Treatment of heel spur with iodine

How is it safe and effective to heal a heel spinal with iodine?

Heel spurs are a fairly frequent disease characterized by a bone growth in the calcaneus. The spine is a spine that compresses soft tissues, which causes severe pain especially when walking.

As a rule, the main cause of the disease is a constant load on the sole therefore, the more time a person spends on his feet, the greater the chance of an illness.

Particularly susceptible to disease are those who suffer from excess weight, incorrectly matched shoes. In addition to this joint disease, gout, flat feet, salt deposits, disturbed leg vessels also cause this unpleasant ailment.

Pain sensations in the heel can provoke and various infections, such as chlamydia, gonorrhea and some others.

Very often in the treatment of calcaneal spur or plantar fasciitis, surgical intervention is used, but this applies to neglected cases.

In the early stages, they use medicinal treatment, as well as folk remedies, which have proved to be an effective way to get rid of the disease:

  • treatment with Demixide;
  • treatment with vinegar and egg;
  • treatment of medical bile;
  • and others.

Among the non-traditional methods often apply various applications, compresses, trays, etc. Treating the calcaneal spur with iodine is the most popular method in folk medicine.

Iodine as a drug

Iodine is a unique drug known to mankind for a long time, it is widely practiced in medicine and folk medicine.

Take it either inside or outside. First of all, it is an irreplaceable trace element, which is necessary for the normal functioning of the thyroid gland, and it also has a positive effect on the general state of the body. Has antimicrobial and disinfecting effect.

Iodine compounds destroy bacteria, so the drug is indispensable in the treatment of wounds, cuts, during surgery, etc.

Also this product has anti-inflammatory effect in skin diseases and mucous diseases. Often used as the main constituent for rinsing throat with tonsillitis, pharyngitis, etc.

In addition, iodine-based drugs are used as an expectorant, to prevent airway disease, in atherosclerosis. For the prevention of goiter, when poisoning with mercury and lead, iodine can also become an indispensable assistant.

Iodine in the therapy of plantar fasciitis

The use of iodine in the treatment of plantar fasciitis brings excellent results, especially in the early stages of the disease.

The positive effect of is based on its warming and antiseptic qualities .

It penetrates very quickly into soft tissues, creates a warming effect and improves blood circulation. Due to iodine the inflammatory process is gradually removed, and painful sensations decrease.

Iodine therapy includes a variety of compresses, rubbers, baths, which include iodine and some other components. These procedures soften the spur, inhibit its growth, remove stagnant phenomena.

In order to achieve a positive result, the procedure should be carried out regularly by .Sometimes for healing, especially at the initial stage of the development of the disease, it is only necessary to apply an iodine grid to the heel spur, but in most cases more serious procedures are required.

It is also necessary to take into account the individual characteristics of each organism, and the presence of aggravating causes, such as excess weight and flat feet.

For the purpose of a speedy recovery, a good additional treatment will be foot massage and some physiotherapy procedures that help increase blood flow and improve overall health.

It should be remembered that iodine procedures are best spent at night, so that the heel is at rest and warmth.

In connection with painful sensations, it is best to give up long walks. Also do not forget that for this treatment there are some contraindications.

Effective and painless

There are quite a few recipes for iodine calcaneal spurs, but the most effective and effective are:

  1. Application with iodine , salt and honey, baths, iodine with aspirin, iodine mesh. In order to make the application of it is necessary to take 50 g of iodine, and 1 tbsp.l honey and salt, it's good to mix it all. Ready mixture is applied to the steamed heel, at night. This procedure helps to relieve pain and improve blood circulation.
  2. A good result is the bath with the addition of iodine and salt. For 5 liters of hot water add a bottle of iodine and a tablespoon of salt. Lower the aching heel and keep until the water cools down completely.
  3. For the next recipe, take 3% iodine, about 1 tsp.and mix with 2 mashed aspirin tablets. The resulting solution is applied to the bandage and applied to a sore spot, then the heel is well wrapped.
  4. The simplest recipe , is to put on the heel of a cotton swab iodine grid, especially it is effective in the initial stage of the disease. It has an excellent anti-inflammatory effect, and also promotes resorption of the thorn.
Main tasks and methods that are used if the patient has a tendonitis of the shoulder joint.

Styloidal wrist joint can damage your wrist and disability if you do not assign a quality treatment on time.

Contraindications to iodine therapy

There are several contraindications to the use of this drug with a calcaneal spur.

This primarily applies to pregnant women and those who suffer from hemorrhagic diathesis and serious kidney disease.

This treatment is also prohibited for people who are allergic to preparations containing iodine.

Things to remember when using iodine

Before treating heel spurs in this way, many specialists recommend finding out the cause of the disease.

When iodine therapy also needs to remember that the treatment can take from 5 minutes to several hours. This largely depends on the selected prescription and form of the disease.

Almost all recipes use only 3 or 5% alcohol tincture. A good addition to these procedures is adherence to a special diet.

It is recommended to exclude salty, spicy, fatty fish and meat, sweet pastries. Preference is best given to vegetables and fruits, sour-milk products, nuts, sea kale, etc.

It should be remembered that a rapid effect can be achieved with complex therapy.

Opinion of patients

Reviews of people who practice treatment for heel spurs with iodine-based drugs.

When such a problem arose, and it became difficult to tread on the heel, I began to try all the folk remedies, but the pain did not pass. The neighbor advised me to apply iodine for the night with salt and honey. It helped! A week later the pain was almost gone.

Natalia Kirilovna

Suffered from a calcaneal spur for many years, the pain then left a little, then appeared again. Now I heal the heel with iodine, I make iodine baths and feel much easier.


Heel hurts more than those months, appealed to doctors, but there was no special result. I went to the village, and there they advised me to soar the heel in the water with the addition of iodine. Ten days later, I did not understand how the pain had gone.

Tatiana, Voronezh

Based on the above information it is worth noting that the treatment of the heel spur folk remedies, and in particular, iodine is quite effective and effective, especially when the disease is not neglected.

And if you follow all the rules during the procedures, then the result will not take long to wait.

Heel spur: treatment with folk remedies( iodine, vinegar, egg)

To date, the common hepatic spur, or plantar fasciitis, has become a common disease. You can get such trouble at a young age, but more often people get it after forty years.

"Nail" in the heel of the

What does the heel spur look like? It is a growth of the bone surface, in which the calcaneus and spur fuses in the area of ​​the Achilles tendon. The maximum load during walking is tested by a stop, at this time the greater part falls on the hillock( calcaneus), later on which a microscopic tear occurs. Usually it gradually heals itself, but if there is too much damage, the fascia of the sole becomes inflamed, resulting in pain. This disease can develop in a person suffering from flat feet.

Symptoms of the calcaneal spur

Each person's appearance of a spur can differ by individual symptoms, but there are signs that still unite this disease. This is a burning pain with a load on the foot, a sudden pain when walking and a constant feeling of a "hammered nail".

But when the person is lying down, the pain begins to recede. The nature of the pain syndrome depends not on the size of the spur, but on the sensitivity of the soft tissues around the bone. Help to understand what a calcaneal spur, photo. Symptoms will also indicate a disease.

Causes of ailment

Women who go from day to day on their heels, more often than men suffer from plantar fasciitis, as they constantly create additional stress on the heel. One of the reasons for the appearance of the "nail" in the heel is the curvature of the vertebra, which is why the gait changes, and the load is redistributed to the foot.

Spur may appear if undiagnosed infectious, rheumatoid diseases or, for example, if there is a metabolic disorder. Athletes can also be exposed to this scourge, especially athletes who are at risk. If the disease progresses, and the inflammatory process does not go away for a long time, an osteophyte or accumulation of salts may occur.

Detecting spur

You can diagnose the spinal spur with an X-ray. After this, you should seek help from a doctor: an orthopedist, a surgeon or a traumatologist. Conservative treatment consists in wearing orthopedic shoes that have a groove in the spur area. Or it may be a special insole or lining. All this helps to reduce the load on the heel, thereby removing pain.

Help yourself

If the causes of the disease are not yet established, then, having resorted to some recommendations, you can alleviate the general condition.

The first way is to make a rubber roller and place it in your shoes so that when walking the spur it does not have any contact with it. You can make a rubber pad in the form of a horseshoe and stick it to your everyday shoes so that there is a gap between the insole and the heel. This will help to quickly remove the inflammatory process.

To alleviate the pain, you can use anti-inflammatory ointment, but which one - it is better to consult a doctor. For these purposes, an anesthetic cream "heel spur" is suitable.

With the advanced stage of the disease significantly improve the situation of the tub. At the initial stage of inflammation these procedures are not recommended, as they can aggravate the disease. If the underlying cause of the heel spur is any disease, you should first get rid of it.

Innovative technologies

In the world of modern technology, shock-wave therapy is an effective and popular method of treating the "nail" in the heel. This is a relatively new method of getting rid of spurs, but has already earned many positive reviews. Percussion therapy of the calcaneal spur occurs with the help of special equipment, which carries out shock waves, directly affecting the diseased part of the body.

This method helps to get rid of the disease without surgery and harm to soft tissues. This method of treatment makes it possible to forget about the salt deposits, loosening them, gradually reducing the edema and removing aching pain.

Strength of folk remedies

Many people are looking for a way to get rid of the heel spur on their own without resorting to the help of doctors. On this occasion, an excellent choice - recipes, proven for centuries.

Vinegar tinctures

If you were diagnosed with "plantar fasciitis", in the people - heel spurs, vinegar treatment - one of the methods of folk tricks. The recipe is quite simple: take a bowl or a glass, put a chicken egg there and pour it with vinegar( usual table, 100 grams), then add 100 grams of melted butter( preferably in a frying pan).

The resulting mixture, without mixing, put in a dark place for three days. After three days, the drug is ready, stir well before use. Now before going to bed, apply the finished product directly to the spur area, wrap the heel with gauze and fix with a bandage, then put on the sock and go to bed. After a two-week course of treatment, the pain disappears. With such a disease, as heel spurs, vinegar + egg - an excellent, proven medicine.

You can make a paraffin boot, which then should be applied to the steamed legs. Take four spoons of paraffin and melt it, add 2 tablespoons of calendula tincture and five tablespoons of vinegar( preferably apple).Thoroughly mix everything - your boot can already be used.

Before applying the paraffin compress, unzip your feet in hot water with herbs. For these purposes, chamomile, calendula or St. John's wort very well. Within fifteen minutes get your feet stained, then wipe them dry and put on a medical boot.

But these are not all methods of how to get rid of the heel spur. It is not recommended to use folk remedies if you have injuries on your heels so as not to harm your health. Vinegar lotions must be repeated throughout the month to achieve the desired effect.

Iodine bolt recipes

If you are concerned about calcaneal spurs, treatment with folk remedies, iodine for example, will quickly relieve you of the pain syndrome. To make the ointment, you need to mix 3% iodine with two tablets "Aspirin"( in the form of a powder), then take a bandage, apply the mixed mixture and attach it to the sore spot. Now put on your toe or cover the foot with something warm. For efficiency, you can wrap your foot with an oilcloth. These procedures must be performed three times a week.

When heel spur developed, treatment with folk remedies( iodine especially) can give a good result. For medicinal purposes use a solution of iodine in pure form, for example, you can make lotions. For water procedures it is necessary to pour this remedy into a container with water and completely lower the foot there. Hold for a couple of minutes, then pull out a leg, wrap it with a napkin or gauze and wrap it around. This method of treatment involves a ten-day course. If you are tortured heel spur, treatment with folk remedies( iodine) will be very handy.

To prepare the tincture will need two vials of iodine, valerian( in liquid form) and cologne. All the liquids are mixed in one container, add a couple of peppercorn pods to the contents, then medicate in a dark place throughout the day. Before going to bed, apply the prepared mixture to the inflammation center, wrap the leg with a bandage or gauze and put on a sock.

Compresses and lotions

Folk methods of treating the heel spur often involve the use of iodine, honey, salt. In the dishes, pour fifty milliliters of iodine, add one teaspoon of salt and a tablespoon of honey. Well stir the solution, then apply the mixture on the bandage and attach to the sick heel. Be sure to wrap the leg with cellophane to achieve a thermal effect.

This compress can be done in the morning and in the evening, for fifteen minutes, the result will appear after five procedures. Many people say that it is really a panacea for such a misfortune as a heel spur - treatment with folk remedies, iodine especially. Reduce pain can be done with the help of trays. To do this, take 3 liters of hot water, add one spoonful of soda( regular) and fifteen drops of iodine. Mix the contents well and dip the heel into the solution for 10 minutes.

Folk methods of treating the calcaneal spur are very diverse, so you can try all the methods and determine the one that will be most effective in your case.

Causes and symptoms of the disease

The heel spur is caused by the growth of the bone of the foot and the formation of a spine on it. Identify such a characteristic "heel" is possible only by making an X-ray. This neoplasm does not appear on its own, but as a result of prolonged inflammation. In the tendons accumulate calcium salts, which prevent them from functioning properly. As a result, the bone deforms to form the same curved spine. Most often this problem is observed in the elderly. However, it can also occur in people with overweight, impaired metabolism, increased stress on the legs, trauma to the feet, flat feet and impaired blood circulation.

This is the heel spur of

. Typical symptoms that signal the appearance of this disease can be acute sharp pain, which interferes with walking, calluses on the soles of the feet and edema of the shins. In neglected cases, a gait disturbance may also occur.

Useful properties of iodine with calcaneal spur

A bottle with 5% iodine can be found in any home medicine cabinet. Many people know it as a wonderful antiseptic, but it is also a universal drug for combating various hardening and stagnant phenomena.

When treating the calcaneal spur, it is enough simply to apply iodine mesh to the affected foot area. In this case, the drug enhances blood circulation in the tissues and improves the general condition of the patient. However, this method only helps at the initial stage, in advanced cases it is necessary to apply more complex recipes in combination with iodine.

Options for iodine treatment

Heel spur treatment with folk remedies - more than 30 methods

To prevent the appearance of a calcaneal spur, one must change one's lifestyle. If the disease has already appeared, start to treat as early as possible, including with the help of traditional medicine. After all, among the national recipes, there are many time-tested methods for treating the heel spur.

The list of folk methods of treating the calcaneal spur is very extensive, but the general meaning of them is the removal of the inflammatory process with the help of simple, affordable means.

You can choose for yourself the treatment with compresses, massages or massages. The main thing in folk medicine is that it requires a systematic approach, since all medical procedures have a cumulative effect.

Folk remedies for heel spurs


Sew on the heel of the toe from the top of the fabric layer, before pouring peas in it evenly. Wear a sock, top the shoes and so go. After a while, the pain will abate and ease the feeling.

Tincture of lilac flowers

Sprinkle alcohol 40 degrees dried lilac flowers in equal proportions, 10 days insisting in a closed container. Take 30 drops a few times a day, rub or make compresses with tincture on the diseased areas of the calcaneal region.

Pharmaceutical turpentine

Before going to bed, wash your feet with soap and wipe dry. Pour a little turpentine and, massaging movements, rub in the heel. So repeat a few times and put on a woolen sock. Do seven evenings, seven days - break, then repeat again.

A new look at the treatment of calcaneal spursHow to get rid of the pain in the heel in 2 weeks? More. ..


Garlic let through garlic, put on cloth and attach to the spur. Garlic hold until it does not stove. It is better to make this procedure in the afternoon.


Pour a tablespoon of iodine into a small container and immerse the heel in it. Carry out this procedure before you completely absorb the iodine skin. It will be enough for five such procedures.

Read detailed article on the treatment of heel spur with iodine.

Tincture from the leaves of the ficus

Take 2-3 leaves of the ficus, cut into long strips, put it in a jar and pour it with ammonia. Within a day the tincture is ready, you can lubricate the heels.


For a day to collect urine, in the evening to warm up to a temperature so that it could soar your legs. Hold the tub until the urine is completely cool. At the end, do not wipe your feet, wear socks and so sleep.

Medical bile

In the evening to steam out your feet. Then pour the bile onto a piece of cotton wool and apply strictly only to the heel spur( skin may appear burned).Close a piece of cellophane and bandage it. On the foot wear a woolen sock. You can remove cotton in the morning or leave. In the evening, repeat the procedure. Act this way every evening until the pain disappears. Read more about the treatment of medical bile in the heel spur.

Tincture of valerian and drops of Zelenin

To treat heel spurs, take in equal proportions a drop of Zelenin and drops of valerian, mix. Then, in four layers, fold gauze, moisten and attach to the heels, necessarily wrapped with cellophane. Wear a sock and leave it so for the night.


Sprinkle a teaspoon of starch at the beginning of the day. To go so during the day.

Crude potatoes

Grate the raw potatoes together with the peel. The resulting mashed potatoes should be put on the heel, put on a sock or wrapped in bandage, leaving it for the night.


For the tray, take: 2 fresh chicken eggs, 40 ml of acetic essence, 200 ml of turpentine. Stir and apply in the form of lotions, compresses to the heel spurs for 3 hours several times a day. Keep the mixture in a dark place.

Cabbage leaf

Cut off a leaf of cabbage, grease with honey and attach to a sick foot. Top with a sock and hold this bandage for a couple of hours.

Pork fat

A small piece of fresh fat to attach to the heel and wrap the leg in cellophane, put on socks and leave it so overnight.

Plantain leaf

Put the plantain leaf "inside" to the heel, be sure to replace it with fresh one when it dries.

Rubber ring

To reduce pain when walking, place a rubber ring under the heel.

Black radish

Grate the radish with the rind, apply the resulting gruel at night to the heel spur.

Massage with a ball, sea stones, a rolling pin and a tennis ball.

. Sitting at a computer or TV screen, charge the feet, rolling the ball.

You can also make yourself a sea-sized pebble of various sizes, a foot mat. In extreme cases, you can kick a rolling pin for a dough or a tennis ball. The main thing is that this massage does not cause pain!

Household soap

Grate laundry soap and melt it on fire. Apply this mass as a compress to the heel spur at night.


Collect nettle, grind it through a meat grinder, put on a mash on a burdock leaf. At night, the resulting compress is applied to the heel and secured with a bandage.

Elderberry leaves

Wet elderly leaves put on the heel and under the toes, and on top put on the sock.

Bulb onion

Bulb cut in half, drip 1 drop of tar on each half and attach to a sick heel.

Marsh sweeper

Take an incomplete glass of water, dilute the sabernik one tablespoon. Take it before meals three times a day. The treatment course is twenty days.

Mummy with honey

In a water bath, melt 100 g of honey and 5 g of mummy, cool the composition. Rub the mixture overnight into a sore heel.

Tincture of pine nuts

Take 20 grams of chopped pine nuts and pour 200 grams of vodka. Insist 7-8 days. Drink a tablespoon before meals several times a day.

Baking soda with tea fungus infusion

Steam the legs in a small amount of baking soda. Soak a piece of gauze in the infusion of a tea mushroom and then attach it to the heel. Wet the dressing every 3 hours.

Burdock leaves

It's better to use May burdock leaves. To pribintovat to a heel a fresh leaf and with this bandage to go all the day long.

Sunflower oil and ammonia

Mix 50 ml of alcohol and a tablespoon of sunflower oil. Each day, apply this mixture to the area of ​​the patient's heel. The duration of the procedure is thirty minutes. Course - two weeks.


The softened bee glue should be applied to the steamed leg. It is recommended to wear a bandage during the day.

Salt water

You should prepare a saline solution: for this you need to dissolve in five liters of hot water one kilogram of salt. Boil water, cool to a temperature so that you can lower your legs into a bucket. Carry out the procedure until the water is completely cooled. The solution itself is left and heated every time. Do 10 such procedures.

Potatoes with kerosene

Boil potatoes in a uniform, crush it immediately and mix with a teaspoon of kerosene. Immediately put on cellophane, pribintovat to the heel. Always put on a sock.

Honey with sea salt

Mix honey with sea salt 1: 1.At night, prepare a compress on the heel.


Put a few tablespoons of fresh cottage cheese on a piece of gauze, fasten on a sick heel before going to bed. This procedure should be 3 nights in a row.

Sporish( mountain bird bird), mokritsa

Snatch fresh sponges, place it in shoes or socks and so walk throughout the day. In the morning, repeat, putting a new portion in the shoes. Spores can be replaced with a moquard.

The heel spur therapy requires an integrated approach, and folk remedies are a good way to supplement conservative treatment that will help to get rid of heel pain, provided a systematic approach and a great desire to defeat the disease.

Action of iodine on plantar fasciitis

Many people use folk remedies based on iodine to treat plantar fasciitis. Despite the doctors' distrustful attitude towards this method, a large number of patients note a decrease in the pain syndrome. This effect of iodine is achieved due to antiseptic and warming properties of the substance. With the regular application of iodine tinctures and ointments designed to relieve the patient of the calcaneal spur, it is possible to observe improvement of blood circulation, normalization of metabolic processes, disappearance of pain during walking and at rest, reduction of swelling of soft tissues and bone growth.

It should be noted that iodine-based medicines have a positive effect only in the early stages of the development of the disease and with daily use. If, for some reason, the plantar fasciitis has been started, it is better to consult a doctor who will perform a full diagnosis of the disease and prescribe the correct treatment.

Popular recipes based on iodine

Today, on the Internet and print media, you can meet a large number of folk remedies that allow you to get rid of unpleasant symptoms, and even completely eliminate the heel spur. Should bring the most popular and effective.

Iodine baths

One of the easiest to use and effective ways to treat a calcaneal spur at home is iodine baths. For their preparation, it is necessary to take a couple of tablespoons of alcoholic iodine tincture, dilute them in 3 liters of hot water, and then cool the mixture to an acceptable temperature. Take such a bath should be every day for 15-20 minutes. At the end of the procedure, dry the feet with a towel, apply an iodine grid to the area affected by the plantar fasciitis and put on warm socks.

Also popular are concentrated foot baths, consisting exclusively of 3% iodine solution. A sufficient amount of substance is poured into a container and immersed there the patient heel for 5-7 minutes. After the procedure, the foot is carefully wiped with a towel, lightly bandaged and put on a warm sock. With this method of treating the heel spur, iodine penetrates into the skin, providing an anti-inflammatory and warming effect. It should be noted that such baths are not suitable for people who have sensitive skin, since the main component of the iodine solution( alcohol) can contribute to the occurrence of burns.

To more gentle methods of treatment should be attributed and known to many iodine mesh, which must cover the site of plantar fasciitis. Do this procedure daily until the pain in the heel does not pass.

Dear readers! Our articles tell us about typical methods of treatment, but each case has a unique character. Do not self-medicate. At us on a site there is a rating of doctors who can help or assist with treatment of a heel spur.

Iodine-aspirin tincture

The folk remedy on the basis of iodine and acetylsalicylic acid also showed itself well in the treatment of the heel spur at home. To prepare the tincture, you should take 3-4 tablets of aspirin, which must first be crushed, 1 bottle of iodine solution( 5%) and 40-50 grams of natural honey. All components of the future agent should be thoroughly stirred until a homogeneous mass is obtained and left for a day in a dark cool room.

Ready tincture should be applied a small layer on the heel, ensuring the patient's place warmth and peace. This procedure should be repeated every 7-10 days.

Tincture with iodine, valerian and hot pepper

To prepare another effective remedy for plantar fasciitis, the following components will be required:

  • triple cologne and tincture of valerian - 1 vial;
  • alcohol solution of iodine - 2 vials;Hot red pepper
  • - 5 pcs.

All ingredients should be placed in a closing glass container( the pepper should be grinded first) and left in a dark place for 2-3 days. When the product is ready, it must be applied to the heel spur with a cotton pad or swab, and then worn woolen socks or a warming bandage.

Iodine-honey ointment

To prepare iodine-honey ointment, which relieve the pain syndrome with a calcaneal spur, it should be mixed in a cup 1 tbsp.a spoonful of natural honey, 50 ml of iodine solution and 1 teaspoon of small table salt. The resulting ointment should be applied to a cotton swab and applied to the affected area at night.

Please note! Regardless of what kind of folk remedy you choose, before using it, you should consult a doctor who will determine the presence or absence of contraindications. It should also be remembered that treatment with such medicinal ointments and tinctures should be carried out in conjunction with traditional methods - physiotherapy, medication and massage.

Effective or placebo effect?

After diagnosis of the disease, treatment of plantar fasciitis should be carried out in a complex. In addition to folk remedies based on iodine, medicinal preparations should be used, whose action is aimed at stopping the inflammatory process. Also well-proven shock-wave and laser therapy, special massage - such methods of treatment can improve blood circulation in the foot, will reduce bone growth, while reducing pain syndrome.

If a patient has a severe disease, doctors can prescribe a surgical procedure that will remove the bone formation and lesions. After such a radical treatment, the patient will also have to undergo a course of physiotherapy, and in the future, try to reduce physical stress on his legs.


Drugs that have iodine in their composition have a number of contraindications, as well as any other drugs. You should not treat in this way the heel spur to people who suffer from hemorrhagic diathesis and allergic reactions to iodine-containing drugs. It is also necessary to abandon folk remedies made with the addition of iodine throughout the gestation period.

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