Scoliosis massage for children

What you need to know about using massage for scoliosis of the spine

Scoliosis is the curvature of the spine that causes deformity of the chest.

The cause of the disease is congenital and acquired.

Scoliosis occurs due to abnormal posture, physical activity or inflammatory processes that occur during puberty.

At different stages of its approach to therapy

Depending on the degree of scoliosis, the technique of performing the massage and the accompanying treatment methods are different.

Therapy in the first stage of

At the initial stage of scoliosis development, a visual change in the spine is practically not fixed. But the prognosis of treatment with timely treatment in the clinic is quite good.

How to make a massage with scoliosis of I degree:

  1. The course of massage should be held every six months. Therapeutic therapy is aimed at correcting the posture and strengthening of the pectoral and dorsal muscles.
  2. It is recommended to practice physical exercises and swimming.
  3. In the future, you need to monitor your posture and not be in one position for a long time.
  4. Sleeping place, equipped with a cushion and a mattress.

The second stage is difficult, but it is possible

Scoliosis of the 2nd degree is characterized by changes in the spinal column. When examined by a specialist, there is a discrepancy between the rib cage, the shoulder blades and the gluteal folds.

Therapeutic therapy is carried out in a comprehensive manner and is aimed at restoring and preventing the development of the disease. Treatment is the same as for 1 degree of disease. Additionally, vitamin D group therapy can be prescribed.

Stages of scoliosis

The possibilities for treatment of stage 3

The third degree of scoliosis is the most difficult in terms of choice of technique for treating the disease.

You can visually determine the curvature. A rib hump is formed. Treatment for the patient is complex.

Ways of solving the problem:

  • an individual prescription for wearing an orthopedic corset;
  • physiotherapy and massage appointment;
  • procedures are carried out, lying on the back, because they have an asymmetric orientation.

In the fourth stage, massage will not help

The patient's body is sharply asymmetric. The main method of struggle is surgical intervention. In the spine, metal plates are mounted, which hold the body in a symmetrical position.

There are several ways to fix the spine:

  • fixation with a movable mount( used by children);
  • with fixed attachment of pivotal vertebrae.

The rehabilitation period takes up to 1 year and includes wearing a corset, taking exercise therapy and massage.

The effect of therapeutic massage on the health of the body

Therapeutic massage is an active technique that boils down to applying a certain irritation to the patient with the hands of a massage therapist or with the help of hardware therapy.


Massage has a wellness and preventive effect for the human body:

  • rejuvenates;
  • improves blood circulation and activates blood flow in capillaries;
  • normalizes sleep, helps to cope with insomnia, stress and bad mood;
  • relaxes and soothes;
  • increases the elasticity of muscle fibers.
Therapeutic massage is recommended for radiculitis, osteochondrosis, scoliosis, arthrosis and other diseases of the spine and internal organs.

Massage normalizes blood circulation, relaxes muscles, increases mobility and elasticity of joints.

Therapeutic massage of the spine strengthens the back corset and has a relaxing effect.

Theory of massage for scoliosis

There are two theories for controlling back scoliosis with massage:

  1. Theory No. 1 states that the purpose of massage therapy is to achieve relaxation in tense muscles and toning the weakened ones. The theory was called the bow string. The muscles of the back are stretched to the concave side, so that the opposite do not strain.
  2. Theory number 2 says - the strained muscular side is considered strained. However, do not neglect and divide the muscles into strained and weakened ones. Muscles of the back may be in a different state and be strained in the convex zone.
theory of massage

When will the massage be harmful?

Treatment with massage is contraindicated in people with a diagnosis:

  • pronounced neuralgic disorders.
  • renal and hepatic insufficiency.
  • oncological diseases.
  • cardiovascular disease.
  • allergic diseases.
  • exacerbated chronic diseases.
  • purulent processes in the body.
  • tuberculosis in an open form.
  • skin diseases, etc.

General rules and tips

Massage movements in the curvature of the spine are carried out in the direction from the lower extremities to the cervical spine. With any type of scoliosis, a certain technique is used, directed at the diseased portion of the back.

Everything starts with stroking. Particular attention is paid to the intercostal muscles, which are kneaded with rectilinear movements.

Circular movements relax wide and long muscles. In the lumbar region, a squeezing technique is used, stretching the

massage with scoliosis area of ​​the sacrum.

Begin with a concave side gradually shifting to a convex one. Towards the end of the massage, they pass to the convex part of the back. The therapy ends with a complex massage of the neck and legs.

With scoliosis of 2 and 3 degrees, special attention should be paid to massage of pectoral muscles, abdominal muscles and legs.

This will contribute to the long-term fixing of the result. To correct deformations, a long massage is performed. In the end result, the muscles quickly come to tone.

The main types of modern massage

In the scoliosis of the spine, the following types of massage are used:

  1. The canned is a procedure for treatment and direct exposure to the diseased organ by vacuum. You can perform back massage at home without special skills and abilities. First of all, the lumbar zone is heated, then, with the help of a baby cream or oil, the area under the cans is lubricated. In banks, the air is burned, due to which a vacuum is created. The jars are placed on the patient along the spine.
  2. Spot requires certain skills and knowledge. Pressing with your fingertips on the points of the large vertebra helps the can massage regain lost strength.
  3. Manual includes a complex of effects on problem areas of the body. Consistently use the technique of stretching, vibration and stroking.
  4. When carrying out Thai patient massage is laid on the floor, hands are led behind the back. The masseur sits down next to him and makes pushing movements in the back area, moving towards the waist. At the end of the massage, stretching the arms and pressing movements on the sides of the body.
  5. With , the differentiated massage is relaxed, toned and stretched by the muscles of the back, abdomen, chest and limbs.

Curvature of lumbar

lumbar massage Therapy against lumbar scoliosis begins with stroking. Then the masseur in a circular motion affects the long back muscles.

The lumbar region is kneaded by the finger pad in a rectilinear direction. Massage ends with a light pat on the back.

With a lumbar curvature, it is recommended to perform a set of exercises:

  1. In standing position, the elbows are directed to the sides, hands are in front of the shoulders. We perform circular movements of elbows forward and backward.
  2. We raise our hands upwards and reach for the ceiling, we do not tear off our heels from the floor.
  3. The back rest against the door leaf so that the neck and heels feel the door. We stand 20 seconds, relax.
  4. Kick the bike exercise. Lie down on your back, twist the pedals in the air.

Video training for massage with scoliosis with detailed instruction:

Therapeutic complex for breast

In chest scoliosis, the deformed shoulder is pulled out so that it can take a symmetrical shape to the opposite shoulder.

The therapist acts on the pectoral muscles. Intercostal spaces are gently massaged with rectilinear, then circular motions.

Exercises for scoliosis of the breast aimed at reducing the curvature of the spinal column:

  1. We lay on our backs, put our hands on the back of the neck, stretch our elbows to the sides, inhale, and then return them back with exhalation.
  2. We lay down on the stomach. Raise the trunk and bend in the chest. We inhale, drop and exhale.
  3. We get on all fours. We stretch simultaneously the right arm and the left leg, we breathe in. We change the arm and leg, we exhale.
With C-shaped curvature of the spine, the massage technique of the thoracic and lumbar region is applied in the complex.

Exercises to strengthen the paravertebral muscle.

  • slopes forward, backward and downward;
  • squats with bent knees, legs do not come off the floor;
  • extend arms along the trunk, lying on the back, raise your hands up, after a few seconds, lower down;
  • lying on your back, put your hands on the back of your head, spread it apart and return it to its original position.

Massage for cervical scoliosis

Massage therapy starts from the healthy side of the neck, gradually switching to the problem part.

Points are being worked out, from which the occipital nerves come out, because they are subject to negative effects.

On video neck massage:

Expected effect of massage:

  • dulls pain in the back;
  • corrects the curvature of the spine;
  • strengthens the muscular corset;
  • accelerates metabolic processes and circulation;
  • eliminates curvature in the spine;
  • relieves chronic pain.

Recommendations for the elimination of cervical scoliosis:

  • physiotherapy, gymnastics, swimming.
  • hardening of the body.
  • massage to strengthen the muscles of the back;
  • the mattress should be rigid, a dream only on a back.
  • recommends wearing orthopedic corsets.
  • food is rich in phosphorus, calcium and proteins.

How to help a child

The technique of performing a massage in scoliosis in children involves the following actions:

Massage for the child
  1. The child falls on the stomach of the .On the part of the thoracic department, the doctor performs stroking, gradually shifting to vibratory actions in the chest and lower back.
  2. The child lies on the side .The masseur conducts a technique that allows you to pull the iliac crest on the right.
  3. The child rolls onto the belly of the .The lumbar region is massaged, the subscapular zone relaxes and stretches.
  4. The child lies on the back of the .The chest surface is massaged. The therapy ends with a stroking of the back and shoulder area.

Features of a child's massage:

  • is contraindicated to carry out therapy after a meal, it is better to wait 40-50 minutes;
  • hands should be clean, oiled for massage or baby cream;
  • movement - smooth and slow, without pressure.

For help, it's best to contact professionals!

Taking into account the importance of the disease and the consequences for solving the problem, it is better not to experiment with the massage at home.

Given the fact that you yourself can not explore the spine. Treatment and preventive examination and massage in the clinic will allow you to accurately diagnose, determine the extent and depth of your problem.

Massage should be done by an expert with a good knowledge of anatomy. The doctor will make an individual treatment plan and maximally examine your musculoskeletal system.

In order for the massage to be beneficial, not to the detriment, one should seriously approach the solution of this issue and seek the help of specialists.

Features of massage for scoliosis

To ensure effective therapy for scoliosis, an integrated approach is necessary. Conservative treatment includes: exercise therapy, swimming, exercising in the gym, physiotherapy, and also massage with scoliosis is mandatory. With it, you can improve the position of the spine and relieve the patient of pain.

Massage with scoliosis
  • 3 Massage technology
  • 4 Recommendations and directions
  • 5 Children's scoliosis

Toning or relaxing?

Doctors can not clearly separate muscles into tense and relaxed muscles. It is impossible to say unambiguously which muscles are in hypertonia. To determine their condition, you need to massage from scoliosis. The patient should monitor his state of health and sensations. If some manipulation will cause discomfort, be sure to tell the expert, you do not need to endure the pain.

What methods are used?

Back massage for scoliosis of 1 and 2 degrees is done with the main goal: to relieve tension and strengthen weakened muscles. But manipulation should change in accordance with the type of scoliosis.

C-shaped( thoracic area)

In this case, massage from scoliosis begins with stroking. First of all, it is necessary to massage the area that is concave and then convex. All the broadest muscles need to be stretched in circular motions, and intercostal spaces - by rectilinear manipulation. After that, you can go to the neck. The dynamics of massage with scoliosis in this area does not change. To the main influences it is necessary to add shaking and stroking. As a result of the first sessions, muscles must relax. Then the opposite part of the back should be strengthened. The muscles of the chest need to be relaxed, and the stomach - to strengthen.

C-shaped( lumbar area)

Massage from scoliosis 1 and 2 degrees is better to start with stroking movements, and then apply "squeezing."The sequence of manipulations does not differ: first the concave side, and after it - convex. Muscles in scoliosis are kneaded by movements like a ring. The lumbar region is massed with circular and rectilinear movements. The pelvic region is treated in such a sequence: stroking, "squeezing", and then kneading the sacrum and the crest of the ilium. The convex part of the back is massaged as if the correct position should be returned to the spine. In conclusion, the feet are massaged.


Manipulation should be performed on the thoracic and lumbar spine. Therapeutic massage for scoliosis in this case is carried out according to the method described above. The massage from scoliosis includes from 10 to 12 procedures. To conduct a course is necessary at least two or three times a year.

Massage with scoliosis

Massage technology

If the patient lies on his stomach, the masseuse should be on the right. In the case when the patient lies on his back, the massage therapist should be on the left. If the bending of 1 or 2 degrees is double, the technique should be conditionally divided into four parts and practice a differentiated approach to each particular case.

First you need to make a general stroking of the entire back surface. After this, you can perform a sedative effect on the trapezius muscles: stroking and rubbing your fingers in different directions. In the area of ​​elevation of thoracic curvature, it is necessary to rub, knead and vibrate. All receptions that are aimed at toning should be done locally.

The next step in scoliosis 1 and 2 degrees is the massing of the lumbar concavity area. All techniques are used by analogy: stretching, stroking, labile vibration.

The patient turns over on the left side, where it is necessary to hold receptions, consisting in pulling the iliac crest. When the patient lies on his stomach, you need to continue massaging movements in the lumbar region.

Treating the subscapular area in scoliosis, it is necessary to perform a grape-like stroking, rubbing and vibration. Then you should gently pull the left angle of the scapula from the concave part of the spine. After massaging the shoulder and trapezius muscles, the patient should roll over on his back. On the surface of the chest are receptions aimed at stimulating and strengthening the muscular corset: rubbing, intermittent vibration, kneading and light strokes.

In the area of ​​protrusion, it is necessary to perform manipulation with pressure. Movements should be directed backwards.

Massage with scoliosis

Recommendations and directions

Massage from scoliosis should be done with great care, so as not to harm the patient. If the ribs and muscles have sunk, it is impossible to implement techniques that involve rigid pressure.

It is necessary to strive to restore the symmetry of the body. Sometimes this requires passive correction techniques.

You can simultaneously perform manipulations aimed at stimulation and relaxation. Such a massage from scoliosis is a corrective method that is effective in combination with other types of treatment of diseases of 1 and 2 degrees.

Children's scoliosis

Massage in children with scoliosis is carried out according to a certain method. The child lies on his stomach. The masseur begins to manipulate the thoracic region. These include:

  • stroking;
  • sedative effects;
  • relaxing movement.
  • rubbing and vibration first in the area of ​​chest scoliosis, and then - in the lumbar concavity.

The child turns over on the left side, and the masseur uses techniques with which the iliac crest is drawn.

After this, the child lays down on his stomach, and the specialist massages the lumbar region. It is necessary to carry out manipulations that will be aimed at relaxing and stretching the subscapular zone.

When the child turns over on the back, it is necessary to treat the breast surface. The procedure ends with strokes of the shoulder and back.

With the right selection of the massage technique, you can get rid of discomfort and pain. Such treatment has a beneficial effect on the nervous system and improves overall well-being, therefore it is not worth underestimating its effect.

What is scoliosis? Causes of

This is an disease of the musculoskeletal system, characterized by a pronounced lateral curvature of the spine. It can be congenital or acquired, and the vast majority of cases are acquired.

A modern way of life contributes to this. Children move little, long sit in wrong poses, slouch, do not pay due attention to physical culture.

The children's skeleton is in a growth phase, therefore all these negative factors provoke scoliosis.

Congenital ailment occurs in only 3% of patients, and it is associated with a violation of intrauterine development.

The disease can be classified according to several signs:

  • distinguishes between progressive and non-progressive;
  • the angle of the deviation of the spine from the norm divides the disease into four groups( the first degree - the slope to ten degrees, the second degree - to twenty-five, the third degree - to fifty, the fourth degree - from fifty and above);
  • static function allows you to highlight the balanced and unbalanced;
  • on location speak of five varieties( thoracic, cervicothoracic, lumbar, thoracolumbar and lumbosacral);
  • shape and number of arcs( one arc corresponds to a C-shaped curvature, the shape of S has 2 arcs, and Z - 3 arcs respectively);
  • because of the appearance of the allocated acquired and congenital.

In addition, scoliosis can be a complication of after severe spinal injury, its fracture, and bruising. Osteoporosis and malignant tumors also cause it to cause it.

In these cases, massage is possible only during rehabilitation rehabilitation.

Tasks and massage technique

The purpose of the procedure for scoliosis is to remove the tone from the strained muscles and normalize it in the muscles of the relaxed.

A massage performed correctly and with due regularity is able not only to alleviate the condition of the child, but also completely rid it of the ailment

For the beginning, the correct method is chosen that will solve the tasks.

Therapeutic procedure. Stops the development of scoliosis and corrects the curvature.

Preventative procedure. Prevents and stabilizes the course of the disease. Prophylactic massage can be done in two ways. The first, or reflex, stimulates blood supply, and the second, or segmental, affects certain active points.

Massage for scoliosis in children solves the following problems:

  • corrects and prevents scoliosis;
  • calms the nervous system of the child, removes increased excitability;
  • improves the elasticity of ligaments and joints;
  • normalizes blood flow and movement of lymph;
  • stabilizes metabolic processes;
  • has a beneficial effect on the epidermis.

The massage technique for scoliosis

For a good effect, massage is carried out by courses. Optimal treatment includes three courses of .The second course is done in 2-3 months, and the third - in 4-6 months. In one course about twenty procedures, the duration of the sessions gradually increases from 15 minutes to an hour.

Features of the procedure at home

The effectiveness is determined by the severity of vertebral curvature, as well as the professionalism of the masseur.

The specialist has a great responsibility, he must clearly distinguish between the muscles that are in tension and relaxed muscles. At home, massage with scoliosis can be done if the doctor gave good.

Procedure features and recommendations:

  • should be started immediately after diagnosis. Procrastination is fraught with complications.
  • Be sure to take into account the individual features of the skeleton of the baby.
  • Uneven impact on the lower back is the key to success. The location of the curved arcs, their shape is taken into account. On this depends the nature and strength of the impact.
  • Receptions: effleurage, stroking, kneading, rubbing and vibration.
  • Before the session, the baby is put on the table. His posture during the procedure does not change. The child should be comfortable.
  • The onset and end of procedures for scoliosis of varying severity are similar and include easy stroking.

Massage in the initial stage of the disease

At the initial stage, the child's massage can be fully entrusted to the mother or father.

One doctor's consultation is enough to explain to parents how exactly the movements are made.

For this you need to choose a flat and firm surface. The child lies down on his tummy, knobs bend at the elbows. After warming up the muscles, the masseur makes rubbing the entire back from the bottom up.

Rubbing alternates with kneading. It is important to change the force of the impact, then decreasing, then increasing it. The area between the blades needs to be worked more carefully.

Scoliosis massage 2-3 degrees

The started stage of scoliosis requires a special approach. The strength with which the masseur is working his back should be impressive. Gradually load increase, add burdens.

After stroking, put both hands on the lower back parallel to each other and begin to plant them in the sides. Then the child turns over on the barrel, and the masseur pulls back the muscles. For this, the palm is pressed tightly against the sacrum and leads to the inner side of the scapula. Then the child is asked to lie down on his tummy again.

In the area of ​​convexity, activating movements are performed. Blades are kneaded and rubbed. After this, the child is turned over on his back. Massage of the chest is performed by methods: rubbing, kneading, stroking.

And now a video about how to learn how to properly massage with scoliosis in children at home. The doctor's consultation.

Prevention of disease

Preventative measures are elementary and are known to every parent:

  • Keep an eye on the bearing of your child.
  • Remind the child to change the pose during classes or doing lessons. Periodically make him get up, walk around the room, jump, warm up.
  • Buy a hard mattress for your child.
  • Diversify the baby's diet. Turn on the menu of foods rich in protein and fiber.
  • Do not forget to walk with your child every day regardless of the weather.
  • Increased activity of the child reduces to zero the risk of getting scoliosis.


Scoliosis is not a verdict. If your child is diagnosed with this condition, do not despair. The main thing - do your baby's health, not postponing for tomorrow. In time, the treatment begun and following the prescriptions of the doctor will speed up the child's recovery.

How is the massage done correctly in scoliosis?

Scoliosis of the spine is the curvature of the spinal column sideways( to the left or to the right), which is accompanied by visible deformities of the back and disruption of the operation of many internal organs. Treatment of this pathology is carried out by two methods: operatively and conservatively( without surgeries).But the main focus is still on conservative methods of treatment, which help in almost 90% of all cases of scoliosis. If conservative methods are not effective and the disease continues to develop, they resort to surgical intervention.

To date, there are many methods of conservative treatment of scoliosis. For example: therapeutic gymnastics, physiotherapy exercises, massage and exercise therapy for scoliosis, corsetting( wearing corsets), manual therapy, physiotherapy, acupuncture, etc. In addition, if necessary, a diet, medication or traction therapy may be prescribed. Techniques are not small, while some of them remain questionable, some cause mixed reviews, and some are still very little known and have not proved their effectiveness. Therefore, in order not to test fate and not to risk your health, always consult a doctor for the treatment of scoliosis. After all, only a doctor can choose the most effective complex of treatment individually for your stage of the disease and for your state of health.

One of the most effective treatments for scoliosis is massage. Massage procedures have repeatedly proved their effectiveness and benefit to the human body, saved from serious diseases, prevented new diseases and provided children with a healthy future. Let's stop on this method and together we will understand, what is useful therapeutic massage for scoliosis, how often it is conducted, by what principles, techniques, and what methods of massage for scoliosis are used to treat scoliosis?

Technique and technique of massage from scoliosis

Massage with scoliosis of the spine is used in a complex manner. It strengthens muscles, activates blood circulation, metabolism, and also has a restorative effect on the entire SLM.Massage should be performed according to the generally accepted principles of massages for scoliosis. Here are the main ones:

  • differentiated effect on stretched and shortened muscles of the chest, buttocks, abdomen, extremities,
  • differentiated effect on the dorsal muscles: on the concavity of the arc of curvature, stretch and relax the strained, shortened muscles, and on the bulges - stimulate and tonify the stretched muscles,
  • revealing of local hypertonia of muscles, painful zones, seals and influence on them by point or segmental-reflex massage.

Also the masseur is obliged to clearly see the tasks and massage technique for each patient separately. A full curative massage course should consist of different procedures, rather than stereotyped and repetitive.

tapi treatment of scoliosis with massage

At the very beginning of scoliosis treatment two massage techniques are used: intensive massage, its main task is to increase the tone of the organism and activate the processes of reparative;and a gentle massage that eliminates local hypertonia of the muscles and myodystrophic changes.

At the second stage of massage procedures there is a correction of deformation and stabilization of the correction received. For this, deeper and more intensive procedures are used, stretching of spasms( shortened) muscles and reduction, toning of stretched muscles are carried out. In addition, there is a massage of the muscles of the abdomen, chest, buttocks, neck and lower limbs, if necessary.

Features of massage with scoliosis

Each massage has its own differences, its subtleties in the technique of holding, and massage for the treatment of scoliosis - is no exception. Its features are as follows:

  • use of special provisions of the patient that contribute to correcting the deformation of the spine,
  • using effective techniques,
  • reducing the height of the massage table: in order for the massage specialist to actively use the weight of his body, the table is located below all elongated fingers of the lowered arm.

Technique of massage with scoliosis

For each form, the degree of scoliosis, separate massage procedures are used, with a certain technique, technique and tasks. The most common form of this pathology is thoracic scoliosis with convexity of the thoracic arch of the spine to the right, and lumbar - to the left. Here we will look at it, how the massage is done, by what method and in what order:

The patient lies on the stomach, hands are along the body, the head turns to the side. Under the ankles a roll is placed. The masseur is on the left side of the table. Back massage for scoliosis is done in the following order:

  1. Longitudinal stroking of the back, both halves - movements are performed smoothly, rhythmically, along the entire back.
  2. Deep stroking - a grasping and planar version of stroking is used. In this case, attention is paid to the massage of the paravertebral regions.
  3. Deep friction with burdening is performed by the edge of the palm along the entire spine, alternately on the right and left, for 10-13 movements on each side, the rate of execution is 1 movement for one and a half seconds. Not allowed: apply hard pressure on any bony ledge!
  4. The masseur is located perpendicular to the massage table: the base of the right palm and the left-side skin is seized by the cutaneous-subdermal fold, then with a circular counter-motion of the palms( left from itself, right-to-yourself), the fold is rubbed. At the same time the sliding pressure of the right palm kneads the underlying muscles. Movements are performed smoothly and rhythmically, movements can be carried out in the caudal( down) and cranial( upward) directions. This method begins either from the upper area of ​​the thoracic region, or from the lumbar spine. As a rule, up to 4 approaches are performed on each side. After the done approach one or two comb-shaped longitudinal strokes are made.
  5. A more rigid variant of this technique is possible: when proximal joints are used interphalangeal( as in comb-shaped reception) instead of the base of the palm. The reception is performed for 6-9 minutes.
  6. After four receptions of massage there should be an easy or a light; a mild hyperemia of a back and feeling of heat!

  7. Massage of trapezius muscles if the asymmetry of the tone in the upper portion is observed: the strained shortened muscle stretches and smoothly kneads, and the relaxed muscle is stretched, pinched and kneaded by abrupt, sharp pressure.
  8. Massage of the gluteal zone with flaccidity of the buttocks muscles: strokes, rubbing and deep kneading are performed.
  9. With flatfoot, which is often formed in scoliosis, a hard massage of the feet and tibial muscles is used.
  10. The patient lies down on his right side facing the masseur. Under the chest is a dense pillow 6-8 centimeters thick, a left arm is stretched forward, the right forearm is under the head. The left leg lies ahead of the right and bends slightly - this creates a ventral slope. On the right foot in the ankle area is attached a bracelet with a bag of sand. The weight of the bag should be 10-20% of the total weight of the patient. Then the base of the right palm is placed on the medial region( edge) of the right extensor of the back, this is done at the level of L-Y-S-I, the second-fifth finger supports the lateral margin;then using the weight of the body, smoothly moving in a vertical downward direction pulls the muscle from the spine, gradually craning to the upper lumbar region by "stepping over" from the tenar to the hypotenar( 3 passes in 5-8 minutes).
  11. The position of the patient does not change. The kneading of the left extensor at the lumbar level is carried out - the procedure is made by the base of the palm with abrupt sharp jerks for 3 minutes.
  12. Stretching and massage of the pectoralis muscle( large).
  13. The patient is shifted to the left side, a cushion is placed under the waist, the left arm is pulled forward, the right forearm rests against the table. On the left hand, a weight is attached, weighing 10-15% of the kg-weight of the patient. The masseur is located on the other side of the table. Delaying kneading of the left dorsal extensor is performed at the level of the thoracic region of the spine. The method is the same as on the lumbar level( up to 8 min).After this, a sharp and abrupt mowing of the right extensor is performed( 3 min).

Massage with scoliosis. Scoliosis massage in children

About scoliosis

Scoliosis is a pathological curvature of the spine of the in one direction or the other, which arises from the uneven work of the muscles on both sides. Scoliosis is a very common disease of the musculoskeletal system, especially in our time. More often, scoliosis in children begins to appear at the age of 8 to 15 years. This is exactly the age when the still unformed skeleton, including the spine, takes on a lot of work in the form of working at a table( or at a school desk), computer games, wearing hard school satchels.

Often parents, or teachers at school, do not correct the child's posture, do not teach him how to sit properly. To all this, the great interest of children in television programs and computers, as well as the inactive way of life, the restriction of staying in the open air, driving the ball in the yard with the guys - all this entails the development of a wrong posture.

It is very important in the early stages to identify the scoliosis in the child , because in the future, without stopping the process, you can get irreversible changes on the part of the spine. Therefore, if the parents notice that their child is not sitting properly at the desk, he does not keep his back straight and his posture is changed - you need to urgently turn to specialists to resort to the necessary treatment in the near future.

Causes of scoliosis in children

The causes of scoliosis in children depend on whether , congenital scoliosis or acquired. The causes of congenital scoliosis :

  • Anomalies in the development of vertebral bodies;
  • Anomalies in the development of bone structures of the chest;
  • Anomalies of hip joint development( as this will lead to asymmetry of the extremities, and, consequently, leads to the development of scoliosis).

The causes of acquired scoliosis are as follows:

  1. Disorders of calcium and phosphorus metabolism;
  2. Underdevelopment and weakness of the muscular system;
  3. Flat-footed;
  4. Incorrect posture when walking and sitting.

Scoliosis massage in children

Scoliosis massage in children is performed to relax tense muscles and increase the tone of the weakened muscles , improve blood circulation and lymph flow. Children's massage with scoliosis allows to strengthen the muscles of the back, stomach, correct and normalize the posture. Massage with scoliosis should be performed regardless of the degree of scoliosis, whether it be 1 to 4 degree.

In addition, massage is used not only to treat scoliosis, but also to prevent its occurrence.

When performing a massage with scoliosis it is necessary that the child be in the right position: lying on the stomach, hands along the body, the head is turned to the side. An ankle joint should be placed under the ankle joints. During the procedure, the position of the patient may change( for example, the masseuse may ask the child to turn from the abdomen to the back, or on the side).After assessing the condition of the muscles, the masseur notes where there is an asymmetry, where the hypertonus is. After that, he begins to eliminate these violations, applying special techniques, in the form of smooth stroking, tingling, or, conversely, in the form of sharp jerky pressure, rubbing and kneading muscles.

When performing a massage for a child with scoliosis at the first stage, the specialist conducts an intensive massage of superficial tissues to improve the tone of the whole organism. In addition, the first stage involves the inclusion of special exercises that can eliminate local muscle hypertonia. Then, the next stage involves a deeper, longer massage, in which special attention is paid to the muscles of the chest, abdomen, buttocks and lower extremities.

As mentioned above, scoliosis is often accompanied by flat feet. In this case, a hard massage of the plantar surface of the feet and tibial muscles is indicated. Massage in scoliosis in children is desirable to conduct courses, every six months. One course includes 10 to 20 procedures. Massage with scoliosis is recommended to start from 15-20 minutes per session, and then the duration of the procedure is increased to 45-60 minutes.

Massage for scoliosis in children in our center

The best specialists of will massage the scoliosis in children in our center. Advantages in carrying out a massage for a child with scoliosis in our medical diagnostic center:

  • Massage is performed by highly qualified specialists who have extensive experience;
  • When carrying out a massage for a child, our specialists find an individual approach to each;
  • Massage is performed in a comfortable environment for the child and brings him only positive emotions;
  • The schedule of the procedures is compiled on an individual basis, taking into account the time convenient for you.

It is important that the massage for scoliosis in children is performed by an experienced specialist. It is then possible to achieve good results. Correctly performing the massage to the child, we seek to improve the overall physical condition of the child, we tone the muscle frame, strengthen the skeleton, reduce the severity of the scoliosis or completely eliminate it( if the scoliosis in the initial stages).

In addition, correctly performed massage for scoliosis in children favorably affects on:

  • Nervous system, reducing its excitability;
  • The circulatory system, as it leads to an acceleration of blood flow;
  • Joints and ligaments, due to improved blood supply to these structures;
  • Metabolism( improving it);
  • Skin, as it leads to improved work of sweat, sebaceous glands.

Scoliosis massage in Moscow

Scoliosis is anatomical disorder of the vertebral ridge. Massage with scoliosis is necessary to strengthen the muscles of the back and correction of the curved arch.

Massage is an important key phase in the treatment of scoliosis. The healing and healing effect can be felt only from a competent and professionally performed massage. The number of procedures depends on the severity of the disease of the back, as well as on the recommendations of the attending physician. Often a back massage with scoliosis is prescribed for four courses a year, every three months.

Scoliosis in children

The problem with scoliosis of the back can be easily solved once and for all, if at an early stage and from childhood to notice the deformation of the spine. To do this, it is worthwhile to properly monitor your health, pay attention to how the child sits, whether to be humble when drawing or reading. Massage with scoliosis in children gives a more effective result. Children are treated to therapeutic massage in three approaches.

To begin with, perform relaxing techniques for the superficial muscles, then carry out vibratory actions for deeper muscles. Children's massage in scoliosis is fixed by stroking the shoulder and back. Treatment of pediatric scoliosis is desirable to be combined with other procedures, for example, gymnastics and massage, swimming and massage, etc.

Massage procedure for scoliosis

The massage problem with scoliosis is simple - relaxation of stressed muscles( often on the convex part of the back) and strengthening of weakened ones( mainly onconcave part of the back).Therapeutic massage in scoliosis, basically, perform with the stroking of the muscles of the legs, hips, abdomen and only in the last turn proceed to the back. At different degrees of the disease, a corresponding massage technique is required.

  • 1 degree - deformation of the ridge from 1 ° to 10 °.Such a deviation is considered normal. Massage for scoliosis of 1 degree is performed with methods of striking and patting.
  • 2 degree - the angle of deformation is from 11 ° to 25 °.The curvature is clearly visible when the patient is in a horizontal position. There is a small rib hump. Massage with scoliosis of the 2nd degree is performed by stroking, pressing, excluding vibratory movements.
  • 3 degree of deflection of the ridge to 50 °.Well arched arc is expressed. Massage is performed by stroking and stimulating the muscles.
  • 4 degree - the angle of deformation of the spine is 50 ° and above. With the disease of the last stage of scoliosis, visible kyphoscoliosis, which leads to disruption of the cardiovascular system and lungs. Massage is performed only by rubbing and stroking the entire body.

Technique of massage with scoliosis

An effective massage can be provided only by observing a certain technique that works by the principle of selective action on the muscles of the back. This principle is based on the fact that the muscles that can correct the deformation of the spine, you need to apply techniques that increase their tone, strength and performance. And the deforming muscles should be used soothing and relaxing massage techniques. So, the back massage in scoliosis is performed by stroking movements from the underlying ones, rising to the upper segments of the spinal cord. The movements smoothly affect the muscles of the chest, the lumbar region to the crests of the iliac bones. The technique of therapeutic massage in scoliosis includes longitudinal and transverse stroking at a slow pace, a continuous mode of kneading and grinding( these movements are conveniently done with the thumb).

Back massage with scoliosis improves blood circulation, strengthens the muscular corset, helps to correct correct posture, improves the overall physical condition of the patient. However, it is only one of the lacquers that can cure an ailment.

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