How do the goji berries look?


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Tibetan goji berries are the richest natural source of vegetable protein, B and C vitamins, macro and microelements. The berries contain zinc, calcium, selenium, phosphorus, copper, iron, amino acids, polysaccharides and a record amount of antioxidants, compared to other plants. Goji berries have fortifying properties, enhance immunity, are a source of energy, help regulate blood sugar levels and help with weight loss.

Photo of fresh fruits

Externally, goji berries are very similar to the well-known fruits of sea-buckthorn and barberry. Fresh berries have bright scarlet color and oblong form. Goji berries are rather small - the length of a fresh fruit is only 1.5-2 centimeters. To the touch, the fruits are smooth, dry and fairly firm, and have a pointed tip.


Unlike fresh fruit - dried goji berries are not brightly scarlet, but muted reddish-red. To touch dried berries are rough, since they have many wrinkles. Inside each berry is a lot of seeds. If you divide the berry in half, then inside you can count about ten

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- twelve small and yellow seeds.

How to distinguish real goji berries from forgery

There are a number of significant differences of real goji berries from a fake.

  1. The color should not be too bright. Rub the berries with your hands, if the skin of your hands is not stained, then there are no dyes, but if there is paint left on the fingers, a dye was added to the berries.
  2. The size should be from 1 to 1.5 centimeters.
  3. Seeds inside should be many, while they are very small and yellow.
  4. The structure of the berries should be dry and relatively firm with a pointed edge.
  5. The taste of real berries is sour-sweet.
  6. When brewing with hot water, the berries should float to the surface, and the water should be painted in a light yellowish tint.


Packaging of goji berries is very important. In many shops, it is a cheap translucent cellophane or polyethylene. It's not a secret for anyone that light easily penetrates through such a package and contributes to the destruction of vitamins and trace elements, for which the goji berries are valued. In such packaging, the beneficial properties of berries tend to zero.

Therefore, manufacturers strongly recommend buying berries in a metallized vacuum package. Because it is in this package that all useful properties remain for a long period of time.

If you are thinking about buying goji berries, then follow the above recommendations and then you can easily choose a real high-quality product.

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