Therapeutic diet number 11 or how to eat with tuberculosis?

Therapeutic diet number 11 or how to eat with tuberculosis?

Diet No. 11 for Pevzner is a medical diet used to restore the body after infectious diseases, exhaustion, and also in the treatment of tuberculosis in the tuberculosis dispensary, even if the disease is in an exacerbation stage.

The focus of the therapeutic diet №11

Compliance with the principles of nutrition proposed by Dr. Pevzner positively affects all body systems, contributing to the acceleration of the recovery process. In addition,

  • enriches the body with vitamins and minerals necessary for its recovery;
  • launch of the immune system to fight viruses and tubercle bacillus;
  • recovery of blood volume in the body and the speed of its movement.

Principles of the diet

A distinctive feature of the diet number 11 is the increase in the calorie content of the daily ration in one and a half to two times, in contrast to the norm of a healthy person.

In this regard, the menu includes proteins of animal origin, the so-called "light" carbohydrates, quickly absorbed by the body, and vegetable fats. The dishes are designed and prepared in such a way that they do not damage the walls of the digestive tract and are easily digested. Also in the products offered there is ascorbic acid, which helps to remove toxins and residual elements of drugs. The daily ration, in spite of the calorific value, is good for health.

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List of recommended products

  • The first dishes are prepared with various soups based on meat or fish broth with the addition of any ingredients if desired. Meat is turned into minced meat, from which small lumps are made.
  • Cereals are used for garnish. Buckwheat, oatmeal, and wheat are especially useful.
  • Bread only of the highest grade, it is possible with the addition of sunflower seeds, dried apricots or prunes. You can use biscuits and muffins from baking. Products from puff pastry or with the presence of fat cream for the filling should be excluded from the diet.
  • It is also necessary to eat two boiled eggs or on their basis to make low-fat sauces. It is forbidden to use sharp sauces and ketchup.
  • Poultry meat is considered to be especially demanded in the diet of diet number 11.This includes not only the chicken, but also the goose, duck, turkey. From their meat, the first and second dishes from the diet menu are prepared. A rabbit can also be used. Lamb is under strict prohibition. All dishes are spiced up sparingly.
  • The use of medium-fat dairy products is useful for increasing the number of important bacteria in the body of a patient.
This diet is aimed at improving the health status during the exacerbation of diseases and in the postoperative period, but not for weight loss, which is understandable from the calorie menu.

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