Orthopedic insoles with heel spur

Insoles for heel spurs

If there are highly effective methods for treating spurs so why do doctors recommend wearing insoles when diagnosed with " Heel spike "?

It's no secret that when treating spurs even with highly effective methods, for example shockwave therapy , it is often recommended to wear special insoles at the same time. Why is it necessary?

It is common knowledge that the spur itself does not cause pain, and the appearance of the spur and the pain in the heel are primarily caused by tears in our plantar ligament, and the tear may be different. If the ligament grows together, the pain disappears. When we treat the spur - we do not stop walking and the plantar ligament constantly experiences a body load and this load contributes to a certain extent to the appearance of tears and prevents its rapid recovery. In addition, there may be provoking factors that affect the overstrain of the ligament, such as: overweight, flat feet, footwork, etc.

Therefore, no matter how good the method of shock wave therapy, it does not always work quickly and, in some cases, itit is necessary to help, and sometimes there are situations where, without such help, he does not bring recovery at all.

Can an orthopedic insole cure a spur?

In some cases - yes, when the tear is small and there are no provoking factors. As a rule, patients miss this moment - in fact the pain with a slight tear pain is insignificant, and they turn for help even when the ligament is severed and the pain is severe. However, with the appearance of heel pain, we do not recommend buying and wearing insoles at once. The insole can be recommended only by a doctor, since the cause of the pain in the heel can not only be a spur. More information about pain in the heel. ..

Insole with heel spur. How does the insole work?

How to choose an insole for a calcaneal spur?

For the treatment of spurs, the same insoles are used, which are recommended for longitudinal flat feet. The insole should be insole and should be stiff enough and fit snugly to the arch of the foot. To achieve a good result, it is recommended to use individually made insoles. Recommendations for making insoles are given by a doctor.

Stitches and spurs

Simple heels or too soft insole perform the function of supporting the foot can not and therefore are ineffective for treating spurs.

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Orthopedic insoles for heelspurs: advantages, price

Intended use

Orthopedic insoles are used with a spur on the heel for the correct placement of the leg and its good work when walking. This involves all the ligaments and muscles, which greatly improves blood circulation.

Comparable analysis of

The distinctive features of orthopedic products from conventional ones are the presence of a soft heel and the laying of arches. Such insoles are made of felt, gel and silicone. It should be noted that such qualities as durability and convenience depend on the material from which orthopedic insoles are made. The disadvantages of this product include a high price and the need for a permanent replacement.

What do they have in common with the heel pads?

Padded shoes have the same functions as orthopedic insoles. At the same time, their lifetime is unlimited. This will require proper care for them. Given the degree of development of the inflammatory process, the doctor may advise you to buy cork, helium, and even leather heels. The most durable are the cone analogs, which can retain their shape for a long time, absorbing an unpleasant odor. The main rule of care for such products is timely washing and drying.


Orthopedic insoles for heel spur to buy. Healing Healing Cushion - Affordable Price, Good Reviews


Stay tuned for fashion and change shoes often? Are your legs too tired from high-heeled shoes? You are tormented by the problem of swelling of the legs due to the frenzied rhythm of life and prolonged walking? Want to dress up in beautiful outfits and pick up stylish, but not very comfortable shoes?

Orthopedic insoles with a heel spur will help to forget for ever these and many other unpleasant sensations. Do not neglect your comfort, because it's so easy to make any shoe as comfortable as possible even for long hikes.

Orthopedic insoles for spurs: their features and benefits

Spoon insole heels Memory Foam is a versatile device that can adapt to the special shape of each foot and turn any footwear into a tailor made for you. Its soft material is able to "remember" the anatomical features of your heel, so even when you move soft pillows into brand new shoes you can feel the former comfort.

So, the insoles under the heel can be bought to solve such common problems:

  • fatigue from prolonged walking in not very comfortable shoes;
  • for the prevention of spurs on the legs and calluses;
  • to avoid discomfort during dynamic impacts during walking;
  • to reduce the load on the spine while walking;
  • to prevent deformation of the foot from using "too fashionable" shoes.

In addition, orthopedic insoles under the heel will help relieve pain in the legs, facilitate exercise, allow less fatigue when standing or carrying heavy loads. Especially recommended this device for the elderly, suffering from deformation of the foot, varicose veins and for pregnant women.

Special insole for heel spurs: the principle of action of

The desired effect in walking comfort when using Memory Foam is possible due to the special material from which these useful pads are made. The basis of this unique device was synthetic foam( polyurethane foam).It quickly softens from the heat of your body and takes the individual form of the foot, taking into account all its features.

Thus, you can transform any shoes you buy into the most convenient, not causing injuries, calluses and increased stress on the spine.

Orthopedic insoles with heel spur: buy and use correctly!

Healing insole with heel spur - this is a universal tool for comfortable and safe walks. They can be used by people with various anatomical features of the foot and the size of the shoe.

In order to feel all the charm of memory foam, it is necessary to perform the following actions:

  1. Unpack the purchased product;
  2. Cut the material to the size of your shoe( each of the dimensions is indicated by special lines, for which you need to adjust the device);
  3. Insert polyurethane foam cushions in the necessary shoes and enjoy a pleasant and easy walking.

Then, after returning home, it is necessary to pull the insole against the spur of shoes, to dry and ventilate. A few hours later they are ready to give you joy and comfort again.

Insole for heel with spurs: precautionary measures

A long and high-quality service of a unique device will become more likely if you use orthopedic insoles from the spur on the heel with all precautions:

  1. use the product only for the intended purpose;
  2. to avoid its getting wet;Store
  3. only in a dry and cool place;
  4. does not need to carry memory foam during the whole day in the period of getting used to them.

Important! Insole for heel spurs is an individual subject that takes into account the anatomical features of the user's foot, so do not transfer them for use to other people.

Orthopedic insoles for heel spurs: the price and the complete set of the

kit. Orthopedic insoles with spurs can be bought in our online store. The kit of this amazing preventive tool includes:

  • 2 universal polyurethane foam pillows;
  • user manual.

Everyone can ensure the comfort of their walking, for this it is only necessary to purchase insoles with a heel spur, the price of this truly miraculous commodity is available for any purse.

Insole for heel with spur: the advantages of

Testify to the special advantages that orthopedic insoles can give at a heel spur, reviews of satisfied customers. Consumers note such advantages of purchasing memory foam:

  • special comfort for the feet;
  • the possibility of comfortable and pleasant walking in any shoes;
  • account of the individual characteristics of each foot;
  • the possibility of everyday wear;
  • prevention of various leg problems;
  • maintaining the correct position of the foot;
  • versatility of size.

Insoles with a heel spur can be bought right now by placing an order in our online store in just a few clicks. Stop torturing your feet with uncomfortable shoes, worry about your health and get Memory Foam!

Do not hesitate, click the "Buy Now" button and place your order now!


Walking on heels with a calcaneal spur is just

The main complaint of patients with this disease is the pain when walking, resulting from damage to connective tissue in the foot. Specially designed orthopedic devices - heel pads and insoles help to keep the foot in the right position, without letting it move when walking. A reliable fixation of the foot reduces tension on the injured tissue and prevents the appearance of new tears in the connective tissue. The functions of both adaptations are similar, but when used they have their own peculiarities and "tricks" that every patient should know about before going shopping or calling a doctor.

Orthopedic insoles - they completely repeat the shape of the foot, keeping it at the expense of a softer heel part and strong lateral longitudinal arches. In such an insole, the leg takes an anatomically correct position, which reduces the pressure on the foot, and the load on the muscles and ligaments becomes more even. When walking, orthopedic insoles improve cushioning and ensure the participation in walking of all muscle groups and ligaments. These insoles are made of silicone, felt or gel. Standard models are sold in specialized outlets and pharmacies or are made to order, on an individual impression and taking into account all customer's wishes.

The heels of the are "cushions", about 1/3 of the length of the foot, which raise the heel and facilitate walking at the heel spur. Pidiopyatniki help to reduce and evenly distribute the load on the injured area and keep the heel in the correct position. Sometimes, to alleviate severe pain, these heel pads are strengthened with a special cut under the "spur" on the heel.

Dear readers! Our articles tell us about typical methods of treatment, but each case has a unique character. Do not self-medicate. At us on a site there is a rating of doctors who can help or assist with treatment of a heel spur.

Padded shoes are made from natural and synthetic materials today. They must be hypoallergenic, wear-resistant and resilient. All these requirements are answered by heel pads made of natural or artificial leather, cork, silicone or gel. For reliable fixation, this podpjatochnik is supplied with an adhesive surface, which keeps it in the shoes. Gel podpelater is recommended for use in the initial stages of the disease, and skin and latex are recommended in the midst of the disease. Suitable for everyday use and long-term operation are silicone heelpacks, which retain amortization properties for 3-5 years and do not absorb unpleasant odors.

Padded stitches are considered less effective for the treatment of calcaneal spurs, they are recommended to be used as a preventive agent in the initial stages of the disease. The popularity of saddle stitches is explained by the ease of use - you do not have to select individual and relative cheap items.

How to choose an orthopedic insole

To achieve a therapeutic effect from the use of orthopedic insoles it is possible only under the condition of individual selection, which should be performed by an orthopedic specialist. So, when manufacturing such insoles, the following factors are taken into account:

Anatomical features of the foot;
  • Degree of deviation of the foot from normal;
  • Condition of the musculoskeletal system;
  • Age.
  • The manufacture of orthopedic insoles is possible in several ways.

    1. The plaster cast is an old and uncomfortable method, today it continues to be used because of its simplicity and cheapness. To obtain an impression of the foot, the patient's leg is fixed in a special foam, a cast solution is poured into the resulting shape, which is then removed and used as a model for the manufacture of an insole for a particular customer.
    2. With the use of special plastic - for making the impression using a plastic polymer, which changes shape under the influence of temperature. The patient plunges his foot into a warm plastic that completely repeats the foot and results in an exact mold of the foot, which is used to make an insole for any footwear, including high-heeled shoes.
    3. Using a 3D printer - with a 3 D scanner, the foot is scanned, all physiological and anatomical abnormalities are detected, the shock absorption functions of the feet are examined and the presence or absence of problems with the locomotor apparatus. After studying the information received, specialists begin to make 3D insoles.

    Choosing shoes

    With such a disease, orthopedists unequivocally advise women to choose shoes on a low, stable heel, closed and not too tight. This reduces the burden on the feet and prevents the further development of the disease. With a heel spur, it is important to buy high-quality shoes on a convenient shoe and change it in time, as even the most expensive footwear gradually wears out the resource, and it can no longer hold the foot securely.

    You can not also wear shoes on a flat sole without a heel, even sports sneakers and slippers should be bought on a small heel, from 2 to 4 cm. Orthopedic insoles made with modern technology make it possible to wear model shoes on heels or platforms - for each kindshoes are selected a separate insole.

    Insoles and heel pads - treatment or "crutches"?

    The use of saddle stitches and insoles makes it possible to reduce the load when walking on a sore leg, reduce the intensity of pain and speed up recovery, but no orthopedic insoles can cure this disease. Only comprehensive treatment can save the patient from pain and the risk of complications of the calcaneal spur. And the use of insoles and heels will make treatment more comfortable, and life - easier and more fun, without looking back on an unpleasant disease.

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