How to slow down skin aging

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Every woman is a bright and unique person. But all the representatives of the fair sex are united by the desire to be happy and healthy. Many will say that youth and beauty are not a guarantee of happiness. But it is the feeling of being young and attractive that inspires and inspires every woman, does not allow her to get bogged down in the routine of everyday life. Therefore, every lady struggles with old age. And the first sign of a well-groomed lady is her skin. Doctors and cosmetologists around the world are struggling with the question of how to slow down the aging of the female skin.

Undesirable skin changes can be caused not only by illness or by improper care, but also by age-related changes. The skin becomes dry, elasticity is lost, unpleasant pigmentation spots appear. If you notice these signs, it's time to act decisively. The process of skin aging can be significantly stopped if you have information about this process.

There are circumstances that can not be changed. For example, poor ecology, daily stress, hereditary diseases. But there are factors that we can manage. It is known that the condition of our skin is affected by the liver. If you do not care about the health of your liver, then the skin will be in poor condition. It is necessary to avoid drinks containing caffeine and alcohol. Give up smoking, spend less time under the open ultraviolet rays. Be sure to get enough sleep, chronic lack of sleep leads to rapid aging of the skin.

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For healthy and beautiful skin, first of all, moisture is needed. Humidification can be obtained externally with the help of special cosmetic preparations, as well as from the inside, using the reserves of the body. The body can fully hydrate the skin only when there is a sufficient reserve of fluid. It is necessary to help the body in this case. Drink enough water, critically approach its quality. Do not drink tap water, since it negatively affects all body systems. Use also cosmetics that will help protect your skin from the harmful effects of ultraviolet light.

Special attention should be paid to nutrition. Try to eat more fruits, vegetables, natural products. Try not to overeat, do not have dinner after 18.00.

Morning exercise, regular jogging will greatly help your skin to maintain a healthy and youthful appearance.

Remember that the beauty and youth of your skin is in your hands!

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