Essential oils against cellulite

In pursuit of a good figure, the beautiful sex sits on diets, goes in for sports, observes the regime of the day. But all this does not save from cellulite, which is a plague even among young girls. It would seem that you can not cope with it, but as experience shows, do not give up fighting for the body. There are many creams and oils from cellulite, in addition, anti-cellulite baths and massage are practiced. A huge benefit in each of these cases is essential oils.

On the benefits of essential oils do not write in vain. This is really a very good tool for aromatherapy, it is used to treat and prevent skin problems and not only. Usually, essential oils are used in a dilute state, but not with cellulite. The higher the oil concentration, the better the effect. Select and mix oils carefully.

Essential oils from citrus fruits ( orange, grapefruit, bergamot and others) are best for massage and rubbing. Do not use diluted. It is mixed in a proportion of 10 drops to a teaspoon of base oil. Promotes moisturizing and softening of the skin.

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Almond oil. It is not very helpful in getting rid of cellulite, however it is ideal as a base oil, as it has almost no odor and perfectly dissolves other components.

Peach oil. Very gentle oil, so it is better to use it, not diluting and in maximum concentration.

Essential oil of hazelnut with small impurities of other oils is used for aroma. By the way, you can use yogurt or yogurt instead of oil-base.

Cedar or fir oil is most often used for grinding after a sauna or a sauna.

geranium oil will help you get rid of swelling.

Any of the kind of essential oil struggles with flabbiness of the skin, improves blood circulation, cleaves toxins and helps to remove toxins from the body. But at the same time, a large concentration of oil can cause allergies, and are contraindicated for use by pregnant women. Do not also hope that at one time stretch marks will disappear and the pores will be smoothed out. Essential oils must be used for rubbing daily.

Any essential oil can be bought at the pharmacy, but recently there are a lot of synthesized, artificial oils on the market that make all efforts to no effect. If you doubt the naturalness of the product, there are many instructions on the Internet for cooking oil at home.

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