Quartz lamp for health

People with catarrhal and chronic illnesses usually cope with taking numerous medications. But is there a more reliable and natural way to maintain and maintain health?

Yes, this is irradiation with ultraviolet rays using a device such as a bactericidal irradiator with a quartz lamp. If you always want to be healthy, this device will help you very much, for today it is easy to buy: it can be found in a variety of trim levels and at affordable prices.

Useful properties of UV rays

Even the lightest cold can permanently dislodge. That is why many, as soon as colds come, begin to stock up in pharmacies with medicines. Tablets, medicines, drops, ointments - they are prescribed by doctors, they are advertised on TV, so it becomes quite natural to be treated and to conduct prevention by them. And only a few remember the quartz lamp.

Quartz lamp is a device, the principle of which is based on obtaining ultraviolet light with the help of mercury vapor. On the positive properties of UV-rays on the human body is known for a long time. They promote the production of vitamin D in the body and destroy harmful bacteria, which helps to cope with viral diseases. Therefore, quartz is widely used for disinfection of objects and air in hospitals, kindergartens and schools.

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Ultraviolet light also helps to get rid of some chronic diseases - for example, from diseases of joints and ENT organs, as well as normalize blood pressure, regulate metabolic processes in the body, struggle with imperfections of the skin.

How to use a quartz lamp

When using an ultraviolet lamp, special rules must be observed in order not to harm yourself and others. First, you need to understand the difference between an open and closed lamp. In the first case, the lamp is used to disinfect the air in the room, and at this time people and animals in the room can not be found.

If the radiator is closed, you can be directly next to it, but always wear special eye protection glasses. It is also important to correctly calculate the time of application of the lamp, as well as to find out from the doctor whether there are any contraindications to this method of treatment and prevention.

Treatment and prophylaxis with ultraviolet irradiation guarantees you and your family an excellent health, a pleasant appearance and a good mood.

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