Joint ointment horsepower price

Gel-balsams "Horsepower" and "ZooVIP" for the treatment of joints

Treatment of joints in such complex diseases as arthrosis and arthritis is not an easy task even for a very competent doctor. Therefore, any means that help with pain in the joints are valued literally in gold.

Some time ago two similar medicinal products appeared on the Russian market - "Horsepower" and "ZooVIP"( Zoovip) - with approximately the same effect, which were announced by manufacturers as effective external means for pain in the joints.

Let's look at them in more detail and find out how they work.

Tool number 1: gel healing "Horsepower"( "Horse Force")

the appearance of the gel pack

appearance of gel pack

The "Horsepower" tool( as its packaging looks, you can see in the figure beside) is produced in a capacious container of 500 ml, and the costit is from 400 to 600 rubles.

This product is recommended for the care of the skin and joints for pain caused by diseases of the musculoskeletal system - arthrosis( osteoarthritis), arthritis, as well as after injuries to bones, ligaments and joints.

In addition, the gel "Horsepower" gives a good preventive and curative effect with increased physical exertion: thanks to its use, you can avoid muscle overstrain.

Due to what the drug gives such results? It consists of three active natural components, each of which has its own effect.

1. Vitamin E

Due to the fact that the product contains this vitamin in its composition, when rubbing the medicine, it has a beneficial effect primarily on the skin of a person: faster healing of various wounds on its surface, beneficial effect on blood formation( on erythrocytes), preventsthe formation of blood clots in the blood, increases stamina, reduces the risk of scar tissue formation during wound healing.

In addition, vitamin E is a powerful antioxidant that improves cellular respiration and slows the aging of cells, especially skin cells.

treatment with mint essential oil in gel

essential oil of mint saturates the gel with healing menthol

2. Essential oil of mint

Mint oil contains a large amount of a substance called menthol.

Due to this, it seems to serve as a catalyst or "conductor", accelerating the ingress of other medicinal substances in the gel-cream of Horse Force into the deep layers of the skin and in the region of the diseased joints. In addition, mint oil gives a good relaxing effect.

3. Lavender oil

It increases the general tone of the body and positively affects the brain structures( aromatherapy!).

the composition of the product includes lavender oil

the composition of the product includes lavender oil

All together, the therapeutic substances in this gel cream have a pronounced analgesic effect in joint diseases, as well as with pains in ligaments and muscles of various origins.

The gel has a pleasant consistency and odor, so it can be used both as a grinder in the area of ​​joints, and for toning general massage, and as a preparation for hygienic care of the skin of the body.

The method of applying the gel is simple: apply it to the skin in the area of ​​the aching joint and lightly, gently move it into the skin. Repeat the procedure two times a day. In this case, the gel should not be applied to the damaged skin and it is important to avoid getting it on the mucous membranes.

This product is sold in pharmacies, but, of course, its availability needs to be specified, because it happens not always and not everywhere.

Buy gel balm Horse power in Moscow

Means No.2: ZooVIP gel of double action( "horse gel")

ZooVIP double acting gel

ZooVIP gel of double action

As you can see from the name, originally the gel "ZooVIP", unlike the "Horsepower", was creatednot for the treatment of human diseases, but for caring for the joints, ligaments and skin of horses and ensuring hygienic care for these animals.

It's hard to say who came up with the idea of ​​trying it on a man, but after all, painkillers - they're both painkillers for people and animals, right? Anyway, very soon this horse gel began to be used for diseases of the human joints, including arthrosis and arthritis.

The composition of this gel-cream Zoovip includes a few other medicinal substances, but the essence is this: the double effect of the gel is that it exerts on the skin and joints both a soothing and toning action - that is, by its mechanism this cooling-warminggel with joint pain.

Use the gel as follows. On a clean, washed skin, this remedy is applied in small amounts and with soft, light circular massaging movements rub it into the skin in the region of the affected joints.

Repeat this procedure 2-3 times a day. Best after the application of the gel, ensure the joint rest for half an hour - for example, just lie down. And for you rest, and medicine will work better.

Due to the fact that Zoovip is hypoallergenic and contains natural ingredients, after absorbing the gel into the skin, its residues can not be specially washed off. However, it is important not to apply it to damaged skin fragments and avoid getting onto mucous membranes.

How does this balm work? After rubbing into the skin first begin to act essential oils of mint and eucalyptus - they, again, they act as "conductors", improving the delivery of deeper layers of the skin with other medicinal substances.

Gels are good for massage

gels can also be used for massage

After that, the extract of pepper and camphor, which warm up muscles, ligaments, joints and other tissues, comes into play. They reduce pain, increase immunity, promote increased blood circulation in the area of ​​affected joints, which reduces stagnation of blood in these areas, accelerate the healing of injured tissues( provided that they are closed, ie, there are no skin defects and wounds).

The use of ZooVIP gel is indicated for both pain reduction in joints and for better recovery from injuries, bruising, ecchymoses( bruises), and bruises.

This product, of course, is not sold in pharmacies, becauseofficially this is still a drug for horses. Therefore, to look for it makes sense in pet stores. It is sold in bottles of 1000 and 500 ml. A half liter gel pack will cost you 300-400 rubles.

Do you have any experience using these gels? Or maybe other means of the same type that we did not write about were released? Share this information with us in the comments!

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Be Healthy!

Equestrian ointment for joints

Increasingly popular with patients with joint diseases is gaining a new remedy - horse ointment. With its help, it is possible to effectively combat most diseases that cause pain in the joints.

Manufacturers of the drug state that equine ointment is the most effective modern medicine against pathology of the musculoskeletal system. Before using the drug, it is worth investigating whether it is really as effective and useful as the manufacturer claims.

The main active ingredients of

This product is a gel-balm, since the product combines the characteristics of one and the other. Gels are called structured mixtures of polymers of organic and inorganic origin, which have a peculiar gelatinous texture. Balsams are commonly referred to as various medicines prepared on the basis of medicinal plants.

This component contains a large number of substances that have analgesic and tonic effect

The main components of the drug, indeed, are of natural origin. These include:

  1. Lavender oil. Oil has a beneficial effect on subcutaneous fat and directly on the skin, as well as on muscle tissue and ligaments, promotes rejuvenation.
  2. Tocopherol acetate( vitamin E).This substance is a universal antioxidant. Free radicals formed in the body as a result of its life activity, do him harm, causing premature aging, affecting various tissues and organs, causing their illness. Antioxidants and tocopherol acetate promote the removal of free radicals, protecting the human body from their negative effects.
  3. Mint oil. In mint oil, a high content of menthol, which normalizes the tone of the capillary system of the skin. This improves blood circulation and creates a feeling of coolness. Thanks to improved blood circulation, other components of the drug penetrate the skin and subcutaneous tissues deeper.
Demineralized water
The auxiliary components in the preparation are demineralized water, soybean oil and glycerin.

Efficiency and application features of

Horse Ointment has a number of therapeutic effects that can effectively fight joint diseases. The main effects that the drug provides:

  • pain relief;
  • improvement of blood circulation in capillaries of muscle tissue, subcutaneous tissue, skin;
  • acceleration of metabolic processes in various tissues( joints, muscles, ligaments, tendons);
  • increases the effectiveness of other drugs that are used externally;
  • relieves stiffness, increases the amplitude of motion of joints;
  • helps to relax, relieve stress, gain tone and improve the psycho-emotional state.

Ointment is used in various industries, due to its effectiveness and a wide range of action. The drug is used in such areas and for different cases:

  • practical cosmetology;
  • for the treatment of joint diseases associated with degenerative-dystrophic processes in articular tissues( arthrosis or arthritis);
  • in the treatment of osteochondrosis;
  • during recovery from injuries that affected bones, ligaments, joints, tendons;
  • for the elimination of inflammatory processes in the muscle tissues;
  • for relieving tension from muscles after increased physical exertion;
  • before the massage to increase its effectiveness.
Rubbing cream into the skin of the feet
The way of applying the ointment is very simple: it is necessary to apply a small amount of the product to the area that needs to be treated

The agent needs to be rubbed, evenly distributed so that a thin layer of it remains on the skin.

In the fight against trauma or systemic joint diseases, horse ointment is effective, as it promotes the activation of calcium metabolism.

The drug ensures the normalization of nutrient supply of connective tissue. Cartilage tissues, thanks to horse's ointment, are protected from destruction, elasticity returns to them, joint joints are more actively produced in the joint, due to which its healthy mobility returns.

Additional information

You can also read: Thai balsams Thai ointments for joints

The use of ointments requires certain simple rules. The instruction does not recommend the use of the drug if the skin has abrasions, wounds, abscesses or inflammation, any other damage to the skin. It is highly undesirable to treat the mucous membranes with gel.

The main contraindications are the presence of allergies to the components of the drug and malignant neoplasms. In the absence of these contraindications and skin lesions, the remedy can be used without the slightest fear.

A horse's ointment for joints is called so for good reason. Indeed, a tool was developed to address the goals of veterinary medicine, and then adapted to the needs of the individual. Do not be intimidated by this. First, numerous reviews convince that the drug is effective and does not cause side effects, except for an allergic reaction with individual hypersensitivity to certain components.

The only thing to think about is the duration of the drug. The horse's ointment gives a very quick effect. This is due to the increased dosage of some components, which is designed for a large animal, rather than a human. Therefore, do not abuse the ointment.

The doctor is talking to the patient
We recommend that you consult with your doctor regarding the dosage and course of taking

. Also an important point is the need for comprehensive treatment for serious causes of pain in the joints. If they are caused by systemic diseases, then other means of treatment should be used, and not limited to ointment.


Those wishing to use ointment from joints stop the fear that the remedy can be dangerous. With a doctor, you can consult about the methods and doses of the drug, but none of them will prescribe or write out a prescription for a remedy intended for the treatment of animals.

But with certain rules, the drug for the human body is safe and effective, so do not pay attention to skeptical remarks that a positive description of the drug - it's just the advertising course of the manufacturer.

The effectiveness and safety of the horse's remedy is due to the fact that they have the same effect as conventional pharmacy drugs. In composition, they are almost identical to most medications developed for humans and having the same effects.

Surprisingly, the products of veterinary pharmacy are usually much more natural and safer than conventional pharmacies.

It is very important to understand that you need to use medicines for animals in a special way. You can not just apply them like a human. This can lead to an overdose. Most often, as a result of an overdose, the drug develops an allergic reaction, irritation and even a burn.

In favor of treatment with horse ointment is not only its effectiveness, but also an affordable price. In a volume of 100 ml, the drug will cost about 250-300 rubles. A larger volume and costs, respectively, more.

"Horsepower" - gel for joints

Horse power gel for joints

Constant loads, injuries, incorrect weight distribution leads to abrasion of the cartilaginous tissue, which, in turn, causes pain and discomfort. Therefore, more and more people acquire a new tool called "Horsepower" - a joint gel that allows to restore normal mobility of limbs, eliminate pain syndrome, improve blood circulation.

Composition of foot gel "Horsepower"

This preparation contains only 3 active ingredients of natural origin:

  • tocopherol( vitamin E);
  • essential oil of lavender;
  • mint oil.

In addition to these ingredients, the gel consists of glycerin, carbopol, menthol, methylparaben, mineral water, soy extract.

Components of the drug provide increased local circulation, improved permeability of blood vessels and capillaries, removal of puffiness, effective analgesia.

It should be noted that the described tool is designed specifically for people, sold in pharmacies. Do not confuse it with a "horse gel" for double-acting legs. This cooling balm with anti-rheumatic effect is slightly similar to the proposed drug, but it is created for veterinary use. In addition, the ZooVIP gel consists of other components.

Instructions for the gel for joints "Horsepower"

This medication is almost universal. Its consistency and properties make it possible to apply the gel for rubbing into the affected areas, compresses, during therapeutic massage sessions.

An anesthetic and relaxing effect "Horsepower" produces 15 minutes after the first application. Essential oils act both as aromatherapeutic relaxants, and in the form of locally irritating substances.

Rub the gel in the affected joints 2 times a day. It is desirable to use an abundant amount of balm, massage the limbs to the absolute absorption of the drug.

The course of treatment, as a rule, lasts 10-12 days, until the appearance of persistent improvements in the condition and mobility. Sometimes it is possible to increase the period of therapy up to 3 weeks. In the future, the drug is recommended to use symptomatically, there is no restriction on the duration of its use.

Indications for use:

  • rheumatoid pain;
  • arthrosis, arthritis;
  • clinical signs of osteochondrosis;
  • recovery from injuries, sprains, surgeries;
  • need to relieve tension with muscle tissue after intensive training;
  • performance of therapeutic massage.

Professional manual therapists note that for physiotherapy, "Horsepower" fits best, as it quickly warms up soft and muscle tissue, promotes instant relaxation of the musculoskeletal system, facilitates

foot gel manipulation.

Contraindications to joint gel "Horsepower"

Do not apply the drug if there are mechanical damages to the skin in the treated area( abrasions, wounds, cuts).Also, do not use the described agent on the mucous membranes.

Direct contraindications:

  • is allergic to one of the components of the gel, especially for essential oils and methyl parabens in the formulation;
  • presence of malignant oncological neoplasms.

It should be remembered that "Horsepower" produces a significant local irritant effect. This can adversely affect the sensitive skin, cause the appearance of bruising, small bleeding, the emergence of a vascular network. Therefore, before the start of treatment is recommended to try the gel on a small area of ​​the epidermis and observe the treated skin for 12 hours.

Zoop VIP gel and horse power - joint care products

Joint diseases are quite common today, and their treatment is a long and not always effective process, even when it is under the supervision of an experienceddoctor. Therefore practically any new means for treatment of similar diseases are highly appreciated, especially if they give a steady effect. Some drugs are particularly distinguished for their naturalness, which is also important for some people who prefer natural remedies for pure chemistry.

Not so long ago new products appeared on the market - a healing gel for joints and veins "Horsepower" and a double action gel "Zoo VIP".Let's see what they are and how they work.

Therapeutic tool "Horsepower"

horse shampoo
About gel "Horsepower" for joints often say that it is ointment or balm, its price is quite democratic - for a bottle in 500 ml - from 400 to 600 rubles( depending on the region), but reviewsabout its effectiveness

( low or high) is almost impossible to find - it's too soon it appeared. Much more often you come across advertising, and from it objectivity does not have to wait.

But according to the manufacturers, this remedy has a curative effect and is used for painful sensations caused by trauma and various diseases of the musculoskeletal system. Also this preparation has good prophylactic properties at high physical exertion - it allows to avoid muscle overstrain. Most often the gel "Horsepower" is used for the joints of the feet, because they suffer the most in this situation.

It is believed that the drug is completely natural, it does not use "chemistry", it is very simple to use and has no contraindications( except for individual intolerance to individual components of this product). At the same time, it includes only three active components.

Composition of the gel "Horsepower", its action and application of

So, this composition contains only three natural active components. These are:

  1. Vitamin E. Due to its presence, the gel has a positive effect primarily on the skin. So, wounds are healed faster, wound healing reduces the risk of scar tissue formation. In addition, the foot gel "Horsepower" is good because it positively affects the operation of blood vessels and blood formation( also the effect of this vitamin), thereby preventing the appearance of blood clots in the blood. At the same time, vitamin E itself is a powerful antioxidant that slows down the aging of cells and improves cellular respiration. In the case of using this remedy, this is most noticeable for skin cells. Essential oil of mint. The main active component of mint oil is menthol. It performs a double function - it gives a small cooling and relaxing effect( which allows to relieve tension from the muscles), and also serves as a kind of catalyst, due to which it accelerates into the deeper layers of the skin of other components of the gel-cream.
  2. Lavender oil. The presence of this component allows you to raise the general tone of the body, something akin to aromatherapy. It is used mainly in the perfume industry. So we can say that this is more of an "aesthetic" component than a therapeutic one.

According to the manufacturers, all these components together have a pronounced analgesic effect with pain in the muscles and ligaments, as well as with various joint diseases. It can be used for rubbing in the area of ​​pain, for toning massage and as a skin care product.

It is also very simple to apply it - just apply it to the skin and rub it softly into the skin with gentle light movements. This procedure can be performed twice a day, but you should avoid getting the gel on the damaged skin and mucous membranes.

Gel Zoo VIP

It is also called the "Horse Gel".This is justifiable, since it was originally designed to care for the joints and ligaments of horses, and not for humans. It is not known who and in what situation it occurred to try this drug on a man, but now it is used in the treatment of various joint diseases in humans.

"Horse gel" for the joints is not too common, because any feedback about it - a rarity, it is more often necessary to deal with advertising. But according to the manufacturers, it has quite an interesting effect on the joint and the skin - both toning and soothing. Because it is called a double-action gel. In theory, this should have an effect, as a cooling-warming gel, which can be used for pain sensations in the joints caused by various diseases.

This gel contains only natural ingredients and is considered to be hypoallergenic, therefore its residues after complete absorption into the skin can not be washed off. However, the gel should not be applied to damaged skin. You can apply it 2-3 times a day, applying a small amount of gel and rubbing it with light circular movements, after which you need to give the joint a little rest( about half an hour).

The action of the remedy is based on the fact that, when rubbed into the skin, eucalyptus and mint oils first act as catalysts to accelerate the assimilation of other beneficial substances, and also have a cooling and relaxing effect. After that begins to act camphor and pepper extract, which have a warming effect, due to which the blood circulation improves, the edema decreases, the healing of damaged tissues is accelerated.

Horse joint ointment: instructions, reviews, price

Recently, animal care products are in great demand among people. According to statistics, the most popular and sold products in veterinary pharmacies are shampoos for horse mane, cream for the care of the cow's sheep and balms for the treatment of joints in horses. The latter, by the way, won the consumer audience relatively recently, but the responses that can be found on the web are simply staggering. People use horse ointment for joints in the treatment of radiculitis, arthrosis, various neuralgia and achieve good results. But is it so useful? And is such a drug really able to help in the treatment of serious diseases? Let's look at this article.

What to choose?

Veterinary pharmacies have a variety of horse ointments at a different price. But most doctors are against using veterinary drugs for people. As arguments, it is given that such funds are designed for large animals, and therefore have an increased concentration of active substances in the composition, which in humans can cause severe allergies, burns or skin irritation. In addition, on the label of such drugs it is indicated that they should be used strictly for their intended purpose. So, the producer does not bear responsibility for all the side effects.

But many people believe that since horses are whimsical and tender animals in terms of care, then the drugs created for them should be natural, hypoallergenic and without "chemistry".Especially for such buyers, a joint ointment for joints has been developed and put on drug stores. Horsepower.

Who needs it?

According to the manufacturers, it is used for pain symptoms caused by trauma and other diseases of the musculoskeletal system. Also, ointment Horsepower has very good preventive properties, especially with increased physical exertion. The remedy allows to avoid overstrain and stretching of muscles.

What's in the composition?

Advertising states that horse ointment has only natural ingredients in its composition, and the content of artificial and chemical additives is minimized. In addition, the drug has virtually no contraindications, except for individual intolerance. Instruction of the ointment The horse power says that it contains only three natural active ingredients that give excellent results:

  • Vitamin E. It is thanks to it that the gel positively affects the skin, promotes accelerated wound healing, and reduces the risk of scarring. Since vitamin E is a powerful antioxidant, the aging of cells slows down, the cellular respiration improves. In addition, the gel affects the operation of blood vessels and prevents the appearance of blood clots.
  • Essential oil of mint. Included in its composition menthol has a double effect. On the one hand, it causes a slight cooling, as well as a relaxing effect, which allows you to reduce tension from the muscles. On the other hand, menthol plays the role of a kind of catalyst, in connection with which the acceleration of carrying out into the deep layers of the skin the other components of the gel.
  • Lavender oil. Has an emollient and toning effect. In addition, thanks to him horse balsam has a very pleasant smell.

Among the other auxiliary components in the instruction of equine ointment for joints are declared water, glycerin, soybean oil, carbopol, methylparaben and propylparaben. Thus, the composition of the agent for humans is almost identical to the preparation for animals.

In addition, there is a warming horse ointment, which includes an extract of pepper and chestnut.

How to apply?

Ointment The horsepower is applied to the skin and easily rubbed with soft massage movements. The procedure can be carried out twice a day, while avoiding the drug on the mucous membranes and damaged skin. To enhance the effect of the affected joint after applying the gel can be warmed with a warm scarf.

The effect of treatment will begin to appear about a week later, but the first signs of pain relief can be noticed after a couple of applications.

In any case, despite the numerous positive responses about the ointment Horse power, before using it, it is absolutely necessary to consult your doctor. Self-medication can be not only useless, but also dangerous.

How much is it?

I must say that the cost of the facility is very democratic, but it depends on the region and the store in which you purchase it. On average, the price of ointment Horsepower ranges from 400 to 600 rubles per bottle in 500 ml.


In the network you can find a lot of positive feedback on horse ointment for joints. Some people are so impressed by the effect that they advise this remedy, as the only true, capable of immediately and permanently alleviate the pain and speed up the treatment.

Which treatment tool to choose, it's up to you. But, first, do not get carried away by any one drug, and secondly, the best thing is to follow the doctor's advice. You can show him the composition of several ointments for horses and he will choose the one that is right for you.

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Horse ointment for the treatment of joints |Are joints aching?

Sooner or later practical every person faces the appearance of pain in the joints. Causes may be different: reaction to weather change, colds, muscle overstrain, general malaise, trauma or something else, the movement is no longer given with the same ease, but causes real anguish.

Horsetail for joints

That it is possible to recommend at a choice of the agents, capable to facilitate painful sensations in joints. A horse ointment for joints is one of the drugs whose active natural ingredients( peppermint oil, vitamin E, lavender oil and others) have an effective analgesic effect when pain symptoms of various origin occur in the joints, ligaments, muscles, injuries and bruises of the musculoskeletal system,has a relaxing effect, is used for the purpose of therapeutic and preventive care in case of muscular tension.

Equine ointment for joints instruction: twice a day the ointment is rubbed into the skin with soft movements. This drug has no contraindications, except for individual intolerance of individual components of the ointment. It is not desirable to apply if the skin is damaged and abrasions.

Equine ointment for joints:

price To date, this drug is actively sold in pharmacy chains, through specialized online resources, in clinics or through private distributors. The price of horse ointment for joints in different implementers may differ. The final cost of the product can be influenced by the brand of the manufacturer, the availability and quality of packaging, packaging. In principle, the price of equine ointment for joints is fairly democratic and is available to most, and the effect and health of the joints will pay off all the costs incurred.

Horse joint ointment: reviews

People suffering from joint diseases after using horse's ointment for a short time to relieve pain and general relaxation, share only positive impressions and recommend buying a horse's ointment for joints to their friends and acquaintances. My patients use a proven means, which can get rid of the pain in 2 weeks without much effort.

No one will take the liberty of claiming the harm of this tool, but there are no side effects of official statistics and warnings, the percentage of negative reviews on the Internet is negligible compared to positive ones. Therefore, if there is a problem with joints or muscles, or if you want to treat joints, almost any interested person has the opportunity to get acquainted with the recommendations of independent experts and simply people who have personally tried the action of horse ointment for joints. This drug will be an excellent method in the application of complex therapy. To achieve a positive effect, it is better to consult a specialist.

Horse ointment for joints. Who tried to be treated? Did it help?


You know, it actually helps. It's just that the flasks are bigger for horses, that's all. And it helps even better than for people( probably because it is adapted to the thicker skin of an animal).And do not be so skeptical about this. Well, think for the horses. ...(it's almost from personal experience - my mother, neighbor, neighbor's girlfriend, grandfather, and grandmother on the bench used it's not a joke, seriously)


helps me from intercostal neuralgia

Anton rublev

Personally, I did not help.


Does not help, but it's nice and does not hurt.

Singolo Spirito

I bought Finnish, I smear muscles and spine, it helps me. If a woman believes, buy and let it be treated, there will be no harm.

Zina Zeta

555 times already repeated: ointments from pain in the joints can not help in prinipe. ..The cause of the disease is inside the body and it should be removed from the inside, and not outside


buy it, it will help 100%.there is an incredible thing - a placebo.


Horse ointments are made for horses, as in the head can come to try it on yourself. ... Although, maybe you have health, what to do not where. ...

Questions Answers

If this ointment is a so-called dual-action ointment( cold-heat),
then it helps sometimes horses and people
And the fact that it is for horses does not mean that it can not be used by people.
Compare the components of similar ointments for horses and for humans and the composition is sooo similar.
Even pharmacists in the west are advised to buy horse, if in the pharmacy for people there is no this ointment( do not buy it and the pharmacy does not order) and wait for the order do not want to.

Margarita Nevayeva

Ointment helps, relieves pain in the waist for a long time, even when it reduces my leg cramp-smear with this ointment and helps. The council was given by a friend of a girl who, since childhood, has been dealing with horses. All grannies from the entrance straightened their backs, they could not rejoice, that pain does not torment.

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