Diet 6 for gout menus for a week

Diet for gout: how to organize food and choose menu

products for gout Gout is a disease characterized by impaired metabolism. With it, salts of uric acid are deposited in the joints.

Gout - a fairly rare disease - for a thousand people have three cases.

Diseases are susceptible to men over forty, in women it manifests a menopause.

All gums suffer from gout, beginning with the joints of the hands and ending with the joints on the legs.

Excessive amounts of urea in the body are for two reasons: healthy kidneys can not withstand large amounts of acid, or when urea is emitted in acceptable amounts, but the kidneys are not able to withdraw it.

The increase in the number of patients with gout is associated with the consumption of foods containing purines( meat, fatty fish) and alcohol abuse.

The main symptom of gout is the inflammation of any joint. An attack of the disease occurs in the early morning or at night, expressed as intense pain in the affected area. The temperature in the area of ​​the joint rises, the skin begins to turn red and glossy.

The role of proper nutrition

Proper nutrition with gout is an issue that must be given special attention, since the main reason for the increase in uric acid is in the excessive use of products containing purines.

A special role should be given to the therapeutic diet for gout on the legs.

To prevent the disease from worsening or progressing, it is important to build a special nutritional system with limited consumption of purines.

Special attention is paid to a diet for gout during an exacerbation.

exacerbation of gout

Menu and recipes for gout dishes are developed by nutritionists based on the form of the disease and the individual characteristics of the patient.

Therapeutic diet can reduce the dose of medications taken. At the same time, it should be borne in mind that diet alone can not completely relieve the ailment, although this will make seizures more rare.

Principles of nutrition

The right diet is a key moment in the treatment of the disease.

Specificity of therapeutic nutrition is limited consumption of products containing purines, salt, oxalic acid and in sufficient consumption of acidifying products( vegetables, fruits and milk).

Thus, the main prohibited products, the use of which is excluded when gout:

  • meat,
  • offal( liver, tongue, kidney),
  • fish,
  • canned food,
  • caviar.
  • from plant food purines are part of legumes, peanuts, cauliflower;
  • is quite a lot of purines in chocolate.

Purines are practically absent in milk, eggs, vegetables, fruits and many berries.

Diet № 6

The most common feeding system for gout is diet number 6.

It reduces protein intake due to a sharp restriction of fish, meat and beans.

With such a diet, animal proteins should not be more than 50% of the total number of proteins. Also it is necessary to reduce the consumption of fats: pork, beef and lamb fat, culinary fat.

Nutrition rules that will accelerate the recovery

Among the basic principles of nutrition can be identified as follows:

  1. Fish can be eaten no more than two or three times a week - strictly in boiled or brewed form.
  2. When cooking meat, fish and mushrooms, it should be remembered that most of the purines entering into their composition go into broth. For this reason, does not allow the consumption of any soups, except vegetable.
  3. Each day should drink about two liters of plain water .During the diet, you can drink vegetable and fruit juices, mineral water, milk, herbal teas, sour-milk drinks. From strong tea or coffee should be discarded.
  4. During the diet, excessive consumption of is contraindicated. Its excess leads to precipitation of urate in the sediment and deposition of them in the tissues of the body. Salt should be reduced to 6 g per day. Ideally, food should be slightly salty or completely fresh.
  5. It is recommended that enrich the diet with products that include vitamins C and B1.
  6. Beneficial effect on the organism of unloading days on dairy products, vegetables and fruits. Fasting is contraindicated in , since protein breakdown leads to an increase in urea levels.
  7. You can not overeat. It is better to keep fractional food in small portions( up to five to six times a day).
  8. It is prohibited to consume purine-containing foods and alcohol at the same time.


We offer a table of products that will help to make a correct diet and menu for gout.

prohibited products

Prohibited products:

  • by-products;
  • fatty meat;
  • all broths, except vegetable;
  • broth cubes, instant soups;
  • smoked food;
  • oily fish;
  • canned food;
  • caviar;
  • sharp and salty cheeses;
  • beans;
  • sorrel;
  • raspberry;
  • grapes;
  • fig tree;
  • seasonings and spices( cromme of bay leaves);
  • strong coffee and tea;
  • Chocolates;
  • alcoholic beverages.

List of products whose consumption should be restricted:

  • salt;
  • cooked meat and fish( preference to squeeze low-fat bird, salmon, trout, salmon);
  • sausages( sometimes you can eat milk sausages and doctor sausage);
  • cauliflower;
  • spinach;
  • tomatoes;
  • radish;
  • fungi;
  • butter.
anomaly of a feil clip Rare anomaly of the cervico-thoracic spine syndrome Klippel-Feil - dangers and treatment of the disease.

As manifests itself at different stages of gout - the symptoms and characteristics of the disease. Which approach to treatment is used in addition to nutrition correction.

List of permitted products:

  • vegetable soups;
  • rabbit( in small quantities);
  • chicken, turkey( in small quantities);
  • low-fat fish( up to three times a week);
  • seafood( shrimp, squid);
  • sour-milk products( kefir, cottage cheese, natural yoghurt, sour cream);
  • eggs;
  • cereals;
  • macaroni;
  • bread;
  • vegetables( cucumbers, cabbage, carrots, potatoes);Onion, garlic;
  • dill;
  • fruits( pears, apples, citrus fruits);
  • watermelon;
  • berries( cherry, cherry, strawberry);
  • dried fruits( excluding raisins);
  • sweet( honey, marmalade, marshmallow, pastille);
  • seeds, pine nuts, almonds, hazelnuts;
  • natural juices, compotes, fruit drinks, kvass;
  • wild rose tea;
  • vegetable oils;
  • mineral water.

What is the essence of the diet

The main essence of the diet for gout is control over the production and removal of uric acid.

purine content

Such a nutrition system contributes to the improvement of well-being and the reduction of pain, resulting in the disease receding.

It should be noted that this diet does not treat, but only promotes the accelerated release of acid and salts with exacerbation of arthrosis.

It also significantly reduces body weight, which plays an important role in the recovery of the body after severe medication.

The main types of diets used

Food for gout is most often organized for several basic diets.

Number 6

Most often, with gout prescribed therapeutic diet stop number 6. It is also used to treat diseases of the urinary system, diathesis, cystinuria.

The food system is based on the normalization of urea production and restoration of the permissible environment of urine.

The benefit of diet # 6 is in limiting the intake of purine-containing foods, ethanedioic acid and the predominance of products in the diet that contribute to the recovery of the metabolism of .

Cooking food for this menu is very simple: meat and fish need to cook or cook for a couple. Based on cooked foods, you can prepare a second course. The main thing is to observe the periodicity of meat consumption( up to two or three times a week).

The full menu of diet number 6 for gout should include:

  • daily intake of proteins - up to 90 g;
  • daily fat intake - up to 90 g;
  • daily intake of carbohydrates - 400 g;
  • total daily caloric value - up to 2900 kilocalories.

Diet for obesity

Another type of therapeutic nutrition for gout is diet number 8. It is prescribed if the patient suffers from obesity of any degree.

Obesity is the result of overeating, it gives an additional burden to the body and aggravates the current disease. The essence of the diet is to reduce excess fat in the tissues.

Caloric content is supported by proteins and a reduction in the percentage of fats, carbohydrates are virtually excluded:

  • up to 130 g of proteins;
  • up to 80 g of fat;
  • about 120 g of carbohydrates;
  • up to 2000 kilocalories per day.

The diet menu № 8 assumes:

  1. Consumption of rye or otrubnogo bread, vegetable soups, occasionally - low-fat beef, second courses from chicken, low-fat fish.
  2. Fish and meat can be boiled, stewed or baked.
  3. Cereals and pasta are almost excluded. From dairy products it is allowed to use kefir and low-interest cottage cheese.
  4. You can eat no more than two eggs per day.

Menu with sick hands

Diet with gout on the hands implies normalization of the percentage of urea in the body, as well as improving the metabolism in general.

The daily diet excludes food containing many purines.

This allows the consumption of eggs, fruits, vegetables, cheese and milk. In case of acute illness and severe pain in the hands, meat, fish, broths, smoked products, canned food, spices, cakes, chocolate and alcohol should be completely ruled out.

Everyday menu can contain products such as squid, shrimp, vegetable soups, low-fat cottage cheese, cereals, pasta, citrus fruits and vegetables.

With strict adherence to the menu of pain suggested by the doctor, the pain will gradually decrease with the brushes.

Sample menu for the week

First day:

  • breakfast: a sandwich with bran bread and cheese, corn flakes, orange juice;
  • lunch: vegetable salad, a slice of lean ham, baked potatoes;
  • dinner: baked fish, vegetable pilaf.

Second day:

  • breakfast: low-fat milk, oat flakes with yoghurt and pieces of fruit, bran;
  • lunch: braised beef with vegetables, vegetable juice, uncooked caviar caviar;
  • dinner: boiled vegetables, lean meat, cheese with a bran loaf.

The third day:

  • breakfast: two eggs, bran loaf, low-fat milk;
  • lunch: vegetable soup, tomato juice, vegetable salad;
  • dinner: 110 grams of salmon, vegetable stew, milk. The fourth day:
    • breakfast: oatmeal with fruit, low-fat milk;
    • lunch: vegetable soup, boiled rice, a sandwich with cheese;
    • dinner: baked potatoes, steamed fish, vegetable juice.

    Fifth day:

    • breakfast: a sandwich with butter and cheese, fruit juice;
    • lunch: risotto, yoghurt, fruit juice;
    • dinner: soup with cereal, cheese, low-fat milk.

    Sixth day:

    • breakfast: a sandwich with butter, cheese and a slice of tomato, a slice of lean ham, juice;
    • lunch: braised potatoes with vegetables, a slice of melon, low-fat milk;
    • dinner: vegetable soup with croutons, vegetable stew, kefir.

    Seventh day:

    • breakfast: buckwheat porridge, a slice of cheese, green tea;
    • lunch: vegetable soup, boiled fish, low-fat milk;
    • dinner: steamed chicken, stewed vegetables, a slice of cheese, kefir;
    • snacks can be nuts, apples, dried fruits( except raisins).
    therapeutic diet The therapeutic diet for gout reduces the risk of recurrence of the disease, relieves pain, normalizes the urinary system.

    In addition, such a nutrition system contributes to the normalization of body weight and is one of the principles of a healthy lifestyle.

    Diet for gout has a general strengthening effect, rejuvenates the body.

    Non-compliance with the diet threatens the development of kidney failure, the defeat of the cardiovascular system and internal organs with the formation of gouty nodes in them, the formation of erosive arthritis.

    Sample menu and diet for gout

    During an attack around the joint, redness and swelling appear

    During an attack around the joint, redness and swelling occur

    Gout is a severe joint disease. It occurs due to the deposition of uric acid salts in the human body. As a rule, gout usually manifests itself at night during sleep. At such times a person experiences severe pain in the area of ​​inflamed joints( in most cases it is the joints of the toes), as well as fever, general weakness and aching pain in the abdomen. Soft tissues around the patient's joint become very inflamed and swell, and the skin acquires a bright red color. To date, almost all symptoms are known and treatment methods are developed, but the most important factor in fighting the disease is adherence to a diet for gout, which is aimed at reducing the level of uric acid in the human body.

    Proper nutrition is the key to effective treatment. Admission of drugs must be accompanied by a special diet. When treating gout, it is very important to delete from your diet all foods that contain a large amount of urate salts( the so-called urates).This contributes to a significant slowdown in the development of the disease and a marked improvement in the patient's condition. Long adherence to the therapeutic diet will not only significantly increase the time interval between attacks of gout, but also significantly reduce their intensity, reduce pain and inflammation of the joints.

    Proper nutrition with gout

    Today, for the successful fight against gout, doctors strongly recommend that their patients completely abandon the use of animal proteins. However, one should not think that only they can worsen the condition of patients and cause a new attack. In addition to proteins, animal fats and various digestible carbohydrates are a great danger for people suffering from gout. As with diabetes, gout patients are advised to completely avoid foods high in sugar.

    The basis of the patient

    The basis of the patient's menu should be vegetables

    Fasting is contraindicated in patients with gout, so food should be fractional( there is a need often, but in small portions). According to the rules of nutrition for this disease, for one day the patient needs to eat at least 5-6 times.
    Diet for gout involves conducting a minimum of weekly special days of release, during which the patient must eat exclusively fresh fruit or vegetables. You can eat these products in this week, both raw and cooked, the main thing is that they are prepared without the addition of salt. It should be emphasized that during the unloading day, the patient is allowed to eat only one kind of fruit or vegetables, for example, once a week apples or pears, cooked carrots or baked potatoes.

    In addition, the rice and apple version of the day of unloading enjoys enormous popularity among patients with gout.

    As you can understand from the very name of the diet, once a week for the whole day the patient needs food containing only boiled rice and raw apples. To this diet has given the desired health effect, you need to be able to properly prepare a useful rice porridge, without violating the dietician's prohibitions.

    To prepare dietary rice porridge, take 75 grams of rice, pour 750 ml of milk and cook until ready. Ready rice porridge must be divided into three equal parts. You will have to eat them for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

    Between these meals are allowed to eat apples. However, remember that the total weight of the fruit you eat should not exceed 300 g. Apples can be eaten and raw, but it is best to cut fruit and weld them unsweetened compote.

    Recipes of medical dishes

    It is very important to ensure that the diet of the ill, despite numerous prohibitions, remained full, balanced and contained all the necessary nutrients for the body. Here are some simple recipes of dishes that will be useful for gout and can be served daily on the patient's table.
    Vegetarian borsch. To prepare one of the dietary dishes, the following products will be needed:

    Vegetarian borscht is prepared from fresh vegetables and without preliminary frying

    Vegetarian borscht is prepared from fresh vegetables and without preliminary frying

    • 170 g of potatoes;
    • 150 g cabbage;
    • 160 g of beet;
    • 120 g of tomatoes;
    • 65 g carrots;
    • 50 g of onion;
    • 30 g of sour cream;
    • 30 g of parsley.

    Cooking. First, boil the beet to half cooked( preferably in a double boiler), peel and peel on a large grater. Then finely chop the cabbage. Potatoes and tomatoes peel and cut into cubes, carrots thin straws, onion semirings. Next, add all the prepared vegetables in one pan, fill with cold water and leave the soup to cook until ready. Before you serve ready borsch on the table, season it with sour cream and sprinkle with finely chopped parsley.

    Potato soup. During the diet with gout, you can cook and put on the table incredibly light and delicious potato soup, which will be useful for diabetes. To cook a diet potato soup, you will need:

    • several potato tubers;
    • 1 chicken egg;
    • 1 tbsp.flour;
    • fresh sour cream;
    • natural butter;
    • greens to taste.

    Cooking. Peel the potatoes and cook until they are ready. Then pour the potato broth into a separate container( do not empty it), and grind the potatoes well and wipe them through a sieve. Next, proceed to prepare the sauce for this dish. First, warm the flour in the oven a little, then dilute it in 50 ml of potato broth and boil it well. Now combine in one pot the crushed potatoes, the previously merged broth and sauce from the burnt flour and mix everything thoroughly. Then add chicken egg and butter to the soup. Bring to a boil again - and you can serve the ready soup on the table, adding a little sour cream and chopped greens to the plate.

    Nutritious and healthy dish - vegetable stew Vegetable stew. To prepare a tasty and very useful vegetable stew, take:
    • 7 potato tubers;
    • 4 red carrots;
    • 1 full glass of fresh green peas;
    • 1 small onion;
    • 100 g fresh sour cream;
    • 1 tbsp.vegetable oil;
    • salt to taste.

    Cut the onions into small cubes and fry in a frying pan in warmed vegetable oil. When the onion turns golden, add the finely chopped carrots to it and simmer the vegetables until they become soft. Then put in the frying pan in advance boiled green peas and boiled potatoes, cut into medium cubes. After this, add sour cream and a little salt to the dish and leave to stew for another 15 minutes. Before serving, pour the vegetable ragout with melted butter.

    Buckwheat porridge. Dietary buckwheat porridge, especially useful for gout patients, is prepared as follows. Take 50 g of buckwheat and pour it 100 g of clean cold water. Then add a small pinch of salt, mix it well and put it on the stove, covering the pan with a lid. When the buckwheat grains absorb water, stir well the gruel with a spoon and leave it to cook on a small fire for another half hour.

    Before serving porridge on the table, add 1 tsp to it.butter.

    What can and can not be eaten with a gouty gout

    People suffering from gout are not only possible, but also need to add to their diet as many fresh vegetables as possible, which contain a large number of vitamins and microelements needed by the patient's body. The only exception to this rule are vegetables with a sharp taste, such as horseradish, garlic or radish. It is strongly advised not to eat sorrel, spinach and celery greens, as well as cauliflower.

    In addition, the therapeutic diet for gout approves the use by patients with food of any kind of fruit, like traditional apples, plums and pears, and exotic grapefruits, bananas and pineapples. Treatment of gout should be accompanied by the intake of skim milk, low-fat cottage cheese, kefir, yogurt and other low-fat dairy products. In addition, patients with gout should include in their diet dishes of eggs, especially quail. Doctors recommend eating cereals from whole grains, various nuts and natural honey. It is very useful to carry out herbal treatments that will help reduce inflammation and improve the condition of the patient.

    Prohibited products

    People suffering from gout are categorically prohibited from eating any kinds of smoked products. Meat and fish can be placed on the table only in very small quantities. But the best salt is to exclude table salt from your diet.

    In addition, in the list of products that are banned from gouty patients, were:

    • stalks;
    • ripe peas;
    • all kinds of mushrooms;
    • any beans;
    • all seasonings and spices, except bay leaf and apple and wine vinegar;
    • fat.

    You can not drink coffee, black and green tea, any alcoholic beverages. Liquid dishes from fish, meat and poultry, even broths are forbidden. Under the strict ban, all kinds of chocolate and cocoa beverages were introduced.

    Sample menu for patients with gout.

    1. Menu for gout for breakfast: salad made from fresh vegetables( tomatoes, cucumbers, cabbage, carrots, etc.) and seasoned with vegetable oil, pudding from millet, sweet apples and carrots, egg, boiled soft-boiled, herbal tea.
    2. Sample menu for a second breakfast - a medicinal broth from the hips.
    3. Lunch: milk soup with homemade noodles, cutlets from potatoes( can be fried), berry jelly.
    4. Snack: fresh apples.
    5. Dishes for dinner: stuffed cabbage stuffed with boiled rice with various vegetables, baked syrniki, herbal tea.

    Before going to bed, you can be pampered with a decoction of bran. Be healthy.

    Several methods of treatment are used for the development of gout on the legs, but all of them will be most effective if the patient is paying more attention to his nutrition. An exemplary menu for gout on the legs for a week is that a person's daily diet should consist of certain foods that help reduce the inflammatory process.

    The most important purpose of this diet is to reduce the uric acid contained in the body. For this reason, it is necessary to exclude food with uric acid salts, purine and proteins. These components provoke the disease, accelerating its course.

    Types of diets

    There are several options for a diet that a doctor can prescribe. These include:

    • classic;

    This type of food implies strict adherence to it.

    Essential health products


    Doctors give patients advice that mentions a diet for gout on the legs that includes prohibited and permitted components. It is permissible to use vegetables, except for celery, cauliflower, sorrel, radish, horseradish and spinach. Any fruit is recommended, not excluding exotic ones. It is also useful to use sour milk and milk, but the fat content should be low.

    Classic seven-day menu allows, there is even oil, but in small quantities. Very useful are various cereals from whole grains with honey. It is recommended to prepare fish broths, meat of birds or any low-fat. You can consume meat and fish two times in two weeks. Cereals can be eaten any. But it is not advisable to season dishes. Additives for food: citric acid, vanillin and cinnamon, sauces. But the sample menu allows you to eat smoked and add salt to the food - but extremely rarely, 1-2 times a month.

    It is desirable that the ration does not include:

    • fatty meats and fish;
    • internal organs of animals;
    • fungi;
    • legumes.

    You should also eat less chocolate and raspberries, and drink green tea. The menu restrictions for gout include baking, spices, tomato sauces, marinades and spirits.

    Green tea

    Features of

    In this disease, it is very important that all elements entering the blood serve a weakened body, and also do not affect the increase in uric acid. Therefore, it is best that food and beverages include alkali in their composition. The most acceptable option for drinking liquid in the menu for a week will be mineral water with alkali and juices( citrus).It is very important that the process of absorption of food occurs in a fractional order, that is, it should be eaten at least five times a day and a small amount. Even if you follow the above recommendations, but eat only once a day, the effect of treatment will be much lower.

    Specialists advise that with gout on your feet, you should drink as much liquid as possible. Its reception is better done in the intervals between meals. Approximate volume for twenty-four hours is about three liters. This is also useful for normal operation of all organs.

    Additional recommendations

    It's great when a patient was recommended to carry out a special therapeutic diet. It includes drinking decoctions of rose hips and milk drinks. When an exacerbation occurs, it is advisable to consume more liquid, the food should also be a liquid consistency. Positively affect during the diet carrying out unloading days. To spend them enough couple of times for one week. This will provoke the dissolution of a large amount of urinary fluid.

    An excellent option for creating a menu for a week with gout is apple-rice dishes. Such food will be very useful, and it is not difficult to cook pleasant dishes from them. Do not just use these products for good nutrition. They will make a nice side dish or dessert.

    Special diet

    A proper nutritional diet often helps with joint diseases, as it actively affects the normalization of metabolic processes that stop most pathological inflammations. One such option is diet no. 6 for gout.

    The cause of gouty complications is a negatively affecting diet. Therefore, the problem, which previously affected mainly the male half, is now actively manifested in women. Negative affects and alcohol, which in our time is used by people in huge numbers. Harmful components contained in the described products, provokes the deposition in the tissues of elements that affect the development of the disease.

    But fortunately, doctors still find ways to save the sick from the disease. Nevertheless, the result depends on how the patient behaves during the cure period. If the prescribed recommendations are observed, problems with deviations in health will be resolved more easily and, naturally, faster.

    Basic rules

    Eating foods that are included in the sample menu during the exacerbation period, affects the elimination of the cause of the deposits. In order not to lead to deterioration or remission, you should eat as few products as possible, which may contain a non-recommended element.

    Restrict these elements to
    1. Protein.
    2. Purin.

    It is much more useful to replace undesirable components in vegetable and berry. About what products are prohibited or vice versa are allowed, it is written above. The menu for patients with gout assumes fractional food. Do not make them saturated, it will be more useful to have a light soup.

    Important points

    The main condition that is put before the patient is that he must eat a full menu in a day. Reception should be carried out in a fragmented version, and not as if not for one or two "priesesta".Overeating or fasting will negatively affect the patient's condition. Also, complete starvation is contraindicated, since it can deplete the body and the disease will begin to progress even more.

    It is better to periodically do unloading for the stomach. It consists in the elementary: for a day a person drinks almost two liters of liquid( water, kefir) and eats a few apples. Juices and soups with milk are acceptable. Thus, all slags and toxins are cleaned. But if there is a strong feeling of hunger in this interval, it is better to have a bite of curd or a salad of vegetables.

    Cottage cheese and vegetable salad

    Examples of dishes

    Sample menu

    Although gout is a nutritional restriction, it is also possible to cook a lot of tasty foods from the available products. Dietary dishes are able to please, if properly cooked. In addition, despite the fact that high-calorie foods are banned, the patient simply needs to fully eat. Because of his health depends on the entire process of treatment.

    The recipes listed below can be cooked by yourself. And after enjoy a pleasant meal. Just do not forget - overeating hurts.

    Vegetarian borscht

    To make it, you need beets, carrots, potatoes, tomatoes and white cabbage. The weight of each product is on average 100-150 grams. To complement the taste, take a couple of twigs of parsley and sour cream( low-fat).Borsch is prepared according to the usual recipe.

    Vegetable ragout

    Many believe that useful food is not tasty, but this dish combines both one and the other. For the ingredients take carrots, potatoes, onion and green peas. Preparing a stew on the water. It is acceptable to add a small amount of sour cream. Proportions can be calculated independently.

    First, stew the onions with carrots, then add chopped potatoes. The ready-made dish is filled with peas. Cooking should not be more than thirty minutes, otherwise all vegetables will lose their usefulness.

    Buckwheat porridge

    The most simple, but familiar to everyone since childhood dish. To fifty grams of buckwheat is added one hundred grams of water and a small piece of butter. She cooks for about thirty minutes. In order for the cat to taste better, add a banana, strawberries or other sweet fruits( just not raspberries!).But you can not use jams or jam, because they are preservatives.

    Additional recommendations

    Doctors prescribe sick diets for a reason. For many years it has been verified that if human nutrition is as balanced as possible, then it is extremely rare, and treatment is quick and effective. In addition to the dietary diet, exercise therapy is also shown, which also contributes to the restoration of the full functioning of the organism, impaired by pathological abnormalities.

    Diet for gout: approximate menu for the week

    Mineral waters of alkaline composition and cucumber juice increase the excretion of purine complexes from the body. A good anti-gout effect is achieved by the use of wild rose broth. It is allowed to drink green tea, fruit drinks, chicory, fruit juices.

    Butter is used in small quantities, it is necessary to switch to the use of vegetable oils. Bread is used black and white. During the period of exacerbation, they stick to the milky-vegetable diet and make unloading vegetable days.

    Sample menu for the week

    For gout patients, a large number of food restrictions are introduced. Consider not the daily menu, but the approximate menu for the week:

    • On Monday for breakfast eat cereal from corn, bread with bran, and fresh juice. Potatoes baked with ham, and vegetable salad is suitable for lunch. Cooked rice, vegetables and baked fish are prepared for dinner.
    • On Tuesday for breakfast - milk, oatmeal, yogurt, bread. For lunch - rabbit meat, vegetables, squash, juice or a decoction. For dinner - boiled vegetables, lean meat, bread and juice.
    • On Wednesday, eats two eggs and two slices of whole-grain bread, washed down with milk. For lunch, prepare dietary soup, dishes from vegetables and juice. For dinner, boiled salmon meat, vegetables. Allowed to drink cocoa.
    • On Thursday is a breakfast of oatmeal with milk and fruit. Soup of tomatoes, garnish of rice, a sandwich with cheese or butter is eaten at lunch. And in the evening it is advised to have dinner with baked fish with vegetables, yogurt or tea.
    • On Friday can be allowed to eat for breakfast a sandwich with butter and cheese. Dessert to cook from nuts and juice. Lunch with lasagna with vegetables, toast and juice is quite diverse menu. Dinner on Friday should consist of rice sticks or soup and cocoa.
    • The morning sandwich on Saturday is made from ham, bread, butter and cheese. To it add a cucumber, a tomato. At lunch, eat stewed potatoes, vegetables, a little watermelon or milk. For dinner, it is better to eat pumpkin soup, toast, kefir.
    • On Sunday breakfast with oatmeal porridge or buckwheat porridge with milk. They drink tea without sugar. For lunch - fish soup with vegetables and croutons, drink milk. Dinner is combined from boiled chicken, cheese, vegetables and milk.

    Snacks can contain nuts or dried fruits, drink plenty of liquid.

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    3 prescription for alkaline diet

    Increase the formation of alkaline foods due to digestion will help a special diet. Having manifested a fantasy, the dishes will not only be useful, but they will also have wonderful taste characteristics:

    • For the preparation of , the vegetarian borscht needs 160 g of beet, the same number of potatoes and cabbage, 100 g of tomatoes, 40 g of carrots, onions, sour cream, 25 grams of greens. Beets are cooked almost to the ready and ground on a grater. Then add the remaining vegetables, pour water, cook until ready. Before serving, add sour cream and parsley.
    • Potato soup is made from water, eggs, potatoes, butter, flour, sour cream and greens. Potatoes are cooked separately. Then rub through a metal sieve. The sauce is made from toasted flour and mashed potatoes with water. All mix and add the egg and butter. The resulting mass is boiled and served, filling with herbs and sour cream.
    • Vegetable ragout is made from 6 potatoes, carrots and bulbs. Green peas need 1 glass, butter - 1 tablespoon, sour cream a few tablespoons and a small bunch of greens. Onion fry in oil, add grated carrots, stew. After softening the carrots add potatoes, sour cream, greens and peas. The dish is served by refueling. The salt does not take more than a pinch.

    The number of gadgets allowed for gout will make it possible to cook a wide variety of dishes. To select an individual diet should be based on well-being and symptoms.

    Side effects and contraindications

    Adhering to dietary nutrition for gout, it must be remembered that fasting is strictly prohibited. The lack of consumption of food releases the purine compounds from the tissues of the body. They help increase the concentration of uric acid in the blood.

    There are a lot of purines in beer and wine. A sick gout should completely abandon alcohol. Disruption of uric acid metabolism arises from the effects of lead compounds, which are many in port and whiskey. Ethyl alcohol is a catalyst that accelerates the formation of purines.

    Specialists prohibit using gout:

    All kinds of bread: rye, fresh, dried, from the first and second grade of flour. There are no restrictions.
    Shchi, potato and vegetarian soups. Soups based on meat, mushroom or fish broth. Soups with sorrel or legumes.


    Fresh tomatoes cucumbers, sweet peppers, pickled vegetables and others Green peas, corn, beans

    The second dishes

    All kinds of cereals: buckwheat, rice, wheat, oats, barley and others. Low-fat meat and fish, cooked or baked, perhaps, braised Kidneys, liver, tongue, smoked meat, salted and smoked fish. Any types of canned food. Beef and cooking oil


    Honey, pastille, jam, marmalade, berries, goji berries, except raspberries Raspberries, chocolate, cocoa, cranberries, prunes, confectionery and biscuits that contain salt or sugar powder


    Alkalinemineral water. Fresh juices. Broths of cowberry, bran. Not a strong tea with milk or lemon Strong tea and coffee, alcohol. Carbonated drinks. Liquids with dyes

    Dairy products

    Curd, kefir, milk, hard unsalted cheeses Salted cheeses
    Very recommended citrus fruits: grapefruits, lemons, oranges, tangerines Prunes
    One egg per day of any cooking method. Vegetable and milk sauces Spices

    It is important for ailing gout to drink a glass of liquid before going to bed. You can choose from drinks that are listed in the table.

    Diet menu # 6

    This menu serves as an example only. You can make it more diverse, relying on the table above. We also offer a few recipes for tasty dishes just below the menu. Bon Appetit!

    1. The first meal looks like an orchestra from a boiled egg, vegetable salad, kefir and carrot-wheat pudding;
    2. In the interval between breakfast and lunch, drink cranberry tea;
    3. Milk soup noodles, potato fried cutlets with sauerkraut and jelly serve a good lunch menu;
    4. For a snack, it's better to buy your favorite fruits: orange, apples or pears;
    5. By evening it's better to eat vegetarian cabbage rolls, sweet curd cheese cakes and a weak tea with milk;
    6. Before going to bed, good service will be served with cowberry tea or a decoction of wheat bran.


    Vegetable soup

    Consists of a diet soup of twenty grams of carrots, twenty grams of onions, seventy-five grams of potatoes, a tablespoon of butter, a few roots of parsley and greens to taste.

    • Pour half a liter of water into a saucepan, bring to a boil. We put sliced ​​potatoes into the water, we wait for a boil.
    • Clean and regimen carrots, onions and parsley roots. Put them on a tablespoon of butter. If there is not enough fat, add water, actively mix.
    • After the water with potatoes boiled to throw in it a piece of onions, carrots and parsley root. Give the dish ten or fifteen minutes to puff. After sprinkle the dish with herbs and leave on the stove. Eat 20 minutes after you turned off the gas.

    Summer Courgettes

    Summer menu can not do without zucchini. For this dish you need to buy: 200 grams of courgettes, two medium-sized carrots, 75 grams of rice, three tablespoons of refined vegetable oil, three tablespoons of tomato paste, 100 grams of flour, greens and onions. Reviews about this dish are very positive!
    • Prepare zucchini and rice. For this, it is necessary to cook both ingredients until half prepared. Put the rice and washed zucchini in different pots. Wait for a boil, give them 10-15 minutes to pour, drain water, cool.
    • Cooled courgettes divide into two or three pieces across the vegetable. With a knife or a spoon, take out the middle of the vegetable marrow.
    • Grated carrots and chopped onion stew on sunflower oil. Add this mixture of tomato paste and flour, warm, leave to cool.
    • Mix the vegetables with rice and fill them with zucchini.
    • Put the squash on the baking sheet. Pre-grease the pan with oil, add a little water. A tray with zucchini should be covered with a lid so that it creates a "zucchini steam room".
    • Bake until cooked. Instead of a baking sheet you can take a cast-iron pot or glassware.

    Pancakes with curd

    The plus of the recipe is that you can use it in it, both fresh and not very fresh cottage cheese. You need one egg, 4 tablespoons of sour cream, 1/8 cup of milk, flour, oil for frying, 100-150 grams of cottage cheese.

    • Eggs mixed with milk, flour and cottage cheese to the state of thick porridge. If you like gentle dishes, then whip the dough with a mixer or blender. The blender will grind the cottage cheese, which will make the dish softer, oily and airy.
    • Spoon the dough on a hot skillet with butter.

    Cabbage cutlets

    Since the meat intake is limited, you can include imagination and please yourself with cutlets of a different kind. Of course, you can leave your angry responses to the doctors about the ban on meat, but it's better to tune in to your health and learn a new recipe. For example, take 200 g cabbage, 50 ml.milk, 15 grams of melted butter, half a glass of semolina, 4 tablespoons of fatty sour cream, a couple of spoons of flour, a pinch of salt

    • Wash cabbage and finely chop it or pass through a meat grinder.
    • Put the frying pan on the fire and simmer the cabbage with butter and milk.
    • When the cabbage changes color and becomes soft, remove it into a bowl. Then add semolina to the container. The mass should acquire the density of minced meat.
    • Fully chop the cabbage, add one egg, mix.
    • Clean hands to divide the minced meat into cutlets. Take a plate of flour and dip dumplings in it before you spread them on a hot frying pan.
    • Ready cutlets can be served with sour cream and greens.

    Vegetarian soup with cheese

    Vegetarians' opinions about this soup are varied. Not all vegetarians support the use of dairy products. But according to diet 6, dairy products are mandatory. Another variant of the first dish without meat contains: greens, salt, 100 g white cabbage, three carrots, 5 potatoes, 50-100 grams of tomato, one small beet, two tablespoons of butter, two tablespoons of flour, 100 grams of solid milkunsalted cheese.

    • Wash under running water products. We peel tomatoes and potatoes from the skin. We cut cabbage, potatoes and tomatoes.
    • We put a pan of water, we put in it grated beets and all other cut ingredients.
    • Bring to a boil. Let's puff for 10-15 minutes. Add the grated cheese. Turn off the gas. We continue to stir carefully for another 5 minutes. After we close the dish lid. Now it can be served on the table.

    Supplements to diet number 6

    There are many substances and plants in nature that can reduce acidity in the intestines and inflammation in the joints. These include not only cranberries, but also walnuts, strawberries, burdock, violet, blueberries, cherry, red and black currants, apples, pumpkins. To convey the maximum therapeutic properties of the drink, it is important to make herbal decoctions in a water bath. For example, there is a cowberry tea. It is possible to buy or collect in the pharmacy one tablespoon alone with a hill of cranberry leaves. Brew two cups of boiled water. Give one hour of infusion. Shelf life of the drink is 24 hours.

    To cranberry tea, you can add decoctions of herbs: St. John's Wort, chamomile and linden, the color of black elderberry. Take each ingredient on a tablespoon. Put the mixture in a container and put in a water bath. Then pour boiling water and close the lid tightly. Let the water in the lower container pour for 10-15 minutes and put the broth to cool. Strain, relieve fluid from plants. Spread it one to ten and drink. Store in a cool, dry and dark place. Shelf life - 3 days. Decoctions should be drunk 15-30 minutes before meals or 2 hours after meals. The composition of the broth should be changed after a month of use.

    Aromatherapy gave the world several pleasant ways to fight for health:

    1. Warm healing baths. It is very important that they are warm, not hot. Do not put the thoracic area in the water. It is better to dip a part of the body with gout under the water for 15 minutes. Then it can be rubbed with aromatic oils of juniper, cypress and lemon. For example, lemon oil with external application promotes the production of potassium carbonate - a substance that neutralizes acids.
    2. Hot compress with ginger or black pepper oil.
    3. Cold compresses.
    4. Rinsing with aromatic oil of rosemary, tea tree, lavender, chamomile.

    It is compulsory after rubbing to make a gentle soft warm-up of the affected joint and wrap it in heat. Avoid elevated temperatures, they can only exacerbate the situation.

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    Diet 6 or diet 6 petals

    Often Table 6 is confused with a diet of 6 petals. In fact, these are two different diets with different goals. The first is to reduce the level of acid and take care of the prevention of gout. The second is to reduce weight and take care of the harmony of the body.

    Unlike table number 6, the diet of 6 petals will give you the opportunity to lose weight on a pound every day. Reviews about it are diverse and often positive. For the first time it was tested by Swedes and is based on separate food. Swedes argue that if you do not combine proteins, fats and carbohydrates together, then the person will lose weight.

    The diet of 6 petals is designed for six, twelve or eighteen days. The menu of each day corresponds to the petal, each petal to its product:

    1. Day - fish. The whole day you can enjoy this gift of the sea. All the first and subsequent days abstain from bread, sugar and other ingredients of self-deception. Eat only fish and drink ordinary water. Note that smoked, salted and fried fish are prohibited.
    2. Day - vegetables. Carrots, potatoes, cabbage, beets - all at your disposal, in raw or cooked form. Other processing methods are excluded. Day - chicken meat. Similarly, with the previous days, one should live without coffee, bread and fried foods.
    3. Day - porridge. It is important that you do not cook cereals, not on milk or broth, but only on water. Day - sour-milk products. Fresh tender curd, warm milk and delicious yogurt are included in the menu of the fifth day.
    4. Day is fruity. The diet of 6 petals conceives the sixth day, as unloading. To him you are prepared all the previous days.

    The diet of 6 petals implies a cycle and a repetition of the days in case you want to prolong the process of losing weight. You are unlikely to find feedback on how people treated gout with a diet of 6 petals or lost weight, observing table number 6. Be careful when choosing a diet. As you can see, the consonance of the names of diets can have great consequences.

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