The drug Don for joints reviews

Dona drug-chondroprotector: drug instruction, price, analogs and reviews about this medicine

Dona is a drug-chondroprotector that is used in the treatment of joint diseases, in which cartilaginous tissue is damaged - deforming osteoarthrosis of the knee joint, hip joint and many others. In this article we will talk about what kind of medicine is, how it works, how to use it, and what kind of reviews about this medicine are left by people who have been treated.

Contents of the article:

Instruction how this medicine is produced
Indications for use: in what diseases is a + useful video used
List of contraindications and side effects
Price and where you can buy it
Reviews about this chondroprotector

With the mosteffective chondroprotectors can be found in the article Drugs for the treatment of arthrosis of the knee joint. About why you need drugs-chondroprotectors and how they work, you can read in the article How to choose a chondroprotector for joint arthrosis: what is important to pay attention to.

Instruction for

appearance of the drug Don

preparation of

preparation The drug-chondroprotector of Don is produced by the pharmaceutical company Rottafarm( Italy).The active substance of the drug is glucosamine in the form of glucosamine sulfate. This substance, along with chondroitin sulfate, is considered the main chondroprotective medication, which now exists in the world.

The active substance of the drug Don has a beneficial effect on the cartilaginous tissue of the affected joint, slowing down the destruction of cartilage and enhancing their recovery, speeding up the synthesis of cartilaginous tissue and its base - cells of the cartilaginous tissue called chondrocytes.

In addition, Don's chondroprotector additionally exerts anti-inflammatory action, reduces pain in joints, improves their functions, including increases their mobility and volume of active movements in the joints, slows the development of deforming osteoarthritis.

Dona is available in two forms:

1) powder for oral administration;One packet of powder contains 1500 mg of glucosamine sulfate. One package contains twenty bags.

2) ampoules with a solution for intramuscular injection. One ampoule contains 400 mg of active ingredient. The box consists of 6 ampoules + 6 ampoules with a solvent;Before the injection, the drug is mixed with such a solvent solution.

arthrosis of the knee joint - one of the indications for the appointment of Dona

arthrosis of the knee joint - one of the indications for the appointment of Dona


  • primary deforming arthrosis;
  • secondary osteoarthritis of various joints;
  • osteochondrosis of various parts of the spine, including unco-vertebral arthrosis of the cervical region;
  • patella chondromalacia;
  • periarthritis of the shoulder joint or humeropathy periarthritis.

How is used and assigned chondroprotector

Don is assigned by two different schemes, which depend on the form in which the medicine is used and how it is introduced into the body.

Use in powders:

One packet of the drug must be diluted in a small( up to 200 ml) amount of water and mix thoroughly. In a day you need to drink one sachet of medicine at a time. In this form, the medicine is taken every day from one and a half to three months. Then usually a two-month break is made, and then, if necessary, the course is repeated.

Use in ampoules in the form of injections:

Before making an intramuscular injection with this drug, you must first mix the contents of the ampoule with the medicine and the ampoule with the solvent. Dona injections are administered three times per week for one or one and a half months. In addition, in some cases, the doctor can appoint Don in both types - both in injections and in powders. There is an opinion that such a combination is more effective than using this medication in any one form.

Please note: all of the above methods of administering the drug and its dose are indicated for informational purposes only! Do not try to self-medicate by prescribing this or any other medication yourself. Remember: using medicines without prescribing a doctor can lead to unpredictable consequences for your health! It is not worth the risk. For the diagnosis and treatment, always consult a doctor!


Dona has its own contraindications

The drug has virtually no contraindications to the appointment. This medication should not be used only with increased individual sensitivity to glucosamine, patients with phenylketonuria( in the case of powders) and patients with severe forms of heart failure and epileptic seizures( when using medication in the form of injections).In addition, Don is forbidden to take children under the age of 12, as well as pregnant women and women breastfeeding.

However, regardless of the indications listed here and the contraindications, when using this medication, be sure to read the insert leaflet carefully to the drug.

Side effects of

  • allergic reactions( itching, urticaria);
  • from the gastrointestinal tract - flatulence, constipation or diarrhea;
  • with the injection of drugs in the form of injections may be nausea, vomiting, double vision, drowsiness, headache, dizziness, tremor, numbness of the tongue and mucous membrane of the oral cavity, disorientation, euphoria, cardiac abnormalities.

How much is the drug, what is its price and where can it be bought?

As of 2013, the cost of the Don chondroprotector in Moscow pharmacies ranged from 1,000 to 1,400 rubles, and the cost of the medicine in the form of sachets( in powders) roughly corresponded to the drug price inampoule form for injections.

Analogues of the chondroprotector Don

Dona should be replaced not by a pharmacist in the pharmacy, but by the doctor

. Since each medicine of this type is produced by its own technology, there is no complete analogue of the Dona at present. If we talk about its active substance - glucosamine, it is a part of such chondroprotectors, as Elbon( Russian chondroprotector), Elastenga, etc. You can read more about these and other medications in this article.

If we talk about those analogues of the Don, which are injected into the body in the form of injections, now there are such drugs on the market as Alflutop, isolated from small sea fish, as well as Rumalon, made from the cartilaginous tissue of young calves.

Reviews about the drug for the joints of Don

The doctor appointed me Don, I drank two courses of it. I can not say that the medicine helped perfectly, but the pains seem to have become less.


someone helps Don, and some do not.

I am 68 years old, suffering from arthrosis for several years. The last three years I pierce Dona twice a year. I am very satisfied with the medicine, it helps me. In addition, I combine this treatment with the procedure on a magneto-turbotron, this also has an effect in diabetes. Now pains in joints practically do not disturb.


Propyl Don by a course of six weeks. Actually, I did not see any effect. The drug is expensive, but no use.


Don, it makes no sense to drink on one package! It's only to let the money go. In order to have an effect, Don needs to be taken for years, courses for 2 months several times a year, and at the same time still something from vascular preparations to drink, then there is a sense.


Do you have any personal experience using this medication? Share it with other readers of our site, leaving a review below! We will be twice grateful if you specify your age, how much and how you took this medicine and what was the effect.

Drug of the Don: instructions for use and reviews about the preparation

prona shots The drug Don( Dona) is created for the treatment of osteoarthrosis of various pathogenesis.

The official name and the main active substance of the drug - glucosamine sulfate, which is a natural substance that is constantly present in the body and is responsible for metabolic processes in the cartilaginous tissues, provides the growth of connective tissue in the joints and tendons of the joints.

The use of the drug activates natural processes by increasing the glucosamine content in the body, stimulates the restoration of cartilaginous tissues, replenishment of the joint fluid.

When used for prophylaxis, Don warns of early destruction of cartilage.

The effect of the drug on the body

In addition, the drug has an anti-inflammatory, analgesic effect, promotes the deposition of calcium in bone tissues.

The drug restores cartilaginous tissue;inhibits the processes of protein breakdown and accelerates their synthesis, that is, promotes the growth of muscle tissue;stimulates regeneration processes, inhibits the degeneration of cartilaginous tissue;relieves painful symptoms;Suppress the development of inflammatory processes.

Replacing the lack of natural glucosamine, Dona increases the permeability of the joint capsule walls, helps restore the enzymatic processes. Sulfate esters present in the preparation contribute to the maintenance of tissue elasticity, water retention.

Absorption of the drug occurs in the small intestine, from where the drug quickly and easily penetrates into tissues, including articular cartilage. Within 70 h half of the drug is excreted from the body.

Indications for use

Don is intended for the prevention and treatment of the following diseases:

  • primary deforming arthrosis, which causes destruction and thinning of the articular cartilaginous tissue;joint osteoarthritis
  • joint osteoarthritis( secondary), which causes joint pain and deformity;
  • osteochondrosis of all parts of the spine;
  • unco-vertebral arthrosis, affecting intervertebral discs, facet joints of the spine;
  • humeroparathis periarthritis and periarthritis of the shoulder joint, characterized by inflammation of the periarticular tissues in large joints;
  • chondromalation of patella( changes in cartilage).

When should medication not be used

Caution should be approached for treatment of the drug in the presence of certain diseases, conditions, allergic reactions:

  • in case of phenylketonuria, which is a hereditary disease that develops as a result of protein metabolism disturbance and causes serious changes in the CNS, it is inadmissible to use powderedform of the preparation;
  • is inadmissible use of the drug in the pathology of the kidney and liver of a severe degree;
  • in the presence of a history of epilepsy, seizures of uncertain etiology excluded intramuscular injection of the drug;
  • intramuscular application of the drug for acute and chronic heart failure and cardiac blockade, arterial hypotension;
  • allergic reactions to sea shellfish, as well as adverse reactions to the administration of aspartame, lidocaine, are a contraindication to the use;
  • in the presence of diabetes, it is necessary to control the level of glycemia in the body;
  • is inadmissible for use in the presence of individual intolerance to the main and auxiliary components of the drug;
  • does not prescribe the drug for women during pregnancy and feeding, as well as children under 12 years old, because clinical studies of safety on this group of people have not been conducted.
In connection with the content of the sodium preparation, it is necessary to take this fact into account for people who use the sodium diet. We do not recommend exercise during the treatment period.

Adverse effects when alcohol is used against the background of treatment course is not established.

Forms of release

Dona is available in tablets, powder, in injections:

Forms of issuing the Don
  1. Powder is packaged in separate sachets containing the required dose of the drug.
  2. Capsules are sold in packs of 80 capsules.
  3. Injection is supplied as a set - 6 ampoules for injections and ampoules with a solvent. To improve the therapeutic effect, the course of injections can be combined with taking capsules.

Cases of drug overdose are not known. If the medicines are taken carelessly in doses exceeding those recommended by the doctor, gastric lavage should be performed, symptomatic therapy.

Mechanism of Action

As already mentioned, the drug replenishes the body's deficiency of natural glucosamine. Due to the use, the production of hyaluronic acid and proteoglycans in the joint fluid is stimulated, the permeability of the joint capsule is increased, the enzymatic processes normalize, the processes of destruction of the articular cartilage are slowed down.

At the same time there is a restoration of the function of calcium deposition in bone tissue and fixation of sulfur, pain in the joints goes away.

Symptom reduction occurs after a couple of weeks. Recovery is observed a couple of months after the completion of treatment. The destructive processes in the joint are suspended, the structure of the cartilaginous tissue begins to recover.

How to use

Each package of the drug Don contains an instruction manual from which it follows that:

  1. Powder forms take 4-12 weeks with a break of 2 months. It is necessary to take 1 sachet per day, pre-Drug injection into the joint dissolving in a glass of water.
  2. Tablets are taken 20 minutes before meals. Capsules are taken three times a day, 1-2 capsules together with food, depending on the weight of the body and the degree of the disease. The course is one and a half to two months.
  3. For intramuscular treatment of Ampule A and ampoule B are mixed in a syringe. Enter 3 ml of the prepared solution 3 times a week for 4-6 weeks.

Possible side effects of

Occasionally, there are cases of side effects of the drug:

  • from the digestive tract: nausea, vomiting, constipation, flatulence, diarrhea;
  • from the side of the central nervous system: euphoria, drowsiness, headache, disorientation, dizziness;
  • from the cardiovascular system: cardiac conduction disorders;
  • allergic reactions;
  • tremor;
  • numbness of the tongue, oral mucosa.

Information from the expert

The Medication of the Don Improvement in patients is observed after two weeks of continuous use of the drug.

The largest effect is achieved with a course of treatment from 1 month , which persists for up to 2 months.

This explains the break in the course of treatment. At the same time, the success of the drug depends on the degree of the disease, the approach to treatment, the observance of restrictions during the treatment period, and the characteristics of the organism.

Normal people say

Most of the patients receive positive feedback about the effectiveness of the drug Don. The drug quickly relieves pain in the joints, it is effective in combination with physiotherapy procedures.

The disease has been tormenting for a number of years. The last two years I have been taking a course of treatment in the form of injections. The pains in the joints disappeared, they became freer than the movement.


After two courses of the drug Don, the condition markedly improved


I very much hoped that immediately after using the drug, relief would come. The miracle did not happen. After the first course, she really began to feel better, but then the pain returned. I had to repeat the treatment. I drink 2 courses with breaks, 2 times a year. It's getting better, but I'll continue.


The drug should be taken on courses, several times a year, otherwise the effect will be unstable.


The most effective are the injections, firstly the complete and immediate absorption and delivery of the substance to the tissues, secondly the injection can be inserted at any time and only once every three days, thirdly the powder form is not very convenient, the tablets -excessive injury to the stomach.


What are the pros and cons of the drug

The drug gives high results of treatment, especially at the initial stage of arthrosis, almost completely restoring the healthy functions of the cartilage tissue of the joint.

Due to the presence of natural glycosamine in the body, contraindications to use are minimal.

There are both positive and negative side effects of the drug.

The biggest disadvantage of the drug is the need for long-term use to obtain a sustainable effect.

Cost of medicine

The price of the drug Don in various forms of varies from 1200 to 1400 rubles .

Shelf life is two years, subject to the conditions specified in the instructions. Keep the drug in a place inaccessible to children. The drug is dispensed at the pharmacy under the prescription of the doctor in charge.

How can I replace a medicine?

The following analogues of the drug exist according to the active substance:

  • Glucosamine sulfate;Glucosamine
  • Aminoarthrin;
  • Sustilac;
  • Glucosamine;
  • Glucosamine hydrochloride;
  • Chondroxide Maximum;
  • Elbona;
  • Pharmaskin TGC;
  • Unium.

Replacement should be selected only by a doctor, due to the lack of a complete analogue of the drug Don.

Glucosamine, as an active substance, is contained in such preparations as: Elbona, Elastenga, in the form of injections it is possible to advise such preparations as: Rumalon, Alflutop.

Dona - buy the drug Don in the form of powder at a wholesale price, the cost of medicine in Moscow in the Pharm Market

Don - instruction on the use of

Don is a pronounced drug of the clinical and pharmacological group of drugs affecting the metabolism in the cartilaginous tissue, having on them an anti-inflammatory effect.

This preparation is also called the stimulator of biosynthesis of proteoglycans.

It is produced in the form of a powder, with the help of which a solution for internal use is prepared. In each packet of powder , sulfate form of glucosamine( one and a half grams) is present as the main substance.

Twenty pieces of sachets are put in one cardboard pack. Of the excipients there are such as aspartame, sodium chloride, sorbitol, carbowax 4000, water d /, lidocaine hydrochloride and citric acid. In the form of a solvent, diethanolamine appears in the amount of 24 milligrams and water d / u, which is admissible up to one milliliter.

As a result, , the price of Dona appears as a solution for intramuscular injection, which is 200 milligrams of glucosamine per 1 milliliter - while in each ampule of dark glass a volume of 2 milliliters contains 400 milligrams of glucosamine. Total ampoules in the kit is two, in addition to six ampoules of the solvent.

Pharmacological action

As mentioned above, it is from Dona that the metabolism in the sphere of cartilage tissue depends. Glucosamine sulphate is a salt of natural glucosamine aminomonosaccharide, which, in turn, is available in the human body. Its molecular mass is low enough - in addition, it is thoroughly purified from all macromolecular impurities.

Solution to buy Don , as a rule, is taken with an endogenous glucosamine deficiency. The drug is able to stimulate the production of proteoglycans and hyaluronic acid, which is in the synovial fluid. It is also known for increasing the permeability of the capsule of the joint, restoring to the optimal level the enzymatic processes of cells of the articular cartilage with the synovial membrane.

The anti-inflammatory effect of the basic substance of the drug, judging from the information received from medical about the Don information, is based on blocking the formation of superoxide radicals by macrophages, as well as by the suppression of lysosomal enzymes.

Glucosamine is fixed during the production of chondroitin sulfuric acid and sulfur, it helps to alleviate the natural calcium deposits in the bone tissues. In general, the of the Don slows the regression of the joints, restores them to their original capabilities, reducing joint pain to a minimum.

The advantage of using sulfates in this drug is also that they also take part in the production of glycosaminoglycans and the metabolism of cartilaginous tissue. This, in fact, is another weighty reason for to buy Don , and not its counterparts. For example, sulphate esters of side chains present in proteoglycans are of great importance for supporting cartilage matrix: both its elasticity and ability to retain water.

The gradual disappearance of clinical signs of the disease, usually manifested in two weeks after the start of therapy. Clinical improvement, proceeding from consumer reviews to Don ( already from grateful patients), continues to gain momentum for eight weeks after giving up this medication.


Absorption of glucosamine sulfate by the body occurs almost instantaneously. It is absorbed by the small intestine completely: the volume of absorption of the basic substance is 90%. By the price of Dona , after intramuscular administration and internal use, it is easy to pass natural biological barriers so that the distribution of cartilage tissues of the joint begins. Regarding the inference, the instruction and scientific medical reviews to Don read: T1 / 2 equals 68 hours.

Dosage of

Inside the drug, one packet( one and a half grams), once a day, is prescribed for six weeks. Before use, the contents of the sachet should be dissolved in two hundred milliliters of water and take twenty minutes before meals. The course of therapy can be repeated, while maintaining a two-month interval. For the following uses, the question " where to buy Don " does not arise.

Intramuscularly, the drug is administered one ampoule( 400 milligrams) three times a week, for 4-6 weeks. Immediately before use, the contents of one ampoule( two milliliters) should be diluted with a special applied solvent( one milliliter) in the same syringe. Intramuscular injections can be combined with oral administration of Dona, at the cost of patient's health, such a use of the drug will not.


At this time, the situation with overdose of this drug has not been officially recorded.

Drug Interaction

The drug is completely biologically compatible with NSAIDs and glucocorticosteroids.

Pregnancy and lactation

Pregnant patients and lactating mothers are strongly advised to consult a doctor before to buy Don , because the regulated and approved by the Ministry of Health check of the drug for safety in this position has not yet been conducted.

Side effects of

In some cases, the digestive system reacted with flatulence, diarrhea, constipation. Of allergic reactions, judging by reviews about Don patients, itching and hives were monitored. Among the effects caused by lidocaine, the following effects were observed: vomiting, diplopia, nausea, drowsiness, migraine, dizziness, tremor, numbness of the oral mucosa and tongue, euphoria, cardiac dysrhythmia, disorientation in space.

Conditions and shelf life

The medicine is perfectly preserved at a temperature of 25 degrees Celsius, plus or minus 5 degrees. Powder for oral solution has a three-year shelf life, powder for intramuscular solution - two-year. After this time, the patient will have to attend to the question: " Where to buy Don ?" Again.


This medication is prescribed for patients suffering from osteoarthrosis of varying severity and location. Among them: arthrosis of the hip and knee joints, spondylarthrosis, as well as intervertebral osteochondrosis.

Doctors recommend Don , including, with chondromalation of the patella and shoulder-shoulder periarthritis.


Contraindications to the use of this drug are:

1. Hypersensitivity to sulphate of glucosamine and other components of the drug.

2. Presence of aspartame in a powder intended for oral administration( it is forbidden to use in phenylketonuria).

3. Buy Don, where in solution for intramuscular injection contains lidocaine, is strictly not recommended for those suffering from severe cardiac conduction disorders, as well as increased sensitivity to it or acute heart failure. Usually, there is mention of epileptiform convulsions in the anamnesis.

Also, the drug is contraindicated in children under 12 years old.

Special instructions

Don cost , on average, a thousand rubles and as a solution for injection is recommended to be used with caution to patients with hypertension. It should also be prescribed in parallel with the following drugs: beta-blockers, aymalin, digitoxin, amiodarone, quinidine, verapamil, novocainamide, sodium thiopental, hexenal, MAO inhibitors, sedatives or hypnotics, polymyxin B and cimetidine.

Conditions for dispensing from pharmacies

The drug is dispensed exclusively by a doctor's prescription. Patients, concerned with the question " Where to buy Don ?", Answer: the drug is more available in online pharmacies than in real ones.

- Hypersensitivity to glucosamine sulfate and other components of the drug. - Powder for ingestion contains aspartame and therefore is contraindicated in phenylketonuria. - The solution for the / m administration contains lidocaine and is therefore contraindicated in patients with severe conduction disorders of the heart andacute heart failure, with epileptiform cramps, children under the age of 12 years, during pregnancy and lactation, with increased sensitivity to lidocaine.

Way of administration and dose

Inside appoint 1 packet( 1.5 g) 1 time / day for 6 weeks.

Before use, the contents of the sachet are dissolved in 200 ml of water and taken 20 minutes before meals.

The course of treatment can be repeated at intervals of 2 months.

In / m injected at 1 amp.(400 mg) 3 times a week for 4-6 weeks. Before use, the contents of 1 amp.(2 ml) diluted with the applied solvent( 1 ml) in a single syringe.

In / m administration can be combined with taking the drug inside.

Application in pregnancy and lactation

Adequate and strictly controlled studies on the safety of the use of the drug Don during pregnancy and lactation were not carried out.

Side effects of

Gastralgia, nausea, flatulence, constipation or diarrhea, allergic reactions( hives, itching of the skin). Solution for the / m introduction additionally( due to the content of lidocaine in the composition): vomiting, drowsiness, diplopia, headache, dizziness, numbnesstongue and mucous membrane of the oral cavity, tremor, euphoria, disorientation, impaired cardiac conduction.

Special instructions

Caution should be used in the form of solution for injection in patients with chronic heart failure, arterial hypotension.

With caution, prescribe injectable solution simultaneously with beta-blockers, digitoxin, aymalin, amiodarone, verapamil, quinidine, novocaineamide, hexenal, sodium thiopental, MAO inhibitors, polymyxin B, hypnotics or sedatives, cimetidine.

- Use in Pediatrics Adequate and strictly controlled studies on the safety and efficacy of the drug Don in children under the age of 12 years have not been conducted.

Drug Interaction

Compatible with non-steroidal anti-inflammatory agents and glucocorticosteroids.

Dona preparation: instructions + doctor's opinion | June 18th, 2013 admin

A group of chondroprotectors - drugs designed to restore cartilaginous tissue and slow its degeneration - is very extensive. Many of these drugs, with different commercial names, are in fact chondroitin sulfate. A compound called glucosamine sulfate, which is one of the components of a healthy cartilaginous tissue, has a similar effect to it. On the basis of glucosamine, many drugs have also been created, including the drug Don, which is prescribed to many patients with pathology of the musculoskeletal system.

Composition and Action of

Based on the information already covered, one would expect that the Dona simply replenishes the deficit of the missing cartilage substance, however, in fact, the effect of glucosamine sulfate on joint diseases is much broader. Its presence in the body causes an increase in the formation of synovial fluid and the synthesis of other structural components of cartilage, as well as suppresses enzymes, whose action is directed to the destruction of its fibrous structures. Under the influence of Don, there are changes in bone tissue, improves the accumulation of calcium, increases the density of bones.

In addition, the use of this tool is particularly beneficial to those patients who, by the nature of the disease, receive non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs or corticosteroids( the use of some of these drugs - more often NSAIDs - is necessary in almost every first case).Against the background of Dona's therapy, there is no suppression of the synthesis of glucosaminoglycans and drug damage to the joints;Thus, concomitant therapy with potentially harmful medications, if carried out together with the administration of Dona, does not worsen the prognosis of the disease.

As with other chondroprotectors, the action of this drug does not develop immediately: the first results of treatment can be seen only after 2-3 weeks. This is the minimum time required for the accumulation of the drug in the body and the manifestation of its effect;similar "delayed" effects are different and other drugs, such as antidepressants, so there is nothing wrong with such a delay. But in the future, the therapeutic effect gradually increases, and even persists after the withdrawal of funds for 2-3 months.

Indications and method of application

Don can be used for the treatment of osteoarthritis, with any location of the pathological focus( more often they are affected by knee and hip joints), as well as in the complex therapy of shoulder-lobe periarthritis and other joint diseases of degenerative origin. The safety of the drug allows it to be used even for preventive purposes, if necessary.

By the way, about safety: just the other day, in the June issue of the journal Cancer Causes Control( USA), the results of one interesting study were published. It turns out that chondroitin and glucosamine sulfate were "seen" as a means of chemoprophylaxis of colorectal cancer: in patients who took drugs for a long time on the basis of these substances, oncological diseases of the rectum developed less frequently.

Method of application Donas are selected, depending on the intended dosage form. This product is available in powder and capsules for oral administration, and the drug exists as a solution for intramuscular injection. Powder( single dose - 1 sachet) is dissolved in water and the received liquid is drunk once a day twenty minutes before meals, capsules are taken 1-2 times( the amount should be determined by the doctor) three times throughout the day.

The solution is usually prescribed to patients with severe, severe symptoms, it is administered intramuscularly three times a week. Very often, the injectable and oral forms of the drug are combined. The course of treatment with capsules and powder is 1-3 months, after another 2 months it can be repeated. As for injections, they are conducted less, for 4-6 weeks.

Side effects and contraindications

Side effects develop very infrequently: as a rule, the tolerance of the drug is good. If they arise, then, as a rule, expressed in the form of not serious violations from the digestive tract. There are constipation, increased gas or liquid stool. Even more rarely are allergic reactions, they are usually observed in people with allergies to animal protein.

If you have been prescribed a drug in the form of a solution, remember that before administration it dissolves in lidocaine, which means it is necessary to remember the possible side effects and contraindications and to lidocaine. Capsules are prohibited only if the drug is intolerant, and powder is also not recommended for inherited impaired phenylalanine metabolism - phenylketonuria.

The drug Don has existed and been used for a long time already, and in relation to it already accumulated a sufficient baggage of knowledge, confirming its effectiveness and unconditional benefit. Alas, many patients are not satisfied with its high enough price, because of what they prefer to choose cheaper analogs. Well, the final decision is the prerogative of the patient, but remember that it is better to make a choice on the recommendation of a doctor who will help you find a medication available at a price and worthy of effect.

Author: Sofia Cherkasova( doctor)

Drug of Don |Forum about the spine

  1. This can be combined with anything: p
  2. Edo Novice

    preparation of Don Forgive me, why do I combine Hondrolon with Don? It is a fact( within the framework of evidence-based medicine) that the therapeutic effectiveness of complex preparations such as Arthra or Teraflex is great. Well, minus chondroprotektorov - the need for long-term use( which, coupled with the price is not suitable for everyone) and a weak analgesic effect at the initial reception. Practice shows that patients who are ready to follow the recommendations for the course of treatment( the same applies to exercise therapy and lifestyle) - a minimum. And then, taking these drugs makes sense with joints arthrosis of the extremities, in other cases - unprofitable.
  3. Roxen New

    preparation of Don I drank to Don, I can not say anything bad about her. The result is felt, as written above, not immediately. But it is!
  4. Dasha New

    preparation of Don Approximately one year ago, in the "Health" program, a story was published that according to foreign data( America and Europe) the molecules of active substances of any chondroprotectors published in professional medical publications do not penetrate the intestinal wall into the body, they are too large. Consequently, their intake is orally close to senseless, and parenterally - to cartilaginous tissue does not reach for similar reasons. Analgesic effect as with placebo. Did they notice how the advertisement of foreign chondroprotectors, the same Inoltra, disappeared? We simply lag behind as always, and producers of chondroprotectors will frolic for a long time on the expanses of our Motherland. Indomethacin, paracetamol and analgin, universally banned, are prescribed even to children.
  5. preparation of Don Dasha said( a): ↑ molecules of active substances of any chondroprotectors do not penetrate the intestinal wall into the body, they are too large. Hence their reception is orally close to the senselessClick to reveal. .. Umnichka you Daria aiwan! It's true, the molecule of mucopolysaccharide is huge as a behemoth. In the intestine with parietal digestion, in order to get into the blood, it is split into monosaccharides and ceases to be a glucosaminoglycan for which the patient paid money. An exception can be only intra-articular administration of such drugs. Directly to cartilaginous tissue. But even this is not all so good. I have been using these drugs for about three years and I will not say that I saw a tangible result from their application. .

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