How to be beautiful always

For a woman it's perfectly natural to want to be beautiful always. As a rule, it takes quite some time. But the result is worth it. And if there is no time to "bring beauty", but it is extremely necessary? There are a few secrets, simple, but very effective.

1. Let there always be ice in the freezer, but not simple, but from: mineral water, herbal tea, water with lemon. Wiping the face with such an ice cube removes inflammation and redness, narrows the pores, gives a beautiful, natural color to the skin.

2. Breakfast + mask. Oat flakes with a banana - what is not breakfast? Simple, tasty, useful. Do not throw away the peel from the banana - the inside can wipe the face. Wait 1-2 minutes until the banana is oxidized and darkened and washed off with cool water. It smoothes the skin and acts as a soft scrub.

3. In the evening a date or some kind of event, and there is absolutely no time for packing? You can apply mousse or foam on slightly damp hair and spin higher into a tight knot. Having dismissed hair in the evening we receive smart curls.

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4. Hide the result of a sleepless night will help the highlighter - you can apply it not only to the cheekbones, but also to the inner corners of the eyes. This will help to mask the dark circles under the eyes, to refresh the look. Pencil, eyeliner or shadow for the lower eyelid is better to use brown or gray instead of black. Black color will only emphasize the redness of the eyes, brown will soften. You can use special drops, but you should not abuse them.

5. After the hair has been washed, rinse it with a slightly acid solution of apple cider vinegar, or just cold water - this will give the hair an incredible shine without much effort and chemicals.

6. If you have 15-20 minutes you can make a mask. In the refrigerator is almost always a "well" of beauty. It can be seasonal fruits: strawberries, cherries, cherries, apricots or vegetables: cucumber, carrots, potatoes. Almost always at home there is honey, sour cream, lemon, olive oil, eggs. Suffice it to remember that for dry skin we add sour cream or butter, egg white. For oily or combination - fruits, vegetables in pure form or with the addition of yolk. In pharmacies, cosmetic clay is sold - for different skin types and different masks. It is worth buying a couple. Inexpensive and efficient. Moreover, such masks also do not require a lot of time, and putting it on, you can do household chores or get ready for work.

Of course, do not forget about daily care and a healthy lifestyle. Proper nutrition, rejection of bad habits and physical activity will always help to stay in shape.

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