Hardening is the way to a healthy life

Many have heard or read about hardening - how to return and maintain the protective forces of the human body. To do this, you need to make a certain schedule for the gradual hardening of the body, you can seek advice from your doctor. He will recommend the best procedures for you that have a healing effect and strengthen the immune system.

Everyone who wants to support their body can be advised to dousing with water. In the process of short-term exposure to water, the body's defenses are activated. If this procedure is performed for a sufficiently long time, the stability of various diseases manifests itself. Cravations are useful for training blood vessels and the heart, with such a short-term exposure, blood is better delivered to all parts and organs of the human body.

Water is the main component of our body, many body processes can not do without it. Any violations associated with the limitation of fluid lead to health problems, both internal organs and skin. When carrying out douche in the blood, the formation of red blood cells and leukocytes increases.

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Properly performed dousing procedure has a positive effect on the human muscle tissue. Restore working capacity can be easily by taking a cool shower, relieving muscle tension. While warm baths contribute to relaxation and tune in to rest.

In the process of hardening, the nervous system also undergoes training, since the skin surface contains a large number of nerve endings. The larger the area of ​​the skin is affected, the stronger the effect on the nervous system.

To get the right effect from quenching procedures, you must follow certain rules:

  • any meal at least an hour before the procedure;
  • in advance to prepare everything you need;
  • positive attitude, is also quite important;
  • possible application of a shower with vibromassage, which has an additional effect;
  • during the hardening procedure, a natural respiratory arrest occurs, the main thing is not to get scared and not to interfere with it;
  • hardening is carried out daily, approximately at the same time;
  • to begin procedures need to gradually, with warmer temperatures, gradually reducing the water temperature by 1-2 degrees every 3-4 days, which increases the body's resistance to diseases;
  • after hardening should be vigorously rubbed with a towel, wiping dry the skin;
  • can be carried out as local procedures - foot baths, and general - dousing, wiping;
  • if you are better off stop quenching procedures, after recovery, you should start doucheing gradually.

Contraindications for water procedures are:

  • chronic otitis media;
  • allergic reaction to cold;
  • hyperexcitability;
  • epilepsy;
  • infectious diseases.

These recommendations apply to both adults and children. But in the process of tempering, you need a lot of patience and systematic implementation, because the trained organism copes with adverse effects more easily. The reward for this is the strong health of both your child and your child, resistance to seasonal colds( arising from exposure to low temperatures, drafts), stressful situations arising in the process of studying or working, reducing the cost of buying medicines.

Hardening is the way to a healthy life

Hardening is the way to a healthy lifeHardening

Many have heard or read about hardening - how to return and maintain the protective forces of the human body. To do this, you need to make a certain schedule for the gradual hardening of the body,...

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