Is it possible to fix a flatfoot for an adult


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Rakant Mikhail Conservative treatment & Conservative treatment of flatfoot

Is it possible to cure flat feet?| |Dr. Yolkin

When is conservative treatment applied?

Conservative treatment is performed with minimal and slightly pronounced deformities, with flatfoot I-II degrees, and also complements operational methods, constituting an essential part.

However( AND THIS IS IMPORTANT!) It can not be a full-fledged alternative to surgical treatment when it is shown.

Also described methods are applicable for some other diseases of stop-tendinitis, fasciitis and calcaneal spur, etc.

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Problems of conservative treatment of

Many believe that conservative treatment can relieve the deformation of the feet once and for all, but this is not true.

Already formed deformation, whether, for example, Hallux valgus or flat-footed conservative methods of treatment can not be corrected.

But this does not mean that conservative treatment is useless! Simply applying the methods described below, we must correctly understand their purpose and the limits of their capabilities.

The development of foot deformation is a complex pathological process that affects all its anatomical formations - joints, bones, ligaments, muscles, tendons and even the skin.

The tasks of conservative treatment methods include the following:

  • Create a favorable load distribution for the foot structures. This has a positive effect on their structure and function, since the constant overstrain of individual formations leads to their premature destruction.
  • Maintain the normal function of the foot joints. With the development of degenerative changes in the joints( arthrosis of the foot joints) deformation becomes rigid and irreversible.
  • Avoid accumulation of "fatigue" changes. Chronic overstrain of ligaments, tendons and aponeuroses of the foot leads to rupture of some of their fibers, which provokes constant inflammation and associated pain.
  • Improve blood supply conditions for all foot structures. Damaged by chronic overloads, education needs a full restoration, which requires good tissue nutrition. This is important for all foot structures, without exception.
  • Provide good skin care. Deformities of the feet adversely affect the skin condition.

Recommended methods for conservative treatment

1. Proper shoes

This does not mean a complete ban on model shoes with high heels! Just do not use it every day!

For everyday wear, use loose shoes with a low heel( 3-4 cm) and an orthopedic insoles inside( better than individual production) - these shoes can also be beautiful and stylish!

2. Careful foot care

Coarse because of rubbing the skin becomes a source of additional trouble. The corns and calluses are painful in themselves, and the cracks that appear in the skin can become a source of bacterial or fungal infection.

Foot care involves the timely removal of coarse areas of the epidermis, moisturizing the skin with nourishing creams, a massage to relieve tension. It is important to maintain the nails on the fingers in good condition.

With some deformations, the "ingrown toenail" often develops, so do not neglect a quality pedicure. In the evening it is very conducive to the full restoration of ligaments after daily exercise, the regular use of special( whirlpool) foot baths. This is also facilitated by foot massage.

For all this, well, you understand - in the SPA salon!

3. Regular gymnastics for the feet

For what?

Gymnastics stimulates circulation in the tissues of the foot, and, consequently, improves their nutrition. Also exercises lead muscles and ligaments into tone and help to resist loads.

How? Here is an example:

  • To bring the muscles and ligaments in tonus every morning, arrange a warm-up for the feet: walk 5-7 minutes on a soft rug first on the entire sole, then "on socks," then on the outer and inner sides of the foot.
  • Complete the exercises by rolling the sole of a special roller or rolling pin.
  • For a few minutes a day, use small toes with your toes: for example, rearrange the plastic cups by grasping them between the 1 and 2 toes of the foot.
  • In addition, do not neglect the possibility of walking barefoot on soft grass or sand.

4. Wearing special orthopedic devices( orthosis)

  • There are a lot of devices in pharmacies and in stores that help to correct the position of the first toe. Choose soft and comfortable, not hindering the wearing of shoes.
  • Since an important component of valgus deformity is the violation of the arches of the foot, it is very important to wear individual orthopedic insoles. It is advisable to have several pairs of insoles, so as not to shift them constantly from one shoe to another. Keep in mind that after surgical correction of the deformities of the feet it is recommended to continue using the insole( it will be necessary to make new ones!)


The use of these tools will not "cure" the existing violations, but will slow the development of deformation, make walking more comfortable and, perhaps, delay the need for a visit to an orthopedic surgeon.

  • With severe deformation, the implementation of some recommendations becomes impossible, this is natural.
  • The implementation of all these recommendations is not an end in itself.
  • The deformity that continues to develop is the reason for seeking surgical treatment.

Reception and treatment of patients is made in the clinic FGBU Federal Bureau of Medical and Social Expertise at the address Ivan Susanin Street, 3( reception hours and directions).

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Actuality of flatfoot treatment

Many people think that flat feet is not such a dangerous disease as, for example, arthritis, but in vain. It is flatfoot, untreated in time, can become one of the reasons for the formation of dangerous health complications. These include such "adult" diagnoses as curvature of the spine, osteochondrosis, intervertebral hernia, arthrosis, arthritis including.

Is flatfoot treated and how effective is treatment? The answer is simple - flatfoot can be completely corrected only up to the child's age of 6-7 years, and in adults - only carry out a correction. That is why treatment and correction of flat feet are relevant for adults and children, and therapeutic gymnastics is a good help in complex therapy.

Before starting flatfoot treatment at home, you need to get a doctor's consultation. This must be done to assess the degree, shape of flat feet, and also to choose orthopedic footwear and insoles.

What can I do at home? These are measures aimed at overall health promotion, nutrition correction, walking tours, classes, exercises and much more.

Home Activities

  • In summer, you can walk and walk without shoes, it is advisable to choose a rocky surface for this. On the plantar surface of the foot are all active points, so this walk not only forms anatomical arches of the foot, but contributes to overall health.
  • From sports you can go swimming, especially swimming in the style of a crawl. Leg movements with this style develop rotational movements of the foot. If conditions permit, and the disease is mild, you can do ski sports or figure skating. This will keep the foot in a strictly horizontal position.
  • A good effect is provided by a flat-foot massage, which can be done by using simple techniques. For this, stroking, kneading, rubbing, squeezing are used. Massage tones muscles, ligaments and fascia, and their tone, in turn, leads to correction of the foot.
  • It is necessary to teach the child to walk properly. To do this, for several minutes 6-7 times a day, ask him to walk, straightening his shoulders, lifting his head, and the feet should be strictly horizontal and parallel to each other.
  • The main condition of treatment is therapeutic gymnastics with flat feet. Use for this instructor is not necessary, because the techniques are simple and easily duplicated, even by children.

Therapeutic gymnastics

How to cure flat feet with simple exercises, you ask? To understand what happens during the exercises, it is necessary to recall that flat feet is a disease of the whole musculoskeletal system. A load that is not distributed correctly can lead to dangerous illnesses in adulthood. And the flat foot is treated only with shoes or insoles, as it is necessary to strengthen the muscles and ligaments of the entire leg and lower parts of the spine, because the innervation of the foot begins in the lumbar part of the spine.

Complex of exercises with flat feet( click to enlarge).

The complex of exercises

  • hands are extended upward, we go on socks;
  • hands on belt, we walk on heels;
  • hands on the waist, we walk on the outside of the foot;
  • tennis ball clamped between the feet, we walk on the outside of the foot.

In the standing position:

  • hands on the belt, stand on the outside of the foot, turn the trunk to the right and left;
  • we stand on the outside of the foot, we rise on the toes.

Standing on a stick:

  • move on a stick, placing stops both along and across.

In sitting position:

  • legs are stretched forward, bend, unbend fingers;
  • the legs are bent at the knees, maximally bred and heel, keeping the socks off the floor;
  • legs stretched forward, pulling the socks as much as possible, and then pulling ourselves away;
  • legs are extended forward, we reduce and we breed legs, connecting stops;
  • legs stretched forward, grab a pencil and lift;
  • legs are stretched forward, grab a tennis ball, toss it and catch it;
  • legs are bent at the knees, we roll a tennis ball from the sock to the heel along the longitudinal arch.

In the position of the body at an angle of 45 degrees:

  • raise both legs and torso at an angle of 45 degrees and hold as much as you can.

How often to practice gymnastics

All exercises need to be done regularly, for 1.5-2 years, giving it 15-20 minutes per day. Each exercise should be done, repeating several times.

How to cure flat feet with walking, if in some regions only 2-3 months a year is warm? In winter time, you can adjust the massage mat for walking. Make a massage mat from flat feet with your own hands is not difficult - just enough for dense fabric threads or glue to attach small items( buttons, curlers, glass stones and other small items).

Early detection of the diagnosis and timely treatment started are the key to a full recovery. A therapeutic gymnastics, held regularly, can become an indispensable assistant in successful treatment.

Can I heal flat feet in an adult?


will help only insteps and exercises will not cure platypodia. I, to make life easier, every day I go 3min.on peas, I roll a bottle, in any case at a platypodia it is necessary to do gymnastics, to knead a foot.
The operation costs one leg from 6-10 tr.


Help as a dead poultice. Only can be quickly corrected.


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Flat-footedness at adults
In norm of stop of the adult person not flat as powerful ligaments and muscles form three arches: two longitudinal( internal and external) and one transverse. Such a complex construction is necessary in order to reduce the load when walking not only on the foot, but also on all the supporting joints and the spine.
With flatfoot, the knee and hip joints take the first load in the role of shock absorbers( this is manifested by pain in the joints - a manifestation of arthrosis).The pain is caused by abnormal overload, as these joints are not designed to perform the role of shock absorbers.
In joints subject to constant overload, with time irreversible degenerative-dystrophic changes occur. There are pains, restriction of movements, various deformations and shortening of extremities. Simultaneously with the joints, the load on the spine increases, which reacts with the appearance of such diseases as osteochondrosis, disc herniation, sciatica, scoliosis.
Unfortunately, curing flat feet in adults is almost impossible. Despite this, a full-fledged flatfoot treatment can greatly alleviate the suffering of patients and slow the progression of pathology.

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They must be worn necessarily and always. They help, everything is normalized with time. But without insteps, again everything will be the same. ... It is necessary to wear the arch supports to those with flat feet. ...

flat feet to me 15,Can I still correct the flat feet?

Londo Mollari

Depends on the degree. In principle, the foot can be strengthened. Or to operate. But it's after 18.

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Inserts in the shoes. The supinator( orthopedic insole) is an additional detail of shoes designed to prevent the development of flat feet. They can be made of leather, cork, metal or plastic. Supinators help reduce pain and relieve unnecessary strain from the arch of the foot. Before using these insoles, it is recommended that you consult your doctor first. Since orthopedic insoles are usually made under certain contours of the foot individually.
Special exercises. Many people with flat feet also have a reduced Achilles tendon. There are special stretching exercises for this tendon, which can help get rid of problems in this area of ​​the foot.
Recreation. Remember that no medication will help you better cope with the pain and tension caused by flat feet, than a relaxing massage. If you want to receive massage, at any time when you want, then you need to have a foot massager at home. This is the best prevention of flatfoot and many other disorders associated with the legs. A foot massager or massage pillow will allow your legs to regain their tone and get rid of fatigue and tension.
Medications. Again, to take any medications, you need to first consult with your doctor. The specialist, after studying the medical history and assessing the condition of your feet, can offer you, if there are indications, any painkillers.
Weight Loss. If your weight is more than normal, then weight loss can help get rid of the painful effects of flatfoot.

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