours in a dark place. Take in the morning before meals for 3 tablespoons.l.

Baths and compresses

A good result is obtained when treating gout with herbal baths. They can be cooked from:

  • sage leaf,
  • oat straw.

It is useful to soar your feet in a hot solution with laundry soap( rub half a piece) and salt( half-packs).

A simple and effective compress is prepared from 250 g of salt, which should be boiled in 100 g of water until the water evaporates. Then the medical vaseline( 200 g) is squeezed into the salt, and everything is mixed. Warm the compress on your aching legs and hold for the night.

A good tool for treating painful cones on the toes is a compress made from pharmacy medical bile. After 15 procedures, the pain passes. And as a result of 40-45 procedures, the lump resolves.

More complex composition of the compress from medical bile( 1 bottle) involves the addition of camphor alcohol( 160 g), red hot pepper( 1 tbsp.).The composition in the bank should stand for a week in a dark cool place.

Stand-alone actions

Short-term measures

Sometimes the pain is removed by applying ice to the affected joint. In other cases, dry heat is more effective( for example, a blanket, a heating pad).But this means for a short while removes manifestations of the disease.

The role of the correction of nutrition

A good result in the treatment of gout is compliance with the diet. With it, you can greatly reduce the level of urea in the body. We should not forget about unloading days.

Drinking fluid

You need to drink up to three liters of liquid per day:

Why does gout occur?

Gout is an ailment that occurs when violating purine metabolism in the human body. How does this violation occur?

If the composition of food consumed by humans includes a large number of purines( substances without which no cell of our body can do), too much uric acid is released during their processing. And much depends on the timely work of the kidneys.

If the kidneys are healthy, the acid is eliminated from the body with urine without much problems. If the kidneys function poorly, urate( uric acid salts) begins to accumulate in the body. Surpluses of urate in the form of crystals begin to be deposited in the diartereses, tendons and cartilages of the human body. This is one of the ways of gout.

However, the level of uric acid is not always the cause of gout. In some patients, painful symptoms can be observed, even if its number is normal( here you can read about the symptoms of gout on the legs).Sometimes in the occurrence of gout, the use of a number of medications is guilty.

Treatment of gout with folk methods

The correct use of traditional medicine methods involves the sequential passage of two stages:

  • Use of herbal fees and adherence to a special diet to lower the level of uric acid in the patient's body.

  • The use of drugs designed to stop pain and shorten the duration of a gouty attack.

Only with such a scheme, treatment with folk methods can lead to a persistent positive result.

Phytotherapy in the fight against gout

Folk treatment of gout is unthinkable without the use of herbal and vegetable juice.

  • To alkalinize urine, it is recommended to take pumpkin, squash and cucumber juices.

  • To dissolve urates( uric acid salts), folk healers use the roots of barberry, bearberry, strawberries, immortelle and cranberries in the form of infusions and broths.

  • To prevent re-absorption of urates in the intestine, astragalus, bilberry fruits, horsetail are well assisted in the form of medicinal infusions.

  • To prevent the formation of crystals of uric acid, Chinese lemongrass and corn stigmas prepared in the form of infusions are extremely useful.

  • Herbal preparation, prepared according to the following recipe, showed its high efficiency practically in all directions listed above. To prepare it in equal quantities mix the leaves of nettle, birch and strawberry, stigma corn and ordinary croissants.

    A teaspoonful of herbal tea is poured into 200 ml of boiling water and insisted for half an hour. Take a third of the glass in the morning, afternoon and evening. The full course of treatment is at least two months.

  • No less effective is the medicinal collection of nine herbs. For its preparation take one teaspoon of leaves of nettle, mint, cowberry, flaxseed, birch buds, roots of elecampane, camomile flowers, St. John's wort and horsetail. Thoroughly mixing the ingredients, they pour a liter of steep boiling water and insist for two hours. Strain, take 200 ml in the morning, afternoon and evening.

  • When gout is very helpful course of treatment with linseed oil and strawberry tea. To prepare the drink for a liter of boiled water take fifty grams of leaves of strawberries and drink it instead of regular tea throughout the day, combining with the reception of flaxseed oil( butter take in the morning, afternoon and evening for two tablespoons).The course of treatment continues for at least a week. After a two-month break, you can repeat it.

Folk remedies for gum to available plants

  • The use of sorrel containing oxalic acid promotes dissolution of urates deposited in the joints. To achieve a positive effect, only fresh leaves are used: they can be chewed in large quantities. After some time, the salt, which became the cause of pain, will dissolve, and the pain will pass.

  • Flaxseed infusion will reduce the level of uric acid. For its preparation take two teaspoons of seeds, pour in 1.5 cups of cold water and cook for a quarter of an hour on low heat. Remove from the fire, 10 minutes insist decoction, then pour into a glass bottle and continuously( at least five minutes) shake. After filtering, the broth can be taken one tablespoon every four hours.

Treatment of severe pain with traditional medicine

  • Tincture from a shell of pine nuts possesses great efficiency for removal of a painful syndrome. For its preparation, dried cedar shells are poured into a bottle of dark glass to the level of the shoulders, and then poured into vial with vodka or alcohol.

    Insists for ten days, remembering to periodically shake. Take a teaspoonful( before eating), at least three times during the day. With severe pain, the number of receptions can be increased up to five times.

  • Attacks of nocturnal pains well removes blue clay. Clay powder is poured with water and from the resulting clay dough make a cake, which is then placed overnight in an afflicted place. After 7-8 sessions, painful attacks stop.

  • Severe gouty pain can be cured with an ointment prepared according to an old recipe( ointment from gout can be prepared in many other ways).To make it, you need to take the same amount of home-made butter and alcohol.

    Oil( before the formation of foam) is heated in a small saucepan, then removed from heat and poured into alcohol. After that, the mixture must be set on fire. Please note that this procedure is unsafe, since after ignition a high flame column is formed( it is necessary to protect hands and face from it).The product is ready for use immediately after the flame has faded. Keep the drug best in the refrigerator.

    Rub the ointment into the affected joint in a warm room( preferably in front of a working heater or a heated fireplace).After applying the joints do not wrap. The product has great effectiveness, which is confirmed by numerous approving reviews.

  • For severe pain in the big toe, you can use iodine. The place gored with gout generously, in several receptions, is moistened with its tincture( it is best to do this at night).

How to treat gout with folk remedies

  • For the treatment of pains that occur in the gout cone on the toe, folk healers are advised to use the following remedy: 10 table spoons of iodine, ammonia and triple cologne are poured into a glass bottle, mixed thoroughly and insisted for at least 24 hours.

    The compound is daily rubbed into the painful buds on the feet in the morning, afternoon and evening. Treatment will have to continue for at least six months. Thanks to the use of this remedy, many patients underwent not only pain, but also the lumps themselves disappeared.

  • Effective action to relieve pain in the joints has an infusion of willow bark. A tablespoon of ground raw material is poured into 200 ml of steep boiling water and insist for at least an hour. To drink infusion it is necessary within day, having divided on 4 times.

  • Articular pains respond well to "mushroom fat" treatment. Prepare it this way: in a pot with a thick bottom put the cubes of interior fat( 200 g) and 50 g of pine resin-resin. Tumble the resulting mixture on low heat until full fat is thawed. Formed cracklings are obtained with the help of noise.

    After letting the fat cool down a little, add a powder made from 100 g of dried fly agarics and a tablespoon( with a slide) of rye flour. Ready "mushroom fat" can be stored in the refrigerator for 2 years.

Method of treatment with "mushroom fat": The treatment procedure is performed before bedtime. Affected gout joint warmed by massage, preliminary wiping the skin with alcohol tincture of mushrooms( for its preparation 100 g of fresh fly agarics are poured into 100 ml of alcohol and insisted for a month).

After the massage begin to rub the "mushroom fat".Manipulation of fat burning should last at least five minutes. After that, the treated joint is covered with a woolen shawl and goes to bed. Continue treatment is necessary for 10-15 evenings. After this, you need to take a week break, and then again to repeat the course, consisting of 15 sessions.

Nutrition for gout on the legs involves the exclusion from the diet of beans, beans and soybeans, fat, mushrooms, spices( except vinegar and bay leaves).Meat and fish should be consumed only in boiled or baked form not more than twice a week. The portion should correspond to the mass of the body at the rate of 1 kg of body weight - 1 gr.meat.

Mineral water is very useful, but its amount is determined by the doctor.

An effective diet for gout on the legs in combination with a rice-apple unloading day. For cooking porridge for a day to cook 75 gr.rice in 750 ml of milk. Eat three meals.250 gr.apples to cook or use during the day without sugar in the form of compote.

Prevention of gout should concern all relatives living with the patient, as it is difficult to change their lifestyle, while the rest of the family feeds on and continue to live.

Traditional methods of treatment

Apples in the treatment of the disease play an important role

Gout arises because of a sedentary lifestyle, overeating and alcohol abuse. The first thing that needs to be changed in your way of life is nutrition, besides adding physical exercises, because it is impossible to get rid of gout without normalizing the metabolism.

Non-traditional methods of treatment of the disease include folk recipes and procedures with radioactive substances. The latter include the inhalation of radium emanation, the adoption of radon baths. An excellent effect is provided by hydrogen sulphide baths.

Folk remedies greatly facilitate the condition and successfully relieve pain. These methods are tested by generations.

Treatment of gout with folk methods has several directions.

Treatment with folk remedies, relieving excess uric acid

  • 20 gr. Leaf cranberries brew in a glass of boiling water, let it brew for 30 minutes. Take several times a day on a tablespoon.
  • Drink 3 times a day for a teaspoon of nettle juice.
  • 2 tbsp.l. Shredded leaves of birch in 500 ml of boiling water, after 10 minutes of boiling give 30 minutes to infuse. Strain and drink 3 times a day with meals for ¼ cup.
  • 3 tsp.snoti ordinary insist two hours in 500 ml of boiling water, drain. Drink before meals 4 times a day for half a glass.
  • 1 tbsp.l.mixture of chamomile flowers and lime blossom in a ratio of 1: 1, pour in 500 ml of boiling water and let it brew for 35 minutes. Strain and drink four times during the day( half a glass).
  • Spruce or pine buds together with the crown cut with a knife and dried outdoors. Pour into a glass of boiling water 25 gr.needles, boil for 20 minutes. Add to the broth apple cider vinegar and sugar( to taste).Take twice a day for half a glass.
  • Eat eggplant as often as possible.
  • Drink in the morning tincture of garlic with lemon.
  • Include in the diet of apples 50 minutes before meals or 2.5 hours after meals.
  • It is advisable to change treatment every 4 weeks: four weeks to drink infusion of cranberry leaves, the next four weeks - nettle juice, then - infusion of birch leaves.

Gout attack

Apitherapy is an effective remedy for relieving an attack of the disease

  • Soar your legs before going to bed, then lubricate the joints with Butadion ointment, fixing the compress with cellophane.
  • Pour red fly agaric vodka in a ratio of 1: 5, let it brew for 5 days, drain. To apply for grinding.
  • Pour a liter of vodka a glass of dried bees, let it brew for 12 days in a dark place, drain. To apply for grinding.
  • To remove joint pain, onion soup will help. For this, 2-3 washed bulbs pour 1 liter of water and cook together with the husks until completely softened. Drink a glass of broth three times a day before eating. The course of treatment is 10-15 days.
  • One of the oldest ways to get rid of pain with gout is the effect of bee stings( apitherapy).And today there are specialists who practice the treatment of many diseases in this way.

Very effective treatment of gout at home with the help of herbal baths

  • 200 gr. Pour the leaves of sage into 1.5 liters of boiling water, let it brew for two hours. Strain and add to the bath with a water temperature of 33 degrees, gradually reducing it to 27 degrees.
  • Gout on the leg will decrease if you keep your feet in a decoction of oat straw, which was cooked for half an hour, for 30 minutes.
  • You can soar your feet in such a solution: in 2 liters of water with a temperature of about 40 degrees dissolve half a pack of salt and half a piece of laundry soap( you need to grate it for this).The procedure should last about half an hour. It is necessary to pour boiling water as the solution cools.
  • 300 gr.stems and flowers of pharmacy chamomile pour in 5 liters of boiling water, let it brew for 2 hours. Strain and add to the bath.

The course of treatment with baths depends on many factors: one will need 4-5 procedures, another - 30-40.After every 20 procedures, a 20-day break is required.

And several more treatments

  • A lot of positive feedback about the treatment of gout with iodine. For this, in 10 ml of iodine tincture dissolve 5 tablets of aspirin. In this case, the solution should become colorless. Sick places at night lubricate and put on warm gloves( socks).Or 3 tsp.soda and 9 drops of iodine solution add to three liters of water. With this solution, take warm foot baths.
  • Treatment is quite effective, based on the contrast of temperatures. For the procedure, take two vessels. In one it is necessary to pour as cold water as possible. In another place the cereal grains and pour boiling water, wait until the grains are broken up, and the temperature drops to a level at which it will be possible to hold a hand in this mixture. Now you need to lower your hand for 3-5 seconds in cold water, and then immediately into the hot mixture. It is desirable to grind the grain with your hands. After the procedure, bind a hand with a woolen scarf or handkerchief. The treatment is quite long: 2-3 months.

Rubbing honey in the joints helps in the fight against the disease

  • Another excellent remedy for gout is honey. It must be rubbed into the joints, as it helps the formation of intraarticular lubrication, which increases the excretion of uric acid. To do this, warm up the joint with a heating pad, then rub honey into it for 15 minutes. After that, put a napkin covered with honey, cover with cellophane and fasten the compress with a warm cloth. After 3.5 hours, wash the joint with warm water. Scheme of treatment: the first four compresses - every day, the next 6 - every other day. Then take a break for two weeks and repeat the scheme.
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Gout: treatment in various ways

Treatment of gout is a complex process, because the disease is chronic, which develops against the background of metabolic disorders and is characterized by deposits in the cartilage, bones and joints of human uric acid salts. Interestingly, this disease has been known since ancient times - it was described by Hippocrates and it suffered from such famous personalities as Achilles, Ivan the Terrible, Michelangelo, Turgenev, Pushkin, Charles Darwin and others. Symptoms of this disease are very unpleasant. The attack usually begins unexpectedly, more often at night, and is characterized by swelling and redness of the joints of the legs( usually the thumb), severe pain syndrome and high fever( up to 38-40 °).There may also be pain in the abdomen and stools.

Sometimes, with a long course of the disease, tofus develop. Tofusy with gout are the same deposits of uric acid salts, surrounded by a connective tissue. Most often, they appear in the area of ​​the auricles, but this is only the beginning. Further, tophi can occur anywhere, and even on internal organs, and detect them at times is very difficult.

Usually, this condition lasts 5-7 days, after which the attack passes. Previously it was believed that men with gout, age forty and older, are particularly susceptible to gout, especially those whose relatives have this disease. However, recently, gout has taken unexpected forms and it often happens that different categories of people have started to hurt it - both women and men, and young and aged. The reason for this spread of the disease is likely to lie in the wrong way of life and nutrition of modern people.

How doctors treat gout, but they also admit that getting rid of the disease is completely impossible. In this case, not only medication is used, but the correct organization of a person's way of life. Despite the fact that doctors advise patients to use certain medicines, they also suggest normalizing the diet regime for gout and adding physical exertion, avoiding hypothermia and overheating, and using additional methods of traditional medicine.

In our article we will consider the main types of gout treatment:

  • Folk remedies
  • Diet and exercises from gout

Treatment of gout with folk remedies and methods

How to treat gout with the feet will tell folk medicine, "grandmother's" recipes in this case bring invaluable benefits, help quicklyto relieve an attack of the disease and prevent the development of relapses. So, let's list the most effective means of treating gout with the help of traditional medicine.

The main folk ways:

  • Compresses
  • Decoctions and tinctures

The first means - ubiquitous urino therapy. Folk doctors say that if you soar your feet daily in urine, then gout will recede.

The second effective remedy for curing gout is compresses. A very good compress is a honey-salt compress. To do this, gauze should be put honey and salt( 1 st.lozhke), and apply a compress to the inflamed joint. Repeat the procedure until the symptoms disappear completely. You can also make a compress of red clay and 2 vinegar.

The third folk remedy is various broths and tinctures. The most effective decoction is a decoction of cowberry. To make it, 2 tbsp. Spoon cranberries pour 250 ml of boiling water and boil for 15 minutes. Decoction to drink for a day, and the next day to prepare a new one, and so until the recovery. Folk doctors claim that the best means and the answer to the question of how to treat gout on the legs can not be found.

Well, even such a herbal tea - 20 grams of grass rootgrass, 30 g of violet trichromatic( grass), 25 g of burdock root and 20 g of veronica medicinal grind together. Take the resulting mixture of 40 g and pour a liter of water and boil for 15 minutes. Drink 3 cups daily, and the first time in the morning, you must drink a decoction on an empty stomach.

Treatment of gout at home

There are not only folk ways to answer the question of how to treat gout, but also the ways home used by many people in the event of an attack of the disease. Most often these methods do not cure gout completely, but only help to relieve an attack, and pain including.

For example, treatment of gout with iodine and aspirin is very effective. This remedy many people were saved from severe pain and relieved inflammation. It is necessary to take 10 ml of iodine and in it to dissolve tablets of acetylsalicylic acid in an amount of 5 pieces. It turns out a colorless liquid, which for the night needs to handle the affected joints.

You can also make foot baths with iodine - 3 liters of water 9 drops of iodine and soda( no more than 3 tsp).Good pain relieves the usual activated charcoal. To do this, grind a handful of activated carbon in the coffee machine, add a spoonful of flaxseed and lubricate the affected joint. After that, cover the place with polyethylene and wrap it well and go to bed. Usually the patient feels relief in the morning.

It is very important to treat a gout with a certain diet. It is necessary to exclude from the diet products such as kidneys, liver, brains, radish, sorrel, beans and peas, spicy seasonings. Reduce the consumption of fish and proteins of animal origin. To use fruit teas: cowberry, currant, strawberry, and to eat vegetable food.

Medications for gout

Meditating on how to treat gout, it is impossible to ignore medications. Drug medications are very effective in coping with the disease, helping to relieve inflammation and pain, and reduce the risk of relapse.

Most often, doctors prescribe patients with ointment from gout, in particular - cream fullflex. The use of this cream is a very effective method of treatment, due to its diverse natural composition. Tablets from gout patients are also indicated for taking, allopurinol, fulflex tablets, colchicine, etc. are effective drugs. However, one should not conduct independent treatment with medicinal preparations - it is necessary to apply for a prescription to the treating doctor.

After reading all of the above, you probably will find the answer to the question "how to cure gout?", And you will be able to cope with the disease and prevent its return.

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