Mineral water for gout on legs

Causes, Symptoms and Treatment for Gout On Legs

What is gout?

Gout is a metabolic disease in which salts of uric acid( known as urate) are deposited in the joints. Gout is otherwise called "disease of kings", an ancient disease that was known even in the time of Hippocrates. Now gout is considered a rare disease, it affects 3 people out of 1000. And most often it affects men over the age of 40, in women it is most often manifested after menopause. Gout itself is one of the types of joint diseases caused by the deposition of salts.

All gums suffer from gout, ranging from the joints of the fingers to the joints of the toes.

It was known even in the time of Hippocrates and is called "disease of kings" because the main source of its occurrence is the excess in food and alcoholic beverages. Gout is often chronic.

Causes of gout


The cause of gout is an elevated and persistent level of uric acid in the blood. During the course of the disease, urate crystals( a derivative of uric acid) are deposited in the joints, organs and other body systems. Sodium urate crystallizes and small particles are deposited in the joints, which ultimately leads to partial or complete destruction of the joint. For the same reason, such situations are called microcrystalline.

A large amount of uric acid in the body can be for two reasons: the first reason is when healthy kidneys can not cope with the withdrawal of an unusually large amount of uric acid, the second reason is when uric acid is released in normal amounts, but the kidneys are unable to remove it.

Every year, more gout is getting sick. Doctors explain this phenomenon by the fact that in recent years people are more likely to consume food rich in purines( for example, meat, fatty fish) and a huge amount of alcoholic products. This is confirmed by the fact that during wars the percentage of people suffering from gout fell sharply due to the fact that meat products, and, especially, alcohol, it was very difficult to get.

Symptoms of gout

The symptom of gout is a common attack of gouty arthritis - it is usually an inflammation of one joint, most often it turns out to be the joint of the big toe, knee or ankle. Usually, a gout attack occurs in the early morning or at night, it manifests itself in the form of unexpected severe pressing pain in one or another joint, the affected joint swells up, the temperature in the joint area rises, the skin turns red and starts to shine. Usually during the day the pain becomes a little less, but by the night it again intensifies, the duration of a gout attack lasts from two to three days to a week, sometimes more. With a repeated attack in this inflammation, other joints may be involved, this can lead to partial destruction of the joint.

Signs of gout is the appearance on the hands or feet of unusual growths, while the level of uric acid is significantly increased. When growths, in other words, tofusi burst, a person can see whitish crystals of uric acid. The patient can feel quite intense pain in the affected areas. Such salt deposits in the joints interfere with a full life.

Possible complications of

The main and most severe complication of gout is the appearance of gouty arthritis, it is also possible the occurrence of urolithiasis, in which the resulting stones consist of urate or crystallized uric acid.

Gouty nodes , also called "tophi" - it's nothing more than conglomerates of sodium urate crystals that have the ability to be deposited in all parts of the body. And in cases where such deposits get stuck in the joints or periarticular tissues, the immune response occurs, as these deposits are perceived by the body as a foreign body, which causes the accumulation of leukocytes and begins a strong inflammation called gouty arthritis.

It is worth paying special attention to the fact that gout-stones in the kidneys can become the main cause of kidney failure and can eventually lead to death.

Pain with gout

To understand the beginning of a gout you can by sudden pain in the joint. They are accompanied by severe redness, swelling and heat."Burn" can not only hit the place, but also the area of ​​the body in the immediate vicinity. At the same time, the body temperature can rise to 39-40 degrees. Symptoms in most cases develop within an hour. Most often, this affects the big toe. Conventional painkillers, such as aspirin, will not help.

Pain, as a rule, begins at night and becomes, in practice, unbearable. In the daytime there is often some improvement, the pain recedes, but do not think that everything has passed. Such acute symptoms can torment the patient for about a week.

Gout in men on legs

Gout on legs

Gout is a chronic disease. Cure it completely impossible. This ailment often manifests itself on the feet. After the onset of the disease, the symptoms may recur after six months or a year. The disease can go into a dormant state, but, without any doubt, will make itself felt. With each attack, the time between them will be reduced. Gout will return to the person more and more often.

Damaged places on the legs are often destroyed more and more, the disease can affect the neighboring joints. With a long illness over time in the affected areas, under the skin may appear peculiar hillocks, which are called "gouty nodes" or "tofusi."

This is due to the fact that the body begins to perceive large salt deposits in the joints on the legs as a foreign body, immunity begins to inevitably react - to accumulate leukocytes, after which a strong inflammation begins. Sometimes tofusov burst and out of them stand out whitish dust - crystals of uric acid.

Often gout develops in old age. In men, it occurs much more often and at an earlier age. The male population is susceptible to this disease by the age of 40.It should be noted that women begin to suffer from gout closer to 55, mainly after menopause, when the amount of estrogen, female hormones, is sharply reduced in the body. Children and young guys are practically not prone to gout. There are rare exceptions, in cases of hereditary impairment of uric acid metabolism.

The role of uric acid in the development of gout

This disease severely impairs metabolism. Purines enter the human body with food, but they are also produced by him. Next, purines are split into uric acid, which is excreted by the kidneys. In people with gout, the content of this uric acid is much higher than normal. Excess uric acid is deposited in those tissues where there is no blood supply. There, crystals are easier to gain a foothold.

The joints, cartilage and tendons are the most affected. As a result of this disease, not only these places, but also the kidneys suffer. Most often with gout develops urolithiasis, with a lower probability of the patient may suffer from renal colic.

This can occur for two reasons: if the uric acid is produced too much and the kidneys do not cope with the output volume, so it must be deposited in the human body. And the second reason is that the amount of uric acid is normal, but the kidneys can not remove it.

However, an elevated uric acid content in the body is not the only cause of gout. Here, several other factors play a decisive role: excessive nutrition, fatty food, overweight, sedentary lifestyle and hereditary predisposition.

What should I do if I have an acute attack of gout?

Even with adherence to recommendations, an acute attack will not be instantaneous. But this will significantly reduce the time during which the disease will torment the person. Mainly you need to observe strict bed rest. Painful limbs are best kept in an elevated position, for example, to lay a pillow under them.

In case of intolerable pain, ice can be applied. Then it is desirable to make a compress on a sore spot with Vishnevsky ointment or dimexide. In the intake of food, it is better to restrict yourself, you can use liquid porridge and vegetable broth. But drink is worth as much as possible alkaline drinks, for example, a decoction of oats, jelly, milk, mineral water or plain water, but with the addition of lemon juice( lemon juice dissolves uric acid deposits with rheumatism and gout).You need to drink at least 3 liters a day.

Any painkillers will not help. You can take modern anti-inflammatory drugs without steroids. If you took any preventive measures prescribed by your doctor, then the procedure should be continued.

Preventing exacerbations of gout

Prophylaxis of gout

Most often gout appears in places where the joint was injured. Therefore, treat such places with caution. Do not wear narrow and uncomfortable shoes, as it can severely damage the big toe, which so "loves" gout. Mainly to prevent the onset of gout attacks, diet and balanced nutrition are used.

The way of life will have to be completely revised, making it healthy. You should reconsider your taste preferences. Recommended diet number 6, which helps reduce the body's uric acid and urate. Strictly limited, or even excluded, products containing urine bases - the main source of urate. But poor purines, and therefore allowed milk, cheese, eggs, vegetables, fruits and cereals will not leave you hungry. The patient's diet should contain whole grains, eggs, vegetables, fruits, dairy products with a low fat content.

In food should restrict the intake of meat, fish, caviar, mushrooms, legumes. In addition, you need to limit consumption: smoked meat, marinade, anchovies, cauliflower, asparagus, sorrel, chocolate. Such a diet will lead to normalization of body weight and significantly reduce the burden on the joints during an exacerbation of gout.

More information on what you can eat and what not, as well as other features you can find here

Alcohol and smoking inhibit the excretion of uric acid from the body. Consequently, its crystals are more deposited in the joints. For prevention, alcohol should be completely excluded, especially beer, and also quit smoking. It is not recommended to drink tea, coffee, cocoa. In addition to dieting, it is worth doing at least once a week a fasting day with the use of a mono-product.

First of all, small joints are affected. Therefore, it is worth paying special attention to the development of their mobility. Attention should be concentrated on those sites where there are attacks of pain. Daily it is necessary to do gymnastics for joints. At first, it will be unusual, because the joints are harder to be mobile because of the deposits. It is recommended to be more often on air and to make walks.

Mineral water for gout

Mineral waters perfectly contribute to removing unnecessary purines from the body. Prefer alkaline and organic substances. They can be attributed primarily to Narzan, Essentuki and Borjomi. Remember that any liquid should be consumed at least 2.5 liters per day.

Treatment of gout

The diagnosis of "gout" means that a person will have to significantly change his lifestyle and constantly take medication, because it is unfortunately impossible to achieve a complete cure for this disease. However, timely treatment starts allows you to take gout under control, reduce painful attacks to a minimum and hedge against serious complications.

The main principle of treating gout is to control the level of uric acid in the body. For medical treatment should contact a doctor-rheumatologist. Its prescriptions will be aimed at reducing the volume of uric acid and its rapid removal from the body. Only a qualified specialist can prescribe medications that, with possible concomitant diseases, do not cause the greatest harm to health.

Most often, doctors prescribe for non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs for 1-2 weeks, such as methindole, diclofenac, butadione, indomethacin, naproxen. To quickly reduce the concentration of uric acid in the body, allopurinol, orotic acid, thiopurinol, hepatocatalcil, milurite can be discharged. To stop acute signs of gout, doctors recommend taking colchicine.

Drug therapy for gout is aimed at solving two main problems:

  • Reducing the level of uric acid in the patient's body;

  • Coping with acute inflammation and pain relief.

The earlier the patient undergoes the examination, reconsiders his habits and proceeds to treatment, the more likely it is to achieve a stable remission. Without adequate therapy, gout rapidly progresses, especially in patients of mature and advanced age, therefore, it is by no means impossible to reason on the principle of "caught-let-go".

Drug therapy for the reduction of uric acid level

Since the root cause of gout is precisely the excess of uric acid, the solution of this problem in 90% of cases leads to the cessation of attacks of excruciating pain and allows you to count on a comfortable life in the future.

To reduce the level of uric acid in the body, the following drugs are used:

  • Allopurinol is a synthetic analogue of hypoxanthine. This substance inhibits the activity of the enzyme xanthine oxidase, responsible for the transformation of human hypoxanthine into xanthine, and then xanthine to uric acid. Thus, Allopurinol reduces the concentration of uric acid and its salts in all body environments, including blood, plasma, lymph and urine, and also promotes the gradual dissolution of already accumulated urate deposits in the kidneys, soft tissues and joints. However, this drug has a number of serious side effects and greatly increases the excretion of xanthine and hypoxanthine with urine, therefore Allopurinol is contraindicated in patients with severe renal failure. Nevertheless, for the majority of patients with gout, it remains to this day a preparation of the first order. Cost: 80-100 rubles per packing 30-50 tablets;

  • Phoebusostat( Ulorik, Adenurik) is a selective xanthine oxidase inhibitor that, unlike Allopurinol, does not affect other purine and pyramidal enzymes of the human body, besides it is excreted not by the kidneys, but by the liver. Phoebusostat is a relatively new drug for the treatment of gout, it is not produced in Russia, and in Western Europe and the United States it has undergone numerous clinical trials and has shown excellent results. Febuksostat for three months completely dissolves accumulations of crystals of salts of uric acid in the area of ​​fingers and elbows and effectively prevents their repeated formation. Can be used by patients with concomitant renal pathologies. It costs a drug not cheap - an average of 4500 to 7000 thousand rubles, depending on the country of origin;

  • Peloticase( Pegloticase, Krystexxa) is an infusion solution of enzymes that rapidly dissolve urate crystals( deposits of uric acid salts).It is used intravenously twice a month to stabilize the condition of patients with severe gout, which are not helped by traditional drugs. Anaphylactic shock is possible during the procedure. This is a very expensive drug that is produced exclusively abroad and is sold on order;

  • Probenecid( Santuril, BeneMid) is a drug that prevents re-absorption of uric acid in the renal tubules and enhances its excretion in the urine. Probenecid was originally used in complex antibacterial therapy to reduce the damage to the kidneys with antibiotics. But then it began to be prescribed for chronic gout and hyperuricemia( increased uric acid in the blood).It is important to understand that Probenecid enhances the excretion of uric acid, rather than suppresses its synthesis. Therefore, the treatment of gout with this drug is advisable only at the stage of remission. If you prescribe Probenecid to a patient with an acute inflammatory process, this will lead to active dissolution of already accumulated urates, an increase in the level of uric acid in the plasma, and, as a result, to attacks of excruciating pain. To avoid this risk, the first months of treatment with Probeecid gout are accompanied by additional hormonal and anti-inflammatory therapy. It costs a drug from 3500 to 7500 rubles.

Treatment of gout with decongestants and pain medications

Symptomatic treatment of gout is to stop seizures, relieve edema and pain, and is performed with the following drugs:

  • Colchicine( Colchicum, Colchimine) is an alkaloid, is released from the poisonous plants of the Melantie family. The most common source of colchicine is autumn autumnal. Colchicine inhibits the formation of leukotriene, stops the cell division of granulocytes, prevents the movement of leukocytes to the focus of inflammation and prevents urates( salts of uric acid) from crystallizing in the tissues. This drug acts as an emergency aid, and is recommended for admission in the first twelve hours after the onset of an acute attack of gout. It is necessary to drink immediately two tablets of Colchicine, an hour later - another, and then one tablet three times a day for a week. The drug very often causes unwanted reactions from the gastrointestinal tract - nausea, vomiting, loose stools. The average price of Colchicine in pharmacies is from 1,000 to 2,000 rubles;

  • Glucocorticoids( Cortisone, Hydrocortisone, Prednisone, Prednisolone) are synthetic analogues of human corticosteroids, that is, hormones produced by the adrenal cortex. Preparations of this group break the chain of natural reactions of the body to the interference of allergens, chemicals, bacteria, viruses and other foreign elements. Glucocorticoids quickly stop inflammation, but suppress immunity, so hormonal treatment of gout is advisable only if the expected benefit exceeds the potential risk. The cost of synthetic steroid hormones varies from 30 rubles( the oldest drug is Prednisolone), up to 1500 rubles( Cortisone);

  • NSAIDs( Aspirin, Analgin, Diclofenac, Ibuprofen) - Non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs are called so in order to emphasize their difference from hormones. However, the action of drugs in this group is somewhat similar to that of glucocorticoids. NSAIDs are non-selective inhibitors of cyclooxygenase, the enzyme responsible for the synthesis of thromboxane and prostaglandins. Thus, these drugs also suppress inflammation, but, unlike synthetic corticosteroids, do it more slowly, and are not immunosuppressants. For symptomatic treatment of gout, Diclofenac and Ibuprofen are most often used, the average cost is 10-30 rubles, the price of a popular generic( drug with the same active substance) Nurofen can reach 150 rubles.

How to prevent gout attacks?

To minimize the risk of new gout attacks, follow a few simple rules:

  • If possible, do not subject the joint to any load, periodically fix it in a raised position and apply ice for 15-30 minutes 2-3 times a day until the painsubsides;

  • Do not overuse aspirin, which can cause a jump in uric acid levels in the blood and aggravate the symptoms of gout;

  • Regularly measure the level of uric acid - it should not exceed 60 mg / l;

  • Every day, devote more than half an hour to physical education: walk, ride a bike, jog, dance, swim. In the morning, do exercises. Regardless of age and weight, patients with gout should give themselves daily physical exercise - sport works with gout more effectively than any medicine;

  • Drink at least two liters of clean water a day. So that the kidneys can excrete uric acid from the body, they need water first of all - not the liquid that the kidneys still need to filter( coffee, tea, juice), namely pure water. Without enough water, even healthy kidneys can not cope with the cleansing of the body;

  • Hand over the blood test to determine the level of the most important minerals and vitamins, and, if necessary, supplement the diet with a good vitamin and mineral complex. It is especially important for patients with gout to provide themselves with vitamin C;

  • Do not drink carbonated drinks with sodium benzoate and powdered juices with fructose, completely discard alcohol;

  • Revise your diet in favor of vegetables, fruits and cereals, eat no more than 120 grams of animal protein a day, avoid offal and fatty sausages.

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The newest data on the treatment of gout

According to the latest data, obesity is most likely to predispose to gout caused by excessive consumption of fatty foods of animal origin. At risk, lovers of sausages, wursts, bacon and hamburgers. It is the excess of proteins that leads to the excess of uric acid, and the extra weight creates an increased strain on the joints and, thereby, accelerates the development of the inflammatory process.

American scientists have also established a direct link between deficiency of calcium and ascorbic acid and the development of gout. With age, these important substances for the body begin to be missed even by those people who lead a healthy lifestyle and do not complain about excess weight. Therefore after forty years it is necessary to annually be examined and take multivitamins prescribed by the doctor.

Recently, a new drug, suppressing the synthesis of uric acid - Benzobromarone, has been developed. Now there are active clinical trials of this drug, and in some Western countries it has already been allowed and put on stream. But before the novelty rests on the domestic pharmaceutical market, it is likely that a lot of time will pass.

It is also known about the experimental development of new non-hormonal anti-inflammatory drugs that directly affect the protein interleukin, which provokes gouty inflammation of the joints and tissues. But the exact timing of the appearance of these drugs in a free sale is difficult to call.

Allopurinol: pros and cons

The most popular drug for treating gout, Allopurinol, is increasingly being sharply criticized by modern doctors, since the large number of side effects and complications associated with its regular use raises questions about the usefulness of such therapy. According to statistics, an average of one in two hundred and sixty patients with gout Allopurinol provokes sudden death as a result of renal coma or cardiac arrest.

Nevertheless, the largest international study of Allopurinol, the results of which have recently been published in the scientific journal Annals of the eumatic Diseases, proves the high effectiveness of the drug, moreover - the ability to prevent the onset of death. This study certainly does not disprove the presence of side effects and high risk for the kidneys, and does not negate the need for new development. But we must admit that Allopurinol is still a first-line drug in the treatment of gout, at least because of good knowledge, reliability and affordable price.

Scientists tracked the fate of 5,927 patients who received Allopurinol on a regular basis and the same number of patients treated with gout with other drugs that reduce uric acid levels. It turned out that the mortality in the first control group was 19% lower than in the second, and such results persist throughout the life of patients. That is, Allopurinol is still the most effective and safe drug, both for the treatment of acute, first-diagnosed gout, and for maintaining normal health in elderly patients with chronic disease.

Author of the article: Candidate of Medical Sciences Volkov Dmitry Sergeevich, surgeon


Treatment of gout with mineral water

If you eat a lot and love to drink too much, the payment for this will come quickly enough. One day, quite unexpectedly, a painful attack will begin, which will indicate the presence of such a disease as gout. This is quite an "ancient" disease. People have suffered from time immemorial. Gout was considered an affliction of mostly wealthy people who consumed a large number of fish, meat and spirits every day, so it was called "gourmet disease".

Inflammation in the affected joint

Inflammation in the affected joint

Causes, symptoms and diagnosis of the disease

Gout is a disease that occurs against a background of metabolic disorders. This disorder is particularly affected by the kidneys and joints, because it occurs as a result of excessive deposition of salts of uric acid in organs and tissues. This is due to the breakdown of purines, which are contained in the cells and come along with the food in the body.

Men usually suffer from this ailment after 40 years. It develops in women after menopause. To gout are predisposed people who:

  • are obese;
  • have diabetes mellitus;
  • suffer from hypertension;
  • abuse fatty foods and alcohol;
  • moves little;
  • have a hereditary predisposition to the disease.
Disease provokes an unhealthy diet

The following factors influence the occurrence and development of gout:

  • permanent excessive consumption of protein;
  • increased formation in the body of uric acid;
  • decrease in the excretion of uric acid by the kidneys.

Gout develops quite long without any symptoms. Salts of uric acid are gradually deposited in the kidneys and joints in the form of small crystals. The disease manifests itself a sharp attack. Acute gout is manifested as arthritis. The disease can affect any joint, but first of all the joints of the legs suffer. Often the first is affected by the ailment of the big toe. Signs of inflammation include: redness, swelling, tenderness, sometimes temperature. Each touch to the affected area causes very severe pain.

Gout is a very insidious disease. It can even lead to renal failure, so you need to start treating it immediately after detection. When treating gout, you must follow a strict diet, a generous drink is prescribed. Doctors recommend drinking mineral water, at least 1.5 liters per day.

Mineral water treatment

Gout is a chronic disease, therefore treatment is a rather complicated process. Therapy of this ailment includes:

  • the use of medicines;
  • performing special exercises and dieting;
  • use of traditional medicine.

Among the popular means of fighting gout is very popular mineral water. This is natural water, which contains various minerals and gases( hydrogen sulphide, nitrogen, carbon dioxide, etc.).Mineral has a therapeutic effect on the body. It is formed from atmospheric precipitation in the depths of the earth. Atmospheric moisture passes through different rocks, dissolves chemical substances and is saturated with various gases.

In this treatment of gout, experts recommend drinking alkaline, low-mineralized water of sulfate-hydrocarbonate or simply hydrocarbonate composition. Induced hypotonic water is rapidly absorbed and promotes an increase in the volume of extracellular fluid. It mobilizes metabolic processes and is easily excreted from the body. Thus, a unique purification of the urinary tract takes place. The alkalinization of urine helps the uric acid dissolve and thereby interferes with the progression of the gout.

It is recommended to drink water on an empty stomach half an hour before a meal, 3 times a day for 1.5 glasses per 1 reception. Before drinking, the water temperature should be about 36-40 degrees. Be sure to monitor the dose and frequency of intake, as well as the water temperature.

When gout is just necessary to drink mineral water, it removes salt from the joints and even relieves acute pain. It is important to remember that in the treatment it is necessary to use water of low mineralization, which has a strong diuretic effect.


Alkaline mineral water for gout

One of the main tasks in the tactics of treating gout is to remove excess uric acid from the body. For this purpose, many special preparations have been developed, the action of which is directed either at removing the acid, or suppressing its production, or destroying it. An effective assistant in the treatment of gouty arthritis is alkaline mineral water.


  • 4 Water on the shungite against gout

Principle of treatment for gout with alkaline waters

Why is alkaline mineral water so useful for gout? The reason is that they contribute to the removal of excess uric acid, reduce the acidity of the internal environment of the body, normalizing the pH-balance, alkalinizing urine. The intake of alkaline water helps stimulate the exchange of protein compounds and cleanse the body of accumulated toxins and toxins.

For the treatment of gout, alkaline water of low salinity is used. Usually, the greatest effectiveness is achieved by the reception of alkaline waters during periods of remission, that is, between the seizures.

Periodic courses of drinking such water are recommended for those who are predisposed to developing gout, for example, if the next of kin have such a diagnosis.

With gout, the most dangerous "actors" are urinary and oxalic acid. The first forms urate salts, which are mainly deposited in the joints, the second - oxalates, which can also accumulate in the tissues of the joints, and together with urates participate in the formation of kidney stones. Alkaline mineral water contributes to the dissolution of these two acids in the urine and the elimination of their excess by excretion from the body.

Kinds of mineral waters for the treatment of gout

For the therapy and prevention of gout, the following mineral water brands can be used:

  • Essentuki No. 4;
  • Slavyanovskaya;
  • Dilijan.

The predominance of certain ions in mineral water has a certain effect on the body, so consider the varieties of mineral alkaline waters shown in gout.

Hydrocarbonate water dissolves urate salts, contributing to their elimination, helps to reduce the intensity of inflammation and dissolve mucus accumulations in the urinary tract.

Magnesium waters , for example, Donat Mg, are most often prescribed to patients with nephrolithiasis( formation of kidney stones), and this is practically the fourth part of all patients with gout. Magnesium is able to bind half of oxalic acid in the urine, and also has an easy spasmolytic effect.

Sulfate and sulfide waters of increase diuresis, reduce inflammation, exert choleretic action, reduce hyperuricemia( ie, reduce the concentration of uric acid in the blood).

Calcium , present in mineral water, promotes the dissolution of uric acid in the urine, and due to the sealing effect on the cell membranes reduces inflammation, has a membrane-protective effect.

Silicon ions also contribute to the protection of the cell wall, enhance diuresis, help to neutralize oxalic acid, which forms the oxalate shell of stones inside which are the crystals of urates. Fluoride ions inhibit the uric acid synthesis reaction.

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Take advantage of our tips to make a menu for the day and week for gout?

Scheme of reception of mineral water

Effectiveness of hydropathy gout directly depends on compliance with the pattern of use, on the water temperature and on the correctness of its selection. Before taking water, it must be heated to a temperature of 36 ° C to 42 ° C in a water bath.

This temperature is most optimal for the action of ions, because it corresponds to the temperature of the internal environment of the human body. The course of admission is usually 1-2 months.

Drink alkaline water for gout according to the following scheme: three times a day for half an hour or an hour before a meal. The amount of water for one intake is determined from the calculation of 4 ml per kilogram of human weight. For example, if the patient weighs 80 kg, then before breakfast, lunch and dinner, he should drink 4 × 80 = 320 ml. This is the average value of the amount of alkaline water for reception, since for each specific type of mineral water this indicator is determined by the attending physician or specialist in the sanatorium where the treatment is performed.

Water on shungite against gout

Many specialists and traditional healers recommend using gout water for gout. Shungite is a mineral that was discovered in the Republic of Karelia near the village of Shunga. It contains a large number of natural mineral compounds, including magnesium, silicon, aluminum, potassium, manganese and many others.

This unique mineral has many properties useful for the body:

  • destroys bacteria;
  • improves the metabolism;
  • adsorbs toxins.
Reception shungite water is indicated for gout, as well as in the presence of kidney stones, metabolic disorders and many other diseases.

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Gout - causes, symptoms and folk remedies for gout.


Gout is a metabolic disease in which deposits of uric acid salts( urates) occur in the joints. Also, gout is called "the disease of kings", this is an ancient disease, known since the time of Hippocrates. Currently, gout is a rare disease that affects three people out of a thousand. And often she is exposed to a man older than 40 years, in women, she often appears after menopause. Gout is one of the types of joint disease, the cause of which is the deposition of salts.

All the joints suffer from gout, from the fingers of the fingers to the toes.

It has been known since the time of Hippocrates and is called "the disease of kings" because its main source of its appearance consists in excess in alcoholic beverages and food. Often gout is chronic.

Causes of gout

The cause of gout is a persistent and elevated level in the blood of uric acid. During the course of the disease, urate crystals are deposited in organs, joints and other body systems. Sodium urate crystallizes and is deposited in the joints by small particles, which in the end results in complete or partial destruction of the joints. For this reason, such situations are called microcrystalline.

Large amount of uric acid in the body is for 2 reasons: the first - when healthy kidneys can not cope with the withdrawal of large amounts of uric acid, the second - the release of uric acid in a normal amount, but the kidney can not remove it.

Every year, more and more people become gonads. This phenomenon is explained by the fact that people have recently taken food that is rich in purines( for example, fatty fish, meat) and a large amount of alcoholic products. This is confirmed by the fact that the percentage of people suffering from gout during wars decreased sharply due to the fact that alcohol and meat products are difficult to obtain.

Symptoms of gout

Gout is characterized by a common attack of gouty arthritis - this is usually inflammation of the joint, often a joint of the big toe, ankle or knee. Typically, a gout attack occurs at night or early in the morning, it manifests itself strongly pressing the sudden pain in the joints, swelling of the affected joint, increased temperature in the joints, redness and shiny skin. Pains in the daytime are slightly less, but by the night they again intensify, the duration of the attack of gout lasts from 2-3 days to a week, it takes longer. When the attack recurs, other joints are involved in this inflammation, which can lead to partial destruction of the joints.

Gout is manifested by such signs: on the legs or hands there are peculiar growths, a significant increase in the level of uric acid. When the growths( tophi) begin to burst, a person can notice whitish crystals of uric acid. Perhaps the appearance of quite intense pain in the affected areas. Similar salt deposits in the joints interfere with the full life.

Possible complications of

The main and most severe complication of gout is the occurrence of gouty nodes( gouty arthritis), also in the occurrence of urolithiasis, in which the formed stones consist of crystallized uric acid or urate.

Tofuses( gouty knots) are conglomerates of sodium urate crystals, capable of depositing in all parts of the body. And when these deposits get stuck in the periarticular tissues and joints, an immunity reaction arises, because these deposits perceive the body as a foreign body, which causes leukocytes to accumulate and a strong inflammation called gouty arthritis occurs.

Special attention should be paid to the fact that gout-stones in the kidneys can cause kidney failure and, as a result, lead to death.

Pain with gout

The beginning of gout is indicated by the appearance of sudden joint pains. They are accompanied by severe redness, heat and swelling. Can not only burn affected areas, but also the nearest areas of the body. It is possible to increase the body temperature to 39-40 degrees. In many cases, signs develop within an hour. Often the big toe begins to suffer from this. Simple painkillers, such as aspirin, do not help.

As a rule, pain begins at night and becomes almost unbearable. In the afternoon, there are often some improvements, pains recede, but one should not think that everything has passed. From such symptoms, patients may suffer a week.

Gout in men on legs

Gout is a chronic illness. His complete cure is almost impossible. This ailment often manifests itself on the legs. After the onset of the disease, the symptoms may recur after 6 months or a year. The transition of the disease into a dormant state is possible, but it will undoubtedly remind us of itself. The time between attacks will decrease with time. Gout is increasingly coming back.

Damaged patches on the legs are often destroyed more and more, the disease can affect neighboring joints. With a long illness over time on the affected areas may occur peculiar hillocks, called tofusi or gouty nodes.

This is due to the fact that the body perceives large salt deposits in the joints of the legs as a foreign body, immunity inevitably reacts - leukocytes accumulate, then there is a strong inflammation. Tofusy sometimes burst and emit whitish dust - crystals of uric acid.

Very often development of gout occurs in old age. In men, it happens more often at an earlier age. Men are already suffering from this disease by the age of 40. It is worth noting that women suffer from gout near the age of 55, mainly after menopause, when the body rapidly decreases the amount of estrogen, female hormones. Young guys and children are almost not exposed to gout. There are rare exceptions to hereditary metabolic disorders of uric acid.

The role of uric acid in the development of gout

This disease severely impairs metabolism. Purines enter the human body with food, but they are also produced by it. Then, the purines are split into uric acid secreted by the kidneys. In people suffering from gout, the content of this uric acid is much higher than normal. Excess amount of uric acid is deposited in tissues with no blood supply. There, crystals can easily be fixed.

Tendons, cartilage and joints are more susceptible to this. As a result of this disease, kidneys also suffer. Often with gout, there is a development of urolithiasis, with less probability the patient may suffer from renal colic.

This happens for 2 reasons. The first - when producing a large amount of uric acid, when the kidneys can not cope with the output volume, it begins to be deposited in the body. The second is the normal amount of uric acid, but the kidneys are not able to remove it.

But the high content of uric acid in the body is not the only reason for the development of gout. Here a decisive role is assigned to some other factors: fatty food, a sedentary lifestyle, excessive diet, overweight and hereditary predisposition.

Actions for an acute attack of gout

Even following the recommendations, an acute attack does not go away in an instant. However, this allows you to significantly reduce the time during which the disease affects a person. The main thing to observe a strict bed rest. It is better to keep the diseased limbs in an elevated position, for example, to lay a pillow under them.

With unbearable pain, ice can be applied. After this, it is desirable to compress on painful sites with dimexide ointment or Vishnevsky. It is better to be very limited in taking food, perhaps using vegetable broths and liquid cereals. However, you need to drink more, preferably substances that are enriched with alkali, for example, jelly, mineral water, oats, milk or plain water with lemon juice. Drink should be at least three liters per day.

No painkillers will help. You can take modern anti-inflammatory drugs that do not contain steroids. When taking any prophylactic drugs prescribed by a doctor, then use should continue.

Preventing exacerbations of gout

Gout often occurs in areas where the joint has been injured. Therefore, such places should be treated very carefully. You do not need to wear uncomfortable and narrow shoes, because it severely damages the big toe, which "loves" gout very much. The main thing for the prevention of gout attacks is to use a balanced diet and diet.

It is necessary to completely revise the way of life, to make it healthy. It is necessary to revise the taste preferences. In the diet, you need to limit the consumption of protein foods. A large amount of protein is found in fish, mushrooms, tomatoes, marinade, cauliflower, sorrel, meat, caviar, legumes, smoked products, anchovies, asparagus and chocolate. Such a diet is able to normalize the body weight and significantly reduce the load on joints with exacerbation of gout.

In the diet of the patient must contain eggs, vegetables, dairy products of low fat content, whole grains, tofu, fruit. Such food helps to lower the level of cholesterol.

Smoking and alcohol inhibit the induction of uric acid from the body. Therefore, more of its crystals are deposited in the joints. For prevention it is necessary to completely exclude alcohol, mainly beer, to exclude smoking. It is not desirable to drink coffee, tea, cocoa. In addition to the diet should be at least once a week to arrange a fasting day with the reception of a mono-product.

First of all, small joints are affected. Therefore, special attention should be given to the development of their mobility. You need to concentrate on those places where there is pain. Every day you need to perform gymnastics for the joints. At first it is unusual, because because of the deposits of joints, it is more difficult to be mobile. It is recommended to be more often on air and to walk.

Treatment of gout

The main principle of treating gout is to control the level of uric acid in the body. For medical treatment, you need to contact a rheumatologist. His prescriptions are aimed at reducing the amount of uric acid and on its fast withdrawal from the body. Only qualified specialists can prescribe funds that do not cause a greater harm to health in case of a possible concomitant disease.

Doctors often prescribe non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs for 1-2 weeks, such as diclofenac, indomethacin, methindol, butadione, naproxen. To quickly reduce the concentration of uric acid in the body, orot acid, hepatocatalc, allopurinol, thiopurinol, milurite can be prescribed. To stop acute signs of gout, colchicine is recommended.

However, a very important part of treating gout is a diet. It is important to maintain the right balance between hunger and overeating. The feeling of hunger and sudden weight loss increase the volume of uric acid, which causes attacks of gout. It is often necessary to go in for sports. When the disease is recommended swimming, biking gymnastics, fast walking.

The diet should include dishes boiled in water or cooked for a couple. Salt should be almost eliminated. If it is impossible without it, then ½ tsp is allowed.per day. Of the daily diet, you must necessarily exclude various spicy sauces and spices. Also contraindicated are fish and meat broths, cold meat. You can eat creamy, vegetable and ghee from the calculation no more than 10 grams per day.

Recommended the use of a large number of vegetables. They should be taken in raw form, for a variety of menus you can sometimes bake them or boil them. However, it is still necessary to exclude from the diet some vegetables, as these are sources of purines. They include cauliflower, tomatoes, sorrel, spinach, legumes, asparagus. At a gout the usual white cabbage kvasshennaja and fresh cabbage perfectly proves. It is very useful both for compresses that reduce inflammation and pain, and for eating.

Fruits and berries are also useful. It is better to prefer citrus fruits. The watermelon has proved to be very good. He perfectly "washed" the body. Flour products, cereals, eggs, dairy products, potatoes, bread can safely be consumed. Coffee, tea or cocoa are undesirable. It is better to replace them with compote, kvass, mors, jelly. It is recommended to use decoctions of aralia, mint, dog rose, yarrow and wheaten bran.

Mineral water for gout

Mineral water excellently helps to remove unnecessary purines from the body. It is better to choose water, alkaline and containing organic substances. These include, first of all, Essentuki, Narzan and Borjomi. It must be remembered that the liquid must be consumed at least 2.5 liters per day.

Recipes of traditional medicine

You can help the body with the help of folk methods. In the bladder, unpleasant sensations or burning sensation can sometimes appear. This is due to the fact that in the body, when dissolving the salt, the mucous membranes become irritated. It does not need to be frightened.

Recipe No.1 .Perfectly calms gout-stung decoction from chamomile. For its preparation, flowers( 100 g) are poured with water( 10 liters) mixed with salt( 20 g).After the infusion of the solution, the baths are made.

Recipe No.2 .Common fir cones help to clean joints. For this unopened cone with seeds is poured with boiled hot water( 1.5 glasses) and left overnight. The broth is used three times a day for half an hour before a meal. The procedure is repeated until complete recovery.

Recipe No.3 .It is also recommended to clean the joints with a bay leaf. To do this, the leaves( 5 g) are filled with water( 1.5 cups) and boiled for at least 5 minutes. The dishes are covered with a lid, since the leaves contain essential oils that adversely affect the kidneys during gout. The resulting broth is removed from the plate, wrapped in a towel and left for at least three hours. After this, the composition is accepted within 24 hours.

Recipe No.4 .Also good for cleaning the joints of boiled rice.2 tablespoonsrice is washed several times with water, then it is poured into a half-liter jar, water is poured and left for the night. In the morning again washed and put to cook. After boiling, it is removed from the fire, washed again and brought back to a boil. This procedure is repeated four times. After all the procedures, rice is washed once more and used without oil and salt. After using this "medicine" you can not eat or drink for 4 hours. In the evening, the procedure is repeated. So it becomes 45 days.

Long rinsing allows you to rid the grains of starch. And thanks to repeated boiling, the cells are formed. This allows the rice not to settle in the stomach, and quickly pass to the duodenum. Cells already work there, taking away the slag and cleaning the whole organism.


Treatment of gout with folk remedies

Gout is a pretty unpleasant disease that my sister suffered. I see her rarely, but somehow I wanted to visit her. When I arrived to her, I was very surprised that she walked around the house and the garden barefoot. At first I thought that she still decided on the operation, but it turned out that she was cured with the help of traditional medicine. I did not believe that folk recipes can be so effective. And of course I asked her for recipes, there are two for external and internal use.

The internal remedy is made from the roots of the red madder.1 tspThese roots are poured with boiling water( 1 cup), it is insisted, and it is better to boil it for ten minutes in a water bath. Infusion is taken in half a cup in the morning and in the evening.

A little bit more complicated is the matter with the external means. First, mix three vials of tincture of valerian and a bottle of triple cologne, left to insist on the night. Then, with this mixture, the diseased areas are smeared overnight, i.e.protruding bones with the help of cotton wool. After a few days the joint will twist, itching may occur. The main thing is the desire to be treated and a lot of patience.

As a result, my sister treated gout with these folk remedies until she noticed that she had no pain and the bone was smaller. It turns out that folk recipes can replace a surgeon's knife.

Savior from the forest

One woman and her friend went to the forest for berries some summer. There was a lot of things collected, but on the way back her leg was swollen and her thumb turned black. They thought that they could not even reach the road, but suddenly they saw an elderly woman with a staff. As in the tale came the savior. She immediately noticed the problem that she whispered over the aching finger, after which the pain was gone, and then she said that she had to do everything to heal.

In a saucepan it was necessary to pour iodized salt( 500 g), pour it with a small amount of water and boil until the water evaporates. After the boiling off of water, medical vaseline or chicken fat( 200 g) is added, everything is mixed. A compress is made from the resulting solution overnight. It is better to lay the solution on a woolen cloth, fixing with a bandage. However, in addition to the external use of the ointment, it is also possible to ingest the decoction from the linden.

And indeed this folk remedy helped the woman recover, and later she gave this recipe to her relatives, helping them and getting better. It is necessary to exclude sorrel and legumes from the diet.

Fish compresses

Gout on the foot and not only helps to treat a fish compress. Ordinary fish is a very good folk remedy in the treatment of gout. This recipe is intended for the treatment of pain in the feet and heel spurs, but with it you can heal gout, and for ten nights.

Fish cuttings are taken( 2 kilograms), the meat is separated from the ridge, the ridge itself is thrown out. All meat is divided into ten parts, folds into kulechki and fits in the freezer. Before going to bed, it is thawed by a 1-piece. A pile of fish is put on the leg, warm socks are worn on top. Legs are washed in the morning, and the fish is thrown away or given to the cat. The pain ceases after ten days.

How to recover from gout completely

It is said that such diseases as polyarthritis or gout can not be cured. But we should talk about a method that can completely heal from patients with joints. This method was developed in Japan by a physician who for the first time decided to use cold and heat during the treatment of joints.

Prepare two vessels. In one very cold water is poured, and in the other, the grains of any cereal are laid and filled with boiling water. The grains as a result are steamed and left sufficiently hot to allow them to lower the joint. Then the diseased joint descends into a vessel with cold water for three to five seconds, then immediately into a vessel with grains. In the event that the joints on the arms hurt, the seeds are kneaded by the hands, this procedure is a pleasure. Then the hand or other patient joint is tied with a shawl to warm up the joints. Also done every day in 2-3 months. Gout is treated for a long time, but the effect is good.

We return the flexibility of the fingers

It is necessary to buy a simple fat and cut it so that you can put a small piece on each finger. Then each piece is rubbed into the skin until the pieces become very small. After this procedure, the used pieces of fat are discarded. And with constant pain, slices of fat are applied at night to the sore spots, fixing with a bandage. In the morning, there is an improvement.

It is also advised to eat wheat porridge with butter for a week. It helps to get rid of the salts in the joints. And after the first week, you can switch to milk porridge.

Coal is an indispensable thing for gout

The woman has tried many ways to treat gout. She tried to treat gout and drugs prescribed by a doctor, and folk remedies, but no results. And the pain is so strong that not only walking, but also a spoon it was impossible to bring to the mouth. She was recommended for charcoal treatment, because it is an indispensable thing in the treatment of gout, because it is able to draw toxins from the body.

A woman bought activated charcoal in a pharmacy and ground it on a coffee grinder in powder. About half a coal came out. Then she added a little water and flaxseed( 1 tablespoon).After mixing, a paste was obtained. This paste woman plastered sore spots for the night, applying polyethylene on top and tying with bandage. Pains in the morning disappeared. In addition, she learned that gout arises from the high acidity of urine, and coal can reduce this acidity, because now the woman takes it also inside. Now the pain is very painful.

Pain relief for gout

Take unsalted homemade butter and the same amount of alcohol. The oil is heated by the formation of foam, then the gas is turned off and the oil is poured with alcohol. With caution, alcohol is ignited, and after its afterburning, the ointment is ready. Then the ointment is stored in a jar and stored in the refrigerator.

You can use any dishes that do not mind, for example, an old frying pan. Ointment is rubbed in a warm place, for example, next to a fireplace or stove, not necessarily wrap. The ointment is rubbed until the pain disappears.

The simplest way. Everyone copes with gout in his own way, for example, you can get rid of the pain in this way: take a piece of foil and before dressing the shoes, foil is applied to the sore spots.

We get rid of the growths on the bones of

Quickly cure growths on the hands and feet can be done with the help of the simplest folk remedy. Iodine is a very effective tool in the treatment of gout and wounds. It is successfully used by Russian healers, but it is possible to increase its effectiveness severalfold. Take a bottle of iodine, in which there is 10 mg of iodine. It dissolves five tablets of aspirin, iodine after dissolution becomes colorless. With this solution for the night, the diseased areas are lubricated. Then, on a mandatory basis, they put on seals and warm socks.

You can also make foot baths in the evenings. For this, nine drops of iodine and 3 teaspoons are added to three liters of water.baking soda. The result does not make you wait. After ten nights, the effect is noticeable, it allows you to get rid of the growths on the bones.

Treatment with onion soup

Often people suffer from pain in the hip joints. Such pain can be caused by arthrosis, gout, arthritis and osteochondrosis.

2-3 bulbs are washed and filled with water( 1 liter).Then they cook with husks before boiling the onions. This broth is taken three times a day for a glass before eating. Treatment lasts 10-15 days.

Treatment of gout with herbs

With daily intake of herbs, improvements are visible after 2-3 weeks. But the herbs should be consumed for a long time.

In case of aggravation of the disease, herbal doses are taken in large doses, i.e.6 tablespoons each.per liter of boiling water. The duration of increased phytotherapy is about 2-3 weeks.

Recipe No.1 .Cowberry leaves( 4 h), St. John's wort( 3 h), nettle leaves( 2 h), three-color violet grass( 3 h), Labrador tea( 3 h), sweet clover( 3 h), flax seeds( 2 h), mint(2 hours), a turn( 4 hours).Everything is mixed, then 2 tablespoons. The collection is placed in a thermos bottle and poured over with boiling water overnight( 500 ml).Infusion is used on a day 3-5 times for ½ cup. Herbal treatment lasts 2-3 months.

Recipe No.2 .Flax seeds( 2 h), tansy flowers( 1 h), hop cones( 3 h), horsetail( 4 h), dandelion root( 3 h), sporis( 4 h), bilberry leaves( 2 h).Everything is mixed, 2 tbsp.collection is placed in a thermos bottle and for the night is poured with boiling water( 500 ml).Infusion is used on a day 3-5 times for ½ cup. Treatment lasts 2-3 months.

Recipe No.3 .In the same proportions take the herb wormwood, clover flowers, herbaceous flowers, immortelle flowers, birch buds, yarrow, dandelion root, tansy flowers. Everything is mixed, 2 tbsp.collection is placed in a thermos bottle and for the night is poured with boiling water( 500 ml).Infusion is used on a day 3 -5 times for ½ cup. Treatment lasts 2-3 months.

Recipe No.4 .In the same proportions are taken the rose hips, weed grass, the root of the saber, the golden throat grass, the burdock root, the fruits of ordinary mountain ash. Everything is mixed, 2 tbsp.collection is placed in a thermos bottle and for the night is poured with boiling water( 500 ml).Infusion is used on a day 3-5 times for ½ cup. Treatment lasts 2-3 months.

Recipe No.5 .In the same proportions are taken kidney tea, bearberry leaf, Kuril tea, licorice root, sporis, St. John's wort, laurel leaf, yarrow herb. Everything is mixed, 2 tbsp.collection is placed in a thermos bottle and for the night is poured with boiling water( 500 ml).Infusion is used on a day 3-5 times for ½ cup. Treatment lasts 2-3 months.

Gout treatment at home

Gout is one of the few dangerous heterogeneous diseases. It is quite common in many older people. This ailment was previously suffered by men, at present gout is often found in women.

Basically, the clinical picture is the wrong derivation of the appearance of salt outgrowths on the bones. These outgrowths look like acute arthritis. Gout is well treated and at home. It is not necessary to be in the hospital to get rid of such a problem.

Treatment of gout with activated carbon

One of the most effective and simplest methods of treating gout is the use of coal. This seems questionable, but its main advantage is the unique ability to rapidly remove various toxins. Regardless of the stage, activated charcoal successfully cures gout. To prepare a healing gruel, it will require powdered coal( 125 g), which is previously comminuted from conventional tablets. The coal is mixed with flax seeds( 1 tablespoon) and warm water( 1 tablespoon).

The mixture is thick enough. The resulting paste is superimposed on the diseased parts of the body, because it is sufficiently tightly bandaged with bandages. This method not only helps to significantly reduce pain, but also quickly get rid of gout. In addition to such bandages, it is possible to take activated charcoal inside for its active interaction with uric acid both inside and outside, while providing an additional therapeutic effect.

Treatment with iodized and lime salts

Gout is perfectly treated with iodized salt in combination with the ingestion of curative decoction from linden. On a medium-sized saucepan, 500 g of ordinary iodized salt is taken. Salt is poured into a container of water, the fire turns on and is brought to a boil. Brewed until the full boil-off of water. The remaining weight is mixed with petroleum jelly. Get a kind of ointment. This ointment is imposed in the form of a compress every day on the affected parts of the body.

At first it is recommended to apply the ointment on a woolen cloth, and therefore apply the cloth to the skin, then top with a wide bandage. Such a compress perfectly warms, greatly increasing the effectiveness of the remedy. It is recommended to take a lime broth for 1 glass in the morning and in the evening.

Treatment with iodine

Recipe No.1 .This method is well suited to the treatment of classical gout, which is more common on the limbs. Iodine perfectly copes with wounds of different sizes, as well as with such growths on the skin. To increase its effectiveness, you can use aspirin.

Measures 10 mg of iodine in which five aspirin tablets are dissolved. With the direct interaction of the two components, the liquid begins to lose its dark brown color. The mixture is ready for complete discoloration of iodine. The resulting mixture is used to treat the foot or hand 2 times a day - in the morning and in the evening. After washing off the mixture, it is recommended to wear warm socks.

Recipe No.2 .There is another way to treat gout at home, based on iodine. You can make special iodine baths. To do this, mix 3 drops of iodine, 1 tsp.soda and 1 liter of clean warm water. In the resulting mixture, the legs drop and stay for 15 minutes. Usually, for the 1-st time, three liters of funds are sufficient. Such treatment lasts 10 days. During this time the growths disappear without a trace.

Mustard against gout

At home, gout can easily be cured with a special gruel. To make it, take mustard powder, 1 tsp.honey and ordinary baking soda. The components are well mixed, the resulting mixture is applied to the affected joints, which must first be uncoiled. The extremities from above are wrapped in polyethylene film and fixed with bandages. This compress is left on the skin all night. Treatment should be continued for at least 2 weeks, making the procedure every day.

Tips for treating gout

For successful treatment of gout it is very important to follow the simplest rules of healthy eating. It should limit the use of fish and cape, sorrel and cauliflower, exclude spinach. Chocolate, coffee, berries, figs and strong green tea can be consumed in the morning in small quantities. It is also necessary to exclude from the diet different wines and beer. Instead, it is necessary to significantly increase the amount of clean water used.

You can eat freshly squeezed juices and not very sweet fruit drinks, alkaline mineral water. The patient with this diet will lose weight, which positively affects the treatment of gout.



Mineral water for gout is very popular as one of the main methods of treatment by folk remedies. This is natural water, which contains various minerals and gases( hydrogen sulphide, nitrogen, carbon dioxide, etc.).

Gout is the result of impaired metabolism in the body, deposits of urea salts in the kidneys and joints. The disease often affects men after 40 years and women during the onset of menopause. An increased concentration of uric acid leads to an impaired metabolism, a malfunction of the kidneys, the destruction of joints. Crystallizing, salts of uric acid lead to deposits and formation of stones in the kidneys. The risk of developing gout in patients with diabetes mellitus and arterial hypertension is much higher.

People who abuse alcohol, fatty and harmful food and have hereditary predisposition are also at risk.

Why gout develops

The disease can be caused by some factors and develops:

  • with an increased concentration of acid in the kidneys, slowing its excretion;
  • with increased intake of protein, fatty foods;
  • for metabolic disturbances in the body.

Often, all of the above factors are present in the patient as a whole. Gout develops without visible signs for many years. When the form of gout is acute, arthritis of the extremities, which fetters the feet, is often observed.

As a rule, the development of the disease begins with the thumb, then spreads to others, resulting in:

  • redness, swelling of the limbs;
  • severe pain at night or early morning;
  • increase in body temperature;
  • pain when walking.

Gout begins to manifest itself with more force after taking some medications, alcohol abuse, protein food, with new accidental injuries and increased stress on inflamed joints. The pain is paroxysmal, can quickly pass, return when the neighboring neighboring joints are affected.

The kidneys develop an inflammatory process, urate stones are formed. The joint is destructured, the pain gives in the limbs, it becomes difficult for a person to step on his leg and walk.

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Mineral water against gout

Mineral water intake is effective during gout attacks. If the disease is hereditary, there are kidney stones, stomach, liver, then it is recommended to drink water constantly for prevention, so that new outbreaks of old chronic diseases do not start suddenly.

The content of magnesium and silicon in mineral water contributes to the activation of cardiovascular activity, the nervous system, the lowering of glucose in the blood and the removal of its surplus from the body. If you drink water in full courses, then soon there will be noticeable improvements in the work of the gastrointestinal tract, bile ducts, affected by frequent medication, alcohol, smoking.

Many wonder what kind of water it is to drink with gout. With a gout that has grasped the extremity of the legs, alkaline water with an effective content of sulphates and magnesium ions in high concentrations is effective. It is alkaline water that cleans the body of toxins, harmful elements, normalizes the metabolic process, metabolism, proteins, reduces the risk of urate stones formation, removes excess acid from the kidneys and urine.

In addition, mineral water disinfects the stomach, articular cavities, alkalizes all unnecessary trace elements and excretes them out of the urine.

It is useful to drink "Essentuki" with a sick liver. With gastritis, stomach ulcer - "Borjomi", "Smirnovskaya", "Essentuki", "Slavic".With hepatitis, cholecystitis - "Borjomi", "Slavic", "Mirgorod".With cystitis - "Smirnovskaya", "Slavic".In the presence of kidney stones - "Essentuki № 4", "Slavic", "Smirnovskaya".With diabetes - "Essentuki № 17."

If, after taking water, there is severity and nausea in the stomach, then you need to consult with your doctor in this regard. Perhaps, for some reasons, this or that water is contraindicated, is caused by gastric immunity or existing diseases.

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How to receive and store alkaline water

The use of alkaline water will only be if it is taken correctly and continuously, with courses up to 5-6 months. To achieve the greatest effect, take water:

  • up to 250 ml per day before meals;
  • in the morning on an empty stomach before breakfast to drink 150-2000 ml of water;
  • before dinner drink up to 150 ml of water in small sips, slowly;
  • in the evening before dinner also drink up to 150 ml of cool water.

Store mineral water at room temperature in a closed place and protected from the sun.

In the treatment of gout on the legs effective "Lipetsk water", "Korolenko".Water is indicated as a treatment and prevention of gout at any stage of its development.

Notable improvement at an early stage of the disease is caused by Donat Mg bicarbonate-sulfate water. In 1 liter contains more than 1000 mg of magnesium ions. After 1 course of water intake, metabolism, metabolism in the body will improve, the amount of lactic acid will decrease. Water will remove toxins, harmful substances, excess uric acid, purify the kidneys, liver. The water "Donat" contains hydrocarbonates that prevent the formation of urate stones, which have an anti-inflammatory, alkalinizing effect on the urine composition. Mineral water "Donat" is recommended to all healthy people as prevention and having a hereditary predisposition to this disease. The product "Donat", taken by courses for a long time, helps to replenish the body with the necessary micro- and macro elements, stimulation and restoration of previously damaged organs with medicines, alcohol, fatty, spicy food.

With gout, do not forget about diet. It is important to include more fruits, vegetables, steamed steak in the diet, forget about fried, sharp, smoked dishes, sweets in the presence of diabetes, strong tea and coffee.

Mineral water is useful for the whole body. It is a rich source of natural microelements of silicon and magnesium, an excellent tool for preventing violations of cardiac activity, blood vessels, kidneys, liver, bile ducts. Alkaline water helps to lower cholesterol in the body, stimulate the digestive tract, intestines.

If you drink water constantly, keep to a diet, gout will not bother, the work of many vital organs will improve.

The intake of these water is recommended by doctors in the presence of many different diseases.

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As a conclusion

Gout in translation from Greek is a "trap for feet".This disease is unpleasant and insidious. For a long time it does not manifest itself. In the future, strikes feet, leading to their inflammation, swelling, redness. Kidneys begin to suffer, the formation of stones leads to kidney failure. Gout leads to lesions of the knee, ankle joints, hands and toes. Joints become sensitive, edematous. The patient experiences difficulties, pain while walking, running. Acute gout promotes the development of arthritis, which affects with time any joints, especially the feet, starting with the thumb.

The disease is fraught with attacks, constant relapses, affects the kidneys and eventually leads to the destruction of joints. The treatment of gout is aimed at eliminating these symptoms, taking into account the state of the patient between attacks. It is better to be treated by water between episodes of the disease. With constant use of water, recurrence of gout is not observed. But the kidneys are noticeably cleared, the urine becomes cleaner, without harmful impurities, the level of acid decreases, the risk of developing cystitis, pyelonephritis, inflammation of the urethra.

https: //www.youtube.com/ watch? V = VfjoFc8zpD4

Mineral water is an excellent natural source of magnesium for the body, beneficially affecting all vital organs: the heart, blood vessels, the musculoskeletal and nervous systems. The use of low-mineralized water to 2.5 liters per day will relieve many ailments, adjust the work of internal organs, add strength, energy, vigor for the day. Be healthy!


Gout is a disease associated with a metabolic disorder, when excess uric acid accumulates in the body. Salts of uric acid( sodium urate) begin to be deposited in the joints, which leads to their inflammation, and other organs.

In the risk zone are people who consume large quantities of meat, spicy foods that abuse alcohol. Other factors accompanying the development of the disease can be obesity, sedentary lifestyle, nervous stress, heredity.

To confirm the diagnosis, a blood test for the content of uric acid is done. When analyzing urine, a protein is diagnosed in it.

The most common gout affects joints near the big toes. Attacks of gout in most cases occur at night or early in the morning. The acute period of the disease can last up to seven days. The disease has a chronic character with recurrent relapses.

Over time, seizures are repeated more often, the disease affects new joints, bone destruction may occur. For those suffering from gout more than four years around the joints, dense yellowish mounds form under the skin. From time to time these formations can burst, from them whiteish crumbs are allocated.

Complications of gout can be the formation of kidney stones, hypertension, renal colic, damage to the heart muscle and heart valves.

Diet for gout

Diet for gout on the legs involves the refusal to eat foods saturated with purines. To reduce the content of uric acid in the body, it is necessary to significantly reduce the intake of animal protein.

Some types of meat and fish, offal, yeast, caviar, mushrooms, beans, chocolate should be excluded.50% of purines are released into the broth during cooking, therefore, use of broth is also not recommended. This applies to any broth( meat, fish, mushroom).A certain danger is also present in simple carbohydrates and saturated fats.

When treating gout, it is important to eat regularly, do not starve and do not overeat. Fasting, as well as excessive food, provokes the release of uric acid. At presence of excess weight extremely sharp weight loss is undesirable. Food should be divided, not less than five meals a day.

It is recommended to arrange once a week days of unloading, fruit or vegetable. The remaining days( 2-3 times a week) allowed the use of a small amount of lean meat and fish products in cooked or baked form, in the stage of exacerbation they are completely excluded.

When gout is mandatory use of a sufficient amount of liquid, with canned, carbonated beverages should be avoided. Alcohol is strictly prohibited in all doses, including low-alcohol beverages. Drink recommended alkaline mineral water, natural berry and fruit juices( especially citrus), compotes and fruit drinks( especially cranberry and cowberry), decoction of rose hips.

Water prevents the formation of kidney stones. Sugar is not added to drinks, because sugar increases the level of insulin in the blood, and this slows the excretion of uric acid. Cocoa, strong tea, coffee is limited because of their effect on the nervous system. Drink at least 1 cup of liquid 4 to 5 times a day for an hour before meals, the amount of liquid consumed should be 2.5-3 liters per day.

This diet should be adhered to constantly, with the onset of exacerbations, the diet becomes more severe.

List of Prohibited Products

  • Pork, lard;meat of young animals and parts of animal carcasses, giving sticky broth( legs, cartilage, head);
  • Broths( meat, fish, mushroom), meat sauces, chillies;Meat extracts( soups from the package);
  • Smoked meats;
  • By-products( liver, heart, kidneys, brains) and dishes from by-products;
  • Fatty types of fish, salted and fried fish( with exacerbation);caviar;canned fish( sardines, sprats, sprats);
  • Salty and spicy cheeses;
  • Legumes( peas, beans, lentils, beans, soybeans);
  • Cream, ryazhenka, yoghurts;
  • Spices and condiments( mustard, horseradish, pepper, ketchup, tomato paste), with the exception of vinegar and bay leaf;
  • Chocolate, cakes, cakes;
  • Culinary and other fats of animal origin;
  • Raspberries, figs, grapes and all derivatives of grapes( raisins, wine etc.);
  • Products from butter and puff pastry;
  • Foods containing preservatives.

List of foods the content of which in the diet should be limited to

  • Salt;
  • Meat products;Boiled meat and fish. Preference should be given to poultry, salmon, salmon, trout. They contain unsaturated fatty acids necessary for fat metabolism);
  • Cauliflower, beetroot, sorrel, spinach, asparagus, rhubarb, celery, parsley, onion, bell pepper, radish, radish, turnips, tomatoes;plums;
  • Mushrooms( white, mushrooms, champignons);
  • Pickles and marinades;
  • Strong tea, coffee, cocoa.

Without exacerbation lean meat and fish can be included in the menu 2-3 times a week in boiled and stewed. From boiled meat or fish make cutlets, meatballs, soufflé.Meat, fish, vegetables can be steamed or baked. From time to time it is recommended to spend short-term mono-diets or fasting days: vegetable, fruit( 1,5 kg of vegetables or fruits a day), curd-kefir( 400 grams of cottage cheese and 500 ml of kefir).It is useful rice-apple unloading day: 75 gr.rice boiled in 750 ml of milk, and boiled 250 gr.apples without sugar( in the form of compote).Rice and apples are eaten during the day in three stages.

In the period of exacerbations, meat and fish are completely excluded, unloading days are arranged every other day. It alkalinizes urine and increases the solubility of uric acid.

Recommended products for use

  • Low-fat varieties of fish, seafood: squid, shrimp;
  • Fermented milk products: kefir, cottage cheese, low-fat sour cream;
  • Milk, adding it to cereals and drinks;
  • Eggs, chicken and quail( in any cooking, except frying), omelettes;Bread from whole wheat flour, wheat and rye;
  • Cereals, pasta( in moderation);
  • Nuts( hazelnuts, cedar, almonds, pistachios), seeds;
  • Any dried fruit( excluding raisins), honey;
  • Vegetables: white cabbage, cucumbers, squash, carrots, potatoes, aubergines, dill;freshly prepared vegetable caviar( squash, eggplant);
  • Fruits: green apples, pears, citrus fruits, apricots, peaches, berries( except raspberries), avocados, pineapples, watermelons;From sweets: marshmallows, marmalade, pastille, jam;
  • From drinks: tea with lemon, green tea, coffee with milk, broth of wild rose, fruit and vegetable juices, fruit drinks, compotes, kvass, mineral water;Vegetable oil( olive, flaxseed).

Vegetarian soups can be prepared for the first: borsch, soup, okroshka, peasant soup( with potatoes and cereals), milk soups.

In case of exacerbation of the disease in the first days, only the use of liquid is recommended, then the transition to a dairy diet.

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