Can an alcoholic conduct a successful business?

Can an alcoholic lead a successful business?

The topic of alcoholism is very relevant for our country. And many would like to know if it's possible to combine drinking and work? In principle, no. Just have to frustrate. Nevertheless, we see a lot of successful people who suffer from alcohol dependence. Therefore, it is not yet a verdict. And in some cases, the business will help get rid of the slight dependence on alcohol.

How to do business while being drunk?

Just worth noting: it's very hard. I'll have to keep myself in a very tight bridle, much tougher than not to drink at all. The organism of an alcoholic is so arranged: get into it the first glass and not stop a person. Therefore, we must work to slow the rate of alcohol intake. So it will be easier to interrupt the drinking, especially if you turn to specialists But not everyone dependent will get to drink more slowly.

Just one of the reasons that a person in a binge is starting a job is laziness and apathy. I fell into a swim and did not want anything. But we must understand that the aggravation of the disease is not the end. And if it already happened that you got into drinking at the most crucial moment, then you need to do everything so that he does not interfere with the work.

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Therefore, we give some recommendations for doing business, while in a drinking bout:

  • The interval between the glasses is an hour. Therefore, it is better to buy a soft drink that can be stretched. Or strong, but expensive. In principle, if you have a business, you can afford it. Set yourself for a goal to enjoy more taste than intoxication, since the latter only hinders. Drank a glass and the next no earlier than an hour. You will drink faster, and you will get drunk more strongly, and work will go worse, and it will be more difficult to keep.
  • Thoroughly have a snack. Yes, you will have to eat more, but a dense snack allows you to mitigate some of the negative effects of intoxication. However, do not overdo it, because it has the property of causing drowsiness. Although an alcoholic with experience can fall asleep only after he drinks a minimum liter of vodka, do not overdo it. It's important to have a snack also because it's so much easier to stand this hour.
  • If possible, drink 30 grams of vodka per hour or equivalent, and not 50. Then there are very real chances of getting out of the drinking-bout the next day, since there will not be a hangover in this case.

Where did these figures come from? The fact is that the withdrawal period of 30 grams of alcohol on average - just an hour. Therefore, you will drink the next glass without being drunk after a fact. If you want to increase the degree, then the amount of hourly consumed alcohol should increase to 50 grams.

But in this case too, this amount is quite safe, and while you are sleeping, everything is perfectly displayed. In the morning wake up fresh and without a hangover. And for the liver is not such harm, because the amount exceeds its capabilities only slightly.

And health is a key factor for business. Again, it is worth repeating. It is better not to drink at all if you had at least one drinking. But if the recurrence has already happened, then follow the above tips.

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