Bioxytherapy: there is no oxygen starvation!

In the modern world it is very difficult for both men and women to maintain a good state of their skin. Our skin needs oxygen, especially in large cities with badly polluted air. From this comes her aging, which does not match your age.

The main advantage of this procedure, which is noted by all those who tried it and noticed a difference from other cosmetic procedures. Scientists have been studying the aging of the human body for several centuries, including its skin, and are trying to find ways to rejuvenate it.

Another plus of this procedure is that by saturating your skin with oxygen, it regains the function of healing and returning to its previous state.

Of course, this procedure can not be performed at home, so bio-therapy is done only in beauty salons by professional masters.

The procedure is, in fact, very simple, and its technology is not complicated, but special equipment is needed that will allow oxygen to be supplied under pressure by a thin stream.

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I would also like to note that bio-therapy will allow your skin to get rid of dead cells, clean it and rejuvenate it.

The normalization of metabolism, which will be improved during this procedure, will certainly have the best effect on the state of your body as a whole.

There are three basic methods of bio-therapy that are used in modern beauty salons:

  1. Therapy with the help of a jet of oxygen - is used to remove harmful substances from the skin of the body;
  2. Skin irrigation with oxygen - is mainly used to treat acne, as this procedure may spray different lotions, tonics and other cosmetics;
  3. Oxygen inhalation - is used when your skin needs urgent recovery, for example, with injuries, various wounds and burns.

Experienced professionals can advise you to combine bio-therapy with other different techniques that allow you to restore the skin within a short time.

When interviews are conducted with women who have already encountered bio-therapy, they are pleased to note that this procedure is absolutely painless and does not mechanically affect your skin.

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