Gout what kind of illness is it to cure

What kind of disease is gout and where does it come from in the human body?

Gout is a disorder that is a metabolic disorder when urate salts( urates) begin to be deposited in the joints. You can sometimes hear that gout is a disease of aristocrats. But with the wrong way of life, inattention to their own health, it can hit any person. The use of drugs can help, but not for long. The process of deposition of unwanted substances in the body continued for a long time before manifesting the disease of the joints, so the treatment will take a long time.

Otherwise gout is called "aristocrat disease".It became known even in the time of Hippocrates. Today gout is not such a common disease. Approximately 3 people out of 1000 suffer from it. Mostly it's men over 40 years old. When depositing salts during gout, all joints can be affected: from fingers to toes. You can see the external manifestations of the disease by viewing photos on the topic.

Why is the disease called "aristocrat disease"?

"Disease of the aristocrats" is so called gout because it is mainly caused by the unreasonable use of fatty foods and alcoholic beverages, which in former times the common people were not available. Often, this joint disease is chronic.

gouty cones

In joints affected by gout, gradual deposition of uric acid crystals occurs. Gradually the joints are deformed: there are so-called "gouty cones".In the photos showing this disease, the affected joint of the big toe is most often shown. This cone often occurs in people older than 40 years. In Latin, the name of the disease sounds roughly like a "bumpy leg", which indicates this symptom. Photos of diseased people show swollen limbs in the affected areas, swollen, knobby fingers.

In addition, uric acid salts can be deposited in the kidneys and other tissues and organs. Crystals of urate( acid derivatives) are deposited in the body everywhere. Gout is dangerous because the deposits in the joint are able after a while to lead to complete or partial destruction.

The reasons why the body increases the amount of uric acid, can be as follows: the acid is produced normally, but the kidneys are not able to quickly remove it;the kidneys are healthy, but the acid is produced very much, and they do not have time to cope. Often such troubles lead to the development of urolithiasis.

Where does the uric acid crystals come from?

crystals of uric acid

Not all patients have the concept of what constitutes uric acid and where it comes from in the body. The decay product in the body of purines of guanine and adenine is called uric acid. From the body it goes along with the secretions. Uric acid plays a rather serious role in the occurrence and development of gout. In case of disturbances in the metabolic processes, the acid content in the blood may increase, which causes the development of the primary form of the disease.

It can be concluded that excessive protein intake does not affect the appearance of gout. Not so long ago it was believed that the appearance and development of gout is to blame for eating excessive amounts of meat as a product rich in protein. There were even imposed restrictions on products containing protein. But gradually the nucleic acids contained in the nuclei of cells were more thoroughly investigated. After some time, it was concluded that purines, some of the components of nucleic acids, are most responsible for the development of gout.

Currently, several types of violations of purine metabolism have been identified, and four of them are manifested in the form of gout, that is, joint disease. In violations of protein metabolism there is no similar symptomatology.

The disease seriously interferes with the metabolism. Purines not only enter the body with food, but can also be produced on their own. They are split into uric acid secreted by the kidneys. Its excess will be deposited in tissues, devoid of blood supply: there crystals are fastened most easily. In addition to the primary form of the disease, there is a secondary gout, which provokes excessive use of drugs.

The Importance of Purines for the Body

Purines play an important role in the body. They participate in the alignment of nucleic acids, coenzymes, and some vitamins are not able to work without the connection with purines. Nucleic acid salts are carriers of biosystem energy. The substances formed from them participate in many biological processes. Purines are able to work as bioregulators. As an example, you can bring the effect on the body of beverages such as tea and coffee. They can be described as natural purines.

The exchange of purines should be regulated rigidly. For the most part, gout occurs due to impaired metabolism. Any dietary regime is not capable of curing a disease that has developed as a result of an incorrect exchange of purines. They can only alleviate the condition.

How to cope with an acute attack of gout?

with gout is useful drink, rich in alkali

Signs of beginning gout can become joint pains that occur unexpectedly. Painful sensations are accompanied by redness. Body temperature often rises, joints noticeably swell. In the reference materials, where gout is described, the photos clearly demonstrate this. Most often, the development of symptoms occurs within an hour. In general, suffering begins with discomfort in the area of ​​the big toe. Simple painkillers like aspirin can not help. The onset of pain usually begins at night, and during the day it becomes somewhat dulled. Strong morbid sensations often last more than a week, if not take drastic measures.

Acute attacks of gout can not go away instantly. But you can reduce the anguish if you take immediate action. To ensure the removal of pain, it is necessary to observe bed rest: the diseased limb should be placed on the elevation in relation to the body. This can be done by placing the pillows or otherwise fixing the raised limb.

With unbearable pain, the application of ice, application of compresses with Vishnevsky ointment, dimexide help. At this time it is better to eat vegetable decoctions, broths and liquid porridges. It is useful to drink a lot of fluids. It is useful to drink, rich in alkali, oat broth, jelly, mineral water "Essentuki", "Borjomi", milk, plain water, in which lemon juice is added. It is important to drink at least 3 liters of water a day so that unwanted substances can escape from the body. Anesthetics are often ineffective. You can try to take something from anti-inflammatory drugs that do not contain steroids.

Prevention of

Disease Gout most often can occur in places where joints were once traumatized. Such areas of the body should be protected from repeated injuries. Shoes should be chosen more carefully: with an inconvenient, narrow girth of the foot, a large toe may be damaged, on the bone of which the gnat's most common is located. Diet and balanced diet are most likely to help in the prevention of disease.

Revise your lifestyle, eating habits, limit the use of proteins. Try to use less products such as legumes, caviar, meat and fish, mushrooms, tomatoes, smoked meat, anchovies, marinades, chocolate, cabbage, sorrel and asparagus. Thanks to the diet, you will gradually achieve a normal body weight, which will help reduce the burden on the joints.

The diet should contain whole grains and eggs, fruits, vegetables, tofu, dairy products with a low fat content. This will help lower cholesterol.

Smoking and alcohol use inhibit the excretion of uric acid from the body.

To prevent the disease, it is necessary to exclude alcohol from your life, and also to stop smoking.

In addition to diet, it is desirable once every 7-10 days to arrange a day of unloading with monoproduct.

When reading information about the disease, reviewing the photo, you can conclude that the lesions are most easily affected by small joints. Increased attention should be paid to their mobility, concentrating on those areas that are less susceptible to the disease. It is useful to perform daily gymnastics for the joints. As the joints become sedentary because of the deposits, at first it will not be such a simple matter, but gradually you will see the result. Often be in the air, it is useful to make long walks.

Traditional methods of treating gout

Sabelnik swamp

For the treatment of joints in Padagra, folk remedies, tinctures, herbal decoctions are widely used. For example, the black elder, horse sorrel, marshmallow marsh, field sage have proved themselves well. Not everyone can understand the use of plants in the treatment of the disease. Usually on packs with herbs bought at the pharmacy, there is enough detailed instructions on how to brew and insist this remedy. For example, you can consider several folk recipes.

Marsh sweeper is a plant from which you can prepare a decoction or tincture to combat the manifestations of gout. To prepare the broth, take 5 grams of crushed roots of plants. They should be brewed with a glass of steep boiling water, then keep in a quiet place, and when the mixture is fed, take half a cup before eating. For the preparation of tinctures, the swamp saber is used as follows: 250 g of a dry root is poured with 500 ml of vodka. Infuse all 3 weeks in a dark place. Drink tincture should be 3 times a day for one glass, before eating. Sabelnik marsh application must be repeated. A good effect can be achieved by eating it for some time. The usual course of treatment is 3 months.

No less than a saber marsh, are useful in the treatment of joints, string, St. John's wort, strawberries. Their use makes it possible to significantly reduce painful manifestations, to remove puffiness. You can cook a decoction of cowberry leaves: 2 tbsp.l. Leave the leaves with a glass of boiling water, cover with a lid and place on a steam bath. Leave for half an hour, then remove from heat and cool. Take such a decoction in a third of the glass, three times a day. You can store the broth in a cool place, but not more than 2 days.


Gout than her treat

Gout than her treat

Gout than her treat

Gout is a serious disease that is caused by the deposition of salts of uric acid in the joints due to disruption of the kidneys. There is an inflammatory process, called arthritis, painful symptoms, nodules of gouty nature are formed.



Gout is most often affected by men aged 35 to 50 years and women after menopause. The cause may be overweight and excessive use of alcohol. Its peak state reaches this disease in people aged 50-70 years. For some time the disease can proceed without visible symptoms, but already from this moment the rapid destruction of the body begins.

Causes of the disease

The disease can be caused by two main factors. As the first factor, experts identify heredity. In this case, gout is already laid at the genetic level. However, this does not mean that if a person is ill with this disease, a person will also fall ill.

The accumulation of uric acid is the main cause of the disease

The accumulation of uric acid is the main cause of the disease

The second, important factor, is food preferences, that is, the food system. The percentage of the possibility of the disease increases with the consumption of meat products, chocolate, alcohol, that is, food rich in purine bases. Sodium urate salts are poorly derived from the body. Therefore, for the effectiveness of treatment, modern medicine recommends adherence to a specific food system, eliminating all unwanted products.

How to recognize gout?

The main features of gout are severe pain, redness, and increased body temperature. An inflammatory process can occur in the place of the metatarsophalangeal foot joint, as well as its mobility. Sometimes the disease can be accompanied by an increase in blood pressure, a change in taste, a deterioration in mood, there are symptoms of nausea and heartburn.

Methods of treating gout

Gout can be manifested either by acute pain, or simply by chronic disease. To begin with, you must correctly diagnose, and only then begin treatment. To do this, use drugs used in the treatment of arthritis, arthrosis and other pathological changes in the joints.

The first step in the treatment is to isolate the pain relief. The goal is to completely eliminate pain in the joint. To do this, anti-inflammatory non-steroid drugs are used, as well as colchicine, which helps reduce the period of acute pain to 2-3 days.

After relieving pain symptoms, they start the second stage of gout treatment. This stage refers to the basic therapy and includes treatment not only of an individual joint, but of the whole organism as a whole. The medicines used for this can be conditionally divided into such groups: uricosuric agents and uricodepressants.


Drug treatment

These drugs affect the decrease in blood levels of uric acid, as well as its salts. A group of medications used and dosage should be prescribed only by a doctor, taking into account not only the state of gout itself, but also the condition of the patient's kidneys. The danger may be the development of a disease such as gouty nephropathy, which is often the cause of death.

In addition to drug treatment for gout, auxiliary methods are used. They, in combination with the main appointments of specialists, give very good results. For these purposes, patients are recommended physiotherapy, therapeutic exercises, massage, as well as the use of mineral waters. The drinking regime should be at least 2.5 liters of water per day. For this, there is a need to visit resorts where patients are offered mineral water containing alkali.

Massage for gout

Massage for gout

Treatment of gout will be unsuccessful unless measures are taken to change the diet. It is necessary to completely eliminate fried and fatty meat, alcohol of any kind, strong tea, coffee, chocolate, canned food. The patient should give preference to dairy products and plant foods. You should include in the diet of fruit and vegetable juices, vegetables and meat, steamed.

Dairy products are preferred for gout

Dairy products are preferred for gout

By following all the recommendations you can completely get rid of this disease and significantly improve your overall physical condition.

Five myths about gout

A variety of information has contributed to the emergence of the five most common myths about gout and the methods of its treatment that mislead patients and make it impossible to completely get rid of the disease.

The first myth is the opinion that if the joint on the big toe is inflamed or has any deformities, then the reason for everything is gout.

Actually the reason can consist in orthopedic joint damage, which is caused by an incorrect load on the foot. Gout is primarily associated with impaired metabolic processes associated with kidney dysfunction. The cause of inflammation of the joint may be arthritis, but uric acid does not accumulate. Therefore, the methods of treating these completely different diseases also have significant differences.

There is an opinion that gouty arthritis is mostly sick men, and, so-called in the people, "bone" worries more female part of the population. But there is simply no such division of the disease.

The second myth testifies that for faster and qualitative removal of symptoms of gout it is necessary to wash the kidneys with beer. It is strictly forbidden to drink this drink to a sick person, like any other kind of alcohol. Beer contributes to the difficulty of releasing uric acid from the human body, and also contains a significant amount of purine, which provokes the appearance of gout. Therefore, this myth can lead to very serious complications.

The third myth is the assertion that gout is a consequence of alcohol addiction or even one of the signs of alcoholism. However, not always the patient is an alcoholic. The cause of the disease is dysfunction of the kidneys, and sometimes urolithiasis. Of course, no one refutes the fact that alcohol is very "beating" on the kidneys, but it can not be the only reason for disrupting their functioning. Therefore, the relationship of alcohol dependence with gout is the most common fiction.

The fourth myth is the mistaken belief that gout is one of the hallmarks of a person's genius. The reason for this statement was that such famous geniuses as Pushkin, Michelangelo, Ivan the Terrible, Peter 1, Turgenev, Newton were really afflicted - that's not the whole list of personalities who left their mark on history and art. However, the relationship between gout and the genius of these individuals is not established.

Medicine explains this by saying that if there is a large amount of uric acid in the blood, then it is able to exert similar effects to caffeine and theobromine, that is, to stimulate the activity of the cerebral cortex. This contributes to the fact that the brain is constantly in a state of excitement, thereby creating the prerequisites for the development of unusual, even genius abilities in humans.

The claim that gout is a disease incurable and its treatment ineffective is considered a myth number five. This assertion was due to the fact that the disease appeared in ancient times, and its treatment consisted in the use of various magical potions and powders, which turned out to be completely ineffective.

Quality diagnostics is the key to proper treatment

Qualitative diagnosis is the key to proper treatment of

A complex approach is needed to treat gout, which will help to eliminate not only the external sign of the disease, but will also adjust all internal processes in the human body, improve the functioning of the kidneys and pancreas, and, if hormonal backgrounds of various kinds fail, will contribute to its normalization. Therefore, the use of drugs that provide analgesia, as well as anti-inflammatory action, without physiotherapy and reflexology will not have the expected success and will only bring temporary relief.

The question of what gout is than its treatment and how to prevent its occurrence with modern methods of complex treatment is completely solved. The main thing is not to ignore the first symptoms of the disease and in time to seek help from specialists who will help to forget the problem forever.

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How to treat gout( gouty arthritis) on the legs

Gouty arthritis is known for many centuries. It occurs mainly in people who eat a lot of fatty foods and alcohol, with hereditary predisposition, as well as in men and women, hitting the joints and connective tissues of the fingers and toes, wrists, puscles, and occasionally the elbows and knee joints. The joints of the big toes are most prone to gout.

Description and causes of development of

Gout is a disease associated with a metabolic disorder and an increase in blood levels of uric acid. In healthy people, this acid is excreted from the body by the kidneys, in those suffering from gout, it lingers in the body. There is a deposit of uric acid in the joints in the form of sodium monounrate( a poorly soluble white powder).The very process of deposition causes inflammation and an acute painful gouty attack.

If gout attacks can not be treated, limb damage may occur, joint mobility may be restricted, white nodules filled with salt deposits( tophi) may form under the skin. Nodules can appear in the area of ​​the joints damaged by gout or behind the auricles.

How to treat gout

How to treat gout on the legs

Symptoms of the disease

The first signs indicating the presence of the disease are:

  • acute pain syndrome( especially at night), accompanied by burning and pulsation in the joint;
  • edema;
  • redness of the skin over the affected joint( from red to purple and purple hues);
  • local temperature increase;
  • chills.

At the onset of the disease, seizures occur with prolonged interruptions, however, as arthritis moves to a chronic condition, the joint is increasingly destroyed, and the breaks between exacerbations become shorter.

Sample gout on the legs

Sample of gout on the legs

Diagnosis of arthritic arthritis on the legs

At the first signs indicating the presence of the disease, it is necessary to consult an arthrologist or rheumatologist. If the disease is started, an experienced doctor will diagnose after a visual inspection. However, without additional research is indispensable. First of all, this is the direction of the x-ray image of the feet and brushes, which will reveal gouty areas, as well as a biochemical blood test. And the level of uric acid should be assessed not only at the time of attack, but also in breaks between exacerbations. The reason for this - uric acid, which at the time of the attack is concentrated in the affected area, while the level of its content in the blood drops slightly.

Diagnosis of gout with X-rays

Diagnosis of gangrene with rengen

The test that most accurately confirms gout is arthrocentesis( synovial fluid analysis) of the joint. In this study, the presence of deposits of uric acid salts is detected. If there is a tumor or redness, this type of diagnosis is not used.

Treatment of gout on the legs

The type of treatment prescribed depends on the degree of gouty arthritis, but, nevertheless, the approach should be comprehensive, and the patient must treat the treatment with all responsibility, without throwing it between periods of exacerbation.

- Drug treatment means prescribing pain medications( voltaren, nimulide, ibuprofen, etc.), non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs( colchicine, indomethacin and others) and medications that inhibit the formation of uric acid( purinol or allopurinol) by the physician. In addition, the treatment is prescribed anti-gouty drug - colchicine.

At the moment, there are many medications for treating gout

At the moment there are many medications for the treatment of gout

- Locally on the diseased site, you can put an alcohol-containing compress or cryotherapy( with ice) to reduce inflammation and pain.

- A sick gout is obliged to follow a diet, drink more liquid and exclude from the diet alcohol and fatty foods. If the diet is not adhered to, the level of uric acid in the body will be reduced, which can lead to urolithiasis and worsening of the affected joints.

When gout is important to follow a diet

- Physiotherapy has a positive effect on the limbs affected by gouty arthritis. In the period between bouts are shown: ultrasound, mud therapy, phonophoresis with hydrocortisone. During the seizures, procedures such as UV and pulse currents are prescribed.

- Plasmapheresis has a positive effect on the course of treatment. To do this, the patient is sampled a portion of blood, which is separated by a special unit into plasma and shaped elements, which are returned to the patient, and the plasma is disposed of. Plazmarez allows you to reduce the level of uric acid in the blood, to remove the inflammatory process.

The process of Plasmapheresis in a patient

The process of plasmapheresis in a patient

- Surgical intervention becomes feasible for large lesions of tissues and joints, with large tofuys. This type of surgical intervention is prescribed only on the condition that drug treatment does not bring a positive result.

Surgical intervention

Treatment of leg gout with folk remedies

- Compression of fish( fillet should be applied to a sore spot, wrapped in film, insulated and left overnight), applied for 10 days.

Compress of fish for the treatment of gout

Compression of fish for the treatment of gout

- Trituration with activated charcoal( 1/2 cup activated charcoal grind into powder and mix with a small amount of water and 1 tablespoon flaxseed) spend the night until complete recovery.

- Ointment from butter and alcohol( butter must be melted and mixed in equal parts with alcohol, the mixture ignited until completely burned alcohol) is applied to the diseased areas until the pain syndrome disappears.

- Iodine and aspirin solution( 10 ml of iodine mixed with 5 tablets of acetylsalicylic acid to a monotonous mass) is used as a rub, after which wear socks or gloves.

- Baths with iodine( three drops of water will be needed: 9 drops of iodine, 3 teaspoons of baking soda) help reduce uric acid deposits.

Baths with iodine - an extremely effective tool for gout

- Herbal medicine( herbs are used for baths and for oral administration, for example, chamomile, linden and string) positively affects the general condition of the patient and allows to speed up the healing process.


- Ointment from sea salt( 0.5 kg of salt is poured with boiling water and put on fire until the moisture evaporates completely, then add 200 g of Vaseline, mix and apply as a compress for the night, warmed with cloth from above).

- For the treatment of gout, lard is used, rubbing the pieces into the periarticular areas or tied for the night.

Treatment of gout with bacon

- Onion broth( 2-3 uncleaned bulbs are poured with water and boiled until softened) take 3 times a day 3 times a day half the glass before eating for 10-15 days.



Gout is one of the most common types of arthritis( inflammation of the joints) and occurs more often in men( mostly middle-aged).Gout occurs more often in men( mostly middle-aged) than in women.
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Causes of

The onset of the disease is closely related to the amount of uric acid that occurs as a result of processing certain foods rich in purines in the body.

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Normally uric acid is excreted by the kidneys with urine. However, in patients with gout uric acid or too much is formed, or it is poorly excreted by the kidneys, as a result, the body accumulates its surplus. When uric acid is too much in the body, it begins to be deposited in the joints in the form of tiny crystals, which leads to inflammation and pain. It should be borne in mind that there is no clear relationship between the level of uric acid in the blood and the development of gout - in some cases, attacks gout develop in people who have uric acid levels within normal limits.

An increase in the level of uric acid in the body can be associated with impaired renal function, as well as the intake of certain medications.

Symptoms of gout

There is acute pain, swelling and redness of the joint( usually one or two).This acute condition( it is often referred to as by the attack of gout ) can last for several days or weeks( if no treatment is given). The attack of gout often occurs at night, the joint becomes hot to the touch and is very sensitive even to light touches.

Very often the joints of the thumb on the foot are affected, but other joints( ankle, knee, fingers and hands) may be involved. In some cases, joint tendons become inflamed at the same time.

Complications of

If attacks gout occur frequently and for a long time, it can lead to serious damage to the joints and to limiting their mobility. In some cases, white nodules( tophi) are noted under the skin of the joints or around the auricle, which are a cluster of uric acid crystals.

What you can do

You should consult a doctor to make a diagnosis. The sooner you go to the doctor, the sooner the treatment will begin. With properly selected therapy, exacerbation of gout occurs after 1-2 days. If you really have gout, then, in addition to meeting all the prescriptions of a doctor, you should follow a very strict diet.

You should not eat( especially during an exacerbation) all products rich in purines: meat by-products( heart, kidneys, liver, brains, etc.), fatty fish( especially during the exacerbation period), salted and fried fish, canned foodmeat and fish), sharp and salty cheeses, red meat and products from it, lard, soups on meat, chicken, fish, mushroom broth;smoked meat products, beans( lentils, peas, beans, beans, soybeans).

You should not drink alcohol that increases the uric acid content and worsen its excretion by the kidneys( beer, cognac drinks, fizzy and dessert wines).

It is recommended to drink plenty of water, green tea.

When attacks gout it is necessary to provide sufficient rest for the affected joints and try to injure the joint as little as possible with clothing or shoes.

Keep track of your weight. However, any program for weight loss should be carried out under the supervision of a doctor, tk. A sharp weight loss can lead to an exacerbation of gout.

Be sure to tell your doctor about all medications that you are taking.

What the doctor can do

The doctor should make a diagnosis by conducting various additional studies( including a blood test and determining the level of uric acid).With prolonged gout, an X-ray examination of the joints may be required.

The doctor will prescribe drug therapy during the period of exacerbation, will give recommendations on the diet and the regime of physical activity and motor activity.

Based on the results of the additional studies, the doctor will select a treatment aimed at reducing the level of uric acid in the blood. Keep in mind that drugs prescribed during the period of exacerbation are not intended for long-term use and, as a rule, do not affect the level of uric acid.

Prevention of gout

If there are cases of gout in your family, then you are at risk. In this case, it is recommended to monitor the level of uric acid in the blood regularly, and also try to stick to a healthy lifestyle. Gout often occurs in individuals with high body weight and high blood pressure. Proper nutrition with the restriction of meat and other purine-rich foods plays a crucial role in the prevention of gout.


Gout in men: from which appears and its treatment

Doctors, as a result of observations of their patients, have long noticed that gout men meet an order more often than this disease in women. This fact is confirmed not only by modern statistics, which states that men suffer from gout 7-8 times more often than women, but also by the conclusions of ancient doctors.

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For example, Hippocrates, who lived more than two thousand years ago, wrote that gout men can occur after reaching puberty, and in women - only after the onset of menopause. This disease can be safely attributed to the list of typical male problems of , and now its symptoms begin to manifest at a younger age, which encourages many to study this problem in advance and take measures to prevent it.

Causes of gout

The answer to the question "from what does gout appear?" Can be found in completely unexpected areas of habitual life for many people, but first of all you need to know the true culprit leading to the onset of this disease.

The cause of gout is increased for a long time the level of uric acid circulating in the blood of a person and accumulating in his body.

This leads to the crystallization of uric acid and the formation of deposits in various tissues, which provokes the emergence of foci of inflammation and the recurrence of acute attacks of the disease. The cause of what causes gout, can be briefly reduced to a violation of metabolism in the human body.

This disorder is triggered by both external factors( high purine content in food) and internal, for example, low ability of the kidneys and intestines to excrete uric acid out of the body, or an increased level of its formation during metabolism. In addition, the genetic predisposition plays a role - an increased value of the uric acid level can be inherited. But knowing from what happens gout men, you can significantly protect yourself even in this case.

Kinds of gout

According to the main cause of increased levels of uric acid in the body, gout is divided into two types:

  • , the primary gout is based on a genetic predisposition to a higher level of urate sodium production by the body itself, or to a kidney disruption that involves poor salt excretionfrom the body. It is an inborn disease;
  • secondary gout, on the contrary, is acquired as a result of exposure to a healthy body of several groups of external causes, leading to a metabolic disorder. As in the case of primary gout, this disorder is accompanied either by the fact that the body begins to excessively produce uric acid, or by the loss of its ability to normally withdraw.

What causes secondary gout? To the appearance of this disease, in most cases, other diseases are involved, leading eventually to excess uric acid formation( psoriasis, hemoblastosis, myeloleukemia, diabetes, hemolytic anemia and others), or disturbing its normal excretion( kidney disease, acidosis).

The second cause of secondary gout is the side effect or abuse of certain medications that interfere with the functioning of the renal tubules and reduce the volume of blood circulation.

The third reason is represented by a wide range of chemicals that poison the body, disrupt metabolism and kidney function, which causes secondary gout.

Lead poisoning, for example, causes damage to the renal tubules, and alcohol abuse( alcohol) leads to the formation of organic acids in the blood, which the body tries to get rid of first and foremost, slowing the withdrawal of uric acid, which leads to its accumulation.

Treatment of gout

With age, gout and its treatment is becoming a problem for a large part of the male population.

Given that this disease is associated with a prolonged metabolic disorder, treatment of gout turns into a difficult and time-consuming process, since this disease has a chronic nature. The goal of her treatment is to minimize hyperuricemia and its consequences. As in the case of primary gout( we can not influence hereditary factors), and in the case of secondary gout, we must eliminate the risk factors - adjust the diet and adjust the lifestyle of the patient.


Unfortunately, gout does not lend itself to absolute cure, but with the help of medicines this disease can be controlled. At the onset of attacks and exacerbations, doctors prescribe medications( tablets, ointments) that reduce pain and inflammation and reduce the blood content of the patient's uric acid. To improve the condition of the affected joints in an acute period, complete rest is needed. People suffering from gout should systematically undergo kidney examinations and regularly see a doctor.

Folk remedies

The use of folk remedies for the treatment of gout is widespread. All folk methods can be divided into several groups according to the type of effect on the disease:

  • use of phytotherapy, which involves the intake of various curative decoctions and tinctures, which are designed to reduce the concentration of uric acid in the blood or improve the work of the kidneys for its accelerated elimination. It can be teas from linden or hawthorn, decoctions of juniper and other herbs or fruits;
  • has an external effect on the body in order to normalize the metabolism and reduce hyperuricemia by improving blood circulation. For example, self-massage helps, for this it is necessary to massage the areas around the affected joint and then the joint itself. The result can be treated with herbal baths. They can be made with straw straw, decoction of nettle roots, decoction of chamomile or sage;
  • deserves special attention for bathing and gout. The Russian sauna is very beneficial for men and affects the affected joints and the body as a whole. It is necessary to understand that for one visit to the sauna to say goodbye to the disease will not work, especially if it is chronic. But the weekly procedures can normalize the work of the joints and have a general therapeutic effect.

To achieve the effect, it is necessary to observe the rules of behavior in the steam room and the preparation for its visit. Before going to the bath you need to consult a doctor. If gout is exacerbated, then visit the bath is prohibited. In a bath it is recommended to drink a lot, it should be ordinary water or medicinal broths that help to remove acid from the body.

Life with gout

Gout has a chronic character, and only he can defeat it, who will rebuild their habitual life in the right way. When prescribing medicines for you, you need to pay attention to whether you are allowed to take them with gout.

Men need to once and for all deal with the problem of excess weight and not give their waist to go beyond the volume of 100 cm.

It is necessary to constantly adhere to the recommended diet, avoiding eating high in purines, exclude alcohol. Nutritionists and doctors are united in the fact that beer and gout are interrelated and forbid drinking beer if high levels of sodium urate in the blood are detected. Talk about beer will not be complete without considering the effect on the body of the constituent purines.

Purines are important components for any cell in the body. A small amount of them is formed directly in the body, and from the outside most we get with food. Almost all products contain purines, which in our body are broken down during metabolism to uric acid and in this form are excreted through the kidneys. To avoid gout in men, her blood level should normally be 4-7 mg per 100 milliliters of blood, the level in women is 2.5 to 5.7 mg.

The content of purines in beer is not very large, for example, in the boiled language of purines is much more than in beer( per 100 grams).The problem lies in the fact that the daily norm of beer can be a man's not a hundred grams, which in the end leads to problems.

A study of the relationship between beer drinking and gout of the second type showed that men who drink beer two to four times a week, the risk of the disease increased by 25%.And those who drink from two mugs of beer a day or more, the risk of developing a gout of 200% higher.

The level of uric acid in the body will help control simple ways of normalizing metabolism, namely:

  • diet and proper nutrition;
  • a flexible way of life;
  • mental balance.

And of course, you need to play sports. Gout and sport are mutually exclusive. Medicine rarely encounters cases when a man with normal physique, paying attention to proper nutrition and leading an active lifestyle, becomes ill.


Folk remedies for the treatment of gout |ABC of health

Symptoms of a gouty attack

Acute arthritis begins with sharp pain in the area of ​​the metatarsophalangeal joint( connecting the finger and the metatarsus) of the big toe with the following characteristics:

  • beginning at night time
  • the pain is unbearable and instantly aggravated with the slightest movementfoot, contact with the blanket, clothing
  • Rapid pain increase within 2-6 hours
  • arises joint swelling
  • skin over joint blushes, then after a couple of days begins to peel
  • marked hyperthermia up to 49 C and chills

The duration of the attack is 3-10 days, then the symptomatology subsides and gradually the function of the affected joint is restored. BUT!The gout will necessarily remind you of itself repeatedly. Attacks will occur after a certain period of time, from a couple of months to several years, then the exacerbations will be noted more often and will last longer, hitting and deforming all new joints.

The chronic course of gout is characterized by a triad of symptoms:

  • Joint damage until deformation and immobilization;
  • Formation of tophi or dense painful nodules of 0.1 mm - 3-4 cm on hands, bends of elbows, auricles, feet, less often - on sclera, tongue, and scrotum;
  • The defeat of internal organs - kidneys, blood vessels, heart.

What should I do if I have an acute attack of gouty arthritis?

Immobilization of the affected area:
  • Immobilization of the diseased leg with fixation, raising the limb
  • Eliminating the contact of the diseased leg with the blanket, linen
Anesthesia and anti-inflammatory medication - medications for ingestion

Non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs( list from weak to the most powerful drugs for analgesic effect): Ibuprofen, Diclofenac sodium, Indomethacin, Movalis, Butadione, Ketazon, Nimesulide( a strong drug whose use must be strictlydosed). See the complete list of NSAIDs for injections of pain and ointments for pain.

Alkaloid tropolonovogo series - a herbal preparation Colchicine! Many patients mistakenly believe that Colchicine is able to cure gout and take it during the interictal period. Such actions are absolutely wrong and dangerous tactics. Admission Colchicine from the beginning of harbingers of the attack, throughout the attack and 3-4 days after the end of the acute phase.

Urikozuricheskie drugs are used for active excretion of uric acid - Azaprozon, Propro-Benefic, benzbroteron, Sulfinpyrazon.

Inhibitors of uric acid production - Allopurinol, Milurit.

Corticosteroids - with ineffectiveness of other short course therapy. Prednisolone internally or by intraarticular injection.

External treatment

Application to the affected joint with Vishnevsky liniment, Dimexid

Strict low-calorie diet

Liquid and semi-liquid food - vegetable broths, liquid cereals, one-component vegetable soups, purees. When gout worsens, treatment will not produce the desired effect if the patient does not observe a special diet, which should become not just a temporary restriction, but a way of life.

Abundant alkaline drink - mineral alkaline water( Truskavets waters, Essentuki 17, 4, Borjomi), lemon juice and lemon water, oats decoction.

Elimination of products rich in purines - fatty meat and fish, alcohol, offal, green peas, cauliflower, etc.

Therapy of gout with folk methods

Treatment with folk remedies should be started in the interictal period and continued for a long time in order to prevent exacerbation or at leastextend the period of well-being. Any of these methods should be agreed with your doctor!

Folk remedies - decoctions, infusions and plants for internal use
  • Alcohol tincture of oats. For its preparation, the oats are poured into a jar for 3/4 of the volume and filled with medical alcohol. The mixture is insisted for about 2 weeks in the dark and taken in diluted form: 15 drops of tincture of oats on a glass of warm water, 5 glasses during the day. The approximate course is 8-15 days.
  • Water garlic-lemon tincture. For its preparation, enough 3 heads of garlic and 4 large lemons, previously peeled. Pass the ingredients through a meat grinder and pour 7 cups of boiling water. The mixture is aged for 24 hours and filtered. Infusion take 40 ml before meals once a day. This method of treatment is possible for life-long use, but you should take breaks for 15 days after a month of treatment.
  • Onion broth. Three medium bulbs in unrefined form pour 1 liter of water and boil until softening vegetables. Take 100-150 ml on an empty stomach three times a day. The course of admission is 15 days.
  • Infusions of plants - burdock, birch, fizalisa, cherry, autumn crocus, fennel, dandelion, ash. Raw materials from the above list( any) in the volume of 1 tbsp.pour 200 grams of boiling water and wait half an hour, filter. The resulting infusion is taken once a day before meals. Can be taken daily.
  • Tea from celery seeds. This recipe is used in the acute period.1 tspseeds pour 300 grams of boiling water and stand for 10-15 minutes. It is recommended to take this tea 2-3 times a day in the period of exacerbation, and then - every day for 1 glass.
  • An infusion of Canadian small-petrel is used to reduce the level of urate sodium in the body.20 grams of dried small-petaled flowers pour 1 liter of boiling water and stand for 10 minutes. Medicinal infusion drink 200 grams after meals three times a day for a long time, up to 2-3 months.
  • An infusion of ash leaves is used as a diuretic and a strong anti-inflammatory agent. Brewed the same way as the previous infusion, filter. Take 1 liter a day for 10-15 days in a row.
  • Strawberry Berries. It is recommended to take them fresh in 5 glasses a day, divided into receptions: 2 cups on an empty stomach early in the morning, 1 glass for half an hour before lunch and 2 more glasses for 30-60 minutes before bedtime.
  • Birch juice. Take should be 100 grams 3-4 times daily before meals.
Treatment of gout - ointments, baths and compresses for external use
  • A warming and anti-inflammatory ointment for the preparation of which take half the bulb, 5 cloves of garlic, 1 leaf of aloe, 20 g of beeswax and 1 tbsp.butter. All this is placed in a saucepan and kept to boil, cover with a lid and remove from heat. After 3-6 minutes, the mixture is ground to a uniform state and chilled. The obtained ointment is used at night. It is possible simply by a method of rubbing, and it is possible in the form of a warming compress.
  • Poultices of activated charcoal and flaxseed. Take 2 tablespoons of finely chopped flax seed and 4 tablespoons of activated charcoal powder, dilute with warm water until a smooth consistency of thick cream is obtained and apply the mixture to a sore spot overnight, covered with a warm cloth.
  • Compress of salt and honey.1 tbsp each. Salt and honey are mixed on gauze and put on a sick area for the whole night.
  • Iodine-soda bath. For 3 liters of boiled hot water take 3 tsp.soda and 9 drops of alcohol tincture of iodine. The patient's leg is kept in water for 7 minutes, then the joint is lubricated with iodine and wrapped in wax paper overnight. In the morning, the treated area is oiled with olive oil. Repeat 4 times a week.
  • Lotion from a tincture of valerian.3 bottles of alcohol tincture valerian mixed with 50 grams of medical alcohol and left overnight. Further, the sore spots are rubbed with lotion using a cotton swab, and wrapped on top with polyethylene.


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