The use of "Kislovodsk curative" in the treatment of gout

The healing power of Narzan has been known for a long time. In Kislovodsk you can hear more than one legend about the healing of horses drunk from a spring;and of the horsemen who drew attention to this "living" water, and also cured their ills. Not the first century on the resort come hungry to improve their health and experience the healing properties of Narzan."Bottle" narzan preserves all the qualities of mineral water from the source, but it has the advantage - it can be bought not only in "Sun City".

Employees of the Pyatigorsk Research Institute of Balneology recommend the use of natural water sources KMV for the prevention and treatment of many diseases. It is proved that the "mineral water" promotes the regulation of metabolic processes, relieves fatigue, and saturates the blood with microelements."Kislovodskaya healing" - therapeutic and preventive mineral water of the group of sulfate narzans, effective in the therapy of a number of diseases, including gout.

Gout is pain

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Gout affects approximately one in every 100 people. The disease is more common in people over 30 years of age and affects more men. Gout is characterized by sudden swelling and severe pain in the joints caused by the deposition of uric acid crystals. This is due to metabolic disorders in the body: the excretion of uric acid by the kidneys decreases, its concentration in the blood increases, the crystals are deposited in the joints, ligaments, under the skin, causing unbearable pain.

First of all gout affects the big toe, then affects other joints:

  • ankle;
  • knees;
  • small joints of the hands( fingers and wrists);
  • ulnar.

Gout is a painful disease that is exacerbated in the absence of treatment. At the first signs of any inflammation in the joints it is important to consult a doctor. To alleviate symptoms and stop gouty attacks, along with drug therapy appoint a reception of mineral water. It has proven itself in the treatment of gout "Kislovodskaya healing".

Symptoms of gout

The first attack shows:

  • sudden joint pain( especially at night);
  • swelling and soreness around the affected part of the joint;
  • is a red shiny skin that can itch and peel off.

Pain, as a rule, is so strong that even the contact of the sheet is intolerable. Each attack lasts from three to 10 days, after which the edema subsides and the pain goes away. In the absence of adequate therapy, other joints are involved in the process, attacks can last up to three weeks.

Diagnosis of gout

The patient needs to take a blood test to determine the level of uric acid, and the fence should be taken within 4-6 weeks after the last attack. Otherwise, the level of uric acid may be lower than it actually is. In advanced cases of gout, an X-ray may be required to determine the degree of joint damage.

Diet for gout

It is necessary to exclude foods high in purines:

  • dishes from game, rabbit;
  • fatty fish( anchovies, herring, mackerel, sardines, sprats);Sorbitol sorrel, spinach;
  • coffee, cocoa.

It is advisable to limit products with a moderate content of purines:

  • meat( beef, lamb, pork);
  • to the bird( chicken, duck);Peas, beans and other legumes;
  • mushrooms;
  • some vegetables( asparagus, cauliflower);
  • whole wheat bread.

The basis of the diet should be dairy products( milk, cheese, yogurt, butter), eggs, bread and cereals, pasta, fruits and vegetables.

Treatment of gout

To reduce pain and swelling, raise the joint and allow it to rest. Helps cold compress( wrapped in a towel, ice is applied for 20 minutes).You can take painkillers. Doctors recommend the reception of a table drinking mineral water, for example "Kislovodsk curative", belonging to the group of sulphate narzans. Its action is based on the normalization of the metabolism, which is exactly disturbed by gout. In addition, the minerals that make up the Kislovodsk curative mineral contribute to the removal of edema and the restoration of joints.

Non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs prescribed for gout, relieve pain and relieve inflammation in the joint, but have an irritating effect on the stomach. Therefore, dosed intake of sulphate narzan will help to avoid the development of drug gastritis. That is, "Kislovodskaya healing" has a double effect: it treats gout, normalizing metabolism, and partially neutralizes the side effect of NSAIDs. Truly healthy water for health!

Regular reception of "Kislovodsk curative" and diet compliance will avoid exacerbations of gout and limit the intake of unsafe non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs.
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