Dietary recommendations for diseases of the thyroid gland

Unfortunately, a healthy person rarely thinks about the benefits of proper nutrition, about the biochemical reactions of the body, about the burden that the organs bear when processing food. He begins to think about all this only when the first symptoms of the disease appear. However, by this time there are already some irregularities in the work of various organs, and one has to not only adhere to small restrictions in nutrition, but radically change their diet. Because nutrition plays a huge role in the treatment of most diseases, especially with papillary thyroid cancer.

Diet for thyroid diseases

Dietary recommendations for thyroid disorders depend on the variety of the disease. When there is a lack of iodine, when there is a slowdown in the processes of metabolism, attention should be paid to products with a high content of this element. Most of all it is contained in any seafood - they should always be present on the table. For cooking, it is better to use only iodized salt. But it should be remembered that in four months iodine evaporates from salt, and it does not bring any benefit.

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Things to eat with thyroid gland diseases

Legumes, tomatoes, corn are useful, and from white cabbage and millet porridge it is worthwhile to abstain, as they contain substances that suppress the body's absorption of iodine. Vegetables, fruits and nuts are useful, and celery, radish and garlic are simply irreplaceable, since they purify the blood. Well, if you can stick to a predominantly vegetarian way of eating. The diet should be varied, but not at the expense of sweet and salty - they should be limited.

If the disease is caused by excessive content in the body of iodine, you must adhere to the opposite principles - first of all, to exclude seafood and salt from the diet. In any case, useful vegetables and fruits, vegetarian soups, chicken meat. Instead of bread it is better to bake flat cakes from a batterless test.

With an excess of iodine metabolism is accelerating, so you can not be afraid of extra calories and afford a piece of fat, meat. There are no such strict limitations as in hypothyroidism. On the contrary, more products with high energy value are required. However, in either case, it should be remembered that it is impossible in any case to skip meals that should be frequent enough. Fasting or low-calorie diets are excluded, as they will cause weakness, loss of strength, dizziness.

At nodes in the thyroid gland, nutrition should be, in the main, vegetarian with a high content of seafood. We must also remember the need for the presence in the body of other trace elements - selenium, cobalt, calcium, zinc and others. The use of a large number of fruits and fresh vegetables largely removes this need, however, not to the end. Therefore, it is important to periodically take a course of multivitamins, which will appoint a doctor.

Thyroid disease is a risk factor for osteoporosis. Therefore, when designing a food system, you need to remember the need for a sufficient amount of vitamin D, as well as phosphorus and calcium for its assimilation. Means, in a food it is necessary to include cheeses, eggs, a butter, caviar and a fish liver. You can gradually add to the food crushed shell eggs.

The most important thing is not to exhaust yourself with a rigid diet and not to look for miraculous ways of recovery, not to engage in experimentation. Just need to monitor the level of hormones, performing all the dietary recommendations of a qualified specialist. Then food will not be a hindrance, but a help in treatment.

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