The thumb pad on the arm hurts

The thumb is on the arm

sore thumb on the arm

The thumb even visually differs from the other fingers of the hand: it is shorter and thicker, it is separated and has two phalanges( while the remaining 4 fingers consist of three phalanges).Anatomy of the thumb is explained by its special functionality and a significant part of the physical load, which it takes over when the brush works. In this regard, a special inconvenience is experienced by a person who has a big thumb on his arm. Let's find out why the thumbs on the hands hurt.

Causes of pain in the thumb

The cause of pain in the fingers is always the pathological processes that occur in the body. We note the most common of them.

Reynaud Syndrome

During pregnancy, when hormonal agents are used and as a result of some systemic diseases( for example, rheumatoid arthritis), Raynaud's syndrome is formed. The disease is due to the appearance of sprains and inflammations in the ligaments, as a result of which the nerve endings are squeezed. If a patient has a phalanx of the thumb on his arm, the doctor usually suspects that he has rheumatoid arthritis. Raynaud's syndrome can develop in people who are engaged in the same type of work, for example, in workers on the conveyor belt.

Osteoarthritis( or rizartroz)

If the base of the thumb hurts on the arm, then this is the main symptom of the development of arthrosis. At the base of the thumb is the joint, which undergoes deformation. In addition to pain for the disease are characterized by:

  • edema, redness of the skin;
  • limited mobility of the brush;
  • numbness of fingers;
  • crunch when moving a brush.

With the development of the disease, deformity of the fingers can be observed.

Gouty arthritis

Pain at the bases of the thumbs and toes may indicate the development of gouty arthritis. Gout is characterized by redness and swelling in the area of ​​the joints, with a palpation of small nodules - tofus.

Psoriatic arthritis

Appearance of whitish scales with the subsequent attachment of pain syndrome in the thumbs and swelling of the joints are signs of a severe disease of psoriatic arthritis.

Sore thumb on arm when bending

Consequences of injury

Sometimes the thumb on the arm hurts when bending after a bruise resulting from a fall or stroke. Because of its isolated location, the thumb is injured most often. Confirms the presence of injury appearance of a bruise.

The thumb pad on the arm most often hurts with a panaritium - a purulent inflammation of the tissues after the injection, cut, crack. To prevent this, even with the slightest injury, it is necessary to treat the damage site with an antiseptic.

Pain in the fingers is a common symptom that can indicate the presence of a variety of inflammatory, traumatic or dystrophic diseases. Why this happens - only the doctor can determine, but there are a number of accompanying signs that help to understand what a person suffers. Consider the most common causes, the appearance of pain in the fingers of the upper limbs.

This localization of pain can have different origins. The most common reason for the appearance of unpleasant painful sensations, in women 40-60 years old - carpal tunnel syndrome. Let us analyze the accompanying signs of this disease.

Carpal tunnel syndrome

This disease is characterized by burning pain and tingling, which are aggravated by physical exertion. And more often four fingers suffer, only the little finger is not subject to painful sensations. Also, a person can feel numbness and swelling, which is concentrated on the palmar surface.

Attacks of this disease occur mainly at night. External signs this disease has practically no. An exception is a small puffiness in the area of ​​the brush and cyanosis. Remove such feelings will help only complex anti-inflammatory treatment, and sometimes the operation. Diclofenac, ketoprofen and nurofen will help in the fight against pain.

Cervical Injury

A woman and a man can face such a problem. Pain will be covered by all the fingers and little finger, including. Also, this problem can be characterized by numbness, due to infringement or damage to nerve fibers.

A distinctive feature of this phenomenon is that pain occurs either in the right or in the left hand only, depending on the localization of the lesion of nerve endings.

Dislocation of fingers

Another common cause of pain in this area is dislocation. The main accompanying pain symptom is the bulging of the finger from the joint. The pain in this kind of trauma is harsh. The patient can not move a struck finger. Most often, the thumb suffers. To remove these unpleasant symptoms, joint management, weekly immobilization, therapeutic gymnastics and usual painkillers, such as paracetamol, ibuprofen, will help.

Rheumatoid arthritis

Similar ailment, in addition to painful sensations when flexing, is characterized by swelling, redness, inflammatory processes in the joints. This disease develops simultaneously in the right and left arm. The skin in the lesion site becomes dry and lifeless.

In most cases, rheumatoid arthritis begins with symmetrical joints. An example is the index finger of both hands. Unpleasant sensations, such as stiffness, are manifested mainly in the morning.

Rheumatoid arthritis progresses very quickly, so treatment should be performed with the first symptoms. The consequences of rheumatoid arthritis are the curvature of the hands and fingers. Correctly selected therapy at an early stage can lead to complete recovery. The treatment usually uses hormonal and antimetabolics( prednisolone, methotrexate).

Gouty arthritis

This disease spreads not only on the legs, it affects the bones of the fingers. Gouty arthritis occurs in women, but in most cases, its goal is a male body. In women, the disease is much easier than in men.

Pain in gouty arthritis is acute and very difficult to remove. In addition to painful symptoms, this ailment is manifested by inflammation, redness and increased local temperature, sometimes numbness of the skin is possible. Sometimes patients complain to the doctor: - My hands hurt, as if I burned them. It is with a burn that one can compare gouty arthritis to sensations.

Gouty arthritis is caused by excessive intake of animal food, medicines for hypertension. To identify this disease, you need to undergo a diagnosis to determine the level of uric acid.

Psoriatic arthritis

This disease is rare. Only 5% of the total number of finger problems is due to this disease. It is characterized by the defeat of all the joints on one finger at the same time. Moreover, it extends both to the thumb and to the middle finger. The pain is accompanied by an inflammatory process and has a noisy type. In the treatment more often used strong hormonal or antipsoriatic drugs, such as Methotrexate, Evetrex.


Wear of articular cartilage sometimes causes pain and numbness in the fingers. Most often, the middle and big fingers of the left or right hand are affected. Spasm occurs when the fingers are bent. Women suffer from this ailment much more often than men.

Many patients do not feel pain and burning sensations when forming osteoarthrosis nodules. On the contrary, some patients complain directly about these symptoms. To remove pain with osteoarthritis does not mean complete healing, it is necessary to eliminate all symptoms. Usually, it is possible to relieve pain based on paracetamol and curative gymnastics.

Thumb pain can occur after a bruise has occurred, and may also be the cause of the first signs of osteoarthritis and tendonitis of the finger, which in most cases occurs in young people. In such cases, puffiness becomes apparent, which is manifested in the process of writing, when opening the iron cans, or when turning the key in the door.

In addition to pain, there may be a slight tingling sensation when a person tries to hold in his hand any small objects. If osteoarthritis is present, the pain may well be localized in one single joint or spread immediately to several. It is most common among women after forty. In addition, the pain can be the result of various previous injuries of ligaments, any prolonged loads, or because of hereditary causes.

Causes of pain

Pain in the thumb can occur for a variety of reasons. Of course, it may cause a previous injury, sprain, but in most cases the pain is caused by the so-called Reynaud's syndrome or carpal tunnel syndromes. In these two cases, in addition to the presence of pain symptoms, there may also be a numbness in the three fingers. Unpleasant sensations that appear when numbness, as a rule, increase when the arm rises.

Raynaud's syndrome develops due to pregnancy and the use of hormonal contraceptives, as well as after stress and certain systemic diseases( eg, rheumatoid arthritis).The main causes of pain in carpal tunnel syndromes are stretching or various inflammatory processes of the ligaments that promote nerve compression. It develops when repeated repetitive movements of the same type( work on a conveyor or printing, for example) are continued.

In addition, when the finger is very sore, this can be a consequence of polyosteoarthrosis. The main symptom of this disease is the formation of peculiar nodules in the first joint of the finger near the nail. Because of him, this disease is often called knotty fingers. The tendency to such an ailment is seen in most cases in women aged about forty-five years. In addition to pain symptoms( which has a bruise), with the formation of a knot in the joints there is burning and redness occurs.

Another cause of pain is rheumatoid arthritis and a ligament injury. In this case, there is a restriction of motion. As a rule, women are more often affected by this disease than men, and it manifests itself absolutely at any age. The main predisposing factors here are various infectious diseases, the transmitted flu or hypothermia, as well as stress. The predominant feature of this type of arthritis is the defeat of the finger at the same time on two hands( the symptoms are similar to stretching).

The finger of the hand also hurts because of psoriatic arthritis, but before the joints begin to ache, the skin stage of psoriasis is called the so-called psoriatic plaque.

Another of the most common causes of pain symptoms( mainly in men) is trauma and gout. However, immediately gouty arthritis affects the joint located at the very base. Pain sensations in gout, as well as stretching, are characterized by unbearably sharp and severe pains, and the inflammatory process is accompanied by red skin and an increase in temperature at the joint site, so the color of the finger is usually crimson.

As a rule, the process of treating joint diseases is performed by a rheumatologist or neurologist. In some cases, the thumb of the hand may hurt due to the fact that previously there was a trauma to the ligaments( bruise, trauma or burns).In this case, you need to seek the advice of a traumatologist, and he can accurately determine the bruise or stretching of the finger.

Mechanical properties of the thumb

The thumb of the hand is not exactly like the other. Visually, it is smaller than the rest, the reason for this is the presence of two phalanges, and in the other fingers - three, so their bruise is quite dangerous.

The value of this finger is quite large for a person, since it helps him to carry heavy objects, take inconvenient things, so his injury is very dangerous. With the help of these fingers, pressure is applied to the object from one side, and others from the second side, so this thing can be held firmly in the hands without damaging the ligaments.

In this case, one thumb in the grasp process has the same strength as all the others combined. The reason for this is rather large brain particles responsible for the mobility of the thumbs, they are much larger in volume than those controlled by the other fingers.

Pain relief

To ease pain in the thumb, the following conditions must be met:

  • to avoid activities, which can result in injury, as well as causing painful sensations when bending and not provoking bruises;
  • to allow the thumb to rest without overloading the ligaments at the base;
  • take painkillers;
  • do exercises aimed at strengthening the muscles of the hands;
  • use tools that are specifically designed for people who have arthritis;
  • should consult a doctor immediately if pain symptoms limit optimal activity and the thumb does not give a normal life.

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Pain in the finger pad


If you get enough, go to the neurologist.
Ointments here will not help. It's probably the nerve that's driving it. You can do a course of massage cervical collar zone. You need to do exercises, especially well to knead the shoulder belt.))) salts and osteochondrosis appear already in 15 years! !!!
If it hurts badly, eat analgin.


could vascular burst, will take place:)

The finger pad is on the arm, I can not understand why


it can be ponaricium, do not pierce with needles-what are you!
Better stew in soda or salt. Must pass.


it seems to me that if there are no signs, well, pus, etc., everything will pass.the more you touch it the more it hurts)) forget about it and it will all go away)

The thumb pads on your hands hurt, do not know the reason?


many sms on the phone write!=)


It's a splinter, I also had it when I was carrying wooden boxes. In your case, a wooden pole could serve as a source of splinters.

aching pad of index finger on arm

Arina Kurakova

Probably microcracks. ... Scrape in a solution of sea salt.

Sergey Ivanov

Do not pay attention. Many people have more important things. Think about them.


I also have this. ..temporarily it is. .

Huntsman Ignatievich

If he starts to hurt and without pressing, and swells, then it's pus, and so xs you will see. ..there basically can not be mistaken if pus, there pain will be hellish that you can not sleep, and it is necessary to go to the surgeon for the operation.

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