What if the family alcoholic

Alcohol addiction in Russia and the CIS countries is a hot topic today. True, on the scale of the state these are just figures of statistics. And in one, specifically taken family - most often a great tragedy. But, unfortunately, tears and persuasions here, too, will not help much. As the doctors say, the alcoholic needs to be treated, and not talked. If you intend to maintain a relationship, urgently consult a narcologist, since it is impossible to cope with alcohol dependence yourself - urgent narcological help is needed( for more details, see http: //www.narkomed.ru/ narkologicheskaja-pomoshh-na-domu).

There is no doubt that excessive regular consumption of alcohol brings tremendous harm. Moreover, this affects negatively on the health of a teenager or a child. Children's and adolescent alcoholism, unfortunately, is now widespread everywhere. Violated mental and physiological development of the child, alcohol affects his schoolwork, interpersonal relationships with peers, teachers, parents.

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The number of modern adolescents who regularly drink alcohol grows every day. Such youth becomes more than absolutely sober and healthy. Alcoholism affects not only children from dysfunctional, criminal families, but also well-educated, educated and decent boys and girls. Children's alcohol dependence has affected even very small children, at the age of about 6-8 years.

If you are an alcoholic quiet: drank and asleep, then you, you can say, were lucky. Worse, when in a state of alcoholic intoxication, a person falls into anger, his suspicion, distrust of others grows, his anger increases, and he behaves aggressively.

Do not be afraid of an alcoholic! Begins to riot? Do not give him a reason to reach the state of affect. Try to slip out of the house and call for an ambulance. Explain that the face of the fact of alcohol delirium( white fever) and let the orderlies deal with the raging "hero."After two or three times this tough reaction, aggressive alcoholics behave much quieter and more decent.

Otherwise, you risk getting into hostage to a person who has fallen from alcoholism, who is drinking the last money and driving you and your children outside in a forty-degree frost. It is better not to engage in foolishness, but go to a normal clinic that will cure the alcoholic.

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