How to do massage with osteochondrosis of the spinal column video

How to massage or self-massage with cervical osteochondrosis?

To strengthen muscle tone and eliminate pain syndrome it is useful to do massage with cervical osteochondrosis. Mass the cervical spine and collar area( up to the 4th thoracic vertebra).

With a pronounced root syndrome, only one side is most often painful. Therefore, massage on painful muscles should be carried out sparing( especially the first procedures), paying more attention to the healthy side.

Massage Technique

Neck and collar area massage

Massage in the osteochondrosis of the cervical region is performed in the patient's lying position on the abdomen( putting a brush under his forehead and pulling his chin to his chest), or sitting at a table. The muscles of the patient should be completely relaxed.


Begin a massage with a common embracing stroking of the collar area along the lymphatic pathway to the lymphatic axillary and supraclavicular nodes. Then apply flat palm strokes, comb-like stroking. From the 7th cervical vertebra to the right and left is ironing.


After stroking, squeezing is performed, which involves deeper layers of skin. The masseur puts his hand across his neck( while his thumb and index finger are together) and performs movements down to the trapezius muscle along the spine( along the paravertebral zones).Squeezing can be done with the edge of the palm to the shoulder joints. Squeezing of the collar region is carried out from the 4th thoracic vertebra to the shoulder joints from top to bottom.


massage Trimming techniques prepare the muscles for deeper effects. The purpose of rubbing: warm up and relax the muscles, improve blood flow. In the neck region, rubbing starts from the place of attachment of the muscles to the occiput( the base of the skull).Apply a circular and rectilinear rubbing with the pads of the fingers. Hands sliding on the skin, shifting it. Folds the fingers of the area from the spinous processes of the vertebrae on the sides.

I use the sawing technique on the collar area( the palms are set parallel to the rib) and the sawing movements perform the reception. On the forelegs - reception crossing( the thumb is diverted to the side, is performed by the inner edge of the hand).On paravertebral zones - circular grinding.


Mashing techniques operate at a deeper level( muscles, ligaments, fasciae).The kneading is carried out in three stages: muscle grip, muscle fixation and kneading. On the neck perform longitudinal kneading in circular motions along the paravertebral zones.

On the collar area: longitudinal kneading, transverse to individual beams, annular. Reception can be used with weights by the other hand.

Perform penetration along the outer edge of the scapula closer to its upper part.


Finish neck and neck massage by stroking and vibration techniques. Methods of continuous vibration( shaking) and discontinuous( chopping, effleurage) are used.

Segmental massage techniques for cervical osteochondrosis

The technique of massage of cervical osteochondrosis includes receptions of segmental massage. For paravertebral zones, starting from the 2nd thoracic to the 3rd cervical vertebra:

  • Plane stroking on both sides simultaneously from 8 times.
  • Drilling on the disturbance side. With the nut syndrome, the technique is applied on the opposite side.
  • Reception of processing of spinous processes with pads of the index and middle fingers. Work from the lower to the higher-lying departments. Repeat several times( up to 10).On each spinous process to fix for 5-6 seconds.
  • Perform several longitudinal strokes.

Session time from 10 to 15 minutes.

Acupressure with cervical osteochondrosis

Acupressure is based on the following scheme:

  • First act on the point of the feng-fu( under the occiput mound) for 1 min( spend screwing in a clockwise direction, hold for a few seconds, and counteract the weakening of the effect).
  • The point of feng chi. It is located at the width of two fingers from the mastoid processes of the skull.
  • The point i-men( the distance of the width of three fingers from the point of feng-fu).Exposure within 1-1.5 minutes.
  • Point da-chju( 7th cervical vertebra).The effect of sedation is 1-1.5 minutes.

After a massage of the neck and collar area, a slight dizziness may occur. Therefore, it is recommended to lie down for a few minutes. It is not recommended immediately to drive.

Cervical osteochondrosis can be treated at home and in breaks at work, giving 10-15 minutes of self-massage.

neck massage

Self-massage with cervical osteochondrosis

There is not always time to visit the masseur. Therefore, you can perform self-massage with cervical osteochondrosis. Self-massage is performed while sitting. Perform the elements of segmental massage from the bottom up from the 4th thoracic to the occiput.

Produce the stroking of the palms. To do this, you need to put your hands on the back of your neck and wrap your movements to do stroking.

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Then, with the pads of the fingers, they produce circular rubbing, shifting the skin. Carefully massage painful seals in the area of ​​the shoulder. Muds are produced in the form of crushing - extrusion. Between the spinous processes of the vertebrae, drilling is performed.

The shoulder straps, including the shoulder joint and trapezoid muscles, are massaged. Massage movements are carried out from the scalp down to the shoulder joint. The shoulder joint is massaged in a circular motion, making strokes, rubbing and kneading( you can carry out receptions through clothes).Pay attention to the shoulder and deltoid muscle.

Circular movements of fingers knead the places of attachment of muscles to the neck. Finish self-massage stroking and patting the collar area.

The effectiveness of self-massage will increase if after the procedure to do several exercises for the neck: slow turns of the neck and circular movements.

Massage and self-massage can not be performed in the acute period of the disease. You can use warming and anti-inflammatory ointments and gels. Before a massage, it is advisable to visit a doctor. In some diseases, massage is contraindicated. In order to better understand the technique of massage techniques, it is recommended to watch a massage video for cervical osteochondrosis:

Back massage for osteochondrosis

Massage is a complex of manual sequential actions on certain areas, performed with a therapeutic purpose by the hands of a corresponding massage therapist. Types of these effects can be different - stroking, grinding, kneading, vibration, tapping, etc. Who and when the massage is developed, is unknown. But indisputable is the fact that over time it is enriched with new techniques, and therefore it becomes more effective.

Action for osteochondrosis

Massage with osteochondrosis, along with medicines, physical procedures, health gymnastics is an integral part of a full-fledged treatment. What is the reason for this effectiveness? As is known, osteochondrosis is a pathological condition accompanied by dystrophic disorders in the intervertebral discs, which is caused by metabolic disorders, concomitant diseases, and physical stress. Osteochondrosis is complicated by disc displacement and pain, sensory and motor disturbances of the innervated zones, instability of the spine due to the initial weakness and reflex tension of the back muscles.

Treatment of osteochondrosis with massage leads to such therapeutic effects as:

  • Pain relief
  • Improvement of microcirculation, increased metabolism in the area of ​​the displaced disk
  • Relaxation of reflexively stressed muscles
  • Strengthening of the muscular corset, leading to stabilization of the spine
  • Interrupting the course of inflammatory reactions in the intervertebral disk and in the surroundingits tissues
  • Increase in general tone, normalization of patient's mood.

Back massage for osteochondrosis is not only therapeutic, but also to some extent a diagnostic exercise. The matter is that during realization of massage procedures the most painful places are revealed. Thus, even before instrumental research( X-ray, computed tomography), it is possible to identify the localization of pathological foci with great accuracy.


Therapeutic massage for osteochondrosis is performed in the supine position. The collar zone can be massaged both in a prone position and sitting on a chair with your back to the masseuse. Immediately before the procedure, the masseur kneads the hands so that they are warm, and the fingers - flexible and sensitive. Then, in order not to injure the patient's skin, the massage therapist lubricates the hands with a massage oil. In the absence of such a child's cream or olive oil will fit.

The massage technique includes a series of sequential effects on the muscles of the back and neck, such as stroking, rubbing, kneading, tapping, vibrating.

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  • The first stage is stroking, which not only begins but also ends with the massage procedure. The duration of stroking is about 2 minutes. At the same time, both hands of the masseur glide smoothly over the patient's back, making circular, spiral and zigzag movements first with one, and then with the arc of the side.
  • Superficial stroking is replaced by a deep, with burdening, when the strength of one palm increases by imposing the other. The goal of deep stroking is to reveal the most painful places. When stroking, as with other elements of massage, the median line of the spine is not affected. All movements are limited by a line along the transverse processes of the vertebrae.
  • The next stage is kneading. The muscles and skin of the patient with both hands are collected in a crease, and the subsequent movements are reminiscent of kneading the dough.
  • Rolling and rubbing in general resemble kneading, when the fingers of the masseur touch the folded skin in the direction from the waist up to the neck.
  • In the course of pressing, the massage therapist alternately massages the longitudinal muscles of the back with the pads of the fingers. Circular movements of the fingers are carried out in the projection of the exit of roots of the spinal nerves from the spinal canal.
  • This is followed by tapping, patting and vibration. Tapping is performed with the fingers or the edge of the palm. Slapping - palm, folded in the manner of the boat, and vibration - the entire surface of the palm in combination with superficial stroking.
  • The neck is an easily cut, fragile anatomical area. Therefore, all movements must be carried out with the utmost care. The main effects here are superficial stroking, circular kneading and lateral trituration. The neck is massaged together with the collar zone and the muscles of the shoulder girdle.

The duration of the first sessions of massage of the spine is no more than 7 minutes. The following procedures can be increased to 12 min. In this case, the patient should not experience pain, numbness of the skin, fatigue, or any other unpleasant sensations.

back massage

Alternative methods

In addition to the usual classical massage, sometimes resort to point massage of the spine, or to acupressure. This method involves exposure to biologically active points. And these points can be located far from the spinal column - on the auricle, in the occipital region, along the sternocleidomastoid muscle. It is enough daily2-3 minute pressure on these points, so that after a while you will feel the improvement. Pressing is carried out by the pads of the index and middle fingers, as circular movements, without lifting fingers from the skin. There are a lot of points, but 3-4 of them will suffice for the effect.

Osteochondrosis is accompanied by varying degrees of motor impairment. And not all patients have a physical opportunity to visit the massage room. And can I do massage at home? Under appropriate household and hygienic conditions, this is allowed. You can call the masseur on the house - this service is often enough. However, this opportunity is not at all.

In such cases, the only way out is self-massage. It can be carried out not only at home, but also on treatment in a sanatorium, at work at lunchtime. The types of influences here are approximately the same as in the usual massage - stroking, kneading, grinding, pressing. All elements are carried out by the thumb, pads of 2-4 fingers, a fist, an edge of a palm. Each session lasts 10 minutes.can be performed up to 3 times a day. The value of this type of massage is also in the fact that along with the back and neck, shoulder, elbow joints and hands are developed, which is also important in osteochondrosis.


Back massage, like massage in general, can not be performed in such conditions as:

  • Acute stage of osteochondrosis
  • Exacerbations of any chronic diseases
  • Diseases of respiratory and cardiovascular systems - bronchial asthma, hypertension, angina
  • Allergic reactions
  • Influenza and colds
  • Increased temperature of any etiology
  • Skin diseases and lesions in the area of ​​the massaged area
  • Tuberculosis and syphilis
  • Malignant neoplasms.

Some of these states are reversible. And after eliminating them, you can start massaging your back.

Massage for osteochondrosis of the cervical spine: complex and video instruction

Osteochondrosis is one of those diseases of mankind that occur more and more, due to a slow living standard and very low physical activity. This disease is a lesion of the intervertebral disc, which is degenerative-dystrophic in nature. There are changes in the disk itself and vertebral joints, resulting in the following symptoms:

  • Pain that can concentrate in the neck, arm, neck and shoulder;
  • High fatigue, as well as some other unpleasant symptoms.

The use of massage

In cervical osteochondrosis, this procedure is perhaps the most basic method of treating this disease. He is appointed by the attending physician, pursuing several goals:

  1. Relieving pain and muscle spasms;
  2. Improve blood supply;
  3. Strengthening of muscles;
  4. Elimination and avoidance of blood stagnation.

The pain syndrome subsides after several procedures, the hands become more obedient if earlier their movement was hampered due to osteochondrosis. To consolidate the result and better effect, it is necessary to conduct at least ten procedures.

It is important that the pain does not appear during the massage. It should be remembered that the goal of massaging is removal, and not an additional surge of pain.

Types of

Several types of massage can be distinguished, each of which is capable of having a beneficial effect on the disease and removing some particularly unpleasant symptoms. This or that kind of massage can be used at different stages of cervical osteochondrosis. Sometimes to improve the effect of the procedure alternate.


Its execution occurs in a position where the patient occupies a sitting position. In the event that a long time to keep the patient's head straight is quite problematic, you can lie on your stomach.

Classically this type of massage is performed in five stages:

  1. Stroking. This item is very important and is called upon to warm up stagnant muscles and skin. This stage begins with strokes of the palms, and after a while these same movements are repeated, but already with the edge of the palm.
  2. Squeezing. Rapid massage actions are not performed, the specialist moves to the head, producing slow, but very strong skin tightening. The ribs of the palms are set across the neck. Gradually, from the back massage moves to the neck and collar zone. Here they are produced in both directions.
  3. Rubbing. This stage is necessary, since the muscles should be prepared for a deeper effect. Usually, the movements are made by the fingers, folded together, which should be moved from the nape down the spine to the side of it. The collar zone is rubbed with the ribs of the palms.
  4. Muddling. Its implementation is most difficult and takes quite a long time. From the brush it is necessary to form "forceps", which are used to grasp the muscle, after which it "loosens" a little. Strongly compress and bend the skin should not be.
  5. Vibration completes the whole complex. For this, a high speed of movement of the palms and a slight beating of their ribs are used.


This type of massage is used to fix the results, which gives its classic type. It is produced by affecting certain points of the body with circular local movements of the fingers. The average duration of exposure per point is two minutes. In the future, the force of influence should be increased.


Massage with special medical cans is considered particularly effective, because they are able to exert their influence even on very deep tissues. Banks can be glass, ceramic, bamboo or plastic. For each of them there are some nuances in use, however, several general rules can be distinguished:

  • It is important to use massage oil or any fat cream, otherwise pain will be very strong;
  • Before the procedure, you need a small massage;
  • Wet the tampon in alcohol, set it on fire and insert it into the jar;
  • Dip on the back, wait until the skin is slightly retracted and begin the procedure.

If the cans are made of plastic, then there is no need to set a tampon and create a vacuum. You just need to squeeze it, flattening the base in one strip, after which you need to bring it to your back and let it go. After drawing in the skin, start the massage.

This kind of procedures at the initial stage can be accompanied by pain.


This type of massage is not medical and is used either for self-massage, or as an additional measure for private masseurs. Its easy enough to accomplish. In the beginning, the neck and the collar zone are smeared with honey. Initially, strokes are used, designed to warm up the muscles at the initial stage. Next, there are slaps. Because of the thickening of honey, he, along with the skin, will reach for his hands. Gradually, the amplitude of the movements should increase and the procedure should be carried out at the same pace for another ten minutes.

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Despite the fact that the massage seems quite harmless and even a pleasant exercise, in some cases it can be contraindicated categorically. For example, in the presence of the following diseases, this procedure can not be carried out:

Massage with cervical osteochondrosis at home

When exacerbations of osteochondrosis in the cervical area, the most attention is given to medical treatment, which allows to eliminate pain syndrome, weakening manifestations of compression of peripheral zones of the central nervous system. After the pain sensations are weakened and lost, it is important not to give up the treatment, supplementing it with physiotherapy and stretching the spine, as well as exercises of physiotherapy exercises. A positive effect also causes massage with cervical osteochondrosis, which can be performed at home and in special institutions for this.

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On the background of other forms of fighting with osteochondrosis, the most attention deserves a massage, which is the most effective procedure for treatment and prevention. But in itself it should not be used, because the key to quick recovery lies in the implementation of an integrated approach. The advantages of the massage is that it allows you to quickly eliminate the stiff neck, restoring elasticity to the muscles and joint mobility, while improving blood circulation and microcirculation of the lymph.

However, despite the undoubted benefits of massage, it is not always possible to conduct it in any situation, since even this useful procedure has its contraindications. In the fight against osteochondrosis, the best results are achieved by using the classical massage method. Apply it immediately after the exacerbation. Within one course, 10 to 15 procedures are performed, after which you need to take a break. During the year, it is optimal to take massage courses 2-3 times.

When it is impossible to massage

Patient is not allowed to massage, if he has:

  • strong painful sensations against the background of exacerbated osteochondrosis;
  • pathology of the heart;
  • infectious diseases;
  • skin diseases.

In case of osteochondrosis, even if it does not pass with severe symptoms, decide to visit the masseuse better after consulting with an experienced doctor. It is necessary to remember about contraindications and take into account that treatment should be comprehensive, only then you can expect a long-term remission.

Harm and benefit of massage procedures

As already mentioned, massage with cervical osteochondrosis should become an integral part of complex therapy, but it can be performed only after the pain syndrome has been eliminated, making sure that the patient does not have any other symptoms. This is an extremely important point, since most people simply do not understand how massage can harm a patient with an acute form of cervical osteochondrosis. In order to understand this, it is necessary to take into account the result of the massage effect:

  • will get more blood to the damaged areas, near which inflammation and edema usually form, which will increase the pain syndrome several times;
  • formed edema will increase dramatically in size, as this will contribute to a large rush of blood;
  • general condition of the patient will worsen, as negative factors of osteochondrosis will progress.

Given these points, a patient with an acute form of osteochondrosis should be clear that until the symptoms are weakened, from the sessions of massage should be categorically refrain. Having achieved results at the first stage of treatment, it is possible to strengthen the result and accelerate the recovery, adding to the medication treatment massage and manual therapy.(On the topic: acupressure with cervical osteochondrosis).

But here there is no place for amateur activity, as a physician should prescribe a massage session and apply the methods of manual therapy for cervical osteochondrosis. This is due to the fact that parts of patients in view of the individual nature of the course of the disease, these methods of physical impact can be strictly contraindicated.

The use of massage in the first place is that it allows you to eliminate muscle spasms, returning them a natural tone. In a patient with osteochondrosis, the muscles of the back and neck are usually highly stressed, so touching them can cause severe pain. Especially it concerns the muscles of the neck, which take up the bulk of the physical load due to the fact that in diseases of the spine, the weight of the body is otherwise distributed.

After the specialist will massage the neck with osteochondrosis, or rather his full course, the patient will at least temporarily lose some of the unpleasant symptoms such as headache, nausea, general weakness, and so on.

Method of performing massage

Performing massage procedures for osteochondrosis of the cervical region, it is necessary to follow a calm pace in the absence of strong pressure. The muscles of the shoulder zone and cervical region should be warmed up slowly, with light and smooth movements, crushing small seals, formed during spasm of vessels and the course of inflammatory processes in the vertebrae.

With spasm of the neck muscles, they accumulate lactic acid, which forms small, but very dense formations. Therefore, a patient with a massage can experience unpleasant pain. To stretch such formations and withdraw excess lactic acid, you will need to undergo a full course of massage, as 1-2 procedures will not have the proper effect. To speed up the result, you can supplement the treatment with self-massage.(On the topic: self-massage with cervical osteochondrosis).

Performing regular kneading of muscles, it will be possible to completely get rid of the condensed nodules. This is due to improved blood supply, which by virtue of its natural intensity destroys and flushes such formations, restoring to the muscles their natural elasticity.

However, if you register for a massage course, do not wait for miracles immediately. In severe cases, several courses may be necessary to achieve a lasting effect. At the same time, one should not forget that an integrated approach must be applied to the treatment of osteochondrosis.

During the massage, the patient should lie on his stomach or sit in a special chair, which provides complete relaxation of the neck muscles. The specialist should pre-warm the muscles with strokes. Muscular tissues of the back, shoulder, neck and part of the head in the occiput are then elaborated in a more intensive form.

  1. The classical method of massage provides, that first carry out a series of strokes( about ten), which are directed from the occipital part to the back and shoulders. It is important to control the degree of depression, so that the skin does not move with respect to the muscles.
  2. After warming the fabric with strokes, they begin to perform longitudinal squeezing. Here already it is necessary to press more strongly, in this connection the masseur should operate or work especially cautiously not to put or render harm to health. Produce a squeezing of the bent phalanges of the fingers, moving along the spine and carrying out about 5 pressure from each side.
  3. At the next stage, kneading of the muscles starts, when they are finger-fingrapped, carrying out grippers. Alternatively, you can flex the muscles with the bent phalanges of the fingers, performing circular motions. This technique is first applied to the muscles that are located along the vertebral column, and then switch to the side.
  4. After mashing, begin to perform longitudinal grinding, using for this purpose the small pads of the thumbs. The masseur grasps the lateral and posterior parts of the neck during grinding, controlling the intensity of the applied forces so that the patient does not experience pain. Having finished with the neck, they begin to massage the shoulder pads.
  5. At the final stage of the massage, strokes of the cervical and occipital parts are performed. After that, massage ends with grinding the back of the head. As a rule, the whole procedure takes no more than half an hour.


To perform massage with osteochondrosis of the cervical department is necessary only after the disease recedes. His main task is to call doctors better microcirculation, so do not think that the deformed disc will immediately recover and osteochondrosis will not return.

When performing health-improving massage courses, the effects of intense force are not permissible, since they can significantly damage. However, muscle overstrain is present in almost every person, and as a result, a massage is applied, which is performed with gentle pressure.

If there is no possibility to pass a massage course with a specialist, then there is a certain complex that can be performed independently. But you need to understand that he can not completely replace professional help. Nevertheless, self-massage is often able to help out, so it is not superfluous to get acquainted with his techniques, which are now in a convenient and visual form can be found on the web. Teaching videos will help to learn the correct performance and provide the patient another trump card in the fight against osteochondrosis.

For the removal of headaches, you can massage for a while the places where the occipital nerve is located next to the skin. But still, at the first opportunity, you should turn to qualified specialists and take 2-3 breaks with breaks.

Osteochondrosis is an extremely complex disease, in the fight against which versatile methods should be used. In no case do you need to self-medicate, which can often greatly damage and lead to an exacerbation of the disease. In addition to methods of physical impact, you need to apply a special diet, which will help to achieve the desired results faster.

Despite the complexity and duration of treatment, get rid of osteochondrosis, if it did not reach its final stage, it is still possible. But if you ignore the symptoms and do not seek help from a doctor, you can "earn" a disability as a result, so you should not joke about osteochondrosis.

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Therapeutic massage for osteochondrosis of the spine

http: // WfJbjK Treatment of osteochondrosis at home.
Osteochondrosis is a common disease that degeneratively affects certain parts of the spine, thinning the cartilaginous tissue between the vertebrae.
There are 3 types of this ailment:
• Lumbar osteochondrosis.
• Cervical osteochondrosis.
• Thoracic osteochondrosis.
Each of these species has its own characteristics, related to both the symptomatology and the required treatment.
Osteochondrosis affects the space between the vertebrae. The cartilage tissue under its influence is rapidly destroyed. Nerve fibers, located next to the damaged cells - become inflamed and, thereby, cause spasm in all the arteries around. Inflamed vessels are unable to pass through the necessary amount of blood, therefore certain areas of the body begin to experience oxygen starvation. This is especially dangerous in the case of cervical osteochondrosis, since oxygen starvation of the brain is fraught with serious consequences.
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