Whether take in police with a platypodia

I have a question. Is it true that the police and the Ministry of Internal Affairs are not recruited if you have flat feet? Just heard about the case.

hallus valgus

Well, I think that you understand the whole subtle situation. ..
Although, of course, for the sake of objectivity, for the period of the Urgent Service and the enhanced Combat Training, and in bad( !!) shoes, of course, the degree of flatfoot could increase. This is also an objective thing!
If you are interested in how to cure platypodia( at least reduce), then see my answer: http: //otvet.mail.ru/question/66348479/
On how to objectively measure flatfoothttp: //otvet.mail.ru/question/63121079/
There are in detail about many methods + photos of
including about x-ray and about "Army" measurements of flatfoot

Noza Nurmuxamedova

yes- this is true!

parapa of the

parade like yes

Natalia Klychkova

with flat feet is not taken into the army.
and who did not serve Tavo do not take

to the police

's Wife. Yes, when they take to the army, they are all fit;) And in the Ministry of Internal Affairs it is possible to pass VVC for money, then you will not find anything) just need to know who to approach!

Natalia Klychkova, in the Ministry of Internal Affairs take without army! Through the court it is possible to achieve this

What military card is issued with flat feet of the third degree? Whether take in police with such ticket?



Alexey Kuznetsov

red. ... and the cops just take even with a white ticket

Just grandfather

The military ticket will certainly be the most common, but with category B, even do not dream of getting into the service in the police. You are likely to even before their VVK not allowed. And if they do, you will not pass it. Unless, of course, your flat feet are not lime.

A lawyer of the 3rd class

The military officer will be given a routine, with marks "not served for health reasons".With such marks about the service in mentovke you can forget. The best thing you can expect in the future with such a past is work in the prosecutor's office or in the investigation committee - and if there will be a higher legal education

With what degree of flatfoot is the army taken to the police, FSB, or taken at all??

Dmitry Nikolaev

Generally they take, but why should you? It all depends on the personal case and the characteristics of the applicant. The army is taken accurately( only if the fingers on the legs do not show figs), then find out and in which case commis.

Vera Moiseyeva

Of course, the army will take, the Donbas - this is the army, Obama is supporting the Bogobortsev, he wants Kievan Rus, he seems to make 52 staff( (((((((((((((((США)))))))))))))) - but does the US itself exist if it was originally formed by military occupation, and the seizure of America, and the genocide of the local people, the country, and the land that, North America, was, and is, onthe territory of North America before the invasion of the colonialists, there were about fifty Indian states, the territories of which were colonizedseized by them and taken away from the locals! !!

Simply grandfather

Calling the army with great pleasure and with the 2nd degree, but in other structures may not take, especially in the FSB.

take in the airborne with a flat-footed

Alexander Evgrafov

If there is a great desire, then try to talk with the chairman of the medical commission( maybe he will write that all the norms). And so it is rather difficult to get into the air force( at least in Kazakhstan).We are watching everything - right up to the scars on the body. The scar is more than 6 cm on the vital part of the body( and such, as I understood in the observations behind the commission, are almost all parts of the body) - then everything is free. So the only option is the chairman of the commission( if not a goat, then you can talk).:)

Pavel Polyakov

Flat-footedness excludes service in the RF Armed Forces.

Big Al

Go to the "combat swimmers", it will be convenient with a flatfoot to swim, flippers are not needed. ...

Modest And Greatest =)))

Flatfoot can be cured with special exercises. Rummage on the Internet.

Will they hire the police, MES, FSB.If a person has flat feet and an allergy to wool? ??

Black Cat Foreign Intelligence Agent

Take all sorts. The FSB's main weapon is mystery, secrecy. Well, anyone who thinks that some fool, and even with a flat-footed and allergic work in the FSB.Near me, before my eyes, one legless one time was rubbed, with one foot, on crutches. So, do not worry, they'll take it.

vladimir litvinov

you will pay, but it is better for the beekeeper to learn.

Valery Reshetko

And on the heck you rush out there, with such defects.? ??So that half the way to get lost? Think, just think carefully. Good luck to you! !!

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